Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I am in London...still...going home tomorrow....

Did you go right out and buy the new JAM 10? My mom says she bought several copies......I hope if your parents did let you get said Thanks so much! Parents like it when you say thank you every once in a while......

Ok....about the surprise.....first of all.....I have this funny feeling that your going to love it.....and second of one has even come close to guessing what it even though I know it's driving you crazy....I am enjoying it very much! And I do love to read your guesses.......So Happy Valentine's Day a little early....and keep posting those guesses....

I am having a great time here...but I can't wait to see everybody in New Orleans this weekend...also.....I may be doing something this Friday that I need to tell you about.....let me check on that and we'll talk soon.



leanne =] said...

Miiitchel, i was verrry excited about radio disney jams 10. for some reason, whenever i turn on Radio Disney to see if it's on, its playing. and i blast it.

ohmygosh if you don't say anything else about the surprise i'm going to have to come to your house and force it out of you. it is driving me absolutely INSANE. haha v-day is my dad's birthday. =] is the surprise that... you're coming to my house here in new yizzleeee?! haha i wish.

if i was in new orleans, i'd be there. ohmygosh, i have a surprise to go crazy over AND something else now?! this is getting goood. =]

wow, i feel like you just got to europe. wellll at least you're coming back to the states. hope you have a safe trip back! =]

i got my second Oliver doll from target the other day, hannah and lilly came with him. =]

(the girl with no question on Radio Disney, you probably know that by now. =] )

ayoo maryann! said...

im getting it tonight :)
cause i have to go get new shoes.
i went to the movies yesterday to see juno, and when i was getting in the car my shoe fell off and i didnt notice hahaha.

okay so if we're going to love it then its not what most of us though haha.
I thought mr.mitchel might have gotten himself a girlfriend! ;)
hah uhm, maybe your going to start your own clothing line?!
i have no clue lol.
psh, you enjoy driving us crazy? how nice :).

have fun in New Orleans!

Carly said...

ahah omg i wanted to get the cd but i didnt have a chance to go out yesterday i tried on luck my friend is in orlando right now and bought it yesterday so i think i might just use that one...idk tho lol cant waitt!

i have no idea wat the surprise is! its driving me crazyyy lol!!

yah tell us whats happening friday! aha!

have funn in europee! last day =[[


ttyl g2g thanks for leaving a post


Anonymous said...

first comment!

Daniela said...

hope you have fun :)
can't wait 'till you'll tell us :D
Daniela (from ISrael)

MeganP2010 said...

heyyy Mitchel- I'm so glad you posted! Im in history right now and its sooooo boring! Dont you worry, im buying disney jams on my way home from school!

Dude im so excited for you surprise!!!! Ahhhhh it sounds really good! Does it involve me chilling out with you? Cuz i hope it does!

You should do like a live video chat like the jonas brothers did!!!! Now that would be cool!

Ok well its getting hard for me to type on this!

Love, megan

MeganP2010 said...

hey I just wrote you a really long comment and my phone deleted it!

But basically, I cannot wait for your surprise, and I'm going out to buy Disney jams right after school!

Love you!


brooke said...

this surprise is killing me.
buttttt, i know the wait will be worth itt :D.
stay safe on your way home!
i hope you had funnn!


ashlee said...

I totally bought 2 cds.! Lean on me is gonna get played a LOT now. you have like the most amazing voice everrr.

Mitchel, your sooo evil! You know we can't wait till valentines! 22 days! Way too long dude! And what's this bout friday..?....tell us SUMTHING be4 we go insane.

Oh MY DAD SAID HE MITE TAKE ME TO DENVERRRR! I'm trying 2 make him say YES, but he is hard 2 persue. We need 2 hang outt if I go. :D bring marccc and mom and dadddd. :]

Megan x said...

You're in London?!
I'm like 2 hours away from there!
Super bummed that there was no meet and greet =[
But now you have an excuse to come back and see us right? =P

Hope you've had an awesome time here =]
And enjoyed all the sights.

The surprise is seriously killing me!
I've come up with loads of possibilities...
....& now it's just driving me crazy! =P
Hehe I guess i'm just too impatient.

We have all been trying to guess what it could be on the IMDB boards, so far though we're still not too sure what it could be.

Happy early valentines day to you too =]

And I hope you have a safe flight back, and you're not too bored- isn't it like an 11 hour flight or something?
I don't know, I'm no good with time zones and all that kind of stuff lol.

ily <3

Megan xx

MeganP2010 said...

oooohhhh okay I thought of a guess!! Are you gonna do something involving meeting your fans?!?!?! Like a contest or a video chat or something?? I would love that!!

ahhhhi need to know!!!


Krystle Kayla said...


are you coming to the east coast on valentines day?!

Crazyactress15 said...

Look im like one of the firsts to comment that makes me happy anyway....
You just love the thought of driving us crazy.(wich isnt to far a drive for me) Anyway i wish i could guess but i dont have anything in mind as to what it could be at all. I guess I have to wait and see. Glad you had fun in London bu tits better if your in the states. Still wish you would come somewhere close to were i live but no you have to go to all the big cites.
Till next time

Anonymous said...

