Wednesday, March 05, 2008

You guys are so cool!

Thank you for placing the Oliver doll in foil. I get it...."My Best Friend" song ...right? Very clever.

I would LOVE to go to the prom with you, but my schedule does not allow me to do so. Can I say thank you Very much for thinking of me and I hope you have the most fantastic time ever and come back and tell us all about it. Cause I think girls like to read about that kind of stuff...not sure...think so.

I can do lot's of tricks on the skate board. Please reply back with your favorite or hardest trick and I will let you know if I can do that one.

Hey guys, seriously ....this blog is for you guys to talk and share.... but if you send personal information, or something rude about ANYBODY, it will Never be seen here. I do have the power to keep it clean and safe. Someone last week sent this really long post with lot's of great stuff but then closed the post with their phone number or email address and I had to reject it. I wouldn't want you to give out that information ever. You risk having someone else call or email stating they are me when they are not. I do not personally email anyone back. I post to all my fans at one time.

Please do Not respond to anyone with a myspace who says they are me. Have you looked? There must be 2000 people saying they are me. They are not me. They are lonely kids or grownups who are pretending. I really want you guys to be safe!




selah said...

awL, mitch.
how sweet. :]

man, i wish i could skateboard.
i have one, but can do absolutely nothing on it but sit. =/


Molly said...

Hey Mitchel!!

I'm stuck at home until Friday cause of a stupid sickness-thing I have. NOT FUN! So I have to deal with my three year old brother! Not so much fun. lol.

I don't have a myspace, thank goodness. My parents won't let me. I don't really want one anyway, too many bad things happen!!

my e-mail is.......haha. Just kidding! I would never post my e-mail on here. :D

Hope you're having fun in Utah!



Anonymous said...

Just out of you know how to do the soulja boy dance? Just wondering..haha :)

leanne (leanna's good too) =] said...

lmfao the oliver doll in the silver pants? niiiice! =]
ahahaaaa yes girls do like to read about that stufff. or at least i do. xD
dude i can paralyze myself for life on a skateboard. it's so sad.
duuuuude i cannot wait for your surpriseeeeeeeee! =]

hope all is wellll!
-Leanne (or leanna) =]

Carly said...

lol i have no idea how to skateboardd! lol but whats ur favorate trick?! i would name one but i really have no idea! lol

yah i cant tell u how many posers there are of u! and there bad at it too! lol jk...but iv seen u post about it so many times and isnt it on i dont really look... but thannkss for letting us knowww!

have fun in utah!! hope to hear the big surprisee soon!!



brooke said...

omg, that was amazing.
ehh, i can't do much on a skateboard, but i like skateboarding.
the most i can do is ride mine, buttt, im working on getting better :].
can't wait to hear the surprise!


MeganP2010 said...

aww mitchel you're so cute

I don't care what you say though, I'm taking you to my prom =] hahah 2010, be ready!

Haha and i love how you spell!!! Please don't ever ever use spell check or anything because it's so cute! That oliver doll is indeed very 'cleaver' and i'm sure you know how to do every 'skate board' trick in the book! 'Lot's' of them i'm sure

And just so you're aware, I'm DYING to see you again in person! Maybe we can go on a dateeeeee! I really really really hope I get to go to bamboozle, too- because I want to see you there (if your even going!)

-Megan P.

Ps- did I mention that I love you and think you're really really cute? Because I do and you are!

Anonymous said...

I absolutely agree with you! Putting personal information on the interset is NOT wise, because ANYONE can access it.

All the celebrity posers on MySpace and Facebook are riduculous. It's definitely getting out of hand.

Haha, skateboards scare me! I'm not very coordinated, so it's best that I stay away from them.


Daniela said...

ohh cool :)
that's why I love you so much!!! :D
LOVE YOU!!! :)
Daniela (from Israel)

Anonymous said...

oh my goodness you are incredible, making sure your fans are safe my goodness you have such a kind heart! i love you sooo much! haha if you ever walked in my room you would see my walls covered with you i am in love with you!

love ya,

Hannah said...

I had a snow day I have nothing better to do.

I'm not allowed on Myspace either, it's dangerous and there are lots of viruses that get spread around.

I don't have a skateboard...although, I wish I did.
That would be awesome!

Katie said...

