Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I'm in Florida and did I get a SURPRISE!

You know Miles is one of my best friends...I love her to death.....and I was really looking forward to this trip where I could maybe get to see her for a minute or two.....but I was really surprised when she asked me to introduce her at her first concert there in Orlando......I was like....what???? That was really cool! and then she asked me back up on stage for the "Best of Both Worlds"....and again...I was like...what??? Very cool....thank you Miles......that was awesome!

.....we miss each other and she has been on tour a long this was great.....I have no idea what we will do for Jacksonville tonight or Miami tomorrow....but I am sure of one will be able to find me at the Miley World Bus and I hope I get a chance to meet you.

The new Music Video "Lean On Me" is getting tons of hits on YOUTUBE.....thank you ! and you have made the song number 15 this week on Radio Disney and I want to thank you for that too! Everytime you call in and request it......I appreciate it!

I will be in Denver ,Colorado on Feb. 9th....and Portland,OR on the mark your calendars.....and ......I have another autograph signing to announce and I will do that soon......let me just say it is pretty far away from LA.

Don't forget PHINEAS & watching all of FERBRUARY for this special's awesome!

I have a FULL schedule next week.....I have songs to record and photo shoots...and my date (J14 Winner) and a bunch of other it will be crazy. I look forward to all of it!

Talk to you guys soon!



brooke said...

mitchieeeee, im glad you got to hang out with mileyyy :D. im sure you had tons of funnn.
& that's awesome that LEAN ON ME is number 15! woo!
please say your meet n greet is near ohio?
your present has been in my room.
andddd i must get it to you!
welllll, post it soon :]!


DegrassixGuysxarexHOTT said...

ahaha I have no school today so I've been doin stuff and of course my i-pod like froze....not surprising. so basically I've just been watching Degrassi...always very fun!!

MeganP2010 said...

Mitchel that's SOOOOO cool! That's so miley to do something like that- she's so sweet! I wish I could have seen you perform with her! It must have been weird for your first time like on stage infront of that HUGE of an arena audience! Niceeeee....

Kinda not happy about your next trip bieng far from la.... But I guess I didnt expect you to since you're like always here.... Gotta give your other fans a chance too... I GUESS!

Okay well have fun touring and don't forget about your califrnia fans! Sometimes peple forget about what's right under thar noses.... Or northof their houses... Aka SAN FRANCISCO!!

K love you bye!


Megan x said...

I'm glad to see that lean on me is getting higher each week =]
Aww that was so sweet of Miley to do that for you

New songs?!? No way, that's awesome.
I still haven't heard 'my best friend', & really hope someone will post it on youtube soon.

Hope you enjoy your date, and have a great time with Kelly. She's a lucky girl =]

Autograph signing, long way from LA
No chance you could be coming back to England?!
I can only hope


Megan xxxx

KelseyLovesM.T.M said...

when do you think you will be realsing your CD.when ever you do i am so going to buy it!

Jenny said...

Boy you use a lot of dots, Mitchel. haha. Thats ok. I'm just saying. lol!

selah said...

yeah...i heard Miley brought you on stage.
pretty cool, in my opinion. :]

i can't wait to watch Phineas and Ferb.
i'm not ashamed that i'm 17 and i still watch cartoons.
heck, one of my favorite movies is A Goofy Movie. :]

two songs?
that's sweet.
hope you're having fun with everything.

love :]selah

leanne [= said...

that's so cool that you introduced miley and sang back-up for her!

you're verrry welcome, you deserve all those hits and requests. [=

ohmygosh. its pretty far away from LA? meaning... N E W Y O R K?! i'll freak out if you announce a new york autograph signing. like seriously, you don't even know.

i've already DVRed the first three days of ferbruary's phineas & ferb's. i saw like 3 preview episodes for it, it looks aweeesomeeeee. [=

good luck with next week! i hope those songs turn out great (but i know they will either way). [=



That is soo cool! i'm glad you got to get back with Miley again and stuff like that. Lol.
OMJ! does "its far away from LA" Mean NJ or NYC or PA?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!? i hope it does!!!

Ok, I am sooo out of guess! UGH! Mitchel! Hint! Pretty Please :) It will make me extremly happy.


