Thursday, April 17, 2008

EDIT - SHAKE IT! is at # 1 on Itunes Alternative!

# 22 overall



Disa said...

(: yayy.
It should be #1 though, hah.

Brittany said...

Whoooo!! That is my JAMM :D

Annie said...

Oh wow!
It's an amazing song and deserves higher, but tell Mason congrats from me anyway!

GiGi said...

AWESOME!! 4 spots higher than yesterday! They are movin' on UP! GO METRO STATION! =D


Anonymous said...

lol, i was gonna comment on the other post, but i guess I will comment on this one instead...
*sigh* after telling my mom that the concert was canceled i got stung by a bee in the attic, correction, a, amazingly it didn't hurt half as bad as i remember from when i was younger.
:D, a few days ago my frog finally showed up at the pond. lol, frogs are so cute...most of the time.
Yes, i have a pet frog, :)

Today i have another modeling class, this one is for makeup for week is the actual photos!!!! :) i might be able to start sending in resumes for Disney!! who knows, i might end up in a movie with you, :) depending
Hmmmm I guess i gotta keep an eye out for any movies i might be interested in. I wanted to be in the hannah montana movie, but i still have not gotten my pictures, so maybe another film, show, or maybe a commercial.

oh! i wanted to ask you a random question, lol
what is your favorite animal?
I was just wondering...

I might be able to go to Disney sometime between October 31st to November, lol, do you think you would be in Disney world around then? though chances are that i may not be able to go, unfortunately, but i can still ask if you may be there around then :D

-coral, the girl who SOMETIMES randomly talks about RI

p.s. which of these do you like most?

(A). the girl who sometimes talks randomly about RI

(B). The girl from RI

(C). The RI girl

(D). the Ri girl who loves wolves

p.s.again. sorry about the concert...

Amy said...

dude love that song.
how's "lean on me" doing with radio disney?

Anonymous said...

Mitchel your songs are super! You really deserve it! =)


meredith kelly said...

i love them .. there the only band i can run to. =]
keep it real
meredith kelly !

I'd swim the ocean for you♥ said...



im thinkin it should be number one though. Metro Station=♥ that cd is bombb btw haha

it stinks your tour got cancelled. i cried but u said to be positive so pretend u didn't see thatt. So im positive that ill be going to youre next tour.

well anyway i hope you do get another opportunity to go on a tour because that would super rad expierience for YOU as well as us fans. I hope you really enjoy your job and everything because you seem like such a great person and I think u deserve the best.

I think I was most bummed about the fact that you wouldnt get to tour after all your hard work to tell you the truth. and the fact that you probly won't come to RI ever,, but its ok.

i told my mom she should fly me to california so i could meet you but she said that was too expensive X(

i realllllly hope i meet you one day because you're such an inspiration to me and you seem like you would be a really great friend. i'm majorly jealous of you friends XD

ok so now im gunna say something that won't ever happen...but i haveta try ok?
mmkay so if u DO come to RI im thinking you should come horseback riding with meeXD

yes yes so if u ever wanna take me up on that offer just ask for my number and you willlll recieve itXD

ok im gunna stop babbling nowXD
i love you
good luck with EVERYTHING

selah said...

go metro station.
they're in orlando today, but i can't go.
*more tears*


Nisha said...



Cassie said...

:] I am in love with SHAKE IT.
Actually, I am in love with their whole album! Its amazing!!

Anyway, You are amazing.
Lean On Me is an amazing song, I can't stop listening to it. :)

Keep up the good work Mitchel!!
Have a good weekend.


Sara said...

WOO!!! I remember when i first listened to Metro Station which was like back in October 06 and now they're getting really popular. Its insane! They totally deserve it though. Words can't even describe how amazing they are. I see them in 17 days :).


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Yayy so exciting! Lol

I heard they were going to disney world today thts defenrly a way to celebratee lol

Well I hope they keep goiing up like thiss

Anonymous said...

wow- thats really amazing! i love that song. im going to 1 of their concerts!! cant wait to hear them live!

Anonymous said...

THAT IS SO GREAT. I LOVE METRO STATION'S MUSIC AND YOURS. well i went to ticketmaster and called them about the refunds. they said that the show on 6/04 in INDY is not cancelled. what is w/ that?????if that one isnt cancelled then r u going 2 be there????


Allie said...


