Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Yes....I can tell you about Friday!!!

So.....NO.....this isn't the BIG VALENTINE's Day Surprise....because...... it's Not Valentine's Day yet.......but I can tell you that this Friday I will be LIVE on RADIO DISNEY!! So PLEASE CALL IN and say HELLO!!!! I will be on from 2:00PM to 4PM Cali time. Ok?

And thank you for buying the CD and looking on Itunes....and calling and requesting the song and emailing Radio Disney requesting the song.....etc.

You guys know is was 19 this keeps moving up a bit. Let's keep it moving on up to the top!! Where's my Music Video?? I want you guys to see it on Disney Channel...let me know when you do.....

It is midnight here in London.....I am leaving in the morning...I'll miss this place....but I'll be back soon hopefully! By the know I was here promoting Phineas & Ferb right?? Do you have any idea how cool this cartoon is going to be? You guys are going to LOVE it!

Yes.. they announced the J14 winner today! I have known for a while who the winner was......Looking forward to the date! You guys should see all the work she put into her entry! My whole family thought she should win.....

Ok better call in Friday on Radio Disney so we can chat!! better be in New Orleans this weekend for the Incredible show with yours truly and Miley's Daddy Billy Ray....we are going to be rocking it!

And...I have been reading the guesses......not even close! But you guys are giving me some GREAT ideas!



brooke said...

mitchiiiiieeee, im like shaking.
i'm going to be calling in every second i can :D.
i have to talk to you.
omg. this is insane. IM SO EXCITED!
ahh. ily.


xneverfarbehind said...

you're gonnaa....
take a picture of yourself shirtless, flex in it, and hold up a sign saying I LOVE MY FANS. (: ahaha i doubt that would happen but that would be nice. (: HAPPY WEDNESDAY! <3

Molly said...

Hey Mitchel!!!

I'll try to call in...if I can...but I sound like I'm four on the phone so....and I'm not even sure I'll be able to get on...

I wanna know what the surprise is.....but I still think its a tour or a TV show or SOMETHING (Unless that's wrong, then I won't think that...O:-) )




they did announce the j-14 winner today.
and i won!
i can't wait.
but they want to fly me in on feb 5th.
and that is the day i got tickets to metro station.
hopefully they will fly me in feb 6th.

oh my gosh.
the whole FAMILY!
that is amazing.
and such an honor.
i put a LOT of time in my entry.
month and a half to be exact.
i can't wait for our date!


selah said...

heyyy man!

i will definitely call in this friday.
hopefully, i get through...unlike last time. =/

"Where's my Music Video??"

don't worry, i'll tell you once i see it.
i'm dying to see it too.
especially with the puppies coming out of the limo! :]

man, i wish i could go to london.
that place seems so amazing, and it must be if you love it so much.

so i'm pretty sure i can meet you on the tuesday night of the Hannah concert.
i've been talking to my mom about long as my grades are good. =/
that chemistry class will be the death of me.

congrats for the J-14 winner!
hope you two have funnn.

love, :]selah.

p.s. i have the strongest urge to want to see the Dark Knight batman movie.
not just because of heath's passing, but because that movie looks so incredibly amazing.

Melissa =] said...

im going to Call for sure!!
not even close? ahh what is that surprise about?

-Melissa :]

Melissa =] said...

Btw i can't wait for the cartoon too come out!!!...and im sure we are all gonna love your music video its gonna ROCK...

-Melissa =]

Makayla said...

Sweet Niblets! Friday? I'm gonna be at school, but I'll work something out...

I CANNOT wait until I see the music video!! Also, congrats on making #19!!!

I saw Phineas & Ferb right after HSM 2 and it was HILARIOUS!!! I can't wait until it permires next month!!!!!

Can't wait until Valentine's Day!! I have no idea what the surprise is!!