Daniela said...

ohh I'm happy for you :)
have fun :D
Daniela (from Israel)

Anonymous said...

hey! awesome! what's going on with emily osment?

cristeenuh. said...

awesomee mitchel!!

come to toronto for a signing lol
and good lucky with your busy schedule lol

=) Cristina

Abbster said...

hey mitchel!
i bet you a fantasical job at introducing! i couldn't find it on youtube though, oh well!
I am soo happy for you! number 15! im not surprised, that's an amazing song, with some awesome vocals! =]
i CANT WAIT for phineas and ferbuary! i think thats what its called. lol.
have an sick nasty [awesome] week!

Samantha said...

Aw, Mitchel! I feel terrible! I haven't been reading your blog much lately...Shame on me!!! I'm sorry! But a valentines day suprise? Now that sounds cool!

That is so awesome! I wish I could of been there to see that!!! Miley is awesome! Did she really legally change her name to Miley Ray? Cuz if so, she's taken my last and middle name. My middle name is Rae, and my last name is Miley.a hahahaha.

I love your Lean On Me video! Those dogs are so cute!!! and when you sing, "For" and you put up four fingers. ahaha. Thats something I'd do!!!

I'm excited for Phineas and Ferb! Its gonna be great!

Ooh! More songs! Awesome!

I'll try to keep up Mitchel! =D


Krystle Kayla said...

awwwwwwwww glad you had fun mitchel! =]
hope to seee you soooooooo soon <3

jackie said...

well, you deserve it, lean on
me is awesome! love love love
the video for it, soo cute(:
and i cant wait for you to
announce the autograph signing
because im far away from L.A !(:
andd have funn with miley, love
you bothhh!
&im looking foward to your valentines
day supriseee, and phineas&ferbs is
marked on my calendarrr!

ps. i saw lean on me on the disney
channel. they always talk about
you now when they discuss "snow

Carly said...

Hey glad to hear tht u got to go on stagee thts amazingg thts good tht u and miley are hanging outt sounds like funnn

Ahh u get to go on the sate wit kellyy she's soo excitedd and I can see y! Lol have funn

Announce the signing soon!! Or give us hints or something lol this is another thing thts going to drive me crazy lol well I better go ttyl




glad you had fun with miley!! shes cool.

so pretty much i get to see metro station tonight!! its gonna be amazing! im gonna talk to mason about how he didnt answer his phone when you called him when you were in chicago....

speaking of which..... you should come back!! is that where youre gonna be?

so we had a snow day today and ive just been hanging out. we watched the lean on me video so many times! its the best thing ever! and we voted online at its gonna be number one. i know it is. =]

Caitlyn O said...

OH MY GOS i hope "Far away from LA" means SOMEWHERE IN LONGISLAND NEWYORK!!!

Brittanyy said...

AHHH! two new songs!! thats so exciting!!! well i gotta go. byee<3


Nicole said...

hey mitchel I was at the concert on the 28th and you rocked!!!!!! I was suprized when Miley brought u up on stage to do the best of both worlds. btw good job with the dance moves its always fun to dance with a friend.
Till next time
Nicole your #1 fan

Krystle Kayla said...




Anonymous said...

LOL "Miles is one of 'my best friends'" is the song about miley? Some people are saying it's about AJ other's say it's Miley...This is getting interesting. And I Must Know The Valentines Surprise!

DaniRefrigeratorMagnet said...

I hope that place very far from LA is CHICAGO!!! Or....MINNESOTA perhaps?!?

DaniRefrigeratorMagnet said...

Darn. It. I wasn't done with the comment. And it submited it anyway.

That was uber nice of Miles to let you introduce her!

Have fun with Kelly on your date! She so scnsdhiewuhesndkcn cool! I ♥ her!

Ok, so I decided you can be my CLEMINTINE for Valentine's Day and MarcMarc could be my Valentine!!! So ask him for me!!! Or I'm gonna comea nd get'cha! I kid. Unless he wants to be the CLEMINTINE he can.

Omigeezus I love Perry Platopus on Phineas and Ferb. He's my home slice.

I gotta go to work, now.....YES! Everybody's Workin' for the weekend.


Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel!

OMG! Dude! I just watched on youtube the video of "the best of both worlds" with you on stage. So awesome!! LOL! It was huge, wasn't it?

