Friday, March 14, 2008


Hey guys.... I noticed J14 is out and I talked about the Dolley and I are doing the movie together in Utah. We have never worked together and I just want you to know that everything you have heard about Jason is true. He and his mom are the nicest people and we're having about the best time ever out here. It has been an incredible adventure. The director is Great, the cast is awesome and it's been a party everyday!

Also, a lot of people are asking questions about the RAVEN concert. I just wanted to make it clear that as soon as I have details on Meet and Geets, I will let you know. I plan on meeting a lot of you guys...just got to work it all out.

The show will be ALL new Music although I do plan on taking "Lean on Me" and "Leaving" with me, there will be 5 brand new songs. For a total of 7. There were audtions held today in LA for a couple of new dancers and musicians to build the team a little bigger. I will be on a tour bus. There will be all new merchandise and a lot more info. coming when I have it.

Mason is in Euope opening for PANIC AT THE DISCO this week but will be home hopefully on Monday when he will turn 19. Marc came to Utah this weekend, so he is hanging out with me. Marc is in the middle of planning a HUGE 13th Birthday Party. He is pretty lucky, he planned it around the tour and has secured METRO STATION to play at his party so I guess he will have one of the Best 13th Birthdays ever! I am going to do everything I can to be there......not sure that will happen but I hope.

Guys! Your the Best fans in the world. I wouldn't be where I was today with out your support and Disney's support and my family. So a Big shout out to all of you. I plan on having one FANTASTIC weekend....You guys do the same!



Tiffany said...

1st comment!!maybe??lol.neways i'm so excited for u!!great job!! nd tell marc and mason happy early birthday!!nd happy very early birthday to u!!haha.i'm so excited i'm going on a class trip next week!!!

Anonymous said...

Omg I read tht interview I'm soo exciteddd!!

Thts soo exciting about metro station and ur brothers birthday partyy thts amazinggg! Mann lucky 13 yr old haha wish both ur brothers a happy early bday from meee haha

Ahh I'm soo excited for the tourrr ur gunna have a tour bus how cool is thttt! Lucky mann aha is it like a big facee of u! Lol

Well can't wait to hear more about the concertss! U shoulda had dancer auditions in chicagooo lol jk

Alrighttt tttyl lyl

Ohh hey I got tickets for one of ur showws I'm very excitedddd



Ashlee said...

Haha, aren't you supposed to have a big party for when you turn 16? Not 13? Oh well, marc probaly just throws a big party every year cause he's that cool. :D

Dudeeeeee. I'm going to kissimmee for your concert. Like its fer sher. I have my plane tickets and everything. I'm so completely stoked dude. Its gonna be the LAST TIME YOU SING WHITE STRIPED GLOVES FOR 3+ MONTHS! Ah! I seriously can't picture you without white striped gloves. Its like your signature thing.

Oh, I gett to see Mason on Marcs bday, ill ask him if he can say happy birthday to Marc for me. :]

Aoi Sakura said...

Woohoo! So, are we allowed to talk about the movie plot? I'm pretty excited for it to come out. I'm glad you had fun filming at my school! It was way fun to see both you and Jason!

-Aoi Sakura

oliviaakiddo! said...

Marc's adoraaableeee.
some magazine posted a video like a few days/ a week ago
of you and him at a photoshoot
but it was liek so long ago idk why they don't post it until now.
13's a big year though!
its becoming a teeenager.!?
hahah (:

DaniRefrigeratorMagnet said...


Meet N' Greets. Are. My. Favorite. I have STUFF for you and MarcMarc. You will laugh. And you will KNOW who I am at the concert. I making a rad sign. xD


Oh, gosh. GUESS WHAT?!?! I WAS SICK TODAY. Woo Hoo. =/ AND ON TOP OF THAT. SOMEONE HIT MY BABY. MY '91 HONDA, MITCH. HIT AND RUN. =( ngwvrltgvftklg It's old but I love that car. (My friend's named it Betty?!? xD) And know it's all jacked up with a big scratch.



♪ Karina ♪ said...

That sounds fantastic Mitchel! I'm happy that you've gotten around to doing what you're passionate about and working with great people. Happy Birthday to both Mason and Marc! My 17th birthday is tomorrow, actually (if you remember, I got to meet you last year a few days before my 16th birthday). Hope you have a fantastic weekend too! =]

Karina (aka one of the "elves girls")

Disa said...

I had a feeling you were doing a movie with Jason.
I dunno why. I just did... hahah.
Sounds exciting (:

I wish I was able to go see you on your first tour.
I'd travel to see you if I could butttttt my parents would probably yell at me if I even suggested that. Hahah ):

BUT I do get to see Mason on the 28th of this month. I'm so excited.
I hope he wears his LEGENDARY RED PANTS. Bahaha.
I suppose this will make up for you not coming here on your tour. FOR NOW.

You and Marc are lucky.
Both getting to have Metro Station play at your birthday parties.

Chelsie said...

