Wednesday, April 16, 2008

This is a hard post to write......

Hey guys,

The Raven Tour has been postponed....and it's not April Fools.... I know it's hard to believe...try being me. But you know what? The band and dancers and myself have worked really hard to create an Incredible Show for you guys and I know that something great is just around the corner. We already have offers coming in, and as soon as I know details for a new tour, I will pass them along.

Here is Raven's Statement:

"Raven-Symoné has postponed her upcoming tour due to unforeseen circumstances. Raven-Symone apologies to her fans for any inconvenience this may have caused and ticket refunds will be available from the original point of purchase."

The good news is that I did a music video with Emily this week and they used my dancers in the video, so you guys are going to get a chance to see us all working together very soon on the Disney Channel. The song was our new Disney Mania song "If I Didn't Have You"

Metro Stations song "Shake It" was number 29 on Itunes today and # 2 on ITunes Alternative

Marc has started a new Youtube Show called Moose Man, please check it out when you have a second.

Let's not post a bunch of sad stuff ..ok? Share your thoughts and keep it positive. I believe something great is right around the corner for ALL of us!



Molly said...

Hey Mitchel!!

That's awesome about the music video, I can't WAIT to see it!!

I'm sorry about the concert, I know you were looking foward to it!

Uhm...I have a question...since you're not doing the concert, does this mean the DC Games are a possibility?

YAY METROSTATION!!! I'm so glad they're getting popular!!

Have an awesome week!



Sasha said...

Okay No sad stuff! You will get another chance Mitchel so don't worry. I agree with you about the something great is right around the corner for all of us thing. I hope you had fun making your's and Emily's music video!

See ya

Alana said...

Say What?
Oh wow..what happened?
I know you and the others worked really hard.
Well i can't wait for the music video!That odd to be a great energyview!(trying to stay positive and smiling!How am i doing?:)

And congrats to Metro Station!And I'll take a look at Marc's youtube later.

On a positive side,my sis's 13th b-day was a success.She's just happy she's 13.

Later... <3

Anonymous said...

Good i hate raven I hope you come tour in LA

oliviaakiddo! said...

oh wowwww mitchel.
this sucks.
a lot.
in a way
i hope youre okayyyy?
well at least we can get a refund i suppossseeeee

Emily said...

are you kidding me?? oh my gosh... i just got like the BEST SEATS EVER for that :( tenth row, front and center. i was excited....

well i hope i still get to see you soon, and have good seats!

there's been talk of going to a hannah montana taping when you guys start up again, so we'll see about that, but its definately not for sure yet.

i love marc's show by the way!


Emily said...

oops, i posted sad stuff in my last comment, haha sorry, i guess i kinda skipped over that last part.....

i can't wait to see the video! and i hope you get to be part of an awesome tour really soon.

and tell marc his show rocks ;)


Ashlee said...

awh. im sorry, mitch. =[ but, i bet that you are going to be headlining your OWN tour sometime soon, instead of being an opening act. =]

i hope you have a good week. :]
-love, ashlee

ttran said...

Hey, Mitchel!

It's okay. I'm absolutely sure it would've been a GREAT show. Even though it's canceled, I'd still like to thank you, the band, and the dancers for working extremely hard anyway. You guys rock my froggy toe socks!


Moose Man? Hahaha. That's a funny title. Now I definitely have to watch it!

And I can't wait to see that music video of you and Emily!

I hope that EVERYONE has the best upcoming weekend ever to lift up their spirits!!!!

Be optimistic!

Sara said...

:( :( :(. I don't even know what to say other than I'm now officially depressed.

Now i need to get the money back for my tickets, and I can't countdown the days until May 20th :(.


You better come back to Boston soon though. Don't leave me depressed, k?


Nisha said...

Hey Mitchel!!!! I'm kinda sad you're not doing the tour. My dad was clapping No offense. LOL. I would love to see the music video with you and Emily!!!! I can't wait to see that!!! On the plus side you can do the Disney Channel Games!!!! I'll check out your brother's show on youtube now!


kellyyy said...

raven is a..........

lovely person and i hope she's alright.

talk about a hard post to write.

you better go on another tour
and come to colorado
and minnesota
but remember july and august.

samisconfused? said...

uhhh have i just been punk'd?

lizzieeeee said...

aw i'm sorry.
i know you were excited for this :/

hope to see you in concert soon.

