Thursday, April 10, 2008

Here's some info for Saturday in Kissimmee

2008 Education in the Park
Osceola County parents, students and community residents are invited to “Education in the Park”, a free and fun family event hosted by the Osceola School District on April 12, 2008, from 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM at Kissimmee’s South Lakefront Park.

You won't want to miss...

Appearances by Mitchel Musso, who
stars as Oliver Oken on Disney Channel’s Hannah Montana series. He will be performing songs from his soon-to-be released CD on the big stage throughout
the day!



JessandErinShow said...

Yea Mitch!! You be rockin that joint!! well me and my bff really wanna like interview u for a magazine we r trying to can we ask you some random questions on here sometime for you to answer? That would be wonderful!!

Jess and Erin

lauren.caroline said...

heyyyyy mitchellll

i think you should do a meet n greet or something.. thatd be good <3


Mariam. [: said...

oh mitchel.
have fun.

i miss you.
it wouldve been cool if i could see you cause its like, 2 days before my birthday.
but, you know.
its on the other side of the country...sooooooo,
better luck next time.

ALEX said...

come to seattle!

Molly said...

Hey Mitchel!

Oh my gosh, I can't WAIT for the concert!!!

I have a field trip to Epcot tomorrow which I'm SO EXCITED for!!! I love living in Florida, where Disney counts as a school-related trip. haha.



Anonymous said...


Bre said...

hey! thats kool. I am not going to be there though LOL I live in Portland :( Have fun! !

Luv Ya


hey you finally updated!! haha jm. the milwaukke tickets go on sale tomorrow!! i hope i get really close seats. =] omg im already counting down the days!

well i hope you have an awesome time saturday!!!

Anonymous said...

I wish my school district paid billions of dollars for you to come in. Instead, they waste it on stupid things like more teachers. xP


Anonymous said...

have fun man! love ya mitchel!

~*ElLe*~ <3

Anonymous said...

I'm depressed, but I still love you.

~Love, Hope

Anonymous said...

Mitchiee! YOur awesome! I really wish I could go to the concert!!!!

selah said...

oh thank you. :], if only mapquest wasn't being such a pain...


samismoreawesomethanyou said...


Anonymous said...

are you gonna be at 6 flags
in jackson NJ
on AUgust like 26
cause raven is going

Tess said...


OMG!! YOU SENT ME A LETTER!! That was awesome! I got an autogarph and A LETTER YOU ROCK!!!

At Kisseme look for two girls with a colorful sighn that says MITCHEL YOU CAN LEAN ON ME! the blond one is me!!

Shannon Loves Mitchel! said...

I want to go sooo bad but I live nowhere near there.

Holly said...

Have fun in Kissimmee! Cant wait to see you May 10th. Please do a meet and greet. I want to give you the Official Mitchel Musso Youtube Fan List. Your awesome!

Annie said...

What if we live in Florida but not in Osceola county?!
They won't...SHUN us, will they?

I really need to know. At this point, I don't think my mom's going to drive us up. It sounds like only students, parents, and county residents are invited..

#1FANisamyniemela said...

FIRST COMMENT--at least i think so.
-heyy mitchel nice update-
too bad i'm not going..i really truely am your #1 fan it's just i'm not rich & can take off of school to fly down to flordia,if only,if only..ha! So are you excited for your tour with raven? I just bought my VIP tickets for the Milwaukee one..& make sure you tell ally to change the location to Milwaukee Theatere , she had it at the Bradley Center & that's wrong..well i just wanted to comment cha' , i know your really love youuuuuuu-


leanneee =] said...

aw i wish i lived in kissimee now! hahaha. have funnn!


Anonymous said...

I WAS coming!!
yeah WAS.
Im so mad at my mom.
So now I CAN'T come.

But I may be coming to see you in June at the Raven concert in Nashville.

I wish you would come to BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA!!

It rocksssssss!!
come hereeeee.


Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel,it's me,Rafael the brazilian.I got the first comment!!!!!!!!!!!!!Thanks for you to have acepted my comment,be the best in kissimee!!!I'd stay in kissimmee someday,but I don't remember so much;)thanks for your atention,and bye-bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Brittany said...

