Sunday, September 02, 2007

School Starts for me tomorrow......

yeah......good times....

But...the great news is....we are shooting an episode of "Hannah" this week and Mike Stanley the third.....Is in the house! So that's always cool. right?

I have been spending time with my older brother Mason who leaves on tour again tomorrow....check out his shows on Myspace/Metrostation. You don't want to miss him if he is in your area. His CD comes out September 18th....RUN to the store and buy Will be blown away...It's AMAZING

I am excited to tell you that I am working on a two new projects for Disney....VERY excited about that! I don't want to make anybody upset by talking about it too early because we are working on them, they are NOT finished.....but as soon as I know it's ok to talk about....I will tell you guys! ok? But....You guys are gonna love it!

Is my Super Short Report airing yet?? Let me know when you see it ok? And the 365 that was shot in Florida.....

Ok...... Who's coming to see me in Santa Clara? Give a shout out if your coming....

Have the most awesome week!



Elizabeth said...

Hey Mitchel--

My school started for me last Monday. AT first I hated my new school 'cause it was so big and I knew almost no one but it got better. It always does.

I already missed Mason in my town which really sucks but my friends went. I was really surprised when I found out she knew about them! I hadn't realized they got that popular so fast!

Two new projects...hmmmm.... I can only imagine whats going on with that! And no, your Really Short Report hasn't aired yet. I'm starting to think its about the new Hannah Montana DVD since its been so long since you last mentioned it.

Good luck with school and have fun being on the set!

<3 Liz

Meg said...


good luck at school!! I'm sure you'll do awesome!

Omg Mike standley..i love him!! your such a good actorrrrrrr

Metro station is my all time favorite band and im not even just saying that,, they are so ah-mazing

new mitchel projectssss!! always ah-mazinng

so did u pick the winner for J-14 yet? cuz the website said u picked on the 30th and ummm i like cried cuz no one called lol i felt kinda stupid cuz i knew i wouldnt win but like idk

have a rad weekend
Love Meg

Anonymous said...

i cant wait to get metro station's CD!! your brother mason and Miley's brother are great!!
by the way....good luck this week...cant wait to see you guys on hannah montona!! :)

jrcarey said...

school starts the day after
tomorrow and the girl i like
is in my class
hah kinda nervous here

brooke said...

ahh yay, i can't wait for the hannah montana :].
and i am SO getting the metro station CD the day it comes out. im so excited for it.
eeeek i wanna know what the suprises are! hopefully you can tell us soon ;]
well, have a good week, talk to you soon.


Anonymous said...

isnt tommorow labor day i thought it was supposed to be a holiday.i started on the 27th. YAY mike stanley III the 365 with you and lucas? that was funny. uhh no its not airing yet cant wait though. oh i'll totaly buy the cd. i sound like a prep dont i? weird. k yeah i'll stop talking



brie said...

Hey, Mitchel! I haven't posted in 4-EVER! (But I've still been checking out your blog!)

I can't believe you start school TOMORROW!!! LUUUUUUUCKY!!!! I started last Thursday! (ahhh...gotta love Catholic H.S's) I can't belive I'm in High School now! It is so weird! But I'm having a BLAST!!! Most of my teachers are really nice, and I've already met lots of new friends. Plus, our cafeteria has SO MUCH FOOD!!!!! *Starts to drool* Have fun starting school tomorrow!

Say congrats to your bro & band on there CD release soon. I HAVE to listen to them!!!

I also just got my BRACES OFF!!!!!! I am so happy and I LOOOOVE my new smile! It's so weird now because whenever I run my tounge across my teeth, it feels so SMOOTH!!!! I LOVE IT!!

Well, that's all for now! TTYL, sk8r playa hata! LoL

luv, brie

Sasha said...

Hey Mitchel
Can't wait to see Mike Stanley the third again.
I'm glad that you got to spend time with your big bro.
I haven't see the Super short report yet or the disney 365. It might have been on. I haven't been watching disney lately. I haven't been watching to much Tv either cuz of school.
Well i haope you have an awesome time on you first day of school.
I also can't wait for yout two new prjects!

See ya

Anonymous said...

ooo cant wait i love watching the ew episodes every week!!!! im deffinitly going to get there cd it comes out on my birthday so that will e pretty cool!!i havent seen the 365 yet i want to though! i wish i could come see u on the 16th but i live no were near there have fun and good luck in school!

Anonymous said...

school starts for me tuesday (N)

has the j-14 girl been notified yet?!


Erin91 said...

ugh that sucks. school starts thursday for me. gonna be in 11th grade, hardest year lol.

but i can't wait for new hannah episodes and ur "projects" <3

and no, i haven't seen ur disney 365 or really short report yet, but i did see you on the commercial for the high school musical 2 premiere! haha u were so funny.

i wish i could come to santa clara, but i live in NY.

and YOU have an awesome week!

Anonymous said...

yay more mike standley =]
i went to best buy a couple weeks ago and one person who worked there was like singing metro station to me and i was like sitting there cracking up ! are you getting a cd from disney ? that's what i read in a mgazine but idk ! i start school thursday, joy ! have fun at school mitchel !

-xo Michele

Mindy said...

Mitchel! Hope your having a great time. Have fun in school! Hah!


Olivia said...


school starts on the 6th for me.
i didn't know you did a super short report!
get your butt stuck in the chair..righttttt? like emily and jason.

well, i'll try to catch that.
i haven't seen your disney 365. kinda lame since you talked about it so long ago, and they are like airing the one from the HSM2 premiere -.-

well my dad bought me an electric guitar so like WHOAA.
idk that was random.
but have a good day and have fun LEARNING! about math -.-


ttran said...

Hi, Mitchel! tomorrow! Aren't you excited?! I know I was for my first day of school! Hope everything goes great!

Whoooo!! Give it up for Mike Stanley the third!! I can't wait to see what crazy stuff will happen with him!

It sucks that Metro Station isn't performing where I live, but I'll buy the CD when it comes out!

Two new projects?!! Two as in T-W-O? No freak way! I'm definitely spazzing out right now! Not one, but TWO!!

I haven't seen your Super Short Report yet. I was wondering when it would air.

Guess what?!! I fianlly solved the EVIL sudoku puzzle!! Seriously, it was killing me that I couldn't solve it! I'd get so close, but then one little number couldn't be like all the other numbers and fit it...But now it's all good because I've conquered it!

Three day weekend for me! Yay! Have a super duper fantastic Sunday!!

MM_luvr_4_eva said...

school started for me on wednesday last week. i will RUN to the store to get their CD. cant wait to own it! i love you! i might be going to santa clara. im not entirely sure because whenever i ask my mom she like doesnt answer me. good luck at school! cant wait for the new epiosdes of hannah! :D luv ya


kelsey said...

ok now im really excited about "new projects" your "working on" i cant wait!

metro station pretty much amazing! lol glad you could hang out with your brother!!!!!


Gideon said...

Enjoy school and good luck with all the projects, sounds rather tiring. Have a good one.:)

Emily-Ann said...

