Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Thank you so much for making "Lean On Me" number 21 this week! I am very excited about that and I appreciate you calling, emailing and everything else you do to vote for "Lean On Me" to get some air play! You guys are the best! Let's see what this next weeks numbers will look like....that would be so cool to get in the top 10 huh??

Will you please post a note to me when you see my very first Music Video for "Lean On Me" air on the Disney Channel???? I can't wait to see what you guys think.......

Also....failed to mention that METRO STATION DID get their own TOUR BUS! How great right? They are traveling in style and they are going to have a fantasic tour! I'll miss you bro!

And......The Hannah Montana premiere this week on Thursday is for the movie they made touring. It will be a complete concert on the big screen.....this is different from the Hannah Montana movie that we have Not even started filming yet.

You know your the best fans in the world ....right?



oliviaakiddo! said...

well idk i didn't ask yet.
but like,
this is the worst week of my life.
so if she says no its gonna get messed up =]

tour busssss.

see you whenever? :]

christineLovesMitchTate said...


OMGG ILY SO MUCHH! yoor absolutely amazingg. seriosulyy yooh rockk my worldd <3

kant wait to see yooh againn!

christineLovesMitchTate said...

ii fergot to sayy

yoor brothers band is SEX. wow and theyre musicc is soo awesommeee

haha im looking at pictures of yooh and dude yoor getting more and more famous. hopefully later youll still have time to post blogs to us. yooh mean to world to us, mitch.

yoor are truly the most amazing person ive ever met


Thats AH-MAZING, Mitchel! I am soooooooooo happy for you!
HAHA, I only watch Disney Channel for you, so I will defently tell you when your impressive song airs. ;DD

tell your brother also, that i am happy for him too! he and his band have become very successful! and give marc a "hi" from me, you know, just for being marc. ;p

we know we're the best fans, aha, and we enjoy supporting you!

-abby <33

ashlee said...

I think you need to give a HUGE shoutout to the IMDB girls. They requested "lean on me" for like DAYS. Disney will probaly play ur video like either a few days b4, or after the jams 10 cd comes out. So yea.

THEIR OWN BUS?! Flippin awesome! I want my own bus........

mitchel UR the best! We wouldn't be here without you!

Meeghanherexo said...



I got on Rd singing.
'Lean On Me'


You're the best boy ever?
Like. ever.

I think Minnesota would be amazing right now with you.

you like to snowboard, right?
my snowboard is collecting dust in my garage.
teach me how?

we'll figure that out.

I can see my face when you call.

Sara said...

Yay for Metro Station's tour bus!!! Hahaha.

Congrats on being #21 on the Top 30 Countdown! You'll be on the top 10. I'll vote some more and make sure it happens.

Of course I know we're the greatest fans ever. BUT do you know that you're one of the greatest people ever? Well now you do ;)

Love ya


Disa said...

Congratulations on making #21 (:

That's so cool that Metro Station is getting their own tour bus :D
I'm excited.
February 9th <3

carly said...

Haha wow 21! Niceee haha idk if radio disney sends u the request forms from ppl and like wht they say cux well loil ignore half of em if they do...I will like keep requesting ur song as different ppl ya know and like they say some pretty random suff in the comment box lol but yah glad to hear its moving up

Can't WAIT to see the music videoo...wit the dogs right lol

Haha I wanna go see tht hm movie haha have funnnn

Yahhh metro station got a bus how excitingggg I saw the pic on blakes myspace and was like omfgg! Yahh good for themm! I'm seeing them in 15 days can't wait...

And u gotta come bk to chicagoo! Haha name tht city soonnn

Well I g2g



Makayla said...

Congrats Mitchel!!! You know all the fans will keep voting for "Lean On Me", right? Hello, it is like THE BEST SONG IN THE UNIVERSE!!! (BTW, everybody in the 6th grade likes it! Haha)

That is amazing that Metro Station got their own tour bus! I was watching their videos on YouTube anf they were traveling on tour in a van and I felt bad for them! Haha!

I'm going to the HM BOBW 3D on Feburay 3rd!!! Ahhh! I can't wait! Also, the night of the SuperBowl held here in AZ!

OMG! I miss you soooooooooooooo much!!! Haha!

<3 Makayla
(Girl who has the same birhtday from Phoenix!!)

