Friday, March 07, 2008

Crazy request....this is for Oliver...not for me

How many of you would be willing to go there and vote for Oliver? I have heard that Oliver is in second place for the poll on that page. It is something about who would make the most interesting show.. Now...Miley always wins those and I would expect her to. She's a HUGE star, but I couldn't believe that so many kids voted for Oliver. If you get a chance, vote Oliver.

Thanks guys!


Big P.S. I'm hoping to be able to tell the Big Surprise on Monday.


Samantha said...

I posted a comment on your last post. Can you reply?! It would mean alot!

Luv Ya,
Samantha from Little Rock,Arkansas

Sasha said...

I will defaintly vote for Oliver. That guy is just so funny.

Well then I can't wait until Monday. YAY MONDAY!!!! If you can tell us on Monday anyways.

See ya

KelseyLovesM.T.M said...

:O!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!lol im voting for oliver:)!!!!i cant wait for the bog surprise!!:) was in school and everybody was talking about a celberity they love.and i was like ''MITCHEL MUSSO!'' and everybody was like u are to obsessed!and i was like ''no im not im just a loving fan that sapports every thing he does''!:) and brandon in my class was like ''no,you are like 2oo million miles past that!and everybody just stared at me....but yeah im a pretty big fan!but i cant wait for ur surprise i wonder if its something with ur fans or something.But i hope nobody blows this secret!:)

♥come to canada♥lol

Daniela said...

I voted! :D
Daniela (from Israel)

Anonymous said...

I voted for you a couple of different times yesterday!!!!

I love Miley but technically Hannah Montana is her show.

I really hope you win.

Last I saw it was you in second place with 35 percent of the votes.

Michelle (twin)

Anonymous said...

I voted for you a couple of different times yesterday!!!!

I love Miley but technically Hannah Montana is her show.

I really hope you win.

Last I saw it was you in second place with 35 percent of the votes.

Michelle (twin)

Allie said...


YAY! Your in second! I voted!

And you can reveal ur surprise on Monday! YAY YAY!


Anonymous said...

Hi Mitchel!I'm so going to vote for Oliver!And you can tell us the big surprise or the little surprise on moday?!

This has been another wierd comment by

~*~Sarah Mina~*~

christineeee (: said...

hey im still thinking bout the acorns

im gonna votee fer oliver. hes smokennn (:

ily mitchel <3

Disa said...

Okay I voted for Mr. Oken.
I do think a show about Oliver would be the most interesting.
He's really the only character on Hannah that makes my best friend & I laugh.

And hooray for you possibly being able to tell us the big surprise on Monday!
Was that your dad's decision?
Or did you decide to be a rebel like I told you to?

Anonymous said...

Omg yes ill vote for oliverr haha I can't now cuz I'm on my phone but I promise u I will votee haha I think u might be able to beat miley...maybe lol

BIG NEWSSS!...MONDAYY! Can't waittt wt about the little newsss??

Thanks for the update againn lol

Ttyl lyl



MitchelLover64 said...

Hey Mitchel! U know if I could vote for the Ollie Trolley I would, but my computer's really slow and for some reason, I can't go on anything Disney. Sorry. And the Big surprise on Monday?! That'd be sweet if you did!!!!! Love Ya!

Ashley R.

Beth said...

Yay big surprise!!!!!!!!!
Anyway I may roll over and vote for Oliver. I would rather see you win. Dont worry im not bashing anyone. So i went to Morp last night and I can barley walk. I danced so much last night. Three hours straight. Thats crazy. Anyway
Yay for the surprise!!!
The one and only always

Molly said...

Hey Mitchel!

PS?!??!? You put that big of news in a PS?!?!?! Gosh! Some of use *cough*ME*cough* are going insane, trying to guess what the surprise is, and you just put it in a PS?!?!? Man, dude!

Okay, okay, I'm sorry. I'm a little bit hyper. I'm just kidding!

I VOTED! Oliver would have the best show!



Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel,
I was just wondering do you know where we can get more information about the Radio Disney party in Florida? I tried to look on their site but I cant find anything. Thanks

Cassie =] said...

i voted! poor lilly though only 7%. lol. but oliver is doing well. and YAY for almost knowing your surprise. can't wait :)

Holly said...

Hey Mitchel,
I will so go and vote. Go Oliver! YAY! Lol. I get my braces off Monday! I am so excited! Hope you have an awesome weekend.

AlextheSinger said...

Totally cool, Mitchel! =]
OMJ. I can't wait to hear the surprise!
I should be going to your two concerts in Orlando with the very own...ASHLEE...(you know which Ashlee I am talking about ;]) so we are both hoping to see you and Marc and your amazing parents. =] I can't wait to meet you again. I met you on April 14th, 2007. Seeing you again 364 days later would be amazing! Love you Mitchel.

Amy Lynn said...

I voted for Oliver, not only because you told us to. but because i think its true, and i would watch that show too.

The Big Surprise might make Mondays better..


Nisha said...

Hey!!! I voted for Oliver TOO many times!!! LOL! Isn't Monday Emily's Birthday???? She turns 16!!!! Cool! Well Love You!!!


Kelsey Marie said...


I actually voted for oliver many times already lol.

i hope oliver wins he deserves it!

how have you been?

you should come to olympia, washington so i can see you!!!

DO you watch american idol?
if you do, who is your favorite contestant?
i think the guys have it again this season, my favorite is David Cook. You have to love how he twisted So Happy Together!

But yes, i can not wait till monday. what is your surprise!

so your going to tell us the smaller surprise before monday? lol

cant wait to here from you again!

luv ya man!

Anonymous said...

ah man i just voted and ur down by 10% but thats not that much...... omg the BIG surprise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yayayayayayaya i wanna kno i wanna kno!!!!!!!!

Gennine said...

hey Mitchel! I voted for you, well, Oliver in the poll!!!
And, I'm DYING to hear your surprise!!! I hope your Friday was awesome, and I hope you have a rad weekend!!! Think about coming to NJ, when you have a spare moment. lol
love ya!
~Gennine, NJ

Hannah said...

Of course I'll vote for Oliver...I will a million times if I have to.

I can't wait for the surprise!

Tess said...

Hi I will go on and vote...

Hannah said...

Oliver is still down by 10%..but I'll keep voting.

MeganP2010 said...

Haha okay I'll vote!



leanne (leanna's good too) =] said...

monday will be one of the best days of my life.
& i voted for oliverrr.
-Leanne (leanna) =]

leanne (leanna's good too) =] said...

and by the way, oliver would have the best tv show.

#1FANisamyniemela said...

Oliver Oken Rocks! Is this true you'd have your own show? Or is this just for fun? Haha REALLY THE SURPRISE IS ON MONDAY!!! HOLY CATS!! CAN'T WAIT!!! i hate mondays but not this MONDAY!

Maria said...

I'll vote Oliver fo sho.
seriously, you're like my favorite character on the show. (:
I think you should win ! I'm going to keep voting :)

Monday! I'll be checking your blog for this "BIG SURPRISE"! xD

Alright, this comment is for like, the last two blogs since I didn't comment them yet, hahah.

I can't do any tricks on the skateboard.. I've always wanted to though. I'm going to get a skateboard so I can practice ;) hahah, wanna teach me? I'll be sure to watch out for acorns.. hahah !

Okay, me and Jenny had no idea what you were talking about "Oliver doll in tin foil" cos we hadn't seen any videos, so we searched on YouTube.. we're just sitting here watching it, and I just start laughing and laughing and Jenny is like 'what?' I was like "I get it now! tin foil hahah!" and after like .. a while she goes.. "OHHH I GET IT NOW!" hahahahah, just a little slow there :P

So I've decided prom with Mitchel would be pretty much amazing lol. too bad you can't go. whoever asked.. I'd love to hear about their prom , hah :)

peace & love.

Haleigh Jayy said...

I voted for youuu.