Oh, lean on me 15# YAY!! I'll keep requesting it.

For sure I'm gonna watch Phineas and Ferb. Surprisingly, it's the only show that airs at the same time in USA and in Spain. The only thing I have to do is change the language to English when I watch it, cause it's much better in original version with your voices than spanish version.

You have 2 new songs to record next week? wow, I can't wait to hear them. You haven't recorded them yet and I already want to listen them, is that normal? YUP!!

Have a lot of fun on your next concerts!

Love Ya,


Abby said...

Wow, dude. You sure know how to stay busy! And I thought I was bad. :D At least for my busy schedule I don't need to travel all over in short periods of time. Yikes! I hope that through your terrible busy schedule you find time to relax and have fun.
Love ya! (Moliver fans love ya too!)



Heyy Mitchel forgot to say,

OMG! soo awesome your number 15!!! And 2 new songs!?!!?! AHHHHH!


Allie said...

hey mitchel!

you should take off ur shirt and flex. great idea. no seriously. it is!

and this new song, and all your other songs, the girls, who are they? where did you get the inspiration? i mean, you can't write about these things from the blue, they have to be real.

OH! the other day, Aly & AJ's Sweet 16 was featured on MTV, and i saw you... TWICE! I was so happy! The entire time i'm like, MITCHEL WENT TO THIS! It looked so awesome!

um, once again, when are you coming to NY? Ever since i couldn't see you the last time you were here, i've been so upset, you have to come! And please make it no longer than 2 hours from Long Island, otherwise i can't come.

so yeah, what else, if i ever got Metro Station tickets and i had to invite one person and i asked you, would you come with me? Cuz that'd be hella tight right there.

Allie (and yes, you can lean on me) (eww, that was corny)

Jess like what!? said...

hey Mitchel!!!
ahaha....I went for about like a few hours. I told my friends that I wasn't obsessed with you anymore. So out of nowhere I get a call from one of my best friends the frist thing she says is "Um...Jess, are you are you ok? I think your sick, you must be going crazy!" hahaha. So I told her "oh, well I'm fine now." and she's like "Ok so your back to normal thats good." Then we randomly started talking about random stuff. I also once told my friend that poeple were telling me that you're just my fairytale that will never happen and stuff and she's like "And who told you that crap!?" Then my science teacher stared st us. ahaha. I also just realized that I don't really shut up. My blog posts on this sight I go on are like sooo long. And then I'll start talking to random people I don't know. Also my mom told me I have to change my voicemail because she doesn't want people knowing that I think you're hott or whatever. Ummm...ok now here I go posting really long posts cuz I got nothin better to do!! Aren't I crazy? But back to normal? I don't think that made it did cuz my normal self is crazy and I'm gonna shut up now!

Chynabug said...

That was so sweet of Miley.
Yahh. Lean On Me is # 15!!
Hmmmmmm...your next trip is far away from LA...I think Alabama or Georgia is pretty far away.
haha. I hope its at least a little bit close to here. Cuz Ive been wanting to meet you like FOREVER!!

post more about it soon:]


emily said...

You and these secrets... no hints? well im all out of guesses for Vday but i still like the idea of you taking off your shirt and flexing (i think everyone is w/ me on that one) but for your autograph signing im guessin New York.
Hope you have a wonderful time on the Miley tour bus.
love ya!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad Lean on me is getting so far up! And you have a meet and great coming up??? Omg! thats awesome!! So happy to hear about the new songs cant wait to see them!

Hope you having a great time,


lizzieeeee said...

Aww, that's good that you get to hang out with Miley again (:

& I'm guessing you're going to Maine? or New York or somewhere near there.

welll have funnn (:


Chelsee said...


Pretty far away from LA?
As in.... New England, perhaps?

Mitchel Tate, I swear, if you get my hopes up and then disappoint me, I'll cry.

lol, jk. Have fun next week with your crazy schedule, and have fun with Kelly! I know you will, she's amazingg!


♥Alexandria♥ said...

Cool blog! Seems like you have a lot to do.

Amanda said...

Hey Mitchel,

I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! HAHA!! I just HAD to say that!! it's so awesome that Miley did that for you!! I hope you have a great time on the Miley tour bus! I think of you so much! (Today is also my mom's birthday, and I can't think of anything to do!!! What do you do on your mom's birthday?) I FINALLY got over hype week!! Did it get you pumped??? I'm New England-ed up!! What about you??