JessandErinShow said...

awww....Mitchel it will all be okay. ok stay positive Jess stop crying. ok I'm good. Don't worry I'll write like a bazillion times to disney to do meet and greets for you mkay? don't worry Mitch we'll make it through...I'm gonna pray that things go better for you and all of us. And remember we'll alawys love you no matter what happens even on the saddest days you help us make it through.

Love you!!
PS. Remeber this good advice....There are plenty of fish in the sea and you are the worm to attract them all.

Mariam. [: said...

im sorry love.
i know its hard.

but theres a reason for everything and were all here praying for you! i am sure God has something bigger and better in store for you buddy!

chin up!
keep that smile on your face :D

leanneee =] said...

i wasn't even going to the tour because the venue on may 15th was changed to farther away (from nassau coliseum to some place in new jersey). but i still can't believe that. aw. i hope the new shows are gonna be YOUR tour, you seriously need you own tour dude. haha & i also hope you'll be coming to nassau coliseeum. (: omg, i can't get over this. but i'm sure you're going to have waaay better opportunities than this. does this mean you're gonna be in the dc games, or is it too late? oh man this is shocking.


Fer said...

Mitchel I'm so sorry about the tour, but yeah I'm sure something AMAZING is just around the corner!;D

But hey, you're still gonna have fun with the Hannah Montana movie! So that's really cool=D

About the music video, that's great...can't wait to see it!

I really hope you have a great week, love you!

P.S- Tell Marc his show is AWESOME!

Jennifer said...

Aww Mitch! I'm sooo sorry!

Maybe on this new your you'll get
the chance to come to Washington :]

Please please please come here!?

Good luck with everything,
I'll always support you :]


Annie said...

Ay, Mitchel I know it isn't your fault.
I know something good will come out of this though. Like Lauren just said over the phone, everything happens for a reason. I live by that. Really.
Just promise you'll come back to Florida soon or at least do the best you can. Please.

Anyway, I'm still stoked for the music video and "Hatching Pete". I'm going to the DC Games concert. The news totally made my year. Although you won't be there, I know we'll have a blast.

Tell Mason congrats on "Shake It"! Hopefully he still remembers me and Lauren from last night. :)

Anyway, we'll all pull through this, no matter how hard it gets. Your career is at full blast right now and all of us know that this had nothing to do with you.


Erin said...

ohno tht sux. i really wanted to go to tht concert and it was all for u even though u were only gonna sing 7 songs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ! !!!!!!!!!

lizzieeeee said...

i found a bright side to this?
i'm no longer broke!
and i'm sure you'll have your own tour soon..
i'd rather see you on your own tour than with raven :|

GiGi said...

Hey Mitchel!!

I know you're probably disappointed about the tour and I'm sorry! But I'm really, REALLY glad I got to see you in Kissimmee! You were AMAZING! And it was so sweet of you to sign that card on the gift bag for my brother as you were leaving! I even put a video of it up on YouTube: (The sound is low quality but I still think it's great! You should watch it if you get a chance!)

I was just wondering, since the tour is off, will you be at the DC Games possibly? I really hope so!! It would be cool to see you again! Also, maybe you'll be more involved in the Hannah movie? Just wondering.

I can't wait to see the new music video! I know it will be AMAZING like everything you do!

And yay for Metro Station!! That's great!

I'll take a look for Marc's show! God bless you and have an AMAZING week!!


Anonymous said...

find a way to come to ct!

Anonymous said...

wow. i'm so sorry mitchel!

i saw your brother two days ago.
him me and brooke went shopping
in houston =) we miss you here!
i said hi to your mom on the phone.


love, katie

brooke said...

awwww mitchie.
the concert tickets are sitting next to me.
well, i guess i'll get to see you later?
i hope.

this doesn't make any sense to me,


Taylor said...

I'm sorry aboutt the shows mitchiee
I knoww youu were lookingg forward to itt
soo was I and every1 else
but its ohkayy.
maybe youu can do yer own tourr soon(:
that'd be amazingg.
I can't waitt to see the musicvideooo.
and I love the song "shake it" by metrostation.
its the bestt.
come bacck to floridaa muh lovee.

Molly said...

I will pee my pants when your video with Emily comes out, it could possibly be better than the Twilight movie or the Breaking Dawn release. Actually it will be in second to that, it has become my life since spring break. Beaches make you read when your parents think its a pain to bring your skim board when your flying.