Good luck with school! mine doesn't start till the 5th! :D Can't wait to see the new projects you're working on with disney.AND a new hannah, all in one week?sound's a bit busy to me.Please come to canada ! :)

Christina said...

yea school starts on tuesday for me. swcheet! another episode with Mike Stanley! I recently saw the first one he appeared it. Helliarious! as always. Well, I hope you have a good first day and shooting goes well. and thanks for taking the time to update!

Tiffany said...

psh, i wish i was coming! well hopefully i'll see ya someother time. have a great week mitchel!


Kad [Short Notice] said...

Wow, tomorrow? Good luck for the new school year!

Aw I'm glad you two have been spending time together. I'll hopefully see him in concert this fall!

I just moved to NYC on Sunday and I've been busy since then: visits, movies (Balls Of Fury and Rush Hour 3 at midnight), etc. By the way, go see those movies! I do promise you that you will laugh.

I can't wait to hear about those projects you've been working on! They haven't been airing yet [Disney 365 and the Super Short Report] so we'll let you know when they do air.

Have a great week and a first day of school!

Anonymous said...

hey, can you say on your blog when your next song is going to be out!
i just loved your first two and really want to hear another one!
cant wait to hear about the new disney projects!
good luck at everything you do!



Hey Mitchel!! I haven't heard from you in, oh, i dunno...FOREVER!!

Mike Standley is in the house?! That's just freaky-freaky fresh! =P

So, you're starting school tomorrow, huh? I go back to school on Tuesday. It's only an hour for locker registration and whatever...
Classes begin the day after.

September 18th...I'll remember that. ;)

I can't wait to know what those two Disney projects are about! You'll be part of them, so, I automatically know I'll like them! =]

I haven't seen your Super Short Report yet, but when I do, I'll let you know.

I'd LOVE to go see you in Santa Clara, BUT....I'm in Canada...

Anyway, you have an awesome week too!



MeganP2010 said...

I am TOTALLY gonna be there in santa clara!! I'm practically counting down the dayss... except i'm not... cuz i'm not that cool...

hhaha schoooll awww i'm sorry... atleast you're not at a real school from 7:05am to 3:10pm and another night class for two hours at 6:00 like I am!!!

I'm defffinately getting tickets to the Metro Station concert when they come around SF... I think their playing at the Bill Graham civic auditorium or something like that... i dunno but i'm going!

MeganP2010 said...


I'm also definatly nabbing some metro station tickets when they play SF in november.

Can't wait to see you!!!

Daniella said...

I so happy for you :)
Here in Israel we start the school today..
Have a great week!

Sara said...

I start school on Tuesday. Oh and i'm DEFINETLY buying the Mertro Station cd. I already have enough money for that. I'm also seeing them November 11th. I'm very excited!

New projects? Awesome!! I'm so excited now lol.

Anonymous said...

kewl mitchel i love mike stanley the third but what time are you going to santa clara and i will be there a am working a a book for you and the rest of the cast i know you guys are going to like it will i got to go back becuz it it my birthday and i am tiered becuz i live in a diffrent town and i just starded scool and i am doing scoocer and i am on the spirt sqaud alot i know bye p.s i can't wait till the new metro station cd comes out i am going to get got to go back to to the team working on a new cheer for the football team bye

Anonymous said...

no they're not airing yet, but i can't wait for them, i started high school on aug. 3, i'm a freshmen now. lol.

big fan Jessica W.

Cleo said...

I really want to see you in Santa Clara, its only about an hour away from my place! What time will you be there?


Anonymous said...

hey Mitchel!!!
Lucky you! i started school a month ago!! Now that sucks but whatever!
I hate you don't shoot in florida in the summer cause that's the time of the year I go there so I never get to see you!
And great news about your projects! I love watching whatever you're on.
Smile tomorrow morning (eventhough it's tough) cause you look so hot when you do!!
your forever fan
P.S. I was the first one to post a comment I hope1

Fer said...

hey Mitchel!

wow good luck in school tomorrow!
I started school 2 weeks ago=D

Of course it's cool that Mike Stanley is in the house!We're all gonna love it!

I love MetroStation! and of course I'm gonna buy the cd!I'm sure it IS AMAZING!

yay for your new projects!they're gonna be awesome!Can't wait for you to tell us:D

AWWW I wish I could meet you...are you ever coming to mexico?
k have fun in Santa Clara!

And you have an AMAZING week too!
love ya!<3

Heidi said...

Cant wait to see the new episode and know what the projects your doing are!
If I lived by there I would come, but I live in michigan. You should come here sometime, that'd be awesome!

Anonymous said...

School starts for me on wensday so I have a few more days of freetime. I can't wait to see you super short report and 365. I also can't wait to hear what your new projects are I am sure they are going to be AMAZING. I also can't wait to get your borther CD thats coming out.
Love you lots mitchel,

Anonymous said...

OmG...metrostation was here a couple weeks agos...I couldn't go..I was on a airplane...I can't wait 2 c wat the disney stuff is! Ok mitchel...I seriously think I should get 2 hang out with u on the 16th....I am flying for 3 hrs JUST 2 see you! So I better get more than 2 mins with u! Haha....but I can't wait.....and that time in san bruno was UNBELIEVABLE! I am actually so happy that I am getting the chance to meet you again. You r sum1 I look up 2. You are the reason I auditioned to get into a acting school. I hope that if I do get into more of acting things that I could work with you.....if I was even a extra on like hannah montana or sumthing, it would make my LIFE just to know that I would see your acting in person. Mitchel, I am seriously a huge fan of you. And its not just cause ur hot( u know u r though) I like you because you can be someone that people can look up to( such as me) and I really hope you can read this. You basically changed my life. Oh...and guess wat I did last nite for 4 hours? I made a HUGE collage of you for my binder. I think I may bring it to santa clara to show you it. Cause last time in san bruno I brought my old binder and I don't know if you saw it...but I seriously think you will like it. Ok mitchel, you are like such a inspiration to me. I guess you can say I admire you so much. I just wanted to tell you this.....U make my life seem easier. Ok well I gotta go watch life of ryan...I seriously can't wait...2 weeks exactly! I want 2 hang out with u soo bad.....hey..be4 I should go 2 disneyland sumtime through dec.1-dec.8..cause I'm going down there for my bday(dec.8) and I would just DIE if you were there....ok I luv u mitchel!
Ashlee KO!

Holly said...

Hey cool. I hope school goes great. I can't wait to hear about the new Disney projects. You rock Mitchel. I start school on Wednesday. Hope you have an awesome holiday.

heather b said...

hey mitchel :)

ah mike standley is awesome. i almost love him as much as i love you =] haha yupp . no your disney 365 isnt on yet but im pretty excitedd. i think you should come to nj asap <33

lovvveyaa <3heathher

Olivia said...

my comment was posted at like 9 0.0

but it wasn't accepteeddddd >.<

how did that happen 0.0


Anonymous said...