I finally saw Metro Station on 2/26 and they were so good! I got to meet Mason and Trace. Once again, I'm thanking you for introducing me to them a few months ago on your blog.

I hope both of your brothers have good birthdays and I hope the movie turns out good.

christineeee (: said...

hes adorableee

haha okie so
mitch yooh
have to do
meet && greets
some time soon

ii realllyy
miss yoohh

havee fun at marcss HUGE birthday partyy haha

i love youu

LauraaaRawr said...

Yay I'm so excited for the concert! I got my tickets today pre-sale. I'm going to be at the May 13th show in Wilkes-Barre at Wachovia Arena! I so hope I get to meet you there because it'll be my first time meeting you! And I'm bringing my friend for her sweet sixteen which is in June so it's kinda like an early bday gift for her! Love you!

xo Laura Jane <3

Amy Lynn said...

What movie are you going to be in??



BRE said...


I am so happy for your brothers. My Birthday isn't till May 23 :( long way to go.

Were there any auditions that were totaly wierd? Any that did thing that blew you away? You should tell us more about it soon.

I am getting over the flu and it is no fun. But reading a new blog of yours cheers me up! Hope to read another good one soon.

Just asking again. How do you get to be in the live audiance for a taping of a Hannah Montana Episode?


Anonymous said...

Geez i wish that i could get metro station to play @ my 13th birthday....which would be EXTREMELY difficult given the fact taht i am 16... but hey! all i need is that crazy dude from back to the future and i'm all set...anyways, i can't wait to see ur movie!
:) sarahp

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitch

Thats fantastic news.
I wish i lived in america because i would defantly go to a meet and greet to see you.

I hope your coming to england again, id love to meet u.
your awesome.
Have a great weekend.
I love you lots.

Biggest Fan
Rachel. xxxxxxxxx

Suzi said...

I so wish I lived in america so I could go to one of your concerts!! Scotland is a bit for away though...

But, I DID get to see Metro Station support Panic in Glasgow on the 13th, they were so awesome! (Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Panic, but I only bought tickets after I found out Metro Station were supporting :) )

Happy Birthday to Mason for Monday!!


Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel,

The event in Kissimmee is called the "Education In The Park
"Where there will be booths every where and they invited you to come sing.Oseaola students and community residents can come.Kids can do different things there or something.
So i think i might go and so you might see me there doing these cool events.You know its sorta like a fair but without the rides.haha

Thats all for today.

Hope you have the most fantastic weekend ever!!!
See you on April 12:)


Anonymous said...

omg thats got to be a GREAT movie i deffinitly cant wait!!!!!!!! ooo new music, awsome, i love new music lol HSPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE BROTHERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wow ur awsome!

Annie said...

Ahh, that sounds like loads of fun!

Marc's party sounds like it's going to be a blast! I'm so excited for him!

Oh, and April 28th. Lauren and I are going to hunt you down, mister. I'm sooooo excited for the concert. It's going to be amazinggg!

Nisha said...



Anonymous said...

I will get tickets as soon as they come on sale today!!
Hopefully i can see you at the concert in may...:)
lol, glad you are having fun, i will probably see the movie near when it comes out...though i am guessing that will be a while. lol, i wanted to be in the hannah montana movie, but i had to get head pictures first, and that will be a while cause the modeling schedule does not have pictures till a while from now. well can't wait to see the Hannah Montana movie.
Hope you have a meet and greet in RI!!!
tell your brothers i said happy birthday!!! :D

-coral (The girl that sometimes talks randomly about RI)

Julie :] said...

Jason Dolley is a cutie :]
im lookin forward to that movie Mitchel!

and im glad ur having fun ;]

love u!


Sasha said...

That is so awesome that you get to work with Jason. To wicked people making a movie together. I'm buying the Metro Station CD today I finally have some money to get it. I can't wait to listen to it.

See ya

Molly said...

Hey Mitchel!!

I'm so glad you're having a good time in Utah!! I know the movie's going to be awesome!!!!

Man, I'm jealous of Marc! I didn't have a band at my 13th birthday!! Haha. That's so great of MetroStation to play at his party!!

I'm glad you're having an awesome time with Marc!!

I have a question! Are there going to be any M & G at the 4/12 concert in Kissimmee??? I'd really like to know!!!

Have an awesome weekend!!!



moonstone.silver said...

One thing for sure - Marc is one LUCKY guy! Seriously, Metro Station at someone's THIRTEENTH birthday??? Awesome. Being twelve is so lame :(( especially when your best friend turned thirteen LAST MONTH - and she had a big party and everything. And I couldn't go. THAT was what I call disappointing!!!

Anyway, I seriously hope you have a great weekend! I've got exams day after tomorrow :((( And I am going to FLUNK chemistry - I just know it. :'( Speaking of which, I haven't done a THING about French, and don't even ASK about Geography and World History - I just transferred to this bizarre school, and now what happened? I don't have all the books. URGH! Man, this school is WEIRD - as in, REALLY WEIRD. I wasted my first two days reading two novels (not that I didn't enjoy reading them ;D ), and then I found out that they already finished those in the first term, so please wait patiently while bla bla bla. GOD. Anyway - HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND! And say Happy Birthday to Marc and Mason.