Hey Mitchel whats up? Hey, whats a good LA agency. I have a good local one in Dallas but was wondering if you knew of a good one in LA cuz I'm looking

Katie said...

oh and yea just message me on myspace... wait you dont have one.. ummmmm then just idk.. haha whatever works

lauren.caroline said...

mitchel.. the big surprise.
im stoked.

could it be a...TOUR?

idk, but im stoked to see you again


Anonymous said...

awwwwe thanx for having our back!!!!

Sarah said...

hey Mitchel!! i cant believe i got to meat you at the January 31st Miami concert (my pic is on your site0. do you really read EVERYONE'S posts?? if you do that must take a long time to do.

my brother actually broke his arm skateboarding.. like really badly

peace and love
Sarah J

MitchelLover64 said...

Oh, Mitchel! Ur soooo sweet! Ur the nicest guy in the world! Please read my blog! It's all about u! Ur the best! And I have one, can u do a kick flip on ur skateboard? I have a skateboard but I have no idea how to do it. Love Ya!

Ashley R.

Boys like Girls rox said...

lol yea those ppl r just jealous cuz ur awesome and they're not even when you look like tin foil your awesome!! hmm...I haven't dressed my doll in tin foil yet but I did dress it up in tissues cuz I have a cold does that count?

My mommy won't let me get a myspace she says there are like 40 year old guys they like to stalk teens....scary!!!

Oh I keep forgetting my three year old cousin wants to meet u...thats what he told me to tell you and he says "HI MITCH!!" so should I tell him you say hi?

love you a bunch!!!

Tess: said...

One of the first comments yes!! What is the surprise??? Did you say idk. I can ride a Rip Stick but not a skateboard thats sad isnt it...
My friend asked a myspace user under your name I told her it wasnt you and whenshe said something whoever runs that myspace said "Who is Mitchel Musso"

Can you believe that pretty weird..

Gota go..

Love: Tess

pinklovz21 said...

That is so sweet! I sweare you post the sweetest things!! I can't help but smile! But anyways I made it into this Musical entitiled Throughly Modern Millie. I am sooo excited! I wish you could come but I know you are super busy. But just to know would you come if you were able to? It is May 17 and 18 in Miami. I would love for you to come. I know you probably can't but, I just wanted to know if you would. lol! I'm happy for you about the movie! I'm super happy that your having fun!

Have an incredible day too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
-Crystal :-) :-D :-P

natalia said...

Hi Mitchel!

awwww, have I ever told you that you're so sweet? (I know I have :P) well, you really are.

This post is another reason of why I love you. You have to be really nice to say that. =]
Keep being like that.

Have an awesome day! (mine's almost over)

Love Ya!


p.s. yeah, girls like to read that kind of stuff.

The Future Mrs. Musso said...

Hi Mitchel!

Yeah, I have a skate board.

and i flippin' love it!

not many tricks i can do, but a few.

its so sweet that you care about us so much!

On YouTube, i made a tribute to you!

So, check it out if u ever have time!

It's called (this is embarassing...)

Tribute to Mr. Hottie-Mitchel Musso

its by freakinhot14 (my account)

God Bless and Have a Wonderful Day!


Anonymous said...

Aw, you're so sweet Mitchel.
Always thinking of others ;]

So I totally saw your brother
the other day. And I was like
'I've met your brother, Mitchel,
like twice, and I'm marrying the
ALL of the Musso boys'

And Mason goes, 'Haha really?
I got the first good looks. Mitchel
got second, and Marc got third ;]'

I love your brothers, and you :D
I can't wait to see Mason again
in April, in Houston. YOU SHOULD
COME. We miss you here!

I love you, and miss you kiddo.

Katie H.

Valaurie said...

wow Mitchel......
I am serious.. I don't think there is any other celeb out there who thinks about their fans as much as you do!
That is so great!
Your just one of the most thoughtful people!
Love ya tons!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Heyy Mitchel
Awww Your so Sweet
lookin out for us Thank You
Ive just started doing skateboarding
Can You Give me Any Advice and tips Please
I Like the Ollie But im Scared cus i Dnt Wanna Get hurt lol but If You Could Give me advice
Love You Mitchel xxx <3
Catherine xxxxx

DaniRefrigeratorMagnet said...


JAPAN AIR. CAN YOU DO THAT? ahaha. I only know Ollie, kickflip, manual, and duckwalk, if that one counts. lmao NOT.

WHO WRAPPED THIER DOLL IN TIN FOIL?!?! THAT PERSON IS MY HERO. Probably Mariam or someone from IMDb. She was gonna have me come to Cali for her Birthday and we were going to make tin foil pants and go to Chuck E. Cheese. MITCH, you should sing "MR. ROBOTO" by STYX in that costume. PLEASE.

