Thursday, May 01, 2008

Hey Guys! GO RED TEAM!

It's crazy out here in Florida! It's hot and busy and very fun. Thanks to all the fans who have come out this week to visit. I am planning on staying until Sunday, so hopefully I will meet a few more of you before it's all over.

Marc's here too, so look for him!

I have lot's of stuff going on concerning my music. I will be visiting some cities soon and will share dates as soon as all is keep checking back on the blog.

Metro Stations new Music Video for "Shake It" will be out in a few days, it is INCREDIBLE. Have you heard it on the commercial for the new Cameron Diaz & Ashton Kutcher movie Las Vegas? So cool that they used the song.

Hope you guys are having a FANTASTIC week!



Molly said...

Hey Mitchel!!

I was there today!! I saw you!!! But I was way up at the top and you couldn't hear me. =( I saw your mom though!! She was SOOO nice as always!!

Tomorrow's my birthday!! =)


Anonymous said...

Oh My goodness!!! Shake it has a music video coming out!!!! I SO can't wait for that!!!

And Molly was there today for the games. She met your parents and Marc. (by the way, tomorrow is her birthday!)

I can't wait to hear about the concerts!!

Have Fun is Sunny/warm Florida!

-Katie R.


Michelle said...

Yay! Go Red Team!
I hope you're coming to Portland!!

Michelle (twin from Portland)

liz said...

MITCHEL i havent come on here in a whillleee..
but im back :)
and when i heard shake it for that commercial my mouth dropped and stayed like that the whole time
im SO excited for that music videooo
im seeing them this sunday!!

brianna said...

omg that is so awesome!! i cant wait! Good luck at the DC games… go red!!! (:

Holly said...

Hey Mitchel, glad ur having fun at the DC Games. Cant wait for the new tour. Dont forget to come to NJ! and have a meet and greet. I have an awesome gift for you! Hope the red team wins! yay mitchel!

Nikita Bimson said...

thats rad!!!!

I wish i was in florida. =[ said...

yay!! go red team! hope ur having funnn!! ahahha!

omg i saw that with the shake it thing! amazingg! cant wait to see the videeooo!!!



linh7x said...

it's so awesome how metro station is becoming more famous now. i saw them on march 28th, it was pretty much be best night of my life.
it sounds like you're having a great time with whatever you're doing, i hope it stays that way!

Katie said...

yes! mitchel i just heard shake it on that commercial! how cool is that, i was just gonna come on here and say it! :]
can't wait to hear more about your concerts!
<3 Katie

Ashlee said...

GO RED TEAMMMM. you guys are gonna pwn all the other teams. ooh, tell marc I say hey!

dude, I am SO stoked for the shake it video. shake it is like the raddest song.

have fun in florida! *oh..btw, how did you like kissimee? You never really posted a blog about yea.*
Go red team!

kc said...

basically everyone i know has heard shake it in the comercial except me.
but i went to pacsun todayy and they played disco randomly and then at hollister i played seventeen forever and then got yelled at for singing to it really loud.
im seeing metro station again next fridayy.
but i can't wait to hear YOUR new musicc.

Anonymous said...

YAY! GO RED TEAM! WHOOT WHOOT! i can't wait to see them! it'll b awesome i just know it!!!! oh i just saw the las vegas trailer!! weird! tell marcs i said hi!!! oh and mason..don't forget him! i can't wait til the shake it music video comes out! ttyl!

p.s. i heard the original version of lean on me on the radio today!! yours is so cool compared to how slow the original one is! but they botb r amazing!!!

Anonymous said...

yay! i saw you and your brother at the dc games!

brooke said...

mitchieee, i'm glad your having fun in florida :D.
i hope to see you in one of those cities?
that would be super cool.

OMFG. i can't wait to see the video.
eeeekajdfg that is so weird that you mentioned that.
i was on the phone with my friend and my tv was on..and i heard shake it.
i realized it was coming from my tv. hahha that commercial was on.

anyways, keep having fun!
talk to you soon.


Annie said...

Hopefully we'll see you (and Marc) on Saturday!

Can't wait for the music video!

Wow. This weekend is going to be AMAZING.

ALEX said...

Ahh I wish Florida wasn't on the opposite end of the country!
DC Games sounds like so much fun :)
oh and YELLOW CAKE ICE CREAM. i mean it, you seriously have to try it!

Taylor said...

I'm sickk so I can't go to the dcgames
tell every1 there I say heyy
I hope yer havingg funn here though(:
if I could drive if totally go see youu right now
but come back to Florida soon
in the westpalmbeach area.
I love the songg shake it.
its the best and muh new ringtone(:
well I miss youu
and I hope yer havingg funn
while I'm sick at home in misery cuz I can't see you this week
go redteam!!
ily mitchiee(:

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel

YAY..go red team!!!!

Who else is on your team?

I missed "Shake It" in the commercial, I'll have to listen for it nest time

Have fun at the DC games I would some see you but I live in Cali. Too bad. One of these days I WILL meet you!!!


Alana said...