Kay, so I haven't talked to my uncle in 3 days cuz he said some stuff that I'm not going to repeat about you. First I told him off, then I locked myself into my room and blasted "Lean On Me", which my cousin loves cuz normally hes not able to listen to rap, except for you, cuz your amazing, and now I haven't talked to him since.
Okay, well, I'm off to blast some more of you music, make my uncle maddd. :D

Love youu!
Kay, peace!
Haleigh Jayy

Nikita Bimson said...


Alana said...

Don't worry,i voted for Oliver(since i love that guy)
can't wait for the surprise!(can't you give a small hint?)

Amy said...

Okay I will go vote and I will tell all my friends!!!! LOL! I so can't wait to hear the suprise!!! LOL So happy!!

natalia said...

Hey Mitchel!!

I just voted for Oliver!

YAY! I can't wait until Monday!!1 Finally! the BIG Surprise! =]

Ur awesome!

Keep rockin'

Love Ya!


shireen(: lovesmitchel said...

i'd watch that (:
yessssssss i'll vote!

i love youu,

jackieee said...

haha, im defffff. voting for oliverrr! (:

andddd monday? yesss. im sooo
exciteddd! isntt that emilys
birthdayy, too? sweeeeeet! (:

Anonymous said...

i'll go vote for you
oliver is the man =]]
you should get your own spin-off show !
cant wait for the suprise =]]]


KT J. said...

Monday?! awe man. lol
i guess its worth the wait =)
love you, and yeah i'll vote for ya!

Anonymous said...

i voted dogggggg.
im boutta go to westport, WA this weekend to shoot a documentary on the surfing there. preeeetty interesting. don't tell the surprise until i get back! ahaha. i love you!

xneverfarbehind said...

Most DEFINITELY voting. (: Oliver = ♥.. Oliver > Miley, haha.

Can you pleeassee give me a birthday shoutout on your blog tomorrow? I'll be turning 15 tomorrow. :D That would make my birthday like, the best birthday ever! Haha. Thankss!


Rosario said...

okie dokie I voted for Oliver! I hope he wins!!
I can't wait till Monday!!

XOXO Rosario :D

Rosario said...

okie dokie I voted for Oliver! I hope he wins!!
I can't wait till Monday!!

XOXO Rosario :D

Jenny said...

Yes Mitchel Tate! I will definitely vote for Oliverr!
Oliver is my favorite character on the show too!! He's hilarious! you...are. haahah. oh wow, I love the episode, when they have all the fish in school, haha, "I don't want the fish!" "Me neither!!" ...Oliver.. "I'LL HAVE THE FISH! :)" hahaha. yes.

Oh goodie goodie gum drops! hahahahahaha! ...okay i didn't need THAT many haha's. :P I was saying goodie about the BIG surpriseeee on MONDAY? hoping... so me and Maria will be checking your blog. haha. I do pretty much everyday anyway so yeah.
...... YOU ROCK :)
oh! you're ten percent behind Miley, I mean Oliver is, anyway, I am voting a bunch of times! yup just like *CLICK VOTE CLICK VOTE CLICK VOTE CLICK VOTE CLICK VOTE* hahaha. yes, i am fo real. :)
-Jenny. ... yeaaahhh my name already says jenny up there ^ woo! haha. oh, BYE ALREADY!

Kate said...

Hey Mitchel.
I don't know if you remember me or not but my friends and I came backstage to meet you at the Radio Disney Jingle Jam in San Jose on November 18, 2007. You signed our shirts and arms. haha. Yea, that was a while ago.
My friend Catie and I were planning on going to Florida in April to see you there but our prom is on the same day!!!
Hopefully we can go to another show.
Oh and, of course I'm going to vote for Oliver. =)

Anonymous said...


I already voted this morning... :)
I did vote for you though :D

Does anyone here know the video game Okami? my favorite game I have a hat that has the top half of Okami's head on it (It has wolf ears on the top) people at the mall sometimes stare at me because of it. lol :D

....I thought Easter was on April 8th :)

-Coral (The girl who sometimes talk randomly about RI)

abc said...

haha i voted
sweet i can't wait

Annie said...

okay i am soo very excited your comn to FL! yay and cant wait for the big surprise monday :)

annie from KISS. FL.

selah said...

i'll vote tons of times. :]
oliver would make an awesome main character.


