Saturday, May 10, 2008

Hey Guys!

I have been really busy...resting. I actually got some time to go home to Texas and do nothing and it was Great! I am back now and working on even more new music. I will be recording two more new songs next week. You guys have a lot of new stuff to hear!

My personal tour starts the end of May and I promise to give you details ASAP. I can confirm a trip or two to New York, I am definately making a stop in the Chicago area and I may be coming to cool would that be? And about 10 other states. I am very excited and can't wait to tell you all about it.

I am totally focusing on music this week!

Mason is doing GREAT! He is in Ohio today and just checked in this morning. Marc is trying to finish up school.

Did you check out the Good Morning Texas video? My mom and I did the show together last week.

Catch mine and Emily's new video coming to the Disney Channel soon and don't forget to pick up the Disney Mania 6 CD coming out May 20th I believe.

Have you seen the new "Shake It" video by Metro Station.....very very cool!

Have the most awesome weekend ever!



Michelle said...

Wow! That would be so cool if you got to go to Hawaii!
I hope to see you in Oregon! I'm looking forward to hearing those dates soon!
Glad you had some time to relax!

Michelle (twin from Portland)

Tess said...

awesome i hope you come to florida hopefully back to orlando!!
i watched the interview and saw your baby pictures you were a cote baby!!
the girl woh met you!!

p.s. my friend got me a letter from you bro marc saying he tess thanks for the directions -mm it was cool!!

Carmen said...

romgh mtchel you rock! are you cooming back to tex? for your tour if you are come to ausin tx!! pleaseee :DDD and the shake it video was great!!! i love it 1223456789 thumbs up :]

Carly said...

MITCHEl! u know wht the best part of this post is?! u said ur going to stop in chicago!! im soo excitedd!! ahaha

omg i saw the video with u and emily very cuteee!! i loved it!! i saw the shake it video to! very cutee! And i saw the talk show with u and ur mom! tht was adorableee!

omg im finishing school too...FINALs....yay...ahah

thanks for posting! CANT WAIT TO HEAR DATESS!!!



Sarah said...

I'm super pumped for your personal tour! :)

I wasn't able to check you actually
performing when you were in Boston, you only did a meet and greet which was amazing by the way, haha.

So hopefully you'll come back to Boston for your tour!


Marissa! said...

yayyy! first comment! i guess.... idk. i hope you won DC games <3 <3 last year the red team wouldve won...but the green team did because of the voting online...i was so bummed. I cannot wait untill your tour. i highly doubt your coming to maine...barely anyone does.but when the jonas brothers came i was phsyced !have an awsome week mitchel!
p.s. i love your brother's youtube video's!

Ashlee said...

ohmyshoe. im really excited about this tour, dude. i hope you come near the west coast.

the good morning texas thing was realy cute. :D i loved when they showed baby pictures of you,mason,&marc. the pictures were adorable. =]

i actually saw the msuic video for "if i didnt have you" yesterday, i loved it.

the "shake it" video was RADDD. masons red pants were hot. =D

i cant wait till you announce the tour places. :]

oliviaakiddo! said...

hahah yess it was cuteee.
ahh short tour then?
aww hawaiiiii!
that would be super tightt.
ahh tell your mom happy mothers day tomorroww frrrrrrom me+mah mom.

mkayy byee.! :D

srry i dont comment a lot.
i just don't know what to sayy.


theyre liek
"mitchel hates you just so you know you stupid ***$*$**%#**$^@******************."


Katlyn said...

mitchel i was so upset last night because yesterday was supposed to be the day you were coming to pittsburgh with raven. please please please do not forget about us in pittsburgh. i will cry.

Amy said...

albany! come to albany!

is it just you now, not with raven and everyone else? if it is, i'll be so happy, love her but really you have so much potential if you keep working at it like this. ah! i want to meet you so bad (again)

kc said...

i just saw metro station last night in cleveland for the third timee.
they were incredible as usual.
i loveee the shake it video.
it looks soo fun.
you better come to cleveland or pittsburgh on this tour so i can finally meet you.
i can't wait to see your video!

I'd swim the ocean for you♥ said...


hey, im glad you got a chance to go home and take a break. you definitly deserve it.

your concert will be ahh to the mazinggg! wow i am cool. noooot haha

soooo your pretty awesome and i love you.

kay bye,
Meg : )

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel,

That's good that you've been busy resting. I'm glad that you were able to rest and do nothing. Good luck with your recording!

That's great that you will have a personal tour soon. I hope you will be able to tell us all about it soon.

I'm glad that both of your brothers are doing great.

I saw the Good Morning Texas video. It was a really cute video of you and your mother. :)

I hope you're having an awesome weekend Mitchel!