Hey Mitchel,glad to know that Florida's fun enough for you!:)
Hope Marc's having fun too!(why wouldn't he?).It's hot there?Something is wrong down here,because it's windy and cold here!And its May!It should be normal later on.I hope.

And it turns out i'm not going Orlando anymore!But on the bright side,i'll be able to see the new Hannah episode!I would like to know,Why is there a hole in Jackson head!?I knew there was nothing up there!jk.So what will Oliver and Lily be up too?

I didn't see the movie commercial...yet!So i will be keeping an eye out.Or an ear out..(is there such thing?)Can't wait to see Metro Station's music video!

Can't wait for the games to air!

Nelly said...

Hey Mitchel! I wish I was in Florida to watch the DC Games ]: Hopefully you have some shows here in LA as a part of your tour as well! Can't wait for Metro Station's video :D
By the way, can you give a shoutout to me, Nelly, for my birthday this coming Sunday? (May 4) I met you twice before, once at Aly & AJ's Amberwatch concert and at their birthday party in Les Deux. It would mean a lot to me and the best birthday present ever if I can get a shoutout from you [:


MeganP2010 said...

aldskfasdf yayyyy i'm so happy for metro station-- my best friend was watching the movie or the commercial or something when she was home sick, and she frantically texted me in like all caps like 'ADSLFKASDF METRO STATION IS IN THE LAS VEGAS MOVIE' yayyyy

and I really really really hope that you add a San Francisco date to this little "some cities" tour-- if you have any say in that right now, you should definitely request/demand San Francisco! Then we can hangggg outttt!

Love, Megan.

#1FANisamyniemela said...

Heyy Mitchel && all the people here on his blog,

April, 26th, 2008 (saturday)- was my Junior Prom at my school i asked you mitchel to go with me eariler on in the year, but you said no because your schedule wouldn't allow you to, but can i say THANKS for replying back , that means that you care alot about your fans. Does anyone remember that one blog entry?? If you don't...below i copied & pasted it....

I would LOVE to go to the prom with you, but my schedule does not allow me to do so. Can I say thank you Very much for thinking of me and I hope you have the most fantastic time ever and come back and tell us all about it. Cause I think girls like to read about that kind of stuff...not sure...think so.
....Mitchel that was so adorable! Umm you said to have "the most fantastic time ever" & i did you know why??...i got PROM QUEEN!!!
Now here's alittle about the prom:
our theme was Paris "Take me There"
our colors were red,black, and purple
our song was Iris...we walked out to jonas brothers "when you look me in the eyes"..
we ate out before prom like at 4o'clock at this nice resturant named "iron nugget" verry goood food,...we ran around walmart & kmart hahhaha just wasting time of course....umm.. that's about it...& then it was midnight and i called mom & i went home...i don't go out to parties & drink that's no fun if you can't remember prom night then..right? RIGHT..hahha.

PROM QUEEN-me (amy niemela)
PROM KING- Dallas S.-(he's a boy in my class)

...umm... okay well please write me back in your blog sometime what your respone is buddy...thanks..and...


Emily said...

no way its in that commercial!!!! thats so awesome! i need to pay more attention next time it comes on!

i hope youre having fun at the dc games!

by the way, do you know david henrie at all?? just wondering, my friend and i want to know.


meredith kelly said...

Hey Mitch ,
I wish i came to Disney.
I'm seeing Metro Station on Monday , I'm so excited. Last time i saw them was like a year ago. Hope you come to
nyc soon ! =]

Keep it Real
meredith kelly

Anonymous said...

OMG I SCREAMED when i heard shake it in the commercial for that! LOL METRO STATION ROX!

leanneee =] said...

oh man i wish i was in florida! my mom left for georgia this morning, unfortunately she didn't take me.
omggg mitchel i am praying that you have a concert in new york on JUNE SEVENTEENTH. like seriously, i neeed this. its my thirteenth birthday. dude i would do anything to get tickets for something like that. (:
hahaha it's what happens in vegasss. i heard it on the radio, my friends saw it on tv. i cant wait for the video!
fantastic week isnt exactly happening this week. at least not for this day. i was locked out of my house and then later our car wouldnt start and right now its still not at my house. interesting right?

-Leanne (:

selah said...

Go RED!...and yellow. i'm rooting for Selena, too. :]
man, i wish my mom didn't have to be busy on saturday. i almost had her convinced to let us go down to disney.

i want to see that movie. it looks so funny. i'll definitely see it now since it has a Metro Station song in it. :]

pwease have a concert in orlando before july...or somewhere near south carolina after july. i dunno. i really want to see you, but i'm moving this summer. don't get me wrong, it's a great thing, but i'd hate to miss seeing you in concert.


Amy Lynn said...

Hey, I really hope you come to Portland, Oregon. But who knows.. there are so many other people begging you to come to there hometown.

Great for Metro Station, for anyone who hasn't bought the album and absolutely loves to listen to "Shake It" then buy the album. You WON'T regret it.

Thanks for everything!
Go red team!


Sara said...

I can't wait for the Shake It video :). And everyone keeps telling me about that song being on the commercial for that movie. I remember when like. nobody knew who Metro Station was. I'm seeing them on Sunday :).

