Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Mike Standley the Third

is in the House this week.....We are shooting our last episode of "Hannah Montana" this week and it is an awesome show!

Metro Station CD came out today!

Premiere for "The Game Plan" is on Sunday at 2:00PM at the El Capitan in Hollywood...I'll be there.....

Hope your having the best week ever!



morgaann x said...

aww. soo sad:[ i hope you have fun shooting the last episode. I hope it's the last episode of just this season, lOl. but umm i got great news, I am finishing my demo this week, & also my 14th birthday is This Thursday on September 20th. yaaay!
--Morgaann x

Anonymous said...

awww last episode, for this season?? :{ awww. I bet your gonna miss your co-stars..hehe.woohoo Mike Standley rocks :P lol. omg. my friend is going to buy the cd..=]] she is soo excited. hehe.

<333 Leslie

Anonymous said...

I bought Metro Station's cd today. It's really awesome. You should be super proud of him :)

Anonymous said...

Yay!! go Mike Standley the Third!! WOO!
wow! can't wait to see all the episodes! :]
when will season 3 start shooting??

Yay! i can't wait to go buy their CD!! i have to wait a while because i don't have any best buys or anything like that near by.

i'm having a prety good week. lots of drama and stuff. Woo! [not.] haha. but i hope YOU are having the best week ever!! =]


Elizabeth said...

Hey Mitchel-

I hope your having a better week then I am. Me and my best friend are in a huge fight and it almost for physical in the cafiteria today. Yeah...I punched her. Big fun there. I'm gonna buy the Metro Station CD later this week to make me feel better.

Dang, the El Capitan should seem like a second or third home to you! It seems like you go to a premiere there every other week!

Have fun on Hannah this week. I know it will be amazing.

<3 Liz

Anna =] said...


I can't wait till Hannah. It's been a while since a new episode.

I really want Metro Station's cd. I just have to wait till I get paid. I do love "Control" off their album. It's on my myspace[:

Have fun at the premiere

ELENA said...



tiffany said...

eh. i pre-ordered the cd online before i knew it was ganna be in stores, so now i haveta wait to get it. :/ buttt on the up side i've already listened to it and it's absolutely amazingggg i love it

bet you're lookin forward to the break aye

have a great day love

brooke said...

ahh the last eppy? /:
it seems like you guys just started the new season.
i cannot wait for new hannah episodes :D i wanna see more olly!
i saw a hannah picture, and it said that olly gets diagnosed with diabetes, thats totally sad. i know it isnt real, but it still makes me sad. haha im probably gonna to cry when i see that episodee. im such a dorkkk :p
eeeek and im getting the metro station cd asap! by the end of the week, i'll have itt. i've just been super busy with homework and stupid projectts.
well babeee, have a great week!


Anonymous said...

Oh remember u me bout the episode when I hung out with u on sunday mitchel? And I told u I have like 3 of "his" cds? I would buy zilllllions of ur cds when/if it comes out! Mitchel, I REALLY hope u remember me! I was the one who talked to you downstairs at the santa clara convention center then again when u were getting ready for the speechy thingy. I was the 1 whose aunt couldn't take a picture and I had 2 help her......I absouletly love you soooooooo much now that I have like talked 2 u 1 on 1! I'm gonna upload that video 2nite or 2mrrw! Ill post the link. Oh and guess who's cd I bought 2 day?! Metrostation! They r sooooooooo awesome! I can't wait till nov.29 when I c them in concert here in oregon! Oh and u made my dream come true on sunday! Oh and by the wayyy, I'm ashlee! (I 4got 2 tell u my name!)

Anonymous said...

is there going to be a third season?????????

anna signore said...

aw.. i cant wait to see standley! lol well... today didnt go so well for me cuz i had pom practice today and i am captain and there is only two captains and the other captain was sick today so i was teaching 18 other ppl well trying to teach them the dance and.. well lets just say it went all wrong! so we have to do our old dance and we just put in more dance moves to it so i hope that goes well cuz our game is monday and we only have 3 and a half hours to learn the dance and now we only have 1 hour to learn the rest cuz our practice is cut an hour! so i dont know what to do i have to teach the other half to the other captain and well she was sick so i had to pick up her candy she ordered well... i was on the phone w/mom and told her wat happened and the box was too heavy and my phone dropped!.... i think you know what happeneds next... it broke RIGHT IN HALF! so now i dont have a phone! wat am i goin to do? well i can still live but i want a cell phone lol and then yah its all bad today but i dont want to bring you down w/this nasty day i just told you about lol well yah i hope everything else is goin great for you! can wait till hannah montana!
i ♥ you!