Ohh hey u know wat time u r gonna be in santa clara? Cause I have 2 fly in the nite be4 from portland,OREGON...and I will be super tired.....and like I have acting classes from 12-2, then I go on the airplane at 330...and I have 2 fly from portlad to reno,nevada then go 2 san it will take me 3 hrs......soo boring...and I have 2 fly by myself! I fly ALL the time by myself and I hate it..cause u sit by people u don't know.and I hate planes...I want there 2 be like a train or sumthing that goes like 1,000 MPH so I can be there in like 10 min....ok this sounds werid but yea..ok I think its really cool that u say santa clara...cause I have lived there since I was 9....but then I moved when I was 10 then moved back at 11 then moved again......I move EVERY year...even though people promise we r staying in 1 town. But when u first said that u were coming 2 santa clara, I was reading it at 3am and when I read SANTA CLARA, I kinda woke up all the neighbors and my family....hey..wat if I like am there at 5 am and wait outside and then hurry in when they open? I actually could do that..just give me sum coffee,monsters,and watermelon sours. That will keep me up for about 3 days. Ok...I NEED 2 know wat u do u want shirts or a cd.....cause I wanna give u u will remember me and never 4 get me....I was gonna buy u a skateboard..but Ally suggested that I not take it cause of security....soo yea....I just want to give you sumthing that you will love cause you give me inspiration....well gotta luv u!
Ashlee KO!

Heidi said...

school starts tomorrow for you? ohhh, I start High school on tuesday! Cant wait to see the new episode!

Anonymous said...

wow have fun in school!'s been here for me for 3 weeks! friend is gone in new mexico and my other friend is out of town for tonight....wait you start school tomorrow?...on labor day?...huh i have no school tomorrow or tuesday!...september 18th gotcha...i have not seen your super short OR disney 365....but i did c u in the hsm 2 one! santa clara 4 me!.. :[...hey i have somethin' 4 ya...TAG YOU R IT!

......11 give this heart 2 as many people as possible!...that will show who ur true friends r!!...i have a quote!...i have 6 pages of them now!...yey me!
"Life is like a test so make the best of itwhile you are here...because before you know it you're at the end...but life's end is only the begining."
like it?...g2g!

~*~*~*luv2laugh*~*~*~ :)

Anonymous said...

my school goes back on tuesday, I dont want summer vacation to be over.:(
I can't wait for the disney projects, I loved the Phineas and Ferb sneak peek though I was laughing so much. :)

I am definitly going to buy metro station's cd, I love the songs kelsey and california.=P

awh I really wanna come and see you in Santa Clara but I can't, you need to come to canada.:D

anyway can't wait to see the disney 365,

lots of love,

monica said...

Discuss what you are doing in Santa Clara because when i went to google it, it said something about diabetes.

oh and since you are in the area, go to Great America!

guitar_queen said...

Hey Mitchel dat sucks that skool starts 2marrow and i wanted to tell u that i have a metrostation fan board please join luv ur biggest fan

Dani said...

You start school on Labor Day?!? That's CRAZY!!! I got that day off!

Mike Standly with his beard of armpit hair...good times...

Can't wait to see your new projects! Speaking of projects...Are you recording anymore songs? And speaking of more projects...I got a bunch for school....dang french class...

I saw a 365 with you on it for a few seconds about HSM2 ...and you were like "Omigosh! It's Lucas!" That was pretty sweet. =D I don't know if that's the one you're talking about...

Ooo!!! And sweet news from me anyway! I finally got my aunt's old car!!!! And even though its as old as I still rocks! I drove it yesterday and went to some stores so I could Dani-ize it!!!!! Plus it has a sun roof, which makes it even cooler. And it is red so it looks like I'm going fast like zippy zoom!....Even though if you get behind me its like driving behind an old lady!!! lol


Abby said...

Wow, I'm so happy you're doing more projects with Disney. :D I'm glad they realize you're awesome and deserve as much screen time/vocal time as possible (you said something about Phineas and Ferb before)!

I'll have to try and check out Metro Station's music.... you're swaying me with the constant praise. :D

I hope you're having fun shooting nowadays, because more Mitchel time always makes an episode better - and Mike Stanley's comedy almost triples the episode's value. :D

Try and have fun at learning at school, it's good for you. If I ever see a Super Short Report with you I'll try my best to shout it out to you... and by the 365 in Florida, do you mean the HSM2 one? Because you're adorable there... :D

You're great Mr. Musso, and I hope you keep working hard for your fans. :D You're a terrific actor, and I hope Disney utilizes that while they have you.


monica said...

oh, and tomorrow is labor day, why are you starting tomorrow?

Olga said...

School Started for us Last Monday.
I really wished you could've posted in your blog last week! I got worried.
Something could've happened to you.. :[
Haha But now I know your alive ahahaha. :]

Im just curious.
How are you doing with your car?
Any tickets, accidents, Bird Poop?
Hahah. Please tell us. :D

I cant wait to see any new
episodes, they never show them enough. :]
Mike Standley III is just freaky-freaky-freshh [:

Cant wait to hear and buy the new CD, I would run if I could, but I cant run that well hahah. :]

I cant wait to see the two new projects. I really cant wait. Now Im dying to know. Really. So just like tell me privately okay? Haha Just Kidding. Ill be patient. :D

I didnt see the Super Short Report yet, and I still didnt see the Disney 365 yet. Im getting kind of angry haha. There needs to be more of you. :]

I wish I could come to Santa Clara,
But I cant, I dont live in CA anymore. Thats why you need to come to Texas. Pronto. Immediately. An delay. Right now.

I got the October Edition of POPSTAR! Today, And there is a MEGA POSTER of you. Haha I was so happy.
I hung it up on my wall so everyone can see. :]

Have a Good Labor Day,
And Have a great first day of school, and have fun learning. :]


P.S. I know, this was a very long comment, I was just sharing my thoughts with you hahah. :]
Come to Texas. :]

ally m said...

Yay! An update! I've been checking like, constantly. Haha. You have school on Labor Day?! We start on Tuesday :] Good luck! What grade are you going to be in..?

MetroStation is coming to my city & I'm really excited. :]

Can't wait for all the new episodes of Hannah & your new projects!

No, your Super Short Report & Disney 365 haven't aired yet :/ I wanna seeee, lol.

Have an amazing week Mitchel! :D

<3 ally m.

Caroline said...

ugh! School starts tuesday 4 me, its gonna b crazy! I'm going to 2 schools, bc im in this center for the arts program and its half-day, so ive gotta take a bus in the middle of the day to my neighborhood school. its halfway across the county 2. anyways, i wish i could come c u in Santa Clara, but im over here in VA. Come visit! Cant wait 4 the new episode and the two new projects!! And September 18th is totally goin on my calendar! O btw, do u have any idea when ur CD will be out? im sure it will be AWESOME! g/l at school!

Anonymous said...

Really? Our school doesn't start until Tuesday. I'm gonna be a freshman....wish me luck! It's only a half day for just freshman though, so that's not so bad. lol I'm having my friend who's 2 years older take me around the school with her sister too tomorrow so we know where all our classes are. I have gym first hour. Lucky me. lol Hope you have a great school year!

