Friday, September 07, 2007

Creative Emmy's

Hey guys! The Creative Emmy's are tomorrow. Here's hoping that "Hannah Montana" comes out the BIG WINNER!



Molly said...

Totally! Are they televised?



.audrey. said...

Good luck!
hope Hannah wins!

Anonymous said...

bet you it will. YOU GUYS ROCK!!!!!!!!! so yeah good luck. hope you have fun.


kelli said...

i hope hannah is a big winner too! that would be soooo cool!!! it really would!! hope you have an AMAZING weekend!!!!

baby r said...

Good Luck Mitchel I hop Hannah wins too!
-baby r

marykateee =) said...

good luckk :)

Anonymous said...

that is awesome mitchel!....i would've been on earlier but i was @ hairspary!....yeah...ok best of luck!!
love ya so much!!!
"A man can be happy with any woman as long as he does not love her."

~*~*~*luv2laugh*~*~*~ <3

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel! You haven't written in you blog in forever!!!! I was like Man he hasn't written in his blog! Anyway, How is school? School in Texas is so awsome!!
XoXoXoX Shayla Boas XoXoXoX

Samantha said...

Yep! Heres hoping.

By the way, saw a popstar video, I believe you didn't steal Jason's shirt. Bahaha.


Anna =] said...

ohhhh. you know Hannah Montana will win[:


Oh, cool!=P

I'm hoping "Hannah Montana" will come out on top, Mitchel!

My fingers are crossed...

Much, much, much luv,

Dani said...

Hope so Mitchel!! Wish the cast good luck for me!


mechi said...

hey mitchel, how are you?
the other day i saw the teen choice awards and when jessica alba won for being such a gorgeous woman, that remained me of you!
hope hannah wins this emmy's!
i would like you to tell us in your blog about the relationships you have with your costars or the people that worcks on disney! and if you were scared the first time you enter in this acting thing, how was it to shoot hannah's pilot?

kristina said...

I hope hannah montana wins good luck.

* dα n !є 11 є ' said...

I hope you guys win!:))

Love Always,

P.S. i dyed my hair pink over the weekend !:D just thought i'd share that with youu. loll.

Gabby (: said...

thats awwesommme... i hope hannah wins! (:

Anonymous said...

omg cool! hannahs the favorite to win of course. tomorrows my birthday so i'll give it good luck (:


Erin said...

of course hannah will win!<3

some person said...

"Hannah Montana" has a big chance of winning because the show is really popular. Anyways, I hope "Hannah Montana" comes out on top. Good luck! ♣ (:

Monica said...

OMG, your blog is now LIME GREEN. Awesome, my fave color!!!!! lol. Why the change? Good luck at the Creative Emmy's!!! hope you win, cause you definitly deserve to!!!!

The HUGE Hannah Fan


Fer said...

Hey Mitchel!
Good Luck!Hope you guys win!

Anonymous said...

hey mitchel!
haha i dont know if youll read this
but on wendsday september 5th it was my birthday
and my friends made me a tee shirt and they gave it to me when we went to the movies on friday and they "signed" your name on it and they tottally played me and i really believed that you signed it and i was freaking out! i started to kinda cry. hahaahah but anyways i just want to let you know
your an amazing actor and i really like all the movies and shows your in! thanks if you read this! haah

livvy! said...

i hope you guys win, good luck (:
have a nice weekend!
x x x

Anonymous said...

OMG GOOD LUCK even tho u dont need it hannah montana is the best show ever with the best cast ever!!!!!! i like the hole green thing its very cute!

I'd swim the ocean for you♥ said...


good luckk!! I reallllly hope hannah wins!!

I saw that video on popstar of u skateboarding omg u r soooo good!! I wish i could skate ike that lol

oh i was wonderin if u could give a shoutout to my sister Liz its her birthday todayy!! If you did that would b soooo nice

btw j-14 contest yet??

i love you more than anything

Anonymous said...

wow i luv the new background!'s hot!...and green!!


Leanne xP said...

Are these televised? I hope Hannah Montana wins!


Catherine said...