BRE said...


I sooooo cant wait till Monday. Other than you telling the BIG suprise I have a choir festival. That is where choirs go to a place and perform for judges (but you have to be invited). There is no winners or loosers. The judges take us into a room and work with us on things we can improve on. It's realy fun. I have been singing in choir since 5th grade (i am now a 9th grader)! I love it and I will try do do it throughout high school.


PS. Did you see the video my friend and I did?

Chelsee said...

Mitchel, you NEEEEDDDDD to come back to Boston! Soon! Sara and I miss you SO much!

Do you still have the hat I gave you?
Well have a great week!


Anonymous said...

hey Mitchel.....I read in a mag that u and miley r that true??????? Plz respond!!!!


Kaitlyn :] said...

Wow, you've got quite the competition there! Good luck. :)

What would you do if you won? Perhaps a celebratory dance is felicitous for this type of victory. lol

I'm very much thrilled for the "big surprise", but I'm not sure if I deserve it; I've only recently begun commenting on the blog (I believe this is the 3rd comment I've posted) but thank you very much! :)

Have a great weekend!

~Kaitlyn Z. said...

You can count on my vote :]

btw, my dad opened up a new website
If you would like a shirt for free please contact him through the site or blogger :]


AlextheSinger said...

Mitchel, I left you a comment earlier today...but I forgot to ask...
Are you like really good friends with Jason Gluck from I know he was at your concert in Oregon, and I know, because I am friends with him. He is an awesome guy! You two seem like good friends. And, I also think it is cool that you are good friends with Chris, as well. Great people! Keep on being friendly, Mitchel. =] Looking forward to seeing you in April. xxoo

Anonymous said...

by the way giiiiiiiirl
sorry for calling you girl.
youre definately not a girl.
GUESS WHAT my faaavorite thing in the world is.....

your hoodie!!! the furry one =)
yep yep yep

Terri said...


I'm going to check the blog First thing Monday, so maybe i can be the first post!!

Cant Wait

BTW: i voted for Oiliver and hannah montana for the awards

your fan always~Kerri

Katie R. said...

I totally voted for Oliver!! A show of his very own would be the BOMB!!
I can't wait till Monday now!! Thanks for letting us know! I hope your having fun filming, and Stay safe!


Anonymous said...

BY THE WAY. where DID you get that hoodie of yours?

Anonymous said...


i saw a clock with you on it today. it was kind of weird. like, you looked good and all, but it was weird to see you on a clock! you know? like "MITCHEL! hey girl what time is it??"


Anonymous said...

i voted for oliver! you're only behind by 11%! yay! i cant wait for the secert! ohh! i am so excited! oh and i am rearranging my furniture in my room so it looks bigger and i can actually walk around in it! ok well i need to go! ily!

~*ElLe*~ <3

Kennedy said...

i voted!!!

Victor said...

Whoa, I can't wait 'till Monday *-*

I voted for Oliver :D
He surely would have a GREAT show :)

Oh, and my friend Megan said hi :P

Have a nice day,

Anonymous said...

hey mitchel...what is ur song on and on? now i really wanna hear it cuz i was requesting lean on me for radio disney! please tell me what is on and on?!!!!

~*ElLe*~ <3

Ferer said...

wow I'll definetely vote for Oliver...he's soo funny and cool=D

CAN'T WAIT TIL' MONDAY!!!!dude...that surprise must be so awesome and huge!!!

love you<3

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel

I voted for Oliver He is very funny
I am so excited about the Big surprise on Monday. I cant wait for it. I like your new layout for the spring time it's so cool.
I hope you win
See ya

Kiza said...

i voted 4 oliver, miley is cool too but i dont know oliver makes me laugh a lot xD xD anywayz~~
Anyways how is the movie going??

well take care!