Have a GREAT week and weekend.

Deticated to you forever and always,
Amanda <3333

Fer said...

Awww that was soo nice of Miley I'm glad you got to be with her I'm sure she's really cool=D

I love "Lean On Me" I request it everyday=P and we're gonna get number 1!!Can't wait for Phineas & Ferb...just 2 more dayysss!!

Can't wait to hear those new songs!Keep having a great time=D

love youu <3


Sasha said...

Wow...I'm glad my week ain't full...All I know I'm doing is going to school and stop my friends from asking so and so a really stupid question.

I'm glad you had fun with Miley. Your song is number 15...That is my fav number...beside 6, 21, and 7273. Wow that's alot of

See ya

nelly said...

see you tommorow in miami :]

Sara said...

Yay new songs!!! Please tell me your coming back to Boston :). Thats far from LA so I'll stay hopeful.

I saw the Lean On Me video on the disney channel 2 nights ago and got wicked excited. Yay for Lean On Me being #15!

and have fun on your j-14 date with Kelly!

Love ya


lizzzz said...


noooo? :/

Katie R. said...

WOW!! you must feel very honored this week, opening for Billy Ray AND Miley!! Sweetness!
2 NEW songs!! what are these ones about? ...Girls? Life?..LOL
A Meet and Greet that is far away from LA...Hmmmm...I am going to have to think on this one!
I hope your having a BLAST!! and Having "Lean On Me" at #15 is AMAZING!!
Stay Safe!

Anonymous said...

hey mitchel,
glad florida is going well. its cool to hear you got to see miley and got to introduce herrr. yall to are so cuteeee. lol. i really wish i would have got to meet you when you were in new orleans. but im glad your tour is still going as hoped. well, again hope and love be with you.
lots of lov. : )


Anonymous said...

dude, you totally like miley! is ur new song best friend about her????? spill!!!

CauseWeRock said...

Hey Mitchel!!I went last night!!I don't live there though-lol.I took that 'random pose' pic of Everylife-hilarious.They cut off the line too soon for me to get a pic of you, I'm so upset.Oh well-maybe next time?I got a few pics of you, my Dad even knows who you are, lol!!!He took some pics of you posing at the pre-party thing, but it's only of your head, if we zoom in we can see you better, I have the same on my phone.A big brown blob of shiny hair.We didn't get a pic of you introducing Miley, but We took them during Best Of Both Worlds, one is your jump, and like, we got your hair.We were in the sectoin right after the first three rows infront of the catwalk, and we were in the second row, near the middle-I was the one dancing, jumping, and waving around like a maniac, by the end I put my hair up-wayy too hot.Lol!!But I think you saw me, white over laced top green under with shiny little silver dots so cute....well, I loove you sooo much, can't wait to see you again!!!

Shannon loves Mitchel! said...

I'm so happy for you that you got to be on stage with thousands of fans!
Im sure they were THRILLED to see you!
Come to the bay area!
We need to chill!
Cant wait for the big surprise!
I hope its something amazing!

<3 Shannon

Kiza said...


Brittany hearts Mitchel said...

what do you mean "date" (J14 Winner)? someone actually won a date with you or what? Lucky girl!
Well, you did a fantastic job opening for Billy Ray so im sure you did just as well for Miley!
Hope you have more fun touring and signing autographs. Stay safe and Good luck, even though you probably dont need it!

love lots,
Brittany K.

xoLauraJane said...

So when you say a neet and greet far from LA you mean somewhere's in North Eastern PA right? Haha.
I hope so. It'd be so cool to meet you!
I still have yet to hear your new song but I keep looking for it everyday to show up on youtube!
Love ya!

XO Laura Jane <3

Jess like what!? said...

dude I got da best guess ever!!! Your gonna do a voice in Family Guy!! thats like totally awesome!!! Or maybe your talkin smack about me Sounds like an arm wrestling challenge!! Someone in my science class always says that he's like obsessed wit arm wrestling, you should definatly write a song about arm wrestling!!

Breann said...

Awwe i'm glad u got to see Miley.... and go on stage with her!! i hope u have fun in Florida.

