Friday, March 28, 2008

EDITED - Nick KID'S Choice Awards/Marc's Birthday

I will so be there on the Red Carpet. Tomorrow is officially Marc's Real Birthday, so I'm taking him with me. Look for us!

BIG SHOUT OUT TO OLIVIA!! Thanks for all the YOUTUBE's of Marc's Party. She even got the song that Marc and I did. Very Cool! and Here they are:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO EVERYONE having a Birthday this week!

Hey guy.....I just had to delete a really sweet note because someone included their email address.....PLEASE don't do that. I can't email anyone personally and if you leave it on here, someone else could possibly email you saying they are me. I don't want that to ever happen. Send me messages WITHOUT personal info. Thanks guys!



allison said...

Happy birthday Marc! you are so busy everyday. Are you going to evrer come to illinois again. imissed out last time ...
<3 ya and keep up the great work!

meredith kelly said...

1st i feel cool.
keep it real
meredith kelly

Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY (one day early) MARC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOPE I SEE THE BOTH OF U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ahhhhhh mitchel..................... I have a long list of things to say,
But I'll leave it at,
You amaze me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fer said...

Yay that's awesome! You're taking Marc with you? That is so nice of you! So, he's officially gonna be a teenager tomorrow!Thell him I said Happy Birthday.=D

Can't wait to watch the KCA tomorrow, hope you two have a blast!

Love you<3

leanneee =] said...

haha i'll be watching then. happy birthday marc! (one day early) aaaand it's shireen's birthday todaaay. she's turning 14 yo. you should give her a shout-out. ;D
hahaha i haven't stopped with this shout-out. so you need to give her one, kid! =]


Anonymous said...

yay! now im deffinatly watching it!

happy birthday [[one day early]] marc!

i love you Mitchel! (:

chemicalsxxreact said...

Happy Birthday Marc!!!! Hope you have an AWESOME birthday!!

Can't wait to see you @ the KCA's on TV, Mitchel!!



natalia said...

Hey Mitchel!

that's awesome, hope both of you guys have an awesome day tomorrow.

Love Ya!


Shannon Loves Mitchel! said...

mitchel i cant wait to watch it!
tell marc i said happy birthday tomarrow!
Luv Ya!
<3 Shannon

Taylor said...

ill def look fer youuh 2
andd tell mark happy 13th bday

I lovee youuh guyss

Disa said...

Happy birthday to Marc :D

Ashlee said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAYYY MARC!!!!!! ! Awh, 2mrrw I can't watch the KCAs, ill be at a METROSTATION concert.! WootWoot! well, yea. have fun!

selah said...

dudeee, i think my heart just skipped.
i seriously post maybe one random question every time i comment, and you actually posted an ALL NEW ENTRY BLOG POST THING to answer my question.

...okay, i'm done. whew.

i'm so glad you get to be there, unlike last year. >.<


shireen(: said...


awwhh. no bday shout out for me?
i've been bugging you everyday this week you had a post (; im giving you two more days..


Julie :] said...

i didnt know u were goin to the KCA's!!

but now, i shall watch it. :]
i was going to ne way... but i didnt really have a reason... but now i do ;] haha

love u!


oliviaakiddo! said...


ahah i think the videos turned out well
although in your little shoutuout everyone comments about the part where yous ay nitrogen acid

the end.
idk if i'll make more videos
i'll try though,

Alana said...

OMG THE AWARDS ARE TOMORROW!?I TOTALLY FORGOT!(and heres me being dramatic again)I will be so tuning in!
~Happy(one day early)Birthday Marc!~

KelseyLovesM.T.M said...

omg!!i watched that like an hour ago!!!!!!!the rap was like the best thing ever!!!!♥The pictures were cool but omg marc had like the best 13th b-day ever!lol you,marc and mason looked amazing!
ur like so down to earth thats what i live about u :).marc looked like a pimp!!!with the girls when he got out of the limo.lolbut anyway good luck with everything and im watching the awards tomorrow:) and happy early b-day to marc!!

♣u rock!!!

Nad!ne. said...

Tomorrow is officially Marc's Real Birthday, mh?
Wish him a happy birthday from me!

And guess what!
I told you a hundred times before
but still-
tomorrow's my birthday, too!

And since you wished everbody
a happy birthday who's having one this week, like i have, i have to say THANK YOU!


Anyways, hope you have 'fun' on the red carpet! :)

Have a nice day!

Allie said...

OMG! I've been saying that a lot lately, but that rap was so good! it was catchy, and u BOTH sounded amazing, and his party looked so cool!

Cool, now I have a reason on watching the KCA's, u'll be there! Have fun! Maybe you'll see Jessica Alba!

Those videos were amazing, Marc must have a had a great super fun time! His cake looked awesome and yummy. Metro Station <3.

I got my braces off 2day! It feels so weird! And in class, my teacher was saying one year this kid called her phat, and she thought it was fat, and then this guy in our class walks in, and she calls him phat, and he thought fat. It was so funny!


Sasha said...

Thats awesome that you're taking Marc with you. I'll keep an out eye for ya'll.