Can't wait to see you and your family!!!!!

Anonymous said...

i REALLY want to go on Thursday but idk if my mom will say yes...but hopeful she will!
i'll just ask her when she's in a good mood haha :)

yay!finally a tour bus :]

<3:] krystal <3:]

Julie :] said...

Lean On Me is an awesome song. i have it on my ipod, its my myspace song, and everything. haha. i really love it. :]

and congrats on makin it 21! i call in to radio disney every moring around 6 and request it :] and then it usually ends up playing on my way to school. lol.

my friend LOVES ur bro's band too. ;]

oh and btw, come to cleveland x]

i g2g ill ttyl!!

love ya,

brooke said...

woo mitchie, 21? that is awesomee :D.
ahh i cannot wait for the video! it's going to be amazing!
and metro station getting their own tourbus is totally awesomee!

oohh and i already got my tickets for the hannah movie, i am SO EXCITED! since i didn't get to go to the concert.
welllll, im still waiting for a city.. :].


Anonymous said...

o dont worry mitchel we will get u in the top 10!!!!!!! or well ill ry my best =]] i cant wait to see it i herd the song its really cool i love the way u did it! omg i wanna see metro staion soooooooo badly in really really ridiculusly good looking tour! thats gonna be a great show... i will find awsy to go!!!!!!!!!!!

Sasha said...

I will keep an out out for the video. When I get done watching it, I'll come on here and tell you...i promise!!!

That is so awesome the Metro Station got there own tour bus. That rocks!!!

see ya

leanne =] said...

lean on me is like the best song everrr. it deserves to be in the top 30. =]i haven't sen it on disney yet but i know i won't be the first to see it. i'll still let you know. =]

(the girl with no question on Radio Disney) =]

Daniela said...

You are the BEST!!!
have a lot of fun :)
Daniela (from Israel)

sammykinnzzz!!! said...

You know your the best person in the world...right?

Mariam. [: said...

You know your the best Mitchel in the world ....right?

im very excited for youuu.
and metro station. (:

we'll let you know when your music video comes out. (:

i will see you thursday! :D

Anonymous said...

thats really cool but i cant make it on thursday...unless my dad says that he wont go to work and he will drive me to L.a. i mean the thought of you only being 45 mins away totally sucks!!!!!!!well... i love you have a good day!


MeganP2010 said...

thanks mitchel- I work hard on my fan status!!!

Dude I saw this picture that Blake posted on his myspace of their you bus! Soooo exciting! Metro Station is gonna be hugeeee! I'm seeing them in San francisco on febuary 13, you should comeee!

I'm gonna keep on voting for you on radio Disney!

Love youuuuu!


Amanda said...

Hey Mitchel,

I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO happy, and excited that "Lean on me" is climbing up, little by litte every week. My sister and me, are always so excited when we here it come on Radio Disney! I'll make sure to keep voting! (I'll also be sure to tell you when your music video comes on!)

I'm so happy Metro Station got they're own tout bus! Tell Mason I wish him good luck on his tour!

Have fun at the Hannah Montana premierem tomorrow! I wish I could go. Be sure to tell us what it was like! HAVE FUN!

Deticated to you, forever and always,
Amanda <3333

Amanda said...

Hey Mitchel,

I forgot to tell you that you can vote for some of your other songs on Radio Disney! "Let's go", and "On and On". Just thought you'd like to know!

Deticated to you, forever and always,
Amanda <3333

lizzzzz said...

tour bus, thats AMAZING
there getting SO big
im seeing metro station on the 20thh im sooooo excited!!
tell mason i said his new music is wicked amazing

come back to mass. pleasseee

Katie R. said...

WOW!! A tour bus!! That must make things a whole lot easier for them!
I'd like to be able to go to a Metro Station concert sometime! They sound AMAZING!
Have fun at the Movie premiere!
its been a while sence you have been to one of those.
And Yes, we know we are the BEST FANS IN THE WORLD!! We wouldn't be without you!
-Katie R.

Megan x said...

Their own bus?! Wow! I would love that =]
I've always wanted to go on one of them.

Aww Mitchel, you're just too cute =]
You know that we all love you <3

Congrats on the song, i'm glad to see that it's getting higher each week =].


Megan xxx

Anonymous said...