LEAN ON ME is number 15!!! omg that's amazing!!! i'm so happy dude!!! but u seriously DESERVE number 1 with all the hard work u put into it just for ur fans and plus its a great song!! imma request somemore later. and now i cant wait to hear ur new songs!!

Omg as soon as u said "it's pretty far from LA" my fricken heart dropped!!! PLEASE tell me its by or in Jersey!!! Hey and don't forget i live close to a Chick-fil-a!! and how in the world to u pronounce that place anyway lol. isn't that like one of ur favorite restaurants??? i'm going one day this week to see if i can get like a gallon of that Iced tea i've been like dying for some since the last time i saw which was in december! cuz they had it at the mall.

now i have to go workout before i go to school... post where ur going soon and the date so i can start talking my parents into it lol.



Disa said...

Aw that's cool that you got to introduce and sing with her on stage (:

Do you consider Seattle "pretty far away from LA?"
Hahah. Yeah right.

I'm pretty excited to hear your TWO new songs :D

So basically...
I have tickets for the Feb. 9th Metro Station show. But on their Myspace they don't have that tour date listed anymore.
So I'm freaking out.
I had to buy those tickets on ebay and let me just say... they weren't cheap. Hahahah.
I hope it was just deleted by accident D:

Caitlyn O said...


Anonymous said...

Im so glad that you and Miley can spend some time with each other. Thats awesome. =]
I REALLY REALLY REALLY hope you are coming to Chicago soon and preform for us! That would be awesome!.
Haha, I saw a commercial with your song Lean On Me in the background a few times now. =] =] =]
I will be checking to see if Chicago is your next stop!
Talk to ya then.

Anonymous said...

ahh soo cute mile y and mitch ♥ yall would make the cuttes couple!! i love you both! :]

Anonymous said...

Yay, I'm glad you got
to see Miley. I can't wait
for the HM movie! :]
Well I want you to come
back to Houston, or somewhere
in Texas ... NOW. I miss you!



Rosario said...

Im so happy that you got to hang out with Miley!! I can't wait to meet you tomorrow in Miami!! Im going with my Best friend!! I'll see you there!!

CarCarCarCar said...


shireen lovess mitchhhh! said...

yesss, lean on me is veryy addictive;
you gott skilllzz : )
so is this signing, say, in a little place called....
micthhhh i hope so!
you said it yourself you love it here,
so come back dear :)
(ha, i ryhmed)
if you do come back to me,
your gift will be amazingg!


i love you,


I think it's awesome that your song is number 15, hopefully it'll get to be number 1! but OMGGGGGGGG! I love'd your video of Lean On Me, it's like amazing! I bet you had fun hanging out with Miley! It was very sweet of her to ask you to introduce her and back her up on her song. You guys seem like the very best of friends. You know, I think you guys would make a cute couple!!!

Jenny said...

Oh my god I missed that. some place far from LA...

MINNESOTA?!?!??!?!?! (:

Mariam. [: said...


why not la man?

Beth said...

COOL!! Ok sorry i dont have much to say or i don't feel like typing much. So cool.

Cassie =] said...

aww, that's great you guys are such good friends both on the show and off. congrats on everything. have fun at the miley concerts. i can't wait for phineas and ferb. and i hope that the autograph signing is in New England ;). but have fun. and are you ON the miley world bus? or just traveling? if you are on it. i think you should take pictures and post them on the blog ;)

Dawn. said...

Sounds like you're having fun Florida! :]

Congrats on being #15! That's awesome!

Do you what is REALLY far from LA? MASSACHUSETTS.

kirstie said...

Mitchel, you're such a sweetheart... love how you speak so highly of Miles. You guys are such a sweet couple. Of friends. Couple of friends. Heehee. Naw, seriously though. I'd love to have that kind of friendship with someone. Your chemistry shows when you're on Hannah Montana - it makes the show a twenty kajillion times better. Yeah. That's how cute you guys are. Oh, and I giggle when I see how many people think you guys are gonna hook up now. Did you know they already have a couple name for you on the internet? M&M. Haha! Sweeeeet (haha, GET IT?! Cuz M&M is a chocolate?! AND IT'S SWEET!? hahahaa! okay i'll shut up now).


