Thursday, May 22, 2008

Dolce I got to go to Dolce the other night. Dolce is a really cool resturant owned by Ashton Kutcher. It's their 5 year anniversary and he's there...very cool. So I go up to meet him and tell him that Mason is singing the song "Shake It" for his movie's commercial! He was very busy but very cool about it. I just thought that was sends you to the perfect place at the perfect time sometimes...right?!

Yes, I was with a I won't say who( and before you start asking, no it wasn't Emily)....but I will tell you that she is part of the Disney Family.

Have the BEST DAY ever!



Molly said...

Hey Mitchel!

Ooh...a "special friend"?! Is it...Demi Lovato? Selena Gomez? Miley Cyrus? Alyson Stoner? (Not that you'll tell me, but what kind of person would I be if I didn't ask?)

That's so awesome about meeting Ashton! Sounds like you're having an awesome week!!



Angelica said...

Your quote 'life sends you to the perfect place at the perfect time ' is completely true ! And I`m glad you had fun at Dolce and meeting up with Ashton Kutcher =]

Awwehhh why won`t you tell us who this girl is ? I want to know so bad . Hehee ... And this girl IS special . She got to go with you . ;)

Loads of love ,

Nicole said...

lol thats amazing! i wish you were coming to my city but no one ever comes. o well im glad you had a amazing night!

Bre said...

very cool. I want to know who but I wont ask cuz you wont tell.

luv ya

Ashlee said...

mitchel. do you have more tour dates?....

i get to see mason in july! im stoked.


Amy said...

sounds really cool mitchel :D im glad u and ur very special friend had fun. u're such a good brother promoting mason. u know speakin of shake it in the commercial, i was very sad because i saw it once on tv with it, and a few days later i saw the same commercial but they replaced the song with something else... :( plus on trl when shake it was premeired yesterday, the VJ said how trace was miley's bro, but they failed to mention u and mason which sucked. and they said it as if trace was the only frontman lol. poor mason. anyway. have a good night. <3

Anonymous said...

OMG you met ashton kucther !
that's so sweet
ahh who were you with .. it's not emily & i dont think miley
uhm selena or demi ?


Anonymous said...

she must be one luckyy girl.

leanneee =] said...

that sounds so coool (:
oooh. sounds verrry special hahaa.


Anonymous said...

im just guessing were you with miley,selena,or demi. those where just a fue of the disney girls that popped in my head. it most likely miley right cause you said very special friend and i dont know how close you and selena or demi are. dont know? will you tell us soon i need to know what my compitition is.

Anonymous said...

ahww mitchel, thats so cutee:]
andd you know you can tell us anything.. especially who this girl is (:

carmen said...

mitchell is it selena gomez?!! omgh u can't lie to me i know its here i saw this vid of you and her beinh interview and it looks like you had a crush on here :DDDD plezz tell us whooo!! :DDD
LUV you Mitch!! :}}}


ooh...'special friend'?? haha. fun! is it selena??
thats so cool you met ashton! i really want to see that movie. i will eventually..
i cant wait to see you on july 11!! you know what...since youre already gonna be in wisconsin should come 2 days earlier and see metro station in milwaukee for your birthday! haha thatd be amazing!!
have an amazing weekend!!

Taylor said...

thats realy cooll mitchiee(:
sounds funn.
when I go to California this summer,,
maybe I'll go to that resteraunt(:
what kinda special frann??
Shes luckyyyy(;
ily mitcheltate<3

Sara said...

Its Selena Gomez isn't it?!?
ahha thats wicked cute :).
You should just tell us who it is.

Ashton Kutcher is awesome :). Its amazing that Shake It is in the trailer for What Happens In Vegas.


Katlyn said...

ooooooh man mitchel is off the market :( haha

by the way, i was just wondering if you had jason earle's fanmail address. i tried sending him a belated birthday present and apparently had the wrong address because it got sent back.

OH! mitchel, you best be adding new tour dates, in pittsburgh :) we lovelovelove you here. me and all my friends will come and well have the best time :)

Annie said...

Wow, sounds amazing! :D

Mitchel has a special frienddd! Ooooh. Hahahaha, kidding.

tuba♥'smitchel :] said...

