Thursday, March 06, 2008 I feel dumb!

About the skate boarding statement. I wasn't trying to be so cool. I was answering a question that has been posted several times. It was really to the skate boarder who kept asking what tricks I can do. I know it sounded like I expected all of you to skate sorry about that.

In answer to the skate boarders out there:
I can double heel flip, 360, and Ollie of course.
I don't do ANY stunts on a rail because My agents, directors and parents would come and hunt me down. I gotta be as safe as I can because I am under contract.

I have broken my wrist skate boarding, but it was truly a freak accident. I didn't check the street and ran into a bunch of acorns. Just incase your wondering, it is not smart to skate on acorns. yeah! That accident was about 4 years ago.

On top of the BIG Surprise....I have a smaller one for you too and my publicist says I can spill in a few days. And I know a lot of you are asking if my CD is coming out......I really want that to happen soon and I am definately working on it.....but it is not the surprise.

I am back at work on the set of the new Movie today.

Oh...and on April 12, two shows in Kissimmee Florida for Radio Disney so be listening to your radios in the Orlando area. It is going to be a PARTY!

Have the most Incredible Day of your life!



Michelle said...

Wow I can't believe you broke your wrist! Skateboarding is so scary!

Did you know that your guitarist Johnny Strat got ran over by a car!??!

Have fun filming!


Have a great day!

Michelle (twin)

Emily said...

yay! first comment (i think)

heyy mitchel! I'm in history right now, on my cell. just thought I'd say hi!! you need to come back to SE Michigan! we all love you here : )


Molly said...

Hey Mitchel!

Kissimme AGAIN?! You must like it there!!

Ugh...I'm SO bored at home...if you have ANY ideas about what I could do while I'm stuck here, I would appreciate it! LOLOL!





Ashlee said...

Mitchel. :]
Dude, I've seen a short video of you skating*popstar magazine* and youree incredible.!

YES. thanks for postingg wheree the concert is...I'm going. :] *I'm going on a plane for 10 hours, just to see YOU. =]* I'm excitedd. Even my MOM is excitedd.

well, have fun filmingg. :]

Anonymous said...

I can't wait for the Big surprise! I bet it's awesome! I hope you can come to NC sometime! That would Rock!

I've broken my wrist too!(not a happy thought though) I was in the third grade( long time ago too) but not on a skateboard. It was on a trapize bar.

But anyways, I hope you have an awesome day to Mitchel!

Love, Meg

Michelle said...

yay i was first comment!!!

: )


Michelle (twin)

KelseyLovesM.T.M said...

well that sucks.i think you are so nice to your fans:)ok i have a question.What was the most craziest
thing a fan has ever done when meeting u or something?i know i would faint...i dont know why,because you are just a normal 16 year old guy except for the fact ur on my t.v. everyday u ur coming out with a CD lol.everybody in my class thinks its funny how i admired you for 5 hole years!!!!but i dont know really i just think you are amazing!:P

hope u have an awesome day!!!!!
yah know we u♥

Anonymous said...

lol, i am glad you are ok, i have never broken arm or anything(Well if i did i don't remember). I have had many accidents though, one time cause i was first learning how to ride a bike, and it was down a hill, i don't exactly know what happened cause it was YEARS ago, but i think i fell off and cause my mom was running after me, she stepped on my finger trying to stop...ok this one is kinda funny...there are these kinds of balls with a long string attached that makes it come back every time you throw it, and they also bounce, so they are very hard to control... one time i was playing with it and threw it and it came straight back and hit me on the head :D lol did not hurt much though, could not stop laughing
I can not wait till summer, then i can go to the beach. my favorite beach in RI does not have many waves, but it does have a good amount of wildlife. I think one of my favorite things to do is to catch crabs. All you have to do is bring hot dogs and string... then you go on these rocks and look for spots where there are ledges that the water gos under (That is usually where the crabs are) and it is almost like fishing, but you are trying to get the hot dog under the ledge and get the crabs out. We always play with them with sand castles then put them back... :D
(random comment)
If you dig deep in some parts of the beach, you will hit water! XD
tell ya more next time!!(If you like hearing about RI anyways)



selah said...


i didn't think you were trying to be cool.
but you're still cool because you can do, what, 3+ more tricks than i can do. :]

Orlando shows!
i hope my mom takes me to those shows.
April 12 is actually the day i'm supposed to be the maid-of-honor in my karate teacher's wedding.
she's like a sister to me.
but my spring break is the week before and i can't go up to South Carolina 2 weeks in a row, which is really bunk.
so my mom has to make that up to me. :]

are you going to wear your tinfoil pants in Orlando?


natalia said...