Ahh thats so cool! The show should def be able to win an emmy. Good luck guys!


P.S. Love the new Blog color, Mitchel! I know green is your fav color ;).

Julie said...

im sure "Hannah Montana" will win hun =]

Anonymous said...

good luck :D i really hope that you win

MTM Fan said...

Good Luck!! I hope you guys win something!!!! Have a great time!!

Sasha said...

I hope "Hannah Montana" will come out the big winner too!!! I like the color of your blog now. All though the last one was my fav color.

See ya

Christina said...

It will! You know it will! I'm watching Hannah Montana today and will be watching it practically all day. I Love song sung bad. "Hereditary is a powerful thing. For instance my mom's feet always hurt and now so do mine." lol keep up the good work. Hope school is going good.

Meeghan said...

I love the color of your blog now.
It's my favoriteee color!
The creative Emmy awards, are they televised?
If they are, i'll be watching!
We still miss you on imdb!
aiight, love you.


Good luck!!! You're totally gonna win!!! I like the green, too!
So I got through my first week of high school pretty good. I only got lost once! I was very proud of me. lol. And tonite's the frosh fest. That's a HUGE party for all the freshmen. There's a hypnotist and a bunch of moon bouncers and stuff. So I can't wait!
I hope you're doing good in school too! Have a great weekend!!!!

Kylee said...

Cool stuff.
Hope you win.
I love youuu :]
Kylee from Texas

Olivia said...

Hannah Montana ALWAYS WINS.!!

i'm so excited for metro station's CD coming out!!
i pre ordered it though so it'll come to my house (:

nice new green background!! :]


ttran said...

Hey, Mitchel!

I hope "Hannah Montana" wins, too!! Good luck to you and the rest of the cast!

Ooh, by the way, love the green!

Have an awesome weekend!

Tiffany said...

o yea!
I hope hannah wins!

Kylee said...

I have a story for you!
So in my scince class were doing this lab called the juggling lab.And we have to test different things or whatever. ANd you want to knwo the first thing that came to my head? YOU when you were juggling water bottles when you took Jasons job in the episode "Were Family: Now Get M Some Water."
Haha I just thought I would tell you that :]
Love you..
Kylee from Texas..

If you have any tips for me..pass them this way :] I can't juggle at all.

mel said...

hey mitchel...i love the green...its my favorite color


Anonymous said...

Good Luck!!
I hope "Hannah"
wins =]]

<333 Leslie

ally m said...

Good luck!
I hope you guys win. :]
You deffinately deserve it!

Love the green.. haha.

<3 ally m.

Paige said...

Hey, are you going to the Aly & AJ concert tonight at the House of Blues in Hollywood? I hope so! Show the girls some support and I'll see you there!

Best wishes & loads of love,

Katie R. said...

Hannah Montana will Totally win!!
Good Luck Hannah Cast!!

Katie R.

Anonymous said...

Yayyy Go Hannah. [:

Wooooo. :D

mel said...

hey mitchel i like the green...its my favorite color


shireen said...

you guys will win. it's a 1000% guarentee :]


Karleigh said...

Good Luck :)!!!! Have fun and junk:) lol.


Karleigh said...

Wow, you look like a good skateboarder!!!! Cooley, i wish i could skate but i can't...:( I was just watching that photo shoot thingy on popstar.



Good luck! and u changed ur backroundy w/e u wanna call it kewl! lol its greenalious!!

Kylee said...

Hahahaha I just watched a popstar video..
"Everyone says I stole this shirt from Jason" I started cracking up laughing I watched like 10 times in a i wish I couldve been that girl..she shook your hand!! haha I would've been like can I have your autograph too! your my favorite... :]

Well love you..

Kylee from TEXASSS.

Hannah said...

wish all the "Hannah" cast good luck from me. the show's a huge hit, i'm pretty sure it's gonna win.

can't wait til the 16th!


tiffany said...

you'll win.

it's obvsly the best show on tv

i don't think i know one person who's my own age that doesn't watch it and love it.