Mitchel, WHY???? Why can't you come back to Miami?! I can't see you this Saturday because it's four hours away. I've been looking forward to it for over a month now! Oh well I guess...

Anyways, have fun!!! The weather's been pretty good here and, well, Florida loves you haha and so do I :)

<3 Brittany



OMG guess what?!?!?!

i have posters of you on my wall..right..and i counted them and i have 359 posters of just YOU!!!haha..i am soo happy and i just got a new M magazine and theres a lot of you in it...i am so happy i got that cetain one..l.ol

i want to go there to you...and i want to get your CD soooo bad..i cant wait for it to come out!!


Carly said...


cant wait to hear about the concertt!



jackieee said...

bring marc to fairfax, va on 5/11(:
&find out about meet&greeets!

kennedy said...

hmm writing in third person wierd?!

My friends and I gave u a nickname

Its chocolate

Because ur initials are MM and we were going to call u M&M but it sounded to much like eminem the raper so we converted it to CHOCOLATE


peace out

christineeee (: said...

im going to keep this short:

ii miss you SO much.
ii need details for meet&greets so i'll buy tickets for july 9.

please put up as much info as yooh can asap.

alright. ii love you.
& cant wait to see yooh again

MeganP2010 said...

how exiting... if I lived in Kissimmee!!

aww mitchel this really sucks- what if I never ever see you again? asdlfaksdfj

you're so BUSY! too busy to come do the pajama party in oakland/sacramento, too busy to be in the Hannah Montana movie (a lot), too busy to be in the disney channel games... what are you so busy with???

well even though this busy-ness sucks for me, I have a feeling your career is going in wild, crazy and new directions! I'm sure something really great is coming out of all of this

Ok, well, love you still though, and I can't wait for your album!


Ashlee said...

WootWoot! I'm going! I'm actually in Chicago, in an airplane waiting to go to Orlando! I've been on a plane since 2pm, its now 9pm. And I have another 3 hours.dude, for seriously, I'm so excited for this concert! and I'm excited to see you&yourrr familyyy!! I can't waittt!

Meg said...

I wish I coud be there:D
You still didnt answer my questions about Metro Station, but I know you're busy.
I'm actually listening to them right now and I love it,just like I love you.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel! Its so cool to be the first post but anyways, I wish I could make it to that concert but I am BEGGING my mom to let me go to your concert with raven in sunrise. I am soo excited. But I really hope that I can go. I sent you a letter a few days ago it may or maynot have gotten there but it was the chococat paper that became the envelope, lol. I put in a dollar too and I can't wait to get your autograph and letter!!

Anyways break a leg at the concert and hopefully I'll see you again at the concert in sunrise!


P.S. Is there a meet-and-greet at the concert in sunrise???

Bye! :-) :-D :-P

nikki said...

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! can other people come cause i can force my mom to bring me to that because thats only a bit away from disney. yea so wanna be there totally wanna hear the new songs so those of u lucky enough to go spread the love and vidio tape it and put it on youtube then put the link on this article plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

christineeee (: said...

i miss you.
a lot.

Tori said...

psh, i wish i could go :(

u still should have went last month at the same time, but oh well


Julie :] said...

soon to b released CD?!
like when's it commin out??

Daniela said...

have fun :D
Daniela (from Israel)

RISA said...


you berockin that joint!!

I miss you.
and I love you!!

I'm waiting for you!!:p

The Future Mrs. Musso said...

Hey Mitchel!
AWESOME! I can't wait! I'll see you there!
I know you'll be absolutely fantastic!

God Bless and Have a Wonderful Day!

Anonymous said...

Ha! Have fun Mitchel!


GiGi said...

I am so there! I can't wait! I know it's going to be AWESOME!!


Ashlee said...

Mitchel! Dude, I was just at the lakefront park. I saw your stage! I'm so excited for 2mrw!

well, I'm gonna go to disney world! see you 2mrw!

KelseyLovesM.T.M said...