See ya

Annie said...

Nitrogen acid?
Ay, you're one cool kid. :)

Have a blast tomorrow! Wow, what a birthday present..XD.

Nikita Bimson said...

Why did you say that it was spraying out nitrogen acid?


Katie R. said...

OH MY GOODNESS!!! Your performace with Marc was AMAZING!! it was the best ever! You totally need to bring Marc on tour with you!! he's got talent dude! I watched it twice and even the second time was AWESOME!!

My birthday is this coming Tuesday! I'm turning 18....CRAZY! I am totally hoping I get a Skateboard! I've asked for one for as long as I can remember. LOL
Have fun tomorrow at the Kids choice awards, hopefully they let you in this year. and i think its cool that you like doing things with your little bro. most sibs don't. its crazy!

Have a GREAT weekend!!

"Your friend for the day"-Katie

Fer said...

Haha those videos are AWESOME!
Especially the was SO cool!


christineeee (: said...

yay oliviaaa !

okk ii might come tomorrow
to see yoohh. idk yet..

oh well... hope to see yahh soon, dude

much love <3

Anonymous said...

my birthday is tomorrow! it would be awesome if you could give me a shout-out! my name is annie. you rock! keep being awesome. <3

christineeee (: said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
MeganP2010 said...

haha that's the cutest thing everrrr- love that rap hahaha I also love marc like hopping around haha he's a PRO!!!!


Gennine said...

awesome, Mitchel! Can't wait to see you on the red carpet!!!
think of all the fans who wish they could be with you there, when you're there, okay?
Have fun!!!! and tell Marc I said happy birthday!!!!
love ya!
~Gennine, 14, NJ

Sara said...

happy birfdayyy Marc!

and uh...nitrogen acid?!?


shireen(: said...

so you said 'everyone this week'
and i am...
so okay.
thank you love(:


Jenny said...

whoa Marc's cake was awesome haha.
my computers being a slowpoke so i'm not gonna watch all those videos tonight. tomorrow maybe. haha. oh yeah, i know its Marc's real birthday tomorrow. ha

Anonymous said...

"Uh, It's spraying out nitrogen acid!" lol Mitchel I promise I was about dying in the floor from laughing so hard!!!


P.S Could you please... PLEASE! help me here. I have a presentation on Monday and I'm not nervous,it's just that the guy I like is in my Pre-AP class, and English isn't my best subject. And I feel like I'm gonna mess up. I would really really appreciate it if you could pray for me. That would be unexplainably <--(sp) awesome!

carmen galvan said...

aww mitchel you were amazing!!! :DD

DaniRefrigeratorMagnet said...

Olivia is rad.
Nuff said.


Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel
I am going to watch the Nick Kids Choice Awards Tommorrow Mitchel.
Happy Birthday to You Mark. one day early. I will be looking for you on tv Mitchel. I cant wait for the winner is I hope it is Hannah Montana that wins. and Mitchel guess what I figured out one of the name of the robot character in Chrono Trigger Mitchel. I named it Billy Ray Cyrus but I just named it Billy. I was training you again Mitchel You are on Level 12 Miley is on level 12 Emily is on level 12. and Billy is on level 12 too. You, Miley, and Emily learned how to use magic it was so cool.
I have to think about the last character to name to the cat girl with five letters Mitchel.

Your Friend

Amy Lynn said...

wow! that seemed like it was a lot of fun, i think Marc needs some more "guy" friends, just kidding. It's a lot easier to understand what was going on at the party now that I saw the videos, other than how you described it, but you did a good job!

Well I hope you have fun with Marc at the Kid's Choice Awards!


MeganP2010 said...

Alright Mitchel, I have a confession:

I haven't listened to your "she's my best friend" song until right now

but now that i've heard it, let me just say I REALLY REALLY LOVE IT! Seriously Mitchel, coming from someone who goes to tons of concerts, listens to tons of music, and has over 1500 songs on my ipod... this song isbecoming one of my favorites!!!! I love it!!!!!!! You definitely gotta get an album out there

lucky for me though, i'm praying for a front row ticket to your oakland concert this summer, so hopefully i'll hear it then =]]

and, for your information... I am totally okay with you wearing those tinfoil pants...!!! You should wear skinny jeans more often, they look hot on you!

haha ok, those are my thoughts of the day! LOVE THAT SONG


ps, you should make it your new single! I would definitely vote for that on radio disney!

Daniela said...

ohh that's AWESOME :D
and Happy Birthday to Marc :)
LOVE YOU!!!!!!!
Daniela (from Israel)

natalia said...

Hi Mitchel!

Those videos are really cool!
I love the rap that Marc and you made. It was awesome!

Say Happy Birthday to Marc!

Once again, Have fun!

Love ya


Terri said...

Hay birthday MARC!!!

Hope your 13th year is awsome!!
I'm pretty sure it will be since you've got Metro Station and Hannah Montana hockups!!

Have fun and be safe :)

Can't wait to see you and marc at the nick choice awards :)

Your fan always
~ Kerri

Makayla said...