Much <3,
(Girl from Phoenix with same birthday)

brooke said...

btw, i hope your date is awesome.
& i hope you have another contests! pleaeeeese?


oliviaakiddo! said...

i have no school.
i supposeee i'll call or whatever if i get bored.
but then i'll turn it ALLLLLLLLLLLLL THE WAY DOWN when they play bet on it or something like that:/.
I neeed to tell you some weird things.
but i'll save that for whenever i see you next.
i should make you something.
like something fun.
like cookies or something intense!
she's from the boards (:
yay her.

i don't know the surpriseeeeeee -.-

i'mma say fun stuff for random guesses
diff. movie.
another tour
a song with miley?
mitchel merchandise available on the web?
you're moving to antarctica?
you're going to public schoollll?
you are shaving your head.
you're gonnaaa make a shampooooo.
white striped gloves actually ddoesn't really have a meaning?

okay tooo much fun,
bye (:

said... i was wrong about the ice cream? lol. jk. i listened to radio disney alll day and tried o call but didn't get through. So pretty much I'm gonna be calling all day Friday too. =] Anyway, I'm glad you had fun in Europe! The girl that won J14 is soo lucky! I can't wait to hear what the surprise is!

ashlee :] said...

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! im SO gonna call in like 35293473389124783298 times to talk to you!!!

yea, itd be sweet if you went back to london and met all those fans and just had funnn.

dude, im stoked for kelly! she totally deserves that date! its so cool how sum1 from IMDB won.

HAVE FUN IN NEW ORLEANS MITCHEL!!! cant wait to hear that new songg!

i have a are...getting your own show on disney channel? you are gonna be on mtv cribs? are making it hard 4 us mitch! have a nice flight home!

Dawn said...

I'm so glad you had fun in Europe and that you had a safe flight over. Now you just have to have a safe flight back and it will all be perfect. :]

My sister went to see Cobra Starship/Metro Station on Sunday. She wasn't expecting to like Metro Station, but she really did! I didn't get a chance to go, but she told me they were really good live, which makes me super pumped to see them at Bamboozle.

I'm a terrible guesser when it comes to I'm not even going to try. haha

Well anyway, I'm glad you had fun and you guys are safe. And congrats that your song is moving up on the countdown! I'm also glad you enjoy keeping us out of the loop on the surprise. ;] The suspense!

christineLovesMitchTate said...

ohh mann its not a win a date... maybee a moviee?

LONDON??!? god, yoor luckkyy. the views are to die for, arent they?

have funnn and wishing yooh a safe trip!

ilyy and best of luckk!

Anonymous said...

OMG FOR REALLYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH omg omg omg im gonna cal and call and call until i get to talk to u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I CAN NOT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so wait r u saying we r gonna have to wait till valentines day to kno the surprise :[[ i wanna kno now!!!!!!! o well i can wait!!!!!!!!!

Katy said...

why make us wait XD?

i cant think...

i just got a great idea on what u should do though!
u should tour with Metro Station XD
oh yeah that would be sweet.
i wish i knew what the surprise was...

Chelsee said...

ohh my goodness Kelly is the Luckiest girl alive right now.

Hope you guys have fun! But don't like fall in love with her or anything. You have to wait for me.

aha jk, you're amazing.

I wasn't able to enter, so that stinks, but whatever. Maybe the next one!


shireen loves mitchel said...

im supperr jealous of the girl
that won;
but hopefully i will be talking to youuuuu fridayyyyy!!!!!
im gonna be sitting in my dad's car for two hours just for you :]
im excited already!


the girl with the candy book in michigan

mitchelpwnsn00bz said...


ill call radio disneyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Tiffany said...

sounds like much fun. nd i'll only mis 30 minutes of u on air while i'm at school. i'll listen but i can't call cuz its always so hard to get picked.but i'll try. :) nd for valentine's day.. r u going to start ur own tour??send everyone something?have a special concert?
nd congrats to the winner!

DaniRefridgeratorMagnet said...

Mitchel. You have NO IDEA. How SPAZZED ALL the girls are on IMDB that YOU PICKED KELLY!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU FOR THAT!!!!!

Poopface itunes doesn't have Radio Disney Jams offense but I'm not gonna spend 15 bucks on songs I already have. Sorry bud.

