Wednesday, March 26, 2008


THE PARTY WAS GREAT! Marc made his grand entrance with Talia and Sarah (My dancers from the 4th of July concert) on either arm. The setting was Hollywood with a Red Carpet and step and repeat and paparazzi getting the kids pictures before they came in.

The kids loved the Giant Dance Floor and made great use of it. I don't think they ever got off of it. They basically danced the night away!

Metro Station was FANTASTIC and Marc and I wrote a song together and performed it. It's all about Marc turning 13.

We had the hat airbrush art for trucker hats like we had for my 16th party and had it catered with all hot appetizers and chocolate dipped strawberry's.

We gave away Metro Station CD's and Disney Jam 10 CD's and the Cake was Incredible in the shape of a three dimensional DJ Turntable with Metro Station being the record played.

Marc loved it ! and one of Metro Station/Mitchel Musso Biggest fans came with her mom to cover the night with pictures and video footage. Hopefully we can share that soon.

***You've kept Lean on Me in the top 10 for yet another week...THANKS GUYS!

Also, Ally told me that you guys sent like 500 messages to POPSTAR telling them to put more of me in their guys are the doubt about that! THANK YOU SO MUCH! and because of that.....POPSTAR is doing something really nice for me for my tour. As soon as I get the ok, I'll let you know what that is.

I am finishing up Hatching Pete this week and returning to Hollywood with a Bunch of stuff on my calendar including photo shoots with several magazines, voice over work with several different projects, a couple of new songs to record, I even have a music video to shoot, my trip to Orlando on the 12th and then of course lot's of rehearsals for my trip back on April 26 to start the ALL NEW Music Tour with Raven. Have you got your ticket yet?

I am looking forward to everything!

I have been getting some letters lately saying that you guys are praying for me. Can I just say, thank you Very much. Thank you for the Fan mail. I really work hard trying to get it right back out. It does take a lot of time to get to me and return. But everything that reaches me, definately gets a reply. Don't forget to include $1.00 if you want a headshot. I can send back a letter if you do not send a $1.00. But I can't send a headshot.

Thanks guys!



Anonymous said...

Hi i sent a letter like 2 months ago end of Januaray and i still havent gotten a reply yet is tat normal?

Sasha said...

That sounded like a fun birthday party. I stopped having partys at 5 or 6. I can't believe Popstar got 500 messages. I can't see you on tour...grr...anyways i hope you have a good day

See ya

KelseyLovesM.T.M said...

Hey mitchel,
im in school right now we afre in the computure lab we are sappost to be doing some in class project about war!but i just went on here lol!but omg!i hope you guyas ahd the best time!!!♥
but it is 12:21pm here in cape breton. anyway i g2g my teacher is comming!:| lol bye!!!!♥best of luck with everything!!♥♥♥♥lol

u rock♥

Mariam. [: said...

awh. that is cute!
liv said it was great.

i miss you a lott. ]:
it sucks to know that you are here and we dont get to see you.
but its okay, ill live.

im happy for you bud! hahaha.

Anonymous said...

hey mitchel sounds like you had fun at marcs party. thanx for saying thanx. love you loads from all ur fans here in england. =)

leanneee =] said...

hahaha sounds awesome. hehe i sent you a letter in january, but from ny to cali and your schedule you might not have read it yet. yaaaay lean on me at number 10! haha.


Amy Lynn said...

Mitchel, you are one great guy. For one, you actually spend time with your "little" brother. That definitely shows something. And you, YOU actually write these blogs, not someone who works for you. That definitely shows that you are real and down to earth. It also shows how much you care about all of your fans. That is truly only some of the things that matter.

I thank you soo much for absolutely EVERYTHING!!


lizzieeeee said...

the party sounded like funnn..

and i can't wait for ze movie :)

yeah i commented popstar like 10+ times. ahahah.




sorry. i had to get it out of my system.

anyways! i'm coming to see you the 12th and then in orlando for the raven tour, so if you see me, BEWARE.

no, i'm totally joking......or am i? ;P

kellyyy said...

well i would have gotten my ticket.
but for some reason
the minnesota tickets aren't on sale.

sounded funn!
marc is such a pimppp
like a mini you.
one v-day hes gonna have hundreds on valentines.
just wait
its a matter of time

seems like his party was like a smaller version of yours.

have fun this week,
or not
you're choice.

lauren.caroline said...

olivia was there thats awesome.

cant wait to see you.
^that was fun

Gennine said...