Are you really not going to stop in Arizona anymore???????


brooke said...

happy 13th birthday marccc<3.

mitchie those videos are amazingg :D.
&&& the rap is totally radddd.

ahhh, im so excited it's not even funny.

xox. said...

ahhh! happy Birthday marc!!

liv did a great job on all the videoss!! there amazingg!

hope 2 see u and marc on the red carpet!!! ahah....Maybe get slimed?? lol



Erin said...

heyy mitch

my bff's cousin nolan has a b-day on April 5th
it will be his 4th b-day so it would be cool if u could give a shout out to him on ur blog. last summer we even taught him how to say mitch and we can point to a pic of u and he says mitch. it is sooo cool

KT J. said...

I shall do that! =)

HaleighJayy said...

I loved the rap.
its really cute.
tonight im recording the kca and going to the movies and my friends and i are gonna go up to random people and make them say happy birthday.
its gonna be intense.
I can't wait until the awardsss.

Anonymous said...


You and Marc are sooo cute!!!!!!!

Luv Ya

lizzieeeee said...

olivia's got some mad video skillz.

&happy birthday marccccccccc.

Disa said...


So when Mason goes on stage my friend is like "LOOK AT MASON HE THINKS HE'S SO COOL!"
And then she stopped making fun of him :D

I had him sign my shoe.
If I ever meet you you can sign my shoe TOO!
He was wearing a fur jacket that made me want to pet him :D

Happy official birthday to Marc!
Have fun at the KCAs (:

Becky said...

Happy Birthday Marc!!! Mitchel better get you something totally rad ;D
I can't wait to see the two of you guys at KCA!! I'll be watching for the two hottest guys there (yes you and marc) lol
Oh, and I loved the song you guys wrote, it was the best thing ever :D
OKay, Love you guys!

Shannon said...

dude. mitchel. "I will so be there on the Red Carpet" its an ORANGE carpet.

happy birthday marc! based on those youtube videos, your party was officially way cooler than my 13th b-day party was.

Anonymous said...

*singing* happy birthday to you...happy birthday to you...happy birthday dear marc...happy birthday to you! *stops singing* yay! i am watching the kid's choice awards tonite for sure! tell marc to have the best 13th birthday...well actually u can only have one so...have a great birthday! yeah tell him that! love ya both!

~*ElLe*~ <3

Anonymous said...

the videos r sweet! great job olivia!

~*ElLe*~ <3

oliviaakiddo! said...


theres another videooo.
i will upload whatever my mom got of metro station too.
i think she only got shake ittttt.
sooo i'll upload (:

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Marc!!!=)
Now I watch the videos of the party


Anonymous said...

Now I've watched the videos...Mitchel you was so cool with the "Diamond ring" xD


Sasha said...

I love how you care about your fans. Tell Marc I said happy birthday....and ain't it the Orange Carpet. I watched the youtube videos that seem like a fun party.

See ya

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel,

I hope you have fun at the Kid's Choice Awards. I'm glad that you actually get to go this year unlike last year. I hope that Marc has fun as well. :)

That's awesome of Olivia to put up videos of Marc's birthday. It looked like that everyone had a great time.

Happy Birthday to Marc! I hope that he is having a wonderful birthday.

I will watch the Kid's Choice Awards and be on the lookout for you and Marc.


P.S. I just noticed that someone left a comment that has their e-mail as their identity. I don't know if it will still be on this blog by the time that you read this, but I think that you or Ally should look at it.

KT J. said...

and i agree, giving out email ISN'T safe.

KelseyLovesM.T.M said...

omg mitchel ur so sweet im babysitting:( the baby is a sleep thought she is only six months oldÈ)Her name is abby oh yeah my little cousin said u were cute :) lol she is 5!!

love ya lots

paula said...

Happy Birthday Marc!!


Allie said...

HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARC! 13 IS A BIG YEAR! You're finally a teen, and this is when the great freedoms roll in!

The entire time I was watching, and saw NO MITCHEL! Where were you? You should be nominated. Well, I'm gonna complain to Nick (whatever the channels # is), and make you get nominated! And trust me, I will. Anything to see you win!

The KCA's were amazing though, though the sliming could have been better. It was stoopid, although seeing Orlando Bloom get slimed was funny! Miley was amazing, her hair extensions looked so good! And when her dancers span on their heads, it was like "WOAH!".

Loved ur outfit on the carpet!


#1FANisamyniemela said...

I just watched the KCA 2008 and i did NOT see you :( or your bro. :( what the heck! You so should have performed up there mitchel you are way better than THE NAKED BROTHERS BAND! Hey & Hannah Montana wasn't the winner for TV SHOW. Hmm... o well have a GOODNIGHT !



Allie said...

oh, and that 3rd post, "I have a long list of things to say, but I'll leave it at, you amaze me" is from Count 'Em One, Two, Three by The Maine, THE SONG EVER!

Just wanted to say that, since I LOVE THEM!

Speaking of music, here's my tops again!

