Thursday, April 24, 2008

"SHAKE IT" is # 14 on ITUNES!



oliviaakiddo! said...

I know!
frankie's stickam with mason today was so crazy
the girls are so FREAKY.
it made me think what crazy things would go down if you did that o.0

i didn't like it.
there were like 70 people in there
but last time when i was there there was like 5 and it was nice.



Taylor said...

I love that songg.
almost as much as I love youu mitchiee.
come to floriduhh.
I miss youu soo muchh

Anonymous said...

hey mitchel! i just wanted to tell you about a dream i had that you were in. haha this probably sounds really weird, but i dreamt that we were at a random award ceremony and we both came out to perform a song with this band that we were in called The Mussos. and you started singing and you were playing guitar at the same time, but i didnt know what to do and just stood there awkwardly while you kept singing and playing incredibly. and then finally i joined in and we sang a duet and it was the best time of my life. but then at the end i got really excited and jumped around and knocked into you and you fell off the stage. and the audience got really mad and everyone was yelling at me and then i woke up. haha i just wanted to tell you about it cause i thought it was a really funny dream, except for when i knocked you off the stage :-\ haha it felt so real though it was weird. i was so excited to tell all of my friends that i sang with mitchel musso!....but then i found out it was a dream. sorry if that sounded weird that i had a dream about you haha but thanks for reading this if you do, and pleasee give a shout out to me if you can! thanks

--katie o'brien

christineeee (: said...


im telling you its gonna be #1 soon...

Amy Lynn said...

haha.. on youtube.. i did this cool thing with that song. i like sung. "shake shake shake shake shake it" and i muted my voice and put the song in it.. its confusing.. but its pretty cool.

well, anyways.. congrats to Metro Station.

I cant wait till your songs are #14 on iTunes. and #1.


Daniela said...

that's AWESOME!!!!
have the best weekend in your life!
Daniela (from Israel)

Anonymous said...

Omg I know I saw tht!!

I'm seeing them tonight I can't waittt

Metro station is also in M's magizines blog on myspacee I dnt know if u saw tht! Lol

Well what's up with u? Lol,

alright g2g get ready for school! Ttyl



leanneee =] said...

hahaha thats awesome(:

Disa said...


Everyone knows that song now... it's crazy hahah.
Like 2 months ago no one at my school knew who Metro Station was.
Now everyones like OMGZ METRO STATION <3 hahah.

Anonymous said...

great to hear that shake it has got higher on itunes
hope u r ok fro heather15

Anonymous said...

yay! I love that song so much!! It is so cool!

~!Elle!~ <3

Amanda said...

Hey Mitchel,

THAT IS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GREAT! I'm shaking with excitement!! Tell Mason I'm happy for him!

Oh! This has nothing to do with the blog entry, so please forgive me! While I was on yahoo, I found this video in one of the headlines. I know you like the Lakers, so you probably will like this!,78855

I have never laughed so hard before!

Have a GREAT weekend, and take care!

Deticated to you forever and always,

Jenny said...

yay! haha.

haha you don't put anything in the blog. ha thats okay, says all it needs to in the title.


hi mitchie. =]

about the new concert thing..... THATS AWESOME! =]

KelseyLovesM.T.M said...

woot woot!that is awesome!

Sara said...

I saw that earlier! Its crazy how popular they've become. I have a feeling they'll make it into the top 10. And I was amused by the fact hat #13 was See You Again -Miley Cyrus. It made me giggle.

I see Metro Station in 9 days. I'm so excited.


selah said...

shake, shake.
shake, shake, ah-shake it!


Emily said...

every day more and more people are talking about metro station or singing one of their songs at my school. its so cool! im excited. when they reach number one i think we should all party! hehe.


Beth said...

I love it how you didn't even write anything but the title. That made me chuckle.

But Anyways
Good kfor them I love that song although I'm still mad I lost that CD. Oh well.

Well...thats all I have to say...
PEACE-OUT to you too.

(Sorry I hate lol to overused....anyway))


((Still can'y do my star things.)

Claire! said...

i love that song!!!
hope it gets no1!!

claire xx

Molly said...
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Anonymous said...

when i turned on the satellite radio this afternoon "Shake It" came on!!! i turned it up rele loud. but then i got in trouble. :p

Anonymous said...