I don't think I'll be able to call in cause I'm working during that time....but I will TRY!!! I'll ask you about REFRIGERATORMAGNETS! Be ready. ;)

So....I made you something on the IMDb youtube.....

You sing.....well?.....

SO MARCMARC IS NOT COMING TO CHICAGO.....Mitchel....I'm depressed now....I WILL NEVER MEET HIM!!! It's gonna kill me, Mitch.....


Carly said...

yahh! radio disneyy! haha im callingg! haha tht would be amazing if i could talk to u like i did last timee! haha i gotta think of a different question! haha hmmm... im going to go think.. lol

and idk what the surprise is...i really dont haha im not going to even try to guess anymoree! i cant wait to find outtt!!

haha alrightt well yah haha i dont know what to say lol and congrats to kelly!!!



Sara said...

I will most definetly be calling in!!!
I'm excited now :)

Love ya


Jess said...

Sweetness!! I'm gonna like call with my bff, we'll gather all the phones in all of the world. ahaha jk. But I will get my cell her cell our home phones, my mom's cell, my brothers cell, so yea. EEEPPP!!!! So now I'm gonna be twitchin in homeroom on Friday and my teacher will yell at me like the friday I was gonna meet you cuz I was tapping my pencil REALLY loudly hahaha. guess is that like there will be like a five foot poster of you topless...that be cool cuz then i get to say my famouse quote "You could grate cheese on those abbs!!" hahaha my "cheesy" joke get it? ahaha ok. Well have an awesome rest of the week!!!!


Nikita Bimson said...

Kelly is one lucky girl.

I sent you a later yesterday. I hope you get it. =]
I made u a bracelet that I never got to give you in VA cause they closed the line down. =[
but hopefully you'll get it soon.

leanne =] said...

Ohmygosh. I absolutely LOVE when you come on Radio Disney. Especially since last time you read my shout out. =]

You deserve all the requests Mitchel. =] I'm waiting for it to come on Disney Channel. I'm getting impatient, haha.

Oh yes, I know you were promoting P&F. I can't wait for it next month. The preview episodes were a w e s o m e !

I'm so happy for the J14 winner, I'm hearing it was Kelly. =]

Ohmygosshhh you can't say anything about the Valentine's Day surprise?! I'm like flipping out about it. I can't waitttt! =]

(the girl who didn't have a question on Radio Disney and is looking forward to having one on Friday ; ] )

Paige said...

I am going to be calling in for the whole two hours!

let's go with Emily's (xneverfarbehind) plan! HAHA, love ya Em :)

Katie R. said...

YAY KELLY!!! I am SO happy for her, She is going to have a BLAST!!
And I am SO going to listen to Radio Disney on Friday! I missed the last time you were on.
I REALLY hope you have enjoyed your time in London!! But, I am sure you want to get home and see Stitch ,your mom and Marc!
I can't wait for the Valentines day SURPRISE!! I haven't even tried to guess! LOL. I am just going to wait and see what it is....LOL.
Well, I hope you have a safe flight back. TTYL!
-Katie R.

MeganP2010 said...

haha lol I actually laughed out loud when I saw olivias guess of making a shampoo.... dude you should totally do it!!! And i just realized that all my in-class-on-iphone comments did work, so i ended up commenting that blog like five times saying the exact same thing haha im coooool....

anyways, GLAD I KNEW THERE WAS A CONTEST GOING ON! Oh well, I guess I'll just enter the next one.

Ok, Mitchel, I am SOOOOOOO going to call radio Disney on Friday! I'm gonna pray I make it on air, and when i do you will know its me because ill say..... It's Megan.... From San francisco!!!!!

Jdfsaefsf so excited for valentines day! I'm going to the metro station the night before!!! Oooo you better make sure mason keeps his mouth shut cuz I'm sooooo grilling him!

Love, Megan.

Crazyactress15 said...