Control, California, Disco, True To Me, Seventeen Forever, Wish We Were Older, Now That We're Done, Tell Me What To Do, Kelsey, Shake It (The Entire Album) - Metro Station

Coming Around - Metro Station (Demo)

Check Yes Juliet, Skyway Avenue and Secret Valentine - We The Kings

The Way We Talk, Give Me Anything, I Wana Love You (Akon Cover), If I Only Had The Heart, The Town's Been Talkin', Ho Ho Hopefully, Count 'Em, One, Two, Three and We Change, We Wait (The Entire EP; EP In Stores Now) - The Maine

Send My Love To The Dance Floor, See You In Hell (Hey Mr. DJ) - Cobra Starship

To Run - Josiah Leming

It Had To Be You - Motion City Soundtrack

Shimmy Shimmy Quarter Turn - hellogoodbye

Six Feet Under The Stars - All Time Low

The Curse of Curves - Cute Is What We Aim For

Summer of '98 and Everyone Knows Everyone - The Secret Handshake

The Metro Station Premiere of "Control" (aka; the best music video; Mason and Trace and Blake and Anthony! <3)

"Ho Ho Hopefully" by The Maine

"Check Yes Juliet" Video Premiere by We The Kings (AHHH! The lead singer is HOTT)

#1FANisamyniemela said...

Can I ask ya a question & you answer??--

*After the tour with Raven are you going to have your "own" concerts again?-Do you plan to??- & not trying to be a cheapo haha but are they "free"???

**yeahh that would be great if you could lemme' know the answer somewherz in ur blog**



Annie said...

your brother is adorable!
i love the musso family.
your great.

MitchelLover64 said...

Hey! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARC! I LOVE u both! Hope u have a GREAT b-day! And I hope u have a GREAT day too Mitchel!

Love Ya!

Ashley R.


Heyy mitchel,

tell marc i said HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!<33

love you guys!

Katerina said...

Hey Mitchel!
I think ur party will b a great hit but mine was a flop!!Can you imagine I had to share my birthday with the girl I hate the most!
Everyone went to her party and no one came to mine.

Picture this!
I had to celebrate my SWEET-16 party with my grandma watchiing a boring video of hers.

If u were my friend would have come to my party? Please answer this question. It means to me a lot!!
XXX Katerina

Anonymous said...

too bad hannah montana didn't win... :[ and i didn't see you on the kid's choice awards...darb it...if someone did it will hopfully end up on youtube! have a good sunday mitchel!

~*ElLe*~ <3

jackieee said...



but i did type in "mitchel musso at the kca" in on youtube, and someone captured you &marc walking by, and then the jonas brothers walking by if anyones interested.
sweeeet shadesss.

& ahaha, i loveeeee the rapp you and marc did at his partyyy. <333 that light up ringggg(:


PS. find out about meet&greets for usss! :D

Britt said...

Mitchel; your amazing!

Jake said...

Hey, Mitchel! Back on that way-long-ago Bleachers subject, would you ever consider doing a movie that's not "Disney appropriate" or do you have a limit to the movies you do? Just curious, thanks.

Tour's exciting! I'm going to try to be there. Or at the next Metro Station when they get back.

Many music-luck to you,

Anonymous said...

mitchel!!!! guess what guess what guess what!!!!! Marc has a youtube!!!!!!!! Stitch5 see it for yourself!!

he's the brother of the man! he's the Moose Man! and he says yall and he hates it! Well it seems like it! Plus I'm from Texas too so it's kinda natural for me!


KT J. said...

Hey! I couldn't find you at the KCA's!

Jenny said...

haha "scream real loud he just turned thirteen" hah. nice song. :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel,
Tell Marc that I said Happy Birthday and that I'm sorry that I didn't comment yesterday. I remembered but I didn't get a chance. Anyways, you and Marc forgive me. I'm still trying to get tickets to one of the concerts.


Jenny said...

haha i couldn't understand what you said at the end of the video really.. "alright girls" something. haha.
haaha "word."

Claire! said...

wish icould have watched the kcas' but since im in ireland......aint gonna happen! *sighs*
well anyways, just wanted to say happy birthday to marc and i hope u had a great time at the kcas'!

claire xox

thanh said...

please mmitchel make a shoutout to me thanh in sweden

Nicole♥MTM said...

Mitchel!!! yayaness .. hehe .. well the vidoes are great !! and the rape was tooo cute !! .. like super cute... hehe marc seems like he sweet just like his older brother hehe .. well KCA .. i was gone so i didn`t get to watch it but like i recorded it since i have tvo which is pretty cool so i will probably watch it tommorow since i have no school .. i know i should have this written down but can you mention the address to send stuff to you again please?!? well i guess all i have to say is keep up the hard work you`ve been doing XD ily Nicole Laters

lauren.caroline said...

so i definitly went to kids choice awards but i didnt see you. and you were the one person i really wanted to see.


