Friday, April 04, 2008

Hey guys!

I am sorry I haven't posted in a few....I have been VERY busy!

First off, I just got this message from Samantha and I wanted to give her a shout out and ask that you let us know if you find your dog Buddy. I sure hope you do!

"Lean on Me" is still in the top ten this week! Thank you all so much for calling in to hear it.

I am probably not going to be at the Disney Channel Games at all.....but you guys that are going will have the Best Time Ever so enjoy every minute! There are going to be so many Disney Stars there.

This weekend is full of voice over work for a new project and a bowling date commitment from a contest and a new song to record. The song is for the new Movie HATCHING PETE! Pretty cool huh? And let me tell you, it is FANTASTIC! You guys are going to LOVE IT!

Somebody and Myself will be recording a Music Video together in a few weeks.....I wonder who it could be???

I am leaving for Florida for a few days next week and then of course the 2 concerts in Kissimmee on Saturday the 12th. Guess who's coming to the concert? Besides My Mom, Dad, and Marc? My Grandma (Nanny) from Texas.

I had to remove a few dates from the concert, so please check that schedule. I am no longer doing any concerts after July 9(My Birthda). BUT...there is a new concert added in LA on July 7. I am no longer doing Reno,Oakland or Sacramento.

I know a lot of you have been asking about the "Hannah Montana" film. I plan to be very involved in the upcoming tour. And have made a commitment to be there 100%. But I would be NO WHERE in my career without Hannah Montana. I have given them my tour dates and they have provided me with an opportunity to be a part of this Fantastic film. I may not be in the movie as much as I would like to because of the tour, but Disney has been gracious enough to work in some time for me and for that, I am very grateful.

I hope you guys have the most wonderful weekend ever, be safe!

Oh, and a HUGE HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHOUT OUT to EVERYONE Celebrating this week!

Edit- I love that someone asked will I be wearing pajama's? So I will not be wearing pajama's. It's Raven's Pajama Party....and I am wearing my PAR TAY clothes. If wearing pajama's sounds fun, then wear pajama's and if you want to come in regular clothes, do that. Wear what makes you happy!



Rebekah said...

Hey Mitchel!

So many new things! I'm soooo excited for it all. New music video with someone. Miley maybe? I have no clue, just thought I'd guess.

And i'll keep on voting for Lean On Me. Love that it's still in the top 10. Let's get it to the top 5, shall we? =)

I'm thrilled that you mentioned the birthday shoutout because my birthday is TODAY (April 4th)! And seeing that shoutout made my day =]

Love you Mitchel!

-Rebekah <3

Haley said...

Heyy Mitchel! Is that music video you mentioned with Emily? I was just wondering.:] Haha. Anyways,I can't wait for the Hannah Montana movie to come out!(: I MIGHT be going to auditions for it this Sunday! Because I live about 2 hours away from where they're hosting it.:] If only I can convince my dad...aha. Well,just wanted to leave a comment. I think you're amazing,and I can't wait for your CD to come out!(: Peacee. Haley;

Love meee said...

I love you U're so cuteee !:* and smart!!:*

Brittany said...

I haven't commented in SO long!

Awww say it ain't so Mitch! I was looking forward to seeing you at the Disney Channel Games!!! Oh well...I'll see you on April 12th :)

Also, congrats on the song! It's doing so great and I'm so proud of you!

Can't wait for all your upcomg projects? Would that person you're filming a new music video with have the initials E.O.? Haha

<3 Brittany!

paula said...

I love you Mitchel!


Disa said...

A new song and a new music video :D

But you just HAD to add some mysteriousness in there by not telling us who you're doing the music video with, didn't you?

My friend and I are super excited for the Hannah Montana movie (:
I hope you're in a good portion of it because Oliver's definitely the funniest character :D

My weekend consists of job hunting so I'm pretty sure it won't be the most wonderful weekend ever D:
Hahah. Boooo.

Luke said...

cool tuff Mitchel. Kinda sucks about the movie but I understand that when a chance like the tour you have to take it. Its cool that you want to be really involved with it. I think that would be one of the most amazing jobs to have work on a tour doing the whole load-in, rigging setup and making it all work together to me it is a really amazing process. Hope you have a good time on tour.

Anonymous said...

hey whats up its the gypsy chick here. listen about the whole movie thing .. i dont like it.. you half to be in that movie the whole way. man. theres alot of hannah montana shows your not in and its borring. i mean i love miley she rocks and everyone els but you are the reason i watch the show and i think alot of people would say the sam. please please do something .. lol i wanna see you and miley together if its not in real life i was hopeing in the movie. disapointed..and another thing your coming to san diego and i wont be able to make it. no tickets. so thats sad for me but i wove you and hope you have a great day. cause i wont. im sad now. but dont worry about little O me I'll be just fine... all alone here well do you fill bad yet.. good you should lol. no im joken i wove you and have a great day i pray you be safe on all your trips and god blesses you with all you do. but dont forget about god he's the one that you got to thank.. anyway .. love peace and chicken greace.. latter gangsta : )

christineeee (: said...

saga po aga pimu <3

in greek it means i love you, darling. hehehehe ..


Anonymous said...

heya mitchel i cant beleive you might not be at the disney channel games it won't be the same you should do a concert at the games maybe! you made me sad thanx oh well don't worry we still luv ya!
heather15 from england

ocean said...

so your still doing Anaheim yea???
any meet and greets possible?

meredith kelly said...

mitchh ,
everything sounds like so much
fun , im uber jealous your always
on the move.

keep it real
meredith kelly

ps. may 15th .. meet & greet =]

leanneee =] said...

aw, the disney channel games aren't as awesome with you thereee.
i can't wait to hear the songgg!
the music video - is it emily?
the concert - STITCH?! haha hopefullyyyyy.


brooke said...

aww, it sucks that you won't be in the disney channel games this yearr :/.
but its okay. instead your sharing your music with your amazing fans :D.
and music video.. maybe you and emily? or miley?
ahh i'm so excited for the hannah movie.

talk to you soon!
& have a great weekend.


sammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm:) said...

yeaahhhhh so i don't know what to write?

i hope you have fun this week doing what your doing!


MeganP2010 said...

awww mitchel, this was kind of a depressing blog post... you wont be in the bay area? Lame. And you wont be a huge star in the hannah montana movie? And no disneychannel games?

And on top of that, some girl lost her puppy? Wow, i'm really sad now.

Still love you though. Maybe we can fix these dissapointments?


Megan x said...


Mitchel's a busy guy!
I'm so glad things are going great for you =]

I'm coming to America tomorrow!
On a ski trip with my school to Vermont and we're also going to New York city for a day.
I'm so excited.
But I haven't snowboarded in over a year...
So that could be interesting once I get on a board again!

I hope you have an amazing time on tour,
You don't know how much I wish I could come see you perform =[


Megan xxx

Anonymous said...

Hi mitchel! I hope that someday you will come to The inland empire in Southern California.

You Rock!!!

britt said...

heey! Thats a lot of news :]
I am so so so excited for the concert like you don't even KNOWW!

Samantha said...

Aw its ok.

Aww! I hope Samantha finds her dog!!


Aww, thats sad. But the games will still rock. They'll be missing an amazing guy and competitor, but they'll still rock.