:) :) Hopefully the video will be out soon!

Molly E.

Molly said...

By the way, sorry about the tour. Life has dissapointments, I know; the suck. But bright outcome. maybe dc games???

Bre said...


Sorry 'bout the concert :( Maybe if you do another one a stop could be in Portland??? just throwing that out there.

I will look into the YOUTUBE show later. Go Metrostation! hope they get closer and closer to #1.

Well I got to go.
luv ya

Anonymous said...

heyy mitchel.!

sorry about the tour hopefully something new will come around.!

i'm excited to see the video now that you mentioned it!

well i'll check marks youtube thing so yup...
have a good week!


P.S. i heard metro station's song ''kelsey'' in american eagle the other night. i thought it was really cool!

Brittany said...

Okay Mitchel, I'm gonna try to be happy. It really sucks though!

And also, does that mean you'll be at the DC Games? That would be amazing!

Aw shucks, I'm really sorry Mitch!

Congrats to Metro Station and I already saw Marc's youtube video :D

Can't wait to see your new music video with Emily! I love her haha

I'll be looking forward to something from you! Don't worry, I know something good is coming your way :)

<3 Brittany

meredith kelly said...

ahh , thats disappointing.=[
& metro stationn = lifeeobbession.
tour with aly & aj next , i see them & jb every summer since 05.

keep it real
meredith kelly

Tiffani Starr said...

Well as much as i'm trying to be positive i think thats really freaking dumb...

but i'm glad that you're getting some offers and everything i just saved up for this and got so excited sooo this summer you better come chill with me in arkansas alright!!!!

=D Stay Cool!!!

Anonymous said...

Everyone was going to see YOU...not you should just headline!

Anonymous said...

omg that sucks,

but it only means your on to bigger & better things,

your gonna have your own tour & raven will be begging to open for you !!!

lol , u still rock my socks =)

yours truly

Katie R. said...

I'm gonna first off say this....I am SO sorry you won't get to do the tour. and I am a little bummed, BUT I know there will be something EVEN BETTER out there for you to be able to share your music with us,And I can't wait to know what it is!!!
Moving on to a brighter note....
Its SO cool you got to do a Music video with Em!! I can't wait to see it!!
and I heard Metro Station on the Radio for my first time the other day and got really excited!! The song was "shake it" one of my favorites!!

I Love watching Marc's Moose Man shows! They are so funny, and I love getting to know his friends. I think you should be on one though. That would be fun!

expect a letter from me soon, it does have things about the tour.... which i didn't know about till tonight. so,sorry about that.

anyways, if your feeling a little down, My way of letting lose is cranking up the music and dancing like crazy!! LOL

Have an AMAZING weekend!!

-Katie R.

Anonymous said...

ooooh :(
i wasn't even gonna see you, cause youre not coming to seattle, but i feel really bad for you and everyone who was excited for this!
oh well, i'm sure you'll plan another tour sometime soon!
& im excited for the music video :)

Allyson said...

That sucks about the tour but im sure whatever happens next is going to be even better! and maybe now that its cancelled you can be in the Hannah movie more?? That would be amazing!

Cant wait to see this video too!

Ashlee said...

oh and was the kissimee concert?? like was it good..bad...AWESOME??..i personally think the concert was AMAZINGGGGG. it was so much fun. well, have a good week.
-love, ashlee.

Kristen (: said...

oh my gosh,

well i hope your video goes greatt,

and i'm very excited for metro station, i've been tryin to check it daily on itunes and everytime i do check it they've moved up (:

love ya, kristen (:

Anonymous said...

That whole post made me sad.

Like, all of it...


I mean, WOO! That post made me sad! YEAH BABY!


Best of luck to you - I know you'll be touring soon. I can see the future (lol. how ironic. Raven could "see the future". Sorry. I'm not making things any better...)

Okay, well... I hope you have a happy post soon =P

Samantha said...

That sucks Mitchel. But I hope everything is alright with Raven. But everything happens for a reason, at least I believe that, so I'm sure something amazing will happen soon.