Hey Mitchel!

hahaha! I can't believe you felt dumb! haha! your last post didn't sound like you were trying to be so cool. You are cool, and we know it, but you didn't meant that. :P

woahh! broken wrist. That sounds bad.

I (still) can't wait for your BIG surprise! and your other surprise.
Also, thanks for clearing up about your CD. I want that to happen soon too, hehe.

Have an amazing day!

Love Ya,


jessica said...

ahh i wanna see you skate :]
thats awesome, i have a skateboard but i havent really done anything with it cuz i just found it and so all i can do is move lmfao and i know you dance and stuff, can you break dance? :D and do backflips and stuff? :]
thatd be like so cool to see i'd like melt ha
whats this new movie about anyways? hm. haha
i hope you have a good week mitchel :']

Samantha said...

Aw, don't feel dumb! Its ok! ahaha. you just had a moment. ahahaha! They would hunt you down...hahaha, tha made me laugh.

Ooh, note taken. I gotta tip for you....Never ride a bike in flip flops then attempt to fit through a very small opening in a gate. May result in three broken bones in your foot.

OOOh. I love suprises!!!!

I can't wait to hear more about the movie you are working so hard on!

I wanna come to the party...ahaha. But I can't. Oh well. Kissimmee. That is so fun to say. ahaha.

The most incredible day of my life? Aw, I'll try, but that would mean I'd have to be hanging out with you! ahaha


Anonymous said...

wow Mitchel! You wrote 3 posts in few I write in this last post! I can't wait for the surprises! And I'm very happy that you're working so much time at the CD =)


Melissa =] said...

mitchel i can't wait to hear the surprise

aww you broke your wrist :(

what kind of movie your doing??
whats it call?

wuvs ya


Daniela said...

ohh that's dangerous..
but it's cool :D so be careful
and have fun :)
Daniela (from Israel)

Jodi said...

Wow well thats good you wont hurt yourself skateboarding....
but cd yay!!!!!!!!!!!! =]]]

The Future Mrs. Musso said...

hi Mitchel!

ya skateboarding over acorns isnt fun...

i havent been able to skateboard lately cuz something happened to my board when i tried a new trick...

long story short, it snapped in half.

have fun filming!
oh! and did u see my tribute to you?
its cool if u didnt, i was just wondering.

God Bless and Have a Wonderful Day!


Anonymous said...

I love Mitch

Boys like Girls rox said...

Hey Mitchel!! know I always thought acorns were evil....but not popcorn!! Idk that was random. Have an awesome Friday!!!


lauren.caroline said...

that just brightened my day.

i am THERE.

ill have to drive for hours but its totally worth it, and ive done it for you before.

radio disney jingle jam in celebration.
best night of life.

me and my friend alex are going for sure.

see you then cutie :]


Nisha said...

I want to learn skateboarding!!! It looks fun!!!! Sorry You got hurt!!!! I really want your CD and want to know a little bit more of what your movie is!!!! I wish you would tell us!!! :)


Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel. Just wanna tell you how much I love you. You're such an amazing actor and musician. Its pretty cool you skateboard too. But I do have to say, why do you go to Flordia so much. You really should come to Virginia again. Its only the best place. I've been listening to Metro Station. They're pretty cool. So are you.
Love you much,

Nisha said...

I want to skateboard!!! The last time I did it I fell straight on my back!!!! It hurt BAD!!! I want to know more about your movie!!! Keep us updated!!!


Katie R. said...

