Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Enter to WIN!

Good luck guys!


leanneee =] said...

i heard your commercial for that on radio disneeey. i just forgot the website hahaha.
mitchel you wouldnt wanna be at my school anyway lmao.


samislikehavingaheartattack said...


you know whats funny?
i was put in my high schools yearbook under "weirdest obsessions" for liking you haha

theres a picture of me and a poster of you in there bahaha


MeganP2010 said...

WHAT??? i'm sooooo down!!!

rig it so I win, kayy? you'dlove to spend a day with meeeeee!


samfeelsretarded said...

wow nevermind the comment i just left. i don't live in any of those areas and i'm not 14 years or younger...haha

Carly said...

OMG! 14 and younger? whats with tht! ahah oh well i entered my sister. if she did win. guess im going bk to middle school! ahah



MeganP2010 said...

wait, nevermind about entering that contest =[

it's kinda lame, mitchel. Did you see the requirements? You have to be 14 or younger, and you can only enter the contest if you live in Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Virginia or Pennsylvania. Lameeee

come to my school anyways? This is an official invitation. Mitchel, I would like to invite you to come to my school and hang out with meeee.


Amy said...

ugh i'm mad.
i'm 15, you have to be 14 or under :[

Angelica said...

i`m 13 almost 14 but i live here in canada =( which is NOT good at all . ugghhh ! i sooo BADLY want to enter though ! if i can only move to connecticut, new york, new jersey, virginia or pennsylvania like right now .

but i know i can`t .. =( =( =( =( =( i`m sooo maaddd !

well anywayss ,

loads of lovee ,

Kelsey Marie said...

HEY!!! ITs been a while!

I cant wait for the DC Games, to see you and everyone.

I have been glued to your video for the past week! Its amazing!!! You and Emily did a great job!

I want to do the Verizon thing to hang out with you, but im 17 and the oldest u can be is 14.
I think you should make a contest for people your age, cuz everything disney, you always have to be under 14 or so. You have fans taht are older too! JS! lol.

I hope ur weekend went well and i hope ur week is better!

What did you do for Mothers Day for your mom?!

Have a Great Day!!!

Love ya dude!!!

-Kelsey Marie

Like i always put. You need to come to Olympia, Washington!!! I have never meet you and i really, really want to!!!

♥ MeganLurvesYouuu said...





LOL But you can still stop by my house if you want!!! Oh wait ... you don't know where it is ... mah bad ... :p

Keep smiling!!
~ Megan

Anonymous said...

I wish I could enter, but I don't live in the required states. I'm under 14 but, I don't live in a required state, too bad. I really would love you to come to my school. Oh well, anyway, you rock Mitchel!


Jenny said...

i'm homeschooled :P

The Future Mrs. Musso said...

OMGOMGOMG!!!! im entering!


lizzieeeee said...

well i'm 15


i don't live in any of those states


my school gets out on june 3rd, and the contest thing is on the 14th or sometime around there? hahaha.

oh well. i'll make sure leanne's school wins, ahah :P

The Future Mrs. Musso said...

oh man. i cant enter. nevermind, i cant enter i dont live in one of those required states or whatever it is... oh well! =D the world didnt stop spinning so NO BIGGIE!!!!!!!!! love you mitchel!

God Bless and Have a Wonderful Day! (or evening, whatever the case may be =D)
KaTiE <3

Shannon C. said...

I love how everyone keeps complaining about not living in the states that you have to live in...I'm totally complaining about being over 14...I'm 17. I am very disappointed about being so old. I wish I were younger.

But have fun at what ever school you choose!

Julia said...

14 and younger?!
oh come onn..
how about 16 and younger? ;]

GiGi said...

Eep! I'm entering!!!! And if I win, you are SO bringing Marc. Haha. You guys are the AWESOMEST! (No, that's not a word! xD) Love ya lots Mitchel! You rock!


Molly said...