I can't wait to see the music video! I'm sure its amazing

WOO! Yay for Mason, Blake, Trace and Anthony! Shake It deserves to be doing that well.

haha, I will definitely check that out, Marc is the man!


christineeee (: said...

hey mitchieee!

yooh no, im actually glad the tours canceled because ii wasnt able go. its ok. ii still love yooh & am super duper proud of everything yooh are doing for us fans. <3

& yoor new music video
if ii dont have yooh. - ii CAN NOT wait for ittttttttt! ty fer making my day mitch. this week wuz pretty tough fer me, but hopefully, it will get better.

i love you. so so much.
yooh no that, right? haha

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel

I cant wait for the new music video. I cant wait to see it.
I'm sorry about the concert I know you going to be great out there. Dont feel bad about it Mitchel because we are all together until the end with your music and your band and your fans. I have 2 questions for you since your Tour got cancelled are you still going to be in the DC Games Mitchel. My last question Are you going to be in the Hannah Montana Movie with more lines in the movie Mitchel.
On Chrono Trigger Mitchel Something went wrong When I started playing it the game erased so I got to start all over again But the good news is I got right back where I was Mitchel. Mitchel you are on level 15. Miley You are Level 15 Emily is level 14. Billy Ray is on level 13. Jason is on level 10. Sarah is on level 20. And I got Rico he is on level 37. I found him inside the bookshelf Mitchel. And I got the Nintendo Wii Mitchel I am excited about that Mitchel.
I will tell more about Chrono Trigger and the Nintendo Wii later.

Your Friend and fan

Disa said...

Aww Mitchel.
I'm sorry ):

This made me really sad... even though you weren't coming here or anything... just that you were so excited for it. But hopefully you'll have another tour soon (and hopefully it'll involve Seattle :D!)

Hooray for a new music video! I had a feeling it would be for the song you did with Emily, heh :D

MeganP2010 said...

I know this may seem wierd, but this is probably the best post i've heard from you in a while =]

1- You weren't doing any northern california dates anyways, so now i'm a bit glad because, well... now I guess I don't have to hear about how awesome all the other concerts were!

2- I've been watching metro station's progression on the iTunes charts (seriously checking everyday and seeing how they're doing): they started off at like 87 when I noticed them, and ever since then, they were RISING AND RISING AND RISING. i'm soooooosososo happy for them!

3- I'm excited for your music video! I haven't seen your face in a while... wierd, right?

4- Oh don't you worry about me watching mooseman... I check my youtube like everyday to see his new videos! He's made a promise that you'll guest star, so... you should really get on that, Mitchel!

hope I get to see you soon!


Anonymous said...

aww...that blows... but on the POSITIVE side (see? positive) i can't WAIT for your music video and to hear your new song! i'll bet it's fundiddly awesome... if that makes what don't make sense? OXYMORONS!!! i mean... what's up with "jumbo Shrimp"? and "good scraps"? sorry about that. but that is awesome for your brothers! i'm gonna go check out the video now. you rock my socks, and i can't say that about many people!
Sarah :)

Anonymous said...

you are really beautiful.

Bryan said...

See, now you're just free to do something even more amazing than the tour! New tracks, new videos, all kinds of good stuff that you wouldn't have had time for, and it'll kick so much booty that you'll be glad this happened. Can't wait to hear about whatever's coming next!

Theresa said...

Cheer up Mitchel. :) I'm sure bigger and greater opportunities are just round the corner. Plus, i'm super stoked that the music video that you've secretly teased us with is really with EMILY! That's the best news to hear this entire week. So, can't wait for it and we'll help you to pimp that music video up so that it'll be the most watched music video yet! Another record for you to break.

Seriously terrible about the cancelled tour, but don't let your practice and dance go to waste. Create your own Youtube channel and make your own music videos! :)

♥Tanya M♥ said...

Hey there Mitchel,
I know that it must be hard for you tour.. but you know what?! You are such an amazingly cool guy, everybody loves you, so you should keep your head up because you have so much in your future.. I hope you have an album in the near future and that movies will start lining up for you.. I am sure Raven has a perfect explanation for this..and I know that your fans are awesome enough to know that you have a busy schedule, and so does Raven so maybe this is for the better.. I mean you are preparing for the Hannah Montana Movie.. this is big stuff!!
Love ya bud!!
your fan,

Daniela said...