You feel dumb? I feel dumb, I thought you were asking all of us about the Skateboarding thing, I mean I knew there was someone who kept asking you. But yeah. Its all good though!!
WOW!!! Another little surprise? Sweetness! I can't wait! You make things SO much fun!!
Have fun filming today!!


kc said...

dudee you need to tell what the big suprise is.
im like dyinggg to know.
oh and last night i went and saw metro station again and i finally got to meet mason.
he gives really good hugs.
have fun working on the movieee!


Anonymous said...

Heyy Mitchel Awww
You Must Be A Gd Skater hehe
Cant wait for suprise im ded excited teehee =]
Hope u have fun filmin
Love Catherine <3 xx

DaniRefrigeratorMagnet said...


Ahahahahaha, you don't do your own stunts? Well then.....jk It's cool. DUDE. My driveway is full of rocks, so when I first started off, I used it as a smooth surface. But, me, I new, but I was a Tony Hawk and could avoid rocks on the first time down. My front wheel got caught in a rock the size of a pea and I flipped off. ahahaha Good times Good times.

liz said...

i love guys who can skateboard.

Tess: said...

I heard about you breaking your wrist, like right befor the audittion for Hannah Montana...

YES KISSIME FLORIDA!!!!! I am going there (for disney and grandparents) I am so happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love TESS!!!

ttran said...

Hey, Mitchel!

Aye, I've been so busy! Exams are next week so....Blecch! Hahaha.

I wish I could skateboard. I've tried once and fell in a ditch. Not too great....

A CD? I will buy a gazillion copies! Hahahaha. I guess everyone's going to know what I'm getting them for Christmas!

Arrgh. What is this BIG surprise that you're torturing us with?!! I must know!

Seriously. It's eating me alive!

Haha. Well, I hope you have an awsometastic Thursday!

Jenny said...

Hahahaha " I feel dumb!"
aw. haha. you broke your wrist? aw, on acorns? hmm, haha, i thought it would've been a wonderful idea to skate on acorns? hahaha just kiddding!
oh yay a smaller surprise but soon! :) haha. but still can't wait for the big one. hahaha "the big one"
peace. yeah.

Anonymous said...

hey mitchel! i'm trying to get into acting, do you have any advice for me about getting started besides theatre classes at my high school? haha it's cool if you don't have time to answer this. thank youu for reading it thoughh and i'm a huge fan! maybe one day we can work together haha...that'd be incredible


Anonymous said...

oo can wait till BOTH surprises now!!!!!!!!!!! and i hope u do come out with a cd to come out i will listen to it EVERY DAY lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i really did have an INCREDIBLE day hahaha those r my favortie kind lol

Gennine said...

MITCHEL!!!ouch, you broke your wrist? That must've stunk...
It's so cool that you skateboard! You must be really good!!!
I hope you have fun filming, and I'm REALLY REALLY dying to hear your big announcement!!! Post more soon!
love ya!
~Gennine, 14

Beth said...

'I feel good.
I knew that would.
I feel good
I knew that I would
So good
So good.......'
Just a little song that has my mood. If you dont know the song then you are crazy adn need to go to an asylum. Just Kidding. Im in a very good mood. Sorry to hear about you skating over acorns. Let me tell you acorns can never be nice. At least yoo learned. I hope.
Cant wait for the supirse....esss
Anyway have a good day, night or whatever time it is when you read this.
Im off to Morp tonight so I get to Party in blacklight. If you dont know what Morp is then thats ok because I didnt know either till my freshman year. Which is this year.
-shakes head- Anyway thats of track. Ok im done now.

The Always Crazy and hyper

Hope you had fun reading this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
! BYE!

oliviaakiddo! said...

gotta watch for that.
thank you for making me laugh.
you're pretty ballinn.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel,

It's ok mitchel,
I think your an awsome person and you have alot of respect for your fans like me because you a very caring person too.:)

I am so glad that your coming to Kissimme!!

Have a great day!!


Sasha said...