And yes, normal girls like to hear about that stuff but not Mallorie. idk. Prom is overrated. ahaha For me personally. I'm going to the movies with a huge group of friends instead. AND ALL THE STUFF YOYU HAVE TO GET IS EXPENSIVE. I'd rather go buy a couple of Wii games for that money! =P


Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel,

I was just wondering!?!,Can you do an Ollie on a skateboard?
I mean i love skateboarding with is like my favoritest thing to do.But sometimes i try to do those tricks and i always fall.:(

I am done with track season and i am defeated in the mile.Yay me:)

Have a safe week!!


Michelle said...

I really appreciate how concerned you are with us. Being so young yourself, we all have to be careful, and so do you. Thanks for making sure we're safe!

Oh so I had the craziest dream about you last were getting sent off to war in Africa and you were crying and it was really sad. And tons of us were there to get your autograph one last time and all this stuff. And my sister and I were the only ones who got to give you a hug and I would not let go of you haha.

Please come back to Portland!
Michelle (twin from Portland)


Anonymous said...

wait wut about foil i dont get it???????????????? ahahahahahahahahahahaha i tried to skateboard a few times b4 and yea.......... it didnt go to well haha can u do a MCTWIST lol i guess its supposed to be relly hard lol hope u have a great week!!!!!!

Allie said...


You sounded depressed in that. Is everything ok?

I can do some skateboarding. Like that tic-tac move thing. Thank you Rocket Power. (remember that show on Nick?) OH! Can you do a 360?

Aww! A girl asked you to prom? Sweet that you answered back. How cool would that be though?

Tell Mason Metro Station should come out with a EP filled with Demo songs and songs that didn't make it to the album like "Coming Around", which I am obsessed with. Speaking of which, check out these songs!

Pumpkin Soup - Kate Nash
Ho Ho Hopefully (yes, a Christmas song, but agood one) and Check 'Em One, Two, Three - The Maine
Coming Around - Metro Station

Uh... still need those tickets! But that would be cool if you could get them for me.

Have fun doing stuff and skateboarding and filming Hannah and making songs and hanging out. Remember: these are the best days of our lives, live em out!


Lisa said...

Mitchel i love you
you are so protective!!
So i emailed the picture my friend drew for me to the website!
It doesnt really look like me!
but it is still amazing

Mitchel i am so upset i wanted to see your brother concert in STL i even had tickets!!! but he cancelled!

I can't think of the names of any skate board tricks! but can you Grind on a rail backwards?! if you would i would love 10X more than i do
which is already a lot
you don't even know i would give up my jeep for you... and i love my jeep.
Anywho have fun working on the film! PLEASE DONT GET HURT SKATEBOARDING!!!

from STL


Anonymous said...

Ive tried to skateboard once or didn't go to well. XD
Well, I hope you have an incredible week too!
I miss you! I can't wait till you can come back to Chicago again. ^.^
Im going to give you a great BIG hug. <33


Fer said...

aww you're like the sweetest guy're AMAZING!!would you go to prom with me??haha=P

ohh I wish I could skateboard...I have a skate board..but I can't do anything..I've tried though..But some of my friends are really good at it, I'll ask them to tell me some tricks and then ask you if you can do them=D

you have an incredible day too, Mr. Musso!!
love you<3


Sasha said...

I love it that you care about us mitchel.
I wish I could skateboard. I told my buddies that I was going to learn and they all laughed at me... How rude. I'm going to prove them wrong. Can you do a Half Cab Impossible it's like the nosehook impossible. I love to watch people do that trick.
I don't see why people post there emails and phone numbers on here. I would never do that. It's to risky.

See ya

KelseyLovesM.T.M said...

ohh ur so sweet :)
i can only do a kickflip and kickturns but i am working on a Rock and Roll!by the way when did you first start skateboarding and what was the first trick you did?


lizzieeeee said...

ahaha, i can't skateboard to save my life.
and i always have your posers add me on myspace :|

and.. i think that you shoulddddd
come back to chicago!
real soon
cuz we miss you :)

Brittany said...

mitchellllll you are so sweet =)) i'm so excited for the new hannah episode!!! and your big surprise of courseee!! sooo, i've said this a lot but i really, really want to meet you soon! soo i just gotta quickly say ST.LOUISMISSOURI, to keep it fresh in your mind =) i know you've previously posted that you don't really have control over where you go but... i just had to let you know we want you here =)

CALL ME!!!!! MY NUMBER IS 859g345a029 ... hahahaha kidding

loveee, brittany <3

Disa said...