♥ anna signore

Jacquelyn said...

Hey there Mitchel!
Remember me?? LOL..I know....It's been like a thousand years since I last commented your blog...sorry it's been so long! I've been busy...very busy! I have been reading your blog, I just have not got the chance to comment...

Glad to hear everything is great for you! I am really excited about Mason's CD! I'll get it as soon as I can!! =D

School's great so far! Sophomore year! yay....I like it...Choir of course is great!! =D Geometry...let's just say numbers are not my friend!! lol
Picture day was today....I hope it turned out OK...
Homecoming is in a week...It would be amazing to go with you! Although that would probably never happen, but a girl can dream, right?!? =D LOL..

Oh my camping trip out west was great!! The good thing is that I didn't get eaten by hungry bears!! =DDD I did see one though.........
I was in Wyoming, SD, and Idaho...The Badlands were cool. It felt like I was on a different planet there!! Devils Tower, Wyoming was awesome. Have you ever seen the movie "Close Encounters of the Third Kind?" We saw it at the campgrounds...it was filmed at the tower! I absolutely loved the Tetons...We camped in those mountains on the other side of them in Idaho near Driggs. We stayed there for a week...it was absolutely beautiful! While I was there we spent a day in Yellowstone and saw Old Faithful. That was cool. And on our way home we camped in the Black Hills and visited the Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary. I really loved that! But I have to say that I really missed you! :) It was a great trip though...something to remember and definitely do again some day!

Well, I don't want to make my comment TOO long!! I'll catch ya later!!

Have a great week....I love you!!

Yours forever and always;

Anonymous said...

Hey The Last Of The Season....Already?Oh Well Can't Wait Love You Always And Forever


Fer said...

Yay! Mike Standley rocks! Can't wait to watch all the episodes left!
So when do you start shooting season 3?

Yup it came out today and I'm buying it!
I love them!

Hope your having the best week ever too!!!

love ya!<3

Anonymous said...

yay!....but i heard oliver get diabetes!.....is it true???....i couldn't get hte cd but i will don't u worry!!...have fun @ the premiere!!....and u have the best week!!


Erin91 said...

i hope you don't mean the last episode of hannah ever! i'd be so sad! so im gonna guess u mean the lsat episode of season 2 :-)

and i hope YOU are having the most incredible week everr!

Carly said...

hey mitchel. glad to know theres more mike!!! but sad to hear its the last ep. lol.

have fun at the premieree!!

hey omg im so excited im going to a metro station concert on satt! im so excited! u should go! lol


Olivia said...


got my metro station cd yesterday


i love mike standley :D

kk <3

Anonymous said...

SWEET mike stanley III hes awsome... ill buy the CD as soon as i can... yup uhhhhhhhhhh i ran out of things to say... lol
okay bye

shireen said...

last episode!?
NOOO!! too soon :[
but that means we're closer to season 3!
have fun at the premiere, my love ;]


Sasha said...

Friday there's going to be a new episode. So can not wait. I can't buy the CD i have no cash and my parents won't give me any. Ugh!
I won't be having the best week ever. One I have I-STEP and my friends are forcing me to tell Even Tislow that I like him. I don't care though. It's nothing to be ashamed of right.

See ya

Kylee said...

Cool stuff.
I want to see that moviee (:
Have a good week too,
Kylee from Texas

Nikita Bimson said...


Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel

It's so cool!!!
Congratulation to your brother, Mason!!!!!

Have the best week too!!!!


abby said...

LAST EPISODE! WAATT!! NOOOO!!!!! TRAGICCCC!!!!!!!!!!!!! LIKE IN A SEASON OR FOREVER....!! =[ =[ =[ is there 2 or 3 season???!?!?

love from texas=]

kelli said...

last episode??? there will be more right?? well anyways have great rest of the week

Anonymous said...

Mitchel you are quite the coooool guy, hahahahahahah but no seriouuusly=]]

LOVERSSZZ yoooou !

I'm going to be there toooo so save me a hug? sweeeet.


Nicole said...

cannot wait to see the new episodes!!!! getting the CD in 2 days. can't wait to hear it!!

Anonymous said...



I'll see you at the premier ! sooo excited.

Josie said...

Mitchel !
You are quiteeee the cool guy.
I might see you at the premier so save me a hug ? Sweeeeeet=]]

hmm, I just have to know:


haha my friend is nuts about yoooou ...

ttran said...

Hey, Mitchel!

Whoooo! Mike Stanley the Third rocks my socks! Can't wait to see him!