Oh, and your valentines day surprise... yeah, the shirtlessness and the flexing and the yummyness is good with me. But I'll take anything you can dish out - but you could throw that pic in if you want. It's not like all your fans are gonna go crazy and print out your picture and make it poster/wall-sized at Kinkos and sell it on eBay... you didn't hear it from me.

Okay, hasta luego until the next update. *goes to youtube*

Anonymous said...

ohhh busy busy!...that is so cool what miley did 4 u!....i wish i cld come and meet u!....i cld go to denver but it wld take some talkin' 2 w/ my parents...we <3 colorado but i don't think i can go...while u r there can u swing by nebraska so i can go see u...please?...ur not that far away....pretty pretty please?????....i will watch phineas and ferb all long in february!...oh ha ha i get it!....u put ferb-ruary...funny!...well ttyl!

~*luv2laugh*~ :)

steeter45 said...

hi mitchel my name is shelby i was at the orlando concert and at first my friend thought u were joe jonas but i was like thats mitchel musso yea we were going to wait for u at the bus but the driver said u would be a while i wish i could have met u i am ur biggest fan i love u


Carly said...

Mitchel i just saw that ur brother (Mason) and metro station is going to the uk with panic! at the disco!

thats amazing! isnt tht one of ur fav bands! lol thats really cool! and excitingg!!

cant wait for friday! Phineas and Ferb!!!!



OMGitzLisa47 said...


Hey! Maybe you remember me from the IMDB boards... although I haven't been on there for a while... but anyway, it's Lisa! I just saw the "Lean on Me" vid on Youtube. LOVE IT!!!

Oh, and my sister Gina says hi and (her exact words) "I love the song! When is your cd coming out cuz I WANT IT, LIKE, NOW!!!" Yep, that's Gina!

And I also need to give you some shout-out's from my friends cuz they kinda told me to... SO: Tess says hi, Kelsey says hi, Megan says hi, Ashlee wants to know if you'll marry her, Sam says hi, and Cydney wants you to come to the Richmond coliseum on March 11 with the Jonas Brothers... because she's going and she wants to hear "Lean on Me."

Luv ya 4ever!

MeganP2010 said...

haha I found video of you performing on stage with her!! haha mitchel you're so awesome lol...

ayoo maryann! said...

ahahah i saw the vids of you on stage with her, it was adorable :)
she seems so nice.

They really need more you of in the magazines.

Your 500 times more interesting then Zac Efron, and 5000 times more attractive lmao.

Anonymous said...

you are soo great and down to earth, o yeah and thank you for signing the poster i sent to you. :)
is the meet and great in canada?? :D


steeter45 said...

im not sure if i already said this
but i was at the hannah montana concert orlando last nite and wen u introduced hannah my friends thought u were joe jonas but i was like that is mitchel musso yea we were going to wait to see u get on the bus but u were kind of late so we had to leave i still didnt get home till like 12 but it was so worth it

love ur biggest fan in the world shelby

Julie :] said...

hopefully that signing thats far away from LA is in Cleveland! :D u'd totally make my day if u tell me it is.

im glad ur having fun with Miley and the rest of them :]

and i shall watch Ferbuary! im really excited! :D

love u Mitchel! :]


abby(: said...

woah! you got to introduce miley? thats ah-mazing! (:

someday, that will be you infront of all those people! i know it mitchel, i know it!



MeganP2010 said...

pshhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I forgot to tell you about my week. It's important that you know all the happenings in my life Mitchel, very important. (god I hope you know I'm kidding...)

longstoryshort, i'm going into the city (San Francisco) like everday this weekend to shop and on friday to see Hannah Montana 3D in IMAX!!!

MAYBE YOU SHOULD COME TO SAN FRANCISCO, TOO aka in the near future so that you can chill with meeeeeee because I love youuuuuuuu

god I'm so excited to get an album from you-- you keep telling us about all these songs your making, but I need to be able to hold them in my hand!!!


ps- I especially love License for Love...!

Melissa =] said...

Glade you had fun..
i seen the best of both worlds thing on youtube it was really awesome,..

also i think i KNOW your SURPRISE
STITCH is gonna be a singer????

Breann said...