Mitchel! :]

I knoww who! :P Selenaa. haha. hope you had a blastt! :D ohh and guess wut? I added rap to ur song "if i didn't have you" :P i might be posting the stuff up sumtime sure to check it out mmk? :P

btw, i loved your quote.
till then.

Alana said...

You met Ashton?Cool!!
I won't ask who your special friend is(but i would like to know).I know,its Miley!!But i'll hush up 4 now....

And it turns out,that where i'm going in NC,its smack in the middle of nowhere.

Wish me luck


PS.Its Miley!!!:):):):)

Fer said...


You're so right about what you said, how life sends you to the perfect place at the perfect time...very true. OOh Ashton Kutcher..he's like AMAZING, you're so lucky you got to meet him.

Well, that girl really is special...she went out with you=P And of course I want to know who it is..BUT I won't ask=D
All Disney girls are awesome...but I have to say Miley's my favorite=D

Have an awesome week.
love you<3


Anonymous said...

awh man! you're dating now?? :( she's lucky! awesome quote!!! glad you got to meet ashton.


Amy said...

yeah i say selena gomez. i hear you guys are mad tight. and when you did the interview with her for dc games...i saw chemistry!

Anonymous said...

Hey, It sounds like you had a fun time at the party! ....ok..... I cheated...You were there with Aly and Aj..right!? Its been awhile since you've seen them..hasn't?
Well, I hope you had fun! I can't wait to see you in concert July 19!!

Have a great weekend!

-Katie R.

Samantha said...

Thats so cool! I love Ashton...Right! Life sure does!!!

Oooh, Special friend? Hahaha, I won't assume anything until you say something more that makes me assume things. Until then, special friend is all this disney family girl remains in my mind in association with you. ahaha. I'm not one for rumors.

You too Mitchel!! Best day ever...ahaha. Makes me want to sing Spongebob's song "Best Day Ever." I know you wanted to know that. ahaha.

Love you Mitchel!


christineeee (: said...

oohhhh mitchel's in L.O.V.E. <3

HAHAHA your adorable!
& but whatever happens, im still your biggest fan, riiiighhtt?

im glad you had funn at the party. ii seriouslyy miss you & please more tour dates. oh wow, ii feel so pathetic . ii comment each one of your blog posts...

alright, know one thing,
that will never ever change:
i will always love you, Mitchel.
forever & ever.

Emily said...

Selena?? haha that's my first guess. even if it wasnt her she's amazing. i went to wizards (my 3rd time) tuesday night and even though everyone knows who she is now she's still so sweet and takes time for EVERYONE. Hey! Just like YOU!!!! lol. well if you do decide to reveal who it is that will be cool, but its ok with me if you want to keep it to yourself ;)


MeganP2010 said...

awww mitchel that's so cute! You took a girl to dolce? awww, now I like you even moreeeee! hahah

funny story about dolce: my parents are friends with demi moore's personal assistant, so for my birthday two years ago, my dad flew me and him down to LA (since it's one of my favorite places) and he got us reservations through ashtons people at Dolce! Yayyy, so... we've both been there!

Well, you're life is sounding prettyyy funnnnn!! You should definitely take me out to dinner one day... (just sayinnnn just sayinnnn). Schools almost out, so maybe i'll have some fun times of my own to comment this blog about soon

-love, Megan =]

Kelsey Marie said...

Hey! MITCH!!!

hey whats up?!
thats cool you got to go to Dolce and got to meet Ashton.
I wish he wouldnt have been so busy and you could have talked to him about Metro Station and Mason a bit more but, hes a busy man lol.

You were there with a special friend im going to guess lol.... either its a special friend as in a date...
>Anna Maria?

or a cutsie thing like...

jw lol.
butya i hope you have a great rest of the week. and you have a great weekend!


-Kelsey Marie

Anonymous said...


a girll?
hmm....miley cyrus? selena gomez?
demi lavato?


wow you met Ashton? cool:)


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you had fun! I probably won't post until at least the summer starts now, though, because my schedule is so busy! i was just appointed Community Liaison on robotics! more later, but that's an awesome opportunity. okay, bye! ttyl! Have an AWESOME three day weekend! *smile*


Mariam. [: said...

yah yah!
thats what i think [:

Emily :) said...