Omg!! i love that song so much!! i love that band too!! :] is it true that ur bro is in it? whats his name?
Love youuu lots <33

~Kelsey~ NH

KT J. said...

sweet! tell mason i said congratz yo!

laurennn said...


finally theyre getting some reccognition.


made my day cause i see you!
tony ollers good too ;]


Nisha said...

That's really awesome for them and you!!! Congrats !!! I love your song If I Didn't Have You!! You and Emily were awesome in that song!!! It's my favorite song now! My favorite part was the part after "Let's Dance"!!! So excited for the music video! Can't wait 'til that comes on!!!


MitchelLover64, All Mitchel Musso said...

love dat song!

go on

its a cool site
theres a page about ur bros

Alex M said...

Hey Mitchel. Just wanted to tell You that Metro Station's "Shake it" was #4 on the M-Town countdown last night! That means they are #4 in Memphis basically. im trying to get it to #1. But your amazing too. lol. Luv ur new song with Emily. Luv the very BeggingXD lol. BYE!

-Alex M.


omg thats so cool! i saw them last night and they were amazing!!!
i bought the shorts that say 'shake it' on the back. lol. theyre so cool. i hope youre having a good weekend!!

Jessica said...

I <3 that songgg!
But Mitchel, OMG, I can't believe you're coming to IL like, 3 timesss! *sigh* If only if I could go, but I can't b/c my mom just spent like 100 something bucks on my tickets when I went to go see Paramore and Jimmy Eat World last Saturday! :( But we'll have to see, if not, oh well. So I hope you have an awesome rest of the week! I know I will, 3 DAY WEEKEND BABY!! :D I LOVE YOU MITCHEL!
~Jessica A.~

P.S. I haven't been on the site in FOREVER so I was just looking at the recent pictures and you are looking smokinnnnggg! ;)

heelsoverhead said...

i am officially pumped! your brother is coming in town and i have tickets to see him! woot woot!

heelsoverhead said...

i am so pumped...
does anyone know why??
metro station is coming to omaha and i have tickets! woot woot!

Brittany said...


We're getting closer...:D

gracie said...

that's uh-mazing i'm hoping it's true about metro station playing at HOB in cali on may thirtieth !! oh by the way it's really sad how the song you and emily sing has been leaked already :( oh well at least the video is still safe ! <3

Tess said...


That is awesome Mason must sooooooooooo happy for that!!!

Emily said...

I remember back last year in march...i LOVED metro station and NO ONE knew who they were! when they got a record deal...i had a little mini party :D

I'm so pumped for their concert tonight :D

ohh mitchel...COME TO MICHIGAN!! WE LOVE U HERE!!!

-Emily <3

allison said...

On 103.5 Kiss fm from chicago il it #6 out of 7 songs!!!! ily<3

Amy Lynn said...

oh no.. its #15 now.. well its still really good.


Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel,
I was wondering if people would be able to meet you at the DC games. One of my friends and myself are going the day before it starts to see if anyones there, and then we will be there Monday, but my friend would love to meet you. Seeing as I have met you once already lol. Thanks

Angela said...



Anonymous said...

oyi! Metro Station is coming back to Omaha...and I don't have tickets yet!!!!!! I want to go so bad but...2 days before school gets out and I can't go cuz well I'd be in dead meat trouble if I did!!!! Huh...maybe another time after another...but I do know that sometime I will go see them and totally rock out!!! Well talk to ya later!


brooke said...

woo :].

..i really want to see you.
like soon.


Anonymous said...


becka ^_^ said...

hey mitchel
i love your songs theyr awsome i think that anyone can become what they believe they can because you did and that is somthing right
can,t wait to see you in the dc games

Tamsss! said...

OMG!! Yaaa!
14 is my fav and lucky numberr! :p
<333 ilysm!

Allie said...

really? on mine it says 15, but i'm so happy/upset! their getting BIG, which is awesome. But their my band that no one knew about, and that was awesome to me. But i will forever more love them and worship them. But yay!

Still can't wait for your CD to come out! Yay Mitchel!

singer7 said...

That's pretty awsome, Mitchel!! Whenever you have time, pleez cHECK OUT MY BLOG WEBSITE @
Thank you!!!

Anonymous said...

hey lov ya mitchel, your amazing. And I don't mean it that way thats just how we talk in canada lol. I am bored to death, who likes soccer?

Abby said...

