Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Hannah Montana World Tour Movie Premiere

Yes...I will be there on Thursday night! I hope to see all of you on the Red Carpet! Speaking of.....have you heard my song "Red Carpet"? That's what I'll be thinking about....it's a Big Party right? Tell me if your coming....

El Capitan Theater on Hollywood in LA, Thursday at 5:30



Daniela said...

I heard the song on YOUTUBE he is AMAZING :)
Have fun :)
Daniela (from Israel)

Krystle Kayla said...

have fun!
i wish i lived in LA.
tell us all about the movie!!!! =]

abby! said...

Thats awesome! I wish I could go. :/

Wait, is that the place you'll be performing?

Miss youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu<33

ashlee said...

Dudeeeeee, if you told me early about the premiere, I'd be there! but its cool, becuz I know u r coming back here sumtime..............

RED CARPET IS MY FAVORITEST SONG! At ur first jingle jam, when they were like "mitchel has to go to a RED CARPET event", me& olivia were like "RED CARPET!" we were like the only people who knew that sonngg. I think red carpetttt is the greatest songgg. Well actually I think alllllll of ur songs r amazingggglyy greatttt. white striped gloves, wasn't ur gf, leavin', lets go, license to love, lean on me, and red carpet are like the sickestt songs everr. I LOVEEE THEMMM almost as much as I love YOU. =D

Mitchel, please please please please please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, pleasex12903782910 release moree songss!
-ashlee :]
Tell ur family ashlee says hi!

leanne =] said...

ahh i wish i could be there. =] and yes, red carpet is amazinggg. =]

(the girl with no question on Radio Disney) =]

Kellyyyyy said...

i agreeeee, all his songs are amazing :) haha. have fun !!
love youu

brooke said...

woo, have an awesome time :D.
that would be so fun to go to..
but it's a little too far.
i already have tickets to the movie though! im so excited.

post another city soon ;].


Anonymous said...

I'll Be There!!!!!!

MeganP2010 said...

aww mitchel i sooooooo wish i could come! That would be like the perfect event! I'd get to see you miley and the jonas brothers (if they're going)

Well anywayssss you're really coooooool and maybe ill see you when I go to LA in febuary!!! Oooh you should have an event thenn! Ttlhat would be perfect!


Future_Mrs_Mitchel_Musso said...

Hey Mitchel!!
WOOT!! Red Carpet woot woot!! I wish I could go....so let us know how awesome it was!! Well you better check out the videos I posted!!! Here's where to go


PLEASE check them out an let me know what you think...and if you wanna check out my friend's intersting video it's kind of funny!!

I commented on that video you can probably tell which username is mine. So please check them out some time and let me know what you think!! ILY!!!

P.S. I fell in love with you exactly 11 months ago!!

Anonymous said...


Chelsee said...

Darnn. I wish I could afford to fly across the country.

I'd spend my last dollars any day to see you, Mitch.

Have fun!


Beckie said...

the movie is already finished?
since when?
u never even said u were shooting it?
is it gonna be in theaters or on disney channel?

Sasha said...

I hope you have fun!
I wish i lived in LA.

See ya

Jess needs your support!! said...
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Makayla said...

I wish I can come but school! Ugh...I had a really bad day today and just knowing that you posted a blog has made my day! Haha!

I have heard "Rep Carpet"! It is amazing!!! It was your encore song for every Jingle Jam concert, right? I can't wait until Radio Disney plays all your songs: Wasn't Your Girlfriend, Leavin', License for Love, Let's Go, etc.!!!

Miss ya!
<3 Makayla
(Girl from Phoenix who has the same birthday!)

Tell your family I said Hi!!! Haha!

Katie said...

Brooke and I are coming to
see you in New Orleans :]
Can't wait! This would be
the third time. Haha.
I love you.


Fer said...

I heart that son on youtube and I love it!!!

I wish I could go...have fun!

love youuu<3


Anonymous said...

:).......come 2 nebraska asap!


DaniRefridgeratorMagnet said...

Red Carpet, Red Carpet, Put your hands up....something something something....pssh...I know it....

I'll be taking sister Karz to see the 3D movie Feburary 4th...I think....She excited to see her "Nickykins" in 3D....Omigosh....

Fridge Message!


iiLoveMitchelTatex3 said...


DUDE ii screameddd when ii read this! ahahahha were gonna see each other at the samee place omjj


ii seriously cant wait to see yoohhhhh. its hopefully gonna be the second time im gonna see yooh at the same place. YAYAYYY (:

ILYYY <33333


Beth said...

I hate you for all this.I envy you.I wish i could do all the stuff you do. It sounds like so much fun. But who knows maybe if i ever do reach imy dream as being an actress i will get to do all that. Till then have fun that i will be lacking in.(just kidding) But really do have fun.

Anonymous said...

Have fun at the Premiere! Unfortunately, I won't be there. :(

Anonymous said...

hey mitchel! wish i could go but i live no where near there... but hey i have a random question lol...uhm did metro station get a bus? to tour on? jw lol thankss

christineLovesMitchTate said...

ii fergot to mention in my other post bout yoor sexyy songg, red carpett. dude ii know the chorus part only cuz thats the only version ii heard on the radio disney incubator haha

its red carpet time red carpet red carpet come to the play red carpet haha ilyyy soo much <3


Abbster said...

hey mitchel!
ahh i love red carpet, really catchy!!
man! i wish i was there. =[ boo me. i was there once, i have a picture of me there! lol. i was thinking "this is the ground that mitchel was on!" hehe!
my dad told me he wants him to transfer to LA! i want to soo bad. idk though. lol
keep up the awesomeness!

mitchels babe said...

yea i heard that song on youtube but i wish i woulda been there at the contert thingy like the person who recorded it!!

Anonymous said...

HI ! These girls donated their 4 HM tickets to two sick girls, who were strangers before they met to get the tickets. Since the concert, one of the girls is back in chemo...Is there anyway to get tickets to the Cleveland Premiere of the Movie for all the girls to go ? An impossible task, maybe, but it would be a great treat to all the girls ! Please help !

Here is the coverage on their donation