Monday, January 28, 2008

New Orleans was the BOMB!!

How fun was that???? I mean very cool!

IF you didn't make it was a PARTY! First of all.....I was able to perform 2 new songs. One of them being "Lean On Me" and we showed the Music video on a large screen to the left of the stage and my dancers and I worked the was Great....but then I got to share my new song title "My Best Friend" and's about a girl! and if you were there and heard it....or if it shows up on YOUTUBE...I really want to know what you think....... And even though that would have been enough......I got to introduce one of my best buddies........

the one...the only....BILLY RAY CYRUS!!! and it gets better......Billy Ray....being the awesome dude he is...asked if I wanted to join him back on stage for "I Want My Mullet Back".....and of course I said YES!! and we Rocked The House just as Orleans will definately be a place that I will Never forget. The food was AMAZING....our hotel was great and the people were so nice! I didn't get to meet everyone....because there was thousands of people there.....I'm Not even kidding.......but we did have a great time!

And I want to give a shout out to my Band and guys are the BEST!

Next stop...ORLANDO....I am on the bus traveling you see the Miley World bus.............HONK...because I'm in it!

Who's coming to Denver on the 9th? I am really looking forward to it.

The ideas for the surprise are great! idea was I might take off my shirt and funny........uh....Mason's getting married..........uh.......I might sing a Song about girls being obsessed with sharks and magnets or something like that.....and Maybe I really wash my hair three times a day instead of 2.....ok...Mallorie...this shout out is for you! You are definitely going to be a great writer or comedian or something when you grow make me laugh out loud! know I love you! You heard me on Radio Disney right?? I know it was IMPOSSIBLE to call in....but I didn't forget about you did I?? I mentioned you as often as I could and I always do....because you guys really are the BEST!

You really liked the "Snow Buddies" Video??? I was so hoping you would.......because when I went into the studio that day to record and also the day of the shoot....I put everything into it and I really thought about my fans the entire time and about how I really wanted to do something for you guys....I felt like "Lean On Me" was a perfect way to say you can lean on me...because whenever I feel down.....I lean on you for support.......and can "Lean On Me"....thanks guys....I really wanted you to love it....I'm very happy about that.....when you see it....I want you to say to yourself....Mitchel did this for me.....cause I had you in mind the whole time I was working on this project!

and I leave you with this. Just a couple of lines from my newest song.......

"My Best Friend"

She's My Best....I think I Know it....I'm just hoping that she feels the same
and I know we're more than friends...I hope she knows it......



xneverfarbehind said...

Ahaha, I'm the one that told you to flex :D Ok so maybe I can't ask you over the internet, but I really want to see those guns in person. I saw the picture in I think it was Popstar? Of you flexing at the DC games. Danggg. Maybe next Valentine's Day you should flex for us. :) I'm glad you had a great time in New Orleans! <3 Happy Monday :D

Krystle Kayla said...

isnt your best friend song about AJ from Aly & AJ

i think you should uhhhhhhhhh.
do a video chat.
for sureeeeeeeeee <3

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel!

I'm so glad to hear that you had an amazing time! I really am. And Billy Ray is amazing. I imagine that the performance of "I want my mullet back" was awesome.

Hahaha! All those ideas for the Valentine's surprise are so funny!

I'm listening now to your interview in Radio Disney cause samebody with a huge heart recorded it, lol.

I already told you that I loved the musci video of Lean on me and I'll tell you again: I LOVE IT!!
It's soo cool that you did this for us! ;)

Aww, love that part of your new song. I can't wait to listen it!

Well, g2g, Mitchel's talking and I'm missing it, hehe.

Have a great time at Orlando.

Love Ya,


Meeghanherexo said...



Mallorie, I know.. she's like. the funniest kid I know, other than Mariam.

and they both make me lol.


getcho booty up here!


ahahaa. kyle's got fans.

So, yes... minnesota. kyle. agreed?

I'm seeing metro on thursday.

guess time.
1.)You're coming... to minnesota.. to film the hannah montana movie.
2.)You're declaring that you want to live in a apartment with Mariam and I.(inside joke with mariam.)
3.)you're making a mobzz t shirt line.
4.)you're making a mobzz CD.
5.)you're making a movie.
6.)you're coming to minnesota with kyle?
I like that one.

please, oh please let it be six!

carly said...

Hey mitchel haha it sounds like ur having a great time down in florida on the miley bus and all!! Haha fun and sounds likeur concert last night was amazingg glad to hear!

Wow lol I laughed at the ideas tht u mentionedd haha and I really can't wait to hear it!

And omg I loved the lean on me vid! I know I told u that buttt I'm telling u again haha

Soo today I'm off of school and guess wht tomorrow I'm seeing metro station! For the third timee! Haha can't waitt and ahh can't wait till friday! Phinas and ferb rightt!!

Haha yahjhh u mentiioned dani in ur blog she will be soo excitedd

Omg I'm soo mad yesterday I was going to meet jason earles at this car show and it would be the second time but I didn't get to go :[

Well say hi to everyone on the busss

Thanks for updatingg


MeganP2010 said...

awww Mitchel, you're the greatest! I'm soooo happy your reading all our silly little posts and comments! That girl Mallorie will be so happy, I keep reading her posts and hahah they're good...!

thats SO EXCITING that Billy Ray did that for you! I could tell he'd do something special since it was YOU performing before him! ahhhhh that's getting up there, Mitchel!

cuteee new song by the way! I can't wait to hear it! It would have been soooo great to see you perform Lean on Me live!!!! I hope you come back to san franciscoishh soon because I need to see you!

alskdfjaslkdfj valentines day surprise. alkjdfalskdfj. I've got this big fat mark in my calendar/school planner thing on valentines day (which is the day after the metro station concert) that's like "MITCHEL'S BIG SURPRISE!" in like every color highlighter... i'm cool......

ok.... guesses?.... I think I might be out of guesses but it's kinda fun whippin some up.....okay.......wait.....nevermind I can't think of any.... I like Mallorie's better..... did she think of that one with you taking your shirt off then flexing and taking a picture? ........I wouldn't hate it..... =]

Megan x said...

And you know we love you right?!


I love the lean on me video.
Is super cute.
Lacking one thing though...
....You shirtless =]

Maybe in your next video yeah? =P

Duddeeeee. Seriously getting impatient at having to wait for valentines day! Any chance of a clue to what it could be?!

So I got the Hannah Montana Uno cards yesturday.
And I gotta say... number 7 is my favourite =]
You can totally pull off that sweater.

Can't wait to hear the new song, just waiting for someone to post it on youtube.
Which reminds me....
....I made a video of you as Oliver.
Would love it if you could check it out =]

Have a great time in Florida,


Megan xxxx

MeganP2010 said...

wait ahhh I forgot to tell you two things:

1) my sister got Hannah Montana on wii for christmas, and I started playing it like last week (it's like ddr for your hands) and it was really fun hahaha. I got addicted and beat the game yesterday lol. okay but anyways- you're in it! you might already know that.... but idk it's funny! It doesn't quite look like you, but it's close! they have you doing these funny thingsss ahahh, but it's definately not your voice....

2) Miley World bus! I was thinking like, wow, that would be the best thing in my life if I was like driving a long and I spotted the MILEY WORLD BUS hahah I would honk.... except i'm here.... in California...... so that doesn't work......Anyways, now both you and Mason (and Miley and Trace for that matter) are on busses!