More Mike Standley!! I can't wait to see more of him! My friends and I already decided that we were gonna dress up as Hannah, Lola, and Mike for Halloween and hand out candy! I'm probably gonna be Mike or Lola...idk yet.

I'm going to see Metro Station on November 23 in Milwaukee with my sister and friend. We are all soooo excited! I'm getting their CD the day it comes out too! They're amazing!

Two new projects for Disney?!?! You've been busy! I'm sure I'm going to love both of them! I haven't seen the Super Short Report yet....I'll watch for it and tell you when I see it. The 365 for HSM2 is the best one!! I laugh every time when you say..." right beside me" and then go and wave by him. That's the best!

I hope you enjoy the rest of your summer! Have a great week!

Fabi said...

Hey Mitchel it would be awsome if i could go to Santa Clara to see you but I can't i Live in Las Vegas. =(

But good luck in school!


Anonymous said...

You're going to school tomorrow? I start school on Tuesday! (My school gets Labor Day off.) I can't wait to hear your brother's CD. Unfortunately, I haven't seen your short report or your 365. I hope to see them soon! And finally, but most exciting, I can't wait to hear your Disney projects! Normally, I would ask a TON of questions about it, but it sounds like your excited about it and having a hard time keeping it a secret to us. I do have one question though, if you can answer this question in any way at all, does one of the projects have to do with your music? Like a CD or something? Even if the project isn't about a CD this time, I would buy your CD if you ever recorded one! I feel like I'm babbling, so if any of this doesn't make sense, then I apologize. I can't wait to hear more news! Good luck with your projects! *smile*


Anonymous said...

i go back to school on tuesday here in england :(

i wish i could come see you in Santa Clara, but unfortunatly i dont live near by lol

well i could sneak on a plane from england which is like 10 hours hmmmm .......

But no coz ill be in trouble lol

anyhow have an awsome week !!!

luv olivia

Anonymous said...

Are you going to the emmys because i know hannah montana is nominated!

micaela said...

School started on Wednesday for me.

But honestly what idiot decided for you to go back to school tomorrow? On Labor day? A federal holiday? A bad decision on their part, I can tell ya that. Do you usually have school on holidays like these? Haha, what happened to Labor Day weekend?

Well, Santa Clara. Good thing I'll 3000 miles away from there for pretty much ever.

Have fun learning tomorrow while pretty much every other kid in America has the day off. Hehe. No offence or anything though ;)


Jessica said...

i wish i could come see you in sant clara x[ eh, well good luck wif school i started last week xD

Anna =] said...


I start school the 4th. I'm excited yet very sad because I had an amazing summer.

I cannot wait to buy Metro Station's album. I know it will be amazing.

Have a great week.

Rebekah said...

Hey Mitchel! starts for me tomorrow also. But I can't wait for Mike Standly to be in hiz-house! =P

I'm really hoping to see Metro Station when they come to georgia in november. In the meanwhile, i'm definitely going to buy their cd. I can't wait for it!!!

And new Disney projects? I'm excited to hear about them. And no, the super short report isn't on yet, but i've been keeping an eye out for it ever since you talked about it before.

Have the best week ever!

Anonymous said...

hehe school started for me already =]] tee hee..woohooo Mike Standley rocks my socks :P lol. hehe Mike is cool :P hehe OMG did you say new projectS?? ahhh AWESOME. =]] I am so happy for you Mitchel =]

<333 Leslie

*dα n Y E L L ' said...

wow, school starts for you tomorrow??? Mine starts the day after, since tomorrow's a holiday here in Canada!:D
What subjects do you take since your home-schooled ?:)) For grade 10 I have to take, Math, English, History, Carrers/Civics, and Science. But I get to choose 3 as well...THANK GOD.:)) The 3 I chose this year are, Active Living, Music/Band & Visual Arts!:D hah I can't wait !

I wish I could go to a Metro Station concert, they should totally come visit Toronto in the future! Anyways, i'm VERRRY excited about their album, because...well their songs ARE fantastic.(Y)(Y) hah

Sorry Mitchel, but I won't be going to Santa Clara to see you :((( I have school + I live in a different country, which SUCKS. :(
I guess i'll have to wait awhile to see youu in person !:))

Moreover, wow 2 NEW projects ? + 'Hannah Montana'...thats just amazing:D Hope your having fun with those 2 projects; I can't wait to find out what they are going to beeee:D

Anywho, I got 2 go get binders and all for school, since tomorrow the stores are closed.:(
Have a good, 'First day of school!':D

Love Always,

anna signore said...

hey Mitchel! i am soo glad that Mike Standley the third is back lol well i hope you have a great time in school which some ppl mite cuz summer is over but then you get to get back w/some friends you havnt seen in a while but yah have funn! i started high school on aug. 21st so yah and um.. its great! i love hs! lol and i am captain of the poms team but its kinda hard but its fun! i wish that you could come see me in a game but your all the way in Cal. and i am in IL. :( but one of these days i WILL see you no matter what! lol but yah hope you have a great weekend and have fun at school!
i ♥ you!
p.s. i will most def. buy ur brother's cd! and yours if you have one! :)
♥ anna signore
oh and you are sooo cute when you were a baby i saw your baby pic! lol and your soo hot now that you have grown up! heheh

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Dose the Metro Station album come out in stores just for the U.S. Or dose that include the U.K to? I do hope so because I've been listening to them all week on Myspace and youtube. Their music is just amazing!

Wow, two new projects! I can't wait to hear about them =]

Blah! School starts on Tuesday for me =[ But we don't have to be in school till 11 so I get a nice lie-in!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the rest of your week! =]

becca said...

Hey Mitchel!
Well, I hope that school goes swell for you. Mine started on Tuesday. Fun times...
I'm listening to Metro Station right now! I love "Seventeen Forever"... that song is amazing. I can't wait for Sept 18!!!
Do you know how long I have been waiting for that new song from you??? A long time! When are we ever gonna get to hear that?
OoOoOoHh!!! are you gonna star in a Disney movie??? cuz that would be sweet. Maybe a Hannah movie? Whatever it is, it'll be great.
Well, I hope you have a great time at school this week.
Much Love

Anonymous said...

so you dont know when the disney 365 will air?

McKennah said...

Hey Mitchel! Can't wait for Merto Station's cd to come out! You have gotten me hooked on their song Kelsey. I listen to it like a million times a day. So I will defiantly be 1st in line for their cd. School has already started here. It is so crazy that I won't be able to make your thing in Santa Clara.:( Have fun anyway.Yay for Mike Stanley the 3rd! Keep him coming we all enjoy him. Have a nice weekend and Keep bogging!

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel!!