I don't think anyone has guessed AJ Michalka, haha. If it is then sweeet (: Man I love her lol, and Aly of course! I'm a big fan of theirs. Anywho I'm glad you got to meet Ashton and had a lot of fun <3 I hope you tour SoCal because I haven't seen you since July 4th of last year! D: Ahh I miss you Mitchel! Hope you have a good rest of the night/day? :)

Shannon Loves Mitchel! said...

Mitchel do you have a girlfriend?!!?!?

Anonymous said...

A "special friend?" If it's a girlfriend, then it's a girlfriend, silly.

I'm pretty sure we all know our place here--it's a fan board, nothing more. Right? Even the list of valentines was a list of fans, some you've met, some you haven't, and nothing should be read into anything).

You just saved me a fortune in plane tickets, so it's an up and down mood you've set for me today.

I don't know... I'm glad you're happy and having fun. That's what life should be about at your age. Weird that you'd post about it, though. I'm guessing there's a picture somewhere?

Anonymous said...

Well, four minutes of research and I found a pic of: Amanda Michalka and Alyson Michalka at the same event.

So far, they're the only "Disney family" females I see and I know you're friends with Alyson, but I'll keep looking.

Alyson is a beautiful and tall girl. I'm sure you look adorable together.

Wait... No... I see Adrienne Bailon, too. Isn't she a Cheetah Girl? That's Disney... And she's barely 5" tall, which seems about right.

But, I'm bored with this project and based upon a number of factors, I'm going to assume it's one of them.

I guess you can still come to my town.


Anonymous said...

crud. she's 24 years old. nevermind.

i'm still not looking anymore.

oliviaakiddo! said...


oh look what i found

you are touring with raven and not aloneee?

ahah i have lots of things to tell you. but idk.

Leanna Marie said...

So, I'll be at the show in Binghamton, NY. I'd go to the one at Darien Lake, but thats like, a week from now... :( But Binghamton is a "mos' def!" Haha. You should come to Rochester... But I think Miley is soon or something... A friend told me that... and she also said you're gonna be there but I'm not sure she knows what she's talking about... I was watching Disney Channel one day and you came on and I was like 'ZOMG MITCHEL!" and my friend was like "oh, in Rochester, right?"

Hahah, ANYWAY.... I <3 you!


The Future Mrs. Musso said...

that is AWESOME that u got 2 meet Ashton Kutcher, he is a really good actor.
and yeah, life does send u to the perfect place at the perfect time! me and tess were outside of the Gaylord Palms right when u were there and we had the WONDERFUL PLEASURE of meeting you and Marc! BEST DAY EVER. NOT EVEN JOKING YOU.

I'm wearing the shirt I got at your concert right now! "This reminds me of a fairytale... Except it's real"

God Bless and Have a Wonderful Day!

P.S. When do we find out about the 'special friend'? LOL! =D

KT J. said...

Lol we have Dolce at Bridge Street here in Huntsville! Only I personally think Ketchup is better =)

That sucks, special friends lead to girlfriends usually, but at least you're happy and that's what I like to see!

Hope you rock someone's world today!


GiGi said...


That's so cool! It's awesome that you met Ashton and told him about Mason's song. I'm glad he was nice. And that's completely right, life does send you to the perfect place at the perfect time sometimes!

Oh gosh was it Miley?! I know you won't tell, but I hope it was her. You two are VERY cute together! ;)


Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel,
I'm taking a guess on the special friend thing. Is it Ashley Tisdale? Anyways yesterday was a very emotional day at school. It was my last day of school and a half day (for 8th grade only). We gave hugs and people cried. I didn't cry because everyone except 3 people aren't going to the same high school as me. But I will miss the 3 people. And graduation was yesterday so there was a mass for it. At graduation, I got my metal for doing service hours from National Junior Honor Society, and a metal for honor roll. I got my diploma. I also got an award from President Bush I'm not even kidding and some other people got the same aaward. So now I'm off to high school.