Hey Mitchel! It sounds like Marc's party was awesome! Glad you had a good time! and yes, I've been voting my butt off!!!! I plan on getting my ticket really soon, too!!!
post more soon!
love ya!
~Gennine, NJ

Shannon Loves Mitchel! said...

I hope Marc had a great birthday!
I am in Washington for a trip right now and me and my sister were looking for a concert to go to and we saw Metro Station!
The concerts on Friday and i am soooooo excited!!
I sent in some fanmail in January I think and I havent gotten anything back. but im sure i will soon.
I cant wait for the movie and the music video.
Sorry i cant go to your concert because theres no dates in california so it sucks!
Well i have to go because i am going to eat eggs.

<3 Shannon

Anonymous said...

Wow sounds like a he had a really cool party!! :)

I missed the pre-order on the tickets this time, I still got tickets, but way in the back...I will be there!!! luckily my modeling class ends two weeks before your concert! If my class did not stop until that week, it would have been at the same time as the concert..........

:D hahahaha Can't wait till the concert!!! i have to find the perfect pair of pajamas for the show. :)

-coral (the girl who sometimes talks randomly about RI...)

p.s. :D I hope to send you a letter soon...It will probably be a little while though...:)

p.s. hehehe i already started planning for my birthday...its July 3rd, a long way off. :D

brooke said...

aww, i'm so glad marc's birthday was awesome :D.
i would have done ANYTHING to go,

anyways, yeah, i got tickets to the concert :]. i can't wait to see youuuu.


MeganP2010 said...

ahhh yess, the "metro station/mitchel musso big fan" posted pictures on her myspace- i'm very jealous!

party sounded ragingggggg- wish I could have come =]

ohmygodddd i'm so excited for all these mitchel events coming up- movies/cds/tours (of which are not stopping in San Francisco- LAME) alsdkfjsadk it's exciting



Brittany said...

haha, i sent a letter back in september and still haven't got anything.

oh well, you're still awesome :)

anyway, i can't wait for your tour to start!
i'm counting down the days!

ttran said...

Hey Mitchel!

WOW! Isn't Marc a lucky 13-year-old duck! I would love to hear the song you and Marc wrote. It must be extremely special. Show some brotherly love.


You sound like you have loads on your schedule. I hope everything goes great for you!

Right now, I'm on spring break, so I'm just chillaxing and trying to get as much sleep as possible! Haha. And let's is....exactly....15 more days until my sour 16th birthday! WHOOO!!! I'm definitely ecstatic about that.

Well, I hope you have a fantastic day!

Ashlee said...

wow, Marc is pimpin'.

dude, its been a month and 3 days since I've seen youuu. I miss youuu. :\ I'm SO happy that I get to see you on april 12th. Because I can't see you on this raven tour, so that concert will be the last time I see you for a long time. :[

I see metrostation in 3 days! If I meet mason, then I would have officiallly met the musso family..well just your mom, dad, and brothers...but yea.

ah, I can't wait to hear the new songs.


MitchelLover64 said...

Hey! Yes I got my tix! I'm happy! I hope Marc had a great party! And I'm happy cuz I just learned the lyrics to "White Striped Gloves" And "Let's Go"!

And speaking of lyrics, here's a gift for you! A song I wrote about you and "Lean On Me"! Hope you like it!

“A Song About That Song”
I was listening to the radio one day
Cutting out pictures from a new mag
And the DJ said here’s a new song
So I listened and you won’t believe what I thought
CHO: I thought
This song is opening doors
And closing some old ones that are getting kinda bored
This song is making me feel
Better than best its kinda sorta unreal
I can’t believe what this song’s doing
It was so unexpected
That it shouldn’t be ruined
So I’m just gonna sit here
And write a song about that
song :CHO
So a week later I got the CD
And loving the boy that was singing to me
I think he’s amazing
This can’t go wrong
And all of this cuz of just one song
And through it all
I know I can hear his song
And hear him tell me that he’s the one that I can “Lean On”
Write a song about that song
A song about that song
I’ll hear him tell me
That he’s the one I can “Lean On”
Cuz it’s a song about that song
I’m writing a song
A song about that song

Ya like it? Let me know!
Love Ya!