I haven't gotten the CD yet...dang it...need to go to Wal-mart!!

The most embarrassing thing happened to me yesterday (suprisingly I'm not that freaked out about it). I went to the bathroom at school, and I went in one of the stalls. I only had my belt unbuckled when I suddenly decided that I didn't need to go pee anymore...so for some STRANGE UNKNOWN reason, I plain flat out FORGOT that my belt was unbuckled, and I walked right out of the bathroom. So for the first ten minutes of luch hour, I'm walking around with my belt unbuckled, and I never even noticed until one of my friends told me! It was hilarious!

I hope you enjoyed that little story of mine...haha. I just wonder how many people saw...

Have a super duper incredible Tuesday!

Anonymous said...

last episode? for the season or the whole show? PLEASE say just for the season!

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel,

I wish I could go to the Premerie this sunday with would had been really cool to go to. But I don't live in California with really stinks. My family came down from new york and we had barbacues over the weekend with was really fun to do. I been chillin around the house and sometimes there really isnt alot to do sometimes.

I am so glad that STANDLEY THE THIRD is in the house!!! I can't wait to see.

But I hope you are having an amazing week!!

Your #1 Fan,

Courtney :]

Sara said...

I bought the Metro Station cd today! I seriously kept waking up this morning because I was so excited to get it haha. Then 2 of my friends decided to come to FYE with me and we waited over an hour for a bus when we could've just walked and gotten there sooner haha. I'm seeing them in November and I'm SO excited.

This has been AWESOME week so far actually. I didn't have school today which made everything even better. I have so much energy right now haha.

Is there gonna be a 3rd season of Hannah Montana?

Anonymous said...

I can't wait it's going to rock my socks off my feet!! I posted on your older blog entry earlier today so I don't know if you read my comment but my room is so dangerous because I have so many posters of you so I look at them instead of where I'm going. I end up tripping over my own feet and running into things, and falling off my bed. I have a bunch of bruises and scrapes so if I brake my arm I blame your sweet personality and great looks!JK. It's not my fault either that I find you the sweetest and hottest guy ever. You are so hott that you could cause global warming!! My Social Studies teacher thinks your cute aparently. She saw my binder with a bunch of pictures of you and she said "He's cute!!" It was kind of funny. I just smiled at her and probably blushed. I tend to blush if someone talks about you, and I can never deny that I love you with out smiling!! I hope you have the rockingest week ever! Did I just say "rockingest"? Is that even a word? Oh well if not I'll make it one! I love you!!

Jess W.

Mich(Mitch)! said...

Hey Mitchel it's sad it's the last show of the season! O I got Metro Station's CD on Itunes today and O MY GOSH it's AMAZING! I'm new to the town i'm living in and there's this guy in my grade named Dustin that looks like Marc but Dustin's got blonde hair not brown! So yeah I did a double take when I furst saw him and almost went up to him and asked if he changed his hair color! lol! I'm crazy!

Anonymous said...

hi mitch!

Jessica said...

Aww, the last episode?? That stinks...but hopefully just the last episode of this season, lol! OMG, I wanna buy Metro Station's CD, but I can'ttt!! >.<
I think I might buy it tomorrow or Thursday at Circuit City or Best Buy! You should really be proud of Mason, Mitchel, 'cause he's doing a great job! And so is Trace and Blake and Anthony. :) I'm listening to "Disco" right now. I really like the album version of it. I like "Wish We Were Older" too. I'm trying to listen to the whole album but the link that sends you The Leak so you can listen to it isn't on your brother's MySpace anymore. :/ Oh well. OMG, I just saw Ally's pictures! She looks like she was having a great time! And she got to go into your DRESSING ROOM! NO FAIR, LOL!
Well, I'm gonna go! I'll talk to you later, Mitchel, and I hope you have an AWESOME week!

Anonymous said...

You are SUCH a doll ! I MEAN WOAAAAH my cheeks are hurting from smiling sooo muccch at your entries&suuccch.

Hmm sorry, that sounds a little overbearinnnggg.

I'm just in a peace&love type of vibe yaaa knoooow?!

what grade are yooou in? I'm in 10th and I am freaakiinnnn=/

<3 !


Anonymous said...

This is a little bittersweet... but I can't wait for season 3.

Oh yeah, and, PLEASE TELL ME Y'ALL SHOT A FREAKIN MILEY/OLIVER FRIENDSHIP EPISODE BEFORE THIS LAST ONE! If not, a lotta fans will be all "ARRRRRRRGH!" and "ROOOOOOAR!!!", and will be writing to magazines with A LOT (and I mean, A LOT) of angry letters.