Luv ya loads!!!


leanne (leanna's good too) =] said...

hahahah can't wait for the concert! wish marc a happy 13th birthday for me! =]

YOU have a fantastic weekend.

francesemily said...

Aw, that sounds like fun!

Birthday partys are great, especially when they involve metrostation.

You sound so excited to have your own tour bus!I'm sure it is going to be so much fun.

So out out of curiousity I went back to ticketmaster this morning for tickets, even though I bought mine yesterday, and turns out I can now get a third row seat, instead of like a 15th.

I guess I'll just have to sneak up ;)
Sov center isn't too big anyway.

It's been waaaay too long.

Can't wait to see you =]

Anonymous said...

thats cool that your doing a movie but we need details when is it coming out what is the title are you the main character what genre we need to know these things but i hope your brothers have great birthdays and i hope you do to although yours is in july but i hope everything goes well and have a great time out in utah I LOVE YOU


MitchelLover64 said...

Hey! OMG I can't believe ur making the movie with Jason! I love him (but not as much as I LOVE u!)

And 7 songs! Sweet! And ur singing my fave, "Lean On Me"! Sweet!
I just got my tix for the Boston concert today!! And I'm pretty close to the stage!!! I can't wait!

And what do u mean by "New Merch" exactly? Could u explain it a little more if u can? Thanks!

Love Ya!

Ashley R.

P.S.- Can't wait for the new Hannah next week!

Cassie =] said...

wow. you are busyyy. lol. hope your having fun shooting! and lucky marc! i mean that just rocks :) anyway.... i would see you when you come here with the raven tour, but i've been going to too many concerts lately (according to my mom lol) so i'm not aloud to go to any for a while... maybe i can talk her into it ;) lol.

brooke said...

ohhh mitchie.
i just bought concert tickets.
they aren't floor,
but i'm still excited :].
i finally get to see you perform, WOO!
and im super excited to buy all your merch.. ahahh i want everything.

ahh, marcs party is going to be insanely awesome! i wish i could come, :D.
that would be pretty much amazing.
well anyways, i hope you get to go!

keep having fun shooting the movie, talk to you soon.


Shannon Loves Mitchel! said...

I cant wait for the metro station concert!
Im going to the one in Seattle.
You better come to that one!
you dont have to.
Im super duper excited for the new movie!
Its gonna be amazing!
Have a good day!
<3 Shannon.

Anonymous said...

I so excited! Im going to go see you in Rockford! Yesss!
You and Jason are doing a movie together? Thats awesome. =]
I hope your brother's birthday goes well. It sounds like its going to be pretty cool.
Hey, where do we get the tickets to your show? I have no idea.


selah said...

aw, mitch. :]

i cannot wait for this movie.
you and jason are going to be brilliant.

so, here's the deal:
as of right now, i may only be able to see you in Kissimee...meaning i may not be able to go to the april 26th concert, even though it'll be happening 2 miles away from my house.
my mom gave me an ultimatum: either i go to the concert or i go to Kissimee, but i can't do both, which is bunk.
and i really want to actually get the chance to meet you, so i'm choosing Kissimee.
HOPEFULLY, something will occur b'tween now and then that will let me go to both, but...until then...


KelseyLovesM.T.M said...

ohhh.Your so nice :).I cant wait for the movie to come out!I got the new J-14 and Bop Magazine because it had you in it:).I cant wait to know more about the tour im really hoping i can go to the one in Boston.My dad was talking to my aunt so i might be able to finally met you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D
its always been my dream so yeahh...but i hope you have the most fantastic time !


Anonymous said...

awh you are the sweetest ever and i know i have said this millions of times b4! oh speaking of mason and his b-day...on that exact day i get to present my projects for language arts! yay! no i am so jk...i really don't want to present...anyhoo...yay marc!! he is gonna have an awesome party! i didn't really have one cuz it was on a thrusday and what not...and most of my friends and family were out of town or sick...yeah...oh and i bought shake it on itunes for my ipod and i can't stop listening to it! i have probably listened to it about 50 times and i just got it thrusday!!! i need to get j-14! i'll ask my mom if she can take me to wal-mart! ;) ttyl!

~*ElLe*~ <3

Tess said...

What about Orlando??? We need more info...

Me and my friend are going April 12 so look for a sighn that says:


Thats me and my friend Katie!! You cant miss us!!!

Jason Dolly COOL!! Can't wait 2 see it!!

More info on April 12..


Mariam. [: said...


i miss you. ]:

Mariam. [: said...

and bamboozle?

say yes!
i wanna see you.

KelseyLovesM.T.M said...