Eryn said...

my beautiful boy.
i miss you.
i hope you come to canada.
Ancaster to be more precise.
thats me
cant wait to see you!

Anonymous said...

I'm very happy for your tour! All your fans'll be there....except me, well USA are a little bit far from Italy....but I'll be there with all my heart =)
I can't wait for your CD!


leanneee =] said...

I can confirm a trip or two to New York
i almost like died.

i wanna hear those new songs so badddd!

i saw the shake it video and if i didn't have you video, i loved them both. shake it was the awesomest video ever. i cant stop watching it!


Jenny said...

haha got to go home and do nothing.
yay tour! if you don't come to minnesota, maybe i could go somewhere else to see you. yeah hawaii cool.
yeah i know, metro stations in ohio today...
i heard you and emilys song. but i wanna see the video. i love your version of the song. haa. oh yeah, i want disney mania 6, i'll have to get that. haha.
yeaahh i was going to watch the shake it music video but it wouldn't load for me on my computer. lamee.
you have the most awesome weekend ever :P bye.

KelseyLovesM.T.M said...

its so great that you got some down time:) and i saw good morning texas!the baby pictures were too cute!haha! and i cant wait to see the video and i saw the shake it video i luv it!best luck too u on ur music!


Jenny said...

byyy the way
how was the dc games?

Tricia said...

Chicago? Awesome!! Now I just need to find someone to go with me =D

Jenny said...

hey you changed your page.. hahah i just now noticed.. sort of. haha.

Angelica said...

Heyy Mitchel ,

YAY ! You made a neww blog . Lol .
Ooohh yess . I saw that video of you and your mom in Good Morning Texas .
I loved your baby picturess ! They aree sooo ADORABLE ! You were probably the cutest baby ever !!! You and your mom aree soo sweet =] .

I've listened to the 'If I Didn't Have You' song you did with Emily . It was really AWESOME !

Annd the 'Shake It' video was preetty cool as well !

Have a great weekend Mitchel .

Lot's of love,

Sara said...

Its good that you've had a little break . You deserve it.

and I HAVE seen the Shake It video. Its amazing to say the least. I saw Metro Station last Sunday and I got to talk to Mason for a few minutes which was pretty awesome. You and are brother and hands down 2 of the absolute sweetest people ever.

I can't wait for the new music. YOU BETTER BE COMING TO BOSTON. I'll be disappointed if you don't. Very.


GiGi said...

That's awesome, Mitchel! I saw the interview with your mom, she seems SO sweet! It's great that you have a mom like her. =]

Eep, I can't wait for your tour!! My mom and I loved seeing you perform in Kissimmee, and she's all for taking me to another of your concerts!! So you better be coming back to Florida! And Hawaii?! That's super cool! Wish I visit there sometime!

Tell Marc I know he'll do well with his school! Haha, he is so awesome!

I can't wait for your new music vid!! And I'll buy the Disney Mania CD just for your song. Who cares about the other people on there?! (Haha, kidding...sort of.)

YOU have the most awesome weekend ever! We're praying for you and your family all the time!



Yay tour!!!! And in Chicago too! You just made my day Mitchel. Haha.

Im glad that Mason and Marc are doing great too. =]

That video with your mom is so cute!!! Your baby pictures are like the cutest ones Ive ever seen! I liked the jacket you wore on the video too… I have the same one. haha. Your moms really pretty. She seems really nice too.

OMG I cant wait till yours and ems music video premieres!!! Its still my favorite song ever. Haha. And the ‘Shake It’ video is sooo amazing!!! The dancing was so good!

I hope you have an awesome
weekend!!! I love you!!

jackieee said...

yayyyyy, an updateee(:

and i LOVEEEE metrostation's new vidd. haha its awesomeee. they should have a contest to be in the backround of it, haha.

&im going to see metrostation next weekend, cant waittt!

&yours &emilys music video is already on youtube! i love it. you both look soo good (:

and marccccccc,

you really do have the best family ever. im so excited for this tour to start. goodluck &have fun<3

its prettty important to me :D

selah said...

'course i saw the Shake It video...and If I Didn't Have You. It's already on the Disney site. eeep! :]

i'm glad you got some rest, because honestly, after your concert in kissimmee, you looked hella exhausted.

please, tell me you're coming back to orlando...soon.


Anonymous said...

I tried to watch that video of you and your mom, but it wouldn't load for me (it just looked gray/blank and kept saying "loading" across the front, but never did). I'll try again later.

I've heard great things about your mother (and both of you were AMAZING and WONDERFUL to my niece Jamie--the two of you made the day of her father's funeral somehow also the best day of her life, which doesn't seem possible).