"Cause I think girls like to read about that kind of stuff"

Oh yes Mitchel, you know us well.

KT J. said...

hahaha you are so sweet, but so ADD haha
and i love your description of Mitchel-posers, great stuff =)
ps: the best i can do on a skateboard is... sitting on it and sliding down a hill haha i can't skate at ALL
love you so much, hun

Nikita Bimson said...

YAY!! You replied to my question! That just made my day.
Tomorrow is the 2nd performance for Great Mills Idol(its like American Idol) and I am so nervous. The theme is motown and I'm singing Stop in the name of love by: The Sumpremes. Wish me luck =]

Oh can you do a backside nosse grind or a double heelflip?

Oh another question: Do you play DDR (Dance Dance Revolution)? If so what level?

Katie R. said...

Thanks for caring about our safty Mitchel! Your SO sweet! I would NEVER give out my number or address or anything like that. I don't even have a much drama.
I can Skateboard, But I haven't learned to do any tricks just yet....Kind of need the board first!
The only name for a trick I know is an Ollie, Can you do that? and How many Skateboards do you have?

Hahaha... I didn't get the foil thing at first. But I get it now. That is pretty sweet!

I am feeling a little better today, My Dog, Shannie, Has been by my side for the past couple days, we have taken naps together! LOVE IT!!

Well, I have to go get some pizza's. Have a great week....almost weekend!


Anonymous said...

AWWW! Mitch! You are so sweet! Plus can you pretty please answer this? Were you in the Big Dismal -Remember video?

Because in the begining when you look, there's a boy and a girl and obviously you are the boy. lol but there playing with a toy car, and then they run through the sprinklers then they fall asleep watching tv, ALMOST holding hands! lol

Anyway, I gotta go!

Jodi said...

Ohh skateboard....
me and my friends attempted to build a ramp off my driveway....
it didnt work out sooo well haha!
So dont hurt yourself!!

Annie said...

Wow, Mitchel, you're extraordinarily thoughtful.
Thanks for keeping everyone safe.

Have an INCREDIBLE DAY yourself. :)

Caitlyn said...

Mitchel can you come to Long Island, New York sometime soon???

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel!!!!!!

Geuss what? I auditioned for my school's talent show and I got in!!!!!! I'm soooooo happy!!!!!! I wanted to sing one of your songs but I'm singing Hannah Montana Rockstar instead. I would ask you to come but your schedual is probably so full you wouldn't be able to. Besides it's in Canada. you wouldn't want to come all the way here just to watch one of your fans sing a song.

Anyway geuss what? My friend Sierra has a toutube account and we want to make a video of me singing one of your songs! I don't know which song yet though. Got any ideas on which song of yours i should do? At least when i make the video you can see it and still hear my singing voice, since you probably not comeing to my talent show! it's better than nothing right?lol!
Anyway g2g!
-Chelsea AKA Chillie

Rosario said...

talking about skateboarding i got a you a skateboard the other day when i was at the mall with my mom. It has design of a motorcycle in the back and the background of that its red. My brothers thought it was for them so they actually opened it and took it out of the box :( i yelled at them for that, lol the skateboard is in my room now. Hopefully i can give it to someone so that they can give you the skateboard when you come to Florida.
<3 Rosario

Mariam. [: said...

but not as cute as you.

i crack myself up.
its sort of sad.

Jenny said...

ahh man, did that post? it was a longg comment =\ haha i don't think it post DARN!

abby from AZ! said...

mitcheelllll (:

well my prom isn't for another..what..6 years?
will you be busy when i ask you to attend it with me? HAHA.

my brothers wedding is this saturday! im so excited! 200 people! its pretty big! he has been with his girlfriend, fiance for 11 years! isn't that something! im a bridesmaid! :)

i hope when you get older, you find someone that special to you! im sure you will! ;p

i hope your week is AH-mazing!

-abbbbbbbbbbbbby <33

Anonymous said...

Awww.. that sucks about the prom thing...but i understand your very busy with stuff...hey! are you coming to Michigan or anywhere close soon after flordia?? I think that it would be so cool to go to your concert ; what would it take to be at one of your partys LOL. Like do you have one after concerts or before em'? Have a good evening! LOVE YOU!!!