#1FANisamyniemela said...

haha don't worry I WILL tell everyone how my prom went. I can't wait!!!

DaniRefrigeratorMagnet said...


Pssh...Oliver? Who would vote for HIM?!?! NO ONE.

You know I kid.


Well, this was fun. But now I'm oof to play Guitar Hero, which I could beat you at. Jealous? Yes, you are. I'm serious. =/


Emily said...

hey mitchel :)
I'm lovin the new green backgroud :)

anyways...if u would say hi to me on ur blog...that would be amazing!

goonight :)

nicole+mitchelmusso=love said...

..Hey ... wow .. ok i haven`t commented on here in like a long time but thats only because I haven`t had time .. come on i`m taking all these hard classes and i get really tired and it suckers and sophomore year ahhhhh i don`t want it to come ... i`m taking honors a.p and a.v.i. and i`ma run track wheee .. well like i`m not trying to make anyone feel bad for me i`m just stating the facts ... but yea i`ma make an account here because i don`t like anonymous anymore .. wow lean on me is awesome and omg I can only do an ollie haha .. and almost kick flip .. but yea i`ll vote.. oh yea I just put soem new posters on my wall and there ots of you already and my sis was like why do you thik Mitchel is hot and i`m like uh duh !! look at him he`s hot /good actor/good singer duhh .. and she`s like wow weirdo .. haha .. XD .. ur awesome Mitchel ... =) .. ♥`s Nicole p.s I still think it`s stupid that I live in California .. like only a hour away from Hollywood and the places you go yet I`ve never met you .. I feel dumb .. bleh p.s.s .. I feel like a jerk I wrote so much ugh well bye .. WONDERING IF YOU LIKE MONSTERS?? AND ALSO HOW COME YOU LIKE ORBIT GUM??..

Lexi said...

an update on the poll.
Miley is at 44% and you, Mitchel, are sitting at a 32%.
I can Manual and ollie on a skateboard, thats all I can do.

I have one question for you today.
Have you had a chance to go Snowboarding in Utah yet?

Lots of Love

#1FANisamyniemela said...

I voted for oliver like 36 times! GOOD LUCK!!!

#1FANisamyniemela said...

look for my youtube video about you!!! i named it mitchel musso so just go to recent videos or w.e.


PS:it's 2:30 in the morning rite now!!! ahh!! goodnight:P

krissy said...

i've voted for Oliver, and i'll vote again. =)

it's cool how you know all those killer moves on the skateboard.
i can't even do an Ollie.
hopefully one day you'll teach me how. x)

i can't wait for the big surprise you're going to tell.
i can't wait!!!!

Rock On!!

Love ya!!

The Future Mrs. Musso said...

im gonna vote 4 Oliver, and u know it, lovely!
I cant wait for flippin Monday!!!
how are you doing lately!

God Bless and Have a Wonderful Day!


brooke said...

eeek, of course :D.

ahh, thinking about the big surprise makes me basically not breathe. hahah.
..thinking i may possibly be able to see you again?


Brittany said...

Hey Mitch! Long time no...comment lol

Well last night I went to the Jonas Brothers concert whch was a blast!!! I had SO MUCH FUN! And now I can't wait to see you April 12th hehe but do you have any info on the Disney Channel Games? I want to go!

I'm so proud of you Mitchel! I really am :)

Can't wait for the BIG surprise!! Knowing, you, I KNOW, it will be awesome!! :D

I love you! Thanks for thinking of us. It means a lot knowing that you care!

I love you!


Anonymous said...

Sure I voted for Oliver....he's so funny =)


Anonymous said...

Sure I voted for Oliver....he's so funny =)


Britt said...

FO SHO, ill vote for oliver :)
and I cant wait for the suprisee!

Lots of Lovee
--Britt <3

christineeee (: said...

SURPRISE needs to hurryy up
im getting real impatient, dude (:

Ollie's Dollies said...


Anonymous said...

oh! did u change ur layout for spring? i like it...a lot! k well i just snuck away from cleaning my room for awhile since i've been cleaning since 7:30 this morning! ok i so need to go b4 i get in trouble! ily!