Mariam. [: said...

i love her. (:

all my hopes and dreams just crashed in to the ground.
like, BAM.
what is this about not flexing?!

way to let the fan down.

i love you.
-mariam. (:

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you had an awesome time! I can't wait to hear the new song! I'll tell you when I see it on youtube, though! New Orleans sounds awesome! hmm... I'm trying to imagine you with a mullet... hmm... lol! I wish I could come see you in Denver or in Florida! Those are some pretty funny valentine's day ideas... lol! Was the shark idea posted by Dani? She loves sharks... and JAWS... I don't have any funny ideas, but it would be cool if you read Twilight by Stephenie Meyer on Valentine's Day. It's one of the most amazing books ever! I'll tell you more about it later, but I have to study for my last midterm now. Oh, and BTW, I'm glad you had fun on radio disney and I absolutely LOVE the snow buddies music video! *smile* g2g


leanne =] said...

i can't wait to hear my best friend, i'll check if its on youtube. i can tell you right now i know i'll be hooked to it. [=

that's so cool that you got to perform with billy ray! i'm trying to imagine the thousands of people there. and i thought the amount that was there when i met you in NY was a lot! [=

oh wow, you are driving me up the walls with this valentine's day surprise. and then i started telling my friend about it and now its driving her crazy too. i'm really looking forward to valentine's day pretty much just for the surprise. so here's a guess... you're going to start your own reality show. and its about how cool you are. xD hahah. my friend's guess was that you're going to start your own youtube account and make lots of videos (she was thinking about the jonas brothers, they do that). take off your shirt and flex, i think that would just make the next 45 years of my life. [=

mitcheeel, you know i love you tooo! i called in to radio disney for the whole time that you were on the radio. cell phone AND home phone. it actually rank a couple t imes but when it hit the 1 minute mark it hung up. those girls must've tried with like 98592 phones to get in. i didn't hear my shoout out this time (which DID include a question! ;] ), but i heard SHIREEENS! [= like seriously, i know how amazed shireen wasbecause of when you read mine last time. like i seriously laughed because i didn't have the question and like cried and my brother was like... uhm... wowww.

oh man, i LOVED the lean on me video! i had like 4 random people tell me, 'you know Mitchel Musso has a video for a song called lean on me on disney,' and i was like, 'i knowwww[='. these people think i wouldn't know that, being as obsessed as i am. ; ] i want to buy the dvd, A. because i can watch lean on me over and over again and B. because those dogs are adorably cute and i've seen like a lot of the other ones. [=

the song sounds great already. [=

a couple days ago i mailed my very big envelope to you, but from new york to california it should take verrrry long to get there. and my valentine to you was in it. so you'll be opening a big valentine like in apriiil. and i put in a letter that is over 20 pages long. written. i'm deaddd serious. [=

~Leanne [=

Daniela said...

I'm happy that The food was AMAZING :)
and I hope that she knows and feel the same about you (: GOOD LUCK!
ohh and you songs are great! I love them :D
Daniela (from Israel)

ashlee said...

Ahh, new orleans sounds funn! That's sooo awesome that u premiered a brand new song! Can't wait to hear it.

dude, the lean on me video is sooooo flippin awesome. Its my most favoritestt videoo everr. Your like ohso talented, mitchel. You should do a music video for white striped gloves or leavin'. It would be amazing.

Ah, I can't go 2 denver..well I could, but since your coming here *portland* my mom said I could only go here. So yea. But have FUN in denver.

One last thing, please please please please please bring mom, dad, and marc to the portland concert. Please? =]


Crazyactress15 said...

Ok you know what you make me hate you for getting to do all of this.
you are so lucky bu to well.Im happy that you had a good time after all i did say have fun for me. Anyway thatnks for keeping us fans in mind we love to hear it. I just spread the word about your blog to one of my friends today so who knows you migh tget another fan on here. I hope you have fun at the next place your going. Wish i was with you and not in high school this week. It gets me so stressed. Anyway this isnt about me. About you taking off your shirt and flexing when i read that i laughed. It would be a good site but.......... Still can't wait to hear your suprise. oh yeah im 16 feb. 7th. Question do you like beign 16. Anyway this is a long post. Anyway have fun!!!!!
Always and forever

Krystle Kayla said...

ORRRRRRRRR how about having your fans in your next music video ;)

that sounds amazing

Disa said...

The music video was cuuute (:

I'm gonna take a whack at guessing this Valentine's Day Surprise.

1. You invented a new ice cream?
2. Your face is gonna be on a cereal box? Haha.
3. You're coming out with a line of hair care products and the hair mousse will be called "'Mousse-o!' by Musso"? :D
4. Your songs are going to be available for purchase on iTunes?
5. There's gonna be a new contest that has to do with you?
6. You're gonna mail each of us a personalized, hand-written Valentine's Day card?
7. You're writing a book?
8. You invented mirrors that when someone looks in them they hear your voice say "Lookin' good!"? Bahaha.
9. You're going on a tour around the US?

Any of those would be nice :D


Heyy Mitchel,
Just got outta school and soon going 2 piano.

But anyway, When i was reading The part about the shirtless-ness and the Flexing-ness. I laughed reaaaaaaaalllllllyyy hard. But my mom misunderstood Me when i said that. She was like "Mitchel, i am shocked of you!", but it was soooo funnyy!

I wish i could have went to New Orleans, but i didnt tear tear. If i was able 2 i would have. But i wasnt. :*(

Come back up by like, NYC or NJ or PA. And make me happy.

Next time i see the Lean On Me video i will scream out "MITCHEL DID THIS FOR ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" :)

Tell Marc and Mason I said Hi!


tiffany said...

wait i'm confused...mason's getting married?

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel!

wow sounds like you're having TONS of fun. Now your next stop should really be down here in Australia. You could gate crash my school...its all girls... tempting? haha anyways. I'm off. I gotta go for my first day back. great now im a senior. ONLY 1 YEAR LEFT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(the other Mallory)

Sara said...

Yay for Mallorie!!! She really is hilarious.

The Lean On Me video is the most adorable thing ever. Seriously, theres nothing cuter than puppies and you all in one video.

AND MASON BETTER NOT BE GETTING MARRIED! :( I'll cry. Hahaha. I love you and Mason more than words could possibly describe. I LOVE Marc too of course.

I REALLY REALLY wanna hear Best Friend now.

so yeah....come back to Boston :)

Love ya

Chelsee said...

Mason's getting Marrieddd!
that was mine.
BUT I forgot to add that we'd all be invited to the wedding!!!
Cause that's the part that would make it good for all of us, like you said.


Mallorie!! You're a Blogstar!! lol you make everyone laugh! AND Mitchel!

Mitchel, you majorly disappointed me with your last blog. I was reading for the next concert, and I saw Portland, and I was like, "OMG, Portland, Maine!!!! I can go to that!" and then I saw Oregon. So that was a bummer.
So you need to come here and cheer me up.

Oh, and you know Mallorie's guess about how Stitch met a girl dog and they had puppies? I was GOING to say that, but then I deleted it cause I thought it sounded weird. But that would be super cool.

Ok well have a great day!


Mal said...

Hey Mitchel!

WOW!It's sounds like you're having TONS of fun.I'm soo happy for you. Now you're next stop really needs to be down here in Australia. YOu can gate crash my school.... all girls.. tempting much? haha anyways. im off.It's my first day abck at school.... eep I'm about to go become a senior. YIKES!!! oh well, only one year to go. AND THEN IM IN AMERICA!!!!!!!!

(the other Mallory)

p.s. LOVED Lean on me.

p.p.s love the new song. I MUST HEAR IT!!!!!!

Sara said...

I know I just left a comment but seriously that thing about always thinking about us fans made my day.

christineLovesMitchTate said...

heyyyy mitchhhh
ok so ii miss yooh and I CANT WAIT till valentines dayyyyy!

and im gonna have to ask yooh to do me like the biggest favor. ii realllyy REALLY wanna be on yoor blog, hopefully on valentines day. a tiny shout out would be awesome!

luv yoohh <3

Breann said...

today is like the worst day ever
:( the only great thing about today is you posting a blog thinger.... but the worst is that i can't find my ipod cuz now i can't workout.but i did find my PSP that i lost 2 years ago!!!

Anyway... i'm glad u had fun in New Orleans.... i'm waiting for it to hit YOUTUBE even though im mad at YOUTUBE well the people on it cuz they are sooo mean. and i agree that u should take off ur shirt and flex for us i know that would make me feel a whole lot better!!

I think i re-watched the "Lean on me" music video like a million times i can't get over how AMAZING it is and u are even more AMAZINGER lol if thats even a word.... my friend was making fun of my reaction everytime it came on... i can't tell you what she was saying to me on here but uh lets just say it had to do with back spazzum's if u catch my drift... but i was doing that to make my friend laugh cuz she was down and confused and that's what i do best everyone comes to me when they wanna laugh i don't mind either.... i don't think i ever saw her laugh so damn hard lol.

Well, i guess i have to go look for my ipod i have everyone in the house looking for it! i gotta do that saint anthony prayer like crazy maybe it'll pop up.



Crazyactress15 said...

Hey i know that i already commented today but i have a question. Have you ever had one of those days where you just cant be happy but you want to be so bad? Well that show I feel today. You say to lean on you so i am. Today is just a day were everytihng that can does go wrong.I know you never comment back ((well you havent to me)) but just knowing that you read this makes me feel a little better about my day. I guess in a way you are my invisable support. Wow that made me feel better already. Anyway thanks for letting me lean on you. If you need me im here.

