Friday, May 23, 2008

Metro Station

is going to be on TRL on June 9th at 3:30PM. They are flying Mase and Trace out!

They have articles coming up in Popstar,Cosmo Girl, People Magazine, J14 and AP.



oliviaakiddo! said...

oh my goshh mitchel!
thats so awesome (:
im gonna see em next friday!

Annie said...

ill be looking for them.

JULY 31ST, they'll be here. :)

Ashlee said...

metro is getting more&more famous. :]

I'm seeing them on july 15th. I'm so excited. last time I saw them, they were AMAZING. all of them are really nice&chill. mason is my favorite. :D

when are you gonna put the next tour dates?..

Mareen said...

Oh my Gosh Mitchel!
Your really going to be on TRL ?
That is soo cool =)

Tess said...

COOOLLLL!!! I Will be sure to watch it! Hey when you went to that resturant did, oh i forgot his name!! Well, did that man think it was cool that your bros song was in the movie??


The Future Mrs. Musso said...

coolio! i will SO be watching! =D

God Bless and Have a Wonderful Day!

Anonymous said...

hey mitchel i love u sooo much!!! I love metro stations new song shake it!!! Its my favorite!!! I saw u at the dadeland mall in fl!!! I love u!!!!! Please give me a shoutout its michaella from fl!!!!!

Anonymous said...

mitchel im begging u please come tour in florida!!!! i want to meet u and get front row seats!!!

Nisha said...

Hey! That's Great!!!! I hope you root them on!!!!!


Molly said...

awesome about metrostation!
i'll definitely buy the magazines!!!


Anonymous said...

Omfg thts amazingg ahaha good for them! Ill def be watching and waiting for that! And can't wait to see thw mag. Wow!!

Hey omg I'm so excited I might be seeing u in july in wisconsin my dad might take me! And its 2 days after I see metro station! I'm so exciteddddd :)



GiGi said...

Oh that's so awesome! I'll try to catch it!

And I'm awaiting those new articles!! =D


Anonymous said...

omigosh that is so cool!!! my dad likes their music too which is weird since he said my music is a little different...oh and i got the disney mania 6 cd yesterday! now i own it! yayayayayyaaya!!! oh do you know when the dc games will air just so i friend's sister is wondering....


leanneee =] said...

haha i'll watchhhh. and i'll get some magazines too. if i can find them. (: they played a clip of the shake it video last night on E! news. i like freaked.


Disa said...

Dang, kid.
They're getting more and more popular by the day.

Looks like I'll be getting all those magazines.
If there's one thing I'm obsessed with... it's Metro Station ): ahah.

I'm seeing them again July 14th <3


omg thats great!! im watching for sure! and im getting the magazines. =] cant wait to see them on july 9th! i think thats so cool im getting to see them on your bday. lol. and i cant wait to see you on july!!
have an awesome weekend!

MeganP2010 said...

NO WAY!!!! Oh my god, mitchel, this is so great! They've come soooooo far, I'm sooooo happy for them! I'll definitely toon in when they come on, I can't wait!

Love, Megan.

Sara said...

Thats crazy.
I remember when they weren't signed, Anthony wasn't in the band, they didn't play shows out of California, they're demo cd was $6. Yeah, good times good times. I also remember NOBODY around here knowing them and they people who did were my friends because I wouldn't shut up about them lol.

I'll definetly be watching even though I hate TRL and MTV with a passion.

And I'll definetly be getting those magazines :).

and i'm seeing them August 15th for the 3rd time.

and you really need to come back to Boston.


Angelica said...

That`s Awesome ! ;)

Have a great day Mitchel .

Loads of Love,

Jenny said...

yay them! haha. ooh yay for the articles, i'll have to check those out. when theey come out. haha.

brie said...

SWEEEEEEET! Yay Metro Station!!!!