Mitchel :]
I'll see you in two weekends!
Metro Station is amazing. Can't
wait until to see there bus :]
AND TO SEE YOU. I love you


Beth said...

I will for sure be watching out for your video. I bet it's going to be totally wicked. Keep up your carre is about to sky rocket (i can tell)
You can sing act and your totally hot so you have it going for you.
Anyway keep it real and i'll let you know what i think when i see the vid.
Tour bus?? Totally wicked.

Thanks for letting us know we rock but we wouldnt be good fans if you were not a good actor/singer and so on.
I hope i can meet you sometime you would be a wicked friend(and not just because your famous)
Till next time
(like always)

Jessica said...

Woot!! number 21!!! I miss you like a lot alot alot alot...you get the point. Ok I found out that my one favorite actor Shane Kippel is not dead it was just a rumor....thank goodness!!Okay so anywho check out my friend's video it's kind of funny....yea he's a little out there...lol.


Future_Mrs_Mitchel_Musso said...

Oh yea, i forgot to ask you this....Umm you might have said this before but do you like have to approve all the comments or do you have someone to do that and then you read all the comments you can get to? I'm just curious!You know what would be cool!? Is if you did this thing like every friday or every other firday (Or any other day of the week) where you give a shout out to one or few people who you thought had really awesome comments and stuff. That would be cool. Umm I just like ran into my wall and fell in a bin again staring at my posters of you a few days ago. And I ran into a door at the store (ha! that rymed!) because they had a Hannah Montana poster and...yea.

Well have an awesome rest of the week!! I'm getting braces friday...so I guess I'll see how that goes and let you know! (ha! That rymed too!)

Chelsee said...

Tour Bus?!?!?!? My cousin drives celebrity tour buses! Maybe soon he'll drive Metro Station and I can go see them!!!

That would be ahmazingggg.
You're ahmazingggg.

Ily <3


Molly said...

Hey Mitchel!

But I'm your favorite right? Haha. Just kidding, I know I'm not. Hehe.

I finally heard Lean On Me and I made my entire family stop talking so I could hear it! Hahaha!

That's SO cool about MetroStation! I hope I can see them soon!!!

Thanks for updating!


I havent heard Lean On Me yet and it bothers me that i havent and i cant listen 2 in on youtube cuz my comp broke so im using my phone...today in skool i was finding out how many days till mine, urs and marc's bday. (Im doing this in recenter bdays) Marc's turning 13 in 60 days, Im turning 13 in 100 days and ur turning 17 in 162 days :) GO ME! Lol...So yea.. I still wanna hear lean on me....yea... GRRR! So yea Love ya!
Peace! Tootles!

Erin said...

i cant wait to see the videooo!
hasn't aired yet to my knowledge.

loove u

Caitlyn (Musso -- HAHA just kidding! -- but i wish i wasnt -- HA! ) said...

I am CONSTANTLY going to watch Disney Channel...I cannot wait to see your music video!! I WANT YOU TO SCHEDULE A TRIP TO SOMEWHERE IN LONG ISLAND, NY!!

Lizzie Loves Mitchieee (: said...

I'm excited for your video to come out!
Some girl at school showed me a magazine today 'cause it was saying stuff about your videooooooo. So, I can't wait :D

come to IL :D

Melissa (: said...

heyy (:
So, like I met you at Ikea in Va a few weeks ago! & it was really awsomee. And i also lovee your brothers band Metro Station, and got tickets to their concert! && you should TOTALY come to their concert with them when they come to the 9:30 club. It would be totaly ahmazingger!

Anonymous said...

Haha thanks Mitchel! I'm glad we make you happy. :) <33333
I'm so happy for your brother! Thats is so cool. Hes riding in style now.
I LOVE your song Lean On Me btw.


Melissa (: said...

heyy (:

Just wanted to say, i loveddd meeting you at Ikea(in Va) like 3 weeks ago! Also that im a hudge fan of your brothers band, and got tickrts to see them in March. you should tootalyyy come an support them! (:
It'd be only about 10000 times awsomeer than its gunna be!

melissa (:

Samantha-LOVES-MitchelTATEmusso said...

uh duh were the best fans int he world!!!!!! and YOU are the BEST,HOTTEST,TALENTED,and AMAZING celebertie EVER!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU!

Luv Ya!
Samantha from Arkansas

Jenny said...