And you reallllllly need to come back to Boston so hopefully thats one of the cities you're going to.


Valaurie said...

AH HA!!!!!!!!!!!
I knew there was going to be a Shake It musci video!!!!!!!!!!
I knew it! I knew it!!!!!!!!
I have been waitign for the past few months for that video and the day they posted the Control music vidoe I said to my friends that Metro Station's next vidoe will be for Shake It!
and I was right!!!!!!!!
*does victory dance*
I have watched it grow from a song that no one knew into a song that has close to a million views on youtube! (if you type in Metro Station on youtube the first video you see is by me)
So ya, I have been looking forward to the day!
Tell your brother congrads!

nOw, for you

GOOOOOOO TEMA RED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Disa said...

That would be amazing if one of those cities was Seattle.
But I won't get my hopes up D:

Anyway it sounds like you're having funnn (:

My friend & I are going to see What Happens in Vegas when it comes out :D
Is Shake It one of the songs in the movie too?

christineeee (: said...


wow ii cant wait for a buncha things:
-your new cd
-new tour
-new hannah episodes
-new music video

oh & hopefully one of those cities that you are going to visit include LA, CA?

alrightt ii miss yah, mitch.
hurryy backk to cali.
i love you.

Samantha said...

I hope you're having a blast down in Florida Mitchel! I hope Marc is too!

Don't hate me Mitchel...don't hate me...But I'm rooting for the Yellow Team! *ducks* I'm sorry! Its just...well....Kevin...I want Kevin's team to win....But I love all the teams and all the people down there! I'm just rooting for Kevin...

OOoh! Music news...Excitement!

AH! I'm excited for the "Shake It" Video. And yes I have!!!! I saw that tonight and I was so excited. I was like, "Shake it! What happens in Vegas! Metro Station on Tv! AHHH!" hahaha.

I hope you're having a good week as well. Mine has been decent. =]


Anonymous said...

i learned how to play after the fall on guitar today :)

you are amazing.

Daniela said...

I'm happy that you have fun :)
WOW and that's AWESOME that SHAKE IT has a video!!
and regards to Marc^^
Daniela (from Israel)

Julie :] said...

post the tour dates alreadyyyy!! x]

hopefully ur coming to Cleveland... im still waiting to see you.

ok well have fun down there in Florida! :]



Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel,

I know isn't it hot here in

My friend that goes to my school went and saw you at the disney channel games. I ask her to get me an autograph of you for me but she didn't but its ok because I know at least she had the best time . She has some bumps and bruises to prove it too.

Today is the 8th grade field trip and we going to SeaWorld at 7pm at night till 1 in THE MORNING!!:)
Isn't that crazy. lol



Paige said...

unfortunately, no one ever comes close enough for me to go to any concerts/meet and greets.
but i DID hear 'shake it' on the las vegas trailer.
my parents and i were watching tv together and that commercial came on and i'm like, "OHMYGOSH I LOVE THIS SONG!" and started dancing.
i can't wait for the music video. :]

natalia said...

Hey Mitchel!!

Good Luck!

Glad you're having fun.

I can't wait to see Shake it's music video. Sure it's gonna be pretty cool.

It's so cool that they chose that song for the movie commercial.

Seen some stills from the music video of If I didn't have you. I can't wait to see that one either.

Love Ya!


KelseyLovesM.T.M said...

hey mitchel,
thats so great i hope you have the best time ever i saw the pictures and video's on youtube of the disney games im so rooting for red!!!woot!woot !im at schol :|.....its first period:P i hope the best for u in ur music and everything and i cant wait to see the shake it music video i love that song!i have to go.test next period!grr i dident study...say hi to marc for me

have an awesome time!!!!=D

Anonymous said...

Yes, I saw the commercial of that film! Musso's rocks! =) And: Red team is the best!


Vikinka said...

Hey Mitchel!!
I totally can't wait for the Disney Channel Games!!
Hope you have blast ;)
I was lil bit shocked Emily isn't in it :(
But at least some of my other favs are (including you xP)


abby said...

your mommy called me yesterday!
:) and left me a voicemail!
aweee she is the sweetestt!
tell her i say
thankyou thankyou thankyou thankyou!

and i hope you're having fun! ;p

GiGi said...

Yes, GO RED TEAM! I've been rooting for you all week! I saw you while you were doing that photoshoot, you were so funny and looked good as always!

Marc is the coolest!! He talked to my mom and me for a while yesterday, and we gave him our phone number and stuff. He even took a picture with me! He's so awesome and nice! Definitely your brother! =]

I'm glad you'll be here for a while more, maybe I'll see you at the concert tomorrow night? That would be cool! You should perform, I hope you do!

I can't wait for the tour dates, and the Metro Station video! Awesome!


Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel

I wish I was in Florida to cheer you and the Red Team I hope you win Mitchel.

My fan and friend

Anonymous said...

glad to hear you're having fun! i wish i could come and see you, that would be amazing. i wish your team the best of luck :)

love youuuu <3

Angela said...

Hey Mitchel,

I hope you have a GREAT time down there. Who else is on your team???
Have a GREAT DAY!!