Sooooo, you were with a girl, I hear??? Do you know what kind of HEARTBREAKING news that was to your fans????? :( so sad. Well, what if I told you that tomorrow I'm going out to the movies with a BOY, huh?! And that maybe he's part of my neighborhood family??? How does it feel, Mitchel???

JK. U rock!

luv, brie

Jade Murry said...

Hey Mitchel can't wait to see it!
Have a great day! Say hi to Mark for me I met him at the DC Games.

Again Have a great day!
-Austin Carroll

Emily said...

ooh Mase and Trace. haha that sounded so cool. i'll try to watch the show!


Elizabeth said...


I have proof that Metro Station is going to the top.

I was shopping at Nordstroms (I cant spell it, so I hope you get which store I'm talking about) for a new dress for a banquet thats coming up. I was in the dressing rooms and "Shake It" came on! I was freaking out and dancing, but then I started to get weird looks from my mom. :P

I'm so proud of them! They've come a long way!

<3 Liz

KT J. said...

OMG! thatsamazing mitchel, i'll keep an eye out for em!

Cya next friday!

<3 K.T.

Anonymous said...

hEy MiTcHeL!!!!!!!

Thats so cool! Your bro is soooooo awesome! Soooooo...... about that girl the other day...... I'd ask who it is but your not gonna say so whats the point? lol! people will most likly find out sooner or later throughout all the celebrity gossip in the magazines! (thankgoodness for magazines! lol!)
It's also really cool you met Ashton! I love him! It sucks that I can't see you in concert...... but oh well some other time right? lol! Anyway g2g!

SeE yA lAtErZ!<333333

~cHeLsEa AkA cHiLlIe~

Anonymous said...

I'll deff. watch that
and buy those magazines.

I'm hoping to see them on July 5th.


Anonymous said...

oyi...i'm so tired! i went to the dance recital here today and it was super long...too many solos and not enough i saw some people in 10 different dances!!! it's crazy! plus my part of the state is in a torando watch so that sucks but all it's really doing outside is being super windy...i missed metro station in omaha...again! one day and i know it i will see metro can bet on that! so i'll talk to you later mitchie!


Dakota said...

hey babe!

i just wanted to ask if you were ok.
I mean, i know that you are busy, but you seem kinda distant...y'know, not as talkative as usuall..
and you're being super-secretive, witch totally isnt like you...
Im sorry if i sound like Im being nosy, I just want to be sure that u are ok because i care about you and i just...ok, im sorry...
ANYWAY, i cant wait to see u... heres the thing.
at my elitch garden, concerts are free with general admisssion...but im not sure if my dad would go for that...
however, my mom showed me an add for a poetry contest that she thought i could when.
guess what the prize is?
four tickets for elitch gardens!

which is exactly the number of seats i wiould need!
i should probably go back to finishing the poem... but one more thing...
Didja hear about that tornadoe that hit windsor, Colorado?
that was only 5 minutes away from where i live!
I am soooo happy that we didnt get hit!
Anyway, i bought a new Tiger Beat yesterday that you were in...(now i have a new Mitchel poster on my wall!)
noone can prank you, huh?
Oh, and I saw the DC Games 365...working out 25/8, right?lol...
PS: what the heck were you doing working out with a long-sleeve shirt?! be nice to us here!)

so anyway, have a terrific day, Mitch!(is it allright if i call you that?)

luv, Dakota ;)

Anonymous said...

Today (May 25) is my birthday. You should shout out to everyone born on May 25. It is by far the best day to be born.

Well... I guess there's another okay day somewhere mid-July (or is it June?), but no, May 25 is the best one. Sorry.

Anyway, I read a comment asking if you're okay, that you seem distant, and I gotta say, I've noticed the same thing. I've attributed it to you being busy, but even in pictures, you mouth smiles yet your eyes don't (I'm very weird with pictures--I think they capture the soul). I'm sure you're a happy person by nature (you seemed to be, what little I know from spending only a couple of hours with you), but maybe it's the photo shoots, the schedule...?