Anonymous said...

yeah! Hannah Montana should totally win!

so i guess that means ur not going to the Aly&A.J. concert today at the House of Blues..=[[

eh, it's ok,

but have fun and i hope Hannah Montana wins!
u guys deserve it!

<3:] krystal <3:]

Anonymous said...

My finger's are sooo crossed for you guys! I can't wait to find out if you guys won! Tell us as soon as you find out! *smile*


Jesenia said...

Like Duh! guys are going to win! Care!..


Elizabeth said...


I have no clue what the Creative Emmys are but I hope Hannah wins!

Good luck!

<3 Liz

heather b said...

hey mitchel:)

good luck to you and the rest of the cast of "hannah montana"

im rooting for u!!!


Carley said...

you need to come to louisiana!!

Jen & Maria said...

Woah, you changed your background. its green now. ha.

Isidora said...

Oh new colors in your blog... I don't saw them...
Hannah Montana is always a winner with or without an Emmy :)I love the work of the actors... And you.. :) I hope Hannah wins !
your big fan from Chile (South America)

Isidora said...

Mitchel, I have songs of Metro Station in my Computer... I love the song "Dear Hannah" And "Now that we're done"

Tiffany said...

are they not on tv? i didn't hear about them at all.

Anonymous said...

You look nice in your suit!
- Your biggest fan!

Anonymous said...

I just saw a picture of you at the Emmy's on MMO! You looked so handsome! I can't wait for the Emmy's to be broadcasted on the 15th! I hope you won! *smile*


Anonymous said...

I just read on that Hannah Montana didn't win. I'm so sorry, but I'll still watch on the 15th. You still looked awesome and I'm sure that you'll win next year. After all, Hannah Montana is the most popular tv show next to American Idol! I'm positive that you'll win next year! ttyl!


Anonymous said...

mitchel....u look totally hot in ur suit!....and adorable! i said i love the colors that u have 4 ur blog....they r the best!...anyways...they weren't televised were they???...if they were i missed them!...but hm is a winner w/ or w/out an award!...g2g!
LIVE, LOVE, LAUGH! (sorry i changed it again!)

~*~*~*luv2laugh*~*~*~ :) bigger, happier, and has awesome hair like u!!

Sasha said...

I like the new pic!
I already commented on the blog, but I just had to comment about the pic. You look good in a tex.

See ya

Anonymous said...

i hop Hannah win too

Anonymous said...

one, love the new layout 4 ur blog!
two, GO HANNAH!!! you better be shown on the screen this time..i almost cried when i didn't see you at the tca's!!!

bianca; said...

mitchell. you look handsome in your picture ! you look good in a suit :P

Kaitlin said...

hey Mitchel I hope Hannah won, I didnt get to see it, but you look awesome in the pictures, that suit is hott!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel!!

I left a comment on this entry yesterday but it didn't show up! Anyway You look great in a suit and tie! Not as casual as you usually dress, but it's always nice to change up your style every once in a while! So did you have fun at The Creative Emmys? Bet you did! Even though "Hannah Montana" didn't win.:( It's ok though cuz you guys will win lots of awards just like you guys have been doing for almost 2 years!!!! Oh, by the way love the new backround color!!!

Luv Ya Always!!!<333333


-Chelsea AKA Chilli.G
P.S. Come to Ontario!!

Meeghan said...

your new picture is cuteeee.
god kid, can people love you any more than they already do?!?!?
I still havn't gotten my Metro Station shirt.
anyway, ily.

Anonymous said...

Aaaaand.. Hopefully it hasn't been on English T.V already.. like...LIVE!!! I doubt it'd be on yet, it sucks to live in the U.K sometimes.. But hey.. Haryr Potter movies always come out for us early.. I think. Haha!


Jessica Rene'e said...

hey thats ok that u guys didnt win next year you guys will deff win!.
and my birthday was yesterday the 9th! 14 heck yah lol. =)

Jessica Bennett/Benedetto =)


I hope so too babe!

(Sorry, just gettin filled in on this stuffz ;) ;) )

Luvya mucho mista musso!

Lo said...

I'm still so proud of you guys! :D