Hatching Pete....Hm...Does this have something to do with an egg? ahaha.

Emily Osment. Thats my guess.

Yay for Nanny! =]

Aww, Sad.

yay for Hannah movie.

ahaha, I'm really weird today and didn't feel like typing much more, but I wanted to comment anyway. so have an awesome week Mitchel!

Molly said...

Hey Mitchel!!

Aww...I'm sorry to hear about the Disney Channel Games!! I was looking foward to it, but it actually works out, because I haven't been in school because of my lungs. March = Not my best month.

I am SOOOOOOOOO EXCITED for the April 12th concert in Kissimmee. I can't wait to see you perform!!!

Are you recording with Miley? Emily? Selena Gomez? Am I close????



Holly said...

Hey Mitchel,
Guess what I made?!?!? You are going to LOVE it. It is called THE OFFICIAL MITCHEL MUSSO YOUTUBE FAN LIST! Yeah awesome right?!? You have to do a meet and greet for May 10th. Atlantic City NJ! Then I can give it to you!
Sorry to hear you are not going to the DC Games. Speaking of them, do you know when they are? Because I want to know if I will be in FL then.Lol.
At least you can do the movie though. I cant wait to see it. I also cant wait to hear that new song. Hope you have a meet and greet May 10th.
P.S. Can u post something in ur blog about the list? Thanks.

KelseyLovesM.T.M said...

oh Mitchel,
your so awesome!im planing my hole night around the new episode of hannah montana!because uncle earl is in it!andyou lol.i got the new popstar magazine and i voted for u and mitchel-musso online every day!and im realy disapointed that you wont be at the DC games:( but im realy happy that ur going on ur tour and stuff but anyway good lick with everything and i mean EVERYTHING!lol


Nikita Bimson said...

Your new music video is with me!!!
Just kidding, but I wish.

I hope that girl finds her dog. =]

uhh, well thats it.

Nisha said...

Hey!!! Who's your music video buddy??? Is it for Hatching Pete??? You would not believe what happened at my school! If you want to know just tell me and I will tell you!! Well I'll miss you in the DC Games! Maybe next year!


I'd swim the ocean for you♥ said...


oh my goodness you are busyy!
good luck with everythingg! we all know you'll be fantasticcc!

i hope Samantha finds her dog! X( that's so sad

so you should probably go digging through you mail and look for an envelope decorated in green and write mehh a letter ayysap XD
ahaa im just kidding i know you're busy and i dont mind if it takes a long time

can you please do me a favor and tell marc and mason that they are ahmazing? i would apreciate that times a million! you have such a talented family (yourself included) and i think everyone deserves a little looveX)


ttran said...

Hey, Mitchel!

It's okay you haven't posted in forever. You're too busy spreading your greatness. Haha.

Aww, I really hope Samantha finds her dog, too. I lost one once. Well...actually, my mom gave it back to the owner and told me he ran away.

But it was still I hope Buddy returns home soon.

Yay! You get to have a song of yours in the new movie!! That must feel like an honor. I can't wait!!

Are you super excited to work on the Hannah Montana movie? My friend told me about auditions to be in it. But I live 12 hours away.

So......I probably won't be there. Hahaha.

Woot woot! SIX more days until my sour/sweet 16th!! Can you say parTAY!! Haha.

And guess what else? I am playing the piano for my cousin's wedding tomorrow!! I'm so excited (I just can't hide it)!

Sorry if this is a weird post....I'm a tad bit hyper.

I hope you have a TRANtastic weekend!!

Anonymous said...

you should do a song with the jonas brothers or your brother.
or like emily or miley that would be awesome !
NO you should do a song with me cause i feel like singing at this very moment cause i was listening to demi lovato & shes pretty good & my friend thinks i sound like her so now i feel like singing !
love you mitchel !


Anonymous said...

Is it with Emily for that song you did together?

Gennine said...

Hey Mitchel! You are one busy beaver now. lol. It's awesome to hear that you're doing so well, and it's cool that you're going to be in the next Hannah Montana movie!!!
And it stinks that you won't be at the DC games, but I think the touring makes up for it. lol
post more soon!
love ya!
~Gennine, NJ

Erin said...

awe i wish you could be in the movie more! that makes me really sad. awe.
i still love you though.

oh btw, do you find it at all creepy that people tell you they love you when you don't even know their names? haha well i'm doing it anyway.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel,

I got some goosd news and some bad news.

Good news:My soccer team as advance to the next round for state cup.

Bad news: I wont be able to attend the april 12 "education in the park" event. I AM SO SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORRY.I hope you can forgive me.

But i will always think of you mitchel.




Annie said...

Oh yay! I'm still working on convincing my mom to drive me up to Kissimmee on Friday or Saturday. She keeps saying it's too far in advance for her to think about..XD.

Oh, and for the music video I'm going to guess Emily. :)

So excited for both movies!

KT J. said...

Lean On Me is still rockin it? Awesome!
I tried getting DC Games tickets, but didn't get any. It was gonna be my sweet sixteen present =(
I can't wait for that new song babe!
Hmmm could it be you and miley?
I'm glad your family is behind you at all of your concerts!
I can't wait for the Hannah Montana movie, especially because you'll be in it!
I can't wait for my sweet sixteen! May first, awesome!!!!!!!!

~KT <3

Anonymous said...

Wow, i can't wait for the Hannah Montana movie!
And a new song for the new movie Hatching Pete? Awesome! haha.

Hope you have the most wonderful wekend ever, too! :)

Have a nice day,

Lisa B said...

hey mitchel!
I havnt commented in a while!
i am so ooober excited for when you come to STL
me and my friend already have tickets
were making T-shirts..
HOPING that you will sign them :-)

Man i was totally looking for to the Disney Channel games!!!

hey i think you still need to give everyone a PRE- SUMMER gift..

Like taking your shirt off and flexing :-)

i would like that

haha anywho
g2g byebye

Anonymous said...

this week has not gone well for me. My best friend in the whole world brandon byrd died on monday.he was in a dirt bike incedent. and he went to jump amd he landed on his head. He was my best friend...

Well sorry about that, I just had to vent my feelings.

Have a great weekend!


Brandon Byrd... R.I.P 3/31/08 #28

Samantha said...





Love Ya,
from Arkansas

Samantha said...

Is it Emily Osment that is going to film the music video with you?


Love Ya,
from Arkansas

nikki(: said...

Hey Mitchel!!!!!!

I cant wait for the music video!And the new Movie Hatching pete!!! (:

I just have a couple questions i have been dying to ask you,so hopefully you will answer them!

Me and my friends want you to come to birthday party so bad!!!Can you?

answer that for me please!!!!!!!

And i got new pictures of you and hung them on my wall! i have a Mitchel Musso side Miley cyrus side and Jonas Brothers side!!! Hahaha!!! And i counted all of yours and i have over 300 pictures of you!!!! Haha i love it!!!

xoxo nikki(:

Anonymous said...

we love you mitchel!
hey i was wondering are u going to the metro station concert in dallas next friday?
i might:]

Anonymous said...

Mitchel I think maybe your doing the music vid with Emily osment. And that's great you're going to be in the Hannah Montana movie. But are you only going to be in like the beginning or most of the film.