Sam said...

my guess is that: you're coming to the Bamboozle concert in New Jersey with Metrostation and Miley comes along too and it's one big happy family. and of course I get to hang out because you guys are the best people ever. I think you both should seriously come cause it would be a party, Bamboozle is like THE east coast concert. So you have to come. I'm daring you to. And you know I love you, right? ;)

Krystle Kayla said...

come to bamboozle with mason!


lizzieeeee said...

mallorie is the best.

dshfkjs come to chicago for a concert soon
so i can hear your new song (:


brooke said...

im glad you had fun in new orleanss :D.
i can't wait to hearrr "my best friend"
it's cute that you wrote a song about your best friendd :].

andddd i think your going to be writing a song about me.
a fifteen and a half year old girllll, who is in love with you.
but you really don't care.
ORRRR you and you and the hannah cast are shooting the movie in OHIOOO!


Sasha said...

I;m glad you had a great time in New Orleans. It sounds like you had a lot of fun.

I loved the music video "Lean On Me" I told my friends they should watch. The puppies were sooo cute. I told one of my friends that and she said "I bet that's not the only thing you thought was cute." I started laughing.

The first few lines of your new song sound pretty good. I'll defiantly try to listen to it.

See ya

Rachel said...

You know what I think your surprise should be? Coming to the Metro Station concert at the 930 Club! Mainly because I'll be there. Haha. Totally kidding, but I'm excited to see Mason! :)
Absolutely loved Lean On Me, by the way. And I can't wait to hear this new song of yours!
Your surprise should be... well, I don't know. Because if I guess, and then that's what you do, it wouldn't be much of a surprise, will it?
Can you tell I'm procrastinating my homework? I bet. I'll get to working on that- and get your work done before you blog, silly. I'm not the only procrastinator, am I? Haha.
Have a great day, and at least think about coming to the 930 Club? I'll love you forever, I promise! :D

katie said...

mitchel! i loveeeee lean on me!
hopefully you come back to michigan soon!!<3

Fer said...

you know???you really should felx for us!!!lol I'm so glad you had such a great time with billy ray, he rocks and I just can't wait to see the video of you two on stage for "I want my mullet back"

well I really hope you have an awesome time on the miley world bus!!and as I already told you on your last blog, I love your video!it's jus amazing and right now I'm gonna go to youtube to listen to "My Best Friend"

You know you're AMAZING, right??

love youu<3


J35C said...

um.....ur gonna have a new addition to the family....?? mabye another MTM?

ur gonna b made into a SIM 4 Sims 2....maybe?

maybe...the Musso out JB

um....Mason got a tatoo with ur name on it

u got a tatoo with Stitch's face on it

Stitch has a girlfriend (dogfriend)

radio disney pool ur house and we're all invited

ur running off to India... and getting married

Kyle is really ur brother

Marc is getting home schooled

Marc is going on HM

Marc is getting a music video

Metro Station's using ur face as it's logo

ur gonna have a reality show...we're it's all Mitchel all day

maybe even ur own channel :]

ur moving back to Texas...with Stitch...only u 2(maybe a fan)

ur moving to Chicago


growing a mullet

buying a gerbal

being Metro Station's merch/tamborinist

ur gonna beatbox at the VMAs

ur going to a YMCA on Trace's B-Day in Chicago

ur gonna sing @ Mason's 19th

u and Trace r gonna do a duet...4 mason

starting ur own clothing company....from hairflips to pinkies

ur gonna b Chad Michael Michaels 4 Halloween...only u can't wait that ur doing it on V-Day

From.......JB, Carly, 35, and the "original" Lean on me


happy Monday....don't get 2 crazy on that bus

ANightToRemember said...

Mitchel, if there is a god, please take your shirt off and flex, and is mason really getting married? That's cool. So... uh, remember, the shirt thing. It needs to be off lol.

Isn't it hilarious all the IMDb people post here first?

mitchels babe said...

did you write that song? I like it a lot!! I heard it on youtube. sounds like you had lotsa fun!

Julie :] said...

we love u too, Mitchel :]

isnt Ashley ur best friend? her or Miley?? OH I GOT IT!!! totally me. u know it ;] dont deny it! haha. jkjk. x] cant wait to hear it tho! it sounds cute! :]

im glad ur having fun :D i would come by and visit ya, but i live in cleveland, and i cant really travel around the U.S. x] but if i could, u know i'd b there in a heartbeat! lol

well, hope u have some more fun as the week goes on!!

ily Mitchel :]


Melanie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
leanne =] said...

hmm... some more guesses for the v-day surprise:

1. you're going to make a song that has all your fans names included in it.

2. you're going to make your own cheese jerky-scented candle/car freshener.

3. you're touring internationally.

4. you're coming out with your own clothing line.

5. you're going to make a cell phone for us to buy starting in APRIIIIL. (hehe, that's when my contracts up.)

6. you're moving to new york. ;]

7. you're going to be singing the national anthem at this years all-star game. (oh god i'd get front row seats just for that)

8. you're going to do a song with miley, emily, or the jonas brothers like you said on radio disney.

9. you're going to be in a remake of cinderella and your part is prince charming. ;]

10. you're putting a thank you note in your album to all your fans and listing their names. [=

oh man, i just had to get number 9 out. [=

i just saw the guess that said, 'you're going to be on a cereal box'. lmfao i laughed so hard at that.


Melanie said...

whooppss, i just commented but i realized i wasn't signed in, so if you get two comments from a Melanie, i'm sorry thats meee

I was at Family Gras yesterday! you were absolutely amazing! I lost my voice screaming and singing for you.

I met you backstageeeee in the tent. Well, sort of, we took a was extremely quick. But I liked your jacket. =]

I missed seeing you rap Cheese Jerky because I was backstage waiting in line. I heard it though. And there's a video on Youtubeeee.

I'm going to try to get my pictures up on Mitchel Musso Online, and maybe some screaming is probably really obnoxious thoughh

anyway, you're incredibleee <3

Lisa said...

i would totally worship you if you took your shirt off and flexed.
I would almost die. I wouldn't completely die
because i wouldn't be able to stare out your totally hot bod. :-]

(it had to be said.)

Me and my friend are determined to meet you, before we turn 17.
I have 8 months.
its game time.

I love you..and i know you wrote the song about me..
because im awesome..

I wish.

Love ya!

Lisa said...

Oh Mitchel I forgot one thing..

So i told my English class we had to watch you new Video Lean on Me

and everyone was singing it the whole day

total respect.

Anonymous said...

i was actually at your proformance yesterday and i have to say that your amazing. : )
i was so happy that i was that close to you, lol, but your a really good singer and i cant wait for your c.d. to come out.
i am so gaonna buy it.
well, bye bye for now.
: )

<3 alecia

Anonymous said...

Mitchel if you flex I think I will scream so loud that I break every mirror in my house!!! and is your song best friends a true story or just made up????? Because me and my friends are all really curious.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel,
I seriously LOVE your music video "Lean On Me" I saw it last night and I was like oh my god I LOVE this music video. And on Friday is was trying to call Radio Disney because I wanted to talk to you and I called the number a gazillion times, 2 hours later they said that you were gone :( I got upset that day. *sigh* I'm glad to hear you had fun in New Orleans and rocking out with Billy Ray. I can't wait to hear your new song. Have fun in Florida and Denver.

Love, Victoria

ttran said...

Hey, Mitchel!

I'm SOOOOOO glad you had an AMAZING time in New Orleans!

I just wish I was there!


And you got to be there for the parade, right? Did you get attacked by beads?

Oh, guess what? We performed parts of You're A Good Man Charlie Brown, and the audience loved us!! I was so nervous at first, but it was still greatness! I love performing!

So far, I l-o-v-e your new song! I'll look it up in a few minutes. I'm sure it's pure awesomeness like all your other songs! Also, I'd like to listen to Billy Ray Cyrus....that is one coolio dude!


You sound so hyper right now! Haha. Just wanted to point that out. Whoo!!

Ok, time for me to guess what the BIG GINORMOUSLY HUGE SURPRISE is....

1.) You're going to come over to my house and present me with chicken noodle soup that says, "Happy valentine's Day!" since for some odd reason, I plan on being sick that day.
2.).....Who am I kidding? It's gotta be the first one.

Haha. I kidds.

Have fun in Orlando!

Lizzz said...

new orleans was fun, wasn't it? :)

i have one of two of my pictures with you up in one of my blogs if you'd like to see it.

come back to new orleans really soon!

lizzieeeee said...

a lot of people at my school liked yo videooo

all day i had people coming up to me asking "did you see mitchels video? did you know he sings?!"

and im like "duhhhhr" :P

Anonymous said...