ohh I want to see this video :D
and well done! for Metro Station!!
COOL Mark will be in YOUTUBE? I'm gonna watch it!!
I had a dream and yo was there.. it was the end of the day and I went to the bus stop and I rised on the bus and then I saw you and you rised on the bus to and sat next to me!! and I was in shock and I gave you a BIG HUG!! and we was talking about things.. well, after we arrived to my city I remember that in the evening we met again and then we was walking in the city until it was to late so we was walking and then we arrived to your house and I asked for your bag and you gave it to me.
and then we huged again and when I came to my house thare was so many cool things in your bag like cellular wrappings of candys :) and then in the day after it I was telling all this things to my friends.. but it just a dream that I really really wish that will come true :D
so I hope you read it XDDD
Daniela (from Israel)

Anonymous said...

hey i cant believe the raven tour is cancelled are yiou alowed to say why and dose this mean u will be at the disney channel games and i cant wait to see the video with you and emily sounds great well done to metro station and i hope marc has fun with his show on youtube luv u from heather15 in england

Anonymous said...

heya again i feel so bad for you mitchel all that work oh well at least you get to do a fun video with emily sounds great!
oxoxox i cant wait for the great thing around the corner though

Julie :] said...


Anonymous said...

omg mitchell,
i had the perfect seats section 3 !!! and my birthday was the day of the concert. forget raven, i was only going for yu =[ it did kinda ruin my birthday but on the good side marcs video is really good =]]

Carly said...

awhh! canceled! :( well i do hope u do another tour this summerr!! u gotta come to illinois 3 times tho like the tour was for raven! lol

so sweeeeeeet about the music video cant wait to s ee it!!!

omg metro station is 25 right noww!! ah thts exciting!

and omg moose man is like awesomeee! ahahah

well thanks for letting us knoww!! and i hope u still have a tourr!!

ttyl lyl



Anonymous said...


I'm a firm believer in things happening for a reason....maybe something better is around the corner, you know? I know it sucks completely more for you than it does for us, more than we could ever fathom, but like you said, new offers are coming in, yes? How awesome is that kiddo!! Keep your head up!

Woah, I actually put something enlightening in my post....weird. xD

MooseMan Rocks. 'Nuff said. MarcMarc is....a spaz, Mitchel? lmfao He makes me laugh. "The Fight" was....pure genuis...lmfao He's fun to babysit right? xD


The Future Mrs. Musso said...

Hi Mitchel!
I'm sorry about the tour!
But you know, everything happens for a reason, and the world didn't stop spinning, right? LOL! That's what I always say when something I didn't plan happens.

God Bless and Have a Wonderful Day!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about your concert :( I hope you get another one going soon.

There's always Colorado and so you know, it IS snowing today.

brie said...

So sorry to hear about the concert...but I know that you are going to make it so BIG and you will have so many opertunities in the future. I'm not just saying this because I'm a crazed fan, but you are so incredible. You're a very sweet and fun guy, and I know you're going to be super-famous soon.

On a side-note, tell Marc that he needs to respond to my friend request! And he needs to get you and the MixMaaaster on the show! And STANLEY, his pet egg!!!

And congrats to your bro and his band...they rock my socks!

You've got big things coming your way, Mitchel Musso, and you deserve every bit. I know it.

luv, brie

Elizabeth said...


Oh no...Thats so sad! I'm so sorry! :[ But now, maybe it was a good thing that Dad didnt get me tickets... But the statement says that she just postponed it, not cancelled. Maybe it will start in a few months?

You want good news? Hmmm...The only good news I have is about American Idol and I doubt you want to hear about that.... Uhhh....I'm passing Algebra with a 95! :D So thats exciting, I guess.

I cant wait to see your new music video! I loved "Lean On Me", and I hope you had just as much fun filming this one!

The Disney Mania CD comes out on my birthday, so I'm REALLY excited about that. :D

I'm sending a lot of good vibes your way! Just because you lost a good thing, it doesnt mean something better isnt coming!

<3 Liz

Rachel said...

So sorry to hear about the tour! But when God closes a door, He opens a window! :) Does this mean you could be a part of the DC Games?!

Amy Lynn said...

Mitchel, I feel really bad for you and the rest of your fans.. and I hope their parents don't get mad either.

But, Mitchel, I believe in the statement, "everything happens for a reason." Remember that.

I just bought Metro Stations CD at Target, it was the last one on the shelf. I'm listening to it now!

So, Since your summer will not be spent on tour, what other plans do you have?

Tell us please.


Amy Lynn said...

..and I just realized somebody else had my statement.

Oh well, I didn't get it from them though. haha


Amanda said...

Hey Mitchel,

I'm SO SORRY about your tour! (Does this possibly mean DC Games for you??)