OMG Mitch!! i just saw the preformance u did with Billy Ray Cyrus it was amazingly funny i haven't laughed this hard in like ever!! but don't get me wrong it was great... i was crying thats how hard i was laughing it was soo cute lol i LOVEEEE the dancing!!!!!! especially that guitar thingy ma-bobber move u did at the end! seeing that made my day like a billon times better!!
and now for some odd reason i wanna play Guitar Hero.

here is the link its really short though:



Anonymous said...

Aw, that was so nice of Miley! I'm glad ya'll are such good friends! She must consider you a pretty special friend.

Congrats on #15! I know the song will keep climbing up there, it's amazing--so it has to! =)


halok1985 said...

hi mitchel!!!!! im soooo glad you had fun at the Orlando concert cuz i went to that oneee!!! i met you before but only for like 1 minute i was wearing hot pink shirt, jeans, pink hoops, a pink choker and i have braces i was also with my 2 friends but if you remember me, thats AWESOME!!!! so after miami tonight whens the next time your gonna be in sunny florida???

please say its soon well if you have time just please please please email me at

loveeee youuu!!!!!:] =]

Michelle said...

I can't wait to see you in Portland on Feb 23!!!!
Have you ever been to Oregon?
Are you going to do a Meet & Greet????

Michelle : )

Anonymous said...

I know this is my secound time commenting on this but I just have to say that I saw the video on youtube of you with miley for the best of both worlds! It was soo cool! Loved it! It must have been fun.


Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel,
Glad that you got to hang out with Miley. I was at the Jacksonville concert, and I was going to wait in line to get a picture but it was already wrapped around the building lol. So I stood of to the side at the barricade and just took pictures of you and watched little girls dance to the Hannah Montana songs. The concert was amazing I had to much fun as well as my 25 year old cousin and my mother lol. I was surprised to see you on stage introducing her I thought that was so cool, and the for the BBW. Hope you had fun in Florida and have fun in Miami tonight.


Chelsee said...

haha ok so I noticed that on my comment for my name, it says, "Anonymous Chelsee" as my name.... but I have no clue how that happened! I didn't type that!!!! lol, weird.

OOH I have a guess!!


awww, that would be sweet :)


Chelsee said...

ok well then I looked and now it doesn't say Anonymous Chelsee anymore.
Hmmmm.... :-/

Anonymous said...

I saw you and Miley doing 'best of both worlds'! You're so cute! You looked a little lost, but that's okay because it made everything more candid and adorable.

You better be on that stage again tonight, so I can watch you on youtube xD

And remember, during Best of Both Worlds, let Miley grab your LEFT hand, if you guys decide to skip back down the platform together again(that was toooo cute) ^_^

I know you guys aren't even going out, but even FRIENDLY m&m already PWNS Zanessa times infinity plus seven.

Oh and, gawd Mitch, next time you guest at another Hannah/Miley concert, it better be in Philly.

Jessiica Reneee' =) said...

i havent commented your blog in a while!! so i thought i needed to lol.i just have to tell you that my dad just loves your song lean on me .. and of course i do to!
i absulutly love florida, lucky you got to go. Cant wait till i go i think in april for the disney channel games! And i hope i get to see you there, like i did last year! when can you tell us about the valentines day surprise??? I cant wait to hear it.

well i hope you have the best weekend!
I hope i do, ive been sick for about a week & it sucks =(

Jessiica Benedetto =)

alyyciaiscool said...

hwy mitchel :)
i was in jacksonville concert yesterday!
i made my shirt with your anme on it and i told you i was goig to marry you! ahaha. sorry if i seemed weird, but i kinda was nervous. after all your gorgeous! which by the way, you told me i was gorgeous too! i nearly freaked! the pic of me and you is my default for myspace, but OMG! i dont have any comments yet. haha. anywayss. i love you mitchel :D
thanks for coming to jacksonville with hannah/miles, im soo glad i got to meet you after havig a huge crush on you ever since hannah montna came out! you ever come back to jacksonville, or orlando, let me know! ill be there!
your BIGGEST(no liee) fan,

Idina said...

You met my friend's friend Ericka there.... She sent me the pic because I was slightly jel-ing. Hehe!

Anonymous said...

OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i saw you on disneychannel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i was on the phone with my friend and she was like natasha!!!!!!mitchel is on tv and i was like WHAT?! so of course i turned to the channel and seriously almost cried!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1