Hi Mitchel! I'm just new around here, so, good luck with Billy Ray Cyrus!!! I cannot wait to hear your new song!


Anonymous said...

hoos the best friend song for???? aww com'on plz say it~!~

Mitchel lover!! said...

I know I can allways lean on you when Im feeling down.
That's my way of being happy again.
You can cheer me up anytime!
I unfortunetly havent met you yet, but I have a feeling I will soon.
I really want to go to all of your concerts but they're not in my state.
You have to come back to the bay area and we have to chill.
That would be BOMB!



collapsed328 said...


Alright first. The new song is amazing. You didn't have to write a song about me though. you could have just come out and said you wanted to be my best friend. haha :P

Anyway im getting tix to METRO STATION on the bamboozle road tour. Will they still have their tour bus since they're not going to be touring with We The Kings?

I love the new song. I went out on a Mitchel run and bought the Radio Disney Jams 10 CD and BOTH the Mitchel/ Oliver Oken dolls at Target. The single one of you and the one where its all 3 friends. Haha they do look like you :)

well can't wait for the Valentines day suprise. I think you should send an autographed valentine to each of the girls that post on here :)

you roooock. hopefully see you again soon!

shireen loves mitchhh said...

and why arent you flexing?
no im kidding :]
but that would be lovelyyy.

so we're engaged, now, remember?
hahaha, i proposed on radio disney:]

i really wished i could have seen you singing. i really want to. you should do like, a tour thing, because we alllll wanna see you!
+ im glad you had funn.

anddddd i neeed to hear that song!
because i knwo you wrote about me ;]

DaniRefrigeratorMagnet said...

Mitchel. Tate.

You made me so effin happy. I can't stop smiling. You can't do that to me. My face will permantly get stuck like that, THEN you will really have something to laugh at! I kid as always. It's also nice to know that my comic GENIOUS is being reconized. I'm glad I make you laugh. I don't care who you are, if I make you laugh, and you make me laugh, we'll be great friends! =) Maybe you'll see me on SNL one day? YES!!! Best. Show. Ever.

And I KNEW the surprise was going to be a song about a girl obsessed with sharks and fridge magnets. Sometimes....I just get these things!

Dude. But I have one final round of guesses.

2. You have paid $1,000,000,000 to take a personal space shuttle to the moon were you will like there for the next 3 years, establish a colony, and discover an alternative fuel source.
3. You're taking me up on my offer to trade my '91 Honda for your Mercedes!!!
4. You're going the Air Force and getting a crewcut so you no longer have to wash it THREE times a day. =O
5. You're moving to Antaricia to make peace with the polar bears. (When you were five and at the zoo, you dropped your icecream cone on one by accident.)

I'm done now.


shireen loves mitch said...

and i love the new video by the way!

i love you,

Carmen G said...

img mitchel plez flex for uss :DDD

karina. said...

dudee congrats on the "lean on me" vid, i love it! =] the puppies were definitely adorable!! pfft i would have come to the show... except for the fact i'm kind of all the way across the country in california at the moment =p love the new song lyrics though, i can relate (from a girl's point of view obv.) to it a lot. you rock, come back to northern california, the elves girls miss you!! =]

~ Karina

JessicaLynn said...

Hey Mitchel.
I just wanted to let you know how much my best friend Breann is in love with you. You are the only person she ever talks about.. and she always stalks your blog... it's even stored in her iPhone. She comments you all the time. Breann has three walls and 392 posters of you up in her room. You are the one person who can make her heart beat slower and faster at the same time... well according to her.
She is a very laid back person... unless you cross her or one of her friends... but I don't see that happening. She can be the most fun person you will ever meet.. or she can be very serious. In the eight years (which feel like soooo many more) we have gotten very close and talk about EVERYTHING!!!
SHe would love to go out with you... but I WON'T ALLOW HER TO MOVE TO CALIFORNIA TO BE CLOSER TO YOU. She will be so far away from me and i need her to stay here. And besides... you are on the opposite sides of the country... unless you move here... you will be more then welcome into her house. Everyone is... but ESPECIALLY YOU!!!!!
Well as you can see... she is MADLY IN LOVE WITH YOU!!!!!!!!!! ANd she is very fun to be around... so you should talk to her.

P.S. Yesterday... we were watching t.v. and she had your new video recorded on her dvr and when she played it she started SPAZZING LIKE NO TOMORROW... well I started making fun of her and she made fun of me for making fun of her and like almost fell off the bed trying to mock me for mocking her. To make a long story short... when ever she sees or thinks of you she is a SPAZZ!


Do>:-) said...

So... I went to family gras.
You were AMAZING!
First time I've ever seen you live.

You've got some mad dancing skillz dude!
Thanks for the cheeze jerky rap! nice... very funny.

Btw... "my best friend" got a thumbs up review in my book.
and "I want my mullet back" wasn't bad either. hehe!

jackie said...

hey mitch, i cant wait to
hear your new song, so far,
i havent found it on youtube;
but from what you posted, sounds
great. and, wow. billy ray is one
nice guy, but im sure you deserved
that stage again! (: cant wait for
your valetines day suprisee. which
remindss me, i actually have a
suprisee for you! i dont want to
post it yet, but im really exicted.
(hopefully it will workk!)

have fun on the miley tour bus!

Anonymous said...

awh mitchel u r so sweet!...yes of course i heard u! was impossible to get in and everything but at least i tried very hard...we had 2 phones going at once!... :) that's how hard me and my bff were trying to get in!...i have no clue about what the surprise is...oh wait mayb is it that u r moving in next door to me and then we will b neighbors?...ummm oh one week two days till my b-day!...i am excited!...ok this is a random question but y did u name stitch, stitch? is an awesome name i just wanna know y...can u pretty please tell me????...pretty please?...wait i have another guess...u r getting a new puppy and naming it after someone?...well i need to go!...ttyl!


Anonymous said...

awh mitchel u r so sweet!...yes of course i heard u! was impossible to get in and everything but at least i tried very hard...we had 2 phones going at once!... :) that's how hard me and my bff were trying to get in!...i have no clue about what the surprise is...oh wait mayb is it that u r moving in next door to me and then we will b neighbors?...ummm oh one week two days till my b-day!...i am excited!...ok this is a random question but y did u name stitch, stitch? is an awesome name i just wanna know y...can u pretty please tell me????...pretty please?...wait i have another guess...u r getting a new puppy and naming it after someone?...well i need to go!...ttyl!


Jess (who now wants pancakes) said...

Hey Mitchel!!!
You forgot about my guess!! You know my english teacher falling out the window and has to go home and then Chris Brown coming in and starts to sing With You and then you come in and ask me to dance!!ahaha. Let me think of more guesses.....You are secretly obsessed with pancakes like this girl I'm watchin on t.v. Oh and you'll sing the pancake song for us...or at least type it. This is the pancake song. I already made my parents sing it, so don't think I can't make you sing it!!! Ok hear it is.....I like pancakes I like pancakes lalalala I like pancakes!! Or your gonna get a carrot and randomly start hitting random people with it and be like "I got a carrot!!" Or maybe you got a bunny!!! I like bunnies!! But like seriously back to the pancakes....Like i'm talking really obsessed with them like my friend is obssesed with a cartoon pig who climbs on the celing and is called Spiderpig...he has his own song to!! But like you'll just start carrying pancakes around in your pocket like Napolean Dynamight. Boots wit da furr....sorry I love that song!! You secretly write poems about unicorns!!! Or you can see the future and we're all gonna trun into Chaloopas...and you'll be the sexiest Chaloopa of them all!!! Oh don't tell me your obsessed with pancakes cuz you might become like a rolly polly. ahahaa. Oh crud now I want pancakes!!!!! Me and my bff are tring to make a scary movie....yea TRYING as in NOT WORKING!!! Well it's not that bad the frist one we made was just was hilarious. Oh that song....your talking about me aren't you?jk my dreams like everything else is. So do you want any pancakes? ahaha


Anonymous said...

mitchel i just saw the video of u and billy on stage singing! very cuteee!

Anonymous said...

Sorry I couldn't come
with Brooke to see you.
I was going to, but my
mom was in the hospital..
But traveling to Houston
and Tulsa to see you was
pretty cool right? And
getting to sing cheese
jerky with you!!!

Mitchel, that video on youtube
of us singing cheese jerky
has like over 3,000 views on it! :D

Well I called in radio disney,
but didn't get threw. I tryed
for three hours straight. Oh
well. SEE YA SOON!

I love you.


kelly is going to denver!




Anonymous said...