Be warned, buddy... unless you guys did shoot a Miley/Oliver episode. Then our pent up anger from the lack thereof would instead be released in fangirl squees and aws, as well as tears of joy.

Still... remember the "if not" part... it's true... if you think we're bluffing, then if worst comes to worst, you'll have to see just how honest we are... =_=


Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel.

I hope you get a picture with Madison Pettis! I'll be looking for it! ^^

Take care,
Ambrea from Cali

Mariah said...

aw, I hope you mean the last episode from the season.. I'd have a serious mental breakdown if Hannah Montana was ending!
I can't wait to see the next episodes.. <33

I don't have any best buys or anything here.. I officaly am HATING living in Canada right now. NO disney channel, our "disney channel' is called the family channel and none of the new episodes of Hannah montana are shown! No concerts of Miley.. Well not in my province.. Haha.. Life is sad here! Nooo chance of meeting you in Canada.. Blahh!

I'm having a good week =] I hope you are having a great week!

PLEASE tell us Hannah Montana isn't ending!

baby r said...

Hey Mitchel
Metro Station rox!!!
Tell your bro that he should b proud of himself!!!!!!!

--baby r

!~Mitchel*Luver~! said...

i bought the Metro Station CD today...im listening to it right now. i love it! i love you too!


MARIAM. [: said...


people who pre ordered the cd got it yesterdayyyy. [:
its amazing.

i might be able to come see you, sunday!
and i'll bring the big bad green sign with me. hahahha.

i really hope i can gooooo.

oh oh oh.
i got nominated for homecoming court. YEEEEEESSSSS. hahaha.
that was really random,
but i figured i'd share it with you, since you're one of my favorite peopleeeee.
you should be my homecoming date!
hahahahha. [:

i love you lots. [:

the girl with the big green sign.

Leanna said...

We sound like a bunch of fangirls.

But we are! Haha.

I wish I wasn't an East Coast girl... I'm so far away!

And if Ollie-kins gets sick, I'm gonna cry. People die from that stuff. And last episode? *tear*

Love lots,

MARIAM. [: said...

i thought that you would like to know...

you know that shirt that you have?
the green one, with the tree stump coming out of the neckline or whatever. you got it from an episode of "hannah."
well, patrick stump was wearing it in fall out boy's new music video, me & you (i'm like a lawyer...)

i just thought i'd tell you, because i know you like fall out boy. hahaha.
random, again.

Irene said...

Awww. for this season right?Hopefully,i'd really miss your gorgeous smile.Loved seeing you at the convention center <3

Gideon said...

thats great, have fun with it!

mel said...

hey mitchel.

aww, last ep. mike standley is awesome!! i wanna marry him!!

haha jks jks.

ohh today we were playing volleyball at school [ohh i dont like volleyball] andd the ball like smashed my wrist.. and its quitee soree.. and swollen.. abit worrying !!

but yes, i better be off.. to go and learn my lines for a drama thing tomorrow..

keep up the good work !!

mel xx

Leanne xP said...

OMG I love Mike Stanley III! I acrually had a dream last night that I was at my grandma's house the day of this Halloween party at my school... so I had to dress up as a blueberry (for some reason) out of the clothes I brought to her house, including the visor that Mike Stanley III wears. I had it the same exact way that he did =]

Wow I love Metro Station. I pre-ordered the CD, I hope it comes today!


daniella said...

I can't buy the CD
becausr I live in Israel..
but it's really good band!!

Kad [Short Notice] said...

Last episode of Hannah? =[ Aww, that's sad. =[ Well, hopefully the third season will start shooting soon, but I know you'll miss everyone!

Have a great time shooting!

I am definitely going to buy their album, by the way. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi, Mitchel!
Wow, last episode, that's sad...
hope you have fun on the shoot.
But I Can't wait for the third season!
I'll buy Metro Station cd when it comes out here.

Have a great week!
Love you,

Anonymous said...

eeep, i love mike standley (:
i hope you have an awesome time shooting this week!

the other day when i was bored, i made a hannah montana video and uploaded it to youtube.
here's the link if you wanted to see it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q49PA_VGdKg
aha, it took me ages.

i want the metro station cd so bad, i think i'm gonna buy it soon. ooh, i'm buying a metro station shirt soon aswell. yay!

oh & by the way, you were in my dream last night! you were in my english lesson and were sitting next to me, it was so awesome.

have a great week mitchel (:

love & hugs,
livvy xox

Anonymous said...

last ever episode???
please no!!!

heather b said...

hey mitchel :)

i think i love mike standly the third ALMOST as much as i love youu . YOU should have the most awesome week !


heatherrr b

Anonymous said...