WOW! Hope you have an amazing time!!!:) I cant wait for Ur CD i'm buying it the minute it gets released. I finished my ''Mitchel'' wall I have lie 30 or more posters of you:)and I counted the every poster I have up in my bedroom I have 204!!!!!!!!!u cant see my wall its mainly you,miley,cody linley,joe jonas,emily osment and other randoms but yeah..I have allot of posters! lol and I buy magazine's all the time! But anyway I hope you have the best time ever! And good luck with everything!

ur so amazing!!♥

Anonymous said...

:] you got to go to Disney?
I want to go to Disney, but i may not be able to go till next year...or Halloween :D
last Saturday, i got to go to a Japanese restaurant!! i don't think i had sushi, but i had other cool stuff!! heheh i liked the green tea ice cream...can't wait to go again.
it's sooooo cloudy here, yesterday it was sunny, but now it's back to cloudy.
tomorrow I have acting classes again, i had to memorize something from Charlie Brown.
Yesterday was modeling class, in two weeks i an get my pictures done. this modeling class i had to say commercial lines in front of a was kinda fun...:)
it is warmer now, so I want to go outside more, like the zoo!! the red wolves are so cool, (as you may of guessed, I love wolves)
can't wait till the concert. I think i may have a little bit of a Rhode island accent, like sometimes, i say gett'n instead of getting...heheh

OH, please, please, please tell me if you have any meet and greets in Rhode Island!!

-coral (the girl who sometimes talks randomly about RI)

p.s. and i say again, I probably should stop talking randomly about RI, heheh i am so weird...but I would not be me if I was'nt.

lauren.caroline said...

IM NOT COMING. IM SO MAD. i was supposed to drive up with annie and alex, thats a no, then sam [samanathamusso] was liek alright well you should come with us....

yeha that didnt work out either... WTFFFFF

but ill see u in miami on the 28.. stoked? i think a little bit lmao.

<3 you,

JessandErinShow said...

Just thought I'd say that I love the pic of you and the Oliver ACTION FIGURE!!!! yea it's not a bff Erin keeps saying it is....she's wrong!!'s not a doll cuz ACTION FIGURES r cool!! and I have that same one!! yea we rock!!


Chelsee said...

Hey Mitch. How have you been?
Well things have kinda sucked here lately.

A guy I know from school was killed in a really bad car accident on Wednesday. Him and his best friend were killed. Everyone at my school is depressed. Yesterday was so hard. Everyone was crying and stuff. I cried a LOT.
And then this morning, we went outside and had a moment of silence, and it was so sad because Ben's (the guy that died) mom was there, and she was crying so much.
So yeah. I just prayed the whole time.

Well have fun in Florida, and hope to see you soon!


Chelsee said...

I just re-read one of your blogs, and OMG you're gonna be in Orlando on the 26th, and I'M gonna be in Orlando on the 26th! In Disney! So I think you need to go there, cause I miss you and I really need a hug after everything this week.


charleen said...

Cant beleve that you are comming to kissimme I live five minutes away from the lake front!!!!!!!!!! @(^.^)@

Anonymous said...

mitchel i am so sad right now... i found out that i cant come see you when you come here to New Orleans on Jun. 22 b/c that is the same night as my dance review. :( but do you think you could come see me?! what i mean is you will be done preforming before my review is over... you could just drop by and see me! good plan huh? it would be great! maybe you could even sing a song!? just for me... lol.. whatcha say wanna come? itll fuuunnnn!!! its practically down the street!

emily h.

Anonymous said...

heyy =)

j.w if you'll be doing any meet & greets.

specifically at the show may 18th, prudential ceneter .

lemme knoww ;)

laterr cutiee


Anonymous said...

I know you love Floridaaa.

But you have people here in Alabama who love you too.


come here.


Allie said...

OMG OMG OMG. Your album comes out soon. I am SO HAPPY RIGHT NOW! AHHHH!

Kissimmee. Kiss-a-me, I still can't get over it. i'm sure Kissimme wouldn't appreciate that...

It's Gabe from Cobra Starship at his prom! Love his suit! And I love that pic of you and your mini-doll self, your face is all "woah". I wanted to get that doll so much, but my mom wouldn't let me. Sad now. It was on sale too!