I'm sorry, but I had to laugh at the acorn thing, but thanks for the tip. I'm taking up skateboarding. I might buy me one with my birthday money wich is really close. March 17th...yea...awesome day. anyways i have a friend who skateboards and he says he will teach me some tricks. I can't wait until the Big surprise and the little surprise. I hope you have fun filming

I hope you have the most Incredible Day of your life too Mitchel

See ya

leanne (leanna's good too) =] said...

i wish i could skateboard mannn. it looks so cool. i can't do like anything on a skateboard. it's so sad.
the. big. surprise. is. officially. driving. me. crazy.

-leanne (leanna) ;D

Anonymous said...

Ouch! Thats sounds like it hurt! I will take your advice, Mitchel. I won't skate on acorns anymore. Lol.
Jk. I don't even no how to skate. >.<

Well, Im hoping your surprise has something to do with you maybe coming to Chicago? Hopefully....

Oh, and my day has been super! I hope your day is going well too. =]


Rosario said...

awe Kissimmee? awe man, i can't go then, sorry :(. Thats really far from where i live. lol I can't wait for the big suprise!

xoxo Rosario

Fer said...

Mitchel...but you ARE so cool!!haha I bet you can do a lot of things...but skateboarding can be pretty scary!

Can't wait for the BIG surprise...and your cd=D

have an awesome day!love you<3


Annie said...

KISSIMMEE? Ay, that's going to be a trip, but I'll make it.

We're all still on the edges of out seats waiting for the big surprise though, so tell your publicist to let you spill. :)

MitchelLover64 said...

Hey Mitchel! Cool, 2 surprises. Sweet! I was wondering, cuz I wanna be an actress, so be honest, what's the downside of doing it? Cuz there's gotta be one. So what is it? Love Ya!

Ashley R.

Anonymous said...

u broke your wrist? that must have hurt like really bad! my dad broke his ankle fishing one time. yeah he wasn't too happy 'bout that! ;) i hope you are having a great time filming and hope to heat from you soon. oh and skateboarding freaks me out. not when people are doing it just when i am on one. i have had bad experiecnes before. my bro wants to go skater. you think i shld confince him? ;) HAVE AND AWESOME DAY MITCHEL!

~*ElLe*~ <3

Terri said...

OMG i cant believe you broke your wrist!!

Oh i cant wait for your cd or the small or the big suprise!! im so anxcouse (sp) to know !!

Have fun Fimlimg and i know we all wish you to have the mosr incredible day of your life :)

btw: did you know my email has your name and my name in it? haha

your fan always~ Kerri

Disa said...

Geez Mitchel.
You're a surprise machine.
And the suspense is killing me!


Britt said...

haha, you shouldnt feel DUMB!

and to bad about your rist. I havent broke any bones, yet! (knock on wood)


Well have a wonderful day!<3

Lots of lovee.

Anonymous said...

hey dude i am so bored rite now...oh and to make matters worse everything on my computer is smaller so it is hard to see what i am typing sometimes and hard to read on the computer but i am getting used to it. so what's up? i have no idea what to do so yeah. maybe i will go wrap my oliver dolls in tin foil too! ;) no my mom would hunt me down. hmmm..ok well i'll tell u when i think of something! cya!

~*ElLe*~ <3

Amy said...

Wow thats some freak accident! And once again can't wait to hear the suprise! LOL! Have fun filming!! and Have a great day too!

Mariam. [: said...

i wanna know whats going down with you and these surprises, man.

Anonymous said...

you should reeeeally come back to new york, we miss you!

yeah and a lot of people post personal stuff on imdb, it's not so great.

Haleighjayy said...

It's okay Mitchel, don't feel dumb!
And you broke your wrist! I guess I kinda knew that, but I didn't know it was skateboarding!
Last week or something I broke my nose dancing, haha, I might have to get surgery!
And it hurts.

Well, once again, tell Mason and Marc I say happy birthday, and yeahhh.
Kay, Peace!
Haleigh jayy

KT J. said...

lol you're not dumb, idk wut an ollie or any of that stuff is!!!
and sorry bout the wrist thing, but on acorns? :)
too bad i don't live in orlando...
love ya as always =)

#1FANisamyniemela said...

(Junior High Schooler.)