Hey Mitchel! My name is Abby, my firend and I met you at your meet and greet in Virginia, I was the one who said, "I can't wait to buy your cd." I doubt you would rember me, but if you do...then that would be awesome! I'm still going to try and get tickets to your show when they are available. So thank you for being the coolest guy on earth...well at least to me you are. And please come to Virginia more often, or at least Washington DC. It would mean alot to me! LOL! By the way I love Metro Station! I bought their songs off of Itunes, and I made my friends listen to my whole class likes Metro Station! So tell your bro, to keep up the good work, and thanks again Mitchel, we love you! ♥
-Abby B.

ALEX said...

that songs was my faaaavorite song back in October when I took a road trip to California. I seriously listened to it nonstop!
and the rest of the album :D

natalia said...

Hey Mitchel!

That's awesome. Metro Station rocks. Congrats for them.

I arrived back from London. I had a blast.
I saw Tiger Beat's issue on a shop and, since they don't sell that Popstar, Tiger Beat or any of those here, I bought it. It's so cool. Now I finally have a Mitchel Musso poster hanging on my wall =D

Love Ya!


Kelsey Marie said...


THAT IS SO COOL! that metro station is doing so well!!!

fyi lol my ringtone on my phone is kelsey by metro station!!! love that song! lol

but ya, i no ive bugged you before,
but could you PLZ!!! say happy birthday to me tomorrow?!?!
im 17 and it seriously would be the coolest birthday present ever, for you to agknowledge it and to know that its my birthday...

plz and thank you either way

i hope youve been haveing a great weekend!
what have you done?!

love ya dude!

-Kelsey Marie!

tiffany said...

yah, i love that song! i'm seeing them on may 13th!! :]

chrissybabyy said...

You are so amazing and cute!! hehe : ) that song rocks!
can't wait to hear more!
Ohh and guess whatt?
My 17th birthday is tomorrow, April 28th! yeayuh hehe.
you would make my LIFE if u wished me happy bday!

XOXO Chrissy

Anonymous said...

Hey! that's so cool about itunes... and today i was listening to the American Top 40, and they played "shake it" for like the "break out" song or band or something... pretty cool though! congrats to them!
Sarah :)

KT J. said...
heres a video i made for ya, mitchel!

brie said...



luv, brie

HaleighJayy said...

hey, you know that fondue place you and your family went to in Denver?
I'm going there like, next weekend or something.
it looks really cool at night.

I had my dance competition.
it was awesome.
I did pretty good.
I guessh.

so yeah,
peace out cub scout.

Molly said...

Hey Mitchel!!

Ugh...I'm Like SOOOOO depressed!!! I was gonna go to the DC Games on my birthday, May 2nd, but now I can't because there aren't any games!!

Oh well, the first is still good!! I hope I can see you from where I sit!! Who knows where the wheelchair seats are, you know?

Hope you're having an awesome time!!


Anonymous said...

i am so pumped! we just did our choir concert and it was awesome!!!!! i had the time of my life and whoa! i am tired! now i know how u feel up on a stage in front of ppl!!! love ya!!!


CARLY J. said...


-Carly J

Amanda said...

they use "shake it" in the preview for ashton kutcher and cameron diaz's new movie also

Anonymous said...

Your songs are the best! =)


Anonymous said...

Hey! How was the first day of the DC Games yesterday? I hope your having a BLAST! I see your on the Red team again this year, I was hoping you would be, you look good in red!
ok, so I can't use my name on here anymore, you have to have an account with blogger or some other things, so i'll just go with anonymous...
I can't wait to read more details on your new tour!! I hope you can tell us as soon as you can!!!

Have a fun time in Sunny Florida!....a.k.a DISNEY!!

-Katie R.

Court125142 said...

my birthday is tomorrow or today depending on when this gets posted. I would love if sometime you could give me a shout out i would really appreciate it. It is my 16th birthday so it's huge and i'm very excited. My name is Courtney and my birthday is April 30. Thanks a ton if you can give me a shout out if you can't i totally understand. Biggest fan right here. Love you Mitchel keep doing what your doing. Your doing a fantastic job.

Love you, Courtney

Chelsie said...

Of course it is! That song is awesome. I hope I get to see them again because they were so good live.

Anonymous said...

I read that you'll be in the red team at the DC true? =)


abby said...

omg so i was watching tv and there was a commercial for this new movie
and "shake it" was playing in the backround for the move trailer!
i dont know what the movie is called though!

Alana said...

