Tuesday, May 27, 2008

"We're all on this date together"

Hey guys, when this episode airs, look for Marc. He is standing at Rico's or sitting on a chair at Rico's in a couple of scenes. He and Miles brother Braison decided to be extras that night because it was the final show of the second season.

And hey! who am I seeing on Saturday? Who's going to be in New York?

Are you guys voting for "If I Didn't Have You"? I was looking at "Shake It" on Itunes and found our song was listed in the top 100 too.....now that's crazy!



Ashlee said...

your mom was telling me about that! she said marc was an extra for the season finale episode. ill deff. be looking out for my favoritest kid. =]

dude. i dont get whats so special about new york. i mean OREGON is just as good. you should come back to OREGON for this tour. f'real.


Anonymous said...

oh wow congrats on your song... that must be amazing for you! man...radio stations up here in canada keep playing "Shake It" calling matro station the hottest band of the summer and stuff like that...it's pretty awsome
Sarah P.

oliviaakiddo! said...

hahah thats cute.
braison seems tighttt.
marcs mah boyyyy though

but he has to do that faskonfask contest

post new dates mkkkkk

yeah i saw that on itunes

i was like

Anonymous said...

A crazy thing happened just now--I'm shopping iTunes in the "Just for You" section (where the suggest music based upon my previous purchases) and what should appear as the very first album? Metro Station, of course. I took a screenie and sent it to Kelly via email, so I'm sure she'll post it somewhere. It was VERY topical since I'd just gotten home and was talking with Kelly about some stuff...

I already own the CD (or, Kelly does and we don't need two, even if one IS in digital format) but I think that album is destined for greatness if they're suggesting it to people--that's how I actually find most of what I listen to. How else would a 40-something EVER find Rooney? Devotchka? I'm waiting for "If I Didn't Have You" to show up on the list of suggested songs. Maybe next week?

And thanks for everything.

Take care :)

Anonymous said...

...and before I forget, GREAT to see "If I Didn't Have You" climbing the charts, too. Of all your songs, it's my favorite and it's the 2nd song on my Recently Played playlist (the 1st song? "All Good (Radio) by Zeroleen, and it's what I was buying when I noticed Metro Station at the top, which makes no sense unless you've read previous comments, which likely won't be posted because most of what I say is fairly goofy and where was I going with this?)

oh yeah, I was going to bed...

Samantha said...

Thats so cool! I'll definitely keep an eye out for that.

Not me...I'll be here..in the mitten. ahaha.

Oh no! Sorry! I'm not! I'm really not voting for anything lately.... I'm kind of out of it! Its a good song! It deserves to be on the top 100!


Tuba said...

good job & congratz about your songgggggg! :D :]

me gots to see marc on HM. :D
w00t. thats so RADDDD.

keep rockin'!

P.S getttchur butt ova here in PA! i wanna see youu soo baddd :[


ashley said...

yeah, shake it is a really good song. i hope they get #1 soon.
anyways, go to freakin florida please!!!!!
btw... 3rd comment

Anonymous said...

Awhh I will def. Look for them ahaha thts soo cool!

I wish I was seeing u in new york!Z but thts not even close!

And I saww if I didn't have u on theree I was like OMG lol
Thanks for postingg



Sara said...

I'll definitely keep my eye out for Marc.

Thats crazyyyy. Shake It is #12 on the top 30 countdown on the most popular radio station here.


leanneee =] said...

hahahaha thats so awesome. i'll make sure to look for marc. :)

you hsd to play in upstate new york?
its like at least 5 hours away from me. i wish i could comeee.

next time play down here in the southern part new york. :D

brie said...

Sweetness! YAY MARC!

So, I was downloading ringtones, and guess what I got....SHAKE IT! OH YEAH! I have it set for all of my Metro Station-loving friends, and yes I have a lot! So cool!

And big congrats on your song...I luv it! I was listening to it on my I-Pod this morning. Good stuff!

luv, brie

KT J. said...

I cannot wait to see Marc and Braison! They're real cuties =)

I'm not going to see you in New Yahk -lol- buuut I am gonna see you here in Alabama next friday! (yay!)-thanks so much for actually coming here!

That is crazy! But not really, seeing as how lots of people -including me- love you and emily!