KelseyLovesM.T.M said...

oh mitchel im so happy for you
but im soo sad that ur with a
have a nice day


Anonymous said...

that's really cool that you got to meet Ashton Kutcher!!!

it's true, life does bring you to the perfect place at the perfect time. lol have you seen the movie Serendipity? It's one of my favorites.

Next week is my play...Wish me luck!! lol

last week I saw someone who looked a lot like you , :) , It was at the Emerald Square mall in MA. Though I know it was not very likely to be you, you have your concerts coming up. lol

Hmmmm, I still want to go to your concert in New York on August 2nd... :) ...I guess I will have to wait and see if I can.

I want to have a Lua party next weekend after the play, I think I will have to make the decorations on my own though...heheh, I already have the tissue paper. (I love arts and crafts)

:) a special friend? I can only think of one person, I won't say though because I don't think you'll tell us who anyways. (Ok I'll say, Selena Gomez?)

lol, well I will stop talking...soon. :D

-Coral (Your fan from Rhode Island)


Anonymous said...

no idea who the girl is, but let me just say that i got everyone into metro station down here! my friends love them!

selah said...

lucky girl...whoever she was. :]
it's cool you got to meet ashton.


Anonymous said...

hmm i think i can guess who it was miley or ashley or i dunno to be honest. but sounds cool meeting ashton kutcher id love to meet him from heather15 in england

Anonymous said...

it was most definately ally && and aj.
i think.? haha maybees.?

KT J. said...

Mitchel, you know what sucks? I won't be able to actually meet u! I'll only see you perform here in Alabama =( Why can't you do autographs or something?

Anonymous said...

Wow! =) Maybe she is Demi Lovato or Selena Gomez....or....uhm


Anonymous said...

okay, Ashley Tisdale, you may be surprised to know, is 22 years old.

Alyson Michalka, while clearly in attendance at the event in question (there's pictures of her on their site), and while a (special?) friend of Mitchel's for some time now, is 19 years old.

On the surface, these appear to be bad guesses, but when you factor in that Mitchel lives the life of an adult--he works, he pays bills, he's building a career, and that he has been doing these things for quite some time, a few years age difference doesn't matter so much (though, if HE were 22 and we thought SHE was 16, we'd lose all respect for him, it doesn't work the other way around).

The only suggestion I've seen that conforms to society's idea of what is and isn't age-appropriate is Mylie Cyrus (given that Mitchel has started us off with the fact that it ISN'T Emily, though he didn't specify Osment, let's presume?), but of the three (four?) Mylie is the LEAST likely in my mind simply because I just don't see them together (in my mind, they're just too different as personalities go, from what little I know). He HAS admitted to having a slight crush on her, though.

There ya go. My synopsis. Take it for what it's worth.

I'm still canceling any plans to buy (plane) tickets to other cities to see the tour several times. Nope. He told us about her for a reason and I think it was to put us on hands-off alert.

laurennn said...

haha ur love life is ur love life. so its none of my business.

but it WASNT selena gomez guys unless you two went as friends. cause she with someone elseeeeeeee
and mitchel i think u know who it is.
me n her chatted it up at the hotel.

so kiddo i love how u and nick j are like bff now.
i saw u guys at the dc games.

way to go all incognido on me at the hotel.

Mareen said...

Hey Mitchel!!
Woow you met Ashton ?? Thats so cool =) i love him ! hehe. But you are loots better. I hope you had fun =)
And a misterious girl?? I wonder who .. maybe .. urgh ... I cant guess things like that xD I am always soo wrong xD
Anyways .. I hope you had lots of fun this night and have fun with everything you do xD
Sorry if there is bad grammar in this .. I am from Germany so propably there are may mistakes xD
I cant wait to ser more of you Mitchel!! You are awesome !! Want you to come to Germany sometimes xD and best to my little city xD Noone knows it so propably not xD
So Bye Mitchel !! You rock my socks !!

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel :)

hehe aw cool its awesome u met ashton, i love him.

and was the friend who was with u selena gomez? i love her .