My friends at school, i wouldn't call them friends really, just classmates, anywho, they make fun outta' me liking you because you are from Disney & you act on Hannah Montana, I THINK THAT'S REALLY RUDE! These people don't know you! Well neither do I! But I know that you are awesome! To reply back about the Prom thing was sooo sweet! (what r u doing that day anyways?) And that would of been soooo coool to rub it in their faces & show them how COOL you are! They don't BELIEVE me that you were on RADIO DISNEY and that I talked to you! They don't believe me about the Valantine Card autographed by you! (i even showed them) & they thought it was fake! I seriously wish there was a way to PROVE to them. So yah they won't even take a look at this blog or site, cuz' they think that is fake also! UGHH!!! sorry these are my problems you probably think i'm nuts. Speaking of nuts sorry to hear about them ACORNS...:( They are just plain dumb! But I don't let thingz bother me, like water off a duck's back.:) Well Mitchel you have a GREAT day! And if it's not too much to ask letme know what I should do....I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! AND I REALLY WANNA MEET YOU & it would so sweet to GO OUT WITH YOU! I AM UR' TRUE #1 FAN!!!

Kiza said...

YEP..SKATEBOARDING IS KINDA DANGEROUS XD BUT IT'S FREAKING FUN! XD i hope i knew to do some trick but im so bad that when i try i fall xD anyways i wont give up xD! dude, i hope ur cd comes out soon i know it will be awesome!!
have fun filming!!!



jackieee said...

please please please come to
new jerseeyy. i dont remember
you everr comming heree ):

and im sooo excitedddd for your
big supriseee. at least give us
some hints. and hmm, a smaller
suprise? perhaps that one is that
you will be preforming at the
disney channel gamess?

Anonymous said...

man mitchel all these surprises!! maybe you could tell us on my bday!!! its on March 18!! i'll be 17!..... i admire you soo much for all the hard work you put into what you do... keep up the good work!

i found out the coolest thing!
i am the same age as you (but i already knew that)and a middle child... i have 2 brothers just like you.... my oldest brother is the same age as mason... and my younger brother is the same age as marc... how cool is that!!!

well g2g
love ya lotts!!!
hope ya have a wonderfull day!
emily h.

Anonymous said...

Heyyy! =) I am a HUGE fan. You gotta tell your suprises. The suspense is killing me!

Love Always!

Lex <333

Shannon said...

do not skate on acorns. ill have to remember that. also NEVER wash a bagel before toasting it. trust me...ive done that...

Anonymous said...

Your not dumb!You'r awesome!I know I read all the comments and I saw people asking about your skate boarding tricks.I like to hear what tricks you can do.And Wow I heard your broke your rist in a mag one time but I thought maybe it was just a rumor or something...That's got to hurt!!!

It's not you'r cd??Darn!I want your cd to come out SOOO much!Oh well, i'm sure it's still going to be like sooo awesome!!!You have so many surprises!I Love you'r surprises<3 lol!

Yo, I need to meet you again last time you didn't say anything to me!!!It's ok thoe.

So any ways, I am having a really great day and I sure hope you'r having very awesome day as well.

This has been another wierd comment by

~*~Sarah Mina~*~

Allie said...


The CD isn't your surprise? I was thinking about it yesterday while watching TRL, are you gonna be on that and perform? Cuz that'd be awesome! I watch that show everyday!

You broke your wrist? Ouch. I have broken nothing.

Uhhhh.... nothing new for me.. I get my braces off the day after my birthday (March 27th). And you know what totally sucks about my birthday? My mom will be in India or China or Paris for business, and my dad will be off racing (he does karting, check him out by googling The Racerhead. Its his company). My birthday suckes every year. 5th grade: dad was racing. 6th grade: my locker was filled with ants and my friends didn't decorate it; the decorated the next day with crappy christmas paper and it ripped off it 2 minutes. 7th grade: I didn't feel well and my friends ate the cake they made for me. 8th grade: well, look above. Ugh... you know what would make it better? You coming to visit me! MAYBE THAT'S THE SURPRISE!

Have fun in Kissimmee (heh, kissimmee. kiss-a-me heh). Rock out and do a stage dive!