Ashley R.

collapsed328 said...

can't wait for everything!!

you gotta have a meet&greet for your tour. seriously!

see you in CINCINNATI :)


krystal :) said...

sounds like you guys had a great time!
but i was wondering,are you coming to the July 9th concert?
because you mentioned that you might open up for that tour date,& i REALLY want to see again Mitchel!
you're an AMAZING performer!
plus it's my friends birthday the same day!
&we're BIG fans!
please tell us soon so we can get some tickets! :)

much love,
Krystal :)

rikkiluv said...

Yay Marc!!

Yay for putting more Mitchel in Popstar! (hopefully)

Oh crap...i wrote you a letter a while back but never sent it ahahahha

shireen(: said...

i wished i crashed that party! (:
you musso's know how to have fun, dont you?

im so happy for you and all the things you're doingggg.

and popstar better be taking you on meet and greets!

my birthday is fridaaayyy,
and for you to give me a shout out in you're blog,
yeah that would be SUPERSUPER amazing.

i love youu,

shireen(: said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
meredith kelly said...

mitchel =]
sounds like a fun party.
i just designed a clothing line
after you , im gonna mail it.
i think your gonna LOVE IT.
may 15th concert - send shout out
or even better send on stage meredtih , avery , arielle & steph.
your amazingg =]

keep it real
meredith kelly

shireen(: said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Fer said...

Haha wow that sounds like a really fun birthday party...I'm sure Marc had a wonderful time, and you too! I mean, who doesn't want such an awesome party with Metro Station playing on it!

500 messages? That's a lot. I sent a couple though...of course we want to see you more in magazines, 'cause you're AMAZING! I want to know what they'll be doing for you.=D

Sounds like you'll be having a REALLY busy calendar=P. And trust me, if I lived in the U.S, I'd already have my ticket to see you.

Hope you have lots of fun filming Hatching Pete, shooting your video (Which I can't wait to see), and doing everything else you'll be

love you<3

Boys like Girls rox said...

that sounds like the best party ever!! Only like 45 days til the concert!! Have u watched the easter videos I made for you and your family yet? here they are

have an awesome week!!!

Daniela said...

WOW this party sounds really cool :D and I happy that you and your brothers, in specially Marc!
and did you saw the new videoclip of Metro Station? I like it =]
Mitchel, I really admirer you.. you are so busy and you still have time for your fans :) other celebrity even don't have a blog..
so I wish you will have fun and enjoy your life :) because we live only one time..
Daniela (From Israel)

Carly said...

awhh the party sounded amazinggg!!

i saw some picss! very cutee...looks like it was a lotta fun!!!

metro station leaves today huh?! for there next tourr! crazyy! haha

cant wait to hear whats the whole thing with popstar!!!! ahhh!

well cant wait for ur tour to wait!!!




Julie :] said...

Im glad Marc had a great bday :]

and i bought tickets to the concert! cleveland!! May 29th!! im counting down. x]

ok well have a good time doin everythin for Hatching Pete! sounds funn.

love u!


Anonymous said...

wow....i wish i would've been there! it sounds like a ton of fun!...500???!!! that is a lot! i think i am gonna go to wal mart tonite and get some magizines....g2g! love ya!!

~*ElLe*~ <3

oliviaakiddo! said...

yes the party was greatttt.!
I felt so bad for your mom + nanny they were soooo tired.!
but his party was really cute :]
i hope you had fun too? ahah.
yeah theres like, so much video and pictures i still have to sort through all of them to make sure theyre all good so people can see.! lotsss to doooo.

Disa said...

Aw his party sounds amazing.
I wish my birthday parties were that cool.
I stopped having birthday parties when I was like 12 D:


Oh oh oh.
I was doing some History homework yesterday and it totally reminded me of you and Mason.
In the book it talked about a guy who's last name was Mitchell (let's pretend there's only one L though).
It talked about Benito MUSSOlini.
It talked about freeMASONs.
It was like a scavenger hunt!
History homework is fun when you're a fan of Mitchel Musso :D

natalia said...