I think it IS because you're busy, but I think you're entirely TOO busy (and too stressed) for your age. Either you'll make it or you won't. In any case, there's time (even Disney stars can BE stars when they're in their 20's).

I'd suggest taking more than a few days off, but again, you'd never listen to me. And who am I, anyway?

There ya go, my unsolicited, unwelcome two cents...
Take care :)

Allie said...

NO WAY NO WAY NO WAY! AHHHH! I am SO going to NY that day and standing outside the studio and screaming "MASON, TRACE, BLAKE AND ANT! I LOVE YOU!" And then they will invite me in, and I'll scream, and I'll be the happiest person on Earth. AHHH! They are getting so big, I remember when I only listened to them. Now everyone in the free world listens to them.

have fun upstate, PLEASE SAY YOU WILL COME TO LONG ISLAND! YOU HAVE TO! Please! I really want to see you again!

I want to see them when the go to Nassau Coliseum, but I don't like Boys Like Girls OR Good Charlotte, but then again, IT'S METRO STATION. And THE MAINE is going to be with them! (their CD comes out July 8th [along with Danger Radio], GO AND GET IT!) But hopefully tickets aren't expensive. And then again, their playing a big stadium, and meeting them would be impossible. I loved that Crazy Donkey show, BEST EVER.

Have fun on the tour!


Anonymous said...

that is sicknastyy ! (:

Anonymous said...

heyy who won that verizon wireless thingy? JW.

Dakota said...


you know, there is still a stain on the carpet from where i melted into a puddle upon hearing yor voice!

luv, Dakota

Keelin said...

I'm going to see Metro Station [with THE MAINE, DANGER: RADIO AND THE CAB!!!!] on the 30th in Anaheim... is there any possibility that you will be there? Because I've met Mason about 10 times, and I've never met you =[
okay well... have a great day! <3 Keelin

amy said...

THANK U FOR LETTING US KNOW! u have no idea!! i'm writing that down cuz i'd be really depressed to miss them.... im excited! :D

Anonymous said...

That is so utterly and completely amazing!!!!! Congrats to them!

ALEX said...

Jeeze, they are getting so popular! I remember just back in like November Mason and Blake were just walking around the Showbox by themselves, and no one was talking to them because no one really knew who they were... haha. I can't wait to see them July 14th :)

Anyways, have fun on your tour! And good luck with your girl, haha.

kc said...

omgg that's AWESOME!
i just saw themm again a couple weeks agoo.
what about blake and ant?
are they going to be on too or just mason and trace?
that wouldn't be to fair if they weren't.
ohh well it's still going to be incredible.
you still need to come to either cleveland or pittsburgh so i can meet you too.

oliviaakiddo! said...


you and emily are 72 on itunes

Allie said...

i read this over, and NO ANT OR BLAKE? WTF?! They can't JUST have two members, they have the whole band! just because they have famous siblings they are going to be in the spotlight? NO! Do you ask for a hot car with 2 wheels? NO! You automatically get 4. So when you ask for a hot band, you get the whole band, no just 2 of the members. I bet you that their going to ask "so, Trace, your sister is Miley right?" or to Mason, "so Mason, your brother is the incredibly gorgeous Mitchel right?". I'm so sick of people only noticing Metro Station because of the famous siblings (no offense). In Newsday, my local newspaper, whenever they mention Metro Station, they always say as a caption "The lead singer is Trace, who is Miley's (step, half)-brother, wow!". It drives me bananas! It's like this band is only getting noticed because of Miley and you (once again, no offense!). But, I'm REALLY glad that they are getting big, good music needs to spread, and finally TRL and MTV are doing that.

I saw you on The N this morning. It was like some short interview thing and you were there and it was all "driving around in my car" and I was all, MITCHEL! AHHH! Seriously, whenever you pop onto my screen, I scream. No joke. Like, "HELP ME! I JUST GOT STOLEN!" loud scream. Your soo lucky you can drive, NY passed a law saying now you have to be 17 for your permit and 18 for your license, UGH. Not fair.