OMG!MITCHEL i forgot one more thing i just finished watching this video on youtube and these four girls were fallowing u in Utah and u were beatboxing for them :) i loved it lol

bye(again lol)

Anonymous said...


I love Jason Dolley just as much as I love you! This should be a great movie then!!!!

Hope you can make it to Marc's birthday!!

I wish I could see you on tour! Your own tour bus and everything?!? WOW!!!

Have a great weekend!
I start my spring break today so I'm stoked!

Michelle (twin)

Anonymous said...

Panic at the disco?! CONGRATS!

I love Metro Station. great band. and now, opening for a huge band! exciting news!
I really want to go, but Im dead broke. *sigh* the typical financial status of a teenager.

Ohh Mitchel, Im excited for the movie! you better do good on it! haha just joking.

13's a big year! but 16 and 18 are soo much better!

anways, sounds like fun! tell everyone I said hi.

Talk to you soon,
Jessica <33


omg!!! i just got 8th row to see you in peoria,il!!! thats kinda far from me but i got the ticekts and my dads just like 'ok why not'. haha. im sooo excited!!!! and happy early bday to marcccc!!! i wish i could metro station at my party. theyre the best! and tell mason i say happy early bday too!

collapsed328 said...

Can't wait until you start touring. Seriously. Tickets for Columbus dont go on sale until next Friday, but when they do. I'll be sure to get awesome seats :D

I definately think you should do a M&G for all the people that comment your blog haha.

I'm seeing Metro Station for the 2nd time next month. It's gonna be sweeeet.

Tell Marc AND Mason HAPPY BDAYYYY<333

Ashley said...

Hey M!
Sorry 4 botherin' (AGAIN) for the 3rd time. I jus wundrd if ya cud put a pic of ya parents on yr gallery i never saw'em. My curiosity lol! Please....G:

krissy said...

i love jason dolley!
tell him i say hey lol (:

& are you shure your doing
a concert in rockford .. cause
its not on ticket master, under
raven symone. so yeah :P

i love you mitchel!

KT J. said...

Sounds like you're having tons of fun, hun!
Love KT =)

Anonymous said...

what??? YOU and JASON DOLLEY..... TOGETHER???
its like a dream come true!
cept not... cause if it were i would be in the movie with you guys... heh

WELL tell marc happy birthday, i get to see metro station in 13 days for the start of bamboozle roadshow!

i miss youuuuuuuuu =(

hahah meet and "geets"
oh mitchel

Anonymous said...

dear mitchel,

i love you con todo mi corazon!


Gennine said...

MITCHEL!!!!! That's sooooo cool! Jason Dolley is one of my favorite actors! I was lucky enough to talk to him on the radio once, and he really was nice!! Almost as nice as you are! ;)

and Marc is having a huge 13th birthday party? With Metro Station? Lucky ducky...

It sounds like you're having a great time!

Can't wait to hear more from you!!!!

love ya!!!! xoxo
~Gennine, 14, NJ

Anonymous said...

ahhh mitchel you have no idea how bad i wish you were coming to seattle!!

new songs are about to be bombbbbb

HaleighJayy said...

Marc is the luckiest 12 soon to be 13 year old in the world.
ughh, im so jelous!

Okay, so for my birthday, my friends kidnapped me and brought me to Dairy Queen and then to my friends grandma's for a sleepover, and we were so so so high on sugar!
So my friend yells,
and we were all like, what?
and then she goes;
"Like, Mitchel, Marc, Mason, whats the plural for their last name?"
So we decided that if we ever see a group of "Musso's" walking around, we call you "Mussittes."
So next time you come to Denver or something and we see you with like, your family, don't be surprised if I yell,

So, my birhtdays on Sundayyyy.

Daniela said...

ohh I'm happy for you that you have fun :D
and Happy Birthday to your brothers :) my brother will turn to 21 on Wednesday 19.3
have the most AMAZING week in your life (:
Daniela (from Israel)

HaleighJayy said...

ps, marc better invite me.
promise youll come to colorado?
cuz we really miss you and your not coming with Raven....

#1FANisamyniemela said...

Awesome! An update! Great Blog!

sbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbby said...

i got tickets to the concert july 3rd! (:
cant wait!
but i gotta see you! make sure they have meet&greets!


brie said...

Dude! I am so excited for you and your brothers! You are all so very talented!

I am so anxious to hear more about the concert and meet-and-greets. Hopefully, i'll be able to go!!!


luv, brie

Nikita Bimson said...

u should surprise Marc on his birthday.

that would be rad!

shireen(: said...

you better do meet+greets in michigan!
i really need to see you again.
oh and i check ticketmaster..
and the tickets for the tour here arent on sale..?
idk, i'll check again.
wanna know something random?
my bday is the day before marc's!
tell him (and mason) i said happy early bday(:


shireen(: said...

i just checked again on ticketmaster,
and it says shes not having a concert in detroit!
but you said there was,
ahhhhhhhhh whats happening?!