AWWWWW!!!! Mitchel, you are so sweet! I love you so much. You are the best. <3
I loved your video for Lean On Me. It was so cute with all the little puppies! Lol.
Valentines day is to far away from now. I can't wait to see your present to us. You are amazing!

abby (MITCHEL READ THIS) ;) said...

heyy :D

i'm glad you had fun in new orleans! sounds like you are enjoying the year so far! many cool experiences to

ughh! i wish i lived in orlando for once. ahaha. i hopeee you have fun there, and say hi to jason for me! jason from mileyworld. oh, and if you see a big blue bag with tons of candy, make sure he shares it with you. LOL! he told me he was hiding it from becca. ;) yepp, i got him that.

it was funny because when i went to the arizona pre-party for the miley concert, i was wearing my "mitchel necklace" and jason was like, "mitchel...huh?" HAHA. i was like, "yep! i love him! representin' till im deadd fo sho"
okayy,, i didnt say that but you know i love you! (:

anyways, i am sure you just crushed a million girls dreams with your "best friend" song! HAHA. just kidding. i am going to listen to it righttt now!

misss youuuuu
oh. and p.s. my mom likes your song "lean on me" she was like singing it today. ahah. i was, too. <33


Shayla said...
This is soooo cool! It's Mitchel Musso and Billy Ray Cyrus!

Anonymous said...

mitchel! hey did u see comercials for the eye! looks really good! lol

well glad u had fun in new orleans i was going to see u but i got sick :[

ayoo maryann! said...

shes so nice. :)

im wayy out of ideas.
hah you should so make a song about the imdb people, it would be hilarious, yo!

awh the lyrics for your new song are sweeeet!
im so happy everything is going good for you! :D

emily said...

ok so i went to the concert and it was amazing! just as i amagined it would be. Loved the new song and your duet w/ Billy Ray for "i want my mullet back". Billy Ray in his mullet were a sight to see. Also, thanks for doing the famous "Cheeze Jerky rap" i love it... if i do say so myself. when i first heard it people kept tellin me to shutup cause i was driving them crazy w/ it.
Anyway im glad you enjoyed my city and i hope you come back soon! Like soon soon.

Love ya and hope you have a
Happy Mardi Gras!

Makayla said...

Hey Mitchel! Happy Monday! I'm glad to hear that you had a great time in New Orleans! I always wished to go there!

I got the Metro Station CD on Friday! I LOVE it! I listen to it literally 24/7!!! It's the best!

I'm trying SOO hard to find the "My Best Friend" song, but I can't seem to find it...I know that it will be an awsome song!!

OMG! I can't wait until Sunday!!! I got tickets to the Hannah Montana 3D movie!!Ahahaha!!!

The Metro Station song "Tell me what to do" is stuck in my head (in a good way). The song is just so amazing!!!

Well, I G2G, and I hope to see you really soon!


Much <3,
(Girl from Phoenix with same birthday)

P.S. I was listening to Radio Disney all day on Friday, but I couldn't seem to get through. It was good to hear you on the radio though!


OMJ! I was watching that so raven and Lean On Me Video came on, and i was eating cereal, and i screamed and was like " MITCHEL DID THIS FOR ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" and it was like 10:30pm or w.e. it was awesome... :)

Ugh! Mitchel ur killing me! we need a hint about V-day!!


MeganP2010 said...

Mitchel.... did I mention I love you? Because I genuinly do.


MeganP2010 said...

oh and I soooo agree with all those people before me

do a live chat!

Anonymous said...

i was their Sunday bec. well im from Louisiana; and let me say that seeing you was my favorite part of the day; and it was such a surprise; i just wanted to go walk out there to see Billy Ray and who do i see on stage? my favorite actor; soo yeah i think you should come down to Louisiana more often.

btw; "Lean on Me" i love what you did with it; same song just a little twist to it; its great! =D

<3 always;
J-Me =D

cristeenuh. said...

aww, mitchel. i wish i could see you tomorrow! can you please consider coming to toronto, or upstate NY, im dying to see you perform!

MeganP2010 said...

OH MY GOD BEST IDEA EVER!!!! I feel like a geek for writing on your blog like 50 times today, but hey, it's been a pretty boring day around here, so this is basically all i have. Okay, THE IDEA:

You are going to Denver on February 9th. Metro Station has a break after February 8 up untill February 12, at which point they will play in Orangville, California.

When you get back to California from Colorado, you can hop on the fancy new tourbus with Metro Station, go to Orangville, see the show, THEN CONTINUE ON TO THEIR SAN FRANCISCO SHOW ON FEB.13 WHERE I WILL COINCIDENTALY BE!!!!

Then when you're done chilling with me in San Francisco, you hop back on the Metro Station tourbus, make a few short stops to San Diego and Pomona, and then BAM you're back in LA by Feb 16 when Metro Station plays in West Hollywood! Dude it's perfect!

Sorry, I hope you don't think it's wierd that I just made a fantasy schedule for you... I've got a bit of time on my hands....

DaniRefrigeratorMagnet said...

Oh dear. Mitchel. Now you got me thinking... Did you put me in here cause I really make you LOL or cause you just wanted me to freakin' shutup? I will never know......BUT GUESS WHAT?!? I DONT CARE! Either way, you read my posts so it makes me smile.

But what I really wanted to do was just to screw up the comment numbers.....for the past 3 posts....It's been 78 comments, 178 comments, and now this ones 78.....some I'm changing it. Dare to Be Different. Unless you're Weird Al! Then you Dare to Be Stupid! That's my philosophy! Funny. Song. Weird Al is like my favoritist person ever. After MarcMarc, Dr. Phil, and Stitchness. Oh, and you too Mitch. Ahahaha!

My little sister Karz loves Lean On Me so much. She told me to tell you. She's 13 and awesome. She likes ice cream, cats, and long walks on the beach....................


Anonymous said...

Wow, I love your long blogs. They pretty much make my day entirely. Well, today was tiring. B-ball practice, chores, hmk. Ugh! But, after reading your totally sweet, and cute blog, I am now back in happy mode. Lmao. Well, I love ur music video btw. It's beyond words! So, good. And, I love your voice. So different from other rappers. It's really a cool blend of style, sound, everything :D Also, that must've been great what Billy Ray did! Awesome! Except, you don't have a mullet... do you? Is that the secret you're going to reveal? That Mitchel Musso has a mullet that hes been hiding under that beautifully washed hair? Lol! Jk! I'm glad you liked New Orleans!! It sounded like such a good time. One of these days I want to go there myself...for SURE! Aw! You love me??? I'm like literally weeping right now of joy. Pure joy. I love you too!!! I just wish one day I could possibly meet you. I really want to~~!!! That'd be one wish... The lyrics to your new song are soo sweet! Are they about me? Ooh lala! Well, is your secret that you're going to mention me in your next blog?? Yay! I would literally die if you mentioned me in your blog! Do it! Please!! Omg! Just knowing that you took the time to write about your ol' Lynn would sparkle up my day! Well, it's getting late here in Chicago. Better head off to bed! I love you very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very much! I think you get the point! ~Lynn~

ajwtcb said...

Have only seen the short version on TV so far ... can't wait to see the full version! Great job on the singing (one of my favorite songs, by the way). I think the dancing part will be much better in the full version when we can watch you for more than 5 seconds before a movie scene comes in - lol.

Keep having fun out there Mitchel - it's very cool that you share those little stories with everyone. They certainly help put a smile on my face - so a big thank-you! And, from reading the comments here, I have to agree that you've got the best fans! Take care everyone!

xoLauraJane said...

Heyyy! I have yet to hear your new song but I'm sure it's amazing!!! I've never posted on here before so you probably don't recognize me. I'm an IMDB girl...fairly new to it. I'm also, I think, your oldest fan on that site. But I just wanna say you're awesome and you need to come to Scranton, PA!!!! So I can see/meet you or something! Cause I don't have great transportation to take me any farther. You rock!

Melissa =] said...


take off your shirt and flex "LMFAO"..........

i can't wait to see the new song

Much love

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel I can't wait to hear the new song! I looked on youtube but it wasn't there yet and what is your big valentine suprise its really bugging me that I don't know I hope its a video for white striped gloves I love that song soooooooo much (but not as much as you!) You looked really cute in your lean on me video!

Love ya! kelly
p.s. too bad the suprise is not you flexing oh well only in my dreams and I mean that literally I had a dream about you last night lol!

Dakota said...