So you have school tomorrow. I'm starting grade seven on Tuesday. Six long hours of learning...... Anyways, wish I could see you in Santa Clara but I live in Canada. I would so fly from here to Santa Clara to see you but my parents wont so I'm outa luck. I'd go myself but I'm only 11 and turning 12 on October 19th. So the other day I was in Wal-Mart And geuss what I saw?? The Hannah Montana barbie dolls, the Hannah Montana toy guitar, and a Hannah Montana microphone!!!! So I high lighted my hair yesterday, and now I have long blonde hair with bangs so I look kinda like Hannah Montana! Anyways Excited for more Mike Standley! I wanna see the new Disney projects sooooo bad!!!!! So I haven't seen your Super Short Report yet but I'm still looking!!! Wat Metro Station's CD soooo bad when it comes out on Septemer 18th!!!


-Chelsea AKA Chilli.G

Hannah said...

WOOHOO!!! i luv mike standley!

well i can't wait til the 16th, i'm pretty sure i'll be able to see ya in santa clara. it's around a 1hr or less drive from where i live.

if i'm able to come i'll be w/ my best friend.

school already started for me on's really boring except for math & creative writing class. i talked to ally on aim & she told me where you're gonna be in santa clara.

so hopefully i'll get to see you!


Anonymous said...


~*~*~*luv2laugh*~*~*~ :)

Sasha said...

Mike stanley is in the house! awesome!!! It's awesome that you got to spend time with your big bro. Hope you had fun.
Can't wait to see the two new projects for Disney! I haven't seen your Super Short Report yet or the 365. I'll watch Disney tonight and hopefully it will come on and if not I'll watch it all day tomorrow. I get labor day off.
It stinks that you dont. Hey atleast you get school. Yay(not)
I wont be able to see you in Santa Clara. IT's way to far away. I live in Indiana. Come visit us down here.
I hope you have an awesome week.

See ya

Helena said...

HEY MITCHELL!!!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!! is it true that you actually respond to fan mail? what is ur email address? i already have Miley's and she already wrote back to me....SIX TIMES!!!!! SO COOL! BYE!


Anonymous said...

hey mitchel....i am so bored!...i have like nothing to do...not even homework!...i already did was boring!...yeah friend went byebye friday :[...very sad and lonely now!...i chatted with her today but then my computer wouldn't let me send messages to her anymore! ]: ...and my other friend is out of town but is coming back tonight...she should be back around 9 or so...i wish i could go see u in santa clara but i live way too far away!...but i can pretend i am there! metro station...i can buy the cd and rock out until my parents yell at me to turn down my music!...totally...ummm well that's all i have for now!...wish i could see u sometime! ya!
"Life is like a test so make the best of it while you are here...because before you know it you are at the end...but life's end is only the begining."

~*~*~*luv2laugh*~*~*~ <3

Chelsee said...

Wow you start school late, like me. I don't start 'till Wednesday. Well we have Freshman Orientatio on Tuesday, but actually classes start Wednesday. So is Metro Station coming to New England anytime soon? haha yeah i'm always asking stuff like that, but we don't get much up here. Ok well have fun at school! lol!


Anonymous said...

it's been FOREVER since you've posted!! :O
we've missed youuu!!

waittt. tomorrow is labor day. we're OFF school tomorrow!! that's strange...?

i can't wait to buy the CD!! :]

and i can't wait to see the 365 and the super short report of YOU!
as far as i know they haven't aired yet....hmm...

yeaaa. about santa clara...i'm stuck in Kentucky. maybe you should come out here so i can see you!! :]]
You and josh [hutcherson] could go bowling or something in frankfort and i could come meet you guys. HAHA yeaaa.
woo i'm pretty hyper.

i went go-karting today!
i hadn't done that in 5 years!! =O

Go Mike standley III!!


Kayla said...

Hey Mitchel :]

Yay, another episode with Mike Standley!!! I can't wait to see all of these new episodes that you keep talking about.
Two new disney projects too?! Sounds like you have been busy lately. Can't wait to hear about those.
By the way... you are so lucky that you start school tomorrow. I started school over 2 weeks ago! But it's not all that bad.
I haven't herd anything about the J14 contest...have you?? Well have an amazing first day of school.


Anonymous said...

Yooo I'm seeing Metro Station in concert soon! Got my ticket and everything

Leanne xP said...

Good luck at school! School starts for me Wednesday. You got out like a month earlier than me though. Like, literally.

Wow, Mike Stanley III is like so awesome. I can't wait to see this episode!

It is amazing! I'm like so obsessed with Seventeen Forever and I have Kelsey on my iPod.

Another two projects? You do Hannah Montana, Phineas & Ferb, these two new things AND you sing. You're so amazing.

I haven't seen the Really Short Report or the Disney 365, but I saw the one of you with, "Lucas... is standing right beside me!" at the HSM2 premiere. They're showing a Disney 365 with Brenda Song right now -_-

Michael said...

email me to let me knwo wehn te disney 365 will air or post something about it plz

Katie R. said...

Awww... Mitchel you don't get the day off tomorrow(Labor Day)?!
No they haven't shown either one of the shows you did,Disney 365,and Really Short Report.
I hope you had a nice time with Mason. I am glad to know that you are doing ok, You hadn't posted in awhile and I was getting worried.(along with everyone else!)
I hope you have a Great Week, and a good head start on school! I can't wait to hear about the J-14 Contest! and when they will announce it.
TTYL! Katie R.

Tiffany said...

thats so cool that youre spending time with your brother before he leaves.
my brother left for college the other day and i was kinda happy =)
anyways, cant wait til the CD comes out.
o and i might be goin to santa clara but im not sure cuz i live by LAX.
anyways thanks for the autograph that one of my family members got for me
and when i got it i screamed so loud.
cant wait til santa clara.

marykateee =) said...

Well that stinks that school starts tomorrow.
I still have a whole week.
I can't waittttt to see Metro Station prefrom and I am deff. getting their CD.
Can't wait to find out more about the new project.
I'm pumped to see Mike Standly come back!!!
Kepp being amazingggggg.
p.s Know anything about the J-14 date yet?

Anonymous said...

Yessss. Mike S the third. Hopefully Oliver/Mike will have an episode concentrating on his friendship with Miley/Hannah soon. When will he ever be the center of attention, like he was for 3 epis in season one?! Hopefully, soon. Keep us posted on that. Please.

Anonymous said...

I cant wait to hear about the 2 new disney projects. I started school last week. its ok but i dont really want to be in school but its a 3 day weekend for us so thatsz goo than in two more weeks we have a 4 day weekend and i have no idea why but thats cool with me.
they ahve been packing us with homework it sucks. and im taking spanish so its not that fun at all.

But any ways I cant wait till the metrostationcd comes out!!
I havent seen the short yet. but the one with miley in paris aired today but not yours maybe tomorrow? I hope so!!

katie <3

Anonymous said...

Wow, apparently I start school later than the rest of the world (Wednesday). Well, good luck with that. I'm going into 10th grade and I would hate to start a day earlier than I absolutely had to!

Earlier at Huntington Beach today, there was this group of eleven-year-old girls who thought they saw you and started freaking out, and they even asked for the guy's autograph, and he just looked at them like they were crazy. Myself and the rest of the people watching were laughing pretty hard. It was one of those moments that makes me wish I had a video camera permanently attached to my hand.

