Monday, January 14, 2008

Address for New Orleans

Veterans Memorial Boulevard at Severn Avenue (outdoor) there! Jan. 27th....I go on at noon.....or a little before

And....guess who else is gonna be there....Billy Ray Cyrus! I am opening for Billy...way cool!

I went to Mason's new Music video shoot Saturday.....they did the video to their song "Control" and it was way Out of control.......wait till you see it.....My brother Mason Musso and Trace Cyrus and Anthony (Drummer)and Blake (Piano)....(METROSTATION)...they are going to be HUGE!!!

I gotta take Mason to the airport...he's going back on tour today....check out his myspace for all locations...although...they are already sold out in a lot of places...

I'll see you guys soon......I got another concert to announce keep reading the BLOG!



ashlee said...

Hello! Dude, no. New orleans is too far awayy! =[

Ooohhhhh that's sooo cool that u open 4 billy ray!

Omgg, metrostation show here sold out in like 1 dayy. I couldn't get tickettss! But ima just stalk down the building and find themmm and say hi. ANNOUCE THE CONCERTT AND IT BETTER BE IN THE WEST COAST!


MeganP2010 said...

Ahhhh thats so cool about opening for billy ray, mitchel!!! Aww you were at the control shoot- sweet! I would have gone if i lived there and was over 18 (so i could be in it) i wish i could've seen you! I'm gonna see what i can do about getting you to the sf/bay area, i want to see you sooooo bad!!!! I sent your bro a comment on myspace last night... he commented me back- he's really sweet.

love, Megan.

Megan x said...

Metro station are awesome =]
Can't wait to see their new music vid.

Can you tell them to come to the UK soon please?

Also.... when will you know the details about your trip to Europe? I'm still hoping that there will a meet and greet =].


Megan xxx

Chelsee said...

Heyy Mitchel! Woah! You're opening for Billy Ray? Sounds awesome! I hope you have fun!
I can't wait until you announce the next concert... hopefully you'll be coming back to Boston soon! Aha, it's so cold here, if you do come back, you should bring your AMAZING hat that we made for you! lol we got pounded with snow today, so.... NO SCHOOL! woohoo!
Well good luck in New Orleans (And Europe!)


Dawn said...

That's so awesome! I really like Merto Station--My sister and I are going to see them soon! :]

And Billy Ray Cyrus...? That's hugeee! You are going to be a hugee musician just like your brother.


Lexi said...

AHHHHH!!!! Control is my favorite song.

Yea the tottally are. All my friends have there cd!

I remember you said you did a music video??

when do you think we'll get to see it?

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Musso family! Sounds like exciting times for all of you!

Daniela said...

they are doing a video clip for Control?!
That's so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
Have Fun :)
Daniela (From ISrael)

Krystle Kayla said...

tell mason & bill ray i said hey!!

hey that rhymed. lol

Anonymous said...

Cool! Have fun in New Orleans! Also, if you have any way to get in touch with your brother, tell him good luck (though I'm sure you already did)! I hope you're enjoying your concerts! Would the one you're going to announce happen to be anywhere in the northeast...? I hope so! Have an awesome time! *smile* Oh! I almost forgot to mention that I have a snow day today! It's so much fun! I'm making brownies and I'm almost done reading Wuthering Heights! It's a surprisingly good book, too... anyway, have fun! *smile*


Anonymous said...

Oh great! Have fun with Billy Ray! =)


leanne =] said...

asdfghjkl how i wish i lived in new orleans. i can't wait to see the new video for control! yeah, they ARE going to be huge. =] i tried to get tickets for the last show in farmingdale but they sold out before i got them. =[ can't wait for the next concert (psst... NEWYORK.) =]

(the girl with no question on Radio Disney). =]

Sara said...

Control is an awesome song!!I can't wait for the video. I'd be seeing Metro Station on the 2oth but like you said a lot of the shows are sold out and an early show was added but thats sold out too. Its very frustrating :(.

I hope you come back to Boston!!! That'll make me just about the happiest person ever.

Love ya


xolyssaxo3 said...

Mitchel xoxo

wish i lived near New Orleans.

i can't wait to see the new video. I love that song. its my favorite.

We don't have school today. SNOW DAY!

Jessica Alba is in a new movie, The Eye.



Amy said...