Take off your shirt and flex?
Not a bad idea.....

im gonna try and see you!
Watch for a girl with a" Mitchel be my first kiss" poster...
Hey, it worked 4 a girl at a keith urban concert!
and i really have never been kissed...

and yes, i really love the lean on me vid, doughnut! why on earth wouldnt i?
any way, as long as i do well in school, i should be able to come see you..
My sister is teasing me relentlessly on this, shes all like"Do you still have a crush on the guy with the huge nose?"


Love, Dakota

PS where on earth can i get a pic of u flexing? that would be so cool......

Britt. said...

Mitchel, you are so sweet! I'm glad you had a blast in New Orleans. Your new song sounds like it is going to be greatt. I can't seem to find it on youtube yet. Okay so I got more guesses::
1.They are going to make a Mitchel bobble head?
2.At your next concert you are going to rip your shirt off and throw it into the crowd?[im just elaborating on what other people had said]
3.Your going to be on Ellen?
Thats all my guesses for now. Well I'm gonna go play some guitar hero. Byee! Lots of Love.
PS. I have a question.. What was your favorite tv show when you were a little boy? --> My Friend and I were arguing on whether you were a Barney fan or not. hah.


OMJ! Last night around 10:30 i saw the Vid for Lean On Me again, and i screamed and was like "MITCHEL DID THIS FOR ME!!!!!!!!!!!!", But the funniest part for me is that i live in a 2 family house, and they were down stairs while i shouted that, i felt bad cuz it was sooooo loud, but i need ppl 2 no how i feel. x]

UGH! Mitchel your killing me/us!! Give us a hint for your V-Day suprise!!


*I think....78 more days till i turn 13! woot!*

peaace said...

hey hey! who's your song about? lol
who's ur valentine this year?
haha seriously post a pic of u flexing and washing ur hair lol

can u do a contest on youtube to make a music video and u pick the best one n they get to meet u? that woudl be sweet!

u should get a facebook

how has the mileyworld bus been? probably a bunch of like 9 year olds but hey that's ok, you probably enjoy meeting the people more your age better lol

yea do a video chat! or even just a regular chat! that would be cool!

when do you start filming hannah again? come to iowa! haha ik why woudl u but yea you should! alright please answer the questions in your next blog! lyl

Jenny said...

Yes, please let it be Meeghan's number 6... "6.)you're coming to minnesota with kyle?" (:
Okay, I never guessed any.. so I will...
Gotta think gotta think.. haha.
Haha, so you got to join Billy Ray on stage for I Want My Mullet Back.. (:
So you had allll that fun in New Orleans WITHOUT me. :| hahahaha. Well then COME HAVE SO VERY MUCH FUN IN MINNESOTA! come on! (:
Hahaha those guesses are pretty funny yes.
Hahaha yeahhh Masons getting married. .haha.
I would honk if I was in orlando and saw mileys bus. haha. but I won't be. so no honk from me. :P
Yeah me and Maria listened to you on Radio Disney, I missed you beat boxing though :| but Maria didn't. I think she heard. Yeah we tried to call, but it was busy busy busy busy then you left. I was gonna tell you to beat box for me cause i missed it.
So, I wonder who your Best Friend is... haha.
Hmm ok guesses..

1.You are gonna open up a restaurant and serve cheese jerky, and rap about it when costumers come. hahaha.

2.You're gonna have your own TV show called Mike Standley the third.

3.You're joining Metro Station. you'll be the rapper.

4.You're gonna come to Minnesota and have a big party.with me. and Maria. and Meeghan. and anyone who wants to come. but us three will be VIP. :P

5.You're gonna have lap tops made, shaped like your head, with the hair and everything, and when you have it closed it will be a picture of your face. and people can buy them.

6. ...nahh I'm out of guesses. haha

Well, I really wonder what the surprise is.. announced on Valentines Day huh? does it have something to do with Valentines Day? or you just announcing it then? hahaha. alrighty then, bye.

Much love,
Jenny (:

Anonymous said...

ok here are my guesses at the surprise:
you are going to star in some new movie?
you're doing some contest to hang out with you?
your pet goldfish died? oh wait, you probably don't have one lol!
you're going to get a fan cell phone and give us the number so when u feel like talking to fans u can turn it on and the lucky caller will talk to u? haha you shoudl do that.

umm you're having a party at your house and we're all invited! lol

umm you're going to pick one of us to be a cameo in the hannah montana movie! wooo you should!!

Jess (who still wants pancakes) said...

Hey Mitchel!!!
My friend thinks I have Mocd as in Mitchel Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. I'm like I do not have a disorder I clearly have mmo as in Mitchel Musso Obsessiveness. Ok so
Ok so if you go to that link you're probably goin to think "what the heck is this?" So just to let you know it's me and my bff's rap about absolutly strange stuff, besides the part about you, but it's still strange. So you gotta check it out and let me know what you think!!!

Nikita Bimson said...

She better not be more than just a friend.

Katie R. said...

WOW....Take off your shirt and flex....uh... that would be interesting! LOL
Its sounds like you had a BLAST with Billy Ray. and Mallorie ( Dani) is pretty funny! I wish I had her sence of humor.
shh... don't tell her I said that!
anyways... it would be so cool to see the Miley world bus on the highway! I hope your having fun on it! Miley is with you isn't she?
Have fun on your stops in Florida!
-Katie R.


Ok, Here's some random guess....

1. One of your songs is gonna be on Guitar Hero 4? Or One of your songs will be on Singstar? (my 2 fave ps2 games)

2. Having a new music video?

3. Another Radio Interview?

4. Going 2 guess star in some other show?



Katie R. said...

I forgot one thing... I will most definitely listen/watch "Lean On Me" with a new perspective! Thanks for making that song so special! And thanks for being so AMAZING!!

Your Friend,

shanaynaykins said...

your new orleans show was in fact amazing. i'm glad i got the chance to go and to meet you. after standing outside to bus for like 10 hours. hahhaha =D anyway i have a bunch of videos for youtube, so everyone can look at your new song. you were amazing and i think everyone had fun. I think since you had so much fun, you should come back with metrostation on february 24th. hahhaah ;)enjoy your day.

KelseyLovesM.T.M said...

oh my!
and i was wondering will you ever tell who the ''best friend'' song is about?
by the way please read my blog it is about you.

Kendall said...

hey Mitchel! You absolutely rock. Anyhoo....your right! Those ideas ae funny! I ahve a couple more ideas. Are you starring in a big disney movie? That would be rockin! Bye!

Caitlyn O said...

OH MY GOD, I woke up crying from the dream I had last night, here it is -- I was on a stage singing Mitchel's songs with Mitchel and then when that was over I went home and I woke up the next morning (in the dream) and at school my friend told me Mitchel died, so I started crying and I went home and searched on the computer and everything said Mitchel was dead. So I went to the place that I was singing with Mitchel in the night before (because that is where the computer said he died) and there were millions of dead people, so I started freaking out and looking for Mitchel, and then while I was looking my alarm clock rang -- I was so upset that I woke up CRYING and at school the whole day today, I was worried because the dream seemed so real, but I felt better when I saw Mitchel updated his blog.

Caitlyn O said...

If there is ever another contest to win a date with you in a magazine -- does it matter how old you are??

Caitlyn O said...


francesemily said...

Okay, I could try and top those ideas, but I don't think that's possible.

Video chat sounds pretty fun though.

Guess who's birthday is tomorrrrow!

Did you lose my note?


Your dad told me to remind you, but I can't figure out how to do what he told me to do, so I'll just leave you a regular comment.

And IDK how you're going to tell me if you did. But whatevs.

Hope you are having a great week!

Can't wait for Valentine's Day.


Anonymous said...


i heard you were going to new orlense on feb.9 which is my birthday, but i cant go because im going to go to Disney World on the first, but i just miss you when your there :(. have a fun time .


Anonymous said...

oops i ment Denver.

he he xD


Cynthia Navarrete said...

Well I missed the concert in New Orleans, but will you ever come back to New Orleans, or even better Baton Rouge!! If you do I'll be there!!!!

Priskioa said...

Oooh... another comment among the many already posted! But will you only understand it?
Maybe I can be proud to be the first French person to write here! And maybe the first to be NOT understood! Or talkin in a weird way!
Ok ok... I just don't really know what to say, but I think I should have read this blog more often cause I can't get it all. >_<
The show of Hannah Montana hasn't been transmitted wholly on the TV here in France (or I think so) cause we keep having new episodes. I really like your work, thank you for it all!
PS: I'm 19, and yes, I watch Hannah Montana!

Anonymous said...

hey mitchel,
im glad you had funn at the concert. i was there. it was tons of funn. i really like your music, and im glad you are having funn eith something you love to do.
well, hope and love be with you on your tour. lots of love.