REALLY glad to hear you got a bit of break time--I've been commenting here and there that you need to work less, enjoy life more (you only get to be young and goofy once before you HAVE to work for the Rest of Your Life, so make the most of it).

Ah, what else...? You didn't answer my question about the brightly-taped package. You have NO IDEA how crazy-messy that was or how much fun she had putting it all together. We actually had to keep finding bigger boxes until I finally said "No more."

BTW, I recommend Colorado for the tour. GREAT summer weather here. Or Minnesota (I *think* it's Minnesota?)

Take care :)

Dani said...

OMG! I finally got 2 c the Shake It music video! Its really cool. I cant wait 2 hear your new songs! I luv your music so I'm really excited. I watched the interview of u and your mom and it was really cool. I'm moving from Miami to North Carolina around fathers day and it would be really awesome if were able to have a show @ 1 of those places. U r totally awesome and i am such a HUGE fan of yours!

- Dani

Chelso said...

Hawaii would be so mint! I would be so pumped for that!

Looking forward to the rest of your songs dude, and you're hilarous!


Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel,

That's good that you got to see your room again! I'm sure that it's pretty cool to get to go on tour all the time, but I'm pretty sure it's good to just kick back and chillax. I saw the new video of Metro Station and it was awesome! I even got a Metro Station sweater like yours!! Have an awesome time workin' and relaxin'!

Your fan,
Ambrea from Cali

Molly said...

Hey Mitchel!!!

Wow!! That's awesome!! I can't wait to hear more about the tour!! If you can come to Florida PLEASE PLESE come BEFORE June 16th, cause I'm having a surgery that day and I don't know if I'll be able to come after.

I'm SO glad you had a fun time in Texas. It's always fun just to relax, isn't it???


Saw the Shake It Video!! IT WAS SO AWESOME!!!!

Tell Marc good luck with surviving the rest of school. I think he has it toughest out of all of you. hahahaa.



♥Alexandria♥ said...

I have a question for you, have you ever watched the mandy and miley show? if so, do you like it?

Anonymous said...


I seriously need to meet you.
I get out of school in 9 days so Im
hoping you come somewhere around here.:)

I would really love it.

Alabama is an awesome state.

I loved the video of you and your mom, you were a cutee baby.


Anonymous said...

heyyy YAY ur coming to chicago again!!!!!!! sweet man, sweet! i love the new shake it video it roxxxx my soxxxxx!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol tell ur mommy happy mothers day!!!!!!!!

Julie :] said...

hopefully you're goin to Cleveland. im still waiting to see you. i was sopose to meet u on January 2nd when u were here, then on May 29th on Raven's tour... but they both like got canceled.

so i really hope ur coming.

cant wait to hear more music from ya!

... nice new page layout btw.

i g2g tho, so ill ttyl.


Anonymous said...


Chicago? Couldn't stay away for long. You should just move here. xD

MarcMarc's such a rebel with his new youtube video. I love it. Filming at school. That bad kiddo. lmfao. <3

Happy Mommy's Day to your mom. Be nice to her for once, mk? xD


Alana said...

Hawaii...that would be awesome!
Please say you're coming to Sunrise,Fl!!

I saw part of the music video with you and Emily!So cute!!can't wait to see the whole thing!

And on Disney channel today,i saw the future!Hannah Montana wise!During a commercial,i saw Hannah scenes i never saw before.Like Lily yodeling,and Oliver dressed as a police officer(?).Whats up with that?

can't wait to find out!

Sadly,my computer wouldn't let me see the video with you and your mom!I'll have to try with another comp.But i'm sure i'll see it.


Anonymous said...

Yes! I will see you in Chicago!!! The funny thing is, I was just thinking about you today and how long its been since Ive seen you. Haha. I can't wait to see you! <3
Your going to get a BIG hug. =]]


brooke said...

your own tour?
this is basically amazing.
even if you don't come to ohio,
i'll definatly take the trip to chicago.

i'm glad you got some rest!
& yes i've seen the shake it video.
it's awesomeee.

talk to you soon.


kennedy said...

u mustcome to arizona!!!


The Future Mrs. Musso said...

hey Mitchel! HAWAII??? cool! im sure that would be ABSOLUTELY FANTASTICAL!!! (thats like my new favorite word LOL!)

yeah i saw that interview with you and your mom! that was soooo sweet!!! and u were one CUTE baby! =D

HOPEFULLY one of those tour dates is in Florida... that would be AWESOME and i'd try to come!

God Bless and Have a Wonderful Day!

P.S. I might be writing you a letter soon! And a *coughcough* birthday surprise *cough* might be in your future!!! But hey, i'm no squealer!!! ;D

Anonymous said...