Sorry about the tour, but other AMAZING oppurtunities will show up! (i know i spelt that wrong, i'm bad at big words).

Tell Mason and the band congrats! And I'm gonna watch Marc's show, right now! WEEE!


Katie R. said...

AWESOME!!! Love that song!....along with Disco!
thanks for telling us!!


Beth said...

I love Metro Station's music. Anyway I know it's a little late but sorry to hear abotu teh tour. Keep a smile tohugh. Everything happens for a reason.

Can't wait to see the video of you and Emily. I'm a Loliver fan so yeah.

Glade to hear shake it is moving up.
I do have to say though that Control is my all time favorite song.
Yeah it has some very teenage/adult content but I like it. I'm sixteen so my mind works like the rest of all the sixteen year olds. Anyway.....................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................
Stay Happy Mitchel!!!!!


(you know you loves those little starish thigns that you see every time I post....heheh))

HaleighJayy said...

thats amazingggggggg.

fosho bruddah.

leanneee =] said...

haha thats awesome! last time i checked it was number 35 overall. and yesterday i saw that metro station was the most popular major band on myspace out of all electronica bands.


Allie said...

I have to agree with Marc with fave Mitchel song, Wasn't Your Girlfriend is GENIOUS. But I hav to disagree with him on fave Metro Station song. Control is the best by far, and performing, I'll find out on May 6th! YES! WOO HOO, I'M GONNA SEE METRO STATION! They've been on tour forever, they need to chillax.

And, WAS THAT YOUR HOUSE?! OMG OMG OMG, IF IT WAS, nice house! We def need a tour of the house! And Marc's a awesome break dancer, tell him that, please?

It went down to 26 again, BOO! I bought it though when it was the song of the week, I wasn't as obsessed then, but after that song, I got obsessed! Weee! I've been in a "weee!" type mood lately.

Gotta do my stoppid s.s. homework, I hate it. We're learning about the 50's and 60's, yuck. We do get to watch old black and white tv shows, which interest me so much. And hopefully we'll see some pics, I love history though, I hate actually learning it from the text book though.

I like photography, you know that? I take awesome pics, although i wish i had a professional one though. I took a pic of my backyard, and all my friends love it! I also photoshop a lot too, I did this awesome thing with your hoodie where you double the layers and make it black and white, and erase the first layer to show the color of the hoodie. It looks AWESOME. It came out good. I created a bookmark of you too. Did you ever check it out? It's ok if you didn't, I know your busy and all that, but thank you so much for listening to us fans, most celebs don't give a care about their fans, you on the other, take the time to post these entries and listen to our shout outs and comments, and take the time to actually know us. It's one more thing I absolutely love about you.

Ahh! It's California! It's my ringtone too.


Daniela said...

know she does it like that when you do her like that come on shake shake shake shake shake it :D
that's AWESOME!! Metro Station ROCK!
Daniela (from Israel)
and tomrrow it's over easter so happy easter :)

Molly said...

Hey Mitchel!



Liz said...

Okay, I've never really done this before, so I hope it works...

I love "Shake It" so much! Whenever I hear it in the car I just start singing along :) I'm really sorry about the tour with Raven, but I'm sure there was a very good reason that it was cancelled.

I love your interpretation of "Lean on me"! My friends and I sang that for a choir "extravaganza" and ever since that song has been near and dear to my heart! I hope it goes to #1 in the near future!
lyl, liz

Anonymous said...

love dat song! i've listend to it like over 100 times i bet!!!! love ya!


Jenny said...

i love shake it :)

Amy Lynn said...

wait is it 2 or 25?

no matter what its cool though.


Mariam. [: said...

thats fantisticccccc.

on monday, when i was blowing out my birthday candles. guess that i wished for!

it was something.
about seeing someone.
and even if i did tell you,
it would still come true.
causeeeeeeeeeee i know
im gonna see you soon.
i can feel it. :D

Sasha said...

Yay!!! It should be number one though. It's an awesome song!

See ya

KelseyLovesM.T.M said...

Woot!Woot!that is awesome!!!im so happy for mason and the hole band and i checked all of marc's video's on youtube they are wikked!lol!he is realy funny!

u rock

Anonymous said...

girl please that was my favorite song back in september when the album came out!
im surprised it took this long!

ALEX said...

seriously, i bet it will be at #1 soon enough!!

Anonymous said...

yayyy go metro station:)
theyre awesome we just saw them sunday in your brother in this video.we went shopping with him in houston.

