Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Tour Just got BIGGER!!!

I plan to add the California dates to the Raven Tour! So who is coming to see me on my BIRTHDAY?????

I will be in:

LAS VEGAS July 5, - Theater for the Performing Arts
San Diego July 6, - San Diego Sports Arena
Bakersfield July 8, - Rabobank Arena
Anaheim JULY 9th - MY BIRTHDAY - Honda Center
Reno, NV July 11 - Reno Events Center
Oakland, CA July 12 - nOracle Arena
Sacramento, CA July 13 - ARCO Arena

These dates are subject to change.....but I am hoping to make them all!

P.S. Hey, who would you rather spend the day with?? Go and vote if you have a minute:



Annie said...

Wow, so you JUST posted that....XD

I'm going to be in Europe until the 15th so I won't be able to make it, but I'm going on April 28th! VIP TICKETS, MITCHEL!
It's great that you got to extend the tour though. !Sooo many people's days are going to be made...haha.

Anonymous said...

1st comment!? yey!
That's awesome that you can go to more places now and get to see more of your great fans. its ganna be the best for your bday! wish i could be there to see it. ill be there for the New Orleans concert though! cant wait!
emily h.

DaniRefrigeratorMagnet said...

Mariam and Olivia will be happy fo shizzle. =)


marykateee =) said...

aww yay mitchel!
i'm so happy for you!
i would come if i didnt live in jersey haha!
but have funn!

makayla (Girl with same birthday from AZ) said...

I wish I could be in Anaheim for your concert on your birthday!! It's also my birthday, too!!

But I WILL see you in Phoenix!!


Anonymous said...

Hey Mitcel,
I'm happy that your tour just got bigger, but I won't be able to go to any of the new cities you just posted. I'm still trying to get tickets to one of the concerts in June. And again I'm still praying.


Lauren said...

AAHHHH!!! You will be in Anaheim on your birthday!! I only live like 45 min. away from anaheim!! So that would be the show i would go to if I can convince my mom!! Don't worry. I will so be there to wish you a wonderful birthday!!

leanneee =] said...

haha i wish i was coming on your birthdaaay. have fun. =]

REMINDER: shireen/shyreen's birthday. tomorrow. friday. march 28th. turning 14. birthday shout-out. happiness. joy. please. i'm begging you. give her a shout-out. pleaseeee

march 28th yo.

Sasha said...

That's awesome. I hope you have TONS of fun. I can't go to any of the concerts. Even though one is only 20 miles away. Well I hope you have a great day.

See ya

Daniela said...

I prefer that you will come to Israel in my birthday July 8 :D
but Have fun in all your shows :)
Daniela (from Israel)

Marielle said...

I can't go to see you on your birthday cause i'm all the way across the country lol...(but maybe i'll see you on May 20)but i would if I could!
My b-day is 4 days after yours...I'm on the 13th, the last day of the tour :)

Anyway, that's cool u got to add more dates!

nicole said...

Thats great but you should still have one at staples center! Its better than the Honda center! But its still ok...

shireen(: said...

cant michigan and cali be right next to each other? :(

im asking againnn!:
my birthday. it's tomrrow! your present to me could be a lovely little shout out to one of your biggest fans..EVER!
MARCH 28 bby(;

ps. read leanne's comment. i love her (:


meredith kelly said...

i wanna see you on your birthday =]
im gonna be in camp though !
i cant wait to see you at the HM moviee set & may 15th !

Disa said...

Oh schnap.
You're gonna be in Las Vegas when I am.
BUT I CAN'T GO :( :( :( :(
Because I just found out that's the day I leave.

I wonder what time I leave...

Because you'll probably never come to Seattle anytime soon D:

My mind is scheming right now :B

natalia said...

Hey Mitchel!

wow, that's so cool. You're gonna have a really special birthday this year, right?

Have an awesome weekend!

Love Ya!


Allie said...

ur playing on ur b-day? cool! u also get to play in las vegas! AWESOME!

today is my b-day! i got these awesome mini cakes with mouse and a creme brulee cake! i'm so happy, since that's my fave dessert!

uh... happy Thursday!


Fer said...

Haha wow. That's AWESOME!!! You're gonna be on tour for like A LONG TIME!!Man, I want to see you on your Birthday!!!Too bad I live in Mexico, it really sucks..But I'll definetely come here and wish you a happy birthday.^.^

But hey, one day I WILL meet you, it's one of my priorities.=P

Well, hope you have an incredible day!

Love you<3

#1FANisamyniemela said...