I bet it was nice to be back in your home state of Texas, just being able to chill and relax. I hope you enjoyed it!
I am looking foward to seeing what other states you may be coming too! I hope Michigan! you don't come here often enough dude.
I saw the interview with you and your pretty mom! She seems like such a kind and sweet person! I hope to meet her someday! and those baby pictures......VERY CUTE!! you were so cute as a baby....and you still are! and to think you were wearing Mickey t-shirts then, and now your working for disney...AMAZING!!

I also saw the "if I didn't Have you" video, I like it a lot! you and Emily look like really good friends. (sorry, everyone says you guys are so perfect for eachother and should date)....I don't agree with that. you can have girls as friends and not date them.( vis Versa for guy friends) and You and Emily are good friends.

I also watched the Shake it video....LOVE IT!! Its my favorite!!
Glad to hear your brothers are doing good.
can't wait to hear your new songs! I am sure I will like it....since you and I basically like the same kind of music.

Have an awesome weekend. and I wish your mom a WONDERFUL Mothers day!! Moms Rock don't they?!

Give Stitch a hug for me!!

-Katie R.

Katie said...

(Northern) Virginia, please?
It's Saturday, May 10th.
I'm SUPPOSED to be seeing you tomorrow. Boo tour cancellations. I was only going to see you, too. So now, you still need to do a show here.

Brittany said...

Hey Mitchel! Glad you got some rest because you deserve it! Can't wait to hear about those new dates and I KNOW you come to Florida all the time but please come back here for this new tour because I never got to see you in Kissimmee! If you could, I would be eternally grateful haha

Yeah, I saw the Shake It video! It rocks :) Like Marc, I'm also trying to finish up my sophmore year. I've got four weeks left! Yippee! :D

I've heard and seen the song you did with Emily! My mom even sings it! (She watched it with me haha) It was so cute, I loved it!

Well, anyways, glad to see you're doing good! I can't believe you might go to Hawaii! I was thinking about going to Hawaii for a month this summer. That would be mega awesome! But, of course my parents would say no to that one lol

Update soon!

ps. Happy Mother's Day to your mom! I saw the interview and it was so cute! I've met here before and I didn't even know until after haha Hope she has a great one because she's raised three very wonderful boys :)

<3 Brittany

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel,
I know it's been a month since I last posted. I've been very busy too. I saw the Good Morning Texas that you and your mom did and I loved it. Yesterday my cousin, my 2 aunts and I were driving around and we passed by the place when I first met you so I showed my cousin. I'm ready to graduate from middle school and go to high school. This Thrusday is the candle mass and I picked a seventh grader and I'm going to light her candle. We have a reception after mass and the seventh graders serve us. Next Thrusday, May 22 is graduation which means I get out of school at noon (only 8th grade does) and it's 8th grade's last day of school. The rest of the school gets out a week after graduation. There's a reception after graduation but I don't know where we are going. About 2 and half weeks ago, all the 8th grade classes in the diocese had a mass. I died in the church 1 I was hot in there and 2 I had a panic attack. So I didn't go to school at all that day and I had starbucks on the way to the church.
After mass, my class went to go eat at an Italian restraunt. When I got home, I rested for the rest of the day. Today, my cousin and I had our portraits for our quinceanera. Sad part was that my dress never came. I got really upset so I had to borrow a dress. It wasn't exactly like my dress but it was a little bit like it. So it's a double quinceanera with me and my cousin. About your tour, are doing any concerts in Texas? Are there going to be any meet and greets? When is your CD coming out? I know I had a lot to say. lol
but it's been crazy.


meredith kelly said...

im so coming.
keep it real
meredith kelly

Amy said...

sounds pretty awesome. i know exactly how u feel when it comes to doing nothing. i just got on summer vacation last week from my first year at college, and now i have to start a whole new semester NEXT WEEK. and doing nothing after homework everyday is heaven. haha so enough of my rambling. the shake it video is probably the coolest video EVER!!! i watched it at least 5 times in a row. and i've played it 260 times in my iTunes since December! and i saw ur video with emily. its really cute! i like it. cant wait to hear new songs. wish ur mom a happy mothers day for me! hope YOUR weekend is the coolest weekend in the world! ;)


Anonymous said...

Awesomenesss ... yea .. wow i haven`t commented in years .. gahh school .. and uhm lemme see ... music awesome .. the tour cool... i know it`s dumd but you should like have a show in California .. haha .. and shake it omg .. yes i saw the video it ish sweet!! .. haha i was just listening to that on my ipod when we were at the store i was shake shaking it .. haha my dad was all liek stop being weird .. haha ... i still gotss to meet you .. yepp ... red team yaya .. oh yeaa .. Happy mothers day to your madre early ... im going to l.a tomorrow .. gahh .. ily.. ~Nicole.. from cali~

Annie said...