OH MY GOSH I LOVE METRO STATION SO MUCH. And Control is one of my favorites! You're so supportive. It's cute. Much love <3

Alexa said...

awwwwwww, awesome:]:]:]

heyyyy, i've read, that you'll come to Europe:]
heyyyy, i've a huge question:
uhmm, dont you wanna come to Hungary (middle-europe)??
that'd be awesome...
Budapest's so cool:] (not like the US, but its cool), and it'd be great:]
You know that eurpoeans are good people and we/i'd really appreciate, if you came here:]
Hungary waits for you! :]
pls, pls, pls

Peace, love

ps: i'm a great travel guide too:]

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel,

Good luck with your performance on the 27th. I'm sure that you'll do a great job. I've been to New Orleans once (this was before the hurricanes) on a band trip in high school. The city was intersecting and fun, but be careful during the night. There are a lot strange people on the street corners and they'll come up to you and start talking to you. This one guy came up to my group of friends and asked us if we wanted to hear any Ray Charles songs. One of my friends paid him 5 dollars for him to go away.

I'm glad that the music video shoot went well. I can't wait to see the music video. I bet it's going to be great.

I hope Metro Station has a successful tour. I'm sure that they will since, as you said, that most of the tickets are sold out.

I can't wait to hear where your next location is going to be.


ASHLEY & karely is mentaly here. =] said...

okay so me and my friend karely who made up the tv show and put you in it.. we needed a theme song.. well we found it!! well.. its a toss up between one of your songs and the doom song (which i came up with.. it only says doom.. but i like it!!! its a big joke between me and my friends) so now we need to figure this out..

DUDE! thats so cool you get to open up for billy ray cyrus!! lucky duckyyyy

detroit metros missin you!! come soon! =]

eryn said...

wooo hey mitchie!
come to canada

brook said...

omg that's so awesome :].
i can't wait to see metro stations videoooo!
and i really really really,
hope you come somewhere near me..
my gift for you has been lonelyy :[.
keep posting citiess ;].


Erin said...

Your brother's band rocks. I'm going to their concert on Thursday in Troy... It's gonna be awesome!
Good luck in New Orleans; I'm sure you'll put on a great opening performance for Billy Ray Cyrus (I would expect nothing less... haha)

carly said...

Omg opening for billy ray thts so excitingg!!! Have fun!

Omg I so wanted to go to tht video thing but I was to young and live in illinois haha

But I am seeing ur brother in I think 16 days haha for the third time I lovee metro station hhaha can't wait

And can't wait to hear whr cityy!!


Emma said...

I'm going to see Metro Station this Thursday. : ) The show should be really good. Have fun in Europe!

Erin said...

Metrostation rocks so hard. I love control it is my fav song and i listen to it everyday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


yay for billy ray!

i'm seeing metro station feb 5th
and you'll be here feb 9th..
two musso's in one week.

Crazyactress15 said...

I wish i could go. But one I live in Indaina and two I really dont know who would drive me there, three I have school and got a load of homework. Let's see what else oh yeah i dont have money so even if i could get a ride there wqe would run out of gas and such. Well anyways wish i could go but i clearly can't. So have fun and good luck. Hey but if you ever did come to Fort Wayne Indiana then i would so be there to see you.
Always and forever

Katie said...

That's awesome! I went to a Metro Station concert in November, they were amazing! I met mason after and he was soooo nice! I can't wait to go to antoher show!

Sasha said...

Wow...Concert, concerts, concerts, and more concerts.
They changed my ensemble thing to the 26th. That's cool that you're the opening for Billy Ray.

See ya

Anonymous said...

I can't believe you get to open for Billy Ray! Thats awesome!
Drive safely as you go to the airport=]
I hope you can go preform in CHICAGO!!! <333


Lizzie Loves Mitchieee (: said...

Billy Raaaay! WOOT!

i'm very happy for you (:
have fun!

oliviaakiddo! said...

I should have gone on saturday.
Didn't really think to because you had to be over 18. hm. well it will be amazing for ssuuureee. Metro Station's already sold out for feb. 16 so i can't go, but theres always gonna be more oppertunities for that.
I had like the worst weekend. so poooo.
hahaha so yeah thats itt (:

cassie said...

omgg i just bought my tickets to go see metro station again.
they were sold out in cleveland so im going to pittsburgh instead.
they were soo awesome in december when i went to see them.
i missed meeting mason though, but he met my mom and dad haha.
and he bought me a cd and gave it to them.
it was pretty sweet.
i wanted to be in their video soo bad.
but no i have to be 16 and living in stupidd ohio.
ohh well.
you need to come back to cleveland so i can meet you.

carly said...

YAH! lean on me is playing on radio disney! congrats btw for making 24!! yahh

Anonymous said...

haay hay boy

i hate my life for not being 18, cuz i wouldve flown to l.a to being in the control video
but.. i GOT TICKETS FOR 50 DOLLARS ON EBAY!@@$@!@!@$@
there gettin sooo big now!
masons new music is wicked awesome, tell him i said that pleaseeee

and your just amazing and i really cannot wait to meet you again, so come to mass. again soooon!
that bye bye ball episode made me laugh real hard mitchel

love you :)

Andrea said...

metro station = amazingness.
i'm going to see them in philly in march, i cannot wait!

hope to see you soon mitchel! =D


DaniRefridgeratorMagnet said...