WOW! You're performing on your B-day?? how cooool. I'm still gunna' be older than you. You'll be 17 in July , but i'll be 17 on May 13th. I can't wait til' prom! I'll be thinkin' of you though & i'm going with a guy in my class named "jordan" (he's just a friend, like oliver to miley or lilly) :) Anyways i'm really bummed that you won't be doing any meet n' greets or VIPs for Milwaukee :( . But I really can't wait to hear your *new* songs :). I've heard 30 seconds of leavin' AND I LOVE IT!! Can't wait to hear the whole thing! -by the way- What's your size for like sweatshirts? -i would love to buy you a really cool gift. But! how would I get it to you???. Well I'll leave a comment later I gotta' go shovel some snow with my dad. Hahaha gotta' love the U.P. (if you know where that even is) (it's the northest haha part of michigan the upper peninsula)


Nad!ne. said...

I wish i would be there on you birthday.
But i would definely come to see you if i didn't live in Germany.
But i still hope you enjoy your birthday with your fans!

Have a nice day!

MeganP2010 said...


blahhhadlfasjdflka oh my god i'm so excited! I'll go to the Sacramento one, AND the Oakland one (hopefully!)

yesyesyesyesyes i'm so happy mitchel- thank you!


ps- I sent marc a message last night... ask him if he got it- he didn't respond, which i'm guessing is because he might've been creeped out by the ending... which may or may not have had something to do with me thinking your sexy....

christineeee (: said...

ok. i love you.
3-27-08: ii love you even more from today on.

thank you SO MUCHH fer adding datess. your awesome, you know that right?

& im coming to your birthday in anaheim!

again, thanks so much

Jennifer said...


man i would givbe anything..

hope to see you sometime <3

GiGi said...

Aw, I wish I could see you on your birthday!! But I don't live anywhere near there. Hopefully I'll be seeing you in Orlando, though! That would be AWESOME! =D


Ashlee said...

sounds cool. too bad none of those places are close to portland...

♪ Karina ♪ said...

AHH now you tell us you're gonna come to the california shows! I don't have enough money to go to your show in Sacramento plus the two jonas shows i already got tickets to... and my parents wouldn't let me go to three huge concerts all in the same week =[ if you're doing a meet and greet though, maybe my friend and i could possibly just come for that haha. I'm sure it'll be a fantastic show though =]


Annie said...

ahh thats totally awesome that your tour just got soo happy for you i bet your excited!!! it should be a pretty exciting 17th bday i wish i could be there.....but no worries cuz im gunna be at the one in orlando at UCF woo hoo cant wait!?!?!?!
any meet-n-greets??

Anonymous said...

Hey that's so cool that you get to have a concert on your Birthday! Mine was today and it was like the best one ever!!! Still trying to get tickets to your concert.


Anonymous said...

cool...too bad i mite not beable to go anymore :[ that stinks!! hmmmmmm.....any hoo...have a good day!


Alana said...

Hey Mitchel, on Disney Channal's Hannah Montana's website i voted in the poll "who would you spend the day with?"I voted for Smokin Oken!That would be totally cool!
To be honest i want to hang out with everybody on that list!!Now THAT would be wicked awesome!!
Congrats on the tour getting bigger!*throws streamers*To bad i don't live in Cali!

Anonymous said...

OMG. That'd be so cool to see u on ur bday but i'm stuck here in the windy city. Ugh. Well, have a great weekend! LYNN :):D:):D

Gennine said...

aw, very awesome, Mitchel! I'm not from CA, but I'm sure the local fans are thrilled!
love ya!
~Gennine, NJ

KelseyLovesM.T.M said...

im getting a blanket with you on it im getting it specialy made:)!
oh and im so happy for you!you are a really great guy mitchel!!!♥your so nice and sincere and just awesome!!!i really think you like the best person!!you have alot of really good fans,like me :) lol!alot of people look up to you and i just admire you and well i g2g Hannah Montana is coming on in 30 mins:) cant wait well i hope everything goes well and happy really early b-day!:)♥

u are to cool ;)

#1FANisamyniemela said...

Did you ever see my



-just go to the search bar-
& type in

niemela2009 should be the ones titled

mitchel musso

mhmmm..lemme' know if you like em' i plan to make more, but only if I know you watch em' hahaha.



Anonymous said...

oh my gosh! i wish i could go to the one in Detroit but i cant find tickets =[

also...on Flickr..theres a picture of you and your smoking a cigarette..? =/

KT J. said...

i'll try!

paula said...

I want much to go in shows....
But, i from Brasil...

I love u, much, much, much!!!

Paula Butignoli...

paula said...

Come to BRASIL!!!


Paula Butignoli...

Holly said...

Hey thats awesome that u can perform on ur b-day! I would come to all of ur shows if i could but I cant because only a few are near me and I am coming to see you on May 10th! Me and my 2 friends! YAY! Please do a meet and greet there! I really want to meet you! See you then!

Carly said...

WOW! thats excitingggg! i think ill be down there during the cali showss! yah!! im excitedd nowww!! yayyy!!! hahhaaa lol



Sara said...

I wish I could see you on your birthday :(.