Hey Mitchel!
I sure do hope you end up coming to Florida. Preferably early June. But hey, what happens, happens.


Emily said...

hey hey! I just got back from the MS show in ohio! I talked to ur bro like 5 times! lol

Katy said...

you better be coming to Austin.
NO ONE..will take me to San Antonio.
After meeting u dad NEVER wants to go back.

and i saw the Shake Music video. amazing!
Metro Station plays on the radio every day..
but i ALWAYS seem to miss it -o-
I may get to see them for the fourth time on May 20th too.

Allie said...


I saw the music video on youtube. You guys REALLY do look like you love each other. Mitchel and Emily Musso, AWWW! Here's the video. (it's kinda bad quality, but it's still the video... i didn't post it, someone else did).

Every Hannah Montana cast music videos always have background dancers wearing neon. In Miley's "Start All Over", (i watched 30 seconds of it on iTunes) and her background dancers were wearing neon, in "Lean On Me", some of your dancers were wearing neon, and in this, they were wearing neon too! TOO MUCH NEON! AHH! THE ATTACK OF THE NEON! (that'd make a great movie title, or song titled, yeah, "Attack of the Neon". Sweet.

I just found out that Metro Station, FTSK, Danger Radio, The Maine and The Cab kicked off their tour in NY at The Crazy Donkey (I was there!). They were AWESOME. It's cool that they'd kick it off on the island, sweetness x2.

Have fun this week! Live every day like it's your last, don't regret anything, let loose, live free, do the things you've only dared to think. (wise words of the day)


Alisha said...

omg i hope you fun on tour!!
i hope you come to massachusetts.


Gennine said...

hey mitchel!! I hope you got your mom her mother's day gifts!! lol. it's awesome to hear you're coming to NYC, since I live about an hour away!!! that's really awesome!! and the music vid of you and emily was adorable, and the song is awesome!!!!!!

and what happened to that birthday shoutout? lol. jkjkkjjk

thanks for posting, hope to hear from you soon!!!
love ya!
~Gennine, FIFTEEN, NJ

natalia said...

Hey Mitchel!
That's awesome! Your own tour! You're gonna have a blast. After that you should think about a European tour. Yepp, well that's my opinion.

Oh, I've seen Shake it's music video. It's really cool.

The interview of your mom was amazing. She's so cool. I loved the baby pictures!!

Have an amazing day!
Love Ya!


Chrissy said...

Hey Mitchel! Glad to hear you're getting some rest. I just wanted to tell you that on Friday I heard "Shake it" on my local radio station. It's awesome. If you have a chance, tell Mason it's great! :D Anyways, hope you have fun recording some more songs!
~Chrissy (Elves Girl)

Anonymous said...

Wowzers! That would be super awesome if you get to go to Hawaii! I hope you come to Nebraska on your tour! It would make my day if you did! Or kanasas would be good! I saw your interview with your mom and she looks like the nicest person ever! Plus you were adorable when you were a baby!!! And you still are adorable ;) Well talk to you later Mitchie!

~^Elle^~ <3

brie said...


lol. I'm crazy!

But you really need to do a meet n greet in ChiTown. US CHICAGO GIRLS MISS YOU!!!!!

And I can't wait to check out your new song and Mason's vid as well! HOORAY METRO STATION!

Give you mom a BIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIG "Happy Mother's Day" from me! Because without her, you wouldn't be here! She's so lucky to be the mom of 3 AMAZING SONS!!!!!!

So when you have your need to get me some backstage passes, dude. Cuz you know I rock your But yeah, I can't wait for the tour! Congrats!

WELL, you know how everyone asks Mark questions on his I have some random ones for you.

1. If you were to get into a battle with midevil creatures, what food would be your weapon of choice: a bananna or a doughnut? And why?
2. If you could work at any fast-food joint, which one?
3. CHOOSE QUICK! The chicken or the egg?
4. The radio's broke in the car, and only 2 stations work! Do you choose folk music or the radio talk show about politics?
5. Your computer is very frustrating, and you can't take it anymore. Do you throw it at the wall, drop-kick it, or step on it repeatedly?

So, yeah, I'm pretty random. I'm sure no one's asked you those if you would put the answers in your next post, that'd be good.....

luv, brie

Fer said...

Hey Mitchel!

It's so cool you got to go to your hometown to rest.
Wow, we really do have lots of music to hear, I'm sure all those songs are awesome!;)

It would be so cool if you go to Hawaii, I've heard it's really pretty there!