Good luck with sophomore year! You have a fellow sophomore's sympathies. I think you'll be a sophomore.. right? I don't know. Unlike the rest of the people on here, I don't know everything about you.

-Amy, 16

jesse said...

yay mike stanley!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!= )

fubias said...

heeey mitchel, when are you gonna be in santa clara? we'll try to makee it and see you. maybe meet you! oh by the way we love your brother's band. yea, we start school on thursday. wooppiee! hahaha. well have fun doing your stuff and things haha.

we love you,

Gabby said...

yeah that sucks u have school tomorrow :/ but at least you dont have to go full time like me ! haha i start wednesday. and by the way i really like metro station :)

Anonymous said...

Wow mitchel ur holidays are so long!English schools break up at the end of July and go back the same time as you!! Oh well, can't wait to see Mike Standley again!!

Mandy said...

Hey Mitchel
I was just wondering wat grade you are going into coz im and aussie and its different over here! Coz it cant be 10th coz josh hutcherson is and hes like a year younger than you.

livvy! said...

school starts for me on wednesday! i'm actually quite looking forward to it, but in england, we only get 6 weeks off :/

mike stanley! he's awesome. can't wait to see more episodes with him in!

metro station are definitely my favourites at the moment, and they've put their merchandise online! eep, i'm gonna buy a t-shirt.

i wish i could come and see you in santa clara! i'll catch a plane, ok?

haha, have an awesome week mitchel :)

love, livvy x x x

Maris-AAH! said...

Hey Mitch, will you do me a favor? Will you PLEASE move to Ohio? :]] Por favor? Oh, and bring the Jonas's while you're at it.

I'm kidding, (I wish I wasn't) about that last couple of sentences there. :) MetroStation is my most anticipated CD right now.

I think I know what you're working on. :]] But I'm pretty sure ones wrong. Something in the back of my brain is telling me you're going to be on an episode of Wizards of Waverly Place, but I don't think that's right. :[[ It'd be kind of cool though. Is Phineas and Ferb is one of them? Am I right or Am I right? :D

Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow,
(Gotta stop reading Shakespear!)
Love, from,

PS - No, I don't plan on commiting suicide. :]]


Ha! I've been in school since august 6th! luckyyyyyyyyy!
MS3 is back? Yay-yahhhhh!!
I listen to Kelsey all the time!Tell Metro Station and Mason it's an awesome song!
OOO! Is the 2 projects like a hannah movie and a spin off of Hannah Montana???? huh hu huh?? :) sorry, im on a sugar high from my krispy kremes hehe
I saw the 1 where u were at the HSM2 premeire, but thats it...
And the Super Short Report hasnt come out yet i dont think...
I would come to Sana Clara if I wasn't so far away, dang flabbit.
Wells, I moved! Now I'm like one state closer to ya ;) hehe
Wuv u mucho mista musso,
Keep it freaky freaky fresh :]


You're starting late.
I started 2 weeks ago.

Anonymous said...

That's great that we're gonna get to see some more Mike Standley! And I'll definitely keep my eyes peeled for the Disney 365 and Super Short Report. =D

Can't wait to hear all the Metro Station songs! Sadly, I couldn't go to the concert that came around where I live...oh well. One of their songs that I really like is "Kelsey." In fact, I made a video on youtube to it that has clips from Hannah Montana! It's kinda a Miley/Oliver vid. (I think they'd make a great couple, hehe).

Have a great day, and good luck with the new school year!

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel,

I'm back from my soccer tournament with was at the Disney Wide World of Sports and we made it to the final four but we didn't win to go on to the Championship but we still got medals. It was really fun though.

I just started school a few weeks ago and we havn't got to much homework yet so it isnt to bad in 8th grade but we still have the FCAT in every subject but not World History.

Ya I haven't seen the super short report yet but I know that there was one for the HSM2 Premerie.

I hope you have a good week!!

Your #1 Fan


Jen & Maria said...

Hey Mitchel,

Yup, Mike Stanley is funny!
Freaky-freaky-fresh. haha.

Yeah, I might be going to one of Metro Stations shows in Minnesota.
I love Metro Station. =]
Aaand, yeah, I was already thinking of getting their cd. Well I think my sister is going to get it...

Hmm, anyway.
Gonna go. byeee =]


Anonymous said...

ill be there 2 see u mitch
u rock babe

Karleigh said...

Hey Mitchel!

Finally you post:)You must have been really busy!

You start school today....I start tomorrow, just for an hour for whatever.....

Can't wait to find out what the Disney projects are!:) I am sure they are awesome!!

Have an awesome week toooo!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

I know you're probably not out of school yet, but how was your first day back? I'm a little excited about my first day back tomorrow, but I don't think it will be anything too exciting. Good luck with school! ttyl!


Kayla D said...

Just wrote a big long letter thing here, and then my internet died. Darn. Well, I pretty much said what everyone has, and come to Alberta, even better, Edmonton or Sherwood Park sometime! I'd love to see ya, and we don't live in igloos! LOL later xD

~Your #1 fan who really really really hopes she wins a call from you on Sept. 24th LOL

Kayla D

some person said...

Aw, at least you can see your friends again at school. I start 10th grade on September 5th. Haha, I have to wake up at 5:30 every morning. I missed orientation, so hopefully I'll be able to find my classes. What's high school like for you? Like: what classes are you taking, who is your teacher, etc.? I want to hear how different it is from mine.

Glad to know that you're working on two new projects. The more you're in, the better! Hm...I haven't watched Disney Channel for 10+ days so I don't know if your Disney 365 aired yet. I was..vacationing.

I passed Santa Clara on vacation..or maybe I did go there? But I'm not there anymore, I'm at home. Anyways, have fun!

Have an awesome week! Oh, and have fun at school (well, try to)! (:

Samantha said...

School started today for you? But its Labor Day! Thats no fair! Ah, oh well. Hahah. Mike Stanley III! Yay!!!

Spending time with Mason, cool. He's a cool dude(I think). He is coming near me, but I'm gonna have to miss him sadly... But my cousin is probably going. Lucky Duck...

Two new projects! Score! I'm very excited to hear more about them once its ok for you to tell us =D

Nope, having seen your Super Short Report or Disney 365. Sad...

I wish I was coming to see you in Santa Clara! September 16th right? Man, that would be the best birthday present for me ever! But sadly there is a large span of other states in between Michigan and California, so there is no way I can go. But I'll be wishing I was there =D

Have an awesome week Mitchel, do well in school! I know you will.


shireen said...

your in school already? =[ poor mitchel. i start tomorrow. im excited to see Mike Standley again! i miss him :]. those Disney projects, are they gonn abe movies? another show? whatever it is i will guarentee i'll love it. no i havent seen your Disney 345, which is bothering me bc i read about you having one at the beginnging of summer and it still hasnt aired. i wish i was in Santa Clara! i really really really want to see you :[. have fun this week!


Tiffany said...