Have a marvelous day -wow i haven't used that word in forever!-

PS: Who was the disney girl you were with that you talked about???

Mareen said...

Really ?? He is going to be there ?? Thats awesome =)

And coming to New York ?? Well .. I would .. but I cant 'cause I live in Germany xD But I would come xD

Anonymous said...

thats awesome that marc is going to be in that episode! and yours and masons songs are doing very well! This is kind of a depressing day.. because this was the day that I was supposed to go to your concert with Raven :( please post more dates or somethingg, I know that you have like no say in anything but pleasee!. Come to PA.
PS: I am watching Phineas and Ferb right now because I am sick :/

Anonymous said...

who won the thing for the verizon contest? just wondering.

Alisha said...

when will that episode air?? i dont wanna miss it. i like never miss a new episode of hannah montana...or even phineas and ferb. i love platypusses.

Hey i have a question!!:

Will you be going on another tour after this one is over?
i was just wondering,so maybe i could have a chance to go

Anonymous said...

Haha I will look for Marc!!

lol, I won't be in New York this time, but i may go to the August New York concert... :) but that is something I am not sure about yet.

I wish you luck!!! And I hope you have fun at the concert!! :) :D XD

lol, the concert is the same day as my play!! After the play we will probably have a barbecue/luau of some sort (did I spell luau right?)

heheh, I will try to talk to my mom about the concert today, :)


hahah...not much new...I will tell you if I can come to the concert, alright?

-Coral (The girl from Rhode Island)

KelseyLovesM.T.M said...

no way!
i cant wait to see the episode!
marc is one cool kid!..well teen aha
i wonder who u are going to be with.....?lol i love if i dident have you it should be number 1!i also love shake it!the video is awesome!congrats on everythin going well for!u deserve it!♥


Anonymous said...

oh!!!! i'll be looking for that! your bro is absolutly crazy! 5 shots of soda!! congrats on the song! i saw that on iTunes the other day and i was like whoa! a werid conwindence with metro station was i just got done listening to "shake it" on my iPod and i wanted to listen to the radio...so i turn it on to KFRX which is the newest music like rock, pop, hip hop, rap that kinda stuff...and all of a sudden the dj said "now for the hottest new tune by metro station...shake it now on a kfrx" and was like huh. cuz i just heard it and what not. then at the end i think he said "that was metro station with shake it. the new dancing tune of the summer." so yeah just thought i'd tell you that! so i'll talk to you later mitchel!!!

P.S. Come to Nebraska and I just remembered that I have the exact same name as Marc's tutor! HaHa!

GiGi said...

Oh that's so awesome!! I will definitely look out for him, he's like my favoritest now! (Besides you of course! haha). I actually even made him a forum, but it needs more members, lol. http://marcmussofans.smfforfree2.com

Ahh darn New York! Come back to Florida! We miss you! Hehe.

Yes I'm voting! Tons and tons! It's not crazy that it's in the top 100, it's AWESOME! The song so deserves it, you did amazingly on it Mitchel!


brooke said...

omg mitchie.
thats sooo cool.
come to ohio, mk?!
marc too. he's hot.



Nisha said...

Awesome that Marc's in the episode!!! I always vote for, "If I Didn't Have You"! That's my favorite song along with the music video!!! :P


Angelica said...

Can`t wait to see Marc ! I`ll be looking out for him ! It`s great that Marc is starring in Hannah Montana =D

I definitely voted for "If I Didn`t Have You" && I already have it in my ipod a long time ago =]

Anyways , hope you have a great day and I`ll watch out for the new episode(s)

Loads of Love ,

Carmen said...

Thats so oawesome i'l ldef lokk for marc and braison! and i vote for if i didn't have you twice today :DD

The Future Mrs. Musso said...

definetly! i'll look out for Marc! he is AWESOME!!! im gonna try to get tickets for the METRO STATION/Good Charlotte/Boys Like Girls concert in St. Augustine! They come out on Saturday! =D

Congratulations to you and Emily on your song! =D I got the CD that has the song on it this past Saturday.

God Bless and Have a Wonderful Day!

natalia said...

Hey Mitchel!

CONGRATS for you and for Emily! The song is awesome, and so are you. You deserve it!!

Yeah, I'm gonna check out your bro in Hannah Montana. It's cool that you have your siblings as extras =P

Have an awesome week!