Yay for Metro Station!!
they always had a van lol.

amy said...

my friend's going to see metro soon, i think tomorrow, not sure. they're awesome though [:

Anonymous said...

mitchel!!! u gotta name the next cityyy!! haha

Rebekah said...

Hey Mitchel!

Have I ever told you that I officially want to live in Oken Land? Especially since your main export is looove. Hehe. You're so great and you always tell us that we're the best fans but have you ever considered that you're a great role model and actor and singer and the list goes on and on. We all love you so much!! =D

And that's so great about your song. I'll make sure to vote a lot to see your song on the top 10!!

Love, Rebekah =]

DaniRefridgeratorMagnet said...


That is uber cool! Lean on Me is moving up!!! Everyone on IMDb has been CRAZY INSANE with getting it to the top! It WILL happen! And once everyone sees that music video with the adorable golden retriever puppies.....you can consider your audience won over!

And that's pretty awesome; Metro Station's got a sweet new ride.....

MY REFRIGERATOR MAGNETS ARE NOT WORKING RIGHT NOW!!!! GRR!!! So hopefully I can get a fridge message to you soon? I got a good one! ;)


Mira said...


i love you sooooo much, you came to this mall near my house and i couldnt belive i was that close to youuuu! omg your amazing and i love you sooo muchhhhhh! =]

Fer said...

yeah tour buuusss!!!!!awesome=D

I emailed like a gazillion times for lean on me=P. hm is gonna be great!!

and you know you're amzaing....right??

love youuu<3


Mitchel lover!! said...

I got the new popstar magazine yesterday and theres a spread about Mitchel's music video!
Can't wait to see it! And plus Mitchel I was buying that magazine at wal-mart and theres a poster by the door and it has the hannah montana cast on it! Your in the middle! Woot!!!

<3 Shannon

Anonymous said...


Breann said...

omg i got into night school! i had to take 2 tests that were so easy and the average score is 8.0 and i got 11.3 so i guess thats good. anyway i request ur song like a million times a day! lol. so it better make the top 10! ok well imma watch american idol lol i love that show! and then imma request ur song some more!



don't you love how meeghan is counting the days till colorado
ily meegs.
ohh yeah.
TWENTYFOUR days till colorado!

ayoo maryann! said...

hah i saw your brother playing halo 3 with some people at a metro station concert!

and you know your the best guy in the world...right? :)

t-ran said...

Hey, Mitchel!

Woot woot! The big two-one! I'm so excited for you! It was be AMAZINGLY cool to get into the top 10 which I'm positive you will. You're just that great!

Haha! Traveling in style...That was coolness. I hope Mason has fun!

Ooh ooh! Guess what?!! There is a possibility that my friend and I might see you in New Orleans! And if I can go, I can't wait to hear that new song of yours! I gave the address to my friend's mom, and she was confused about it. I just said look for a crowd of people wearing "I heart Mitchel" shirts. Haha. But I wanted to know if the event will cost anything or if we need to get a wristband like they did for one of the events.

Well, I have to stop procrastinating because I have two tests tomorrow.


Have a super spectacular week!

Jessica said...

Hey Mitchel!!
Did you watch American Idol tonight? I was just watching it, it was very funny at the end the guy was like obsessed with Symon. He even had a song they kept making him sing he's like "I am your brother your best friend forever!" And some other guy who wouldn't stop even when they told him to so they had to get security!! Oh I forgot to mention that after 11 months I found out that I think I fell in love with you on Valentines day not feb15!! So it's pretty sad I didn't realize that until today but hey! It's on V-day!!! WOO!!!(Ha!! there I go ryming again!!)


iLOVEshoez said...

OMG thats GREAT!!! I bet it will get into the top 10.

Cant wait to see the video!! Love the song by the way.

Metro Station ROX!!!

KEWL!! i wish i could be there. Have fun....without me!! *tear* haha jk...

I know I know.....haha just kidding. Thanx mitchel!!

Luv you!

Katherine said...

Hey Mitchel,
Out of curiousity, is the writer's strike going to affect the Hannah Montana movie and show? Or just dealy starting season 3? My family's in the film business and my aunt is going out of her mind without work. Hmm, can you pull connections for the movie? Ahahaha just kidding. The set dec you have for Hannah Montana does an amazing job.