Anonymous said...

OMG! I can't wait to hear the new song! Who is it about?? I HAVE TO KNOW!!! Glad you had fun in New Orleans, and I'm sure you were AMAZING! (you always are) :)

Brittany hearts Mitchel said...

I'm glad you had a great time!
I've lived in New Orleans and as soon as I heard you were coming I just had to go! All oif your performances were great. Especially when you came back out and sang "i want my mullet back".
Your songs were really great and i liked it when you sang "cheese jerky". That was funny! And of course, i sang along! I loved your opening song, "white striped gloves". It's really good and "my best friend" is good as well! I took lots of pictures and posted them up on my myspace profile! Check them out! my myspace! Please come back to New Orleans REALLY SOON! Also, i have a question. I was wondering how you started or became an actor. I want to be an actress and i have been wanting this for quite some time, but i just can't figure out how to make the first step. I look up to you in so many ways and i would look up to you even more if you could help me out. I watch your show "hannah montana" everyday and try to take notes and everything. i just dont know how to get started. Got any tips or hook ups or something? Please help me out and email me at
I'm looking forward to seeing you the next time you come close to new orleans. I'm gonna try to score backstage passes if possible!

Keep up the great work! And you know I'll always be watching!
love ya,
Brittany K.

p.s.- happy mardi gras from new orleans!

Karen said...

Ah! Please do the one with your shirt off! With or without Valentines Day!

xxkaylayouknowxx said...


Sarahbaby said...

Mitchel, your ideas are not half bad. Mason getting married... he doesn't seem like the type of person to get married, he seems more "independent" you know, also his band and all.

As for taking your shirt off and flexing, I can tell you now, no complaints at all lol.

Your best friend song, is that about Miley or not? Popstar on Myspace seems to think you two are.. well... you know. Together.

Anonymous said...

So uh... can you please take off your shirt and flex? PLEASE?

Anonymous said...

Love the ideas Mitchel! So Nice of Billy Ray Cyrus to let you do that!

Anonymous said...

Shirt... off... please? It doesn't have to be the Valtinnes (however you spell it) surprise, just do it... like soon!

Love ya!xx

oliviaakiddo! said...

mitchel is now chipmunk stlyeeeeee (:

like you didn't know o.o

Gennine said...

Hey Mitchel! I saw your music video for Lean on Me! Very awesome!! the puppies were sooooooo adorable!!! and I am all up for the flexing. lol. jkjk. you REALLY need to come back to the NJ/NYC area!! We all miss you!!!!
Good luck, and keep us posted!
~Gennine, 14, NJ

abby(: said...

hahaa mitchel.
i looked up your song, "my best friend"
on youtube, and this is what came up.


if you have been watching american idol, then you know what im talking aboutt.


Melissa =] said...


Stitch is gonna be a Singer
AND go on tour.......

im gonna Bring my doggie
To a Stitch Musso Concert for Sure!!

Hmmm i Wonder what his song is gonna be about????
I KNOW I KNOW is it about Chihuahua Girl Doggies.

My chihuahua will be sooo Happy if stitch sings about her "LOL"

You do know My Dog has a Major CRUSH For Stitch


Anonymous said...

awwwww i think mitchel has a crush!!!!!!!!! :D

well mitchel i saw the video for the first time yesterday! YES yesterday!! gahh! but yesterday was probably one of the worst days everrr and i saw it and it made me feel better! :] thanks mitchel!!
my friend came up today and we watched disney for 3 hours b/c i wanted her to see it but it never came on!! :[

love youu!

DaniRefrigeratorMagnet said...

Oh. Gosh. Mitch. I have one more idea, even though I promised.


Ugg Boots. I'll probably have more. I need to stop before I hurt somebody….

So everyone is asking you to be their guess what? I'm gonna ask you to my my CLEMINTINE!!!!!! YES!!!!!! My friend was just eating one today! It was freaky fresh?

So, Mitch, will you be my CLEMINTINE? ahahahahahaha


Melissa =] said...

ME AGAIN!!!...........

Mitchel you should take off your shirt and flex that would be awesome lol :p

anyways i seen the
"I want my mullet back" video on youtube it was really awesome you
looked sooo CUTE!!

i really want to see your new song
can't find it on youtube yet im gonna check on myspace or photobucket or i'll just wait for it on youtube



so, I realize this is my second timr commenting this, but I am sick, does that give me some sympathy? haha, I am sitting here, doing the only thing you can really do when your sick, watching TV. which brings me to my reason for commenting- I am watching Hannah Montana! seeing your adorable face is what is making me feel better! hopefully that made you 'awww'. yes? I am glad! I am typing on my sidekick, which is very hard. and it always seems to mess up my apostraphes, so I am trying not to use them, can you tell? is that how you spell apostraphes? hmmm, I wonder.
if you have not noticed, I get a bit delirious when I am sick. how can I not, though, when I am watching you on TV as well? my best friend and I adore you, mainly because you not only skateboard (or I think you do), but you are also a musician. which is a high mark in our book.
I am going to stop babbling, and I am sure when I read this later, I will be very embarassed. if you mention me in your next blog, I will be eternally grateful. :)
you are awesome, cutie.


allisonnn said...

okayy so i actually lovee that song bc i really like my best guy friend. ITS AMAZINGG & I LOVEE UR SONGG.
okay & idk if its true but popstar's blog is saying that that song might be about miley? can ya fill us in?

Holly said...

What The Heckkkkk!

i went to the miley concert on monday, just for you.
and it was a raffel ??? i didnt even have a ticket for the
concert, i just wanted a picture with you! you should
have wrote that in your blog, cause i went and
didnt get a picture or an autographh!

your surprisee.... are you going on your own tour?
or having your own cd label?

Anonymous said...

Aw. Is "My Best Friend" about Miley?





Not saying that wouldn't be cute though *dies because that song being dedicated to a 'best bud (FWAHAHAHA)' of yours would be oh so cute*

Ahem, anyways saw your Lean on Me video! *ruffles your hair via internet* YOU'RE SO CUTE. My little wangsta gettin' licked by puppies. *ruffles your hair again* You have a gorgeous voice btw. Rap less, sing more.

Okay, done fangirling over Mr. Musso. Must go and study Trig. *shoots self* Ciao.

P.S. "My Best Friend" lyrics... awwww. Mind boggling about how that could possibly be about again... FWAHAHAHAAHA.


Popsicle and Izze said...

I can't believe your coming to Denver!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My buddy person still doesn't believe me. She's in shock.
it's really funny. She is entirely unresponsive, even when i mention root beer, which has never ever ever happened before. Hehehe.

OH, and I have a guess:

You're going to be the first man ever to chase a tornado on a pogo stick while burping the theme song to Pirates of the Carribean.

I bet you could do that... actually, it depends on your belching skills. How well can you burp Mr. Musso?

-pop & Iz

selah said...


are you having fun here in orlando?
it still sucks that i didn't get to meet you today like i had hoped.
so i just slept...well, i listened to Sweeney Todd on my iPod, THEN i went to sleep.
but i hope you had a good time.

so apparently you have movie news, other than Hannah Montana, and you're singing a duet!
with who?!
that's big news, mitchyyy!
seriously, i'm stoked...for you! :]

and of course i saw the Lean On Me video.
loved it.
you were awesome and the puppies were so rad.
great job.

love :]selah.

heather2563 said...

Hi I brought my two young daughters to see you in New Orleans. It was really great! When you sang Lean On Me I found myself watching the video on the screen instead of you singing the song. Got some great pics of you singing. Especially the I Want My Mullet Back duet with Billy! My daughters REALLY love that picture. I posted them to Mitchel Musso Online for anyone who wants to see. Its nice to see someone who can be called a role model for young kids without all the negative publicity. Keep up the good work and remember New Orleans loves you!

Abby said...

*laughs* Wow, Mitchel - you really make me laugh. :D Perhaps it's just your crazy fans and you channel their spirit - but it's totally awesome. :D But one note: This is an ellipse: ...

What you were doing: ....... is a bunch of dots. Sorry, I'm just trying to help my favorite younger male celebrity be grammatically correct. :D

Oh, and I have to send you a shout-out from the awesome Moliver fans forum. :D We all think you rock. And I won't explain the 'not a word' part because I'm sure you understand. :D Love your blog!


Breann said...

well... i see my friend posted a comment. everything she said was true except the stalking part that kinda annoyed me when i read it.... cuz i don't stalk u lol i look at the page a lot to see if u posted a new blog which is what u want us to do right? i just wanted to clear that up with you lol.