Love Ya,


Marie said...

Hey Mitchel!! I am going to your concert in MI on June 25. I saw you in MI before and my friends brother met you in like the back of the store you were in....we were so upset that we didn't. lol I was just wondering how do we know what time it is?

shireen said...

im voting for the mussssso music,
dont worry [:
how cool are youu?
on itunes and suchh... [:
and you're gonna like what i get youuuu!

Tess said...

COOOL!! I willlllll toatly watch it!! When does this episode premire?? I proboly read it but.... it happens!!! Are there any stops in Florida?? There MUST be!!! You are only going to little city!! Well except a cupple but still!!

Well I love you!!


MeganP2010 said...

woahhh wait thats so excitinggg! Now you, your brother, miley, and miley's brother are on the top 100!!!

I remember that time i came on the hm set, braison was an extra for that one too! And then my sister and I saw marc siting like right next to us and then running around with Braison and Mateo and playing on the cushion over the ledge on the Rico's set!

Annie said...

I'll look for them.

Top 100...nicely done!


yay marc! thats so cool.. ill watch for him when i watch that episode. and congrats on your song being in the top 100!!! and masons too! i hope you have fun in new york. i cant wait to see you in july!

Erinnn said...

omgg i'm so mad i only live like an hour and a half away from darien lake but i can't go! ahh and that's like the closest you've been to me!

but you're gonna have so much fun in darien lake. make sure u go on the sky coaster, it's like a bungee jumping thing. so fun!

and i love metro station and now all my friends do too! we were all singing shake it in english today.

love youu

Anonymous said...

Marc and Braison's on HM?


I won't see you Saturday, but I am seeing you next fridayy.

btw do you know if you're doing a meet&greet in AL or just a concert?
cuz someone told me you were only doing a concert.

I just put 'If I didn't have you' on my Ipod todayy.:) And I've been voting.


Nikita Bimson said...

Mitchel that is mad rad.

I'm guessing you have something going on in NYC?
idk. lol

megan said...


ohh and my friend valerie


were from spencerport.

love you,

Nikkie said...

AHH i cant wait for the new hannah montana...call me obssessed but i never missed on episode on disaney channel of hannah montana so far..and I LOVE THE SONG of If i didnt have you AND the music videoo...haha its sooo cute and im coming to see you on july 26 yayayayayayayayy i cant wait..i have my days counted downn(:



Jade Murry said...

Your mom told me about that too. Or maybe Marc told me I can't remeber but I was one of them. Your mom's so nice and Marc like so cute even though i'm older than him by like half a year. I really wish you could give him my cell if he wants to call it. I really like him and I met him at the DC Games along with your mom. Can't wait for Episode! Bye!

Anonymous said...

heyy mitchel,
i'm deff. voting for ''if i didn't have you''.
i ABSOLUTLEY LOVE SHAKE IT.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i have on my Myspace page, and have it as my ringtone. I'll be sure to watch that episode of HM. I love Marc, too.!!!! He's so adoreable, just like you.!!!!!!!
Haha. I love sooooo much Miitchel and I hope I meet you one day.!!! Talk to you later, love yah hunn.

Alana said...

I will keep an eye for Marc and Braison!

And i heard this rumor that Corbin Bleu was going to be in that eppy.Is that true?

And i came back from N.C. last night.And i lost the bet me and my sis had!!I didn't get lost.But that was a good thing.And there was a well and nobody got pushed into it.And my cuz does NOT like Hannah Montana.I will SO not repeat what she said about it.

Have a good one in New York!!

meredith kelly said...

where ??
hardest desision of my life.
.. you or sex and the city?
keep it real
meredith kelly.

Jess Jonas Musso said...

wow! thats cool ill see if i see him (: who are u seeing LOL... im cueless! jaja... yeah im still voting... well take careee!


ALEX said...

hmmm i wish you were coming to seattle :/
my birthday is next month! June 25th babyyyyy!
Mitchel, your birthday is coming up too... sorta...
what do you want??!?

abby from tx said...

yaya marc and braison!
wooo thats gonna be a good epi

Disa said...