Nicole said...

hah Jason rocks. He lives in the same city as me and sometimes he comes to our high schools football games. I feel bad for him though because hes always bombarded with a bunch of 8 year olds lol. congrats on your career.

Fer said...

omg I can't believe you're doing a movie with jason dolle!!!he's like awesome!!what's it called though?well,I'm pretty sure it's gona be AMAZING!and I'm glad you're having a great time=D

Can't wait for your new music and tell Marc I hope he has THE BEST time ever at his party!!

I AM planning on having an incredible weekend and hope you do to=D

love youu<3

Anonymous said...

A movie? wow!! Happy birthday to Marc!! =)


Carmen Galvan said...

aww mitchel your soo awesome

Anonymous said...

Hi Mitchel!I just bought J-14 ofcorse!And that's really awesome that Jason Dolly is going to be in the movie with you im super excited to see it!!I'm super happy that your going to be having such an awesome weekend!!!

This has been another wierd comment by

~*~Sarah Mina~*~

Lexi said...


If you have a meet and greet in KC, I will be the first person in line.
Personally I think you should have one on one meet n greets with your IMDB girls, cause you know we're always here.

yup so thats my idea for the day.


Anonymous said...

happy birthday marc & mason =]
i saw a video of you on set of the movie being "fan-bushed" haha aw you looked so cute starring at the floor. I want to go see you on tour so bad but not a huge raven fan so i haven't made up my mind yet ... go on a solo tour or like with the jonas brothers or something. you and jason have the most amazing hair ever he has the same hair as you but his is blonde (i like yours better) =]]
see you soon hopefully

-xo michele

christineeee (: said...

&& happyy birthday
to mason

Chynabug said...

Are the meet and greets for the Raven tour or a tour you're going on?


jackieee said...

im sooo stokeddd! cant waittttt.
may 11th, bby. and a moviee?!
any deeets? haha. haveee fun, and
i bet marc's party will be a blast.
im guessing my invitation got lost
in the mail? haha(:
happy birthdayyy to the musso bros.

lauren.caroline said...

eff yeah!

STOKED <33333333

natalia said...

Hi Mitchel!

Cool! The movie is gonna be awesome! I like Jason. Glad you're having fun.

Raven's tour sounds cool. Can't wait for your new songs, and it's cool that you're gonna perform "Lean on me" and "Leavin", those are my fav songs of yours.

well, g2g now.

Have fun!

Love Ya!


Madison said...

hey mitchel,

my friend and i were looking for tickets for the concert in indianapolis on june fourth. did all of the dates go on sale on march 14th, or are they just all sold out? If you could say something about this in the next blog that would be great!


Anonymous said...

hiya! i have problems rite now! i need like tons of help! like really bad help! my friend just got mad at me for no reason at all! i didn't do anything! what shld i do? p.s. tell mason and marc a very happy birthday from me!

~*ElLe*~ <3

Boys like Girls rox said...

woo!! guess who just got tickets to see you in concert with her bff? ME!!!!! I am soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo happy my mom got me those tickets. I'm now like gonna be her slave until May 10th. And we got really good seats!!

Boys like Girls rox said...

dang!! I forgot to say tell Mason I said happy birthday, and tell Marc that too and then give them a really big hug. ahahaha. Marc's b-day is gonna be so cool...I'm very jealous of him right now.

Anonymous said...

hey mitchel!
i just wanted to say something about your brother's band.
my brother's friend ( billy from kiss FM in texas) saw your brothers and then ended up going to church with miley and billy ray!!
my brother is junior. hes on the texas radio.
your brother's band is awesome!!!
HAPPY 13TH to your brother!!

MeganP2010 said...

aww yayyy mitchel, I'm so excited for you! It still kinda sucks that your tour isn't stopping in San francisco though =[

Anyways, I'll be at the metro station concert on the 30th! I plan on chilling with mason and the boys so I'll tell him to tell you I say hi =]

Well ya I love you- hopefully I'll see you soon!


Lauren said...

I cant wait to see the movie!!!Thats so cool!!! I just had like a spaz attack when I read this. Thats so awesome ur doing a movie with Jason!Thats like a dream come true for me! Now he's worked with the coolest person ever!!Thanks for posting that cuz now I dont have to wait any more to see if the rumors were true are not. OK I'm done freaking out now. Tell Marc and Mason I said happy birthday. I just totally thought of something , my b-day party is on Marc's birthday so I should totally get like 2 cakes cuz I need to celebrate his birthday too. I have to convince my mom to let me do that. I need to do something on Mason's birthday too , thatd be cool. Anyway , have lots of fun shooting the movie! Tell Jason that I emailed his mom and tell him he needs to tell her that so she can email me back. Bye!!

Luv, Lauren

Anonymous said...

my bud and me made up...she was havin' a bad day and she said she was sorry and i said i was sorry too! yay!!! wish marc and mason once again a happy happy b-day!!! :)

~*ElLe*~ <3

Nad!ne. said...