Once again, have fun in upstate, it's really nice up there, but it's kinda cold up there, so bundle up!


PS: I went to the city today for a art show, and saw these cool neon yellow sunglasses near the subway for sale. I should have gotten them! They were so awesome. Now I'm searching the internet for them, and can't find them, but found something close, so maybe I'll get em.

PSS: My sister is making videos of herself again. It drives me nuts! She takes videos of her saying, "this is my stuffed animal george." (3 minute giggle) "he's a turtle". (5 minute giggle) "see you next time!" it makes her happy, but she does it like no one is in the room, and then like jumps on my bed and messes it up and throws the penguin on the floor, and it drives me nuts! She doesn't even clean it up, that's the worst part. Arg, I'm a pirate.

kellyyy said...


today is ma meres birthday..


Anonymous said...

Well, unless you post a new blog in the next 22 minutes (at the time of writing), then you've missed an excellent opportunity to shout out to me on my birthday.

I guess I'll survive.

Mariam. [: said...

theyre also in seventeen!

and guess who is currently number 72 on itunes?
mr. mitchel tate.


if i didnt have youuuuuuuuuu :D

I'd Swim the Ocean For You♥ said...


Mace&Trace. That is some awesome rhyming right there. I love it. :)

That must be really exciting for them! I hope they have fun. :)

BTW: How is the driving going? Hopefully good because you haven't said anything about crashing. But you're probably a great driver cuz you're amazing at everything you do. :)

Oh yea..
Do you actually read all of these comments? Cuz I'd feel pretty dumb if I'd just been writing these long rambling notes to no one haha.

May 21st, the day you were supposed to come to rhode island for the Raven concert, I wore all black to mourn R.i.'s loss of having you here. :( yes I'm that cool :P just kidding.

Haha so good luck with you BRAND NEW TOUR! I won't be going to this one cuz it's too far away but I wish you luck and I hope you have fun! I also hope that you will come to rhode island some day so I can meet you!!


Anonymous said...

happy memorial day mitchie! yay! so have some news from yesterday to tell you but i would've told you yesterday but i was scared half to part of the state was in a tornado watch again and i just got done taking a shower and i was making popcorn...all of a sudden this storm just picks up and there is 70mph winds going on and we lose connection to the television so we don't know what they're saying to i run upstairs and get my dad up and grab some mom, dad, and i are all in the basement and we hear something come off our was a very heavy chair. the rain was coming down so hard it was flooding curb to curb! so finally when the wind has died down we all go and look to see what had happened to our clean yard which we just cleaned that day. it was a mess! even worse than it was the day before. there were tree branches blocking the street ways...people were driving around in cars to see all the damage of our town...and some were already trying to clean up the yards. so today i'll be cleaning up our yard again. so what will you be doing??? hope you have an awesome time! love you vey much!!!!


Pauline said...

hey mitchel i just wanted to say that at my school dance the dj put on 'shake it', and everyone screamed! ha. it was so fun.

Anonymous said...

omg thats soo cool! i think there also going to be in seventeen and rollingstones...i saw that on there websites!!

cant wait unitl your tour starts!

Jessiica Reneee' =) said...

i havent commented you in a long long time, so i thought i would.
trl thats good! imma be in new york for 2 months this summer so i might see you who knows.
well i hope you have a good memorial day!

Jessica Benedetto =)

Molly said...

Metroo Station.. Amazing :) I heard they are going on tour with Boys like Girls, I will most def be attending one of those concerts, if I am actually in the right place at the right time. Out of my 3 month vacation, I am actually at home for 1 month of that and traveling the rest to visit friends from kamp and going to kamp and family vacation and visiting family. I actually do make a visit to LA ( calabasas to be exact) to see one of my best friends for a week. So thats pretty fun, last time I was at LA i was in the airport waiting to fly out to Hawaii the day after Christmas. I Hope you have an AWEESOMETASTILISTIC day!

Molly E. Happy LOLIVER Day!