Can't wait to hear the suprise!
I would love to call you on radio disney. But i dont knoe Cali time i know Indiana time. 2 dont know the number. i guess i will yet again have to suffer. Well have fun on your trip back to teh states.
Sorry my comments kinda suck today but thats how it goes.

Anonymous said...

Mitchel don't forget u have to announcee the concertt!!! I wanna no soo badly!

Have a safe ridee homee!


I found out the news and while I was running I slipped on the tile and like hurt my leg but I didnt care!
So i started crying telling them the news!
Im such a nerd!
I hope i get to talk to you!
I will be sooo overjoyed!!!

ILY sooo much!
<3 Shannon


I'm taking a break from finishing my science report, so...

I might "fake sick" on Friday to hear you on the radio!! Haha!

Yes!!! Tomorrow, I reserved a copy of the Metro Station CD!!! I am SO stoked!!!

I saw in the new Popstar! magazine and it had stills/behind the scences pics from the "Lean On Me" music video!!! Can't wait!!!

I missed Emily on Radio Disney on Monday! I'm very upset!

Anywhoo...Can't wait until you announce your next concert! I hope to see you really soon!!!


Much <3,
(Girl from Phoenix who has same birthday!)

P.S. Listening to Radio Disney right now and guess who's on!! YOU!!! BTW, make sure to tell Marc and Mason hiii!!! Congrats on everything!!

Breann said...

im gonna call like crazy!!! i hope i get through.... im like nervous and excited at the same time idk why though!!! and i wont be in night school!!!! omfg u have no clue how excited i am!!!

now i have to do a 47 page packet for school... and then workout.... so ill talk 2 ya on friday! ahh i can't wait!



Tyler Michelle said...

congrats to whoever is the winner!
i would die to be in her position :]

i'm going to try my hardest to call and talk to you.
but, it's going to be so hard to actually get through.

have a safe trip home!

<3 Tyler Michelle

Anonymous said...

Mitchel don't forget u have to announcee the concertt!!! I wanna no soo badly!

Have a safe ridee homee!

abby(: from arizona said...

OMG! I am sooo calling in.

your song was number 19? that is crazyy. it should be going to number 1. dont worry, we'll make it happen.

congrats to the winner! i hope she has a great time, you're such a great guy, who wouldn't have fun with you?

im taking more guesses.
01. you are having another concert tour.
02. you have a clothing line.
03. you are making a youtube? ahha. (you should by the way!)
04. you're in a new movie, on the big screen.
05. you're giving away a HUUUGGEEEEEEEEE BIG fan basket, for a fan, full of stuff, from you, and...stuff.
06. i cant think of anything else!
07. these are probably all wronggg.

ahahaa. ummm..yeahh..

im calling in. ;)

see ya!

Anonymous said...

Hi Mitchel I can wait to see Phineas & Ferb!

Hope you had fun in London.and i cant wait to hear what that surprise is! I hope it means I get to meet you again! cuz that would be the coolest v-day id every have! any way even if its not im sure it will be cool!

bye bye


Dakota said...

i wish i could call...but ill be at play auditions!
maybe ill try and sneak a call anyway...
its too bad that theres no meet and greet in denver! i wanted to meet you! but ill settle for a concert!
im still convincing my dad to let me go...
if he hears that its free, i think that i may convince him...if there are any tix left!
Im going to be waiting 4 your dubut cd...its just a better way of spendin money! All i want on the cd is your song!
ok, so ill try and call, but remember, MY NAME IS DAKOTA!!!!!

Luv you!!

Julie :] said...

i wanna knowwww. haha. im like dieing ovr here. i know that u've been hinting it in the last few blogs... i just can't figure out what the hints are!!! x]

and i most definately will call in and try to talk to u. :D it might b really hard to get in, but im gonna try. :]

im glad ur having fun tho! <33

love u!


**ps: congrats kelly :D

Daniela said...

I'm happy that you have fun :)
but how can I buy the CD? and I don't have Disney Channel in Israel.. :(((((((((((
Daniela (from Israel)

Sasha said...