Anonymous said...

hey mitchel what have you been up to. im sure lots of fun stuff. yeah that was one of my good friends who asked you to prom haha shes funny but that would have been cool lol. yeah you seem cool and stuff. well cya.


christineeee (: said...

heyy mitchiiee

you skateboard pretty good right? well ii dont (: but its ok, you'll teach me, right?!

my cousin told me a bunch of skateboarding moves, but ii dont remember them now. ii remember the Ollie trick. can you do that?

come to LOS ANGELES, California
ASAP, please?

ii have SOOOO much to tell you...

posers are dumb. seriously. ew.

alrightt i miss you
i love you so much
have funn with the songs!

Mikeila said...

I love Mitchel

Amy said...

Man, I wish I could skateboard. I barely know how to snowboard LOL. I have look on myspace and there is a lot of people that say they are you. Yeah so I hope you are having an amazing time in Utah! I can't wait to hear the super big surprise!!!!! Well you stay safe too! <3
P.S. My friend and I might be making a youtube video this weekend so yeah..... I will let you know if we do so you can watch it!

Anonymous said...

awh! i care bout us so much! how sweet are you? oh i have a questione mitchel! what is your favorite character you have played or are playing? i know there r tons of ppl pretending to be u aren't there? i don't have a myspace...don't really need one either. okey dokey. so cld u please answer my question? oh i really liked health today. ppl said i am a good debater. we r like debating if a diet or energy drink is good or bad for you and you r assigned one diet or energy drink. then you research about it with 4 other ppl and you get split up 2 vs. 3. i did la weightloss program and my side won! yay! =] or my partner and i won! ok well i need to go! i hope you are taking very good care right now and i can't wait to hear from you again!


Shelly said...

You are such a sweetheart.
I def can't skateboard whatsoever. I can barely stand on one without loosing my balance haha.

I can't wait to hear your special announcement. I'm sure it's pretty sweet.

xo Shelly
P.S. My number is: (408)32....SIIIKE!!! Haha. ;)

Sara said...

I cant't skateboard lol. I tried didn't go so well hahaha.

I wish I was going to my prom but I don't wanna be dateless and seeing as I don't see the point in going if theres nobody to go with and my friends will all have dates :(.

haha and about posers on myspace, someone took my pic with you and cut me out of it -.-. Creeps.


Julia said...

hey mitchel!
i met you on january 5th.
i was the one who grabbed your sweatshirt on your way out.
sorry about that. :/
i couldn't get a picture with you because security and such were pushes me and other people away so i guess i had to touch you to make yp for it.
idk, i guess i got excited. haha
come back to albany, ny! =)
<3 Julia

brit said...

awhh, mitchel its good to know that you care about us :]

and you probably dont care but I'm till you anyways because I am so excited. My cheerleading team got 1st PLACEE in a cheer competition! (its our first time getting first)

and skateboarding looks like so much fun, but I have no blance! ha, your so talented !!

So.. any concerts like near pennsylvania? That would be pretty sick nasty!! :)

Well I gtg.. Americas best dance crew is on !! byee<3

PS. me and my friend katie are trying to make up a good nickname for you.. that is REALLY original! haha :] ttyl!

Jess said...

Hey Mitchell!
Well duh obviously you dont know me but yeah i know you lol... so whats up? awww i luv the music video lean on me... i ve havent gotten a chance to write on your blog since i forgot my old username so yeah... well see yass! and im so excited to here from you again...well luv yass!! =)


Tiffany said...

its so cool how u want to make sure all ur fans are being safe. i haven't been able to hear "my best friend"yet that new song u mentioned. I really do hope that read my comments or if u could give me a shoutout in ur blog.because it means so much to me and also(not saying this because it is..)its my b-day on saturday(march 8).

HaleighJayy said...

Okay, I don't skateboard, but I wanna know what the hardest trick you can do is. Like, the hardest of all time. hahahaha.
Then I'll youtube it or something so I know what your talking about!

And whoever put the tin foil pants on you is amazing. Haha, I shoulda thought of thatt!
and by the way, your the only one who can pull those pants off. No joke. Its amazing.

Kay, well, come back to Colorado.
We miss you!

Haleigh Jayyd

Anonymous said...

lonely kids or grown ups.
that part actually made me laugh.