Jenny said...

already knew you were on the red team =] my favorite color. haha. i saw videos and stuff. i wish i could go, but yeah, minnesota. ew. haha.
hope you're having super duper fun! haha.

nope i haven't seen the commercial for Las Vegas... they used shake it? that is cool. haha.

visiting some cities soon huh.. i always keep checking your blog! haha.
byee :P

Kelly said...

ahh, i heard it on the commercial! i was surprised! i've been a fan for so long, even before i even heard of hannah montana (the show) and its amazing how they're getting played on the radio, and now even on tv. seriously, metro station has been my favorite band for like 2 and half years now. mason & trace, oh my godddd. amazingly talented.

but for you mitchel, im excited to hear your music. you seem like a totally chill person, and i know if i met you we'd get along so well. haha love youuu ;)

shireen(: said...

i want to live in floridaa?
you guys better win this yea [:

i talked to marc on the phone yesterday! my friend in florida called me, and i told marc im on love with his older brother, and that you & i are getting married one day



Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel.

Yeah I was going to come to the DC games today but I didn't get to. I didn't realize I was out of school today.

But hopefully I'll get to see you when you tour.

I started screaming when I heard "Shake it" on the preview of What happens in Vegas..:DD I also heard it on the radio Sunday.:)

I hope you can come to Nashville, TN or Birmingham, AL on your tour.


Gennine said...

Mitchel!! I am so rooting fro the red team!!! That's really awesome! I can't wait to see the Shake It video. That song can get stuck in my head for days at a time, it's crazy........and I can't wait to see whether or not you tour this summer!!!

post more soon!
love ya!
~Gennine, 14 (15 in 9 days!!!), NJ

Amy said...

finally an actual post! i miss you blogging, you must be super busy, it stinks. i've never been to disney, how weird is that? well good luck!

ashleigh said...

hey mitchel
wow! iv not seen the commerical yet and it sure is cool that metro stations song is in it!!!
i was at the games it was sooo cool hope your team wins!!

luv ashleigh

Kelly said...

a couple of months ago i was in hollister and Shake It was playing haha :) and yesterday one of my guy friends came into school singing it and i was like woahhh, cause i didnt think anyone knew them. so yeah thats definitely a sign they're getting big :) ohhh and i can play Disco on guitar. haha i was so excited when i got it down perfectly. &&& I downloaded California and Now That We're Done as ringtones for my iPhone :) ive been a fan for soooo long, and i have yet to see them in concert! =/ on their next tour im definitely seeing them! whats your favorite song by them? haha I love Masons part in Wish We Were Older (Woah-wee-oh-wee-oh-oh) ;)

ahh i love you mitchel!
i swear one day i'll meet you.
good luck at the DC Games.
Im definitely on the Red Teams side ;)

Ashlee :) said...

i saw you yesterday at the DC games :)
you were looking beautiful as normal, with your sweet soccer skills haha.
i saw your brother a lot & got his autograph and picture. i love itt haha.

i hope to go to the concert tomorrow & see you there. the tickets havent come through yet. but im determined to go. so i will see you tomorrow :)


brie said...



And make sure you come to CHICAGO!

luv, brie

Anonymous said...

Hi Mitchel! I haven't been on in a while, but have fun in Florida. That is so cool about your brother's song. I never got a chance to send you the Valentine's Day surprise, so I'm going to send it to you just in time for your birthday (but I still think you'll like it as a birthday present) It's still a surprise, though! Have an AWESOME WEEK! I have to go, I'm performing in Grease tonight at my school, and I have so much school work to make up. I left for three days to go to Atlanta with my robotics team and we won #4 INTERNATIONALLY! and I left for almost an entire day to get to NY for a practice and performance to sing at Carnegie Hall, and I performed Grease during the day for the local senior citizens, so I am a little behind on school work. I'm sure you're busy too, so good luck with everything that you are doing! *smile*


melissa said...

Saw you earlier this week, whenever you and Jason Earles came out, it made my day better. Who needed the Jonas Brothers when you were around? :)

Shannon Loves Mitchel! said...

I hope it's somewhere near Cali.
I am also excited for the "Shake It" music video!
It's going to be awesome!

Anonymous said...

Oh man,I'm so sad that I can't see you,because I am in Brazil(Rafael again)I wanted so much talk with you,and maybe,meet Marc.....anyway,go red team!!!!!!!!!!!Do your best Mitchel,see ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


i hope youre having fun in florida! go red!!! haha. i cant wait to see the 'shake it' music video!
omg i cant stop listening to 'if i didnt have you' lol. its so amazing!! =] i cant wait to see that video either.
please say youre coming to chicago for your tour!!! that would be the best ever! i love you!!!

Jessie~♥~ said...

WHOO!!! Three day weekend!!! Anyways...

Yesterday's car ride to school was probably the best ever. I heard Shake It on the radio! I just smiled and told my mom to turn it up. :D That made my day. Even though we were taking a TAKS test. >:P

Can't wait for the Shake It video to come out!

L8er, Sk8er


HaleighJayy said...

that's amazing.
I can't wait for it.
I can't stop smiling because of it.
yeeahhh boyyyy.
I have another dance competition tomorrow and cheerleading tryouts. It should be fun.
I also sprained my ankle, by the end of the weekend, it'll be broken.
I bet you anything.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitch!!!!