I love Mason and Marc! Tell them I said hi! I haven't seen the Good Morning Texas video, but I'll watch it right now, as well as the "Shake It" video!

Hope you're having a nice weekend too, and have an amazing week!

Oh,and tell your mom happy mothers day!

love you!<3

MollyS said...

one word:

kellyyy said...

thats good that you are resting.
you deff need one.

new music should be funn
and a tour sounds exciting.

is colorado included in those ten states.
cause that would be a party.

Anonymous said...

Yo Mitchel!! What up?

That's great that you get a break! Yikes! After singing three songs on stage at my church, my knees start knocking!! I can't imagine what it's like for you, what with all the preforming and stuff! Makes me feel special to be a fan of yours! :)

Hmm ... 'bout tour ((btw YAY!)) .... *begins to write* "Dear Mommy - Happy Mother's Day! So, to thank you for being such an awesome mom, we're taking you to Hawaii!! And, while we're there ... we should totally go and see Mitchel Musso in concert!!" ... haha jking ... hope that I FINALLY get to meet you though!!
Speaking of Mother's Day, I'd like to give a shout out to your mom ... HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY, MRS. MUSSO!!! YOU ROCK!!!

I saw that video, and AWW you were sooo cute!! Well, you still are ... but you get the point. ;)

Eeek LOVIN your and Emily's version of If I Didn't Have You! It's stuck in my head now ... :D And as for Shake It ...
SINGING!!! lol

Hope that you're doing great! Praying for you this weekend, and always, Mitch!

Keep smiling!
~ Megan

selah said...

tell the bombest mom ever i said "happy mother's day!"
...yes, your mom.


Daniela said...

WOW!!! cool :D
have fun on your tour!
and I'm so happy that you are doing a lot of music! music is all my life.. and you too :)
and I saw the video of "Shake It" it's so COOL!
have the best week EVER!!
Daniela (from Israel)

Disa said...

I'm excited for your new tour!
Even though I highly doubt you're coming to Seattle/Washington.
But that's okayyy. I'm scared you'd come here and then I'd end up not even being able to go for some reason.. ahaha.

I saw the "If I Didn't Have You" music video...
It was super cute (:

And Metro Station's "Shake It" music video is one of the featured music videos on myspace :D
Pretty cooool.

Taylor said...

yer the bestt.
yer always doing awesumm stuff!!
I hope youu come to floridaaaa on yer tour.
I missed youu at the dc games,, and the concert in kissimee.... And the jingle jam.
I missed youu here a lot.
but not next time yer in townn(:
it'll be our 3rd time we meet,,
so come bacck here soonn,, muh love.
I love the song shake it!
tell mason to keep up the good workk(:
guess where I'm going this summer?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
that'd be awesumm if I saw youu.
well,, anyways,,
I hope everything is going greatt.
tell yer mom happy mothers day.
I met her once the first time we met.
and I hope to see youu soonnnnnnnnn mitchieeee(:
i can honestly say yer the most amazing person I've ever met(: <3333

Jess Jonas Musso said...

wow goshh 2 songs! so excited to hear themm!! tour wii!! cant wait! tell us! lol... yeahh i saww the videoo i was like whoaaa lol...well take caree mitchel! luv yass!


laurennn said...

chicago? lizzies gonna have a heart attack.

yeah i think so :]

r u bringing j stratt along?
you should..



mitchel!everything sounds awesome! i can't wait to but urs and emily's song off of itunes ;] and even tho the video isn't supposed to be out yet, i found it on youtube:
just in case u wanted to see it or ne1 else. its an amazing video nd song for those who haven't heard/watched. ily mitchel!!!

Megan x said...

Your own tour?!
That's amazing =]
You totally deserve that Mitchel
Dang Flabbit, when are you coming back the UK?!
We wanna meet you buddy =]

I'm glad that everything is going awesome for you.

Ahh what a coinkydink... Disney Mania 6 comes out on my 17th birthday.
May 20th- remember that =P
And I'm going to Disneyland Paris the Day after for 4 days =]
Majorly excited about that!!

I love 'If I didn't have you' btw,
and I thought that video of you and you mum was so cute =]

The imdb family are already planning what we're hopefully gonna do for you birthday....

Be prepared for something quite big =]


Megan. xoxox

Grace said...

You mentioned that mason was in ohio, well i went and saw him and metro station at the grog shop! I watched them and got to meet them at the end! They were all very nice, and i even hugged Mason I have his autograph on the cd! :) Can't wait to hear your new stuff! Later!

Kristian said...

AHH ! im sooo excited for you!!
come back to FLORIDA for your tour!
that would be sooo awesome

Anonymous said...

hahah, cool...