Anonymous said...

lol, cool

i wonder who you could be recording with...:) i have a couple guesses, and my main guess is Miley...

tomorrow i have a new acting that should be fun :)

on Wednesday I had to go to a modeling thing where i helped people with a runway show, heheh
I liked the outfits a lot :]

...heheheh can't wait till the RI concert!!!

-coral ( the girl who sometimes talks randomly about RI....:)

gilbertson_cindy said...

she lost her dog? hope she finds her dog too.
aw that sucks you won't be at disney channel games. neither will i though. i never go. i live in minnesota. haha. but they look super super fun to play. i'm gonna go be a disney kid so i can play them. haha. so too bad you'll have to miss them.
hatching pete. i'll watch it.
oh and the music video.. .with.. emily? that'd be cool. still can't wait for the song.
aw that sucks you can't be in the hannah movie as much as you would like to be, but at least you get to be in it. well if you weren't in it, if oliver wasn't in it, that movie would be sort of lame. yeah. the episode with Jonas in it, i love that episode, but it would've been even better if oliver was in it. haha.
haha you're like My Brithda.

Sarah Jay said...

hey mitchel :]]

what part of Florida are you gonna be in?? please tell me that your in miami!!!! it would be really cool if i get to see you again [[ i got to meat you at the January 31 Hannah Montana concert]]

peace and much love.


katie said...

hi. im katie. i've never cmnted here before but i've been reading this blog since you started it. i just wanted to say youre an inspiration. my aunt died resently from breast cancer and a few months ago the doctors told me i had a rare form of liver cancer. im only 14 and i really hope that i can meet you some day. some day soon. thank you so much. you have helped me through so much. without your smile there would be no reason to wake uhp in the morning. i love you and thank you so much.

Jenny said...

aw crap. it was signed on my moms google account thinger, i stopped it so i don't know if it sent, but now it all disappeared. heres what i think i said in case it didn't....
she lost her dog? she finds her dog too.
aw that sucks you won't be at disney channel games. neither will i be though. i never do. i live in minnesota. i'm gonna go be a disney kid so i can play the disney channel games cause they look super super fun.
hatching pete. sounds cool. ...BOWLING DATE? with who from what? gee, like bowling much? i do.
music video... with.. emily? that'd be cool. still can't wait for the song.
and that sucks that you can't be in the hannah movie as much as you would like to be, at least you get to be in it though. if you weren't in it, if oliver wasn't in it, that movie would be sort of lame. the hannah episode with Jonas in it, i love that episode, but it would have been better with oliver in it. haha.
anywhoo bye.

christineeee (: said...

ii miss you

cant wait fer july 7 & 9.
im DEFINITELY coming to see you there!

by the way, im learning Greek because i might to fly to Greece during summer. hahahahaha. so i'll teach you Greek & you'll teach me any foreign language you know, ok? [:

alright. i love you.
crazy impatient to see you again.

Anonymous said...

It's about time boiiii.

Sad about the Disney Channel Games, but I'm still coming to see you on 4/12. :)).

Your parents, Marc, and Grandmaw are coming to the 4/12 show or were you talking about the Raven tour??

Can't wait for ALL the new songs!!
And the Hannah Montana Movie:)

Hmmm...wonder who the music video is with. :D


Alana said...

Samantha i hope you find your dog!!I lost my dog was awful!But we found her safe and sound(and hungry:)
Too bad you won't be in the DC games this year Mitchel,but it will be a ton of fun to watch!(can't wait!!)
Also can't wait for the new music!And the video!
And thanks for being so committed to Hannah Montana.It really is an amazing show and i love every second of it!


um....i think emily should do the video with you.. lol i have no idea. im sure its gonna be amazinggg!!!!

just a quick question about your tour.... the list of dates you gave includes milwaukee,wi and rockford,il and you cant get tickets to either of those shows. you probably dont, but do you know if theyll be available soon? thanks! =]

so i got the new popstar mag today and im sooo happy youre on like 3 of the posters!!! yay! i have no where to put them entire room is full. lol.

well im so gald its finally the weekend! i hope you have a great one!

Emily D said...

Hey Mitchel!
I hope that Samantha has luck finding her dog! I would die if that happened to me (even though i don't have a dog). I'm trying to get tickets to the July 9 concert, so hopefully I'll be able to wish you a happy birthday!
Are you doing a music vid with Emily Osment for that song the two of you recorded?
Well, whatever it is, I know it will be awesome!

-Emily <3

Mariam. [: said...

oh my oh my.
someones a busy boyyy.

awhhhh. im glad to see you are enjoying your grandmas company.

my birthday isnt this week. ]:
its actually two days after your fl concert!
april 14th. :D

anyways, im really confused about the concerts so clarify?
is the july 7 concert raven or not.

also, i was at a kings game and me and my friends were walking around during warm-ups and the tvs outside were advertising the raven tour and you were part of it.
it was super coool. all my friends were like duuuuuude its mitch!

well, i miss you tons and i cant wait to see you.

Anonymous said...

i was reading the paper & six flags has the concerts & on
August 24th it says Raven
just wonderign are you gonna be there ?


Katie R. said...

Awwww......I really hope Samantha finds her dog, I'd hate it if i lost my dog. She's like my Best friend!

It sounds like you have been pretty busy!!

Its to bad you won't get to do the DC Games this year. There is always next year though!

and as for the Hannah Movie, I am happy that you will be in atleast some of it!! But this tour is going to be HUGE for you and your music career!! And plus I am going and I am excited about it. LOL

So Lately I have been watching Marc's YouTube videos, and his friend Kevin said you were going to be on it soon. I hope you will be!! If you are, can you make a shout out to your Blog Fans!!??

I hope your doing well, Stay safe my friend!!
Have an AMAZING weekend!!


Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel!
I went to Arizona for 1 week and I just got back Sunday night. I thought you said you haven't in awhile. You posted a ton!!! I had to read like 5 REALLY long posts from you. Lol. But thats ok! I enjoy hearing from you. =]
I wondering who that certain someone will be that your going to be with in that new music video???? Maybe its Jason? Idk.

<333 I love you!


Allie said...

YAY! A hannah movie, AND YOU'LL BE IN IT! YAY!!! I'm gonna watch every momment, and melt every time you speak.

Yay to music videos! With Emily right? For that new song you guys were recording, right?

Cool! Your nanny will be there. My grandma used to live next door to me, and my mom grew up in that house too! then the new owners renivated it, and my mom and I haven't been in there since she passed away in 2001, when I was in 1st grade. It was really tough, and I really wish she was still here.

awww, no Disney channel games? psh, no point in watching it now.

and a new song? you weren't kidding when you said you were BUSY. I SOOO can't wait for that movie. are you the main character or something? when does it come out?

adios muchacho. I need to speak spanish otherwise i'm gonna fail this quarter. seriously, spanish is so hard. why do we need to know the names for little spoon and big spoon anyway? chances are more than half of us are never gonna go to spain or mexico and never use this stuff. stoopid NY requirements.


kellyyy said...

jaime's birthday is today.
you know.
my cousin
that person who is COOLER THAN ME.
shes turning 11.
sadly shes having a better 11th birthday
that i had 16.

to bad about the games thing
they look like a lot of fun.
but while everyone is sweating in florida.
you'll prolly be in an air conditioned place.
so good for you :D

idk about the video.
maybe emily.
you know
that person you recently recorded a song with.
c'mon mitchel.
give us a challenge.

another bowling date?!?
you bowling hoee.
try to let them win.