Like i said before, hope you have as much fun on your tour as possible!
I still think it's so funny that Marc has the same birthday as me, except that he's a year younger.
Can't wait for yur new movie.

Have a nice day.

britt said...

heey ! My comment didnt work :[ My computer is being really annoyingg! But I got FLOOR 2 SEATS for the concert in reading!! I am so exciteddd!

I love you so muchh <3

Jess said...

Jellooo! lol... wow cool! I'm so excited for the movie!! PARTY! wooo! i want to see pictures already! since i'm not invited. lol... well see ya later! Luv yass!


Molly said...

haha i remember my 13th, i had both the 6th and 7th grade classes and it was at my pool, and pretty sure they broke every inflatable thing ever. But it was fun.
Okay, my best friend just got discovered by a talent scout( she lives in la, she moved there in august) so i gotta go!
molly e.

ps when your in my area i am in chicago :(

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel!!!!!!

So the day you typed up this blog I'm commenting on, (yesterday) it was my dad's b-day! And you know what else is really kool? Mason's b-day is the same day as my mom's b-day! Tell Mason and Marc I say HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!

Anyway, I'm so excited for your new movie! Tell Jason I say hi next time your on the set! So geuss what? not only am I on the computer but I am watching Hannah Montana! sadly though it just ended 2 seconds ago.:(

OH EM GEE!!!!!! Guess what? My friend Kadisha AKA Missay or Kitty or Missy Kitty or Missay Kittay (yeah I know, she has way to many nick-names! lol!) said she can take me to your concert with Raven in Dtroit!!!!!! If you do a meet in greet there, I'll probably see you!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!:):D:):D:):D

So anyway, tomorrow AI'm high lighting my hair blonde...... again! I've high lighted my hair at least once a year since first grade!!!!!! I hope it looks good!

Hey I'm still making that youtube vid!

Anyway g2g!

~Chelsea AKA Chillie~

Anonymous said...

aww mitchel, were always here for you! and happy birthday to marc && mason! im soo excited, i cant wait to see you when you come to WV!!
I cant believe youre gonna have your own tour bus, i bet its pretty sweet. Have a great weekend mitchel!

Katie R. said...

I am SO glad you are having such a fun time working on this movie, I can't wait to see it!!
and thanks for letting us know about Meet and greets as soon as you know! your the best!

Goodness, Ticketmaster hasn't gotten Detroit tickets yet, and I am kind of worried,because other places are. But like for a lot of money! I just don't want them to be all sold out, I have patiently waited for you to come back to Detroit ever since you told me you wanted to do a concert here after the Hannah pre-party....if you remember that....I don't want to say to much on here..... But you were at NBC about to get interviewed.... any of this ringing a bell? ...I made you cookies, and the Radio Disney people gave them to you...

anyways, I sent a letter to you. and you should get it either Monday or Tuesday...well, Atleast your mom should get it, since your not in Cali. It explains everything. I just hope you know what I am talking about.
Ok, well, thats all for now.


The Future Mrs. Musso said...

Hey Mitchel!!!

How are you, lovely?

I will see you at your concert in Orlando around April eleventh or twelfth!

I cant wait!!!

Tell Marc i said Happy B-Day if u can!!! And Mason, too. He is our lovely, as well!

I hope you are truly having a WONDERFUL time filming! I cant wait to see it!

God Bless and Have a Wonderful Day!


Holly said...

Hey Mitchel,
I got tix to ur show near me! 13th row from stage! YAY! I can't wait! So excited! I was wondering, what kind of merchandise is sold? T-Shits, Posters, ect? Cant wait to come see u! I hope the day comes fast! TTYL

Jenny said...

yay! can't wait for the movie. :)
Jasons cool too, so yeah. uh... Hatching Pete?? whats with that? hahaha.

Masons in Europe.. lucky! haha.
and Marc, lucky!! he's having Metro Station for his birthday? thats pretty awesome. yeah that would be one of the best birthday parties ever!
haha Marc, in his youtube video ... "he's in some Disney show.. i don't remember the name" or whatever he said about you haha.

SO ANYWAYYY! you're awesome. :)

Allyson said...

Hey Mitchel!! Im so amped for the tour! Tell Marc and Mason happy Birthday!! Marcs def gonna have the best birthday ever! Id kill for Metro Station to play at my party lol. Anyway cant wait for May 15th and your movie!!


Arani[: said...