Anonymous said...

seriously though, lonely kids or grown ups. that gave me the funniest image ever.

oh yeah, you were in my dream last night. haha. it wasnt creepy though, i promise! i just gave you a sponge bath, no big. hahhaha sike. but it was cool and when i woke up i was saaaad =(

KRYSTAL said...

my favorite skateboard tricks are ollies and kickflips.
they are easy and fun.
whats your favorite?

skateboarding is not really my thing but i'll skate with my brother.
he loves it.
im in love with MOTORCROSS.
man its so awesome.
you should try it if you haven't already. hahahaha.

hope you're having a blast in utah!


Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel! Do you really read all of these? Well i can not wait until you come to FLORIDA again *cough* preferably orlando *cough* lol! and um i was wondering if you would go to my birthday party in june! that would be soooo amazing!!! I would do ANYTHING to have you at my birthday!!!! Well talk to ya later! Love you lots!!!!! It would mean the world if you reply !!!


shireen(: lovesmitchel said...

hahaha you answered my myspace question!
now i have vivid proof from you(:

you should make of video of you superamazing skating skills(:
i would love to see that.

OH here's a question!:

i love youuu,

Grace said...

hey mitchel!
It's so nice that you care so much about us! And now about skate tricks... my fave to do on tony hawk project 8 are.. "Christ Air" and "Airwalk". But in real life lol i can only ride around and manual a little on my little brothers board. lol. So when are you coming to Ohio? Or maybe Florida..I'm on vacation in Tampa from the 23-28! You should go there! lol! Thanks for posting!
-Grace (fan of the month!)


I'm starting to feel like a douchebag by leaving you comments on your blog with the words "YEEEEAH MITCHEL!!!!!" over and over again. From now on, I'm going to leave you ACTUAL COMMENTS, like this one I'm posting right now.

BUT, you're probably going to deny this blog comment anyways just because it has the word "douchebag" in it.

P.S. Did you ever say where you were going to be in Florida on April 12th??

brooke said...

omg, so i just re-read my comment,
and i said lovely? hahah.
i for sure meant LONELY.



Anonymous said...

hahhaha. mitchel, you and i both know you can't go to prom with that other chickadee because you're going with meee! :P haha.

i'm oh so very talkative today. it's ....well i haven't been this talkative in a while :)

AHH i LOVE skate boarding!! :) haha NOOOOO i'm not good at all, but i can stay on it :) and skate and turn and stuff. and step on the bottom like they do on that's so raven. HAHA!! :D i'm very amused easily :) :)

OH! i heard the hannah montana movie is calling for extras in tennessee.
DUDE. it's like a 5 hour drive from me? and i should so send in something and have my dad drive me down there :) OR GET MY LISCENsE!! yes. !! haha. i could've gotten it 2 months ago but there's never been a good time for me to practise parrallel parking. haha. so...yea...i should go do that now =] and then drive to tennessseee and be in a movie! LOL!!
heyyy i can DREAM right? :) :)

andddd i don't think you've EVER been to KENTUCKY?!
CHANGE THATTTT nowwww! please? :D :D

oh goodness. you're so amazing :)
i can never tell you that enough!! :D


Anonymous said...

HI!! :D

Unfortunately, I can't ride a skateboard, last time I tried, I ended up injured, though Next time i see my brother i might try to get him to teach me. I do play tony hawk games with my dad though (I like making the parks, people, and tricks)I keep making blue skin people...I want to make a wolf person, but they don't have wolf ears or anything like, i also tried to get build a bear to make a wolf build a bear, lol, they said they were not planning on making a wolf build a bear any time soon...I tried making a wolf stuffed first one...was ok (my brother said it looked more like a alligator, lol)my second one does not look that bad.

I am taking modeling classes again!! When i graduate modeling class I will be in commercials again. Though as soon as i get head pictures i want to see if i can get in a Disney channel show :) Maybe i can be in a movie or show that you are in...
I will tell you as soon as i get any commercials. :D I also have acting class (my last class is this week then the weekend after that we go on stage) I am in improv class, Comedy i find is a lot easier then regular plays. I love making stuff up and being silly...(ok this comment is getting too random and long) Its really cool that you are warning us that it is not you on myspace. My mom does not want me to be on myspace cause someone might try to steal my account or something like that...

well, i guess i will tell ya more next about jellyfish at the beach XD or the crabs, and stuff like that, RI Is very pretty.


steeter45 said...

aww thats is so sweet and do u no wen ur next concert is in alabama or fl

Molly said...

haha.. skateboarding, um my hardest trick is trying to get on it.. i suck at it. i cant get on without holding on to someone, then the last time i did it it flipped from under me and i spranged my ankle! it was quite glorious..but prom thats pretty funny, we cant go to mine unless your a junior or senior, and unless your asked my one too, I dont know why tho.. Well i have to go pack for dallas, texas :) warm weather i am excited, snow is now going to make me go literally physco.. jk..
Keep It Cool(wow, i have so much energy i need to go run it off)
Molly E.

xneverfarbehind said...