Katlyn said...

mitchel! are you going to wear pajamas to the concerts because i dont want to look stupid haha :]

me and my friend are going to rap the cheese jerky song for you if we get to meet you, but will you do the beat boxing for us hahaha [concert in pittsburgh, may 9th?!?! please please please answer :D

Julie :] said...

Hey Mitchel!! Im glad you're having fun with all the music and stuff! :]

i have a question... if i send u a letter and $1, will the letter i get back b personally written by u? meaning... will i get an original, or is it pre-written?? and the autographed headshot, is it a copy, or do u really sign it??

im just asking cuz i lost an autograph i had that was personally from u. my friend gave it to me as a gift cuz he got to me u, and i either misplaced it or someone stole it... it meant a lot to me, and im really upset its gone...

can u reply back and clear this up for me?


Anonymous said...

no dc games? well that sucks! but i will still watch it! i hope i can still go see u in kansas city or saint louis...i might not be there though... ]: but metro station is coming back to omaha! but again yet...i will not beable to is 2 days right before we get out of school! it's terrible! i can't wait to see the music video! i'll be awesome! like so awesome it will blow evey-hater-of-you-out-there's minds! yeah! you rock mitchel! i love you!

~!ElLe!~ <3

Ashlee said...

Mitchel. you're bringing your grandma to THE concert. Oh. My. Gosh. I'VE ALWAYS WANTED TO MEET HER!!! dude, you have NO idea how excited I am right now. and on top of THAT, you're bringing MARC TOO?! Ahh. wow. I'm so stoked. well, have a good week!
*ill see you in florida. :] *

AleV said...

Hey Mitchel
im glad "lean on me" is still on
the top ten
it always comes on when i turn on the radio
i love that song!
its my fave
Hopefully its Emily :]]
No! thats to bad that your not going to be in the disney names it wouldve been awesome if ur were there and won :]]Cant wait for your CD to come out

Luv ya Mitchel<3
Peace Out

Jacquelin said...

HI Mitchel!

I'm so happy your song is doing so well!!!!!! I love it!!! im sad that your arent doing your show in Sacromento any more! i live close to by..... o well!!
I think you are SO HOT! and the best actor ever!

Jennifer said...

mitchel mitchel mitchel
whats with you not coming
to washington on your tour
hahaha just kidding dude but
you seriously ganna make your
way over here sometime okay?

have fun and good luck with every
thing and i cant wait for newstuff


Emily said...

i bet the video is with emily because of your disneymania song ;) i cant wait for that cd by the way, so many cool people are on it this time! i think its the best yet! by the way, thanks for taking a picture with me in the theater after the kcas last week. it was cool. you know, ive met you 3 times and not once have i told you my name. sad right?? well, hopefully i'll remember next time!


MitchelLover64 said...

Hey Mitchel! I'm SOOOOOOOO happy to hear you're doing a song for Hatching Pete!!!!! I'm sure I'll LOVE it! And a music vid with someone!? Sweet!

And here's something for you!
I wrote you poem kinda about all of your names and nicknames! Enjoy!

"Mitchel Musso"
He's Smokin Oken
And the Oliie Trolley
Twice My Size
And Mr. "Lean On Me"

Mike Stanley 3rd
And Big Daddy Oken
The Locker Doctor
Oliver Oscar Oken

He's Locker Man
And Triple O
He's the BEST
He's Mitchel Musso

Hope ya liked it!!!!
Love Ya!

Ashley R.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel,
I'm sorry you're not going to be in the DC games this year :( And I hope Samantha finds her dog soon. I'm still trying to get tickets to one of the concerts. 2 of my friends want to go and I mentioned you so they are going to try to get tickets. About the video, are you doing it with Emily Osment? Just wondering. During recess today, the 5th grade teacher had a nervous look on her face and she went to the P.E. teacher, who was watching the kindergarten kids. All the kids were looking at the front of the school and the fire truck and ambulance were there and everyone was like oh my god what happened and someone brought in the stretcher but when the bell rang it didn't come out so I don't know what happened or who it was but I probably won't find out until Monday. Nobody in my class knows what happened but we all got worried. So whoever it was I hope he or she is ok.


Anonymous said...



Jk kiddo. But MarcMarc is sooooo funny. The video's are pointlessly amazing. He gave me 2 shoutouts...Maybe one is for the video I made for Olivia's contest?.....queird. lmfao That was the best video I've ever made in 10 minutes.

Forget the safe weekend part...I already had by attempting to jump off really don't want to know....lmfao The good news is I AM NOT HURT. AND I MADE MY PEERS LAUGH. So it's all good in the hood?


Anonymous said...

No pajamas, Mitch? You are lame x100. Your just embarressed because you wear firetruck footie pajamas.


Disa said...

My second post on here... SORRY.

I'm pretty sure you should wear pajamas though, Mitchel.
Even if I'm not gonna be seeing you on that tour, it would be pretty amazing if you did.
Is Raven gonna wear pajamas?

And what exactly are your party... excuse me... "PAR TAY" clothes?

selah said...

i am so stoked you posted today because...

I GOT RAVEN TICKETS! oh yeah! so i get to see you on the 12th and the 26th. i am so excited...i think i'll stick to jeans and converses for the concert. oh! AND...t'morrow i'm getting an Ollie dollie. :]
i didn't get to go to south carolina for my spring break, so to make up for it, my mom bought me a ticket. i cannot wait.

wait, what? you're not going to be in the HM movie that much. oh dear. i was really looking forward to seeing you on the big screen. =/

hey, i can't go to the DC games either. i think they're doing a waiting list now for tickets.
but it's cool. just knowing all those people will be in the same city as me is good enough.

music video? with who? hmmm...? could it be...Emily? about...Kyle Massey? wait, wait...Jason Dolley? i give up.


selah said...

i knew there was something i needed to add to that last comment, but i couldn't r'member it.

have you found out about any meet&&greets for your concerts yet?

i know raven has hers but those tickets cost like 200 dollars.
...i'm not springing for those. =/
but do you know if you'll be signing autographs before or after your performances?

Fer said...

I was wondering why you hadn't posted...

Aww it sucks that you're not gonna be at the Disney Channel Games this year...And I can't believe you're not gonna be on the Hannah Montana movie THAT much..I was hoping for LOTS OF OLIVER!Well, it's still gonna be great!=D

Ohhh new song for Hatching Pete? AWESOME!!! AND maybe you're doing the video with Miley? Haha, I don't know but I sure hope it's her! Or maybe it's Emily, since you did that song with her.

Have an incredible weekend!

love you<3

Amy Lynn said...

Hey, i thought that PARTAY thing was funny, cause I always tell my friend Taylor that with out the TAY, its just the PAR. Get It? I thought it was something pretty cool.

Mitchel, I wish you all the best of luck in your career. Keep being Fantastic.


Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel its vivian from hayward ca! I am really upset to find out that you will not be attending the oakland raven tour. I was so excited when you announced it. Why wont you be there? PLEASE PLEASe please PLEASE BE THERE?

Anonymous said...

It's so cool that you're gonna make a new music video with somebody. I wonder who that is. Is it emily? I hope so. Well, looks like you're really going to be busy huh? I wish you all the best in everything that you do!


Katerina said...

Hey Mitchel!

Please,please,please send a birthday wish to my little sister Vanessa. Its her birthday today and I have promised that u will wish her birthday!

Well!!she is already upset with me coz I knocked her on the head and adding to the storm of troubles has torn her
favorite Teddy Bear(well!! by mistake),her birthday dress has all ketchup in it(its her own mistake)and grandma has gifted her the most annoying gift in the world.............,a pair of socks that is too big for her feet!!

So, if u don't want her to get more annoyed than please,please,pleaseplease,please wish her birthday!!

I know u can understand her emotions!! She's just a kiddo!!

Luv ya!!and a good day!

XXX Katerina

Daniela said...

I'm Happy that you're having fun :)
and Good Luck for all you'll do
Daniela (from Israel)

Katerina said...

Hey Mitchel!
The one thing Iforgot to tell u is I m having the tickets for da Raven Concert for 9th July!!

And I know its ur birthday!!So if my luck works then I'll have a chance to meet ya!The only bad thing is that my sister Vanessa won't b able to go there coz I have only 2 tickets for me and my best friend Caroline!

I m really excited coz I m finally going to meet the person I have a super-duper,duper crush on!!

Luv ya!!


XXX Katerina

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel :)

Im so proud of u :D
umm, wil the music video be with Emily Osment with the song ' if i didnt have you' if it is its going to be AWESOME.


caitlyn said...

i say youare doing the video with emily osment!!!

liz said...

i WOULD be wearing pajamas if i could go!

and HAHA "So"
your funny w.o trying to be
but i laugh at everything so..

Samantha said...

Hey Mitchel,

It's Samantha.
My dog Buddy came home this morning. He was scratching on
our front door and we opened
it he came running in, My mom,me,my cousin,my dad,and my brother were SOOOO happy!!!!
My mom is calling EVERYBODY that knew he was lost!

I am SOOOO happy!!!!!!!!

Love Ya,
from Arkansas

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel!

I heard on YouTube that Moliver(Miley Oliver) might happen in season 3.
PLEASE tell me that's not true, because I would die if that happened.

So a music video huh?
With Emily? I heard your doing a song with her. Anyways, love you!


Anonymous said...

I want to see Hannah's movie....and who'll do the video?? =)


Katlyn said...

oh man, maybe i shouldnt wear pajamas then.. i might have to show up in my PAR TAY clothes like you mitchel! love that you answered my question

Sasha said...

I hope you have been having fun! I've been bored for 2 weeks so far...For the fun of it I'm going to make a guess about the music video and it will be totally wrong, but it would be awesome if you made a music video with Ryan Cabrera. I hope you have a lot of fun on your birthday even if you don't have a concert on that day...

See Ya

Elizabeth said...

Oh Mitchel...-

Its not the DC Games without you!! I'll miss you this summer! Since I cant go to the concert, I'll be Mitchel deprived this summer. :/

I'm guessing that it's you and Emily osment making the music video for the new song on Disney Mania 6. :]

Looking forward to hearing more about your new projects!

<3 Liz

Anonymous said...

hey mitchel :)

whoa, i haven't commented here in fur-eh-vah! sorry.

ooh, a music video? hm, is it with emily?! haha

gah, i wish i could see you on tour. that would be super amazing.

lmao, i just pictures you in pajamas, and i don't know why, but it made me laugh x]

anyway, have a great week!
i love you mitchel <3
livvy xx

Kaylee said...


I'm so depressed over this Hannah Montana movie thing now. Oliver is my favorite character. HM isn't the same without the donut. :( And now you aren't sure how much you'll actually be in it? UGHHH. I want to ram my head into a wall repeatedly. I love donuts. Both you and the food.

C'mooon, Mitchel! You HAVE to get a good amount of screen time. I'm really sad. Kaylee sad is not happy, it's sad. Like, boo freaky freaky hoo. I was looking forward to some Smoken' Oken!

Okay, I'll stop annoying you now.... wait, one more. GET MORE SCREEN TIMEEEEE IN THE MOVIE.

Okay, I'm done. Ferreal now.

I'm guessing the video you're recording is with Emily because you guys are doing that one song together? IF I DIDN'T HAVE YOOOOUUU. Yeah, I suck at singing.

And you know what else? My prom date totally bailed on me last week. And my prom is April 19th. So I'm just really depressed overall. My senior year with no prom date. YOU SHOULD COME! Ha, jk, but not really.

Wow. This was unbearably long, so I'll leave. And go cry a river. Don't tell me to build a bridge, because I will not cross it if I even build it.

After allt his, though, I still love you, MITCHEL!


Jenny said...

aha so it did send from my moms account too.
hahaha you're not wearing pajama's. someone asked, thats funny. and hahaha at mallorie again, firetruck footie pajama's. wow. ha.

Anonymous said...

Mitchel, I read some of your last posts and if you want to see how much we love LOLIVER, go to Also, confirm if this is true, that you said that in season 3 miley and oliver are going to get together.

Annie said...

ah thats so exciting.. and your coming to florida...even more exciting!
anyways i wanted to know, do u have a myspace...i know that it says that you dont but you couldve changed your mind anyways just let us know so my friends stop adding these poser mitchels if you dont have one..hahah anyways oh my goodness okay...last night something happened with our tickets we bought for the show @ UCF and instead of having the 14th row we now had the 4th row (floor seats) i am very excited!!
anyways hope you have an awesome weekend and that you have fun in FLA!!!!

Anonymous said...

where is the concert in kissimee going to be held at? i really wanna go but theres like no information on it

rachelle94 said...

yo mitchel. i cant wait to see your new movie! The hannah montana movie i cant wait to see either. IM GOING TO THE ALBANY,NEW YORK CONCERT MAY 17!! yeah! lol. i cant wait for that either lol. well i will see you on tv lol.

Rachelle *~*

JessandErinShow said...

hey Mitchel!!
ahaha PAR TAY clothes...ahaha you crack me up. I'm wearing a Boys Like Girls t-shirt or Panic at the Disco (None of which I got....yet) Yea those are my party clothes. I learned how to skate board this weekend...well almost....maybe you could give me tips please? 5 more weeks....*claps* yay!!! luv u!!


Anonymous said...

Emily's in your video, right? For 'If I Didn't Have you' or whatever. The lolivers will have a field day agaaain. *sigh* Spoiled, I tell you. They are one spoiled fandom - Molivers are given SQUAT. Now, a Miley/Mitchel music video to 'See You Again' would be another story... *fans self at hotness*... haha, wishful thinking!!!

Less Oliver in the movie? *sigh* So, let me guess, while Miley's off filming scenes with new characters, and this new guy 'Travis', Oliver will be off with Lilly, being confused, with the little time he's on screen. *sighs* THIS BLOOOOOOOOWS.