BUT I'm seeing you May 20th so I guess I won't complain. My tickets came today :D.


Boys like Girls rox said...

yo yo!! Yea I said it twice!! ohhh...ok goin to the shore 2moro and I'm gonna see my 3 yr old and he loves you!! Yes thanks to me you have a 3 yr old fan that wants to meet you!!! So please could you give him a shout out for his 4th birthday we r celebrating it this weekend and he has like an awesome train cake!! So please give a birthday shout out for him this weekend so I can show him PLEASE!!!!!

Oh and I was watching the video of people at Marc's b-day you were so funny!! And I was watching his vlogs on youtube and tell him he is hilarious!! mkay so have an amazing weekend!!!!

big hugs!! (Ok that was a little wierd)

Boys like Girls rox said...

oh right and if you give a shout out to my almost 4 yr old cousin his name is Nolan....ok i go to sleep b4 my dog takes up the whole bed...she sleeps like a person...:p


Gould said...

I wish i could see you on your birthday!! why don't cha cancel that, and come up to new england ; ) anyway that will be a special concert.. your 17!! exciting!
*keep on rocking*

Breann said...

hey bay!!!

i'm still trying to get my parents to move to cali but i think i have to wait until im 18 it's not that far away cuz im 16....

anywho.... i went the my health club/gym thinger today and i did aquatic yoga (yoga in the pool) it was called Cardi-Yo. it was pretty cool i loved it u should try it. then tomorrow im doing zumba i cant wait im sure u don't care lol but yeah. oh and i scared the shit out of my sister cuz i was going hard on the elliptical she was like dang girl u gonna pass out and i was like if thats what it takes to lose weight to get mitchie to notice me then damn right imma do it. sounds pathetic...right? i know =/

oh and my mom is getting me tickets she said she didn't know what to get me so i told her to call the pru center and tell them i want front front front row seat i dont care if i have to sit on a damn speaker lol and then she started cracking up. i guess it's a u hada be there moment.



Mariam. [: said...

[: !

i get to see my baby. :D

Anonymous said...

Do you know if you are doing any meet and greets for your concert tour in Pennsylvania or New Jersey??? I really hope you are because I REALLY want to MEET YOU so badly!!!

huge fan!!!!
-Breanne ~<3~<3~

Shannon Loves Mitchel! said...

Oh my gosh Mitchel!!!!
I am sooooooo excited, and I can't wait to see you in Sacramento or Oakland!
I hope the tickets aren't too expensive and I will be able to go.
But I have one question.....
how do you buy tickets to either oakland or sacramento?
I was looking on ticketmaster and other places to buy tickets and they arent listed.
I dont know if they are planning on being listed, or what.
So if anybody reads this just post a comment on my blog please.

Anonymous said...

hey mitchel, well i wannnna go to the show at the prudential center really bad. its the one in newark, new jersey:)

but.... is it still going on, because theirs no tickets for sell..?

-lauren <3

MeganP2010 said...

ummmm, i'm gonna leave another comment about how excited i am:

I'M REALLY EXCITED! i'm gonna try so so so hard to go to the oakland AND richmond one, but if I can't go to both... oh well, oakland is fine! Definitely keep us posted on when they go on sale and stuff, because i'm gonna need to try my hardest to get front row!

AND, if there's anyway possible- meet and greets would be VERY cool! Or, we could set up something where you casually step into the lobby and I happen to be there... at the same exact time...It could work. If only I could give you my number/email or something... well, whatever, sucks for meeeee!

alsdkfjas, but as an incentive to do a meet and greet- i'll need to find you SOMEHOW to get you your birthday present! oh, it'll be a good one, don't worry.

and (ya, I just made this comment THAT much longer) i'm going to the metro station concert this sunday in san francisco! YUSSSSSSS! It'll be my third... your brother and I are like friends now because i've been like twice and met up with him slash hung out both times

ok thats it, i'm done. hope you read this. Love you!


MollyS said...

hey mitchel...
so i know you can't really do this, but push to come to colorado. me and my friends absolutely LOVED seeing you when you came a while ago... and you should totally come again. :D

you are pretty much my hero...
and you definity signed my gum wrapper. haha remember, colorado!

Fer said...

Hey Mitch!
So, I know it's my second post...but I was wondering..
Are you gonna be at the Kids Choice Awards tomorrow??

Just wanted to ask that=P

Love you<3

Anonymous said...

hey cool more tour dates but to bad i wont beable to see you on your birthday i live on the other side of the us :( but good luck and happy early birthday.....


Anonymous said...

heya mitchel i would come but i live in england so unfortunatly i can't come but ill be thinking of you. from heather15

daniie said...

yay! im gonna see u on ur bday!