Doo da doo da doo, I am so happy, happy happy happy, seeing Metro Station, la da and The Maine! I'm in a singing kind of mood. Get up, on my elevator... it's a good song. It has Timbaland, his faces and poses are priceless! If I strung cords would you sing a song with me. I wanna go to California! Woah, I feel just like I'm taking, control, of the night, of the night, yeahy yeah. The music video's crazy. I wish I was a little bit taller, I wish
I was a baller: from Punk Goes Crunk! AHHH!

Adios! Have fun in kiss-a-me!


ttran said...

Hey, Mitchel!

I hope you and everyone who attends have an amazing time!! sour 16th birthday was greatness! Hahaha.

Have an awesome day!!!!!

Alana said...

To the people of Kissimmee:You Guys Are Lucky!!:) Really,it sounds like a TON of fun!
I'm kinda getting fidgety because the tickets for the sunrise concert didn't come yet!There suppose to come in the mail.If they don't come by the week before the concert i plan to bug my dad to call the place!(just kidding....i think)
Can't wait for the CD also!
By By

Sasha said...

That is WICKED Mitchel!!!! I hope you have tons of fun!!!!!

See ya

Anonymous said...

hop on to the bandwagon, mitchel! you need to get a youtube account and update us by that! that would be AWESOME! all the hottest disney celebs are doing it! haha. miley mandy, selena demi, alyson stoner, malese jow, all those ppl! u NEED one! :) how about call it 'mitchelmakesmovies'. lol.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel please give me a shout out!!! It's me Michaella from Key West!!! I saw you at the dadeland mall!!!! If you remember me i would be really happy if you give me a shout out to me in your blog!!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!

Alana said...

Hey Mitchel,i saw the video on the site the one where you were in the recording studios and Jason was "looking at you in the eyes".:)
Good one!(that song got to you too?I have been hearing all week last week!)
And you work out?

Katlyn said...

mitchel musso, will you go to pizza hut with me and my friends after the pittsburgh concert hahhahhaa :)

Annie said...

Ayyyy, Mitchel I can't comee.
My mom figured that since there are going to be 30,000 people there (lucky you!), we won't get anywhere near you and won't be there in time to make get good spots in line for the meet-and-greet. Honestly, I know we would've made it work, but whatever mom says, goes. It's a four hour drive and I understand why she said no, but it meant so much to me and Lauren! One more month and I would be able to drive myself.


But we'll be waiting for the 28th and we'll see you backstage then! :D

Amy Lynn said...

Hey, I still wish you were coming to Portland.

I just bought Metro Station's CD at Target, I absolutely love it!! I'm listening to it now.

I really cant wait until you have your own CD.

Well, have fun on your tour. Drink some red bull. I mean don't drink it, it's not good. Thats pretty funny.


Katie is insanely freshh said...

Hmmmm...So yeah, you should come to Tennessee sometime. :)
Are you going with your brother when they come here for the concert?
I've been waiting forever for them to come!!! Ahhh!
Anywho, yeah...I guess thats it. :)

Katie R. said...

I ordered my tickets for the Detroit concert in June today!!!!! I'm so excited!! I was afraid I wouldn't be able to get them. and I got a pretty good row too!!
Dude, you went to the Magic Kingdom yesterday, and Molly went to Epcot today......I am jealous of both of you.... I want to go to Disney World!!! I wish they had a Disney World here in Michigan.....LOL!!
Have a BLAST tomorrow with your show!!! Molly is going to be there. So she is going to keep me posted on how it goes!
Have a wonderful weekend!! Stay Safe.


Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel ... i hope you had tons of funnn ... yea well like yea im sorry i haven`t been able to post on the other ones i mean i started back school and etc im not complaining but im just saying and oh yea ima send you something but i do`nt know the right address ... :( .. and well uhm yea i dunno i will make you something .. friend drama .. i hate it *sighs* .. well yea im tired so ima go to bed...

wait .. ily mitchel .. ur awesome !!

laters ..
Love Nicole ... :)

IkissedRko said...