Please come to Rhode Island next Tour!!! New York is probably...most definitely...too far for me to travel. But I will try to see you next time. Hawaii, cool, if you go I hope you have lot's of fun.
lol, I am very amazed about how much wildlife I have seen in RI. You want to know the full list of what i have seen in the last 3-4 years? here it is:
red-wing black birds
blue jay
a wierd looking grey-ish black bird that looked like a cokatoo and the same size too, but with a red crown.
some sort of vulture
a yellow bird i forgot the name of.
Other flying things:
Bats (SO COOL!!!)
Forest Animals:
A fox 3 times(I saw a fox in North Carolina Too in January)
bunny (Last week at the beach)
green garden snake (Also the same day as the rabbit)
and probably much more (I just forgot)
What animals do they have in Texas?
Oh and if your curious about how the parrots got in RI, a truck crashed full of parrots some years back. now they make homes on telephone wires. lol well I think that is the story

I Went to the Japanese restaurant again tonight (MY third time) So far the only ice cream i like a lot is green tea, but i only have one more flavor to try: red bean.

Do You want to know something very interesting? I find that most Cancers (Julys) like to cook. My brother does, I do, You do...the only one who does not as much is my sister. were all Julys, lol. we also can be sensitive and sweet...of course i'm the youngest by a lot in the family. let's just say i'm 13 and my brother and sister are 21 and 22.

OK AGAIN I TALK A LOT, well actually i usually space out sometimes during I am usually pretty quite...hahah i'm sorry but i'm not that quite. usually my mom wants me to be quiet cause i am so outgoing, but thats me, I would not be me if i was not.

well i will stop talking now...any day now...

-Coral (The girl who talks frequently about RI)

p.s. I had my last modeling class last week, my graduation is in June.

p.s.s. Your allergic to lobster?
I personally might as well be allergic since i will NEVER eat lobster. At the Stop & shop they have lobsters and when i was younger i always remembered it as if i was going to the aquarium, watching the lobsters, so cute!!
If i ever buy a lobster, it will be to set it free...

Anonymous said...

Thats so cool I hope you get to come to Texas too!!! and I love Metro Stations music video for shake it!!!

Tori said...

gosh u never said u were coming to texas!!
i wish i would have known... :(
u soooo need to come back :]

Anonymous said...

yess!!! CHICAGO!!!
- Karolina

lizzieeeee said...

oh my.


megan said...

uhm so you coming to ROCHESTER NEW YORK!!! :-))

id totally love you moreeee..♥

isnt my heart sexxy? you do it by pressing ALT and 3 at the same time.
oh by the way tell your mommy i say happy mothers day.

were you a good boy? lol
i went to my cousins house and went ATVING is that sexxxy!

ohh yay so i know your on the red team but.. JOE JONAS IS ON THE GREEN TEAMM!! (my husband.even though i love you) so sorry but GO GREEN

well post agian soooon!
i miss youu
love ♥ megan

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel

Tell your Mom Happy Mother's Day for me Mitchel. That's was great Mitchel. You are going to have your own tour Mitchel. I like the video with your Mom Mitchel. I like the song Shake it.
I saw the new episode of Hannah Montana it was verry funny. I cant wait until to Hannah Montana Movie it going to be great. I am going to watch the DC Games. You and Nick is on the same team. I rooting for the Red Team Mitchel.

Have a great day

Your Friend and Fan

Nisha said...

Hawaii!!! That's awesome!!!! Have fun there! I hope you come to Ohio!!!!!!
Can't wait to hear your new music!!! I just saw your's and Emily's music video, "If I Didn't Have You"! You both looked AMAZING!!!!!


Anonymous said...

you have to come to houston and you should come to the metro station show on may 23rd i'll be there with brooke,sue,and chelsea.

Anonymous said...

heey mitchel (:
marcs youtube videoss are GREATTT!
they make me laugh.

and metro station is amazinggg!

&& I cantt wait for your tour info.!


Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel,
What's up with you today? I am finishing school up finally this week since Thrusday is the last day of school! And our finals are so easy!! I make powerpoints for computer applications and social studies, watch a movie for math, and like watch The Lion King for choir! Hey we're watching your fave Disney Movie!! Cuz you can't really give a final for choir so yeah. Unless he makes us sing like crazy which would be bad. Tomorrow's the last day for homework since we can't hand it in and get it graded before report cards go out. Oh anhd we have 2 finals for social studies...we watch National Treasure too. Yeah we're about done with all of the finals...tomorrow we'll finish Lion King and we present our powerpoints in s.s. tomorrow too. Thank God I have s.s. first period so I don't have to worry about it! I have a random question and don't ask where it came from...If you were any kind of skateboard at all...which one would you be???? Tell Marc and Mason "Hellllllllo" from me! Oh and my best friend is moving away after the school year next year for sure!!!!!!!! Well I'll talk to you later! Love ya!