Hannah Montana has been making me very sad lately... and you, not being the movie lots? That just worsens it. I WAS gonna go the day it came out (risking social suicide because I'm kinda too old - in comparison to the tweens who watch the show - to be in love with the show), but I'm actually considering boycotting it, once I catch wind of how much you're not in it, and how much loliver is in it, and how hot the new Travis guy probably will be. *sighs sadly for the umpteenth time*

Suckage, my love. This is pure suckage... Dang, your blog posts always make or break my mood.

Kimberly said...

Hannah montana movieee and hardly any of you? :( Kinda depressing. I might be an extra in it, so maybe i might get to meet you. :D that would be totally thrilling.
i hope alls going well & your concerts go great.

xx, Kimmi.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait for the new video!

And also, you are performing with raven on may 15 in new york, right? That date is no where to be found on ticketmaster and my friends and I want to go so badly! If you hae any info, it would be greatly appreciated =D
good luck with everything you have coming up!

#1FANisamyniemela said...

*today me,my mom & halaina drove to duluth & we made a sign & stuck it to the window saying : "honk if you love mitchel musso". And it was halarious haha. So your busy busy these days. Hmm.. well i'm watch SNL & i'm getting tired so.. G'night <3


GiGi said...

Man, I was so upset when I read that you wouldn't be at the DC Games, but I just found out I'll be able to see you in Kissimmee this Saturday!! Gosh, I'm excited!!

As for the music video, let me guess - it's with Emily Osment, right? I can't wait to see it, but I must say you should do one with Miley sometime. If you did then that would just be ADORABLE!

I really hope Oliver is still a big part in the HM movie. Otherwise I may not watch it, at least not right away... Oliver is my favorite character!!

And that is funny that someone asked if you would be wearing pajamas. LOL.


sandraa said...

Hey Mitchel!
I'm SUPERSUPERSUPERRR excited for Hatching Pete to come out!!! Both you and Jason Dolley are my faveeee actors ever. =) I was wondering, about when will the movie come out?
alsooo can't wait'll the hannah montana movie! ANDDD can't wait for your cd! haha woww, you're such a busy guy.
Hmmm the music video... I'm guessing.... Miley or Emily? (=

xoxo, sandraaaa

Jessiica Reneee' =) said...

so i havent commented you in along time so i thought i would!
i still cnat believe you most likely wont be at the dc game. But im going to the raven concert on may 9th! im skipping my ny school trip to go haha , i figured since im going there the whole summer i can miss the one for school lol.

btw guess wat! i was going to addition for extras for the hannah montana movie in tennessee today!
but we found out friday and we couldnt find any plane tickets! my dad was gonna drive there but nine hours away. so we sent it to the casting agent yesterday. wish me luck to become an extra for the movie lol.

have a great week!

Jessiica Benedetto =)

Dawn. said...

this is probably a really lam question but i'll ask it anyway.

are you doing meet and greet/signings on the raven tour?

Nikita Bimson said...

I HAVE AN IDEA!!! When you are on I'll wear my PAR TAY clothes, then when Raven comes on I'll put my pjs on over!!!

But, I'm gonna get really hot, since im going to the one in arizona.

Sara said...

I'm gonna guess the music video is with Emily. I'm a little disappointed about you not being on the disney channel games this year and you not being in the Hannah Montana movie as much :/. I get to see you in May though so I guess that makes up for it.

So yeah, I'm extremely excited for May 20th.

jackieee said...

i've missedd yah, mitchel!
can you find out some info
about meet&greets for us. im
going may 11th, and i'd really
love to meet you in person.
im so excited for all the upcomming
thingss. &my guess for the music
video is, emily osment. but have
fun in florida, and take marc with
you to fairfax virginia may 11th!

Anonymous said...


Lol. YAY! A new song AND a new music video? *jumps up and down*.

I'm begging my mom to get me tickets to your concert, but she said 'maybe' because I got a B- in math...

Really? What's wrong with a B-?

No DC Games this year?
Depressing. Even more depressing than the time my Grandma stole my cupcake. He can't even chew it...

Anyway, hope you have fun doing everything!

Anonymous said...

PJs = funnier choice.
You should seriosuly consider it.
Make a stand wear Hannah Montana PJs (if they make them but I am not aware of present HM clothing line).

And one more thing...
can you please please give a lesson on how to beatbox? hahaha

(I'd type out some random noise but don't know what to type),

Terri said...

Cant wait to see you May 20 :)

Your fan always Kerri

Katie said...

OMMMG Mitchel me and my best friend in the whole world are going to your concert in redding! And we made shirts and everything! we are soo excited! We loovve you and your music we always come and see you anytime you are around here! ommg! look for uss! we have seats tat are really closee! we aree wearing our shirts that we made and they are like bright blue (one of your fav colors)with green (your other fav color) pink and orange writing! they sya our names on the back and a very specail uestion on the front! Look forr uss!

~~Your #1 fann ,,
Katie =]

shireen(: said...

par tay clothes?
ha, you funnnnyy(:
miley or emily in el video?
i wonder...hmmm...
btwww; you should bring stitch to the concert like leanne said(:


Alana said...

OMG!!Guess what Mitchel!!I searched for tickets for the Sunrise concert AND I FOUND THEM!!*happy dances*:)
Me and my sis will be there!(so will my mom since she and my dad don't want us to go alone.Something about it not being safe...)But still,i'll be going!!
And for further record i will NOT be waring Pajamas...Nothing in the world could make me!
See you then!

Anonymous said...

im coming to see you in florida:)
i fly in Friday!cant wait to see you

Nicole said...

haha yesss you added one in la! woo finally! and mariam if you're reading the kings game, YOU were the one who noticed mitchel on the screen....jk jk.

Hannah said...

I'm friggin' excited to go see you're concert in Cincinatti! My friend and I are going and I'm not a huge fan of Raven Symone music so it better be good! lol...jk,jk.

Anonymous said...

heyy Mitchel

i got home today and turned on the radio and guess what! Metro Stations song is now playing on the radio! Shake it was on 95.7 omg i love that song.

i haven't commented in a while i have been busy but i was coming home from the store and i saw a street named Musso St. it was sooo cool i was like omg look.

well i hope everything with you is fine. my birthday is in 3days (April 10th)can't wait!

soo anyway love ya xoxo <33


JessandErinShow said...

I just wanted to say that.....
It's 9 in the afternoon
ur eyes are the size of the moon

ahh I love that's been stuck in my head all day long!!


Popsicle and Izze said...

Hey Mitchel. It's Izze here, and I'm still bummed that you aren't coming to Denver. But besides that, I have a funny fact that happened to me today that I think you will find kinda cool.

Ok, well my friend (Popsicle) at school dislocated her kneecap over the weekend. Ouch! So she missed about two weeks of school because of it. She came back last week and has been in a wheel chair. I promissed her that I would cut out of class with her early, get her to her locker, help her get her stuff, and get her to the next class. I also had to go around the entire school to the elevator with her every time she had to go downstairs, and help her out after school so she didn't get trampled by everyone else. Ok, back to this morning. I came to school and she comes up to me with this wrapped box. With the box there was acard thanking me for helping her around. When I opened it up, you will never guess what was inside. A Mitchel Musso action figure. Since I am a big fan, she went and got it for me. I thought it was really funny and maybe you might think so too.


lauren.caroline said...

sooo mitchel tate.
you wont be the games.
its a little dissapointing but definitly understandable.

ill see you probably this weekend though. im gonna make a huge sign that will probbaly say "MITCHEL PLEASE LEAN ON ME!"

or something like that lmao.

anyways luv ya
<3 laurennn

ℓαnα , said...