Anonymous said...

hey, i think this blog is great its like ur fans can interview u! a great way to keep them, i might do u have any news u can share about the hannah montana movie, such as a release date, cast, plot, location, anything? i think everyone enjoys seeing all the characters and are always anxious to see more funny adventures...wait, is it the hannah movie that u are filming?

Amy Lynn said...

Ok. so i was the one who said that thing about myspace.. right. so i read the thing that says you dont have a myspace.. and i just want to say thankyou SOO much for telling me that. it IS creepy when you find out that they are really adults or lonely kids.. i deleted them. so, if you ever do get an official myspace, be sure to have it posted on here or you website. thanks again. also.. do you remember me from the portland kids fest?? i will try to get a picture on here as soon as i can.

thanks again for the myspace tip. i really appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

haha, its so funny u said i think girls like to read about that stuff, i think im not sure (prom)...ask any questions u have about us and we will def answer them...

christineeee (: said...

haha acorns
thanks for making my day =D

surprises. AGAIN.
ahh ii cant wait!

Brittany said...

heyy mitchel.

wow, your so talented!
i wish i was good at skateboarding but the only part I'm good at is falling down, haha.
but maybe with a little more practice, i'll be as good as you :)

well anyway, i saw you at a meet & greet back in december in woodridge, illinois.
you were so nice, it was like the best day of my life...seriously!
hope you come back soon.


Nikita Bimson said...

Well, I'm the one who asked the question about skateboarding, but I am not a skateboarder. I watch people skate though cause the skatepark is in my

I'm upset. Tonight was the 4th round of Great Mills Idol and I got elimanted. =[

Oh well, there is still the talent show. hmmm.

Kennedy said...

I can not wait for the suprises or the CD I'm so ecstatic!

Peace out

Anonymous said...

hey mitchel, just wanted to say that i thin ur amazing. hope to meet to u someday. I love HM too. ttyl

Alana said...

You broke your wrist?!Ran into acorns?!wow! At least you're all right..
Skateboarding looks fun but scary. I used to inline skate(different thing but still) and once i tried to go on a small ramp;at least the results were'nt a total disaster.Since then though i never skated again(because i did'nt want to)
Kissimmee and Orlando?So much for going.Unless by some miracle my and family and i go to Orlando since thats the weekend before my sister's birthday(she'll be turning 13)
And FYI the most incredible day of my life will happen when i get to meet you.:)
PS. Please try not to get hurt while skateboarding again!(seriously)

Anonymous said...

im always at school when you post so you never read my comments!

Kissimmee? yes please!

Anonymous said...

oh and GUESS what. Kissimee is on the opposite end of the country from where i am.

wanna come to seattle?
yeah do it!

& dont feel dumb. you baby.

Grace said...

Ollie, 360, heel flip..your amazing! :)! So yesterday I bought the metro station CD! they are truly amazing! Your brother has an amazing voice! Thanks for talking about them in your blogs! So about florida? you gonna be there? march 23-27?! haha! Good luck on the rest of your movie! I'll keep trying those crazy skate tricks..haha yeah right I'm more of a snowboarder!!
-Grace (fan of the month)

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel

Dont feel dumb its ok Mitchel.
I am like a best friend to you. I can't believe you broke your wrist by skateboarding on acorns. But I am excited about both surprises I cant wait to tell me about it.
How your dog Mitchel. I have a 2 dogs named Cocoa and Diamond they are nice to me. I have a question for you how old is your dog.

Have a great day


Shelly said...

Play some shows in San Diego (or at least LA! Haha.)

P.S. It's my birthday! :)
I'm working out of town for the month and am away from all my friends and I'm suuuuuper bored right now haha.

I don't know why I told you that.
Whatevs...have a good day my dear.

Julie :] said...


b careful sk8boarding Mitchel!! x]
i know how bad it hurts to fall cuz i just sk8 around a bit... but yea... those acorns.. they're everywhere! ;]

haha but ne ways... umm ill b sure to remind myself about april 12.

but what would b even cooler, is if u came to cleveland on... idk.. april 22nd! [my birthday!!] haha.

ok well i g2g.

love u!