Alana said...

Sweet!yay Metro Station!:)
I just checked and "Lean On Me" is number 8 on Radio Disney's Top 30 Countdown.Sweet!yay for great music!

Oh and i saw that Hannah Montana episode with the make-a-moose thing!

Make Make Make-a-moose, Here at make a moose. Make a moose make a moose make a moose. Here at make a moose!!

sorry had to get that out!

And one of my Fav episode is on tomorrow!:"oh say can you remember the words"!yay!Oliver is so funny on that one!and he was also a true friend!:)

Heres something funny that happened today:My sister was quizzing me on state capitals(yes and NJ was one of them;thanks to you,i will never forget that one!thanks!)and then she asked the capital of Montana(you know whats coming)and i said Hannah!Then i'm like,"that should be the capitol!I mean Helena and Hannah aren't too far off..":D

And i have an idea for you,your dancers,and your band: five words:Disney Channel Games Closing Ceremonies!You guys worked really hard(i bet)and you should get a chance to let it show.

By By!

christineeee (: said...

"shake shake shake shake a shake ittt.."

lovee that songg. #2? thats great!

this weekened imma go to disneyland with my class. ii wish you could be there too! hahaha it would be like amazing if ii "bumped into you" that this weekend... hhahahhaa [:

alright mitchie
i love you.
hope everythings okay with you & the family.

Evania said...

Metro Station
Rock my socks

Alana said...

OMG Mitchel!
The concert tickets came!@_@(Oh now they come!!)
How the heck am i suppose to get a refund?My dad has them and asked if i wanted to see them(i don't even know that they came!)And i was like No....

I wanted to get the money back so i can get tickets for a future concert.(*coughs*with you)For the first time in my life,i am being optimistic(really,i hardly am...and i have my reasons).

On a sweet note,in the future i KNOW that next time Miley has a concert i can go!My dad said so.yay 4 me!I'll just have to camp out in front of my computer the day before tickets go on i'll do the same thing when you have a show!As long as tickets don't go on sale on a school day....

I quote you:
Peace Out!

Anonymous said...

Thats a grate song not my favorit but a good song!!!

Peace out Mitchel!!!


wow! mitchel, ive missed your blog. its been forever.

i just randomly checked my local arenas site to see who was coming soon cause i was just curious,

and i saw ravens pajama party! i had heard a little about it & i was like, oh thats cool!

so i click on it, and i see that its postponed. i was like bummer, but i see "special guests Mitchel Musso..."

and i started flipping out! it was so exciting. i didnt even know you were apart of it! too bad its postponed :/

<3 youu.

Anonymous said...

thats good it could be higher though heather15

Anonymous said...

omg wow! there 22!! and number 1 alternitivee! YAY! GO METRO STATION!!

Amanda said...

Hey Mitchel,

WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I'm excited! Tell Mason congrats for me!

Deticated to you forever and always,
Amanda <3333

leanneee =] said...

omg. number 1? thats awesomeeee. (:

laurennn said...


wow that was long.
i saw shake it. LIVE. i keep telling you this but u n ur brother-zzzzz are amazing.

<3 lauren caroline

shireen(: said...

that songs makes me bust out my groove.



Anonymous said...

I Love U Mitchel! And I agree it should be #1

Amy Lynn said...

SWEET! pop-tarts! they pop, and Shake It. haha.

Congrats goes to them.


selah said...

number one?!
how frickin sweet is that? :]
go metro station!


*becky* said...

YaY! That's great for Metro Station! I love that song! That one and Control are my favs!


Molly said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
ALEX said...

crazy huh? I'm not really diggin it...

Amy Lynn said...

Hey, I just checked and its now #23 overall.

Go Metro Station.


Anonymous said...

Heeey Mitch=]
okaaay, this is going to be kind of cheesy but it doesn't matter because I am going to pour it on like butter: REAL SMOOOOTH. did I get you laughing yeeet? haha I'm trying to cheer you up so READ ON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have to spreaaaad my morning cheeeer..mainly becauuuse I have too much energy:

You have SO much going on with you and SO much working for you riggghhht now, so please find a way to smile through what may seem to be a really bad time in your life at the moment. I know you don't want any sad posts or anything of that sort concerning the tour, but just know that I understand how you are feeling..or am trying tooooo ! Anywhoooo, you have fans that LOVE you to bits, think you are "cool like the other side of the pillow" cool and will be the first in line to say, "PSSSHT ! Didn't you hear dude? Mitchel MUSSO IN CONCERT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Please remember that after every thunder storm there is a rainbow. There is calm after a storm. Sun after rain. Light after dark...I think you can see where I am going with this but most of all: this ----> =D
because I AM one of the MANY people thaaaat gets a kick out seeing you SOOOOOOOOO happy.
go skateboarding.
get sushi.