MITCHEL! (: Can you possibly give me a birthday shoutout? My birthday is this Saturday and I'll be turning 15! It would be really great if you did. :D Thankss <3

Anonymous said...

hey mitchel

i can skate but i cant do any tricks do you hav any tips on doin any. i heard your new song u sang in new orleans n it was good but not that clear. i cant wait until your album comes out.

♥ Priscilla

CarmenGalvan said...

Mitchel can you land a double kick flip on a skateboard? and what type of skateboard do you ride? and are you a goofy or normal rider? :DD

Fer said...

ohh I got one!!!

there's this trick called the "ollie" (or something like that) which my friends have been trying to do forever...but they can' so...can you do it??
I'll think about more though...=D

love you<3

p.s I just realized that Ollie sounds like Ollie--Oliver...well, hope you know what I'm talking about..just saying=D have I told you that you're like the coolest person ever????n.n

Rachel said...

yes, mom, I promise not to play out in the street when cars are flying towards me...
your so protective of everyone, its so cute! I honestly cant think of any skateboarding tricks out of the ordinary, but I have a funny story! when I was 3, I took my brothers skateboard from his room and hid it under my bed, and its still there. haha, I have yet to learn how to do all that fancy junk. come teach me? =)

Aoi Sakura said...

Yup. The one day I don't check, you write a post. >.< But that's okay. Glad you're having fun here; I haven't seen you around lately. You guys must be filming somewhere else then where I've been...

It's fun to read these posts; keep blogging!

-Aoi Sakura

PS Jeff thinks you're short. I think you're just fine. :)

Anonymous said...

yeah i know theres only one L in your name.

ive decided im going to send you a letter. alright?
i'll probably draw you a picture.
and persuade you to come to seattle =)

Kennedy said...


Funny stuff about the lonely kid thing! I have seen many many wanna-be-mitchels its not even funny! I have also seen many fansites, my favorite is call Must Have Mitchel! I have a myspace am very careful about who I add, I only add people I know!

Come back to Arizona some time please! You came to the Tempe market place and I met you I had the colage!

Peace out

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel!Soooo sense you wont tell me if you want me to make you a fan book or not i'm just making it any ways,but I don't want you to hate it after all this work.But anyways it's got shout-outs from lots of your fans and all kinds of awesome stuff i've been working for like Days on it!And I suck at skate boarding but I still love it!I think I may give up on it,I can't do any tircks....And That's sooo sweet Mitchel to want us to be so safe!I would never give my e-mail or phone # on here or any where online I watch most!Oh and i'm changing my name to Sarah Mina instead of sarah just so you know.Have an awesome day Mitchel!!!

This has been another wierd comment by

~*~Sarah Mina~*~

ALEX said...

Oh Mitchel,
you were so sweet to me in Portland, and I would give anything to see you again. Talking to you for 15 seconds was just not enough! I wish there was some "Spend a day with Mitchel" contest I could enter, because I totally would.

Well, keep up everything you're doing, and if you do come out with an album MAKE SURE LICENSE FOR LOVE IS ON THERE because it is seriously makes me so happy! I love you!


Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel

I dont have a skateboard but my friend loves to skateboard. He can do a ollie trick can you do it.
I got a question for you do you Like RPG games if yes what is your favorite.

BRE said...


I cant skateboard at all but friend used to LOVE it. She was pretty good and she is only 8 years old. I know it is wierd that a 14 (almost 15) year old is friends with an 8 year old.

This is a video that Brooke (my friend) and I did. You can see how close we are by the amount of trust we have in each other. This video is mostly all lifts. I did this for my class talent show and since she couldn't come to school with me I had to do it in a video.


The video does have a song, it is quiet because her dad was asleep when we filmed it. If you can please comment.(Mitchel and anyone else who watches it) Thanx!

brie said...

Gosh, Mitchel! You're so sweet, caring for all of us! THANX!!!!