I really hope you come back to Chicago! I miss you so much!

Thank God that you are going to be in the Disney Channel games! =]]
Im very happy for you.


Nikkie said...

Hey Mitchel!

Your on Red Team! Awesome!

Guess what? My birthday is the 9th and i have twin brother..Cory!!

It stinks cuz i have to share a birthday cake! YucK!

I got 3 new magazines More of YOU on my wall yippeee!!!! hahahaha

love you xoxoxo(:


Anonymous said...

lol, GO RED TEAM!!!!

I'll be voting for your team this summer.

this Wednesday I learned how to do runway (I think that is what it is called) modeling. It's pretty cool, though i may like commey modeling is arcials better. Runway little bit easier for me because my mom helped me practice from what she remembered from when i was younger.

Tonight we went for Japanese food. It was really good, i got to try coconut ice cream. I like green tea ice cream better though. I did not try Sushi yet...but i did try eel last month...I like some of the other foods better. lol

we have been learning stuff like how to slap someone without really slapping them at acting class. lol, we will learn other things this weekend.


oh, i finally got farther then Tarzan on kingdom hearts!! lol


-coral (The girl from RI) I do talk a lot don't I? Hhmmmmm, lol

Anonymous said...


Even though I've commented on every blog, I feel like I've been missing you, ma brotha!.....yeah.

Hope one of those cities is the third largest in the country and holds the Sears Tower and the Shedd Aquarium. PS I'm dragging you there to see the sharks. Not really. xD

GREAT THAT'S ANOTHER SONG STUCK IN MY HEAD!!!! SHASHASHASHASHAKEIT! wefvnwrflwrinjgwlkr I've had about 4 songs stuck in my head for the last week. And you added another. You are the reason for my insanity. D= Not really. I'm a cool kid, mk?



Anonymous said...

hey mitchel!
im so glad that your having such an awesome time in Florida.
GO Red Team!!

yea i saw the comercial the other day. i was so shocked! in a good way OF COURSE.
im going see them on the 22nd! im so excited! it should be an amazing concert.

hope you come to New Orleans!

emily h.

Sue said...

hey mitchhhhhhhhhh

its me sue :)
come to houston on your tour and let me know when your here!
i miss you way too much

let me know if you see this!
miss you.

Beth said...

Yeah I did hear it on the trailer for that movie it was so awesome. I love that song. And all the others.
Glad your having fun!!!!!!


Grace said...

HHey mitchel!
just wanted to let you know im going to the metro station concert in Cleveland at the Grog Shop next Friday! It will be awesome! Can't wait for "Shake it"! See ya!


The Future Mrs. Musso said...

Hey Mitchel! Coming to Jacksonville? LOL! =D
Can't wait for the video!
Yeah it has been hot here in Florida lately! I actually went swimming for the first time in FOREVER today. How are you? :)

God Bless and Have a Wonderful Day!

Fer said...



I wish I could be at the DCGAMES...But have you seen Roger and Carla? They're awesome!! We love them in Mexico=D

OMG they used the song for that movie? I saw a commercial but I can't remember the song, anywayss..that's sooo cool!

Guess what??!
My birthday's on Monday 5! I'm turning 15!! Would you PLEASE give mea shout out?? It would really mean a lot to me...=)

Have a fantastic week too! And when you're done with the DCGames come back and tell us everything!I'm glad you're having a great time. :D

love you<3

amelia said...

i heard the song "shake it" on a movie trailer for a new movie with ashton kutcher!

Catwoman said...

Red team...


jackieee said...


Anonymous said...

we were listening to Z100 in language arts & the commercial went on the radio & i screamed & my teacher starred at me .. it was funny & awkward.

come abck to NJ its almost been a year since i've seen you

-xo Michele

Sasha said...

I heard the song on the commercial. I was like whoa!!!! I think that that is awesome!!!!

See ya

Anonymous said...

this doesn't have anything to do with your post, but i just wanted to let you know that "shake it" plays all the time on the radio and my friends constantly listen to it and im like yo guys, i knew about metro station way before you guys.
but yeah, everyone loves metro sation =] just wanted to let u know! love u too! peace

Ashlee :) said...

i just got back from the dc concert
it was sooo good
&& i got to see you guys playing football lol.

i was hoping to say bye to you tonight, but theres such tight security at the hotel. i hope you had fun & come back to florida soon :)

maybe next year you will be performing ;)but miley did awesome as usual.


katie said...

hey mitchel! i saw you on thursday at the dc games and at the hotel thing. hope you had fun this week and tonight at the concert!
have a safe trip home and come back to florida soon.


jaquelle said...

Hii Mitchel

I think your well cool =]
Luvin Hannah Montana
Gd luck for the DC games
I'm cheering for the RED TEAM
Jackiie x

Cassie =] said...

too bad that i am not in florida :( but congrats on everything. i don't know if you have heard but here is a link to you and emily's song on disneymania

if you have... here it is again. lol. i really love it! i hope you are coming to ma! lol. well GO RED TEAM! lol

p.s. watching life is ruff right now ;) lol

KT J. said...

coolness =)
wish i coulda seen you on my birthday, last thursday *ahem... haha, luvya, luv.