I hate the way if a famous guy works with a girl or is seen with someone people think there dating, like u and em did a music video together now apparently YOUR DATING.. its so not true! and so what if u were :s why do people have 2 care

anyway love u x

Jenny said...

oh yeah weird.
why won't you tell who aye mitchel? ;P just kidding. i know, people are probably guessing.. ah..


i got the disney mania 6 cd on wednesday.. and ever since i hear you and emilys song (not on wednesday, like a couple weeks ago or something) i was trying to figure out what that song was off of, like "i heard on a movie before" and so on wednesday i looked and it said monsters inc and i'm like ohhh yeaaahh! haha okay bye.

Nisha said...

Hey! That's AWESOME!!! Who was your "date"? Selena? Demi? Miley? It should have been Emily!!!!!

Tess said...

OMG!!! Who was it??? Miley Cyrus??? Selena Gomez??? KeKe Palmer??? WHO!!!!

So anymore tour dates addes on to your tour??? PLEASE WE LOVE YOU DOWN HERE IN FLORIDA!!


Anonymous said...

This is totally off-topic but I see where someone mentions that they're wearing a shirt they got from your concert and I started looking online for maybe a place where people could order Mitchel Musso merchandise online and there isn't any.

I think you should sell your t-shirts via the web. I also think your music should get it's OWN website (your myspace music page lists the band's website as, but that's your all-purpose page and there aren't even any links for listening to clips). Someone like me, who was looking for a BAND site, would just click away, assuming I'd wandered to the wrong place by mistake.

This is not to say that I think you should move your Mitchel's Music fan pics, though.

Some bands even have it to where you can order t-shirts directly from their myspace music page/profile and I think you should do that. You should also add where we can buy/download music directly from there (like others do, for those fans who don't have iTunes/iPods).

Another suggestion: Selling/gifting merchandise like t-shirts, posters and anything else you think of so that everyone everywhere will know your name. Whatever it costs is worth it in the long run. Just get good girl-shirts, with great colors and graphics, and they'll wear 'em. Trust me.

Given the effort you're putting into your work, it seems to me that it's maybe time to climb out of the Disney shadow (they have TONS of people to focus on, but you have ONE person to focus on, so you're maybe better letting your music be YOUR music and your acting be THEIR movies/tv shows).

Unless of course they "own" you and you're stuck in which case, well, I guess you can ignore everything I said, which you'd likely do anyway.

BTW, I happen to be an amazing photographer and I'll happily send samples of my work upon request (you have my number, you have my address). Or we can discuss it over the bowling rematch you threatened way back when.

Whatever the case,
Take care :)

Anonymous said...

AHHHHH i just turned on the tv and guess wut was on??!?!?!?!?!?!??!?! SHAKE IT MUSIC VIDEO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i was like HOLY COW sweet man hahahahahaha

idolfan01 said...

That's so cool meeting Ashton. Maybe now that you guys have officially met, you might be on punk'd. That would be awesome.
But anyways when I went to the dc games I saw u but you didnt get a chance to sign my autograph book and I was going to go to the universal simpsons premiere and the time you were at kissimmees park but I missed u both times. Are u coming back to Florida anytime soon becuase my dad owns the Greek radio and television station and we wanted to interview you. Or even if u can call us to do a phone interview would be great. We are located in florida-wpso radio and television.

Thanks Athena!

madsies27 said...

Hi Mitchel! I'm a HUGE fan. I read your blog ALL THE TIME. I hope i can meet you someday! My mom just bought me this shirt with Hannah Montana on the front and " Mitchel Musso Rocks" on the back. She got it from a place where you can design a T-shirt that says ANYTHING. I can't wait to wear it!

madsies27 said...

I love your new song with Em! I've watched that video so many times I memorized it. You both look really cute!

madsies27 said...

I really hope i get to meet you. Oh, and by the way, I LOVE your hair. It's the most gorgeous head of hair i think I've ever seen! Love it!


Hey Mitchel! Whats up? Well, on your tour you said you'd defiantley be stoping by Chicago, but on the tour dates i dont see chicago :( PLz add it. Like evrybody has been waiting for you to come... ALL MY FRIENDS! And i want to see you or the 4th time! :)

Your #1 Fan, Allie

Anonymous said...

hey mitch i understand if you don't want to tell us who it is why is it any of are business right right.just wondering when your debt cd is coming out it well be cool i know it will i will buy it if i the way i love the song leavin i like how you sound.its sad though because your breaking up with some one.i know i you feel.LOVE YAH! AMBER

Anonymous said...

mitchel im glad you had a great time at dolce. it sounds like you had fun.

well speaking of metro station i went to their concert last night in new orleans and me and my friends stood out in the pouring rain for hours to see them and it was well worth it. it was such a great concert and the other bands were great 2. the only way it would have been better is if you were there.

hope you come here soon!!!

emily h.