~*ElLe*~ <3

alli said...

i voted for oliverr!
hahah i lovee how you make sure to say its for oliver even though he is a fictional characterr! hahah. but i lovee him anywayy! but you moree!

lovee ya alwayss

ariana said...

hii. well my name is ariana,
will you marry mee?
pleasee replyy!

Amy said...

i like this green way better! it's my favorite color :]
now i'm all excited, but kinda of ughish. as you see, my english is impeccable.
see what you do to me?!

metrostation said...

hey mitchel, i was wondering if you and mason will ever do a song together. youre brother has an amazing voice and metro stations music is to die for.


Aly said...

hey mitch! I wish I read that skateboarding blog when you posted it! I love skateboarding probably one of the few girls who can and loves it!!! My favorite trick is definately the pop shove-it!!! I dont know why its just so easy and it never gets old! I heard you used to be sponsored! By who? Thats awesome! I cant beleive you gave that up! O well im glad you did! :) Keep up the good work! I love pretty much everything your in!

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to find out what the big secret is!!LOVE 1 OF YOUR BIGGEST FANS!!!

orangeoreo12309 said...

Mitchel I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From New York!!!!

sammut2010 said...

haha dont underestimate yourself Mitchel!!!! we all love you or else we wouldnt be here! haha. i am going to be posting a youtube thing about you and stuff so i will let you know when it is finished.

peace and love

Chelsee said...




Cause I am going to be in Disney the last week of April, and everyone was like, Oh, Mitchels going to be there for the DC Games! So I was all excited, right? Well, then I find out that they're startinbg the 28th, and we LEAVE the 27th! I am oh so very mad at that. So I hope thats just when it starts, and you're maybe possibly going to actually BE there before that so maybe possibly I can see you again.
Which would be totally awesome, BTW.
So you need to give us more info on that, cause Im anxious to know!


Anonymous said...

hey! i apologize ahead of time for repeating a comment i already wrote hahah but i was wondering what advice you have for a person who wants to get started in acting...and i'm still hoping we will work together one day haha thanks again mitchel


Jenni said...

I made sure to vote. I hope you can tell us the surprise on Monday. I hope you had a great weekend because this weekend i have been snowed in my house. We have almost 2 feet of snow.Love you :]


Alex said...

btw, obvs i voted for you! =D

Mariam. [: said...

i can't wait for the surprise.
my fingers are crossed that it has to do with CALIFORNIA. :D

so today,
two things happened.
1. i was at the staples center for a kings game [: andddd i walked by the place where i kissed you on the cheek. :D
2. on the way to the staples center, me and my friend nicole were listening to the top 20. AND SHAKE IT WAS ON THERE.


that is all.

Allie said...


Nice background!

Yesterday was the concert, no I didn't get the tickets, but that's ok. I was watching some youtube videos, and they all sucked.

Yay to the big surprise!

Oh, and happy daylight savings time! Turn forward your clocks!

Kathy said...

mitchel! i voted for u! lol

i hope u announce the news tomorrow! cant wait to hear it!

so u know how ur in utah...what do u do there? since ur there so long? just wondering.

well later

Jodi said...

*gasp* hoo-whoo
yayness....thats awesome...
cant wait to hear what it is!

marykateee =) said...

i heard metro station on z-100 today!
i flipped!
i'm so happpy for them!
they're deff. going to make it big!
just like you!
good luck with everything!

Megan x said...

Mitchelllllll =]

I voted for Oliver!
He would totally have the best show!

You're announcing it tomorrow?!
I'm going to the Panic gig in London, so I get to see Metro Station too
I'm so excited
You're announcing your surprise!

Eeeeep, I have a feeling it will be a good day =]


Megan xxxxx

Ashlee said...

dude. Its sunday. ONE day away from MONDAY. well, technically, it'll be monday in 11 hours PT, or 8 hours EST. But yea..dudeeeeee, my mommy is gonna take me to the FL concerttt.!.! So Ashlee will be there. :] we are actually gonna have a mini-vacation when we go to florida, cause we were gonna go to LA back in dec so we could see metrostation..but that didn't work out

Anonymous said...