NOT FAIR!!! I was so excited when Katie texted me about it and now I can't do it!! :'( Eh, it's Ok. I hope you have an awesome time at whatever school you end up going too!!

~ Molly

selah said...

too bad i'm nowhere near fourteen. that was 3 1/2 years ago.


Cassie =] said...

i would enter but... unfortch no one in my school likes anything disney related. high schools what can i say? lol.. but i absolutely LOVEEE the music video! pleaseee update with tour dates soon please!

Anonymous said...

dude, that suckksss.
you gotta live in connecticut, new yark, new jersey, virginia or pennsylvania?! jhfkgfg. i hate that. come chill with me in chicago :)

brie said...

Man, that's cool! Too bad I don't text..... :(

But my questions....hello? Remember them?!?! Of course you do, cuz I'm sure you've never heard of anything more random! It'll seriously take you 3 minutes...unless you REEEEALLY get into those questions. Do you know what you could do in three minutes? You could write a really long text message in 3 minutes. Or you could draw and color a sun and clouds in three minutes. You can also watch 1/10 of a Hannah Montana episode. Yes, there are so many options, but choose the best one....ANSWER MY QUESTIONS!!!!

lol. I'm insane. I just didn't take my medications this morning....

=] haha

luv, brie

Gennine said...

aw, darn it!! I missed this by a week!!! lol
oh well. there are great things about being 15, too. lol

Tuba said...

I wonder if I'm actually allowed to enter..lol. 'cause my bday's june 22 and well, im currently 14. i entered anyway :) honestly, i totally would love to see you walk in our all-girls campus. haha.

Tuba said...

oh and i'm like at a boarding school so i put the same address for home & school. a little problem though..my texting is off cuz of the parental block & they said they're gonna text us the winner. how do i know i won, if i ever did? :( *sighs*

ALEX said...

AHHH WHAT??!?!?!?

ALEX said...

oh iiiiii see how it is. washington isn't on the list :(
and im over fourteen anyway!


Alana said...

Least i'm 14..but i can't enter because:
A: i don't go to school(homeschooled)
B:i don't have a phone(refer to A to know why)
C:I live in FL

Well,good luck to the lucky person to win!!

ALEX said...


July 14th :)
ok im done!

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel,

I entered in the contest for radio disney.
I met all the requirements except the state one where you have to live in a certain state to enter

P.S. i must have not read the directions very well because i live in FL

Fer said...

Wow that's so cool!!!
Aww, now I really wish I lived on the U.S just so I could enter a contest to meet you.

I'm not 14 or younger though...I'm 15!You'd SO love to spend a day with me!Lol jk =P

Ahaha you're AWESOME!
Just wanted to say that...=D

Ugh it's so hot right now in Mexico...I hate it.
The weather here is so weird..in the mornings it's like really hot, then like at 5 pm it starts raining and it gets really cold...then at night it's freaking hot again!I can't even sleep, I feel like I'm roasting or something...it's crazy!
Ok, I'll stop now...I just don't wanna go to sleep =)

Hope you're having an amazing week!

love youuu<3

christineeee (: said...

hurryy & flyy back to cali, okay?

haha first off.
-my school's having games like against each other & it's divided in 2 teams: yellow & red. im in the red team & the reason ii love it is because i've been practicing with my team the same time you did for the dc games, which kept me busy this 2 weeks, & also all ii was thinking about wass YOUUU.....

anyways, your new music video is AMAZING. im in love with thattsong!
ii signed up for the hang at school with you thing, even though it doesn't include my state, but it's ok. good luckk to everyone!

alrighttt, new datess PLEASE.
i love you.
& see yooh soonn, right?

emily said...

ooh that would be fun! i'm entering


Bre said...