Ashlee said...

so, I met metrostation last night. I just have to say, those dudes are radd. mason is soo sweet and so is chelsea! anthony is like awesome, I talked to him for like 20 minutes. blake is really cool, I didn't really get to talk to him, but yea. trace is sickkk*not literally sick....*, but I feel bad, I kept him outside in like 30 degree weather cause my cameras BOTH died and my moms phone wouldn't take a some girl had to take the picture for me. dude, those guys are seriously the nicest people.
Well I can't wait to see youu at the kissimmee concert!

Nicole♥MTM said...

ey .. the rap .. was too cute .. and marcs friends were awesome kidss .. ily Nicole

Anonymous said...

You know what? I think Disney Channel should have an awards show! Just sayin...I would totally watch!

But anyway, I watched the KCA's last night!

Where were you sitting? At first I thought I saw you next to Miley's mom...but the angles on the videos made it imposible to tell. But I know you wore black on the i wasn't sure if it was you because of that too.

Did you sit somewhere in that vicinity? Cause someone stood up when Miley won Best Female Artist (congrats to her!) and some people think it was you, but we really can't tell, lol


Jessiica Reneee' =) said...

so i havent commented you in a really long time; ive been busy.
but happy late birthday to marc!
anywyas have you found out if your gonna be at the dc games?
i hope so , cause i wanna meet you again, even tho when i met you it technically wasnt at the dc games it was at the rockin rollercoaster lol.
but dang i shoulda just asked you if you would hang out with me lol.
but what can yah do.

i hope you have great week!!

Jessiica Benedetto =)

Lauren said...

Hey Mitchel gope you had a good easter. I havent been on ur site for a while so i thought i would stop by and check out the site! :D i didnt see ya last night at the KCA on t.v. but i watched hannah montana right after so then i saw ya :P. and tell marc happy b-day :))
X3 Lauren*♥

alli said...

heyy mitch,
great to hear from you
[it always is!]
it'd be awesomee if you told marc happy birthday for me!
& i just got metro station's cd the other day!
dude, my walmart doesnt get stuff til like yearss latterrr [okayy that was exaggeratingg a bit but stuff takes forever to come in]
my favorite songs are
control, seventeen forever, & kelsey.
what are yourss?
welp, have an awesomee dayy.
stay sweet!
lovee you lotss:)

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel I was at the Kids choice awards yesterday but I didn't get tickets to the orange carpet but I did see Emily Osment yesterday and I was really excited because I just need her autograph and then I will have the whole cast of hannah montanas autograph but by the time I got to her she ran away fro me.... :(

And I will go watch the videos rite now!And tell Marc I said I hope he has an awesome 13!!

This has been another wierd comment by

~*~Sarah Mina~*~

kailynn said...

tell marc happy birthday!!!
& guess what!?!
my birthday is todayy!
the 29th!
omgg it'd be awesomee
if you gave me a shoutt outt!


Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel
I watched the Nick Kids Choice Awards Mitchel but I didnt see you and Mark in the show. Too bad about Hannah Montana didnt win Mitchel. You are my best fan and a friend to you. On Chrono Trigger Mitchel you are on Level 19 Miley is on level 19 Emily is on level 18 and Billy Ray is on level 18. I only got 4 of 7 characters now but I am stuck on get the 5th character because i need a name for the cat girl with 5 letters or less please Mitchel.

Your Friend

linh said...

happy belated birfffday marc :D
my birthday was the 25th, it was great
my friends took me to see metro station on the 28th
they are very good live, i'm very glad i saw them!
i started freaking out when i saw mason, and i was pretty close to the front too.
trace pretty much threw a water bottle at me and i caught it, but someone else took it out of my hands :[
but i still had lots of fun and you're very lucky to be so talented and to have talented family members :]
and the metro station shirt i got was awesome!
i hope you have fun with whatever you're doing in the future and i hope it goes good! i wish you the best of luck!

Carly said...

Hey i love the rap with u and marc! very cuteeee!

ur in second place for the poll...well oliver is lol! very cool!

well cant wait till may!! so excitedd!

ttyl lyl



Jess loves Mitchel said...

aww thanks for the shout out for my cousin!! I'm hopinf he feels better cuz he was sick this morning....poor Nolan. I'm gonna upload a video of me and my bff giving a big shout out to Marc for his birthday I hope to get them up by sure to check them out!! Have a great week!!


ALEX said...

ahhh i saw your brother on friday night and it was amazing!

so i was just about to go home and i was like daaaang where is mason, and i was sad cause i didnt think i was gonna get to see him, but my friend and i were waiting outside of Neumo's for our ride and he came outside of the tour bus and my friends like "oh look its blake! we should ask him where mason is!"

and i was like dude thats not blake its mason!!

and then i got to talk to him for like 5 minutes cause no one else was around and he kept saying "Hey, you know what, don't even worry about it."

andi was like ahahahaha

you should come to seattle too! or portland again cause that was bomb.


ahahah ok bye!

Gould said...

hope you had fun at the kca with marc
might i add you looked like a baller
loved the dunks
*keep on rocking*
x oh x oh

Anonymous said...