Heyy michell. I hope you have a fun and safe tour. I love you soo much. please get back to me.


Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel,
It's going to be awesome!
I wish I could be there.
I hope you do some meet and greats in or around L.A. soon.
Have a really awesome time.Can't wait to her all about it!!!

Luv ya
~*~Sarah Mina~*~

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel,

How's it going...i am hoping to catch one of you tour dates sometimes soon hopefully i will have to see. I was listening to the radio last weekend and then i heard the beginning of Shake it by Metro Station come on the radio during the chum chart top 30 i was so excited.. i turned up the radio and made my friend listen to it.
Well keep up the good work,

natalia said...

Hey Mithcel!!

That's awesome!
Have fun!

Love Ya


selah said...

i can't wait for today!
it'll be awesome.
and maybe i'll finally get to actually meet you. :]

brooke said...

have fun today :].
i can't wait until june firsttt.


Anonymous said...

heya mitchel good luck with the tour ill be thinking of youall the way i cant come and see u coz i have school and i loive all the way in england and i am strating a new school in a week and im kinda nervous id love to come but i cant sorry anyway good luck again luv u from heather15 in england

Kitkat said...

AWESOME! however i can't go. :'(
too far away.
Sorry i haven't commented in a while, i've been SOOOO busy.
ANYWAY, i saw a blog from you a while ago talking about your fanmail and head shots and stuff like that.
Well i'm sure almost everyone on here knows the address to send it to, but i don't. :(
WHat should i send that Fan Mail to?
i'd LOVE to know! Also the birthday party sounded AWESOME! I wish i could've gone.
But the videos on youtube seem awesome :D
well i gotta go now. UPDATE!


Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel

I hope you had a great time at Kissimmee Mitchel. On Chrono Trigger Mitchel. You are on level 34. Miley is on Level 32 Emily is on Level 32. Billy Ray is on Level 32. Jason is on Level 32. and Sarah is on Level 32. I am at the Underwater cavern To stop Queen Zeal to summon Lavos to destroy the world. The sad part about it She summons Lavos and you sacrifice your life to save Miley and friends life. But the good part Miley bring you back to life again with her pendant you found on the ground at the fair Mitchel.
I will tell you more later Mitchel.

Your Friend and Fan

Tess said...





The Future Mrs. Musso said...

Hey Mitchel!!!
Meeting you today was TOTALLY AWESOME!!!
You are soo sweet! I was the brunette that you met at The Gaylord Palms! I was the one that said I sing! ANYWAY, MY DREAM CAME TRUE!! LOL!

God Bless and Have a Wonderful Day!

P.S. You are SUPER CUTE with freckles! ;)

Anonymous said...

hey how was the first concert?!?!?

randa said...

hey Mitchel!whats up?your awsome!i luv ''cheese jerky''! ''im the man who had the the man who had the jerky.we put it all together and do it really worky!cheese jerky! say what!say what!'' haha!

Anonymous said...

Mitchel,It's me,Rafael again,I have thirteen years old and I'm still learning english,but I am good.I'm just talking to you because I can talk something wrong,so don't care.You know what?I think when I talked with you was the best thing that happened in that year,even if you can't talk with me,because I don't have blog.My school is not going well,and I have to study too much,and when I talk with you,you can always hear me.You are really the best Mitchel,thanks and bye-bye.

Mariam. [: said...

seeing sam's pictures with/of you in fl.
made me miss you like, from here to fl...
i havent seen you in like five months, man. (it feels like five years. "/)
you probably dont even remember who i ammmm!
where have you been hiding?!
besides, utah.

july 7.
im just gonna turn my calendar to that date and circle it with every color sharpie i can findddd!
i love youuuu &
i miss you!

selah said...

my goodness.

yesterday was pandamonium, mitchel. you cannot deny that kissimmee was CRAZY. especially when you went to the rock climbing wall. people were tripping and falling and pushing just to get near you. i taped it on my are a serious actor. i loved how you pretended that there wasn't 1489446358346909002 people screaming for you. :]

the concert was awesome. i loved my best friend. and lean on me was hilarious cos that kid, Leo, was totally out of it the WHOLE SONG. he had no clue what to do. you were up there jammin', and he was like, "..."