Aww that sucks. My school starts on Wednesday.
Anyways, you havent written anything in like forever.
Can't wait for Hannah Montana.
Oh and I'll be sure to buy teir CD.
I think I am going to Santa Clara, but I'm still not sure because I live by LAX and it's pretty far for me.
Oh and thanks for the autograph. I'm sure you don't know what I'm talking about, but my mom's cousin got it for me from you and I got it yesterday and when I got it I screamed at the top of my lungs.
It was soo great.

Anonymous said...

♥ ♥ ♥

Anonymous said...

Wait Mitchel you start school on Labor Day?

-(aMbReA)- said...

Hey Mitchel!

You haven't been on your blog for a whole week! But I know how busy you can be, so I totally understand.

Yay!! Mike Stanley's in the house, and I hope he doesn't leave! ^^ I am SO seeing that episode!

That's good that you got to see your brother, since he'll be leaving today. I'll be taking a listen to their album coming out! I can't wait.

I can't wait for you to tell us what you're working on! I bet it's gonna be super cool and awesome and fantastic and any other words that are cool!

I haven't seen your Super Short Report air yet, they're still airing the "Return to Halloweentown" and "Cory in the House" ones still. Haven't seen your Disney 365 air either, they're still playing the "High School Musical on Broadway" and "Miley Cyrus on tour" ones. Hope they play them soon!

I'll try to see you in Santa Clara, but if I can't, really really sorry! Hope you have a good first day of school! And obviously, I have a lot of stuff I can't wait for! Take care! ^^

Have fun,
Ambrea from Cali

Anonymous said...


sry i had a moment. lol
Metro Station is comin 2 my town in december...but i will b out of town. :(
Guess wut!? my cousin actually works 4 Hannah Montana. lol. she just moved out 2 cali.neway... i just thought that is awesome.

alicia said...

wow my skool started august 27th so im startin my second week first week was TORTURE and this is ganna b just as bad!!!! good luck with skool HAVE FUN(or try to cuz i dont think u can have fun at skool lol) MITCHEL u gotta come to sugar land TEXAS plzplzplz have an awesome week filmin hannah BIIIIIII

kristina said...

Hey mitchel good luck in school and i will not be going to santa clara but good luck !!!!

Anonymous said...

YAY im going to santa clara . wat time does it start ?

Anonymous said...


Aaron said...

Hey Mitchel,

I wanna give a shout out right now letting you know I wanna come see you in Santa Clara! But hey, I gotta ask, will it be weird to have me there since I'm a dude? lol. I just think you're really cool, and talented, and I like ya. Is that ok or should I not come?

Kylee said...

haha,school..good times it started fo rme last week an di absolutley love my schedule it rocks.

thats really cool you and yuour brother get to spend some good BONDING :] time together. man i wish i couldve had that amazing hello kitty guitar haha. bu it was for charity so its good.

dannng you have been working on alot of hannah montanas..

have fun at school tmrw :]

Love kylee form texas.

Jessica Rene'e =) said...

hey im a freakky freakky happy mike standley the third is comin back lol.
and i cant wait to hear the 2 projects your working on!
eww school started the summer went by wayyy to fast lol.
but excited tho my birthday is on sunday! heck yah 14 lol.

but anyways have a great weekk!

Jessiica Bennett/Benedetto =)

Chelsie said...

I've been at school, and I really like this year so far. But it's only been two weeks so who knows.

And I'm jealous that you've already heard the Metro Station album. I can't wait to hear it. And I can't wait to see them on October 29th :D

And hopefully school goes well for you and hopefully the new two projects are awesome.

Peace out dude.


Oh yeah and I saw you on Aly & AJ's Super Sweet Sixteen. Looked like fun.

Alex whaaaat said...

um um ummmmm i wish i could go see you in santa clara but i live a bit farther north than that =(
i hope to see you one day!
geeee heres a thought
you COULD go to the metro station concert in seattle which i already have tickets fooooor and make me the happiest little baby in the whoooole world
BUT i definately realize you're a busy dude, so i won't be tooooo dissapointed if youre not there.
but really you should come! seattle has great audiences!

Alex whaaaat said...

oh and by the way i hope you got my letter from my cousin and i!!! it was fab. thats all i can say about it.

Deanna said...

I will be seeing you in Santa Clara! I'm pretty sure. I just need to know what time you'll be there! Please let us know!

I called the Convention Center a few weeks ago and they said they didn't know anything about you showing up so if you have any details, would you mind sharing? Thanks Mitchel, hope to see you soon!

Anonymous said...

This is your second day back, but today was my first day. Surprisingly, I didn't get much homework today! Unfortunately, I'm sure the homework will kick in tomorrow. Also, unfortunately, a lot of my old friends aren't in my classes this year, but some of my less close friends are in my classes, so I guess it's ok. How was your second day back? I can't wait to hear all about it! *smile*


audrey said...

i'm pretty much really jealous that you're just now starting school.
i started on August 14th.
has the person who won the j-14 contest been notified?
let us know soon.
good luck with school.

Meeghan said...

We started on the same day,
I thought of you in my english class when the kid that sits next to me goes, "Yo, mrs. Allen, thats freaky, freaky fresh!"
I was like, Woah, Mike Standley the 3rd is in the house!
I get my laptop tomorrow, so I'm excited about that.
I get my metro station shirt in the mail tomorrow also.
i got the yellow one.
and I gotta say Mitch, we miss you on imdb!
maybe you'll come back next summer!
gosh, I hope so.
well, love youu.

Anonymous said...

hi mitchel,

school started last tuesday for me. i have to say the first day was soooo boring. But seeing all my friends again was really fun.

hope you have a good school year, i know i will.

also good luck with hannah, mike stanley -the third-, and lola.

luv ya


p.s. you'll do great in school

Jessica said...

Aw, that's stinks that school started for you yesterday! How was it??!!
YAYAY, new Hannah episode! With Mike Standley! When is it exactly, lol! OMG, Metro Station's CD, is coming out in 14 more days!!!!!!!
Don't worry, I'll buy it! ;)
That's so exciting and I'm glad you're posting 'cause I was starting to get worried! :)
Right now, I'm listening to "Hero/Heroine" by Boys Like Girls! It's AMAZING! I just got into them, like a day ago, so I'm listening to all of their songs!
Well, that's all for now! I hope you have an AWESOME week!

crazypelucheluver99 said...

hey mitchel-
im starting school too ,i heard you live in garland,tx is that true?

if it is that so cool becaus i live in garland ,tx too!!!!!

well bye

xoxoxox karla

Melissa said...

Hey Mitchel!!!
I saw u and the rest of the cast of hannah montana filming a scene or so of Hannah Montana today on set around the Galleria Mall in LA.
it was pretty cool.

Molly said...

Lucky! School started for me the 21! So im in my third week! I havent seen it on disney channel yet, but i havent watched tv in forever im so busy with school and sports. But i'll look on youtube!

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel-

Haha. My school started today.. I love it.. So big..
I wonder what your two new projects are.. Hmmm.. Haha. My friends say I need a life.. I have the whole door of my locker covered in pictures of Miley, Emily and of course, yourself!
You are a great actor! Can't wait to see the next episode of Hannah Montana! You rock :) I'll keep reading, can't wait for your Mithcel projects!