Mitch, dude, where were you sitting at the KCA? I didn't see you - only saw you carpet-walking, no sitting... :(

Anonymous said...

when you smile, i melt inside.
i'm not worthy for a minute of your time.


ocean said...

happy belated birthday marc!
i went to KCA and saw you! but only from afar...
do you know if you'll be doing meet and greets on the tour??

Allie said...

I made a mistake, those words are from The Way We Talk, not Count Em One Two Three, but its a good song!

ashleigh said...

hey mitchel
happy birthday 2 marc
hope u had the best time a the awards
luv u

annahhlewis said...

happy LATE birthday marc.

Anonymous said...

you always stop comments at either 69 or 96.
its weird.

Anonymous said...

hey mitchel!!!! Im from key west and i saw you at the dadeland mall in miami. i drove 3 hours to see u and when i got to the mall the line was closed. :( i wrote u a note in the car and i got someone to give it to u and u said thankyou to me!!! My name is michaella and if u remember me do u think you can mention me in your blog? thanks mitchel im ur biggest fan!!! :p

HaleighJayy said...

i went and i burned a cd with half your songs and half metro station.

ℓαnα , said...

Heyyy Mitchel!! how's it going bud?
This is my fist time commenting on your blog, and I gotta say I'm actually soooo pumped right now!!=)
Just wanna let ya know that you are one of the most TALENTED people around,and to keep up what your doing!! Cause' your doing an awesome job of it=)

-lana , fricky fresh woordd . =)

PS .. Happy late birthdayy Marc! :)

Molly said...

Awww, you said sweet. He has a good birthday :). You got to go to the Kids Choice Awards this year! Way to have common sense Nick for inviting you! (: This is late, but I've been out of town, again. I am seriously out of town EVERYWEEKEND. I'll take a look at those videos!


Molly E.

GiGi said...

Those videos are so sweet! The party looked like lots of fun! Happy belated birthday to Marc! I hope he has an awesome year as a 13-year-old!!! =D


Jenny said...

ha my sister bought Hannah Montana dvd yesterday, the popstar profile one, i already seen it before but i still laugh. at your hair! no no, not your normal hair, the big afro you wear at the 70's dance. ahaha, and when jake ryan is talking in the microphone and you make the lips.hahah. it was funny.
yeah, oliver oken, definitely my favorite character in Hannah.

Amy Lynn said...

I have a question for you, it isn't related to anything you are talking about though. But if you could maybe post the answer to my question on one of your next blogs that would be ecstatic.

What year is your car?

I know, way off subject. But, I've seen some nice cars out driving lately and I'm just curious.

Thank you soo much!


ASHLEIGH said...

hey mithcel
im so jazzed about you goin on tour im so gona go
sorry hannah montana didnt win i voted like 7 times
luv ashleigh

Katie R. said...

Hey Mitchel, What's up?
Today is my birthday!! and no...that is not an April Fools day joke. LOL
I SO hope I get a skateboard!!
I'll let you know if I do!

Have a GREAT day!

-Katie R.

Eleni said...

heyyyyyy mitchel!! =)

i just interviewed you..the girl from greece..we had a looong convo about chocolate!! haha!

sorry about not being able to hear you! connection sucked!

grr we never finished the interview =(

well im a huuge fan of your music! =) lean on me is my fave!! heehe

we should stay in touch if you want..if you need my email, Laura has it!

take care!

and dont eat too many skittles! ;)

waiting_on_a_cure said...

hey mitchel!!!! is it true that oliver gets diagnosed with diabetes in the next season of hannah montana?? your amazing, and keep up the great work!!

waiting_on_a_cure said...

mitchel! you are AMAZING!! i love you so much!! =] happy birthday marc!!!!!!! =D

JessandErinShow said...

I gotta tell you that ur just not cool anymore........................................................................................................................................................................................APRIL FOOLS!!!! U know you are the coolest right!? hope so. I finally got my videos for Marc's b-day up so check them out when u have time they are only a minute long.

the second one is the funniest cuz I was obsessing over the birthday thing and I had no idea wut I was talking about. lol.

peace and love,

JessandErinShow said...

sorry it's actually the first one I had no idea wut I was talking about. Oh and APRIL FOOLS DAY!!!!!!

peace and love,

Alana said...

I'm bored right now so i thought I'd say "Hi!"And post a message i saw in a book which i thought was cute:

Can't Think,
Brain Numb,
Inspiration Won't Come,
Poor Ink,
Bad Pen,
Thats All,
Amen :)

Kinda awkward since i'm not writing with a pen but oh well....

Oh yeah, i saw Jessica Alba at the KCA(on tv_)and i bet you did too...Bet that made your day!
Too bad Hannah Montana didn't seemed like a winner to me!
Well wiki,wiki bye!!