But I'm going to stay positive, and start by saying: CONGRATS TO METRO STATION! Tell Mason I said congrats!

A new music video?? I can't wait to see it! I love all your stuff! I'm so stoked! I'll also be sure to check out Marc's new youtube show!

Oh! And Mitchel, my mom had the baby on March 17th! I was so happy she was born on Mason's birthday! Take care, and have the best week ever!

Deticated to you forever and always,
Amanda <3333

KelseyLovesM.T.M said...

oh mitchel,
thats so sad!but im sure its for the best and im so excited to see the video and hear it!!im buying disney mania 6 when it comes out.
You were amazing on saturday iwasent their but i saw the video's on youtube and wow u looked tired!but u must of had fun!and u looked so hott!!♥
and im going to check out marc's youtube show wheni get home.but anyway i got to go im in school!:(

ur amazing

Evania said...

that sounds like a Bummer.
But cant wait for everything.
And Metro Station deserved it:)
there awesomee Pretty soon there
Gonna be In the Top ten.

Anonymous said...

Hiya Mitchel!
I love lean on me! Right now I am constantly listening to it!

fmbee said...

Hey Mitchel! Could you look at my blog? It has one of the better pictures from your "concert" on saturday!

fmbee said...

Hey Mitchel! I have a great pic of you on my blog! Could you check it out? Oh and could you give a shout out to Felicia! (ME!)

Love ya,

Anonymous said...

I think many fans are sad cause there won't be the tour...but I'm really happy for the video!'re right: there's something great for all of us! You're really a special guy! =)

many hugs from Italyyyyyyyyy!


Anonymous said...


Erinnn said...

there are good things that come from the bad news!
1-maybe DC games??
2-maybe more time in the hannah movie??
im hoping soooo

and i love you and emily so im sooo pumped to see this video/hear u guys sing. love uu

makayla (Girl with same birthday from AZ) said...

Hey Mitchel! I am so sorry! I know you were looking forward to it and so was I!

Have a terrific day!


selah said...

this post just broke my heart...but hearts heal, right?
right, mitchel?
i was so looking forward to seeing you again on the 26th... >.<
but, i agree with everyone else that says everything happens for a matter how much it may hurt at first.

but i'm stoked for you and emily's video and song.
can't wait to hear your duet. :]

does this mean oliver will have more screen time in the hannah montana movie?
i pray so.


Anonymous said...

I know you dont want any upset comments but OMG! ughh! im so mad.. not at you but UGHH! ohh my goshh! UGHH UGHHH UGHH! :[ :[ :[
ughh ! Im not trying to post a upset comment its just hard to post a cheerful comment.

YAY metro station!
andd marcc :]
By the way I STILL love you :]
there will be other days..hopefully
--Britt xoxo

MitchelLover64, All Mitchel Musso said...

when u say postponed u mean canceled! u mean im not gonna get to see u! what da ________!

Anonymous said...

Mitchel I am so upset about the concert i was so excited but i understand! that is great about the songg! yay =]

MitchelLover64, All Mitchel Musso said...

ok sorry bout my last comment. it was mean n sad n im sorry. on da + side u did a vid with emily. dat should be cool. well since ur not doin da tour, could u PLEASE still come to boston!

shireen(: said...

darn. that sucks.

but im excited to see that video


MitchelLover64, All Mitchel Musso said...

ok i was bein selfish. who cares bout me r u ok? u shood go on ur own tour. thatd be sweet.

Anonymous said...

wow, mitchel, its amazing how your always so positive and something really great will be around the corner for a person as great as you!

Anonymous said...

aww me and my friend were so excited for the show...I hope you will still get to do another tour this summer!!! Congrats for Metro Station!!

Abbster said...

hey mitchel!
aww. im soo sorry about the tour.
i know that its going to be amazing when it gets up and running again.
but... music video is going to be amazing, and i know it for a fact! :)
AND... i saw metro station yesterday! i got a video of blake, and its pretty gosh darn awesome.
speakin of gosh darn awesome... your bro is soo cute.
he sounds and looks like you so much!
i totally love you! (haha that rhymed)

HaleighJayy said...

it's okay;
that must be soo hard.
the musical that i was in was postponed on opening night.
i was really depressing, we were working on it for at least 4 and a half months.

but, when you guys figure out when your gonna start, tell me!

peace out cub scout!

Courtney (: said...