once again, your mom is the best mom i have ever met. i met her last december at the Jingle Jam concert in Celebration, then yesterday. she is incredibly sweet! i didn't get to meet your dad or grandma, but i did get a picture with Marc. :]

and i did get a bracelet to meet you! it sucks that i could get a picture with you though. but from the looks of it, you were exhausted. i don't blame you. i wore jeans and the white shirt of yours and the color on my legs and face are soooo different. it looks like i had a nose transplant, it's so dark. :] but totally worth it, just to meet you.

i asked you mom, she said she doesn't know right now, but when ever you get news if you're doing meet and greets (mainly for 26th), let me know. i am determined to get a picture with you.


once i post my videos from yesterday on youtube, i'll comment you back. :]

Anonymous said...

heyy mitchel!
i just have a qestion, and if u can answer it it would be GREAT.
my mom keeps on saying u used to play on a show when u were younger,
is that true?
and if so, what was the name?

Tiffani said...

I'm more than excited for the PJ party!!!! I just want to know if you're going to do a meet and greet at the Little Rock Arkansas show??? If so get prepared me and my friends are crazy cool!!!!!! We will act like complete crazy girls it's pretty exciting lol. So get prepared to have a great arkansas time =D

shireen(: said...

how fun(:

but as much as you love florida, you said on national radio you love michigan, so come here(:


Anonymous said...

Mitchel you were amazing!
I was never a big fan.
I thought you were pretty cute on TV. So I went. Wow. Your so hot in person!
I loved your band really nice guys. You dance really good.
I would really like to thank you for taking time to come. you were just amazing! Best of all it was free! lol.
Your amazing.
You charmed the little girls right into fairyland. And then the older ones (like me) were amazed at how you presented yourself.
Thanks mitchel.Thanks for the concert and thanks for the autograph.
I bought a shirt.


Anonymous said...

i was theree!
i was one of the girls that got to go in the tenttt !

thanh said...

when are you goign to nashville?

selah said...

lean on me:

my best friend:

you rock climbing:

red carpet:

my vlog about the day:

i'm still posting more.


selah said...

Wasn't Your Girlfriend:

White Striped Gloves:

sorry, WSG kind of cuts out at one point. that's when sunny K came around with bracelets, and that's when i finally got one. :]

hope you like the vids.

Sienna said...

From what I have heard your concert was super cool, Mitchel.

Can't wait until you come to AZ again!

It is Mariam's birthday tomorrow!

christine Del Pilar said...

its mariam's birthday tomorrow!!!! april 14!!

thanh said...

Hi mitchel, arent you going to nashville and film the HM movie?

ℓαnα , said...

from Selah's vid's I can tell that the concert was pretty bomb! AWESOME job budd! :) Man I WISH i lived in the U.S! aha.

Anyway, I'm just leaving a short one todayy..I'm babysitting two boys, and they are CRAZY hyper right now! Wish me luck!!


TamiBabyy said...

Heyy Mitchel!! <333
You are amazing!!
P.s. Can u make a shout out next entry! hahaha

brie said...

Man, Mitchel...why don't you have more of these free concerts in more places, like...oh, I don't know....CHICAGO?!?!?!?!?!

Today we went on a FIELD TRIP to see "A Midsummer Night's Dream." OMG it was such a fun show! Though I will admit that it'd be easier to understand if they didn't use Shakespear talk!

Well what else has been going on in my life? Hmmm.....well I found out that my friend and her parents are taking me on a mini vaca about 4 hours from here next week! I can't wait!

Dude, you gotta tell MooseMan to have Tater Tots and the MixMaaaster on his show! I'm dying to see you guys! And when you guys are on, you gotta PROMISE to give me a big shout out! To Brie! And MooseMan STILL hasn't called me back about my live performances! Geeze! Tell him to get off his lazy butt and get a move on!!! lolz.