Anonymous said...

MITCHEL SMILE like waffles on sundae morning smile.

Everything will turn out for the bessssst.

I just KNOW it xoxoxoxoxox

MWAH xoxoxoxoxoxoxx

Anonymous said...

thats my myspace songg!

..about the tourr, does this mean that you will be at
DC Games noww?

Anonymous said...

shake it has been on xm20on20 a lot! thought you should know


Tiffany said...

yeah i heard shake it on the radio the other day! on TOP 40 radio! i was really excited and called the DJ and told him to play it more often. and it's my current myspace song. :]

Tiffany said...

btw, so are you going to be doing any other concerts or touring this summer since the raven thing is canceled? keep us updated please!

Amy Lynn said...

As of this time, its now at #22.
Thats VERY cool!


Kelsey Marie said...

Dude Mitch!

i havent commented in forever!

im in the musical Oklahoma! at my school so i dont have much time to get on the computer really.

but i wanted to say that i think it is so awesome! that shake it is #1!!!!

i also wanted to say, because the Raven tour got postponed(sp?)
does that mean your doing the DC games because i saw the list and is says your on the yellow team.?

hope your haveing a great week!

adn i hope you have a great weekend!

luv ya dude!!!

-Kelsey Marie!

9intheAfternoon said...

Hey r u goin to the DC games now?! I hope so cuz I might be able to come and see!!!! :)

Megan x said...

'Hello beautiful, hows it going?' =]

Hehe =P

Heyyy Mitchel,

That sucks about the tour being cancelled =[
But it's good that you are getting more offers and that there's is still a possibility of another tour.

That's great about Metro Station =]
I love them and I am so glad they're doing well.

I have a question about sending fan mail to you.
If we are in another country and send a doller for a headshot, are we still able to get one even though we're not in the U.S?

I have some dollers left from my trip to America, and thought I would put good use to some of them =]


Megan. xox

Anonymous said...

Sha-Sha-Sha-Sha-Sha-SHAKE IT!

That's it.


Jenny said...

by the wway
i vote for you on
popstar poptastic awards
for best tv actor.
every time i vote which is


Jenny said...

ay mitchie, was metro station number 24 earlier? or no?
i mean did you just change the number to 22 today? haha.

Jenny said...

uh mitchel, you broke your wrist and arm skating?
ah. don't sneak your skateboard to los angeles anymore kay kiddo. haha just kidding.


its only 8:17, and i thought it was later.
i want a caramel cooler. from caribu coffee. or a caramel frap from starbucks. yeah. hahaha. like you care. anywhoo. 'esdltdeslje.
i still need a skateboard. maybe i'll have one by the time you come to minnesota if you ever do that is. so we can have a skateoff. ohh yeeaaah. haha. i'm going to win fosho. just kidding. i've spent what? an hour on a skatboard my whole life? hahaha. just kidding.

or will i? DUN DUN DUN! (HAHA)

Jenny said...

mitchel tate
is awesome.
did you know?
kidding. no, you
still are awesome;
i was kidding about
"did you know?"
have a lovely night.

liz said...

they are getting so big.
now errones like WOAH SHAKE IT YEAHH..

but they are amazing, i guess they deserve it
i want them all to myself though :/

aly said...

just had to tell you that 'lean on me' was playing in the car and my little sister and our little cousin (both 5) started dancing. it was so cute! i even filmed it. yah, just thought i'd let you know. oh yeah, and 'shake it' is awesome! (^_^)

Anonymous said...


My friend is like, in love with Metro Station now... right after I told her about them. She loves 'Shake It'. I usually have to start singing 'See You Again' to make her stop singing 'Shake It'... yeah, she's in love with your brother too. lol.

On another note... check this out:

You tell me, funny or creepy? 'Cuz I thought it was a mix of both, haha xD

xMitchelMussoRocksx said...