I's sorry Mitchel (: your still uber amazing. my friends are probably pissed though she JUST won 5th row tickets. We still love ya though babe (:

Anonymous said...

aw..that's sad! but i know u'll do the bestest concert ever when you get another chance!!! it's all cuz ur a rockstar! oh and i sent u a letter not too long ago with a picture my friend drew 4 u! on it it says "I am a HOT rockstar!" it looks awesome and she drew it all by herself! it like totally rocks! yay metro station! they r coming to omaha again on the 13th which i 2 days rite b4 we get outta sux cuz i can't go! but i will eventually and don't u forget about it! still upset about da whole concert thing but once you go on ur own'll be a mad house full of screaming girls yelling at the top of their lungs "I LOVE YOU MITCHEL!!"...i'll probably b one of them!!!!!!!!!! i love marc's new moose man show! clever title!!! marc said ur gunna b on one of his shows! do a tour of ur house okey dokey? i can't wait for the cd and the music video!!!! well i'll talk to you on the next post since there is still another one! i love you!!!

~*ElLe*~ <3

Chelsee said...

So... Mitchel... You know what I think?

Well, Metro is doing a concert on MAY 4TH in



And.... I think that...

You should come to support your brother and then just happen to go to the merch table afterwards so that me and Sara (well maybe me if I go) can talk to you!

Sounds splendid, no?

Just some food for thought.
Mmm, tacos!


Jenny said...

thats okay, kiddo!
everyone is not listening to you, they are posting sad stuff. haha.

Moose Man?! hahahaha! wow.. Marc.. haha.

oh music video with Emily!! i knew it! haha. duh. well can't wait!

oh yeah, like some other kids said;
since the tour is postponed, will you be at the DC games? i won't be there, but i might see them on tv or something.

xoxo, Jenny

Jenny said...

hey that chelsee person had the same idea as me. i think i posted it once, except i said
metro station is having a show in minnesota on april 23 and you should come with them.
oh, now that would be awesome. if i can go to that show. haha.

Nikita Bimson said...



Anonymous said...

I've just been browsing the photo gallery on your website and I have an observation: there are photos where you seem genuinely happy, but others where it's not so clear (like you seem tired, stressed, etc). Just don't work TOO hard, okay? I know you're a professional, but you're a teenager, too, and this thing with the tour might be an opportunity for you to just goof off for a while and be young.

I worry about you sometimes.

The snow has melted, but I'll sit on the curb and chuck ice cubes at strangers while eating fondue in your honor.

Shun the non-believers, Mitchel. Sssshunnnn...

Anonymous said...

does this mean you can be in the hannah montana movie more???
that would be so terribly awesome!!!

Angela said...

Hey Mitchel,

It's to bad the tour is getting postoned. But im glad to hear you and Emily did a music video! And that your brother has a youtube video. Hope to hear from you again soon.

ℓαnα , said...

Mitchel buddy ,
Man, everything happens for a reason.. no matter what! I know that's probably been said about 20 times now, but it's true! Don't worry about it bud, just go with the flow and everything will work out. You even said so, that something awesome is around the corner .. and with you budd, there's no doubt that something bomb WILL come aroundd!! Keep your HEAD UP, and don't stop SMILIN' =D
Ahahh, can't wait to see you and Em' in the music video! I know you guys are gonna be AMAZINGG !!
Wooot , BIG props to Metro Station!! I was driving in my car after school today, and what started playin on the radio?? Yeahh!! "Shake It" is climing the charts here in Hali too!! It's awesome! Great job guys! .. (Hali is short for Halifax .. it sounds better :D)
Last thingg .. tell Marc that his videos are BOSS! Keep it up Kiddoo :)
'Member what I said Mitchel ..
don't stop smilin' :)

Andrew said...

hey mitchel, please give me a shout out xD jk jk. Listen dont worry about the raven concert these things happen some way or another. ure doing a great job and we r enjoying seeing ure career go to bigger and better things and u totally deserve it!
good luck in the hannah montana movie and any other productions, ull do great.


Gennine said...

hey Mitchel!!!!!!!!!
It stinks about your concert, but I can't wait to see the music video with Emily!!!!!
and yeah, like Molly said, are you gonna do the DC games now? that would be extremely awesome!~
and Metrostation is an amazing band. end of story. lol. Shake It is so addicting.

thanks for posting a blog!
can't wait to hear more from you!
~Gennine, 14 (almost 15!!!) NJ

Katlyn said...

its hard to be positive when this is such a let down :(

but i cant wait for your new tour, you should go on tour with someone else, you dont need raven.

mitchel your amazing, dont let her bad decisions get you down.