Hey Mitchel,guess what movie was on:Life Is Ruff!:D
Yeah,its one of my favorites.

And congrats for you on Red team!I will be cheering for Red(and all my other favorite people on whichever team they are on).

And don't forget:

Expect the Impossible!

:) :) :) :)

ALEX said...


try it immediately, seriously you will NOT be sorry.
ahh its sooo bomb ahahahah

thats all :)

#1FANisamyniemela said...

Heyy Mitchel && all the people here on his blog,

April, 26th, 2008 (saturday)- was my Junior Prom at my school i asked you mitchel to go with me eariler on in the year, but you said no because your schedule wouldn't allow you to, but can i say THANKS for replying back , that means that you care alot about your fans. Does anyone remember that one blog entry?? If you don't...below i copied & pasted it....

I would LOVE to go to the prom with you, but my schedule does not allow me to do so. Can I say thank you Very much for thinking of me and I hope you have the most fantastic time ever and come back and tell us all about it. Cause I think girls like to read about that kind of stuff...not sure...think so.
....Mitchel that was so adorable! Umm you said to have "the most fantastic time ever" & i did you know why??...i got PROM QUEEN!!!
Now here's alittle about the prom:
our theme was Paris "Take me There"
our colors were red,black, and purple
our song was Iris...we walked out to jonas brothers "when you look me in the eyes"..
we ate out before prom like at 4o'clock at this nice resturant named "iron nugget" verry goood food,...we ran around walmart & kmart hahhaha just wasting time of course....umm.. that's about it...& then it was midnight and i called mom & i went home...i don't go out to parties & drink that's no fun if you can't remember prom night then..right? RIGHT..hahha.

PROM QUEEN-me (amy niemela)
PROM KING- Dallas S.-(he's a boy in my class)

...umm... okay well please write me back in your blog sometime what your respone is buddy...thanks..and...


brie said...

First off, I love your new profile awesome!!!

So what's up with me? Well, me and my friend went to Gelena for the 4-day much fun! But now I have school......soo sad.

I also heard your song with awesome!!! I really like it!

So, I'm pretty excited because we have the Fine Art's show tonight, and THREE of my pieces are in it! I hope I win!!!

Well, that's all. TTYL, dude!

luv, brie

P.S-Check out my Youtube...especially my icon......lolz

Anonymous said...

that's cool, though i have not yet gotten a chance to hear the song.

I have modeling class again tonight. modeling is pretty fun.

Are you coming to RI? Will you be able to? Are there any meet and greets? If you can't come to RI then i guess i will have to go to MA to see you in concert. Who are you having the concert with? is it Raven again or someone else? sorry, just thought i would say all the questions that i have been wondering, at once. lol

-again coral. the girl from RI. who talks a lot. lol

Paris said...

Hey Mitchel!

I HAVE 'SHAKE IT' ON MY IPOD! Lol. But when I dance to it, I get weird looks from strangers...

ANYWAY, OMG!!! I heard 'Shake It' on the commercial for 'WHAT HAPPENS IN VEGAS'! I SCREAMED AT THE TOP OF MY LUNGS!!!! I was so excited. Hahaha.

Anonymous said...

awh! I love the picture!!!! I made "The Mitchel Book" which is a book that consists of like 15 pictures on the cover or possibly even more! It is so cool!!!! Well I love you so muchMitchie and hope to see you soon!!!! TTYL!
Have a rockin day!


Lissa said...

AAAAHHHH!!!!! I just saw a commercial for "What Happens In Vegas" and Shake It is at the end!!!!!!! I started freaking out!!!!

ℓαnα , said...

WOOOOOT !! BIG HIGH-FIVES to Metro Station !! And BIG HIGH-FIVES to you too Mitch for making the red team!! :) i'll be voting for ya! I'm sure you guys will be awesome!

have a good one budd !


Camyy said...

Shake Shake
Shake Shake
A-Shake it!

You have no idea how long that's been stuck in my head. Wooh! When I first heard it I didn't even know it was by Metro Station. Just thought the song was sick! Then the radio said MEtro Station I was like NO WAY!! lol

Anonymous said...

So I thought for sure would be update day.

Love you kiddo. xD

Anonymous said...

I saw the music video on Myspace & i have the song on my iPod!!!!IT'S AWESOME!!!!I LUV UR MUSIC VIDEO TO IF I DIDN"T HAve YOU!!!!!!