Heyy Mitchel soo I know its been almost a month sense you were in Portland but I have been kinda Busy but I finally got some videos up from your concert! Sorry there side ways :[
But you can look Them up on You Tube under Mitchel Musso in Portland
or look up my "channel"

Anonymous said...

oh mitchel :)

today i found this piece of paper with directions to oregon convention center, and it made me laugh because i wrote directions on both sides, and when i was asleep while my dad was driving he was reading the wrong ones, then when i woke up he got and started freaking out he got super mad at me ahahaha.
but THEN

we found you anyways!
and it made me realize that i miss you and you should come to seattle so i don't have to drive 4 hours to meet you this time... haha
not that it wasnt tooootally worth it.
i miss you!!
& i hope you are enjoying your cd!

lizzieeeee said...

i'm so exciteddddddd XD
i have 200 dollars to spend on merch
soo hopefully it's not too expensive and i can buy a lot.

i got mah tickets to rockford. i'm taking mary eric and liz wiff me.
this should be funnnnnn :)

and tell marc and mason happy birthdayyyy :D

Elizabeth said...


No way! You and Jason Dolley are two of my favorite actors! Now I'm even more excited about this movie (I didnt think that would be possible). Its good to know hes as nice as he seems!

I dont think I'm going to be able to go to one of your concerts. If I were able to, I would go to the Grand Prarie one in TX. Unfortunatly, I'm given a "one concert a year" limit and I've already used it to go to the Jonas Brothers concert on the 4th. :[

I hope you're STOKED about going on tour and getting to see (almost) all your fans!

Lots of love to ya Mitchel.

<3 Liz

Allie said...


That's really funny. My sis turns 19 this week too! And I turn 14 a week after her! It's kinda funny.

Their so lucky they get to play for Panic, they are amazing, and opening for them will def give them a bunch of new fans.

OO! Will you have like, t-shirts? I want one then.

Adios! See you at Nassau Coliseum!


Mika said...

hey mitch,this is mika (meeka) u rock! You have soooo much comedy, i heart watching hannah montanna!

Mika World said...

mitchel,u rock!im sooo excited for u,and great job!!!


Amy said...

okay, so this is COMPLETELY random. But, friday was Pi Day- or, 3.14,and a kid in my school made this awesome video for a poem contest, please check it out, you'll love it!

haha thanks, and i can't wait until you're in albany again!

Anonymous said...

Man, the day you're in Florida is the week AFTER my spring break!


But I do have to say, Leaving is most definitely one of my favorite songs!

I also can't wait for your movie with Jason Dolley! 2 guys with awesome hair in one movie!


Good luck, and a whole lotta love!
~Anjum =]

Anonymous said...

Ooh, hey happy birthday to your brothers too.=] My younger sister's turning 13 in October, a week before I turn 16. And and and my brother's turning 17 about 2 weeks after you do. I thought it was pretty funny considering for the fact that the 2 of you have LOADS in common. ((Skate boarding, long hair, cooking, video games, and sushi))

Break a leg for you concerts and a whole lot more love,

I'd swim the ocean for you♥ said...


OMG tell Mason and Marc I said happy birthdaaay!

New Mitchel movie??Ohh, I ammm stoked.

i got SIXTHrow seats for your concert!! I freaked so bad when i found out. I'm so excitedd!my friend and I are making I ♥ Mitchel shirts and were gunna scream LOUDD so look for us at your RI concert.

KK so good luck with your new movie and your tour{{=)}} and everythinggg. and i wish the best of luck to Mason and MArc too!!


iheartdjdanger said...

Hey Mitchel!!!!

My sweet 16 is next week and I have no plans... and I'll just be bored. haha,but it would be more than amazing if you said happy birthday!!!! it isn't till march 26th so you have time!! but please say happy bday to me!!!


paula said...

Ha Ha... You and Jason-> Much fun!

I love you Mitchel--> Kiss!

By:Paula Butignoli...

Alana said...

I really want to go to the Sunrise concert but i still don't know if i could!Tickets were on sale since Friday and who knows if i can still get them...
Can't wait for the movie!
And tell your brothers Happy Birthday for me!

Emily said...

Say happy birthday to marc and mason for me! Have you found out if you're going to be performing on July 9 in anehiem? Cuz if you are I'm getting tickets! Oh, and wish Emily osment a late happy bday!

nicole+mitchelmusso=love said...

Omg, I Noticed that i just type really fast and don`t take my time to capitalize everything and etc. Like everthing is a run on sentence haha .. Well omg .. New Movie .. with Jason thats really cool jasons pretty funny ... but ur funnier.The Concert ok I so want... Need to go,I Asked My Dad and he`s Was Like yea You can go and im like yaya!!!

Mason.. I Hope He`s Having A Good Time and Like There awesome so i wish them The Best and to keep up the good work .. L.o.v.e there Music But Someone Is kine of Starting to beat them *cough Mitchel Hot Musso cough* hehe j/k but ur awesome ..

Awww Marcey ...haha woah he`s turning 13 pretty Sweet nice age i remember when i turned 13 haha ... I Hope he has Funn .. and hopefully you get to be there at his party!! ..I wish him a Happy Birthday Now ..Im Stil Looking Foward to My 16th Birthday.. in Nov .. yay .. I get to Learn How To Drive This Year .. YAY ..


p.s i must show you a pic of my roo m and how much i love you and disney peeps ..