Anonymous said...

ohmygosh u gotta announce the dates soon!! i gotta know what day to take off work.

btw im getting the new metro station tickets tomorrow! cant wait.


Anonymous said...

Ahh yesss .... YAY just finally saw the "If I Didn't Have You" video ... it's AWESOME!!!!! You and Emily are uber cool!!

Did you have a good Mother's Day? If so, AWESOME! If not, so sorry! Mine was ok ... well, it would have been better had my dad not started screaming at my mom AGAIN ... yeeeaahhh ... :<

Well, I shall post to you later!!


Get it?

Yeeeaahhh .... never mind ... :D

Keep smiling!!!
~ Megan ((is having an absolutely LOUSY week so far ... but is still smiling because she can post on Mitchel's blog!!!))
Love ya!

ℓαnα , said...

Mitchel !!
As of 2 seconds ago i just finished watching the new vid with you and Em's on YouTube !! AWESOME JOB both of you !! :) I loved the clothing choice for you guys !! And Mitch, your hair was PERFECT !!

OOHH, I can't forget about those ADOREABLE baby pictures on the interview with you and your Mom ! You were VERY cute baby, and you still are :) Only your not a baby your a big tough guy now ! Aha.

And Even though i've never met your Mom I can tell that she is one of the nicest people !! Happy Late Mother's Day Mrs. Musso :)
I also caught Marc's new vid too. Whoa Marc .. you's a little rebel ! :) Nah I'm joking, keep up the good work buddy !

Anyway, I gotta runn . I have to help my Mom clean the kitchen ahah ! Take care hun, have a good one !

Alana said...

Mitchel,tell your mom "Happy Belated Mother's Day" 4 me!

Tuba said...

oh my gosh mitchel!
I'm soo happy for you :) im so sad though..cuz I can't go to your concert in PA when I really, really wanted to. Checked the Shake It video out, and it's awesomer than awesome :) Oh and, I might go to your concert next year if you're still going to be on tour. BUT.... Christy and I wrote you a letter!! :) It's on the Cali fanmail address thing. No pressure, you don't have to read it if you don't want to..especially since you'd be busy and everything. I love your songs :) Keep rockin'!


-tubester. =)

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to hear new music from you.
And i hope you're having lots of fun on you tour.

I saw the Good Morning Texas video-it was awesome!
The baby pictures in the video are adorbale. haha.

And your's and Emily's musicvideo 'If i didn't have you' is amazing by the way!

Have a incredible great week!

#1FANisamyniemela said...

heyyy i know you probably don't care but it's my 17th birthday today!! whoooO!


brie said...

Ah, Mitchel.

Just watched your "Good Morning Texas" thing....your mom is so sweet! I was laughing when she was explaining about the Mason and Miley and Trace connection, and the dude was like "Woah!" lol.Yeah your mom is so pretty and so nice! And I'm not just saying that because she's your mom! I see where you get your great personality!

And I LOOOOOOVED the baby pix! I really liked the one of you playing piano....cuz you know me, I'm a piano addict. But, yeah, you look so adorable! lol. I'm sure all the girls were goin "AWWWWW" at those pictures!

That video definately shows that you guys are such a strong family even though you're famous. I really like that. I think family is sooooo important.

You're family should come to my place to make Italian sausage in the winter. That's such a fun experience!!!

luv, brie

PS-Don't forget to answer my questions! =]

Anonymous said...

Mitchelll!!!! Sorry I haven't commented for so long. I was flat out with exams and studying and bloody chores (excuse the language) that I had no time to touch the computer. *sobs* and now it's gone and crashed - WITH ALL MY SONGS (yes, I do write songs, and I don't sing them, rest assured)AND MY POEMS, AND MY STORIES (I was writing a good horror one, by the way :( ). And IT'S ALL GONE! I also had loads of music videos of Miley and you and MetroStation and My Chemical Romance and tons more, and they're all gone. :( And I just recovered from laryngitis. This has seriously been the most horrible week for me ever. And exams are on May 24th. And the teachers are just dragging on with the chapters as though it was the beginning of term! :O I don't appreciate that. You're making new music? So totally cool! Tell us moremoremore!!! Ya hear?! Say hello to your mom and Marc and Mason and everyone to me, honey :)

I'll always love you,


Angi said...

I wish you would come near madison WI that would rock
P.S. I loved If i Didn't have you

Anonymous said...

mitchel musso we both have the same B-Day maybe you can go to San Antonio Texas to have a concert that would be cool i live in texas to. your awesome