Hey Mitchel!

Seems that the party was pretty awesome, That's cool. I saw some photos at Olivia's myspace. You're right, the cake was incredible.

Yeah, I sent a message to Popstar magazine. They said that you were going read those. Idk if it's true. And can't wait to know what are they gonna do for your tour. Too bad I'm spanish.

Wow busy-man you're gonna work lots. Sounds cool. I wanna see that music video.

I've decided that I'm gonna send you a letter. chyeahh :P
But I'm waiting till I'm enough inspired. I want to write a cool letter. =D

Have fun.

Love Ya,


meredith kelly said...

mitchhel =]
ik i already posted.
but look at my last blog post.
you will find it amazingg !

keep it real
meredith kelly

Annie said...

Wow, it sounds like you guys had a BLAST!

Yesssss, more Mitchel in Popstar! and I can't wait for the surprise considering Lauren and I have VIP TICKETS for April 28th. :D
We're counting on you being backstage, Mitchel.

Allie said...

I WANTED TO BE THERE! METRO STATION!!!! I wish I was there, u were there, Metro Station was there, Marc was there (happy belated b-day!) and I just wanted to hear Metro Station live you know? Mason, Trace, Blake and Anthony are amazing, and I so wanted to see them!


My b-day is 2marrow...

New song for ya:

Summer of 98 - The Secret Handshake

Love <3

Jenny said...

haha Marc made a grand entrance with Sarah and Talia on each arm... ahah.
well i sure would dance the night away, too. haaha.
you wrote a song with Marc all about him turning 13, and performed it? i wanna see! ha.
ooh airbrush trucker hats. pretty cool.
oh so if i write you a letter, you will write one back? hmm. yeah i always forget to write you. anywhoo.
Popstar!s pretty cool. yeah more Mitchel would be awesome. ha.

Annie said...

ahhh the party sounds like it was ahmazing...hahah i sent some of those comments to popstar :) anyways yes ive got my ticket and so does my mom hahah yes we are goin together i think secretley she is a pretty big fan too ..just like ME! well you schedule seems like it is getting pretty busy so i wish you all the luck in the world and lots of love too

LauraaaRawr said...

Aww sounds like it was fun. Wish I could have been there! :P But it's cool that Olivia went. I can't wait to see you in 48 days!!! Ahh I'm so excited! Haha. Keep us updated on whether there'll be meet n greets please! Love you!

xoxo Laura <3

Nikita Bimson said...

OMG! His party sounded hella tight.

I cant wait wil July 3rd. Its a long way away. I'll be the girl with blue hair (hopefully it wont fade by then)

I sent a letter and $1 like 2 months ago. =[

Katlyn said...

aw mitchel you are amazing... whats the popstar surprise?

also, are you doing meet and greets at yo concerts? specifically may 9th in pittsburgh ;]

Makayla (Girl with same birthday from AZ) said...

Hey Mitchel! It sounds you you had the best time!! I wish I was there!!!!!!

Don't worry, I got my ticket a while ago! :)

Makayla (the girl with the same birthday from phoenix)

christineeee (: said...

wow im soo proud of yoohh!

& omg hollywood?
will ii see yooh
sumtime soon?

alright ii miss yooh much
& glad yooh guys had a great time at marcs party.

i love you <3

Katie R. said...

Marc's Big B-day Bash sounds so cool!! I am glad he had such a great time! he mentioned it a little on his youtube video. Which I am having fun watching! He even put Stitch on!! Such a cute dog!!

So your finishing up the movie, Are you sad to know its almost done? I am sure its going to be GREAT!! I am SO excited to see it!

And it sounds like you'll be one busy guy when you get back to LA. No, I have not gotten any tickets yet for the tour, Detroit hasn't sold them yet on Ticketmaster.

I hope your doing well, Stay safe and
Have a wonderful rest of the week!


KT J. said...

good to hear marc had an awesome b-day!
your welcome...about the lean on me thing lol
and i can't wait for more of you in popstar!
sounds like you're seriously busy and i respect that! plus, i'll try and send out some fanmail with a dollar =)

Alana said...