I think I mentioned a while ago about a play I wrote...well we finally performed it! The show was so incredible! We were almost SOLD OUT every night! And my teacher wants to get my play PUBLISHED!!! I can't believe it! We could turn it into a major motion picture, and you could be my singing partner! WOOOOOO!

Well, that's all for now, dude! Talk to ya later!

luv, brie

HaleighJayy said...

I want to gooo.
but i can't.
its depressing.

Mariam. [: said...

ive counted this blog a lot...
but thats prolly just cause you havent posted a new oneee.

for all those times on the radio when you were being modest mitch and were like "i dont consider myself famous."

well today,
someone definately proved you wrong.
a man got Smokin Oken tattoed into his leg.

its my birthday.

Carly said...

Hey! i saw videos from the concert! looked like a lotta funn!! i saw u rock climbed too! very cool! lol!! well cant wait till may 31st and june 7th!!! ahh! im so excited ahhaa

well ttyl lyl



Molly said...

Hey Mitchel!!

I had an awesome time at the concert!!!!!! My entire fam did!! Thanks for a great show!!



Alana said...

Hey me again and wanted to say hi!(u tired of me yet?:D)
Kissimmee sounded fun!Wish i was there..

Can you believe that the tickets didn't come yet?(considering i stated that last week..)My sis thinks they'll come last minute(she better be right!)hahaha
sorry i'm just excited!

Any chance of you going the Cheese Jerky rap?lol i love that!

And i listened to Wasn't Your Girlfriend like twice just now(might go 4 a 3rd)

And tomorrow is my sister's 13th birthday!And my cousins will come over..this will be fun.and we have a decent size cake(enough for the 6 year old to have a sugar rush and on top of that she's 6 years old and is already hyper..pray for me!jk)

Last thing:Can you have a meet-and-greet at the concert?


#1FANisamyniemela said...


you came to my concert

you attended my tour

55 states & 26 cities

but i wish you could see

you're more than a fan to me

this ain't a no..

i wish that you could see


you're more than a fan to me

yes i have an offical site

i even write my own blog

i try to update A.S.A.P.

& guess what?

you always coment me

& i think now that you can see..

you're more than a fan to me

this ain't a no..

i wish that you could see


you're more than a fan to me

one day you left me a comment

about your junior prom

i had to laugh, but i did write you back

even tho i said no i still said i would of LOVED to go....

you're more than a fan to me

this ain't a no..

i wish that you could see


you're more than a fan to me

we even talked on the phone one day

sure it was on Radio Disney

but it was still cool i also sent you

a valantine too... & i think you know

you're more than a fan to me

this ain't a no..

i wish that you could see


you're more than a fan to me

you're more than a fan

ohh ohh

more than a...

fan.. :)

this is still in the process.. hahha but it's purty good if you only knew how the beat went it's a rap sorta but kinda slow in a way.. maybe i'll youtube it.. hahha.. please mitchel tell me what you think about it...& i hope
you have a good tour...:)



#1FANisamyniemela said...

i love you & dad gets really jealous you should see... hahha he's mad i'm going to your concert..o well i'm still going VIP babyyy! yeah! i bought them like a week ago.. i'm going milwaukee... hahhaha can't waittt

june 7thhhhh... && june 6thhh is last day of school yesss than summerr...than after that...


omgosh...umm... i'm really hyperrr!

I absolutely can't wait for the concert!! the HANNAH MONTANA MOVIE!!! &&& HATCHING PETE!!!

that's about it... umm.. don't FORGETT to write back about the song i wrote please please write me back...

♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥& I LOVE YOU MITCHEL!!!!!


Anonymous said...

mitchel, this is embarrassing, but im writing you a song too!

its taking super long.
but it will be so super good. and you'll listen to it every day and be like maaannn this song is SO BOMB, but you know what? you'll have no idea that it's about you!

creeeeeper STATUS

Anonymous said...

heya i hope the concert was good i saw a vid on youtube of you rock climing looked fun didnt look very high though ive been rock climing before a few years ago. luv u bye from heather15


Hey man! Member when you called me on tuesday... well this is me!! O and hope you have a rockin time in ... o ya Kissimmee

<3 Peace && Love,
Allie :)


Hey my stupid comment wont post >:( gawd. i hate my comp.. but i love you mitchel o adn mi mom said she is gunna try and get tix for Chicago!!! Yaya


Love u mitchel!