I'll look for him (:

Are you gonna be announcing anymore tour dates anytime soon?
Because you should.
And Seattle should be one of them :D

Dani said...

oh em gee! it is so cool that mark is gunna be in an episode of hannah montana. I totally luv your song "If I didn't have you". I'll be sure to vote for it. Oh and btw... can u please have a show in either Miami or somewhere in North Carolina?

-Dani :)

Dakota said...



U shouldnt be surprised that "If I Didnt Have u" is in the top 100...
Its a good song!
if i only had an i-pod...

luv, Dakota

Fer said...

haha that's so cool!Marc and Braison are like awesome, I'll def be looking for them!

Of course we're voting for"If I Didn't Have You" I love that song, you sound amazing!

love you<3

Daniela said...

I don't know when ti'll come to Israel...
Daniela (from Israel)

Molly said...

I think that's the episode I am most excited about because Oliver and Lilly double date with Miley and Johnny :)! Ekk.Sorry, HUGE Loliver fan! But I am also excited for No Sugar, Sugar( but sad that Oliver has to get diabetes). Shake It has become quite popular, it was one of my friends ringtones at a party the other day, and I thought it was my phone because I swear we live in the middle of no where and they have probably never heard of Metro Station, but they did and I was like AWESOME, but I pretty much answered her phone, we have the same one, a LG Scoop that is the same color and the same network so it's confusing. Have a awesome day!

Molly E.

HaleighJayy said...

thats amazing.
i can't wait to see marc.
and braison.
and dont forget,
ima be at elitches.
and i have just been imformed has an
"e" at the end of it.

and i love your song.
its amazing.

Anonymous said...

DAMN ! i have to work this weekend

thanks for finally coming back though ! i promise i'll see you next time .. maybe in Wildwood


selah said...

i'll deff look for marc. kid is sick. i was actually watching Sharkboy and Lavagirl the other night (don't laugh) and i saw little marc marc. he was a cutie. i didn't even care about the rest of the movie once i saw him.

go metro. trl, top 100, and NOW 28 too?! i nearly freaked when i saw the commercial and Metro Station was the first song they played.


Beth said...

Why can't you be in New York in July?
Anyway I'll look out for Marc. Oh and by the way congrats on being 100!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

I love 'If I didn't have you'.
It made me cry almost.. How soppy. :P
Sorry for not looking at MMO. :( It says that I'm entering an insecure area, so I don't risk it, though it's probably fine.
Anyway, hope to see you in England soon, singing, you know I'll be there, dancing wierdly on top of a box.
Yes. My profession is dancing on boxes.
Nah, I kid.
Hope to see you soon.


Anonymous said...

Ok ok. It's me again, reminded about the extra thing.
Wicked! Marc rules, I've been tuning into his youtube channel and his wierd stuff is growing wierder.
I can't wait to see him.

I've been recording Hannah episodes. Joanne B. Goode sounds like a good plot.
I hope the name wasn't a coincidence or I would slap you all over the back of your heads, including the director/script writer.

Iiiiiiif I diiiiidn't haaaaave nuuuuuuthing. I woooouldn't HAAAAVE YOUUUUUU -sings like a seal-
How's that? Lol
Can't wait to be duetting with ya.


Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel,

Sorry i haven't wrote to you lately.I have been busy studying for exams and that such.
Today i got a new phone and it is a red Blackberry pearl cell.I got it as a early birthday present. Since my birthday is not till June 9.

I maybe also get to go to see one of your concerts.I would have to ask my mom though.

Hope to see you later

School Ends:June 3!!!!!!!!!:)

P.S,Congrats on your new song!!

Allie said...

#14 baby! AHHH! I'm excited again.

I'M CRYIGN AGAIN. COME TO LONG ISLAND! We Long Islanders need love too. And I REALLY want to buy "If I Didn't Have You", but I have no iTunes money! Trust me, I will buy it the second I load a gift card in. I promise! You sound AMAZING. I WANT to share your beautiful voice with EVERYONE.

You were on a commercial for Disney 365 and then Phineas and Ferb, and each time your face or voiced popped up, I squealed. Literally. MITCHEL = LOVE.