Anonymous said...

Hi Mitchel.I wish I could have been there in New Orleans.I really did listen to radio disney the whole time you were on and tried my best to get through....

I LOVE the music video for Lean on me!!! It was the best! and I can't wait to hear your new song, sounds great!

I'm so excited about the Valentine's Day surprise! This is my guess............

your music is going to be in the hannah montana movie? That would be cool! Any way can't wait to find out!

have a great week,


mira said...

oh my goodness mitchel im seriously your biggest fan not even kidding i would die to meet you. my friends get mad at me because im always saying how incredibly amazing you are and how your gorgeous and i loveeeeee your song lean on me. i made it my myspace song. i love you sooo much mitchel its notttt even funnyyyy! please please please come to michigan again i got this amazing picture of you when you came you looked right at me i look at it and i melt. i seriously love you like crazy and i would seriously do anything to meet you.

Anonymous said...

omg i just made myself look dumb!...u know that comment i posted b4?....well my computer was being stupid and it gave it to u twice!...werid rite?....oyi!...well 1 week 1 day!....he comes my b-day baby!!...hey i am gonna go check out u singing w/ billy ray...brb!


Anonymous said...

can u say u and billy ray were on fire?...that was amazing!!!....great job!!...oh and i almost forgot...i made a typing error in the last said he comes my b-day which i meant "here" comes my b-day :P...ttyl!

P.S. i agree w/ everyone that u shld flex 4 us!...come on just this once?

Future_Mrs_Mitchel_Musso said...

I got some guesses....
1.your gonna do what I did and randomly start singing "Apple bottom wit da furr" I wanted to see what my mom would do....she actually knew the song....uhmmm.....ok?
2. Your bringing sexy back!!! No wait it never left!!
3. Your gonna tell me what my other freinds tell me "Jess, we're goin to take you to a nice place where you get a nice jacket and go into a puffy room" did I already guess that? Maybe many people have just told me that a lot.
4. Your goin to make my wildest dreams come true!! We're goin to need a bucket, a shovel, and a whole lot of pancakes!!
5. You're talkin smack about me!! You're gonna challenge me to an arm wrestling challenge!! Well bring it!!! (Your gonna win,I mean seriously)
6. Your gonna make a post to my mom to stop dancing and singing in front of my friends. (that would really help me)
7. We're both going to dance to Soulja Boy through internet connection
8. you're going to ask me to slow dance with you to With You by Chris Brown. (You do that and I'll seruously give you like 100 pounds of starbursts for surre)
9. You have secretly watched the little mermaid 8 times (I was just watchin the on Fresh Prince)
10. You will announce that you like to dance to Tom Jones (that crossed my mind too as I'm watchin Fresh Prince)

I once had a dream.........and in that dream........bunnies were throwing coconuts at me.....not all bunnies are nice you know!!!

I LOVE YOU!!!!!!

Jess...who totally rocks like a partystar!!!

Future_Mrs_Mitchel_Musso said...

I think i just posted about ten times already but I just love talking to you!! And I got nothin else to do. I think my dad just like dropped somethin. He like gave me a heart attack last night cuz he woke me up wit his sneezing...he couldn't stop!! It was crazy!!! He sneezed about ten times in like 5 mins.!! You know what's awesome!! At my school there's a kid named Will Smith, I'm like "ok, thats cool" Mitchel your such a stud muffin!!!

me: I have MMO which stands for Mitchel Musso Obsessiveness
friend: we're going to take you to a nice place where youll get ur own special fluffy room and youll get a nice warm coat

Denise said...

My daughter and I saw you last nite in Orlando at Miley's concert. It was a great surprise as we got the tickets yesterday morning and drove over from Tampa so we didn't know who was going to be there. We loved when Miley pulled you onto the stage at the end to dance with her... Take care!

Lisa B said...


Kiza said...

Hey mit!
im happy 4 ya!
u sure did a great jobxD!
anyways it's really cool dat u and billy sang toguether cuz u guys rock xD!..oh yea! before i forget xD the snow buddies video was really cool! & u know u can lean on us!!! we'll always support ya xD! ...
BEST FRIENDS ITS A PRETTY COOL SONG ! XD u did an awesome job on it!
dats all 4 now xD i dont know wat else to write =x=U... ((well to type XD ))
Thank ya!

SamRulezMyPoolz said...

Man I was so bumed that I didn't see California on the list of where you'll be at! DUDE CALIFORNIA! come on! we have delicious clam chowder! DELICIOUS! and I would have gladly bought you some!
D: NEXT TIME for sure dude face. *and if you do come to California go to the bay area thats where all the fun is at*

Loved the Lean on me video! went on itunes to find the song, its not there...I cried...ok I didn't cry I was just super sad.
D :

kendra said...

hi mitchel, i was one of the lucky ones that did get to see you perform in new orleans and it was awesome...I loved the show! I want to tell you thanks for coming down south to perform for us! Oh and by the way I did not have to look on the big screen to see you, i got to see you pretty close. So thanks again and I hope to see you perform again soon!! the way I loved you different outfits...much love from the south

MeganP2010 said...


oh my god that would be my life. I think you need to post a blog on this, it should go like this:


Hi fans. I wear skinny jeans. Ok bye.


Anonymous said...

OK, two things (or maybe more), First, is Mason getting married or not? I'm getting SO CONFUSED!!! Second, I saw you on youtube with Billy Ray in I Want My Mullet Back and I would like to say You were AWESOME and I'm glad you're having so much fun!! Third, (I said there might be more) I still can't find your best friend song :( AND even before I hear it, WHO is it about? I HAVE TO KNOW!! Sorry but I like to know stuff...& I like asking questions...and chocolate milk.

KelseyLovesM.T.M said...

hey mitchel
im trying to think of the valentines secret,uhh ur coming to canada?cant think i hope its gonna be something good!



Lol. You definatly should flex your muscles!!!! =] And you should also definatly come back to chicago!! pleeease? Glad you had fun with Billy Ray. I cant wait to hear "My Best Friend"!!!

Abbster said...

hey mitchel.
you are the most amazing guy i know!
thanks for coming to florida! i couldn't go, again. i have been trying to do this for 2 years! and everytime, plans dont follow through. next time, try to come to tampa! =]
hmmmm, valentines day surprise, maybe you are gonna put out a video of you singing to your fans! ah, if that happened, by heart would skip a beat. no, 3 beats!
loved the music video! keep 'em coming!

Chynabug said...

I so wish I could have gone to New Orleans cuz I was like 6 hours away from here. But I didnt. Im hoping I get to meet you somewhere.
FLEXING!?? oh yeah. Im not coming to Denver though. ughhhh. SO MADD!
Cant wait to hear your new song!!!:)

Glad you had a great time in New Orleans!


Gretchen said...

You were absolutely amazing in New Orleans. My sisters were bragging, like, all week about how they got to take pictures with you in your trailer. Yeah, all of them were my little sister :) I was sooo jealous! It was an awesome concert. And your backup dancers are hilarious :D

Anonymous said...

Heyy Mitchel I just wanted to say that my friends and i went to your show in New Orleans and YES your song was amazing(ALL OF THEM ACTUALLY)!!! My friend & I have always loved you and we just cant wait til u come down to New Orleans again...It has been a dream to us to meet you and we know in our hearts we will some day...WE HOPE!! Ur ahmazing and we just want to say WE LOVE YOU! :) -Meredith



your so sweet. omg i just luv you. your always saying these wonderful about us(your fans) and i really hope you read this because i just REALLY want u to know how wonderful i think you are. your always thinking about us.

well i am going to take a guess and i think the suprise is that ur going on another tour and your going to go to even more places before. OR your going to tell us your in a new movie!! that would be awsome..A new song

well Luv ya as always.<33

xoxo A.J.

n1nab3ar said...

When I got through me and my mom where at a thrift store, and because I left the car on to listen in we got stranded there for a few hours until some guy came to jump start our car! It was definitely worth it though.
I screamed when I got through.


Patricia said...

hey mitchel!! one thing wrong about your blog buddy! haha you did get to meet some people at new orleans :) haha you met me which was pretty dang awesome i know. jk but hope all is going good! hopefully i will see you soon! im going to see your brother in a couple weeks! :) yay they are the best!

but anyway so you remember im MALLON!! brookes friend. say hello to hollywood for me haha

<3 mallon grant

Anonymous said...

Mitchel, i am so glad that you liked coming to new orleans. i know everyone had as much a good time as you did. thank you so much for letting me my friend and my little sister meet you. are you ever coming back to louisiana...please say yes!!!!!