I might be home to listen to you on Radio Disney. Yay! I don't think I'll call in though. Believe it or not I hate talking on the phone...I can't wait for the surpise On Valentine's Day!!! It sounds like you had fun in London. Thats's great!!! Congrates to the winner.

See ya

ayoo maryann! said...

yayyy for her, im so happy someone from the boards won.
so 2:00pm to 4:00 pm Cali time, thats 5:00pm to 7:00pm Jersey time!

expect lots of calls haha :)

i was sick yesterday and requested lean on me like 84378379 times.
well, not that many but pretty close haha!

Taylor said...

welcome home mitchiee :)
i mite cum c u at tha concertt thurs.
yay!! :)
lovee ya!!

i have a guess:

i think u mite make a CD
or go on a rele long tour
or movie
or move 2 floria (haha, i wish)
okay. i ran outta guesses!

cantt wait 2 hear tha news tho!!!

ily mitchiee :)

Megan x said...

Congrats to Kelly for winning the date =]
She's so lucky

I hope you come back to London soon =]
And this time promise you'll have a meet and greet?

I would call in.... if I was in the U.S lol because it would be like 10pm here + I can't even listen to radio Disney, not even over the internet which is really annoying =[

Hope you had a good trip home

ily <3

Megan xx

lizzmtmie said...

so.. the friends cast is getting back together for a reunion episode, and your gunna guest star??
HAHA my dream
they need to do a reunion

but really your killing me here
i was sick today and i requested lean on me a TON!

i have the dual time on my phone so i knwo what time to call tommorow!!
itll be like 5 in mass i think,


Chelsee said...

Ok, here's a list of guesses. I spent the whole day thinking them up, even through my exams! lol.

1.) You're moving back to Texas.

2.) Your parents are adopting a homeless kid from Ethiopia or something.

3.) Mason is getting Married? Lol!!

4.) You love the Ollie's Dollies so much, you're flying all of us out to California to spend a day with you?
lol jk.

5.) You're getting a Myspace. Probably not, but it was worth a guess.

6.) You're writing a book.

7.) You wrote a song about us. (if you look at the thread on the boards titled "the 'big' surprise" you'll see the song I wrote for you to sing, everyone liked it. lol.)

8.) You're auctioning yourself off for a date at an auction to help kids with cancer? :) I'd bid on you!

that's all I could come up with, when i think of some more I'll add them.



Hey mitchel,
OMG! i would have posted earlier phone was being retarded soo yea....anyways... i went 2 get pushplay's cd at target on tuesday and it wasnt there so anyways...i got radio disney 10 thingy because u were on there...i got it JUST because of u!<333 yea...soo yea..

Julie :] said...

ok so 2pm cali time is 5pm ohio time.

and i know i already commented this blog, but i really hope i can get to talk to u :]

if i dont, just know i say "hey!!" k??

love u!


ttran said...

Hey, Mitchel!

Congrats to the J14 winner!!

I haven't seen your music video yet, but I am definitely looking forward to it!

Well, I have an hour to pack before I leave for the Drama Convention!! Exclamation Points!

Hope I can see you Sunday in New Orleans!

Have an awesome awesome awesome AMAZINGLY awesome weekend!

lizzieeeee said...

Ahh, I'll be calling into radio disney every second.

I hope you and Kelly have a greaaaaat time. She's really sweet, I'm sure you two will have fun :D


Rosario said...

Hey mitchel
omg im so calling tomorow, right when i get home from school :]
i can't wait to meet you Jan. 31st!

Anonymous said...

yippiee I got your CD today:]

and congrats kelly, you probably deserved. I wish somebody would tell me these things.. like you were havng a win-a-date contest! but its all good, I deff enter the next one.. if there is another one.

so about the suprise is it..
1.your dieing your hair hot pink or some other vibrant color?[always a possibilty]
2.there is no suprise, you just like to torture us?[i would be very upset and i highly doubt you would do something like that.hah]
3.your performing at my sweet sixteen? [pshh i wish. that would be a dream come true.]
4.your making a special music video with a lucky fan in it?[you dont know how cool that would be]

iiight. im all outa ideas. but the suspence is KILLIING me :x
P.S. I love you<3

Anonymous said...