Kim said...

Mitchel Musso...

This is ridiculous. You are way too cute and I'm spending way too much time on youtube listening to your music.

I'm 19, I listen to what you could label 'punk rock' and I'm wearing a WIFS sweatshirt but I'm watching you on youtube. That's how amazing you are.

Not all of your fans are young, just so you know. ;) I'm looking forward to your album.


PS- I really appreciated that tank top you wore in the Popstar Go Green thing. ;)

selah said...

hey mitch. hope you're enjoying your sunday here in fl. yes, the weather is always this unpredictable. first it's blazing hot, then it rains unexpectedly, and it's sunny once again.

i just wanted to tell you that you need to see IRON MAN as soon as you possibly can. that movie is so incredible. then again, i am the type of girl that likes movies adapted from comics and superheros and stuff. hee. i just came from the theater...ahhh. so awesome.


Annie said...

wow it was amazing finally meeting you and i cant believe it happened still. your mom and marc are amazing!your mom is so sweet. thanks for signing my poster and tell marc thanks for bringing it on the field to you. it was fun hanging out with marc on thursday too. haha i loved how you and nick were breaking it down on stage when the cheetah girls sang one world! anyways hope you have and awesome last day in orlando and dont forget to come back soon!


Allie said...

yay, a music video for shake it, that just ruined my day. now it will be on TRL and everyone will know this song. yay to mainstream pop music. ugh.

Alana said...

Hey Mitch,
i heard the DC games concert was on tonight and i hope it was fun!(well why wouldn't it be?)

I saw the new Hannah eppy;Oliver and Lilly got stuck to chairs!That was funny.Did they ever got to the Maroon5 concert?wait,i'll watch the next new Hannah episode and if Oliver is still alive,then i'll take that as a yes.:D.jk.i think.
Least Robbie Ray got his mullet back!

Again,hope the whole DC Games and everything was fun and come back to Florida soon!!


Tricia said...

Can I just say I love how supportive you are of your brother? You just make posts about his songs moving up, and that makes me smile. To see you so excitied for your family just shows how big of a heart you have. It's not often you hear celebrities talk this much of their families careers... mainly due to jealously.

I'm really glad you guys are so close.

Fer said...

Today's my birthday!!
Could you...please...come visit me to Mexico?? That would be awesome!
lol no I'm just kidding=P
But I'm turning 15...I'M A BIG GIRL!!!
Ok..I'm too excited..have an amazing week!=D

love you<3

Brittany said...

Hey Mitchel, I saw you at the DC Games concert! It was only for a little bit but whatever. I was standing on a railing so I hope you saw me haha anyways, I'm glad you liked Florida. Please come down to Miami if you go on tour or something, that would be AMAZING!

Ooh, and I'll pay attention to commercials now lol

<3 Brittany

Emily said...

Hope you're enjoying FL! i saw you at education in the park, which was pretty awesome!! my birthdays this friday!!!w00t!

Abbster said...

Hey Mitchel!!
man oh man.
i wish i could've gone to the dc games this year!!
i saw you and your brother last year though!
it was mad rad. no lie.
new video for shake it?!?
mad rad once again!
i cant wait to see whats up and new with ur music! it keeps on getting better and better!
have an aamammammaaaziing week!

♥Alexandria♥ said...

I'll be voting for the red team!

Anonymous said...

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! Shake It was JUST on the radio!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just about passed out!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!


Anonymous said...

Hey mitchel!
i haven't sent u a comment in a loong time!

thanks for the heads up about the music vid of shake it!
can't wait!

ur on the red team?!
i'm so voting for red!
isn't nick jonas on ur team?!
who else is?

have a great week!


Annie said...


I was so disappointed when we didn't get the chance to see you! You're planning a tour though, so it's all good.

It's going to be an insanely hectic week for me.
My grandparents are coming to town tomorrow, Wednesday is my 16th birthday, hopefully I'll get to the DMV on Thursday, it's dance rehearsal central all week, I'm starting my new job this weekend (at a local bead/jewelry supply boutique), my party is Saturday night, dance shows for the next two weeks....


Hahahaha, anyway, the concert was AMAZING!
Inferno all the way.


Abby from texas said...

YES! go red team!!! you and nick are both on the same team which makes my life like 1 millionnnn times easier so i can only vote for one team and not keep switching! wooo!

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel!

AAAHHH!!!! Man, I wish I lived in Florida :p ... you should SO come to Virginia again! I missed you last time. Mah badd ... :<

WOOT!!! GO RED TEAM!!! *Jumps up and down in circle and claps hands* I'm planning on watching the entire Games event this year, considering I missed nearly half of it last year ... eek, I know ... LOL

EEK I heard Metro Station on the commercial and was like "OHMIGOSH, YIPEE!!!!" and thus began to dance all crazy-like ... :D Can't wait to see the moosic video! ((<-- yes, I actually did say moosic .... ;) ))

Here's to hoping that you're week goes MUCH better than mine! *Raises glass* Here here!! I'm praying that you have success with, well, EVERYTHING!! :D

And my birthday is remarkably not this month LOL ... good ol' COLD December ;)

Keep smiling!!!
~ Megan :)

roxyash said...