Maybe you could go with me when it's time for my prom????

You've got a while to think about keep your schedule open between april and may......about 4 years from now!!!

luv, brie

Jenny said...

Okay Mitchel, I said something like this in my comment that didn't send yesterday...ahah.
Oh, at first i was like "Oliver doll in foil? I don't get it!" and then when I've already typed a lot in the comment i watched My Best Friend videos on youtube and Maria was like "oh i get it! foil!! haha" so now i get it! haha.
Haha you would love to go to prom with that girl! i think i saw her comments on your blog before asking you to go to prom with her, haha.
I can't do any tricks on a skateboard. teach me some. haha. "Please reply back with your favorite or hardest trick and I will let you know if I can do that one" take a video :) i STILL don't have a skateboard, but i need one. haha.
Haahaha that molly person! "my e-mail is..." haha. yeah i wouldn't post my email or number or anything like that on here either haha.
Hahahaha okay Mitchel, this one time, this person added me on myspace, and they were pretending to be you! but they had a picture, and it was a poster of you, and hands holding up a paper with their url on it, but the hands were HUGE compared to the poster! hahaha. yeah i was like "yeah okay!" haha, who would believe that? haha lonely kids.
Yeah, my comment was longer than this, but i don't remember what i said haha. welllllll,
haveee an AWESOME dayyyyy MITCHEL TATE! yes, please do. hahha.

liz said...

haha mitchel
"girls like that stuff i think"

Anonymous said...

aww mitchell!
you care so much!
come back to texas!
you know that song, by bowling for soup?
haha listen to that and hopefuly you'll come back!
willie nelson wants you back!
pantera wants you back!

Kiza said...

yea i know wat u mean =D!
dude i wish i knew how to skateboard but im hecka clumsy that im always falling anyways mu andress is...xD jst kidding xD

mmm it totally sucks that they are pretending to be u..=-= honestly is like wat do they win?

Buh Bye~!
x-X kIZa -Xx

Alana said...

awwwwwwww you care so much!

alli said...

mitchh, ur right, girls do like to here about other girls proms & fun stuff. hahah. & ohh i skateboard too! i lovee it. okay can you paddle switch ollie switchh? idk i think i might have made that uhp but its reallyyy fun! haha. you should try it & tell me what ya thinkk.

muchoo lovee alwayss,

Georgina Lily! said...

Hope Your Well! =]

Well I dont know any tricks on a skateboad.. BUT I can stay on it while going down the street! lol
I was well proud when I first learnt to do that =] Before that I had to just sit on it and roll down the street lol!!


gap_unminded said...

"They are lonely kids or grownups who are pretending"


Wow. That totally made my day for some reason.

Woo. You're coming to NJ. Yaaaaaaay! Perhaps I shall wade through the toxic smog to see you in Atlantic City. Or I can have the satisfaction of saying "woo! I'm over here, and Mitchel Musso is only about 50 miles away from were I stand! Woo!"

Oh goodness. THE HM MOVIE. AAAAGGGHHHH. So excited! Too bad it's all the way around next year... yarg. Interesting... I heard Miley's gonna have a love interest named Travis (rumor? dunno) ... and she tells him her secret. *smacks forehead* Miley has GOT to stop doing that. And... from the casting call description, it looks like this guy is another Jake Ryan. *ahem* Booooooooooriiiiiiing.

Well, see, this is how I envision this Jake Ryan clone's role in the movie. If this Travis guy (if he's a real character... I know the actor hasn't been casted yet) gets angry at Miley for not trusting him with her secret at first, he could totally emotionally crush Miley. Theeeen, she could go to Oliver all upset, and Oliver would in turn get mad and fly at Travis, then starting a fight! And then their shirts would "accidentally" get ripped off while fighting (granted that the boy who plays Travis is hot). Theeeeen Lilly could throw pudding on them as they fight xD

I should totally be writing the script for this movie xP

Well... if that doesn't happen, that's how the Hannah Montana movie will always be in my mind... so there...

Okay, I have talked enough. Ciao.

Deborahlor : ) said...

hey mitchel. its really hard to believe that someone so busy like you can actually have a blog. anyway, here is my question. is being a celebrity hard work and do enjoy working on the set of hannah montana? i really do hope you reply back or anything. i would really love to talk to you. but if you are not free, its ok. i just hope that you will actually read this random comment i sent you. have a good day. *wink*
a big fan of the series hannah montana.