Thursday, September 13, 2007


My brother Mason's Band METRO STATION


Their CD will be at Best Buy & Circuit City September 18TH!



Fer said...

OMG I LOOOOVE Metro Station!!
they rock!!!
AND I'm buying the cd!
have a great weekend mitch!
love ya!<3

Coconutgrl said...

Hey, I told my friend about Metro Station because her name is Kelsey like their song, and now she and my friend are obsessed with them!!!

Samantha said...

Oooh!!!! *claps hands* Mitchel! Thank you for posting that! Haha, I didn't know that was up!!! I love you so much right now!!!! I hope everyone is voting for "Kelsey" on
I have been! I'm so getting the cd! Two days after my birthday! Woo! Awesome present for myself. Haha.

Anonymous said...

OMG!! i can't wait for their CD to come out!i'm counting down the days!lol jk but seriously, i'm SOO excitied! i told my friend Jenna about Metro Station and now she loves them!i always try to tell ppl about them bc their AWESOME! so far i've got about 4 ppl to like it's a slow start but i'm getting there! =D

i'm listening to the CD right now, and I LOVE IT! thx for the link Mitchel!

<3:] krystal <3:]

Whitney said...

They're awesome! I'm definetly getting their CD! Cant wait!~

tiffany said...

i looove themmm. i already pre-ordered the album.


Olivia said...

oh yesh mitchel
i co own the official fansite
and like your coolest fansite.


i luuhs yoou boy.

Anonymous said...

I already listened to it (it's AMAZING by the way) AND I just got back from their show. Their pretty cool dudes. Met your bro, chilled, took pictures. He gave me his guitar pick and signed it for me :) Plus! I sprained my foot there. It was worth it though.

Deanna said...

I already pre-ordered =]
Mitchel, I'm going to see you in Santa Clara this weekend but PLEASE tell us the TIME you'll be there?! I don't knowwwww.

ally m said...

yay! i love them. :]

whats going on with mitchellll?

<3 ally m.

Sasha said...

I've been voting for "Kelsey" on mtvu. I hope they win!!!!

See Ya

Anonymous said...

YAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!!!! my birthday i cant wait!!!!! im getting a shirt and the cd AWSOME!!!!! plz tell mason and the boys that they r amazingggggg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sara said...

I LOVE Metro Station! Ever since the first time you posted the link which was a looong time ago(either you posted it or I searched them on myspace)

Anyway I've listened to their cd like 58584765 times on the leak. I LOOOOVE it. I can't stop listening to it. I'm definetly buying the cd next week.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel!
I love Metro Station!
Do you know when is the cd coming to Spain, cause I really want it!
Hope that comes soon... :)
Have a great weekend!
I love you Mitchel!


Sissy !~Mitchel*Luver~! said...

i love metro station. i am litterally counting down the days until it comes out. every day im like "ugh i cant wait till tuesday! why isnt it tuesday!" yeah i cant wait. i love you so much! u rock! tell your brother that hes an amazing singer ..... :D



ashleigh said...

great i wsa wondering when it was coming out
im def getting it
luv u

heather b said...

hey mitchel : )

i cant wait to check it out ! metro station is amazzzing! just like you haha . have a great weekend!!

<33heatherrrr b

Meeghan said...

I'm going to their concert the 21st.
love you mitchel.

Anonymous said...

so stoked!!!!!!!!!!!! i love them!!!! there cd is amasing cant wait till buy it on tuesday!!!!!!!!!!!!! im so thankful that you told me about them!!!! have a great day!!!!

brooke said...

eek i voted for them TONS of times [:
im so stoked for there cd to come out.
i wanna go to their concert super bad when they come here, but miley and jb are coming here the same night.. and i already got backstage passes to that /:
i think im gonna go to the one in chicago to see them thoughh :) its only six hours away.. haha i went 6 hours for you, i'll go six hours for them.
well, have a lovely weekend.


Anonymous said...

i can't wait to get it!! :D
will it be at walmart??
cuz if not i'll have to wait a while to go to lexington to get it



Anonymous said...

I LOVE YOUUUUU. i will definatley buy that CD.

Anna =] said...

[: i love Metro Station!
I might just have to make a trip to Best Buy on the 18th


Gideon said...

I have listened to some of their Music.... not bad, not bad...... I don't think it will come out in South Africa any time soon though.... :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel!!

I want there CD SOOOOOOO BAD!!!! Metro Station ROX!!! My fave song by them is Control! It's awesome! It's VERY VERY VERY GOOD!.....But Then again.... ALL THEIR SONGS ARE VERY VERY VERY GOOD!!!!!!! Your songs are VERY VERY VERY GOOD TO!!

Anyways.... G2G (GOTTA GO)
LUV YA!! <33333333333333333

-Chelsea AKA Chilli.G

Anonymous said...

OMG.They're AWESOME. *applause* woohoo! =]]

<333 Leslie!

Jessica said...