Hey Mitchel.

I'm the girl from the pool that gave you the message from Mason on Saturday night? You didn't seem so happy that day. =(

But anyways, it was really nice meeting you. And I hope to meet you again soon.


Lauren said...

Heyy Mitchel,
Good luck at the DC games!!* I'll be rooting for the red team! I havent been on here in ages lol ive been busy..but i'll probably be on more often since i get out for summer on May 23! YAY. When you go on tour think about coming to Iowa.=]

Have fun in Florida!!*


Jenny said...

so mitch, last night i found you and emilys version of if i didn't have you. i loveee it! =]

Erica said...

OMG! I like, so love you! I hope one day I can come to one of your concerts and maybe get your autograph! That would be so sweet, and even sweeter if I could get your autograph on one of my skateboards! I would buy a new expensive one for that! I so hope the red team will win in the Disney games, but I know it will! I hope sometime soon you can come to Maine, because I wouldn't be able to come to anywhere like Florida:( But, that would be so cool. Sorry I type a lot, but I have to much to say about you! Like, you have a great smile, and you are my favorite male actor and singer! Also, you ROCK on Hannah Montana, and in movies! It would be so cool if you responded to this, I would be so excited, and it would so make my year. Do you read these? I hope so! You are awesome!

Peace Out!

selah said...

hi hi!
so...i saw Shake it, no more then three minutes ago. loved it! man, metro station makes some awesome videos. but, in all seriousness, i want your brother's pants. those red pants he wore in the video were SICK.


selah said...

hm...for some reason my last comment didn't save...did it? oh well, so yeah, i just saw Shake It. i loved it. metro station makes some awesome videos. and i want mason's pants, because those pants he had on were sick. yep. :]


Ashlee said...

ohmywow. i just saw the "shake it" music video. one word=FREAKINGAMAZING. i love itt. i cant wait to see your new music video. =]

Kristina & Gabby said...

Hi Mitchel,
My sister and I are HUGE!!!!!!!! fans. We get every magazine and cut out the pics of you! We think you are so hot!!! We love you voice too! Your songs are so awesome, I cant wait until your cd comes out. I just got the Metro Station cd, I love 'Shake It' it is my favorite. We were going to your concert here in Florida but since it was canceled we couldn't. But we hope that we can see you sometime soon! I think we would get along well, not just because you are famous because I think your personality is really great but I bet it is even better in person. Like I said i hope we see you very soon!!!

karely! said...


I can't wait to watch the disney channel games! I wish i could go to Florida to watch them now! I can't though I'm still in school. For your tour, are you comming to Detroit? Oh and... GO RED TEAM! I routed for you all last year and I will this year too

meredith kelly said...

.. why is your bro so gorg =P
& you too !

keep it real ; keep it classy
meredith kelly

Anonymous said...

MITCHEL!!!!!! I saw the new music video of "shake It".......It was AMAZING!!!! I LOVE IT!!..... SO did Molly. Ok, well I wanted to let you know what I thought......I'm gonna go watch it again....

I hope your doing well. Stay safe!

-Katie R.

Jessiica Reneee' =) said...

i ahvent commented you in soo soo long! so i thought i would.
so basically i seen u a few times in florida this year! haha.
at the dc games; my parents talked to your dad a few times.
& i seen you on the rockin rollercoaster again; just like i did last year haha funny.
But anwyays my mom gave your mom pictures of me & u & me & your dad from january when i seen u in pittsburgh. shes so nice, she gave me a dogchain necklace that has your name on it =)

well anyways have a good week!

Jessica Benedetto =)

Allie said...

I saw that video that you did on Good Morning Texas, your mom is so sweet, and you were a cute little baby! Awww! And you wore a Metro Station hoodie! I went to the concert 2 days ago, and got the hoodie. It' too big though. They were amazing. They really tore down the house. Trace was awesome, big stage presence, and Mason was awesome too, he squirted his water into the crowd, and I was that close that it got to me. Ahh! And I saw him waiting on line to get inside. It was truly amazing, they even played Coming Around, my fave song that didn't make it to the album, and Control, that song makes me dance all the time.

Cute baby! AWWW!


PS: The video for Shake It was awesome! Arg, hotness.

Catie said...

I can't wait for the video to come out.

I'm going to the Metro Station concert in Anaheim. I am so excited I finally get to go to one of their concerts.

Will you be there?

Catie =)

ℓαnα , said...

Heyy Mitchel !
My friend was helping me write the last post and we went a little crazy! Sorry about that buddy.
Metro Station is doing AMAZING and they SOO deserve it! They are all INCREDIBLY talented! Already they are wayyy up there, and they're gonna to keep goin up!!
I was on the official website not too long ago and I noticed that Ally put up some exclusives of your vid with Em's! It looks like soo much fun !! I can't wait to see it! :) I bet you two had an awesome time putting it together!!
And WOWW!! The DC Games sound BOMB! I wish I was there so I could watch !! But I know that you and your team are doing great :)!!
I hope your having funn budd, keep it up !!
-- ℓαnα

steph said...

mitchel post a new blog likeee now.

selah said...


i just saw that interview of you and your mom in texas. loved it. your mom is forever the sweetest lady ever. i doubt that will ever change.