Have an uber cool time in New Orleans. Try the Been-yahs(I don't know how to spell it, but that's how its pronounced....grr...) They're a type of donut that is like squarish, the pops up! It has powdered sugar on it!! My grandparents go down to New Orleans alot and they bought some Been-yah mix for us and made some for me and my sister...They are flippin amazing.

Gotta admit....wasn't really into Metro Station....everyone at IMDb is all, "OMG! Metro Station is AWESOME!" and "Mason's voice is HEAVEN!" blah blah blah.....Whatever guys...then I go onto iTunes and the Metro Station album is staring at me in the face.
Should I click it? Grr. Click. Long Story Short, I got 6 of the 10 songs on my iPod now. I HATE the BANDwagon....hahaha I'm punny....grr...anywho.....Congrats to the band. The are gonna be sweet.

Ooo! Your talking about DRIVING places...haha That's adorable. I have to take Karz(my little sis) EVERYWHERE. "Mal take me to the store!" or "MAL! Blah invited me to their house! Can you take me?" I'm sure you gotta take MarcMarc places. And I bet he likes it couse its a Mercedes....He makes a grand entrance wherevever he goes...must work well for the ladies....haha

NEW CONCERT SOMEWHERE? This is what I say to that:

Be looking for these fridge messages, their gonna be around alot....haha


ayoo maryann! said...

ahh mason got new songs on his myspace and they are REALLLLLY good. :)

I'm going to see them in philly cause they arent coming to new jersey :(
im so excited for the video!

I wish i could be there to come see you, you gotta get over to new jersey sometime!

CresceNet said...

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whoooitsajonas said...

wow, new orleans & denver.

sooo not cool mitchel! you need to show some more east coast loveee.

I should try to interview you for
my website at an upcoming show- I've already requested metro station- I hope you'd be interested!

Did I mention I got a Mitchel
Musso doll along with new vans
for christmas? ahaha I guess my
parents thought they went since
you love skateboarding haha.

good luck with the bill ray show =].

xox a

ShireenMusso_ilymtm said...

go there mitch!
or toledeo,ohio;;
i wanna see you performm:]
and thats veryy cool about openin' up for billyrayy!
and thank GOODNESS your brother's band is making Control a video;
its my favoritee
be safe driving:]

i love you,
-the girl with the
candy book in michigan

iLOVEshoez said...

OH MY GOSH!!!! METRO STATION ROX MY SOX OFF!!!!! Haha... but seriously they are really cool. I wantedto go see them but my parents wouldnt let me cuz it was a school night. Oh well though. Next time for sure.

I hope you're having a great time!
Luv ya' Mitchel!!
~Andie <3

Makayla said...

I can't wait to watch the music video!!! I was singing the song at school today! LOL!! It's one of my favorites!

I couldn't get tickets for their show! =( Really upset....I'm going to order the "Metro Station" Tee that you have from their "Shop", though....

That is soo cool you get to open for Billy Ray!! I have to see the concert on YouTube!!!

I'm trying to buy their CD but at Best Buy and Circuit City they always say "We're Sold Out" !!!!

You are so supportive of your brothers/family...It's AWSOME!!!! Haha...

Haha! Good luck in New Orleans!(And Denver! And EUROPE!!!)

<3 Makayla
(Girl from Phoenix who had the same birthday!)

Anonymous said...

i was just thinkin' of mason..weird!...any-hoo...i wish i cld drive but no i ain't old enuff yet....yeah u get to open for billy ray!!!....i am so happy!...tell us when the control video is on youtube and i will send it to everyone in my address book!...yeah tell mason to come back to omaha or ask him if he liked it here...i wld of gone but i found out too late... :(...oh and don't forget to ask him if he went to the zoo...the zoo is awesome!...well gotta 2 ya l8r!

p.s. 3 weeks til my 13th b-day!! yay!


omg thats so cool! control is one of my favorites! i get to see them again on the 30th. i cant wait!
but should announce the next city soon.. coughchicagocough. ha. im jk but that would be amazing if you did come back!
the hannah concert last night was amazinggg!! just thought you'd like to know. =]

Jess said...