Allie said...

hey, i was watching a video by the people that uploaded the video of u and marc rapping, and that video was Metro Station playing at Marc's b-day (happy belated b-day marc!), and they don't realize that they are in the SAME ROOM with the greatest band ever alive and the best upcoming rapper(guess who that is? seriously, that rap is so good!). Man, I'd die if I could even be in the same TOWN as Metro Station and the best upcoming rapper. Man, I wish i got tickets for that Farmingdale show! I REALLY want to get tickets for your Nassau Coliseum concert, but when I told my mom they were like, $40 each she flipped OUT. That would be $80, and I don't think my 19 year old sister would appreciate all the 8 year old screams coming out of 14 year old me. I REALLY REALLY REALLY want to go Mitchel, seriously I do, maybe I'll stick out in the parking lot and pretend I'm a guest at the hotel next door! Or I'll remove one of the tires so I can't move :D.

Have fun on tour, it starts soon right? Like, this month right? Ahh, seeing the country, I'd love to do that one day. Like, after I get out of college, I'll just take random road trips all over the country, and maybe FINALLY see California, I'd love to go there one day. And maybe I'll be able to get off the east coast!


PS: Did you check out those songs? If you didn't, it's ok, most of the songs are Metro Station anywayz...

christineeee (: said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Luke said...

Hey Mitchel just kind of curious on something. I saw a casting call for auditions for the HM movie and on that it said they are to start filming May6....and if that is true that is right at the start of your my question is can we expect oliver to have a big part in the movie if your going to miss a lot of the filming with your tour. Although this just might be me misunderstanding the filming process of a movie or the time on the sheet was wrong.

Sarah said...

I was looking on ticketmaster for your tour with Raven and they don't have the Detroit show on there. Did it get cancelled? I'm just curious because I was going to try and go.

DaniRefrigeratorMagnet said...

Mitch, man.

I thought for sure you were going to April Fool us....I'm disappointed with your poor pranking skills...I pulled 6 today....

So the score.

Mallorie: 6
Mitchel: 0

Oh, ps...I heard Wasn't Your Girlfriend on Kiss FM today and the DJ was taking smack about you....but I realized alot of it was kind of no offense. But your music is not orginal...I'm sorry....


Mallorie: 7
Mitchel: 0

Anonymous said...

hey i saw u at the nick choice awardss!! ahhaa

i was upset to see hannah montana didnt win for best tv showw!

i was just watching some of marcs new youtube videos! there pretty sweet!! i heard u might be on it! thats cool!

Makayla (Girl with same birthday from AZ) said...

Mitchel, are you still coming to Arizona?? On your website, it says you aren't...

By the way, Happy Belated Birthday Marc! Luv ya!


Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel
April Fools Day I am still requesting Lean on Me Mitchel. On Chrono Trigger Mitchel you are on level 21. Miley is on level 21. Emily is on level 20. Billy Ray is on level 20. Jason is on level 18. and I thought of a name for the cat girl I named her Sarah Mitchel. Sarah is on level 20. That my favorite SNES RPG game Ever Mitchel. I will tell you more about it later.

My Friend and Fan

Katerina said...

Hey Mitchel!
Before you say let me say
Well! the party was really cool as I had seen on YOUTUBE!The rap was really very, very, very, very................................................................. a hundred times sweet.

Do you know aal the girls in my school have a crush on you!Even the girl I hate the most(her name is Amber)now wants to befriend me just b'coz I have ur official blog site address!
Well! another thing. U didn't answer my question!!
May I Know why...???
XXX Katerina

brie said...

Dude, you didn't post my little tattoo but....I WAS JUST KIDDING! HAHAHAHAH! APRIL FOOLS!!!Boy I was a prankster yesterday! In Physics, all of the class except for 3 people hid in my teacher's little science room in the back...she couldn't find us for TEN MINUTES! Then in the middle of English, a bunch of us were talking about pranking our teacher. So in the middle of class, a girl jumped up and yelled OMG THERE'S A RAT UNDER THE TEACHER'S DESK! and everyeone was jumping up and screaming...then the teacher told us to go next door so she could get him out...but after 10 minutes, she came in our room, and we all yelled APRIL FOOLS!!!I also put stick pads under the computer mouse so it didn't work, took the batteries out my brother's remote, and taped down the spray thingy on the sink to squirt my mom!I really thought you were gonna prank us....something like "Oh, the tour is cancelled" that would've been funny....but so sad!luv, brie*<):o)

abby ;p said...



Anonymous said...

....I missed kids choice awards again? I actually don't think i have ever gotten to see it. *sigh*
I did get to go to the zoo!!! in the morning...heheheh I got to see red wolves!!! REALLY rare, a few years ago i got to see red wolf cubs! :D
amazingly and sadly in the rain forest i am actually scared of the sloth...hahahah seriously you should see how long its nails are, plus it is in a building so it can climb on tree branches above you.
In the same building there is a big snake in a glass exhibit, I finally got to see it (Its usually hiding , this time it was right in the open)
I also got to see many other animals. I once saw a free snake in the water in the swamp lands!!!!
this time i brought some friends and because it is spring (but very pretty cold) they were like ok we will go looking for coral's imaginary snake. heheheheh it is not imaginary :D. i am used to getting teased by now cause i do have a older brother and sister :)
I learned to laugh at myself.

hahahahahah hope you had fun at the kids choice awards!!