Anonymous said...


So yesterday was a year since I've met you for the second time? Chicago, baby!

Anyhoo, I was remincing on my fanhood....ahah I remember leaving you crazy, suck-up comments to you on here, under the name "Dani" cause I was afraid someone would come to my house and get me! lmfaoooo And that was like, when the blog first came out about a year and a half ago? It's really rad to see the people who were there for all that time, ahaha. Crazy've come so far, kiddo!!!

haleighjayy said...

ive said this a million gazillion trillion billion times, but one more time may not hurtt;;

and you were just on the tv.
hannah motnana is the bestttesttt.
so yeah;
denver, its really cool here.
perfect weather,
fun amusment parks,


Annie said...

Hey Mitchel!
Lauren and I just saw Metro Station here in Ft. Lauderdale. They were absolutely AMAZING! Wow, I had an amazing night.

Oh, and we talked with Mason after their set and we told him that we were going to see on on Saturday, but didn't get to, and he said he'd say hi for us. Anyway, he asked our names and Lauren was like, "Lauren and Alex" and then he walked away before I could realize what happened. XD
Sooo, if he says that Lauren and Alex say hi, it's really Lauren and me. But Alex talked to him on the phone because she couldn't make it to the concert. Haha, so she says hi too.

Mariam. [: said...

i got a casting call for a certain someone's music video with a certain someone else. [;
but, i haven't gone on any auditions or anything since i was in like eighth grade. and so my workers permit expired a million and five years ago.
i was majorly bummed, you have no idea.
but oh well.

i hope you had fun shooting it today buddy!

Taylor said...

hopefully youu had funn in floriduhh.
thiis is like the 2nd time I missed youu when youu were down here.
and muh mom was gunna drive me,,
since we werr at muh beachhouse near where we met the 1st time,,
but then she didnt cuz we werr "busy"
I miss youu.
its been like 5 months since I saw youu lastt
and I releeee wanted to watch youu perform.
come bacck heree soon.
floriduhh loves youu!!
youu are the besttestt.
and youu needa visitt here moree.

Shefali said...

Hey Mitchel!
Well! u know what I was going to cum from India specially to meet ya!! But now unfortunately b'coz of my grandma's news I wont b able to come!!
I guess dat I m ur only fan from India!!
Luv ya anyway!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel! Well, I just wanted you to know if don't already...Shake It by Metro Station is number 32 on iTunes! And Shake It was on the Top 20 countdown on the radio station XM Top 20 on 20!! I was freaking out in the car when I saw that becuase i LOVE Metro Station. Well anyways, just thought I'd let ya know that if you didn't.

Kendra <3

lauren.caroline said...

hahah 2 annies latest comment
ur brothers so cool.

he was wearing his red pants which made my night.

we got traces old guitar case which also made my night.

so chelsea wasnt there, but hannabeth was. shes an awesome girl.

^i just told u my amazing story

<3 laurennn

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel!!!!!!!!!(Rafael again)I think you're really busy,and I'm leaving you angry because I am talking a lot,sorry for that...It's all because I never talked with someone like you,I am your great fan,but if you are angry,you can put it on your posts,and I stop!!!I just wanted to say that in my vacation on july I will go to another place without computers,so I'm saying you HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!Your birthday is on the same day of my mom's birthday!!!Coincidence,not???So, bye-bye.(And don't forgot that thing that I said before about I'm talking a lot).

fmbee said...

I loved your "concert" on Saturday it was SOOOO much fun! You climbed that rock wall really fast and the way that little girl looked when she saw you under her was hilarious! I love all of your songs! I also got a headshot of you (the ones they were selling at the purple tent) from your mom! I put it up in my room! I wanted to meet you so bad but I was to far in to get one of the bracelets they were passing out! Well have a great day! Oh and did you catch your flight on time? LOL Cause they said you were going to be late! Well bye!

Love to Y'all,