Anonymous said...

I miss you Mitchie!!! And my sun burn from playing soccer doesn't help at all...but I hope to hear from you soon and I can't wait 'til the DC Games!!!!! Love ya!


Dani said...

Hey Mitchel! OMG! I've been reading your blog for a long time but I forgot my password for my google account so I couldn't leave any comments.

I can't wait 2 c the Shake It music video! I found out about Metro Station from your blog and now I listen to their music all the time.

I actually got 2 meet u @ one of Miley's concerts in Florida in January! I only got 2 talk to u for like 2 minutes and take a picture with you but it was still totally awesome! U totally rock!

Heather said...

Hey Mitchel! wow you get a lot of comments... I just wanted to say that I love your music, I think you're really good. And when your music gets really big, which it will, you have to tour to Australia! PLEASE! No Disney stars ever do!
I can't wait to watch the DC games except that won't be till January here. haha its a girlst birthday tomorow < i can see the posts next to me...mines on Sunday (yeh Mothers' Day =(

Well looking forward to reading your next entry


Molly said...

Yeahh funny story! I was sleeping on the couch after cheer practice and I heard the song and its like my ringer for my phone, and I was like caroline where's that coming from?! and she is like the tv molly and I was like AWWW metro station is making it bigg, they got there song in a commerical!

Molly said...

Hey Mitchel!!

Update soon, okay??? I hope you're having an awesome week and I hope you have an even more wonderful weekend!!!

I'm going to Olive Garden with a couple of my friends to celebrate my birthday! It'll be awesome! Then, Jennifer and I are gonna go pick out dance dresses. Fun...? LOL.

I got a SIX on my FCAT Writes! That's like, THE BEST you can get!!! I was sooo happy!!!! YAY!!



Anonymous said...

Hey, stranger! I'm wondering when that CD is going to come out? You'd said June/July, but I haven't seen you mention it since (except for now, when you're saying there's stuff going on concerning your music but don't say quite what). Am I blowing a Big Surprise?

And, as a personal curiosity: Have you received any brightly-taped packages in the mail lately? I didn't send one, but I know someone who did and I'm wondering if it ever found it's way (hah, that was fun box to pack).

Last thing: Your current blog pic is the best one yet. You almost even look like you, but it's still not my FAVORITE.

Take care :)

Alana said...

Hey Mitchel!
I was thinking of the DC games in 06(my team was green then)and i remember during the Simon Saysand in the background i think you and Kyle Massey was doing the macarana.:)

good times

Actually,a few days ago,i was at my grandparent's house and my cousin got a CD with the macarana on it we wanted to videotape us doing it,but we forgot it how to do the dance!When we did,though,the video cam ran out of tape...

It was pretty funny though.
Me,my 2 cousins,and my sis replaying the CD and trying ti remember the macarana.
And my 6 year old cousin keep pronouncing it "macaroni".:D
I keep telling her "Z(thats her nickname)do the macaroni!!!"lol

Boy,i can't wait till i see them next time!I'm gonna teach them the cheese jerky rap.That ought to be good.

Again.can't wait 4 the DC games!
When will it air?

yay :) :) :)


Gennine said...

Hey Mitchel!!! I know I commented a few days ago, I was hoping that you would've posted a new blog by now...anywho, my 15th Birthday is on Sunday (mother's day!), and a "Happy Birthday" shoutout would be the best thing EVER!!!!

I can't wait to hear about your tour!! love ya!
~Gennine, 14 (almost 15!) NJ

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitch!!! I saw the music video for Shake It and I thought it was freaking awesome!! I want Mason's red pants! Those pants are hot! LOL! I got the Metro Station cd...finally! My dad forgot to go get it the first time so I had to wait 2 more whole days to get it!! But I'm glad I finally got it! Well I'll talk to ya later! Oh and before I forget my cousin Mitchel is graduating!!!! What I find werid is that like you and my cousin are the middle of 3 boys in the family, both have brown hair, and your birthdays are both in July. Plus you guys have the same exact name so yeah...well love ya!!


Anonymous said...

metro station was number 2 today on xm20on20!

Ashlee said...

i just saw the video of yours and Emilys' song. its pretty raddd. =]

alana said...

Hey Mitchel,remember when i said the weather down here was windy and cold?
Now its hot and dry! in the 90s tomorrow!
Florida weather is weird.


Anonymous said...

I just saw the video of your and Emily's song, 'If I didn't have you'.


you need to post a new blogg.


Annie said...

ahhhhh i just heard your song with emily on the radio its amazingggg!!! now im gunna go watch the video........and it was amazing. haha my favorate part "if i were handsome, well it could happen" lol awesome job with the video and everything!

ashley said...

how do u even get to like be there at the games? i would love 2 come next year. i live in FL so its convenient lol