Heeey mr.happyXpantsss! Do me a favor will yooou? KEEP ON SMILING, you look so cute when you do.

Two words: EnergyView

Just tell me .. what IS energyview..what where you thinking when you said ittt?

<3TONS !

Maddie. xoox

Anonymous said...

Ho hummm.

you know what song reminds me of yoooou? "Promise" by Ciara.
Everytime I hear it your face pops up.

Yeah I'm not weird at all ..................................................................

loveyoooou !


Anonymous said...

How's stitch=]?

he's such a babe.
Just like his owner.

What a lovely combo !
lkjlfkjsdlfksjdlf YOU'RE SO CUTE.

I just ask one thing: while/if you read this, could you flip your hair? Haha Kaythankss xxoxoxox


Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel!

I hope you have a blast shooting the last episode of season 2 of Hannah Montana this week. I can't wait to see the rest of the episodes.

I pre-ordered the CD a couple of weeks ago. The CD is amazing. I'm so proud of your brother and the rest of the band. I know that they'll accomplish many great things.

Have fun at the premiere for the "The Game Plan".


Anonymous said...

Right then. We were reading some stuff and came across what you liked in girls (smile,eyes,etc.) and we instantly thought "MILEY !"

WHY don't you go out with Miley? I mean she has a GREAT personality&such.. I think you should totally go for it.

Either that or us;]
haha kidding..but a girl can dream can't she ? mmmmmmmmmmm=]

Wow, you're a scorcher ! xxxxxxx

Bethany&Hannah LOVE YOU TONS babe !

I'd swim the ocean for you♥ said...


guess who got metro stations cd?? meee!!=] i lovess it

aww im gunna miss Mikeyy S lol

love u

Anonymous said...

Whatcha doin' for halloween ?
Ooooh OH I met Miley yesteday, she said to give you a big shout out:


kay, I'm done=] xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Can I call you mitchy boy ?
UGGGGH! you are uber cute.

Well smack my face and call me sherman, you mean it's the last episode of the SEASON right?

Geez, give me a heart attack at 15 why don't you ...



Christina said...

Omg me and my friend were talking about that the other day. I cant wait are you gonna be in the Game Play episode. Im Mike .. Mike Standly the third and hopefully the last you guys crack me up!!! keep rockin

ally m said...

whoa whoa.
last episode for this season??

pleeeeease clarify.


<3 ally m.

Amanda said...

Hey Mitchel,

Thanks for the update!!! I hope you have the most fun week of Hannah, you ever had before. I just hope the last episode of this season will be as good as the rest. Just, if there is a third season of Hannah, they need more Oliver in it. Hopefully there will be a third season!!!!

So, how's your school year going. Hopefully really well! Are you, Emily, and Miley all in the same grade?? (Just curious) The most exciting thing that happenend this week, was the Indians beat the Tigers!!!

Well, Enjoy this week, and have a fun-filled weekend.

Deticated to you, forever and always,
Amanda <33333

Lauren said...

Wait.... the last episode of the season or show! I HOPE NOT THE SHOW!

<333 , lauren!:D

some person said...

The last episode for the second season...right? Have fun going to "The Game Plan" premiere! I won't be there, but I'm sure you'll have fun.

Have an awesome week. (:

Anonymous said...

I don't get you.
Around Miley&Emily and some other people you are soooo energetic and bubbly. Then when you're by yourself or family, others, you're all mellow and quiet and reserved.


CHEESE JERKY ! say what?! say what ?!


Anonymous said...

i am writing to pure hotness right now.

like "ouch" "ouch" the keys are burning my fingers.

you need to cooooool off.
BUT you can't because you're just THAT off.

way to go man:]

Anonymous said...

what do you look for in a girl.
sorry, I want this to be exclusive:]]]]


what do you DISLIKE in a girl ?

yeah yeah, I'm on a roll...

Tiffany said...

metro station is on sale? sweet, i'll definitley have to go pick up a copy :]

So, I'm thinking you need to come do an appearance in New York the week of Thanksgiving (because I'm going to be NYC that week, I'm there for the parade actually, since i'm in the opening number) so yeah, you should plan a little trip there? lol just an idea.

well have fun filming 'hannah'! i can't wait to see the new episodes coming up!! :]

Hannah said...

how was santa clara? sorry i couldn't make it I was kinda sick & i didn't know about the tickets situation til the day before. but i might get the cd or i might jsut ge the songs from itunes.

i can't wait for the new episode to come out with the rock in it. too bad you're not in it. i love the pictures with you, ally & hte cast on the website.