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel!! Sorry I haven't posted in a while...I've been busy trying to get driving hours in so I can get my license & I've been playing around with my new cell phone...Guess what?! Today's my sixteenth birthday!! YESSSS! LOL I am finally 16! I have been counting down to this day for sooo long!! Haha. You're about a year older than me, but ily anyways!! Haha...& I am sooo anxious to know who you went to Dolce with!! Could you give us any more clues?? Pleeeeeeeease?? It would be a GREAT 16th birthday present to give to me!! ;) Ok well post again soon!! I Miss You!!

Love always,
Kaci <3

Katie said...

awesome! i'm so excited!

Allie said...

i re re-read the entry, and their going to be in AP? Cover? HOPEFULLY. And in Popstar? Great, now every 8 year old will be listening to Shake It and have no clue that it means something OTHER than dancing.


Angelica said...

Can`t wait for the upcoming Hannah
Montana episodes Mitchel . Going to be watching out for them ;)

Loads of Love ,

Anonymous said...

tell us who the girl is!

josiee(: said...

wow. thats crazy. they're getting big so fast. (:
hopefully ill be seeing you on july 11th in wisconsin, 2 days after i see metro station!
i always love metro station's shows, so that will be fun, and i've never been to one of yours;so im super excited!
do you think youre gonna be doing a meet and greet there? it would make my year if you did. (:
im pretty sure you're never gonna read this, but whatever. haha.
much love<3

Celina said...

ZOMG I LOVE Metro Station!!! I just saw your & Emily's music video and it's awesome!!! -->xox, Celina

Anonymous said...

so mitchel...i hear you work out in the gym 25/8???? hahaha! i saw that earlier today! i was laughing super hard! i shld use that one time againist my friend! i know she'd laugh super hard!!! so ttyl!


Nikita Bimson said...

I saw the new disney 365 last night!
It was funny.
ha, 25/8. wow.

Beth said...

Wicked tight man....


Anonymous said...

no freaking way !
theres an age limite to get in there cause i was gonna see jonas brothers & you have to be 18 =[[
awww im gonna stalk them & find them in the city then !


Anonymous said...

hey mitchel!! post a new blog or something!! lol this is finals week and its basically killing me!

do u have to take finals?

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel.

If you get the time you need to watch Marc's newest Moose Man video.
If you haven't already. It is hilarious.

Shots of Sodas?
your little bro is crazyyyyy.


Alana said...

Cool!!That is wicked awesome!(Hannah line!)

Jess Jonas Musso said...

thats so cool! ill be waiting to see him yeah! LOL... wow thanks!
take caree! (:


warriogirl11 said...

I LOVE METRO STATION!!! They are the best. You guys should headline a tour together. That would be the best concert ever. I'm seeing them in concert in August. I'm glad they are finally getting more recognized.

Allyson said...

Do you know when the taping for TRL is?? Since the show isnt live anymore haha. I would love to go and show my support!

kelly said...

i have this on my calender :)
can not wait to see them on TRL! <33
they made it to the number 9 spot yesterday, wednesday june 4th.
i've been voting on the trl website everyday, and im gonna continue doing that :) it'd be so sweet if their video was number 1 when they're there :D ahh, i love them. & youu too of course <3333


Anonymous said...

wow, i just found out rite now dat mace is ur bro n trace is miley's bro!
i feel mad late n slow, lolz!
i was listenin 2 shake it(im in LOVE wit dat song) n i google metro station n found dat out!
wowow, i am so late
well, ur pretty cute, actually really cute, u n ur bro have da same hair!
trace and mace are really cute!
i love their voices, same thing 2 u

kelsey said...


if you know anymore specifics about when the articles are coming out please please please keep us posted!!

i was at their concert last night and i was like praying u would be there but then i was like wait...hes doing his own tour grrr...that would have been amazing if i could have seen mason and you in one night...YOU GUYS SHOULD DEFINITELY TOUR like go to every single show and go all across the country haha