Sara said...

hahaha acorns?!? Oh myyy. I've crashed into a fire hydrant on my bike going like full speed down a hill so yeah, I've done some stupid things too lol. This was about 4 or 5 years ago. My left arm hasn't been completely straight since then.

I'm still super excited to know what the surprise is. The suspense is killing me :(.


Candace said...

Hey mitchel whats up?I have not talked to u in forever.This is Candace.

Aoi Sakura said...

Glarg. Where are you filming? I see all sorts of stuff from the movie, but no people! It's rather weird. But have fun at my school anyways. XD

I'm excited for the suprises! And I can't wait 'til your CD comes out! :)

-Aoi Sakura

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel,
I can't wait for your CD to come out! It SNOWED in my hometown today! It wasn't alot of snow but, it was just a few inches. So, I got out of school early. It's weird that it snowed in March. I was hoping it would get warmer soon. I might be going to school tomorrow. But I have a half day tomorrow so, yeah. Anyways, you are an amazing skateboarder, and have fun filming.


xneverfarbehind said...

Hellooo Mitchel (:
Ahaha, acornsss. Nice. :D Hope that doesn't happen again. I hope you have fun filming and going to FLORIDA! You need to have an event in SoCal because we miss you, lol.

My BIRTHDAY is this Saturday! :D



Hey Mitchel!
I was just wondering if you remember me. I know you are really busy but if you can think back to two weekends ago when you were in portland. My name is Nichole and I work for radio disney. I was in the radio disney car when we took you back to your hotel. Anyways since I saw your concert and got to hang out with you for a little while I have become a big fan. Your an awsome person! Well whether you remember me or not I hope you are doing great! xoxo <3 Nichole

Anonymous said...

MITCHEL. okay okay brilliant idea. soooo basically i bought these boots on ebay, heeeeecka bomb. and umm theyre being sent from... funny story... UTAH!! you know what would be even better than those boots or anything else in the world, if YOU were in the package too! yeah im thinking that would be kickinnnn you know.

you would have to wear a bow on your head though, sorry.

i love you!

Anonymous said...

Nice to meet you.
I live in Japan!!
Today,I watched your TV!(Disney Channel's Hannah Montana.)
You are soooooooo cool!!
And I listen to your songs.
Very good!!
I became your fan!!
Good luck your work!!

brie said...

Man, Mitchel! You know some pretty sweet moves! I used to skateboard a little--my cousin taught me. But I wasn't very good. I kept falling!lol!

So tomorrow is our Spring Dance at school! It's fifties-theme. We're gonna have so much fun, dude! I'm bringing my best friend from grammar school with me. I always tease him because he sorta looks like Chunk from "The Goonies!" it's so funny! So I told him "Bob, are you gonna do the Truffle Shuffle?" He was bustin out laughin. If you haven't seen that movie, see it! So incredible! But yeah, me and my friends and their dates are going for pizza after. So fun and busy day tomorrow!


luv, brie

Georgina Lily! said...

Heyyyyyyy! =]
Hows my main man!! Just Kidding!

Sooo...Unlucky about the Acorn Accident, Thats Mad lol! Im always doing stupid things like that lol..

Cant Wait For The Supries!!!
Does your CD come out in England By The Way?

OMG I got glasses today, everyone says I really suit them and look older and serious lol!! But Im not really loving them lol =]

Have a great weekend!
And Come To England!!

Did you ever get a fanmail awhile ago, from me (Georgina, 15 England)
I sent you matching braclet and necklace from Benidorm. Just wondering, Because I never got a signed autograph from you =[
You probably wont remember, oh well..

Byeeeeeee x x x x

MeganP2010 said...

grrrrr i left you like a really long comment yesterday and the stupid ancient computer i was on yesterday wouldnt let it go through =[

Basically, it was really great but the bottom line was that i still love youuu and i'll try not to skate over any acorns... Hahaha.

Well, I hope when your schedule clears up you can come visit me in San francisco!!!


DaniRefrigeratorMagnet said...