Lo said...

Awww I heard Corbin was there! I hope you guys had a blast! Anyway I can't wait to watch the season finale! :D

Desi said...

Sounds pretty fun.
Im' pretty pumped to see 'The Game Plan'. It looks good.

Have fun at the premiere, eh?


Georgina Lily! said...

Awhh last episode :(
well. cant wait tot see it =]!!

Cool. i want to buy it =]

I had a great week, hope you did aswell!!

Byeeee Byeeee
Lv Georgina xxxx

P.S. Please reply to my fanmail soon x

Anonymous said...

Lalalala YOU'RE ADORABLE Lalalala.

Kay 'nuff said.


Anonymous said...

I read this post a while ago, but this is the first chance I've had to comment on it. I haven't had a chance to buy the Metro Station CD yet, but I'd like to. Have fun on your last Hannah episode, and have fun at The Game Plan!


audrey said...

bought the cd and totally love it.
have fun with the last episode!

Karleigh said...

Have fun shooting that episode. Hope you have a great week tooo!! You ROCK so much!!


mitchels babe said...

...last episode??? what does that mean! OMG i'm gonna cry!!

Anonymous said...

heyy mitchell justt wanted to sayy thatt im gonna see yooh at the game plan premiere and CANT WAIT!!!

ilyy dude <3

much love
Christine (:

Some person in Florida said...



By any chance does anyone kiss anyone in the season finale?


Sala said...

Hey Mitchel! Wowwwwwwwww! I haven't left a comment to you in a while! Remember me? Peacegal? Everyone knows me as Sala? Well, I don't know why, but I haven't told you that I have a twin sister, Ami (short for Aminata). Everyone calls her Trustgal because her name means trust.

Well, anyways, I can't believe your about done with the second season! The first went by WAY slower. Can't wait for the third! Anyways, I'm a little reserved right now because I heard that in the episode, "No Sugar, Sugar", Oliver gets diabetes. I usually don't do this, but I actually cried! But on the bright side, maybe Miley and Lilly just OVERHEARD a conversation that got them thinking this. At least Oliver gets in the main plot, I think.

Well anyways, I auditioned for a musical the high school next door to my middle school (I'm in the 8th grade) yesturday, on the 19th! You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown! I want to be in the chorus, because you get to sing and dance more! I got in the musical, Oliver!, last year, and it was pretty tough, but it was worth it!

Wow I'm crazy! I'm writing way too much! Anyways (goes back to crazy ways), My twin sister and I are FINALLY turning 14 on September 22, on Saturday! Woo hoo! Wow a lot of people have birthdays this week! Happy b-day morgaann x!

Well, see you later! HaVE TA GO TO MY SLEEPY WAYS.

Frequent Dreamer, Sala

P.S. Could you give a shout out to my sister, Ami, for her birthday present? She isn't a big a fan as me (literally), but I want to surprise her by seeing a shout out from my FAVE teen hottie from my FAVE t.v. show.

See ya later, and remember, DREAM BIG!

Leanna said...

I went to a hundred million stores today and yesterday and no one had the Metro Station cd! Rawr!

Needless to say, I was not a happy camper. Not that I was camping. But you know what I mean.

Well, it was more like I happen to randomly be at Wally World and F.Y.E. But they don't like me.

The world is against me.

I'm so emo.

Love Lots,

Jen & Maria said...

Last episode?!?!
I hope you mean JUST of that season!!
Yeah, I didn't get Metro Station's cd, but I really want it! =]
Anyway have a nice day tomorrow lol.
Oh yeah and Mike Stanley the third rocks. lol.
Freaky freaky fresh.!

Jen & Maria said...

Oops I meant STANDLEY lol.

Devin said...

im so sad i havent gotten the CD yet :(

but ill totally get it on the way to the premier this weekend!

ha, so going

Anonymous said...

yahoo! another one with Mike Standly the Third! my sister and I are always joking around with it.
my youngest sister ever named our lizzards Mike Standly, and Mike Standly the Third. lol. I loved that episode, we could stop talking about Oliver, the armpit hair thing, and Mike Standly the Third. lol I'm glad there's another one! can't wait to see it Mitchel!

Anonymous said...

hiya mitchel thanks for the update . hope u had fun doing the last episode.

by the way i made a video for you.

here goes


Anonymous said...

.. so u mean the LASt episode of the season or the show ?? :( ... well i hope u have a great day :D but is there gonna be a third season ? i really hope so :D

C.Ya :)

Anonymous said...