Good to know that Marc had fun!I can't wait to see Hatching Pete!Please say its not coming out till next year!I'm grumpy enough because i'm not going to the concert!I couldn't get a ticket!It's sooooo sadddddddddddddd!:)Sorry for being dramatic.
Well i want to write you a fan letter which i might do someday(emphasis on the someday!)If my parents let me......


~written by:the one fan you may never get to see(and is always dramatic but tries to make life rock!)Alana~

leanneee =] said...

mhkay mitchel, i have a request for you. you know shireen/shyreen (your 24th comment comment on this blog)? yeah well friday (march 28th) is her birthday. and for this to be like the coolest birthday ever, she's gonna need a shout-out. i'm pretty sure she's turning 15 (that grandma...). dude, pleeease give her a shout-outttt. thankssssssssss. =]

ps- march 28th yo.

DaniRefrigeratorMagnet said...


I heard the party was rad. MarcMarc is so adorable. He wants to be just like his big brothers! Be a good example for him, ok? xD

I've been in Minnesota all week. I went to the Mall of America and they had some cool new rides at their amusement park, so I rode those. I spent a bunch of cash too on the randomst things. Wii Games, a book, Pjs, and a cool iPod skin. lmfao. I went to an indoor waterpark for the past 2 days and got some good boogieboarding in. I was the only girl who could get up on my knees and stay there without holding onto the board. They were all screaming. It was rather annoying actually. xP ITS JUST WATER.

THE BEST THING ABOUT BEING HERE IS WATCHING THE WILD PLAY EVERY NIGHT. But they won the first night, lost the two inbetween, THEN WON TONIGHT. Good fights too!

Come up with me next time and we can go fishing. I will convert you into a hockey fan. xD


Abby-gale Jonas said...

wooo for marc! thats exciting. wow, i always thought he was older then me , but i guess not.older by seven days :]
-that sounded like one crazy fun birthday party ! exciting!

*cant wait to see u on tour!

-abby from texas

Aoi Sakura said...

Since we're talking about the movie now, I just wanted to say it was WAY fun being an extra and seeing you. And that I think you're still cute, even in a chicken suit. :)

Tell Marc and Mason Happy Birthday for me (and everyone else here, too)!

I wish I could have seen you for the week I was in sunny Cali!

-Aoi Sakura

Katerina said...

Hey Mitchel!

The party seemed to be fun.Well I had sent you a letter but Ididn't get a reply!

Hope to get a reply to the letter soon!

Katerina said...

Hey Mitchel!
Its my birthday today and I am turning 16. Officially my birthday falls in January but originally its today.
I had to increase my age to get admittion in school so it was changed to January. So, accordingly I was 16 months ago but today I am actually turning 'SWEET 16'.

GiGi said...

Oh my gosh, that's awesome Mitchel! The party sounds like it was amazing. I'm glad everyone had a great time! I can't wait to see the pictures and video footage!

I'll probably be writing to you prepared for a long letter of my ramblings, LOL!

Sara said...

Sounds like Marc's party was fun.

I ordered my ticket but haven't it gotten yet. May 20th <33 plus I seee Metro Station like 2 weeks before that so I'm REALLLLY looking forward to May. Its gonna be an awesome month for sure.


F said...

Hey! So my mom just told me that you are coming to Orlando! Is it true that you are going to be in kissimmee too? OMG! I love your new song "Lean on Me"!!! Well G2G. Bye!

U r Awesome,

P.S. Sorry if you already got this comment!

leanneee =] said...

MITCHEL. shireen/shyreen is actually turning 14 i just found out. yeah i know i should probably make sure of things before i say them because you might get confused...

uhm reminder- shireen/shyreen is turn FOURTEEN on march 28th (friday, tomorrow dude). a birthday shout-out would be like the best thing ever. thanksss. =]


Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel,
Sounds like you had fun at Marc's party! I'm glad you and Marc had an awesome time. I'm still trying to get tickets to one of the concerts. I'm still praying to get them. And at the concerts is there going to be a meet and greet? I miss you a lot already and I want to meet you again.