I was willing! And I did!
Miley already has a show so that shouldn't count! D:<
Just signed up for Mileyworld. Woo!
See you later Mitchel...Somehow.


DaniRefrigeratorMagnet said...


So dude. If the "BIG" surprise is tomorrow....will you tell us the little surprise today? Come on dude!


Anonymous said...

so is it a for sure thing u will be announcing the big news tomorrwo cuz i honestly cant wait any longerr!

ILoveMitchelMusso said...

I would Totally Vote for Smoken' oken ( Oliver)

Lot's of Love Cj A.K.A Crazy Jennifer

brie said...

Dude, I can't wait for the suprise 2morrow!

Oh, and I read on MMO that your fav Disney movie is Lion King....OMG ME TOO!!! I loved it ever since I was little. I used to have lions all over my room...swear I'm not kidding. Lol I'm such a dork!

luv, brie

Tiffany said...

heyy.i just voted for u.of course i would watch if u/oliver had ur own show, nd do u have a youtube account?btw:yesterday was b-day could u give me a personal shoutout?it would be the best birthday gift!!!love u!

Amy Lynn said...

I edited a few pics of you, two of them i took at the Portland Concert.
Heres the links: i hope you like them!! or use them.
(i also sent them to Ally on the Mitchel Musso Official Myspace page)

Let me know if you use them or not. thank you SOO much!!


nikki said...

AHH!!!!!!! I voted like 5 million times for you!!!!!!!! Oliver is just hilarous!!!!! And I CANT WAIT TILL MONDAYY....IM SO EXCITED!!!!!


Amy Lynn said...

heres another picture link. its another one from he concert. so far these are all my favorite pictures.

and if you didn't have such a pretty face. i probably wouldn't have as much fun editing them. so thanks for having a pretty face. haha. thanks for everything else too.


baylee said...

i voted=] hehe. i hope youre having a wonderful week! i know i am. my uncle is the varsity girls b-ball team at crossville and we won the state championship!! all the papers around our town said it was like a cinderella story. and it really was! our boys team was ranked#1 in the state at the begininning of the year and our girls werent even ranked. everyone was suprised how far our girls got in area playoffs and in taht our boys lost 2 games before the championship game. last year, the day our girls lost in the playoffs, a role player on the team, leah, was in a bad car accident and survived but she ad to have her right arm amputated. she went from role player to role model for everyone when she was asked to be on the team again this year. the championship game, we won by only 3 points in the last 8 seconds. it was quite a miracle=]. were the only team in history to win a state championship without even being ranked at the beginning of the year! so yeah, this week rocked for everyone around here and we had a parade for the lady lions as they got escorted back into town! oh! and i cant wait for the suprise! :]

Anonymous said...

I sware I have met your identical twin!
You guys look exactly the same!
It is so funny! Even you would think so!!!
Have you ever been in that type of sitation where someone looks exactly the same as you?

please, respond, thanks..


Terry said...

I actually voted for oliver many times already lol.

I cant wait for the big surprise!
Im so excited now since monday is almost here!

btw, can you tell Emily Osment happy birthday for me? :D

Love ya Mitch,


Jessiica Reneee' =) said...

hey =)

just thought i would comment you && tell you about wats goin on in ohio lol.

well the weather is bad lol, we got about 8 inches of snow on friday it sucked, cause my parents wouldnt let me go outside at all the whole weekend lol. o well.

&& guess wat!!!!
i got a callback from this agent charlie weinfield, && he wants me to live in NY for 2 months for auditions!, so i am =)
im so excited to pursue my dream of acting!
just wanted to tell you that you were my inspiration for acting , & since that im actually pursueing it!

well anyways lol, ill comment you lata. & i kno i say this everytime i comment you but.. i hope i see you in florida during the dc games!