Ooooh, last episode. I've been waiting ages for an eppisode with Oliver as the main focus point, Im glad we get to see more of Mike :D

I would buy the CD but 1. i don't have a CD player 2. im not in the states.
They're is always iTunes right?

Chloe! said...

What do you mean "Last Episode"?
Is it the last of the season or what?
If it's the last episode all together well, I'll cry. Please don't make me cry Mitchel.

I'm happy Mike Standly is back. Love him. haha He is so fricka-fricka-funny. :)

I can't WAIT to buy Metro Station's CD. Wow, I just realized my dog is asleep. haha. She looks funny. How has school been? I'm doing well. Finally got my locker to open. :)

Have a good week.

Love you!



Ashlee said...

ok mitchel its ashlee again!! i uploaded the video of me and you on youtube! go here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qSyEAU8j1cg
to watch it!! i hope u watch it!!! and i hope u remember mee!!! i luved talking to you! oh and thanks for liking my collage of you!

Alex said...

Dude, i totally just randomly thought of this, but wouldn't it be sooo awesome if Metro Station guest stared on next seasons Hannah Montana? haha. Laturz. i just thought it would be pretty cool.

Anonymous said...

The show is hurting without you, Mitchel. Take Oliver out and Hannah Montana just isn't the same. Oliver is one of the coolest, funniest, sweetest, most lovable, most cleverly acted characters on TV these days - but oh wait - where is he? I cannot believe the extent to which this has gone. One episode I can forgive...but what is this now, six Oliver-less episodes? The underuse of Oliver this season is just mind-boggling. I have no idea what the writers are doing. It just seems so unfair that everyone gets to have main plotlines and lots of screen time except Oliver.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to the rest of the episodes you've filmed this season. Keep up the great work. You are talented and funny and just in general you rock!

Oh, and count me among those who are starved for a Miley/Oliver friendship epsiode. So much great potential there, so many unexplored plots, so many squee-worthy moments - and what do we get? Nothing. It's driving me crazy.

On a more positive note, I am very happy to hear that Mike Standley is in the season finale!

Karleigh said...

aw, I hope you mean the last episode from the season.. I'd have a serious mental breakdown if Hannah Montana was ending!
I can't wait to see the next episodes.. <33

I don't have any best buys or anything here.. I officaly am HATING living in Canada right now. NO disney channel, our "disney channel' is called the family channel and none of the new episodes of Hannah montana are shown! No concerts of Miley.. Well not in my province.. Haha.. Life is sad here! Nooo chance of meeting you in Canada.. Blahh!

I'm having a good week =] I hope you are having a great week!

PLEASE tell us Hannah Montana isn't ending!

OMG TRUE THAT! No Disney Channel and just Family that NEVER EVER SHOWS A NEW EPISODE!! OMG i wish they would be more like the Disney Channel where its the new episodes not the old ones from last year....:( aw, I hope you mean the last episode from the season.. I'd have a serious mental breakdown if Hannah Montana was ending!
I can't wait to see the next episodes.. <33

I don't have any best buys or anything here.. I officaly am HATING living in Canada right now. NO disney channel, our "disney channel' is called the family channel and none of the new episodes of Hannah montana are shown! No concerts of Miley.. Well not in my province.. Haha.. Life is sad here! Nooo chance of meeting you in Canada.. Blahh!
OMG TRUE THAT FAMILY SUCKS, NEVER EVER A NEW EPISODE OF HM ON THAT CHANNEL ALL OLD ONES FROM 06. I wish someone would do something to fix the layout of family channel!Even though i love living in Canada and lived here all my life, I still wish we had Disney Channel cause i watch it 24/7 when i am in the states. ALSO the person that wrote the above comment, Canada is not that bad just the TV sucks:)


Caroline said...

Awww, the last one? :( hope theres another season to come, and cant WAIT to go get the Metro Station CD. Have fun at the premiere!

~Caroline :D

Anonymous said...


Sorry, stopped watching the show already. I can't believe Jake get's another freakin' episode dedicated to himself, and that Oliver has NEVER HAD A SINGLE STINKIN EPISODE THIS SEASON CENTERED AROUND HIM. On top of that he's gone missing for five stinkin' episodes!!! But hey, who cares anymore, since he's barely in the major plot, right? Yeah, I'm upset at the fact Jake gets to have another episode with Miley, whereas Oliver hasn't even had so much as a stinkin' friendship episode with her. *sigh*

Believe it or not, sir, your show is losing fans because of the lack of you, and the lack of episodes focused on you and the main character.