PS: i know I always bug you about this, but did you check out that list of songs? I'm obsessed with FTSK, and you share your thoughts with us, so here are mine. Please! Music is my LIFE. One time I forgot my iPod at home, and I had no iPod for the day, and I went CRAZY. I'll send you the list again:

Control, California, Disco, True To Me, Seventeen Forever, Wish We Were Older, Now That We're Done, Tell Me What To Do, Kelsey, Shake It (The Entire Album) - Metro Station
Coming Around - Metro Station (Demo)
Check Yes Juliet, Skyway Avenue, Stay Young and Secret Valentine - We The Kings
The Way We Talk, Give Me Anything, I Wana Love You (Akon Cover), If I Only Had The Heart, The Town's Been Talkin', Ho Ho Hopefully, Count 'Em, One, Two, Three and We Change, We Wait (The Entire EP; EP In Stores Now) - The Maine
One of THOSE Nights - The Cab
Woah Oh! (Me vs Everyone), Hey Brittany, My Worst Nightmare, Believe Me I'm Lying, The Way She Moves, She's A Lady, Uh Huh, Phone Call, Breakdown, That For Me, Coffee Break, Catastrophe, Give and Take (Remix) [bonus Best Buy track] and Hurricane Haley [bonus Best Buy track] - Forever The Sickest Kids
Party Foul, Slow, Keep It Up, Sparkle Baby Shine and Punch Your Lights Out - Danger Radio (The Entire EP)
Tessellate - Tokyo Police Club

The Metro Station Premiere of "Control" (aka; the best music video; Mason and Trace and Blake and Anthony! <3)

"Ho Ho Hopefully" by The Maine

"Check Yes Juliet" Video Premiere by We The Kings (AHHH! The lead singer is HOTT)

PSS: Check 'em out! And here's a video of "Shake It" live at the crazy donkey. Where this was taken, I was standing RIGHT THERE. I swear. Trace was looking in my eyes the ENTIRE time. Trace <3.

PSSS: They were AMAZING. Tell your brother that, please? And tell him I was the girl in the dinosaur hoodie. He was on his tour bus, came out, and I was RIGHT THERE. Man, that night was the happiest night of my life so far. AHH! TRACE, MASON, BLAKE AND aNT = MUSIC LOVE

Laura said...

hey, just wanna say that i think its cool that you have a blog instead of just a fan site or something like that. I super enjoy your acting, keep up the good work, love ya

megan said...

so uhm i know i posted early.. but your concerts in TWO DAYS AHHHHAHAHHAHHHH

im soo excited!!!!! <3
ekkkkk.. i hope i meet youu!!
prbly not but it would totally make my day. lmao. ohh well eventually one day i will meet you lmao

so tommorow at school were having a htpnosis at our school.. and so there picking volunteers to be hypontized but you need a form sent home. but my mommy wont let me get hypnotized :-(.

wahhhh.. my teacher said i wouldve been able to walk like a chicken and people would think i was normal still haha

yeahh soo about your concert..
2 DAYSSS!!!!

you have no idea
im telling people and i think there starting to get annoyed..

and for the person who said idk wahats specail about ny.. hun. ny is AMAZINGGGG!! : D jk so is orgeon prbly

soo.. about the hannnnahhyy montananayy episodeyyy (yeahh im hyper) im soooo exciteddd!! ahhh
yehahhhahahh wooooott.
gooo brainson and marc. wooo
are they like friends??

uhm well this is kinda long..
and im hungry so i will talk to you later.


♥Alexandria♥ said...

I was woundering when you were going to start working on the third season. :D

Anonymous said...

hiya u r HOT
sorry i am a BIG fan
luv u
hannah m
not montana lol

Annie said...

ah no way little marc on HM..
and i wish you were coming to FL.
we miss you here.
later, annie

Alex said...

I love your and Emily's Version of "If I didn't have" Its really Good and the Music video is cool too.
I'll be looking out for that Hannah Montana Episode- Marc is a cool kid :) My sisters and I met him and talked to him a little at the Jingle Jam.
have a great weekend and hope to see you again while you're on tour :D

Anonymous said...

I heard that there is going to be Moliver in the 3rd season of Hannah Montana and I was just wondering because I don't want to get my hopes up if there isn't. Well I love you a lot Mitchel! Toodles!!!

chelsey said...

i saw you!!!!!

and i have pics!

write back if you want them please!

Anonymous said...

the last? well, is there going to be a season three then? is there gonna be a spin off or anything? do post back mitchel and do answer. thankyouloads.

clare said...

awww are marc and braison good friends?