Hey Mitchel :)

thats awesome news. even though they deserve to be #1 Metro Station ROCK i love there music. its a shame theyre not out where i live, in England. but if there touring with Panic At The Disco here then maybe theyll get big over here. :)
I love your music, your an amazing singer/rapper :).
i cant wait till i hear your new song with emily osment ' if i didnt have you' im excited to c the music video too. im sure it will be AWSUUUM!

Hope your having fun
be happy :)

Love youuu mitchel musso.

Biggest Fan

Rachel xxx

KILEY said...

oh my gosssh i love you mitchel and meeting you was amazing haha

i was wondering if you were going to be at the DC games this year!? please answer because if your not going to be there im not going haha

LOVEE YOU!! <333

Katlyn said...

haha, that song is amazing :)

i like how my friends the other day were like omggg im so mad metrostation's shake it is on the radio now (because they like liking bands nobody knows of) and im like listen, if you really liked this band, you would like it no matter what happens, and be happy for metrostation that they are starting to get airplay :)

Carlyy said...

omg 22 is amazingg! ahhaa! there getting soo bigg! im seeing em for like the 4th time on friday! cant wait! i was in holister yesterday and requested shake it and they played it! and all my friends were like omg this is metro station! i know this songg! it was really funny! lol

well hope everything with u is going good!!!

ttyl lyl



Fer said...


Hey Mitchel, are you gonna be at the DC games?I know you said you weren't but I just rad you're on the yellow team?I hope it's true...=D

love you<3

Shefali said...

Hey Mitchel!!
I'm waitin' to c ur song wid Emily!!
Can't wait anymore!!!
Luv ya!

Anonymous said...

AND ITS AMAZING I LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Liz said...

Hey Mitchel! I just wanted to say that my b-day is tomorrow, and that I wish that I could finally meet you!...Of course, that won't happen soon, but i'm sure i'll see you sometime.
Have a great day :)

Tess said...

Hey my friend at schhol wanted me to ask you a question. Here it is: If the Raven concert is canceld will you be at the D.C. Games? She just wanted to know cause she is going!

So thats alll i REALLY love! More now the B4! I dont know why!!


Alana said...

Mitchel its me again and i thought i say Hi!I saw a classic Hannah episode today!With Mr.Hannah Montana(those were the days...)It was "Miley get your Gum".Was is some coincidence that when Oliver said he was going to invite Miley over for some sushi with him and Hannah and sushi's your favorite food?At least i think it is(if it's not anymore,update your site!).And it turns out while Hannah was on,Monster House on also!But lucky for me,my local library has like 4 copies of that movie!:D

And on Friday was One of my FAVORITE episodes(which i stated the last time i commented).Oilver was so funny!"I'm a fruit fly!".And Oilver took too long to die..(hahahaha).Still,he's Smokin Oken!

And i can't wait 4 the new episode of Hannah Montana on May 4th!And all the future ones!

Now to sum this up by saying:
"I will call him Squishy and he shall be mine and he shall be my Squishy.":)

Sorry but i had to get that out!!I love that movie and its on right now on Disney Channel!I must sound dorky but thats me!

And At least,i don't have a wienie on my head!that was funny.Poor Jeremy.


Abby from Texas said...

yayyy!!! i actually have a couple funny metro station stories for u mitchel....

1st of all, the other day i was at my dance studio and suddenly, all these girls in the other room started screaming so we all ran in to see what was going on. when i went in i immediatley knew why they were screaming and my teacher was like "what is going on" and they were like "ITS METRO STATION! I LOVE THIS SONG!"
*yeah it was amazing.

and today when i was on the bus my friend called me and was like "OH MY GOSH THEYRE PLAYING SHAKE IT ON KISS FM !!!! "

so tell mason congrats!!!!!!

p.s i just heard you and emily's song and itS BEYOND AMAZING!!!!!! I LOVE IT!

abby from texas

Katie said...

Mitchel! Yesterday I was at the Pistons game and they played Shake It! I thought that was so cool! haha

brianna said...

awesome! its the same today too! that song rocks and so does metro station... tell your bro congrats!

Amy said...

shake it is higher than see you again!!! can u believe it?!

im glad to see metro station all over billboard. theyre finally getting the respect they deserve.

Alexandra said...

Hey mitchel im so in love with you and im such a big fan im your #1 fan and I LOVE YOU!!! oh i loved the song eeeeeeeee!