I just thought of this...I know this is a while ago...but...did you ever get a chance to read the book everyone at IMDb made for you? The "You Know You're a Real Mitchel Fan when....."

I gave it to you at the Chicago signing in December and it just popped into my head now! haha
It was a black scrapbook with a Mickey Mouse face on it. I remember we came up with ALOT of stuff. We're freaks, but you love us. xD

That reminds me...when are you coming back to Chicago to do a show?!? HUH?!?! NO PRESSURE.



Samantha said...

I used to skateboard, for like
2 years.

I turned 13 on Febuary 14th.

It's SNOWING here in Little Rock,Arkansas!!!! It's awesome!
It like havent snowed since 2006!! We were out of school today and me,my twin brother, and our BFF(Taylor) went around the neighborhood!!!!!


Have fun filming the new movie!
I can't wait to see it!

I have question:

Do you remember the Arkansas fans from November 30th, 2007??

It's like you post stuff about all your other pre-parties and say like Chicago Fans are AWESOME!! I was sad when I checked this and you didn't say anything about the Little Rock,Arkansas pre-party! =(


I love Ya!!!!

Have an AMAZING day!

Luv Ya,
Samantha ;D

ayoo maryann! said...

hahaha my brother was trying to kickflip over a set of stairs, and he fell and cut his thumb open.
I can't do alot alot.
Ollie, shove-it, pop shove-it, manual, and im working on thee kickflip!
my brother is pretty good (even though he falls alot haha) so hes teaching me. :D

awh no rails for mitch :(
poor kid.

yayyyyy a smallish big suprise! :D
i cant wait.


becca said...

hi mitchel you are so sweet and amazing you have helped me through a lot. I have a life threatening liver disease and chrons disease and whenever I’m in the hospital or getting tests done your music and acting really helps me through it. you are so truly talented and i enjoy watching you act and sing.I love your morals and who you are and your great heart you have and just for everything you do. Its great seeing how far you have come and all of the amazing success I knew you had in you. I would just love for you to no everything you have helped get me through and just inspire me to keep going I would just love to thank you . I would be no where here today with out you! One day I really hope I can meet you and be able to thank you face to face and show you how truly thankful I am, i no that will never happen because your so famous but i just want you to no how thankful i am! Thank you for all you have helped me with and it means the world to me. I understand your really busy and I thank you for taking the time to read this and I understand if I don't hear back from just THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. you are amazingly talented and are going to go far. I wish I could find the right words to say this well but THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR EVERYTHING!!!


Jessiica Reneee' =) said...

whoa i havent commented you in so long!
so wow you kno alot of tricks on a skateboard, my neighbor skateboards & hes purty good to. he tryed to teach me but i kept falling.
but i do kno how to skateboard on my butt down my drive way & my drive way is soo long, so i give myself credit lol.
whoa today & into tommorow we are having a blizzard! a foot of snow , well thast what they are predicting.

but i cnat wait to hear your surprise!
&& of course i cnat wait to see you in florida well during the disney channel games hopefully!

but hey i better go get to sleep-- i have to wake up so early to go spinning with my mom. =)

Jessiica Benedetto =)

rikkiluv said...

aw...its alright Mitchel.

Ouch...skateboarding sounds dangerous!

Tori said...

can u just MAGICALLY somehow change the date of april 14th to MARCH 14th when u'll be in kissimme or anywhere in orlando??*coughcough* (disneyworld [magic kingdom at the parade] on the 14th???)

i know i keep saying it...srrry
but it would truely make my day to see u there! :]

if not possible, i still love yooh anyhow!!!

Katarina said...

So I feel bad that you broke your wrist and all but....



I dint know why but I find this realllllly funny.

Hope your all good now!

Also, is it true that on HM Oliver gets diaebeties? (Durn i cant spell!)

IM a huge Jonas Brothers fan and it was said that they were baseing it on Nick Jonas.
I was just wondering if this is true.

Oh, Im going to be at the Jax concert!

Amanda said...

haha your funny ^_^

that sucks ive never broken a bone before
ILY! =] amanda in CA