~Laters ♥ Nicole[ee]..~

Anonymous said...


im boutta write you a song
and its gonna get really famous
and you'll never know its about you.

watch out <33

ALEX said...


heh i got a blog!

ALEX said...

my iPod just broke.


kennesaurous? duh. said...

Can not wait to see movie

Peace out

brie said...



Ok, that didn't make any sense considering the fact that I'm not the least bit of Irish. But well, I'm in the spirit!

You're probably thinking "0h,no. This crazy freak girl is back on my blog again......"


LOL. Wait til I post you a comment on Wednesday....don't you know what day that is?! If you don't....then I guess I will give you a reminder!

lub, brie

Anonymous said...

Happy bday to your brothers :)
Soooo jealous of those lucky people in america who get to see you :(

Ah well, I've always got youtube ;)
Mum would kill me if i asked for money to see you, she thinks everything i like is stupid. She's weird like that XD
But I think you rule, so who cares what she thinks?

Jennifer, all the way over in the southern hemisphere :O

Daniela said...

Happy Birthday to Mason :)

HaleighJayy said...

hey mitchel!
I know I've already commented this twice, but i need to comment it again because....
So tell him i said happy birthday and stuff.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel

Happy St. Patrick Day.
You and Jason Dolley together in a movie That's Awesome Mitchel. My day is great Mitchel. Tell Mason and Marc a Happy Early Birthday for me. I cant wait for the movie Mitchel.
Your friend

selah said...

heyyy mitchel. :]

wish mason a happy 19th for me!
i wrote "happy 19th birthday, mason!" on my arm today and even set my alarm on my cell to wake me up to remind me...with the ringtone "control". :]


p.s. i hope you're not wearing green today.
st. patty's day was saturday.
today is holy monday.
my chemistry teacher told me that.
but i still wore green.
cos i can do that!
plus, i'm scotch-irish somewhere in there, so yeah... :]

Abbster said...

hey mitchel!
geez. im late!
i am TOO EXCITED to see your movie with jason dolley! you two are mad rad!
the concert sounds amazinginging. im going to try EVERYTHING to get to that concert. i NEED to go! your music is amazing. and so are you.
and mason and marc!
congrats to mason trace anthony and blake!
HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BDAY MARC!!! that kid served me pizza at the hannah taping! =]=]
you are such a cool guy.
super fly=D

Anonymous said...

Happy St. Patricks day Mitchel
~*~Sarah Mina~*~

liz said...

tell mason i said "HAPPY BIRTHDAYY"
and marc! hahahah
and i cant wait until your in mass on may 20th?
BUT my mom might not let me go :l
kfjdlkgjd but hopefully ill be there

jackieee said...

me and my friend made him a
birfffff dayyy cakeeeee(:
heresss the linkk for the pictureeeeee:¤t=masonsbirthdaycake.jpg

abbbbyyy said...

OMG! so my friend caitlin lives in Utah, where you guys are filming your new movie.
and she saw you there!
I was likeeee freaking out!

she goes to that schooooool!
YAY! cant waitttt :D

Anonymous said...

Mitchel you are suck a sweet heart! you always say thanks and you never giver yourself enough credit. you did all the work and we just react the way we feel. We luv ya! peace and love

Disa said...

Yayyyy todays Mason's birthday :DDD
The second I woke up I was like O_O GOTTA WISH MASON HAPPY BIRTHDAY.
So I went online and went to his myspace and left him a happy birthday comment.
Along with 874894651 other people.

If not... pinch yourself for me.

Anonymous said...

HAPPY ST. PATRICK'S DAY! AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MASON! hope it was the best day ever!
love always,
emily h.

Miss B Haven said...

Did you know that I had no idea that you guys were filming on our Main Street this week until I learned I had to go to the library the BACK way?
Have fun filming... without me... *bad, bad, evil extracurricular activities that keep me from being a pedestrian and walking down Main Street tomorrow*

momrox1106 said...

Congrats on the movie deals! They sound exciting! Your tour will be great we saw you in Denver last month and you were amazing! BTW, My daughter is totally head over heals about Marc! Will you tell him Happy Birthday for her? Her name is Rachel. =D Thanks!

KitKatO279 said...

WOW, my 13th birthday was in February, and i SOOOOOOOO wish i had a party as great as Marc's is gonna be! I wish i could go. LOL.
Well tell him i said Happy B-day!
Also, SO can't wait for your tour! I hope i can get tickets!!!!!


meredith kelly said...

i saw them in concert two times =]
i cant believe thats your brother .. i love you too.

VERONICA said...


Anonymous said...

heyy im totally pscyhed about ur new sounds awesome p.s happy early b-day ur bros :D wish i could come to ur wont let me go :( but GOOD LUCK

Anonymous said...

hey Mitchel.

the movie is going to be great my little brother aramis had so much fun doing it.

i dont know if he told you he had a big sister but my name is brittany.
i stayed in cali while he was in Utah
he said you were his best friend cut huh.
ok well good luck with everything else.