Anonymous said...

it's sooo good 2 hear about all the new projects you've got!!! More Mitchel! Yeah! I really want 2 see the music video cuz Lean on me was awesome!
Sooo .... a lot of girls here got pictures WITH YOU! That's so cool I wish I had the luck 2 meet u!
And you've got a great variety of fans my dear; England, Israel, etc etc and..... Mexico! Yeah that's me. Just don't imagine the typical mexican stereotype most americans seem 2 have.... think of us more the Eva Longoria type ... yeah..... well just taller but definitely Longoria-type haha (just joking I don't have the ego that big!)
no seriously
so that's why I don't think I'm meeting you anytime soon :( but right now I'm in Utah so u could tell all of your fan community where are u shooting Hatching Pete so we can meet you!! but now that you know I'm on the look out I don't think ur gonna reveal it..... still if u did it would be so cool.
and I'm going to your concert in kissemmee! Its gong to be my birthday present! I'm really excited! I think I'm speaking for all your fans by saying you and marc should perform the song you wrote for his birthday! (Ur a great brother mitch)
hope marc had a great time cuz his party sounded really great; the hats , metro station ( lucky him), the dance floor, the song, all of it.
And well I have to say goodbye cuz I think you've got enough of me.
lots of kisses (big ones) and loads of luck and good wishes!!!


( see! That's why the eva longoria thing fits so much.... jk!)

Anonymous said...

oh! I forgot .... I'm writing to u just.. you think the reply will arrive all the way to Mexico city? In any case I'm sending the dollar while I'm here in the states.

.audrey. said...

i'm totally sending you a letter soon.
i was just wondering... you answer your fan mail personally?
or do you send out a generic letter to everyone?
let us know!

The Future Mrs. Musso said...

hey Mitchel!

WOW! sounds like Marc had an AMAZING time!!! Tell him I wish him a HAPPY THIRTEENTH BIRTHDAY!

How are you lovely?

Spring Break for me! WHOO!

I can't WAIT to see you on April 12 in ORLANDO!

God Bless and Have a Wonderful Day!
Much Love,

Abbster said...

hey mitchel!
I wish I could have gone to marcs bday! it sounded like so fun! =D
my brother turns 13 today!! isnt that weird?!?
soo i was on myspace, and metro station was like top 49 artists under indie! thats crazy cool.
i wanna hear that song you wrote to marc! i think we all do!
i love love love sending you fan mail. so fuunn. =D
we all LOVE LOVE LOVE you!

Anonymous said...

that sounds like fun!!!
i got my tickets for the concert but it would be cooler to see you on your birthday!!!!


Gould said...

FUN! that party seems kickin'! love love chocolate covered strawberrys :) and i believe that if it was one of Metro Station/Mitchel Musso Biggest fans, it should have been me.. haha jk, sorta. anyway, glad the party was amazing, and congrats on Hatching Pete, Raven, Music Video.. the list goes on. Man your busy, but not busy enough to stop you from having a meet&greet at your ct concert ?! (wishful thinking) love your work
*keep on rocking*
kisses, gould.
ps.- love the airbrush hats, i got a few a various bar/bat mitzahs

Chelsee said...

Wooh, sounds like fun! haha so Im glad you're having a good time, at least someone is, right?
Umm so yea Im kinda aggravated, cause my mom is being a butt and wont get me tickets to the Raven concert, and pretty soon they're gonna be sold out. I think all the floor seats are gone now, which makes me mad cause I ALMOST got like the
14th row from the front but then my mom cancelled. Rrawr.

Haha, the Popstar thing is true. I mean, they asked us, and we replied! lol some girl who likes the Jonas Brothers yelled at me and Olivia for saying to put you in it more. I yelled back at her. :-p I told her that you were better than all the JoBros combined times 10!

So you like actually read your fan mail? Cause I know a lot of people don't. I think I shall write you a letter soon.

Ok well it's almost midnight here (im babysitting and I stay up till my mom gets home) and Im rather tired, so I hope you have a great week! (Hopefully) see you soon!


Mitchel Musso fan girl said...

whoo!!thats a relief!! I sent like one year ago and still no reply:(...Well I kinda lost hope and thought Id never get anything back. I sent a SASE and photos so I didnt think I messed up. I cant wait to get something back. Thanks for telling us that info mitchell!!!!!

Megan said...

That sounds like a lot of fun. And i hope that your singing career will take you very far becuse u have a great voice and you will always have a great voice well i hope that you will write back but for now i know are very busy so PEACE-OUT