Mitch mann!!
Whats good budd?? I hear Hatching Pete is gonna be bombb!
Ahahh, can't WAIT to see it !! XD
And as long as your there in the HM Movie, It totally completes it ! We'd all still luv ya 10x MORE anyway! :)
Don't mind me saying.. but I have to agree with Mallorie Mitchel :) You wear those classic comfy footie PJ'S..
Don't worry bud.. I WEAR THEM TOO!! Well .. no, I don't wear them, I'm just trying to help you feel better! :D
HAHAHH. nahh, you know I'm kidding :)

Keep it upp budd!

PEACEE <3 .. ℓαnα

OH! before I go, I just want to let you know that your dog, Stitch, (and I'm not lieing) looks almost EXACTLY like my cousins dog Chance !! He's VERY adoreable!!

krissy said...

heyy mitch,

you know mason -
metrostation - is going on like
some tour thing like some Bamboozle Roadshow or whatever? but like 4 other bands play their too, so yaa, how many songs will metrostation play?

Anonymous said...

i really hope the rest of the tickets go out on sale for ur tour! i wanna get themm!! lol i cant wait! there going to be amazingg!!

speaking of concerts im going to a metro station concert in less then 20days! i cant wait! lol i heard there goin on tour with boys like girls and good charlotte! thats sooo cool good for them!!

have fun in florida this weekend! i know a few ppl going who are soo excited!

thats good u get to do ur tour AND the Hannah montana bad ur not in it more..ill still watch it tho! lol

well g2g

Shefali said...

Hey Mitchel!
I know dat its a news of great sorrow but I couldn't stop myself from tellin u.'My grandma has passed away yesterday'.
I wasn't very much cloz wid her but still she was very dear to me!!
My sister Vanessa is in a huge grief coz grandma was very much cloz to her and she died one day after Vanessa's birthday!
I'm not feeling gud but still I wanted u to know it.
In a state of sorrow;

Anonymous said...

hey Mitchel

wow this is cool but i'm a bit sad about the hannah montana movie you should be more in it. The music video would be so cool with miley, because you said something about loliver fans (because of the song with emily) but there are so many moliver fans,too.

jenny (from germany i hope you can read what i wrote lol)

Risa Inoue said...

Hey Mitchel★
My name is Risa Inoue.
I'm Japanese girl!
and 16years old:)

I watch Hannah Montana every time!

most of the English cannot understand the contents well.
Probably I think that this English can be wrong.

I use translation software of Yahoo!Japan:p

I love you!!
and Please come to Japan!

Allie said...

Ha! Would be kinda funny if you started to rap in ur PJ's. Ha!

GUESS WHAT GUESS WHAT GUESS WHAT?! I'm going to a Metro Station concert! Their back at the Crazy Donkey and I got tickets! YAY! And my 2nd fave band of all time the Maine is gonna be there too, and Forever the Sickest Kids AND The Cab, (and Danger Radio, but I dun like them). But YAY! But my mom has to take me. Ewww. I wanted my older sis to take me, but she has school and thats her last day of classes. So my mom has to take me. i love my mom, but I can't take her to a Metro Station concert! What other moms will be there? NONE! Exactly. I so can't wait! I'm gonna a thousand band Tees and party like there's not stoopid school 2marrow. Ewww, school.

New songs for ya!

Woah Oh! (Me vs Everyone) - Forever the Sickest Kids - Single
One Of THOSE Nights - The Cab
When I Get Home, You're So Dead - Mayday Parade
Count 'Em One Two Three - The Maine (it's not on thier EP, so your gonna have to go to their myspace for this one.)

Have fun this week! YAY TO PAJAMA PARTIES!

Anonymous said...

Mitchell,can u post something about fanmail?I really want an autograph. Thanks take care!!!

joyfulhope14 said...

I can' beliee you were going to come to reno!! that would have been so cool. ANd i would have been the first person to get my ticket. No doubt. Reno is such an awsome city. I should know i live there. But why did you have to cancel it. :*^(


HaleighJayy said...

that's hilarious.
well, just wanted to say "hey", and yeah....

peace out cub scout!

Anonymous said...

Is your video with the lovely Emily?! I hope it is!

JessandErinShow said...

Ohhh....I see....r u gonna wear ur space outfit? u know the silver one that only u can make look good....hey someone had to say it.


ADawg!! said...

hey kid. :] whats up? so you should def talk cody linley into doing a music video with you!. he was supposed to sing at a hockey game i went to in feb. but he changed his mind a week before. :[ i wish youd come closer to me!!!! its way too far of a drive :[[

anyways my birthdays on tuesday. 16!!!! & i just bought a car! so yea

ooohh is the m.v. with emily? shes SO pretty!

<3 you!

Annie said...

Heyyy Mitchel!

Are you going to go to any of the Orlando parks this weekend? Or are you just performing and leaving to get back to your busy schedule?
Because it's very likely that I'll be up there. And I guess we'll probably stay up the entire day if we're going to take four hours to drive there. So chances are, we'll go to one of the parks after the concert.
Hah, it would be awesome if we could hanggg.
Unrealistic, but awesome nonetheless.

Remember, I'm one of your three favorite girls from Miami! XD

Haha, have a great day and perform like your amazing self on Saturday! :D

Ashleigh said...

Awww, it's upsetting that you won't be at the DC Games. My friend just surprised me with tickets the other day. =(

That's okay, I might get the chance to come see you when you come near me on the tour!

I hope you're doing well, and that you're enjoying every minute.


RISA said...


I registered with "Blogger"!
Please take it good:)

and make the mail good.

LOVE YOU Mitchel*^^*

Anonymous said...

Jeeze every time you never post for a while, and then you do, it's so overwhelming!

i've been editing my surf documentary this week, and its such a painful experience! i mean like, watching my interview. it was windy on the beach so i basically have a combover... cute i know. i hate watching myself on film! i dont know how you do it ahahaha.

i hope youre doing well! and good luck on your tour!

Anonymous said...

hey mitchel

wow this is so cool but i'm sad about the movie i really love you as oliver in hannah montana! about the new music video please let it be miley because you said someting about the loliver fans but there are many moliver fans too ( like me lol) we are sad about this (not about your music with emily but we would love to see one with miley,too)

your big fan jenny from germany ( i hope you can read what i wrote^^)

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel,you don't meet me,I'm a new fan,my name is Rafael and I'm brazilian.I hope that you don't care.I'd listen "Lean On Me"and I liked so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!I think that you hear it every day,but you are exeptional!!!!Thanks for your atention.Valeu cara!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Beth said...

Hiya. So im out of it today but so what. Anyways im glad that your busy. Sometimes it's good. So question; when you use the caps in your typing are you actually yelling in your head. Or maybe even out loud? hehe.... So Just have fun and love live.

As I say Live, Love, Have, LIFE!
Keep up all of your um.....what was saying....oh yeah keep up your ok I lost it again. Anyway just keep it up I guess.