Jade Murry said...

Hey who's the girl!
Okay at the DC Games you were hanging with Selena a lot. So maybe it's her.

Oh Say Hi to Marc for me! I met him at the DC Games and he's like a mini you. I love you too!
Been with you from the begining!

Emma said...

I would guess....Demi Lovato, Miley, Alyson Stoner, Selena Gomez, or Ashley Tisdale.

Totally random guesses, but you said it was a disney girl!


Allie said...

your dating someone? or were you just with a girl? when a guy is with a girl to a restaurant, it's usually for a date, but I'm friends with a guy, and we're not dating. please, you have to tell us if you're dating someone. i'm crying. I seriously am. but if your dating someone, i'm ok with it, whatever makes you happy, makes me happy. what makes you smile makes me smile. what makes you cry makes me cry.

on a good note, Danger Radio and The Maine's full length CD's come out on the same day, July 8th. Check 'em out when the come out. Im still crying. Like no joke.

Have fun on the tour. Please come to Long Island! Show some love to your islanders who can't make it upstate (it takes 4-6 hours to get to Cortland, which is 1 hour away from Bighammton, so it would take 7 hours!)

that's cool that you met Ashton. He's really funny.

emily&mitchelrocks said...

Hey Mitchel
Man,it would have been better if it was Emily Osment=(but i hope it wasnt Miley cyrus(sorry for saying that)was it,Brenda Song?Selena Gomez?Demi Lovato?Ashely Tisdale?Aly & Aj? but anyways
Love you =)

josiee(: said...

I died when i heard Shake It on the commercial.
Ohh, a special female friend? I have to say, I'm pretty jealouss. (:
Much love<3

shireen said...

so cool you met ashton!
he's awesome.

mitch, you gotta tell us who.
bestfriends share secrets!



JULIEY said...

HOLY COW! I am so excited that you are coming to Saint Joe on July nineteen. That's actually my sisters birthday, so thats like.. double exciting!

Also, your music video with emily, AMAZING. I cant wait to hear from you next!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

MITCHEL.............CAN YOU BELIEVE YOUR TOUR STARTS NEXT WEEKEND???!!!! Its gonna be AMAZING! Your going to have such a fun time!
I was wondering..will you have any of your old songs?...Like "Leavin", Because thats my favorite! and "My Best friend"...thats a good one too!
Ok, So let us know when you can!

-Katie R.

tiffany said...

Meghan Jette Martin??? She kinda looks like Emily.

btw, my little cousin and i made a really cool youtube video to the song "shake it!"

you should totally check it out if you have time :]

natalia said...

Hey Mitchel!

That is awesome! Ashton Kutcher is so cool. You're luckyy.
Glad you had fun =D

Oh, and, don't worry, I won't ask you bout your special friend. It's your life, you need privacy.
BTW, I'm really happy for you. And for her, whoever she is. You're awesome.

Have an awesome weekend!

Love Ya!


Daniela said...

ohh ..
that's your girlfriend?
if she is so.. Congratulations!
still LOVE YOU!
Daniela (from Israel)

Dakota said...

ok then...


pretty please?

sarsch said...

hey mitchel! you are sooo awesome. i know you wont tell but who is it.

sarsch said...

mitchel i think you are so awesome!(everyone does though duh)i miss you here at dallas!i got to go to your concert at christmas time in was awesome!

Anonymous said...

hmmm... demi? selena? mileyyyyy? i thinkk you guys have a thingggg

Chicka Chicka said...

dont make the whole alyson stoner relationship 2 obvious lol

Anonymous said...

was it Aly or AJ??

Anonymous said...

i dont think it was selena because she has a boyfriend, haha.

Anonymous said...


Gennine said...