Anyways, I've already lost hope for what MANY fans here have been annoying you about, so yeah. Instead of being dissappointed over a children's show, I've stopped watching altogether.

Still, uh, good luck with whatever you do and stuff...

By the way - season one was much better. One can only hope season three will overcome season two's mistakes - but I wouldn't know unless someone else told me, cause I'm SO done with this show.

Anonymous said...

the last episode of hannah montana ever! or just the episode. i hope the episode! Hannah montana rocks! I hope you have a good weekend!

luv you!

Chelsie said...

I bought the CD last week and I love it. It's amazing :D

Anonymous said...

is it the last episode of more than just the season?

Brixox said...

aw last episode of the season :] oh well it is going to rock ahrd anyway. you guys should do some stuff over in the east coast and i'd definitely come!

Anonymous said...

i am so sad today
i just found out i missed an aution for a huge movie.
still luv u

Alisha said...

Mike Standley III rocks!! lol. i hope its not the LAST episode, i hope its the last episode of the season. awwwww im gunna miss watching you on tv. i sooooooooooooooooooooooo wanna buy Metro Station's cd. i love the song Kelsy. =]

much love<3


Anonymous said...

yeah i hope its only the last of this season. Hannah montana is my fav show and miley is like my idol and u r the greatist guy around!!!!

feefee <3333 ya

Anonymous said...

Aw, last episode of Season 2! I bet you are looking forward to a little break. I've really enjoyed this season (except for the fact that you werent in as many episodes as season 1) What's the deal with that anyway? I know a TON of people who are upset about the lack of Oliver. =(

Also, are we ever going to get another Miley/Oliver friendship episode?? Those were my favorite eps in Season 1...but there seems to be a bit of a drought in Season 2. =/

Anyway, i can't wait to watch the finale...i'm sure it will be great!


Anonymous said...


you're oh so fine:]

Rose <3 !

Anonymous said...

And the universe has spoken! And it had shrimp for dinner.
Fun season finale.
I never realized how many times you changed the scene. Wow.
You guys did an awesome job!
- Jake

Chloe! said...

For got to tell you darlin,

You know the green shirt with the tree coming out of the neckline (episode: Oooh Itchy Woman)
Well I saw it at a store. I was about to get it, though I forgot what store it was after 15 minutes. That's what I get for being excited I guess.


Anonymous said...

what!!?!?!? of this season or the WHOLE show?!

Anonymous said...

I hope you had fun shooting the verry last episode of season 2! And If you read this could you answer this question for me,

Is Hannah Montana really ending in 2009? :(

There was a rumor about it ending just because your turning 18. So?
Miley's turning 16 and Emily is turning 17!! ( I think )

Anyway!! Mitchel You ROCK!! I can't wait for all the other Hannah Episodes, Theyre going to be awsome I bet!!


XoXoXoXoX Shayla Boas XoXoXoXoX

Anonymous said...

aww. bye bye season 2! I threw a little party for you guys on friday night when you finished season 2. Actually, it was kind of just me going "WOO! HAPPY SEASON 2 FINALE!" Aww, but i'm sad. This is a good season. Ha. i'm watching "I am Hannah, Hear Me Croak" it's funny. Okay, bye bye!

brie said...

hey, mitch! just wanted to say
~*HAPPY (belated) ANNIVERSARY!*~
in case ur wondering, on yesterday, one year ago, I met you at Brookfield Zoo! wow does time fly! please come back to Chicago SOOOOOOON!

luv, brie

brie said...

wait...the last episode of the season or FOREVER?!?!?!?!

Anywhos, what's up, Mitchel? Sounds like life has been quite exciting lately!

School is going well. I'm LOVING high school! So much more freedom. I have retreat on Wednesday, and Homecoming Dance is in a few weeks!

I also just did another play! It's called "TWO-Gether!" It's actually a bunch of duets from different Broadway shows. I sang "Another Day" from RENT and "Popular" from Wicked! It was really fun!

Hectic schedule AGAIN this week! I have ANOTHER play on Thursday! It's a really old play called Stage Door about a boarding house for aspiring actresses. But it is exciting, though, because i get to play piano throughout the entire show! YAY!

Have a super-dooper awesome week!!!

luv, brie

P.S-Again....I can't stress it enough...PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE come back to Chicago REEEEEEEEEEEALLY soon!!!

Anonymous said...

wow mitchel u rock!!!!

Anonymous said...

Mike Stanley is good name.

Anonymous said...

Mike Stanley is a good name.