-Coral (the girl that talks randomly about RI sometimes)

Anonymous said...

hye mitchel. Guess what! I'm fan of the month. So I've also been listening to Metro Station and I love it. Is your brother the lead singer? And I love the song Kelsey so I'm dying to know who Kelsey is. Do you know, if you do you should tell us. Okay well. Good luck at all your shows, you'll be amazing. Love you.

Molly said...

metro stations shake it is number 87 on itunes :) thought you should know!

and yesterday during pe i was singing one of your songs and i was like who in the world sings this. then i remembered it was you.

molly e.

Anonymous said...

i just wanted to say i want to marry you
you're name is MITCHEL mines MICHELE
they both have one L & are spelt alike ! i just thought id let you know that little piece of information !

-xo Michele

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel
I have love yo since Secondhand Lions.

Anonymous said...

oh can you give me a shout out to Austin for my birthday it's May 5th I'll be 14. Thanks

KIZA said...

im back~~


JessandErinShow said...

hey I just wanted to say that I voted for you for the popstar magazine thing for like every category!

peace and love,


kinda late but happy bday marc!!! i reeeeallly wanted hannah montana to win the kca but they didnt. i was so sad. lol. haha i dont really have much to say soo have a good week! =]

devi43 said...

hey mitchel i thin you are super awesome your acting amazing and your singing phenomenal. i have i really small request it would mean the wordl to me if you would say happy bithday to me . my birthday is april 19th . thank you so much. you dont have to put it on your blog or anything can you just wirte it in a comment on mine blogspot. so you dont have to post it if you dont want to. please please. that would make my birthday the best ever that you soooooo much. youre the greatest

Katie R. said...

Mitchel!!!!... guess what? ..................I GOT A SKATEBOARD FOR MY BIRTHDAY!! Its pretty sweet! I just wanted to tell you, since I told you I would. I hope your doing well, Miss Ya!

-Katie R.

Katerina said...

Hey Mitchel!

I thought you were a great guy!And I m absolutely right. So if you don't mind can u please,please,please,please,please send a birthday wish to my three-year old sister! She is turning four. If you u can send please send it to my blog, if u don't want to put it on ur blog.Her birthday is on 5th April!Well! its my humble request!!

And guess what! she cannot remember a-b-c............... but she has memorized all ur scripts by watching T.V. And may b she is ur youngest fan!!

And its for all of those who r on the blog. If u want u can also wish her "Happy Birthday". She will be happy coz so many people wished her birthday!!
XXX Katerina

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel, there has been a rumor put out there that you said in popstar magazine, that in season3 of hannah montana, it's going to be moliver. Is this true? I think that if the writers want to put a couple in the show, then they should let the viewers vote. Then, when which ever couple win, we won't argue because we'll know that it was done fairly.

Alexandra said...

Ok well I just wanted to let you that im supper excited for your performance in Kissimmee on the 12th. I know that alot of people have been talking about it for days in my school and everyones excited!!!! I cant wait to actually see you live. I havent been able to everytime u have come down to florida. Its going to be awesome!!!!!!!!!!! I cant wait!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Anonymous said...

omigosh! i can't believe marc has a youtube! ur gonna b on his show! yay! hope u r havin' a great week and have an amazing weekend!

Anonymous said...

guess what!
today i drove past the place where you work and im like "OMG I BET MITCHEL IS IN THERE, LIKE 100 YARDS AWAY FROM ME!"
and then i was like SIKE he's probably in Utah with Jason or something =(
but anyways
just wanted to let you know
i have a supercrush on you.
you are too cute.

Anonymous said...


haha, so in the popstar photoshoot (theres the picture on your website), theres that picture of you with the guitar, IS THAT MASON'S??!?
because uhh i saw him last weekend and I'm pretty sure that's it!
Is it?!?
or maybe you have the same one?!?
ahhh i dont know, but im pretty intrigued!

Anonymous said...

dear mitchel,

you are looking more and more like mason every day, i sware.


Samantha said...

Hey Mitchel!
My dog is lost! =(
His name is Buddy!

My mom let him out to go pee.
and she went back after like 1 minute
and he wasn't there!
Then, we called his name and went around the
neighborhood to find him!
We can't find him anywhere!
So my mom is going to call our paper boy
to see if he saw him anywhere while he was handing
out the paper.

So me and my brother are trying to find him!
even though he might be at someone who would just
kidnap a dog! =(

Love Ya!

Samantha said...

Hey Mitchel,

Did you hear about the tornados that were in Texas and Arkansas?

I live in Arkansas.
and we ALMOST got hit by the tornado but i past us!
I was up until 12am because
I was scared it was going to come back through where I live!

I finally went to sleep when I saw it died out at 12:30(I think)

I'm out of school today because
the power went out at my school!

So we have to make up 2 days at the end of the school year because of one day Snow a month ago and this.

So yeah!
It was bad!

Love Ya,
from Arkansas

Jenny said...

hahaha. to mallorie's april fools thing.

Evania said...

Hey mitchel.whats up:)
im a huge fan. i cANT wait till
the tour.Im defiantly going. its gonna be awesomeee.
You Rock.