P.S. I like to point out when there are errors so don't get all mad at me. Anyway you put birthda instead of birthday.
Just thought I should point it out. Trust me I know that no one is amazingly fantastic at everything. Trust me I'm not but when I do know things like that are wrong I point it out.

So yeah

Tia said...

Hey Mitchel! How are you? You are so nice! So i have been a fan of Hannah Montana since it first came out. I came out like a year ago when you came to Typhoon LAgoon in FL! I just wanted to let you know that you inspire me to follow my dreams!! Cheesy ? yes !! lol but you really do! and i needed to let you know! I hope to see u on saturday! I love you alot mitchel! Ohhh i have a question! What kind of girls do you like, just out of curiosity! are u single?

Allie said...

I have new songs for ya, my fave bands of ALL TIME did this CD called Punk Goes Crunk, and all the songs are better than the originals. Check it out.

Umbrella (Rihanna Cover) - All Time Low
I Wish (idk whose cover) - The Secret Handshake

I'M SEEING METRO STATION! YAY! I've listening to Control right now! Woooah, I feel just like I'm takin', control of the night. Ahh, love them.

Have fun on the tour! Party like there's no 2marrow.


Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel,that is awesome that Lean on Me
is still on the top 10!I am sure it will be up there for a long time.
I still wish you were going to be in the Disney Channel Games,but there is still alot more things to look forword to like a.....Music video?!That is really cool!I hope it's with Miley that would be the best!!!
I also can't wait for the Hannah Montana Movie.It is going to be wonderful,I just know it!!!!!!

I hope you are having an awesome time with everything your doing and I wish you lots of luck!!

~*~Sarah Mina~*~

Shelby said...


hey kidd! its shelby from chicago! aka cellphone girl number 1 lol how are you? wow i just recently got hom from italy and then had a concert durring a danc ei messed up my ankle that sucks =[ but if you go on youtube and search beatles(4/8/08 cover) its me singing a song dedicated to you by the beatles! Its from the concert last night! so check it out! Have fun touring! Ill be at 2 illinois shows hopefully but i have a busy theatre schedule this summer! but seriously kidd check out the video! aiight later!

selah said...


i need to know what to mapquest for saturday.


Mariam. [: said...

bbbig concert in 2 days!
good luck buddy!

awh i cant wait to see youuuuuuuuuu!

and and and guess what?
my birthhhday's on monday!

Anonymous said...

The concert in Kissimmee will be held at the Kissimmee Lakefront at the "Education in the Park" event.

Anonymous said...

heya mitchel hope u r ok sounds like ur going to be very busy must be very exausting but it's worth it with all ur cool fans chearing you on i cant wait for the hannah montana movie shame you wont be in it alot but at least u r in it say hi to marc mason miley emily jason etc tell them that they are awesome ur awesome too from heather15 from england

Abbster said...

hey mitchel!
we miss your posts!
=] lol.
WE all love you!

The Future Mrs. Musso said...

hey mitchel!
i WILL be at ur concert in Kissimme on April 12th with Tess, so i'll see u theeerrreee!
if u can, PLEASE look for a sign in the audience that on one side says:
and on the other side says:

God Bless and Have a Wonderful Day!

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel

I am so excited that i cant wait for your new music video with Emily. I am still requesting Lean on Me Mitchel. I will trying to get the song to the Top 5. Mitchel I sorry for not commenting for a while Mitchel. I cant wait for the Hannah Montana Movie. But it's too bad you not going to be in it much but that's okay I hope the tour going to be a blast Mitchel. On Chrono Trigger Mitchel your name is Mitch. You are on level 25. Miley is on level 24. Emily is on level 24. Billy Ray is on level 24. Jason is on level 22. And Sarah is on level 23. I am at Rico Castle to stop Rico plan from destroying the world and Jason is Rico rival if Jason beat Rico Jason turn back to a knight again.
I will tell more later Mitchel.

Your friend and fan

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchell! That video your making, is it that somebody Emily Osment, just wondering!

Aoi Sakura said...

Wooo! Haven't heard from you in a while, this is exciting! I can't wait to see Hatching Pete, not only 'cause you'll be in it or even 'cause you're singing in it, but because I'LL be in it! :D

It was way weird to see a you tube video of you in my school... It was sort of like... "Woah, that's the vending machine I got skittles from after running that one time, and that's the stairs I sit on while waiting for meets to start, and that's the gym I played soccer in, and Mitchel's actually there!" Really rather funny.

Still waiting for your CD! And can't wait for the tour! Hope I'll be able to make it!

-Aoi Sakura

Anonymous said...

We have a moliver site and forum too... it's probably not going to capture much of your attention, because your official site is pretty dang biased towards loliver.

That's okay (well, not for the rest of the molivers...), but I'm cool with you not ever ever looking at our forums. We say too many embarassing things about your sexiness on our Moliver board anyway. Wouldn't wanna risk you seeing that. And I'm not even kidding when I say that. Stay away. lol.

A music video, eh? With Miz Osment, I'm almost sure. I don't think I can watch that. 'Cuz I won't be watching it, I'll be hearing the smug lolivers go "fahahfahaha we rool becz are acters haves a myuzik video nd loliver wil happenz bcz of dat" the whole time. nooooo! It... won't...nooooo! I gave Hannah Montana the best years of my life, darnit! There'd better be some due moliver cuteness in season three to even out with the huge lack of it in season two... there was way too much loliverness in season two... and if season three is anything like that... I mean... loliver is a lot like putting Miley and Jackson together... which is just wrong... *rocks back and forth in fetal position*

And by the way... you, boy, had better be in the movie just as much as Jackson or Lilly. And please PLEASE tell me you're going on location to Tennessee. If you only have, like one scene in California, A LOT of girls will be PIZZLED. Oliver, is like... the icing to Hannah's cake (which was not meant in any derogatory way). He sweetens the show and puts a smile on peoples' faces with his donutness. I'll cry if I don't see Oliver a lot. But I'll probably cry more if he hangs out with Lilly the whole time. But yeah. There will be crying if you're not there. I mean, dude... this is the freakin' "HANNAH MONTANA" movie, the movie, of the very successful, and AMAZING, EPIC, Disney Channel Series, and what fans will be watching on their DVD players for years and years to come after the series is over. How upset do you think the fans will be if they see only a sprinkle of Oliver? He's a main character! He should be in there, like any other "MAIN CHARACTER" would be. Mitch, there's only gonna be ONE Hannah Montana movie EVER, in this LIFETIME... I know you're a hundred percent committed to the tour, but, you've got so much time to expand on your singing career after the movie... just think about what you'll kinda be missing out on, and what faithful Oliver fans will be missing. You're the only reason I watch the show anymore. I'm not really interested in Miley and Lilly's, or Miley and Jackson's friendship problems. We want, YOU. And if YOU are not in the movie as much as a main character should be, then... well that's bad... almost as bad as the lack of moliver...

Allyson said...

Whats going on with the Nassau Colesium show in long island? Its hasnt gone up on ticketmaster yet and im really confused! I really wanna see you on tour this summer!

PS: We totally have the same birthday! Its a little early but I hope you have an amazing one!

SweetHeart said...

Luv ya Mitchel KISS KISS