Right when I get home from school, I am turning on my radio! I will surely be listening. =]

I haven't seen the music video just yet. Hopefully it will be on soon though. Im excited to see it!
But Im even more excited to find out what your Valentines Day present is.
Gosh! Your killing me inside! Lol.

Love you much.

Lisa said...


Jenny said...

Yay, I wanna say hello. (:

abby from texas said...

its driving me crazy that i dont know the suprise! ! ! hmm... another tv show? hannah montana movie? cd? idk what to guess!!!
-I WILL DEF. call radio disney when you're on,,but i wont get through...

happy wednesday
abby from texas

Emily said...

im definately gonna call tomorrow! too bad i can only get through to radio disney after midnight. hahaha but im trying anyway. nice new blog picture (it's my friend's) ;)

ok um GUESSES........
you're doing a live chat??
you're coming back to imdb??
umm......youre doing some sort of HUGE concert (hopefully near los angeles??) lol....

thats all ive got for now.

Anonymous said...

You should come to Ireland!!!!
We could do lunch!


Sam said...

hmmmm is the suprise..
1) you're coming out with a CD on valentines?
2)you're going to have your own tv show?
3)you're going to star in a big production movie?
4)you're coming out with your very own clothing line that will be sold in stores nationwide?
5)you're going to have another BRAND new song?
6) you're going to go on tour with Billy Ray (lol, random i know..)?
7) you're going to auction something BIG for charity?
8) you're going to do a HUGE tour in all fifty states? (hahaha)
9)you're going to be on a Rolling Stones cover? (LOL)
10)you're going to get a BIG hair cut? (=()
11)you're coming out with a cologne? (lol, they just keep getting weirder)
12) you're going to be creating a music video for one of your previous songs? (i.e. white striped gloves)
13)you're going to be doing a remake of some other song?
14) you're going an interview on jay leno?
15) you're going to be on oprah?
16) you're going to sing for the president?
17) a "mitchel musso" doll is coming to stores?
18) you're moving to irvine and you're going to transfer to my high school?
(ahahahha jkjk)

well....looks like thats all i got for now. lol

love always,

Makayla said...

Oh wait. Duh! 2:00 to 4:00pm CALI TIME! That's 3:00 to 5:00pm here! I will most definatley call in!


Much <3,
(Girl from Phoenix with same birthday)

MeganP2010 said...

haha ok new guesses (more like what I hope the surprise is)

1. That you're going to Bamboozle in Irvine (dude i'm driving 8 hours with my friends to see metro station and some other bands we like)[god I hope you're there!]
2. You're doing a live chatttttttt-- because i'd love that and like lakjflaskdfj it'd be coooool
3. You're gonna show up at my door.
4. You're gonna pick a lucky fan to go to their school [oh my god that would be sooo much fun, you'd love it at my school! you should schedule a shadow appointment if you ever come back here!]

ok other random guesses [dude this is so hard, i can't think of anything good!]
1. you're holding some HUGE BIG AWESOME contest for your fans
2. you're gonna be in a feature film
3. you're shooting a music video and we all get to be in it

anyways, I have pe tomorrow 7th period, and my teacher is really chill so i'm gonna smuggle a radio and my cell phone in there and call you! or if we're having free time i'll just ditch and call you! I think you have to be younger than 14 to call radio disney, but it might be different since it's you, but just don't think i'm 14 if I say it... not like it's such a big difference from 15 but whatever....

love youuuu!!


Anonymous said...

hey is lean on me on itunes cause i can't find it...

Anonymous said...

oh darn it!....not even close?....well i am so glad that u had an awesome time!.....i looked up ur song on itunes last night and i haven't found it yet!...i will keep fact i will try rite after i finsih!...oh i might beable to call in!'s at 4 here when u start and it will end at 6....i will try my hardest ok?!...ttyl!