:] Katherine

Chelsie said...

I can't wait to see the video. And I'm seeing Metro Station on 2/26. I can't wait :D

oliviaakiddo! said...

Mitchel I know you said you liked these things or somethinggg, so heres one :D
it looks messed up so i don't know if its gonna work, but its supposed to be a heart ahaha.

........¶¶¶¶¶¶...... ......¶¶¶¶¶¶
....¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶....¶¶ ¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶
..¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶.. ......¶¶¶¶
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....¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶ ¶¶¶¶¶
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..................¶¶ ¶¶¶¶¶¶
.................... ..¶¶¶¶

Anonymous said...

That's so hardcore that they got their own bus! I can not wait to see them, I'm actually seeing them twice! In DC at the 9:30 club in March and then again at Bamboozle in May!!! I can't express how excited I am! haha.

Dakota said...

im dying over here!
I swear, im gonna convince my dad to take me 2 the CO event if it kills me!
which means ill have 2 get better grades..
im prolly hurting my chances by being up at 3:0o typing this..

But i ha d a nightmare!
my cat died!
(but not for real)
ok, seeing your gorgeous face has calmedme
im going 2 bed now
Luv, Dakota
oliver was not having the best of times, was he?

brie said...

Hey, Mitchel. I've had so much homework lately that I haven't had a chance to listen to your new song. But then yesterday, I just happened to put on the radio and I heard it!!!! AWESOME!!!!!

And, Metro Station....MAN I LOVE THOSE GUYS! They've got their own tour bus?! SWEET! And I love "Control" Great song! I also love "Shake It," "Seeventeen Forever," "Kelsey," and "California." All their stuff is good! And when you come out with your CD, I'm sure it will be just as AWESOME!!!!!!

luv, brie


last night,
i had a dream i
saw your music video
on t.v. !!

thats how much i think about you(:

oh, and the music video was really
good, in the dream. lol.

just thought i'd let you know(:

now im even more excited to see it!


Abbster said...

Hey Mitchel!
lean on me is amazing. i love it. its on my ipod! =] its not the best sound quality though, but its amazing!! cant wait to see a music video!
i saw that metro station got their own tour bus on blakes myspace. major upgrade from a van! but the van was cool, but so is the bus!
you know youre the coolest guy ever, right?

Jenny said...

You know you're the best Mitchel in the world....right?

jackiee. said...

your so awesomeee.
your songs are great.
&number 10? lets shoot for
number one! let's beat those
jonas boys out! you can do it!
and im so happy to hear the
great news about metrostation,
they're one awesome band. &mitch,
please come to new jersey. i want
to come see you, but you've been
so far awayy. is there anyway i
can purchase meet&greets, or be
able to ride your tour bus with you? please let me know asap.
keep up the good work. your doing
amazinggg! <33.

Anonymous said...


Future_Mrs_Mitchel_Musso said...

Hey Mitchel!!
i hope your day was like the best day ever!! Mine is going totally awesome!! There's like a huge snowstorm here!! WOOT!!! (Well so far an inch but it still is big!) Haha if my mom brings home a pinapple I'm gonna laugh because everytime it snows I lose my phone and my mom brings home a pinapple..yea a little wierd. But don't worry I find my phone once I realize it's in my pocket. Well i have to get braces tomorrow but oh well. I'm gonna dance in the snow!! I told my friend that I fell in love with you on Valentines day and she's like "awww" and then I was like "yea, I know!" I LOVE YOU!!

Rock like a PARTYSTAR!!


oh my mitchel !!!!!



-stefanie <3

Anonymous said...

awh u r so nice!....u made tears come to my eyes when u said u miss ur bro....i miss mine too!....i haven't seen him in three weeks!...it is very sad!....hopefully u get to c urs again soon!!!


mitchels babe said...

lean on me is amazing and i cant wait for the music video...any day now disney channel!! i hope you come out with a cd so i can buy it haha.

you know your the best mitchel in the world right??

jackieeeeee. said...

i might be going allllllllll
the way to florida to see you.
but its still a maybe, so hopefully
i'll seee youuu!

you have amazing support here.

well, i love you and keep up
the good work. by the way,
cant wait for the video, anddd
im sooo excited for the amazing
newsss! hopefully its a cd realse
party or somethinggg.