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry that the Tour has been postponed, really.
But as you said,
something great is just around the corner.

Just keep thinking positive and
everything will be alright soon, you'll see.

But i just can't wait for the video! It has to be amazing.
I hope me and everybody else has
the chance to see it soon :)

Hope you have a great weekend!

Annie said...

well im happy for the greatness thats supposed to be coming around the corner but im also very upset...its okay i just gotta stay positive oh man this sux anyways i hope the video with emily went well please post new tour dates when you get them please!

Anonymous said...

awww =[
i'm sorry mitchel!!

i'm not to sad b/c you're not coming to ky anyways. lol xD
can't wait to see the video!! :) :)

te amo!

Annie said...

made a video response to marcs "moose man #4" vid blog you should check it out cuz your mentioned in here...a few times anyways its awesome so check it out

Emily said...

awww, i'm so sorry the tour has been postponed mitchel! that must stink because i know how much you were looking forward to it. does this mean you're gonna do the dc games though?? :D do you know which other hannah montana stars are playing in them?

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel,
I was wondering if this meant that you were able to go to the DC games. Cant wait for new tour dates. Come to Florida! lol thanks

Dakota said...

oh no...
well, that sucks!
im sorry, but hey...
maybe God had different ideas..

luv, Dakota

Courtney said...

aw man... i had some really good tics thhey were on the sevent row... oh well.. anyway hopefully ill see you in concert and have some really good seats too....

jackieee said...

i passed out when i saw this.

abby said...

AW! i already got my tickets!
hmm..but its okay!

i hope your doing well!

KT J. said...

2 weeks till my birthday, babe- hoping to cya soon =)
love kt

Kennedy said...

does this mean you're going to the dc games

Catie said...

Is there still going to be a concert on your birthday in LA?
I hope there is...I already bought my tickets and I have 3rd row seats. I hope the concert is still going to happen on that day.
Please let me know.

Catie =)

Ashley said...

Hey Mitch,
I can't wait to see the music vid you did with Em. Marc's new show is totally awesome. I'm kind of glad you're not going on tour with raven anymore. You are way to good for her. Now you can do the DC games. And you can get you're own tour. Come back top Ohio. You are so awesome and HOT:)

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel!
It's so awesome about the music video with you and Emily.That is going to be wonderful!

And there will be more tours and maybe even your own one!You never know what's ahead of you.

And I can't wait to see Marcs youtube.It sounds awesome!

Keep positive Mitchel you have alot of good things.

~*~Sarah Mina~*~

Anonymous said...

hey hows it goin homie skilit bisket.. lol this is gypsy chick here again anyway your not on the disney games list why? : ( you should.. ok i got an idea.. check it out.. you can preform at the games how awesome that would be . like you and miley lol.. that will shock everyone.. it be sweeeeet well if theres a way to be at the disney games then it be cool if you was there. and why isent emily on the list eather.. dang it.. mitchel .. gotta do something about that.. i know your life is crazy right now but cant it be alittle more crazyer by you going to the games.. just asking .. well much love to ya homie. cant wait for the music video even though i hoped it be with miley and you.. its all good. oh btw when is your cd comeing out. im lovin your music. keep it up my brother.. its awesomely great ..latter gagsta.. peace out with lots of wove.. wove i tell you WOVE..

Joanne said...

hi Mitchel,
I love your new song but I would of loved it even more if you had sung it with Miley.Keep up the good work.

Sierra said...

Hey Mitchel!
Just checked out Marc's show...funny :). Sorry about the concert but I know something even better is gonna open up for you! Keep up the great work!!!

kelsey said...

hey mitchel!!
ok i now have a newfound love for marc...i already love you and mason with like a passion but moose man is amazing...burnin up on the ukelele was so intense haha

we should all thank mr. and mrs. for bringing these 3 wonderful boys into our livess

love youuu

Brittany said...

Heyy Mitchel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm sorry about the concert.I love your song the "The in crowd". My mom said if I did not stop listening to it that our computer would blow up.Anyways sorry abot the concert. Keep up the good work.
Love ya Mitchel
Brittany : ) <3

Anonymous said...

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