Jess said...

Hey Mitchel!!!
I can't wait until tomorrow!!! I'm inviting my two closest friends over and we're gonna call like crazzzzzy!!! Wait I have another guess!! Is it something about another win a date with you contest in a magazine coming out, or something about the free fly to Hollywood? Wait!? You will magically apear in my english class on V-day and like all of a sudden my englich teacher like falls out the window and has to go home for a while. And then all of a sudden Chris Brown will walk in and start singing With You and you'll ask me to dance with you!! ahaha jk jk that's just always been my dream, and uhhhh hey!! Valentines day this year is going to actually be good no wait GREAT for me for once, no twice because it will be a year since I fell in love with you!!! YAY!! So maybe my dream won't happen but maybe the surprise is your gonna post a little something special for a little someone cuz its been like a WHOLE YEAR!!! That's never happened before!! I usually can't like a guy for like two weeks it's so funny. Whoa this is like serious stuff going on here I'm in love I guess, well I knew that but you know just a little coocoobananas...that's uhh never happened are VERY SPECIAL!!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!


Kelsey said...

hey omg im going to call in the whole 2 hourss!! =]]]] ---> CANT WAITT!!

soo are u home now?!?

hey ya know that concertt... is it going to be any where near new yorkK!!! pleasee announcee soon!!

and omg i have no idea what the big surprise isss! POSTT


DaniRefrigeratorMagnet said...

Mallorie came up with a list of guesses:

1. You're going to move out to Mooville, Minnesota, buy a cabin, and live like a hermit to discover your inner self for 60 days.
2. You're coming back to IMDb to tell everyone your sorry for leaving and you really can't live without us.
3. Your going to propose to Jessica Alba; even though she's preggy.
4. You've decided to take me and Meeghan up on our offer to come to Minnesota and party at Meeghan's cabin and go fishing and tubing
5. You've decided to go on a great white shark dive but your too scared to go by yourself, so your gonna ask me to go!!! YES!!!
6. MarcMarc is going to annouce his undying love for me and we're going to go get married in the Carribean!!...awkward....
7. You're going to announce your secret fear. Girls on IMDb.
8. You're going to have a contest within the blog and the lucky person gets to be in your new music video for Leavin'!
9. You're going to ask all of us to be your valentine! (playa, yo!)
10. You're going to dye your hair blond.
11. You're going to be in JAWS: 5! The Revenge after the Revenage after that other Revenge.....
12. Mason is getting married and I get to come to the wedding. (wth?!?!?)
13. You've decided to order more DANIREFRIGERATORMAGNETS!!!!
14. YOU'RE GOING TO BE THE OPENING ACT FOR THE JONAS BROTHERS!!!! (Dude, I got tickets to a concert too!)
15. You're gonna put Mallorie in the blog for this post! YES!

Best. Guesses. Ever.


Paulita said...

hhahaha i love that girl's guesses!

sing for the presidente!



Heyy Mitchel<333!
imm defff! calling u! even if i break like all the bones in my body 2morrow idc! ill call u! soo its 2:00-4:00 pm cali its...5:00-7:00 here? idk im not a time zone genious but i no that from nj and australia theres 8hours...cuz i had 2 no wat time to call the parentals:)...but anyways back 2the point...IM DEFF CALL U!<33.....OMG..even luckier its before fridays place! yay! Omg i got Popstar mag 2day and it had like an article on ur Lean On Me video, behind the scene thingy, and i was listening 2 Lean On Me and i screamed really loud and my hamster like jumped up from my screaming, i had a Mitchel Obsession Spazzism :) Well im gonna go back 2 listening 2 listening 2 my 3 of my many fave songs (Lean on me, Bubbly, and Kelsey :))

P.S. Im sending a thing in to disney like with ur name on it (is that what i should do?) and i got a couple of my friends to sign it soo i think i got 7 ppl 2 sign it, so we can get u in NJ or NYC :)

christineLovesMitchTate said...