Guys, I think we should leave Mitchel alone. It's his personal life, we shouldn't pry. I think it's awesome, Mitchel that you met Ashton Kutcher. He's an amazing actor and really cool. And I can now say I am a hardcore Metro Station fan. I've been listening to their CD nonstop!!! It's so awesome!
hope everything's well!
love ya!
~Gennine, 15, NJ

kiwiitip said...

r u kidding me ? OMG :O²

♥Alexandria♥ said...

That's cool. It's really cool how you have a blog, that's a good idea.

Also, we're you dating this girl?

Tiffany said...

awh. thats just not cool man, teasing us about who u were with, we didn't even ask. xp jk jk jk jk jk i still love u tho. <33

Anonymous said...

i bet i'm better. =]

ℓαnα , said...

How are ya bud ?? I haven't gotten a chance to go on the computer in a while, I feel like I've missed so much !!
My High school's production of "Kiss Me Kate" had it's last show on saturday. It was SOOO of fun to be a part of, but it was also really sad because most of the cast is graduating this year, and I won't see my new buddies again for a while. But we all have become really close so it's all good :)
Aww, she's a very lucky girl Mitch, I wish you guys the best in whatever happens aha ! :) Oh,correct me if i'm wrong but don't you go on tour in like, 4 days?? Uhh .. amped much?? Aha, I wish you luck on that too !! You'll do amazingly as alwayzz!
Anyway i gotta run, exams start in a week and i'vee been studying like crazy ! I'll talk to ya later Mitch , keep it upp!
OHH, and tell mark that shots video was very original, he's doing a good job !
peace budd <3 !!

Anonymous said...

It's SELENA!!!!


And I saw you, so don't even try lying.


I live on the east coast, obviously I didn't see you. I lied. lol.

But amIright?

Not that I want to be right, just inquiring :D

Oh wait. You won't say who.

Poopie >_<

It's definitely not Miley. Paparazzi follow her like flies on honey... we'd know if it was her... plus you probably wouldn't be all secretive about it if it was Miles because we all know you're tight and you have nothing to hide about your relationship with her (or do you? hmm. lol, jk babe.)

Darnit Mitch.

We will know soon.

Some magazine will rave about it soon... someplace will... I can feel it in mah bones... yes... hwahahahaha...

Emily said...

Hey Mitchel,

I cant belive you won't tell us and one question your middle name is TATE Mitchel TATE Musso

Well tell us soon

Emily L said...

hey mitchel!!!
i just wanted you to know that
you are amazing!!!!!!!! and you rock!!! you are so nice, and perfect!!!!! you are my favorite person ever!!!!!!!!!!! i wish i could meet you...:(o and you should tell us who it is..... o and if your going out with any one.... just wondering cuz yeah...well i hope everything is great in your world..:) later:D

Sierra said...

That's awesome that you got to meet Ashton. Oh by the way I was at your concert last night and you rocked!!! I didn't want you to leave! The only bad part was that it was really hot outside, haha. Oh and thanks for the signed beach balls, I actually caught one!I'm not gonna pry a lot to find out who the "friend" was but I do have one guess. Selena Gomez??? I'm sorry I don't wanna be in your business but I heard somewhere that you were sending flirty texts to her and that you guys had been going places together a lot, but they also said you said you didn't have a crush on her... hmm. I don't know. Anyway, I last night you said you were single, so I guess this "friend" isn't going out with you??? Well hurry and write again!!!!
Luv ya!!!

Brent Michaels said...

Talked to Mitchel for my radio show (in Bakersfield, CA) this morning... got the name of his "date"... look for it on my blog Monday when the interview airs.

BTW, it wasn't really a date. So he says. :)

ashley said...

hey just to tell u people magazine said u and emily r together... i guess they don't have their fct straight.

my friend told me that and i was like no, mitchel said it was someone else.

<3 ashley

kelsey said...

your such an amazing brother to mason and i love you all the more for it!! and even tho i no alot of us are bummed to hear about your little date...if your happy, im happy

much lovee

Anonymous said...

Hi Mitchel.

It's a disney star and it's not emily. I'm thinking Miley or Selina but i could be wrong. Hope you had fun.

ps. I hope it was Miley. You two make a perfect couple. :D

X Bye.