YAY, METRO STATION CD! haha, all the tracks sound really good! <3 Oh, I was looking on their MySpace and on their blog, they have a new video of them when they were on tour and there's this one part where Mason is singing some song and playing his guitar and he says "Say What?!" and I'm like, "OMG, it sounds JUST like Mitchel!" *squee* I was like, laughing.
Well, I hope you have an AWESOME weekend, Mitchel, and don't worry, I'll buy the CD! ;)

Anonymous said...

okie dokie!....i am so gonna get that cd!.....i am also gonna go to the high school football game tonite!'s black out nite!...hehe....need 2 check out that video...tell ya what i think afterwards!


Anonymous said...

omg!...i am listening 2 their cd rite now!...sorry i thought video but cd is better!...need 2 go!


mitchels babe said...

they sound awesome! i've listened to them before because on my yahoomusic account one of their songs started play and i was like hey this is mitchels brothers band!! so how is the mucis coming? how is life? gotta go..homework awaits for me,ugh!

love ya always babe!!

Anonymous said...

I don't have much time right now, but as soon as I get back on the computer (probably in about an hour) I'll check out the site! *smile*


mitchels babe said...

i know you and ashley tisdale are friends so be sure to watch her music video debut on MTV's TRL on september 19th

Gabby (: said...

i LOVE metro station and cant wait to buy their cd !!<3 (: they recently played near me at this place called backstage but i couldn't go :( i can't wait till they play there again! ..

check ya lateeer (:
Gabby <3

Anonymous said...

i was looking at that RIGHT before i saw this post.
haha, wow.

aw i was hoping "Sleep on it" would be there, but i guess not.

thats cool, i love all there songs.
buying it!

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel,

I already pre-ordered the CD off of the internet. I can't wait to get it. The CD sounds really amazing. :] Thank you for the information about it though.


Emily said...

Dude! I love Metro Station!! That's your brother's band...I did not know that!

Popsicle and Izze said...

We wish we knew someone in a band! That would be awesome...
ANYWHOOO, we love metro station! they totally rock! We're buying the CD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


chrsitina T. said...

i'm buying it.
i loved them before anthony came in haha but i love him too.

Anonymous said...

Hi! I just finished listening to the songs on your brother's cd on the website, and I think they're awesome!!! I think my favorite song is Disco. What do you think of this song? *smile*


ally m said...

haha okay, so i was babysitting tonight & me and the little kids were watching cartoon network or nickelodeon, or whatever.

& this commercial comes on and its for some new show called "out of jimmys head" and on the promo the kid was wearing the exact same shirt you wore once.

it was the striped polo that you wore in "my best friends boyfriend" while on the beach with jackson & trying to order a hotdog.

just thought that was cool. :]
so yeah, i totally thought of you.

<3 ally m.

Anonymous said...

They are intensly good. im buying the cd. have a great weekend, and remember to party like a rockstar!

Peace and Love.

-(aMbReA)- said...

Hey Mitchel!

Yay!! Metro Station! This is so cool! I love their song "California"! I sing it all the time and now I can listen to it whenever I'm on the computer! Thank you thank you thank you!! ^^

Take care,
Ambrea form Cali

*becky* said...

Thanks for posting that! I was wondering what they would be like, and they are really good! I definitely want to buy the CD now. I would go to see their show except the closest one for me is Atlanta, and that's more then 2 hours away, and my parents wouldn't want to take me... Your brother has an amazing voice! I guess it runs in the family. ;) Can't wait until we can hear your new song!


noo0ony said...

mitchel u rock and ur brothers band rocks

livvy-x said...

i love metro station!
i'm so buying the cd.

have a great weekend mitchel :) xxx

audrey said...

totally love them!
can't wait for the CD.

Anonymous said...

If you loook really fast at your brother I thought it was you. I've listened to both ur brother and your voice but I like both your voices! It pretty cool to have someone like your brother in a band and like going into the music buisness if that was someone in my family I would loook up to them. I'm really into music myself and in fact I have written a whole journal full of songs... I'm trying to get into the music buisness myself because for a long time I felt scared to share something so important to me with other people but I'm ganna ask my aunt who could help me get into the music buisness . I mean why go through life knowing i never had a chance!
Wish me luck

baby r said...

Can't wait 2 get the CD!!!!

They r great!
baby r

ELENA said...

I LOOOOVE Metro Station!!
I LOVE Mitchel Musso!!!
I LOVE Manson Musso!!!!

Maris-AAHH! said...

:]] I. Can't. WAIT!


Carley said...

are you kidding? i've been listening to metro station forever! i had no idea that your brother was in it! haha and funny, the first time i find your blog im like WHOA!

lol anyway, i'm definitely planning on buying that CD :]

Chelsie said...

I went on the site and listened to it a few days ago and it's awesome. I can't wait to actually have the album and listen to it over and over. And to see them on October 29th :D

ttran said...

Dude, I cannot wait!! Only THREE more days!!

Isidora said...

I love Metro Station... Do you know what are my fav songs !!
Please, go to Chilee !! Is so beautiful !! :)
your fan of South America (Chile)
Isi :)

Riley said...

Hey I LOVE Metro Station! I was wondering if you could listen to a band called A Change Of Pace their a rock band. Im friends with the group and we are trying to make them more popular. That would be great! Enjoy your week mitchel! You Rock!