ilyy mitchhh

ii have mid terms tomorrow and the next weekk.. but imma call yooh tomorrow around 2ish haha and were GONNA talkkkk cuzz dudee ii miss yooh SOOOOO muchhhhh <3


Ok here's my guesses...
1. Your getting another dog(so stitch wont be lonley in dog world lol)
2. Your nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize (lol idk...that was ...weird)
3. Your painting your room awesome colors (idk looking at my wall)
4. You and Marc or You and Mason Or all 3 of u are gonna work on something 2gether?
5. Your gonna meet queen latifa?
6. Your gonna be on supernatural?!? (sry i <33 that show)
7. Your knock on my door on v-day and give me a big teddy bear?
8. Your gonna move 2 NJ and go 2 the highschool in my town and Marc's gonna go 2 my school and be in my class?!? OMG THAT WOULD BE AWESOmE!! i got my hopes up.....
9. Your singing a duet with Someone you know
10. YOUR GETTING A NEW SNEAKER LINE FOR BOYZ AND GIRLZ!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??! that would be awesomez!

Fer said...

lol omg we're never gonna guess!!!I guess it's gonna be really amazing!!!

I can't call cuz I live in Mexico
=( it sucks...
I wanna see your music video so bad!!!

woww you're gonna be great with Billy Ray, you ARE going to be rocking it!!!hope you have an awesome time!!



Meeghanherexo said...


ey ey!

how was europe?

.....ten minutes, and it'll be six days till ze telefono!


guess what.
it's almost friday, and i'm dying my hair this weekend. a streak of purple.

whoo exciting.


MeganP2010 said...

yo Mitchelllllll: the best thing EVER happened today:

SCHOOL WAS CANCELLED! dude I live in California, this never happens! Other people get snow days, we get POWER OUTAGE DAY

anyways, this has to do with you because, that means I don't have to ditch PE to call you!!! I'm like chillin at home, not doing homework, watching tv, surfing the internet..... it's soooooo goooooood. I just sent you like a bajillion little "shout out" things on radio disney so hopefully you'll read one when you're there today. But I hope they don't like show you all of them, because I basically sent the same thing in different wording....

ok so I'm gonna call you and I'm gonna get on air and aldskfjad it'll be magic

--Megan P (San Francisco)!!!

Katie R. said...

WOW!! Those are all AMAZING guesses!! I have a guess, it probably isn't very good, but I thought i'd give it a try....
ok, my guess is your coming out with you very own starburst flavor!!!!!.....Hahaha... How cool would that be right? I'd buy it!!
Ok, I will post some more when I can think of some. LOL! I will be listening to RD today! I might even try to call in. So talk to you later!
-Katie R.

Abbster said...

Hey Mitchel!!
youre so lucky that ur in London! im so happy for you!
i request lean on me everyday online, and every time i hear it, i freak. lol.
i am soo excited to call you! i dont even know if i will get in, because ur so amazing, EVERYONE will be calling!
i am soo happy, my mom said i could go see you on monday!!! im makin a little something, i cant wait for you to see it! i hope everything works out!
i cant wait to hear this valentines day surprise!
youre amazing to the 1000th power!

Anonymous said...

OH MY GOD!!!!!!!

Mitchel, I JUST SAW YOUR MUSIC VIDEO FOR "LEAN ON ME" ON YOUTUBE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's up there!!! Link:

OMG Mitchel, that is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love it!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

OMG i haven't posted a comment in a long time!! my computer has been broken. but anyways
it's on youtube! :) and popstar! posted it in their blog!!
i loved it!
mitchel you'r amazing!!

Belle said...

When is your CD coming out!!!!!????!!!!! I cant wait to get it!!!! But I was really sad that I cant find any of your songs on itunes!!!!

love-mitchell said...

Hey Mitchell, I loved your concert in Pulte homes in Tucson thats the best concert I've ever been to. Come to think of it that,s the only concert I've been to of yours. Anyways I just wanted to give you props on that best friends speech that you did that was so sweet for you to do because my cousin totally adores you now. I kind of do too. Like a lot.