Jessiica Benedetto =)

Anonymous said...

tomorrow's monday! yay! i am so excited! it is practically all i can think of rite now! omg! i am like super excited! hehe! oh and i finished moving stuff around in my room so i can walk in this huge spacce! yup! i also found a monster house poster that is 3-D and a sticker that like has one picture and switches to is pretty cool!ok well i think i mite check in the morning but i doubt you'll be up at 5 to write it...but when i get home straight to the computer! ok...ttyl! ily mitchel!

~*ElLe*~ <3


now i can't wait until Monday! :D

Anonymous said...

hey wuts up? just wonderin r u gonna be at the kida choice awards this year?!?!?!?!!?!?!

Anonymous said...

big surprise tommmmm.
or die.

Kennedy said...

All I can think about is that BIG surprise! Come on clock tick-tock a little faster!

Peace out

#1FANisamyniemela said...

heyyy i got school at 8 this morninggg where's the surprise :( hahahaha sorry but i'm stoked!!! :)


Anonymous said...

Mitchel todays monday!!!

that means big newss...maybee! lol

Cant wait!

brie said...

Well, Mitchel it's MONDAY! Tell us da surprise!!! Dude, I am so anxious to know!

I had 2 dreams about you last night. In my first dream, you were my Physics teacher, and it was your first day on the job, but you knew everyone by name! Then at the end of class I came up to you and said "Mr. Musso, don't you know who I am?" And you were like "Uh, no." *sniff* So I said, "I'm the one who played your song on the know, Brie?" And you said "Oh, yeah...hi" in this kinna "whatever" attitude. So sad! lol.

Then my other dream was really quick...I was on your blog, and you said your big surprise is that you were holding a contest and you were going to take 5 girls to their proms! Boy that would be awesome!

Our Spring Dance on Saturday was so much fun! I thought they would do more Oldies cuz it was a 50's theme, but the DJ mostly did hip-hop. I danced and all, but I guess not everyone is old-skool like me! haha!

OH and I forgot to tell you about my trip to the mall with two of my friends last week. Well, they dragged me into Hollister...I'm not very preppy so I didn't really wanna go...but no offence if you like that store. So I was waiting in line with my friend, and I heard "You are young and so am I and....." and I was like "OMG! I LOVE THIS SONG! WOOOOO! METRO STATION!" So I started dancing and my friends were like "o....k.....weird?" lol. Then my friend's dad drove us home and they were fighting over the radio, so her dad turned around to me and my other friend and said, "Do you ladies know who Led Zeplin is?" While my friends said no, I was all "Yeah, I love them! They rock!" So then my friend's dad was like "Fine, we're leaving Led Zeplin on." lol. Yeah, I rock like dat! ha!

Have a great day!!!

luv, brie

Anonymous said...

it's monday! i am so excited! i will come straight home after school amd check! i bet it will be here by then! well i need to go...gotta get to school even tho the sun is just coming up! ily mitchel!

~*ElLe*~ <3

Melissa said...

Hi, I just voted for you. I want to tell you and everyone that I saw your brother's band - Metro Station - last week at the 9:30 Club in Washington DC and they were awsome. Next time maybe you can come along :} I'll try to send you some pictures.


Melissa T.
Springfield VA

selah said...

it's officially monday!
that means...SURPRISE TIME. :]


Ashlee said...

awhhh, mitchel. Today, exactly a year ago, I met you for the FIRST time! that whole year was amazing, I met you 5 more times, and actually got to know you and your family. I'm so grateful I got to see you and your family so many times.

Hey mitch, its MONDAY already....*coughcough*surprise*coughcough* we've been waitinggg soo long, man....I don't think I can survive without knowing the surprises...HURRY UPP WITH THE SURPRISE.! ....please. :]

Disa said...

It's Mondayyyy.
I'm going to school late today.
So I'm currently making waffles and hoping you'll reveal the 45-times-bigger-than-the-last-surprise surprise before I leave... if you do reveal it today.

Fun stuff.

Anonymous said...

OMG. Today is Monday!!! Tell ur surprise please! Much love, Lynn :):D:):D- FROM CHICAGO!