Anonymous said...

hey mitchel!...what is up?...i go back to school tomorrow so i thought i would just come by and say hi!'s pretty quiet right now in my house! i have to keep quiet for my daddy!..yeah...ok well i need to go...have an awesome week!!! deserve it!
"Life is sort of like riding a bike. To keep your balance you must keep moving."


Chloe! said...

Hey Darlin,

School started today for me. Aaah. Not fun.

I can't wait to hear Metrostation's CD! I love the music they make! "Disco" is a great song.

2 projects! Fun!

I haven't seen your Really Short Report, only Emily and Jason's.

Happy school!


mel said...

hey so excited cuz im going to go see mason and metro station in like 2 and a half hours...ill tell you how it was when i get back...but then i gotta study my bye


Anonymous said...

heya Mitchel

it so sucks i live in the uk so i cant like see you anywhere when ur my idol also it sososo sucks :( anyway thats so kol and i get disney channel on saturday i cant wait cause then i dont have to watch hannah montana over youtube
(im watching monster house atm lol) luv that film hehe
good luck with your two new projects

luv you

mitchels babe said...

yea school stinks!!

what about your new song...what's the news on that?

i will buy the CD, i heard 2songs before and they rock!

love ya always babe!

Anonymous said...

i love you!


mel said...

hey mitchel...i didnt get to go see your ride stood me up so...i was so excited...i even messaged the band and blake responded to my messages...hopefully they will come back near kingston pa...i mean i live 20 minutes is school so far???



i started school on august 23rd. yeah, a thursday. how weird is that?

metro station's c.d is coming out on my birthday!! wooo. i hope someone gets it for me:]

im coming to the santa clara signing! i was also at the tanforan/san bruno signing. two mitchel sightings. YEEE.

yeah, you're bomb.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel,

I'm so bored....I had like the worst day ever.(you probley don't want to hear about it so you don't have to read this part but i hav e to type or tell someone) ok one of my best guy friends asked me out and i have known him since third grade and now im in ninth and i had to turn him down just becxause it would be to akward (im not mean or anything it would just be weird so now hes like all upset and stuff and then my best friend is mad at me and my other friend and i dont know ya and then i have 2 quizes and 1 test tomorrow and so its kind of a crazy week but enough of that!

wel i hope you had a good first few days of school and i cant wait intill the new hannah montanas! When will they be showing some new episodes?

i cant wait to hear about your new projects! I am totally getting the new metro station CD.

Have a good rest of the week!!!

Love ya,

mel said...

hey mitchel!

aww school must have already started for youu. so u guys start a new year in septemberr? thats pretty cool. we have school feb-dec.. but there are 2 week holidays inbetween terms!!

i came home from camp yesterday.. which was aweesomee.. & our instructor was american.. with the accent and everything [im obsessed with the american accent] its so awesomee! haha i was like I WISH YOU WERE MY TEACHER!! i could have listened to her talkk all dayy !!

anywayss .. random story but my english teacher [who's a guy] said "GIRL POWER!" today.. funny story.. i was laughing for like half an hourr.. goshh. hahaa.

okayy ohh I SAW GEORGE BUSH!! [here in australia.. cause of the APEC meeting thing] well.. i saw like 20 police cars/police motorbikes and then a limo.. on the way bak from camp.. and one of the teachers was like HERE COMES GEORGE BUSH.. and we're like.. hahahaa wat.. and hes like.. no seriously..

random muchh ..

ohh u guys must be sleepingg right now.. its 2:34am where you are.. but 7:34pm here. damn the 17 hour time difference.. lol jkss!

have a nice thursday & keep up the good work!! <3


Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel!

I can't wait to see Metro Station in concert!! I have been hoping to get to one of their concerts since they first went on tour. Hope you have a great school year and have fun.

Much Love,

Anonymous said...

Haha, at least you didn't havta start school on your birthday ;_;

Anyways, I'm here to harass you xD jk.

You're a veeeeery busy guy. Like, reeeeeaaaaally busy. It's obvious from all your blog posts.

But if you ever get some spare time on your hands where you're just on the computer doing whatever, GO TO THE LINK THAT I POSTED, AND READ. (it shouldn't take you more than an hour to read the whole thing).

THAT story is the kinda stuff Hannah Montana should have in it. It's creative, and it's filled with a whole lotta Mike Standley (yes... in character Mike Standley. 'Of Eggrolls in Marshmallows' represents the food of which he loves that is significant in the story).

It's not my creation... but it's brilliant, and one of a kind... so much so that I thought I should mention it to you.

Anyways, I wish you luck in whatever you do. And don't forget that link if ever you find spare time, bud.

Anonymous said...

Hey how's school going?
I don't like school!
Your biggest fan!

em said...

I'M GOING TO SEE METRO STATION WHEN THEY COME TO CHICAGO IN DECEMBER. i'm so excited. like EXTATIC. (spelling?) haha well you should come back to chicago sometime too. please&thank you.

Clapte said...

Hello Mitchel… we are 2 yours fan Italian. We wanted to say that six simply spectacular one… Now that we have found yours blog we will be much present here!
Ciao!!!!!!!!!!!! kiss


Hey mitchel i just made this video last night lol i was broed and messing around with clips
sry if its not clickable said...

school...not cool. actually not too bad because it means band and plays. but bad because it does mean textbooks. oh well. i've been back for a while now...this was my 2nd full week. wow, feels like it's been longer. oh well. hope you don't have as much homework as i do because that's absolutely horrid x( well i guess that's all i have to say right now...i hope hannah's doing AMAZINGLY!

kayley said...

alright i was at the disney 365 shoot back in june and i am stilll waiting to see it lol they did one in detroit recently too, represent!

Megan said...

hey smokin' oken. (definetely smokin)
i wish i could come see u in santa clara!!
and yeah, i have to admit, that was absolutely hilarious when ur character made that name up(mike stanley the third)
i laughed for like ever.
well, write more lata!


good luck with your school!

and im excited to see mike standley III coming back =D

Jakepltnm said...

I will deffinitly buy your Brother's CD. After hearing you sing i am sure that he will be amazing, its usualy heratitary.

Chloe! said...

Have fun at school darlin.


Anonymous said...

haha no, havent seen the Short yet, but will DEF. keep an eye open! Can't wait to see about these "projects":D
<3 Carly

Anonymous said...

when does the 365 air? i havent seen it! it was shot in june right? i was there! lol at the boarkwalk! it was pretty awesome meeting you... post something when it airs!

Lisa Bueltzz said...

Hey Mitchel!
i can't wait to see you disney 365 or you on "really short report"
tell your brother congrats about his CD
that was released on my 16th birthday
which means its a pretty big deal :-]
your awesome

Anonymous said...

you were in Flordia?!
i live in Flordia!!

Anonymous said...

haha, yes, your super short report showed today. [:
& i just heard you sing your new songs on youtube right now.
you should totally make a rap album, cause i know A LOT of people would buy it. ^___^
i still laugh at all the raps you made on hannah montana.
because they're funny, of course. <3