Jenny said...

oh thats awesome Mitchel! but, i won't be comin to any of those dates. hopefully the one in Minnesota in June. but i won't see you on your birthday, or whatever. but thats cool that the tour got bigger :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Future 17th Birthday Mitchel, i hope u get lots of people cheering 4 u when u sing.


Anonymous said...

:) lol

A LOT of people are gonna be happy to here that!! :D
I wish I could see you on your birthday, but California and Rhode island are very far away from each other, plus, my sister has the same birthday as you so i have to be there for my sisters birthday. :)
I will see you in RI!!!
hahahahaha :D can't wait!!

the providence mall and the Dunkin donuts center are right next to each other, so you will probably get to see the outside,(unless you go in anyways)lol

-coral (the girl who occasionally talks randomly about RI)

Katlyn said...

my birthday is 9 days after yours :)
how old are you gonna be mitch?

mitchelrocksmyworld said...

Well unfortunately I can't make it to your birthday concert,I live in Florida,but I can`t wait til April 12 in Kissimmee,Fl at Education in The Park,I`m going to definately be there. I have met you two times before at Typhoon Lagoon for the Hannah Montana So Hot Summer 2006 and at 2007 Jingle Jam concert in Celebration, Fl.( you were amazing!) I can't wait for your Album to come out. My mom bought me Radio Disney Jams 10 for my birthday, just so I would have Lean On Me!! You are my favorite artist/star , and have been for a long time, I am so glad you are making music!! I hope I will see you when you are in Orlando with Raven,too!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU!!! Have a GREAT WEEKEND!!!

Tess said...

Cool!! I sent in two dollers and a letter but two dollars was for two pictues one for me and one for my friend?? Is that okay??

Me and my friend are soooooo hyped for your concert in Orlando!! We are making a big sighn and a gift just for you!! My grandpa is setting up a thing where me and my friend get to be in the same room and chat with you for like three minutes the same thing like what happend in orlando with Keke Palmer and Drew Seely but you werent in yet...

Well thats all i love you Mitchel!!


P.S. The Sighn will say " MITCHEL YOU CAN LEAN ON ME!!" on the other side it will say somthing like "WE LOVE YOU MYM!!"

brie said...


You're going on tour on my birthday, but NOT IN CHICAGO!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Lucky people in Oakland!

But I can't be too least you'll be in Chicago at some point!

luv, brie

P.S-Did you watch my "Rules to Live By" videos? You can probably look them up on YouTube. Tell me what ya think!

Emily said...

oh my gosh no way now i'm definately hoping i can get tickets to the anaheim show!!!! i'll be there if i can! yay.


Anonymous said...

Yaya!!!!I'm might get to go on your birthday Mitchel!!!!!!Thank you!
Hope your having an awesome week.

This has been another wierd comment by

~*~Sarah Mina~*~

Britt said...

I am so so so so stoked for the concert on may 28th!! The tickets came in the mail today :] I am so happy! Me and my best friend Katie are making tee shirts for the concert! AHH I cant wait! Its gonna be crazyy COOL! hah<3


I'd swim the ocean for you♥ said...


yayyy more people get to expierience you wonderfull-nessXD

i wish i could see you on your birthday,, that would be so cooll

ohhh welll i gtg

so have an ah-mazing FRIDAY!


Terri said...

OMG that's so cool

i cant wait for may 20 because my dad got really good seats seation 1 on the floor for only 45 dollars apiece!!

i cant wait to see you

i hope you have a good b-day on July 9 when you tour

your fan always ~ Kerri

selah said...

things are definitely looking up for you, mitch.
not that they weren't already. :]

hey, are you going to the KCAs?
just wondering.

can't wait for the 12th. :]


Disa said...

I've been smiling thinking about it all day.
:D :D :D

At least HE comes to Seattle.
Unlike SOME people.
HAHAH. Just kidding, yo.

It really sucks.

Anonymous said...

you'll be in california on my bday.
july 12.
while im in texas.

Kate said...

Hey Mitchel!

I was wondering if you might be having any meet and greets at any of the concerts.

Emily said...

Thank you, mitchel! I'm so going to try to get tickets to the concert now!

ALEX said...


mitchel mitchel mitchel

what are we going to do with you?


Anonymous said...

17 days til Education in the Park on April 12th woooooooooooooo hooooooooooooooooooooooo!! I have posters of you all over my room! You are so cute, my friends are so jealous of me, because I`ve met you twice.

Deborahlor : ) said...

arrgh mitchel!! i cant go. sad case. well, first cuz i am stuck in malaysia, second cuz you are not coming to malaysia. sad sad saddd..

Anonymous said...

wow thats cool your bday is the same as my grandmas LOL the tour gonna get bigger than this???

c babyy said...

Omg, so I am super bummed! I just saw that you guys added a tour date for LAS VEGAS<33 but then the tour is canceled/postponed? Can u give more details about that? Like how long is it gunna be postponed? I am so sad! grr I wanted to see your cuteness!