I want to enter but I cant. My mom read the little tiny print on that and it says 14 years of age and younger. I will be 15 on May 23. (and I dont live in those places)

The perfect birthday present I will EVER recieve is you saying something in your next blog about/to me. But I totaly understand if you don't. I love you anyway!


abbs said...

mitchel PLEASE READ.
its abby.
mileyworld winner. yeah. :P
am i allowed to enter the contest? lol. even though i had the BEST time of my life winning that contest.
but i want to see you again! :)


sweeeeettt dancers.


natalia said...


I'd enter. But I'm not 14 or younger, and well, I'm spanish.
So that contest is not for me.
Sad, huh? hehe, yepp, it is. At least for me.

Today our English teacher told us that next week she was going to put some songs as an exerciese and we have to fill in the gaps of the lyrics. One of the songs we were going to do was Lean on me, the one of Bill Withers. So I asked her if we could listen to your version instead, and she accepted.
lol, I'm gonna be singing the whole class. =D

Love Ya!


Jenny said...

aiight mitch,
i looked if i didn't have you on youtube, theee music videoo is... AWESOME! i loveee it. =] i already had the song memorized though :P i listened to it like 42986178 times. okay not THAT many. obviously :P


Jenny said...

oh yeah,
i like the bright colors.
haha. all the dancers. ha.

Dakota said...

Im homeschooled, so i cant register.
However, i think you would love to come to my house cuz i have four sisters and they are all in love wirth you!
BTW, that pic is HOT!

Luv, Dakota

shireen(: said...

because its not for michigan!



Annie said...

ahhh this sucks im not 14 or younger and i live in FLORIDA!!
:(( i want to hang out with you..even if it is at school i wouldnt mind!!! lol
come back to florida !!
we miss you here!
later, annie

An Innocent Angel said...

U should soooooo do another 1 b4 july and in TN cuz that would rok!! or u can just visit me at skool ne time ever! btw luv ur bday cuz its mine to. u rok

lolzliron said...

omg mitchel :D yu dont know much i love yu hahahaa :D i know i know im weird. but yea i did sign up for that concert even though im a little over 14 but 14 year olds are wayy to young for yu haha and i want yu to chil with me. oh and can yu answer this question: okayy, are yu gonna come to most the cities that were sceahuled for the raven symone concert?

thanks =]] i love yu. no seriosuly i do :D

Anonymous said...

I would totally love to enter.....but considering that marc goes to my school and I know him, that would be a little weird...but yeah! congrats to whoever wins

Anonymous said...

edit: i just saw the rules and that couldn't be possible for me to even enter cause i don't live in any of those places....lol

but marc goes to my school so yeah, it would have been weird

Tess said...

it wont let me eneter cause i dont live in the qulifies stae!!

nikki said...

what happens if your homeschooled could you go to my dance studio its kinda like school but more fun. i will definently enter tho im homeschooled

nikki said...

nevermind whats with that my florida radio disney put an advertisement on it why why why not florida its sunny a torist trap and .... all the torists at disney are sweaty why would you not want to come to florida oh let me rephrase that why WOULD you want to come to florida jk wish it was open to all the states and good old canida. btw canadian bacon is just sliced ham whats with that is just strange....(im some times very random)

Anonymous said...

mitchel this is not fair!
im 17 so i def. do not meet the age requirements and i dont live in any of those states. oh well you wouldnt like my school anyway...but it would make my day a whole lot better!
emily h.

Anonymous said...

I wish you would do this contest for High School!!! That would be AWESOME!!!

Anonymous said...

awh man! you can't come to my school cuz it is closed now since school just ended today!! YES!!!! but awh man...i would enter if school wasn't over!!! you need to do another on of those ppretty please!!!!! ily so much! plus about the contest the rules suck...no offense or anthing! you'd have to me up in the new york area and i'm in the midwest so that's never gonna happen! and i am almost too old too so...do another that has no age limit or something! and u can go more places!!! i freaked at first...i still love u tho!!!


Anonymous said...

aww why does disney channel/radio disney have all the contests for under 14/13?
i'm almost 17... in july! :) :)

but that would be rad cool!