Hey Mitchel!!
That is so awesome!! Opening up for Billy Ray Cyrus, nice!!! Oh and music video for my favoritest song that I start dancing to and can't stop. I start to lose control!! ahaha get it? I heard this cheesy joke to break the ice with first you ask a girl "How many polar bears does it take to break the ice?" and they ask how many and then you say "Hi my name is Mitchel" hahaha kind of funny but cheesy isn't it? Is that my phone? Better go get it dududududududududududududududu....
that was on Family Guy it's so funny! Well I better leave you alone now. BYE!! ILY!!


iiLoveMitchelTatex3 said...

heyyyy omg yoor brothers band ROCKS!
so do yooh (:

ughh dude surprises? AGAIN?! haha well cantt waitttt

ilyy so sooooo muchhhh <3

With Love,

Fer said...

woowww it's so cool you're opening for billy ray!!!You're gonna do great cuz you're awesomee!!!

I'm sure Metro Station is gonna be HUGE!!!!they're just AMAZING I love them<3 I hope they're coming to Mexico soon=D

love youuu<3


Anonymous said...


Lizzz said...

i'm seriously so stoked.

i'm so there.
i went to this show last year with hellogoodbye.

they call it 'family gras'
and they always have a parade after.
it's going to be sweeet!

can't wait to see you!


Anonymous said...

heyy Mitchel!
i can't wait to see the music vid for Control!
i LOVE Metro Station! :D
& i hope the next concert is in L.A.!
i really wanna see u perform again! :]

<3:] krystal <3:]

Jess!! said...

Hey Mitchel!!
I thought you could use a good laugh. Check these out they are so funny!!
as cute as the one with the skirt on is, it scared me so badly!!ahaha but he's definatly not nearly as cute as someone...with chocolaty brown eyes and long wonderful brown
this one's pretty good, he's this bad boy so it's pretty funny seeing him like that!!
Ok this PLEASE OH PLEASE PLEASE watch and let me know... it's the best one ever!! Notice the cute guy in the backround with a stick!! ahahaa. He's still not as cute as you though! ily!! please let me know what you think about at least the first and last one because they are the best ones ever!! Please do it for me!! Tomorrow will be exactly 11 months since I fell in love with you at 3:39pm so please check them out, can't a girl get a 11th month anniversery gift like thing? anywho I'm gonna go and hope you check those out!! ok?

Love you forever!!
P.S. I'm gonna try and get Metro Station tickets for a concert in march and surprise my bff so hopefully she won't read this!!

Jenny said...

Haha cool. Yay Metro Station haha.
I already saw their dates a million years ago, and yeah they were sold out for the one in Minnesota :(((((
another concert coming.....
MINNESOTA?!??! haha. prrrrrrrobably not. well, could be, never know. haha. bye.

ttran said...

Hey, Mitchel!

That is pretty darn awesome you're opening for Billy Ray Cyrus! I really wish I could be there. I was actually surprised to hear you were coming to my state! I had to reread "New Orleans" about twenty times just to make sure! haha. I'll try my best to be there.

Oh, I show my friend a few of your songs, and now, she's a huge fan! She already loves you because you say "Peace-Out", and she's like this total hippie (I hope I spelled that right...she'd kill me if I didn't. Haha) Yay! So now you have one more fan! She won't be able to go see you in New Orleans either because she'll be at the Drama convention with me.

Have loads of fun there! I think New Orleans is amazing.


Jonzie said...

I AM GOING TO METRO STATION'S CONCERT!!! i'm pretty much freaking out

Anonymous said...

Whoo hoo new orleans.
Im excitedddd

Ill see you there
You know who I am though but im keeping my identiy a secret :)

Anonymous said...


i dont know if you'll get this because it's an old post but i don't really know how to work this site but anyways i had NO idea that your brother was in metro station. i saw them live with motion city soundtrack and i just thought they were AMAZING.. i had no idea but they are really great. anyways, i hope you come to cleveland again soon.. cant wait to see you =]


Anonymous said...

i just saw u at family gras and it was awsome!

u need to give ur guitarist and your drummer a big hug (lol) cuz they were awsome too =]

i love the silver outfit too.... way cool =]

c ya!

p.s. im gunna go see metro station at HOB in feb. with cobra starship, the cab, and we the kings

SUPER EXCITED!!!! :):):):P


Hey Mitchel!!
You were awesome @ Family Gras (New Orleans)
I <3ed your silver light-up pants :-P

LOVE2NOLA said...

SOOO, I'm from New Orleans, and can I just say that if I would have known that you were singing at Family Gras I definitely would have gone. I was alittle bummed i didnt go to the Hannah Montana concert that night before. I'm so glad that you loved it here. MetroStation just played a show here on Feb. 24th and I met Mason. He's really nice and so talented. And his band is awesome!

You're awesome. Keep up the good work with acting and music. Love ya, Mitch!!!

-Noell, New Orleans

Kelly said...

i watched the behind the scenes footage for the making of Control. that video is sickkk. there was alot of action going on ;) i saw brandi got in it, how come not you? =/ haha i could take a good guess though lol ;)

love youuuu <333