Have a safe trip home!

Hmmmmmm Guessing games are fun. Performing or presenting at the Grammy awards? The Oscars?
An action/adventure movie?
Spokesperson for something like skateboards,or t-shirt/sweatshirt combos?

It could be anything!Whatever it is, we're excited and happy for you,Mitchel!

becca said...

hmm so i think the surprise is your gonna come to pa and see me ahah i wish that would be cool cause your amazing
and i have been really sick for days but hope your having a great time and i hope to see you soon! :)

Chelsee said...

Heyy Mitch! Having fun in Europe? Well, I did NOT buy the RD Jam cd, cause first, I have no money right now, I spent it all on a dress for a formal dance that's this Friday. And second, my mom's been working the past week days and doesn't get home till 8 PM so I haven't been able to go anywhere.
Ugh! Exams are so stressful! I had my science exam today, and towards the end, we had to balance chemical equations, and I had NO clue how to do it. I was so upset, I asked if I could quit, cause I was stupid. Then the teacher 'helped' me, but I still think I failed. Well tomorrow is my French exam and my Fitness exam. Fun, fun!

Ok, so the surprise MUST be good, if you're that excited about it! I can't wait to hear it! Wow, it must be pretty different if no one has even come close!
Well, Happy Early Valentine's Day to you, too!

Hmm, this Friday..... what could it be? Haha ok I'll just wait and see, since I'm not a very good guesser, apparently.

Well, have a safe trip back to America!


becca said...

hmm so i think the surprise is your gonna come to pa and see me ahah i wish that would be cool cause your amazing
and i have been really sick for days but hope your having a great time and i hope to see you soon! :)

becca said...

o wow i think i just sent that like 1325 times sorry i dont no what im doing on here ahah

Jess said...

I am definatly buying that CD on itunes....ummm like now!! And let me think of a guess.....hmmmm.....well I'll get back to you on that one. For the past two days I've been singing White Striped Gloves and Cheese Jerky and other songs and it was driving someone crazy yesterday while we were playing Volley ball because she needed to focus... Have a great rest of the week and remember to ROCK LIKE A PARTYSTAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

HEyy I cant wait to hear about the surprise!! but i think you should come to one EVER comes here...unless they are on tour... ♥

Breann said...

I'm getting the cd as soon as my dad gets home!!! i can't wait! i had it marked on my calander since i found out!

U have to tell us the surprise soon! and i have like no clue as to what ur song is called i'm like so brain dead right now lol i think its cuz i have a headache i think im getting sick :( .... uh let me it about....u having a crush on me and are u going to ask me out? lol i dunno.... that would be better than anything in the world! i would come to Cali to make it easier for you lol.

I have to send pictures of my room to u i have soo many pictures of u on my wall its crazy... but im gonna wait till i get my new tv so i can finish the rest of that side....and i have to clean my room lol....

now i have to call my mom to see if my puppy Nikkie is out of surgery (she's getting spayed). and i have to check on my other puppy Stitch to make sure the living room is still in one piece....



Anonymous said...

Hey!!!! What is the secret? Are you going out with somebody? Is it Emily? :) You have a new song? Tell us PLEASE!!!! :)

Hardcore Hammii said...

Yes sir, I went out and got the CD yeserday! Which, by the way you sound absolutely amazing! I hope you do a show around Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey or DC. Haha I know that's kind of weird but those are the places my Mom is willing to take me to for a concert and/or meet & greets.


Julie :] said...

hope ur havin fun Mitchel! :]

and umm.. im glad ur humored by us going crazy. x]

u need to tell us soooooon!

& happy [early] valentine's day to u also ;]


love ya!


Mariam. [: said...

im glad you had fun.

and the cd is amazing.

i love you.
-mariam. (:

Lisa said...

well anywho
im going to mason's concert!
you should go..
and we will meet! it will be great!
I love you
Lisa B

Anonymous said...

of corse i bought it and loved it!!!!!!! r u kidding me u still arent gonna tell!!!! come on!!! lets see is the surprise that u r gonna go send a special valentines message to sum lucky girl!!!!! idk i have no idea HAPPY LOVE DAY TO U TOO!!! im glad ur having fun!!!! ur the best!!

musso4lyfe said...

i love you mitchel (:
#%$@ i have no idea what
the surprise is, but i cant
wait to find out !

Fer said...

yeah I always say thank you to my parents when they buy me something=D

oooh I know what the surprise is!!!
YOU'RE COMING TO MEXICO!!!lol, no I know you're not..hmmm maybe you're making a movie??or it's about your cd??I really have no ideaa=P

well I hope you're having a wonderful time cuz well, you´re wonderful..

love youuu<3


Sasha said...

My parents wouldn't buy it for me, but I don't mind. It should still be here around March 17th...i hope...I'm glad you're enjoying everyones guesses! I can't wait to here what you're doing this Friday.
Oh my gosh...I'm so upset about Heath Ledger dying. It's horrible!!!!! I'm sorry for his family. I hope they are okay.

See ya

ttran said...

Hey, Mitchel!

Since you're in London, I'd LOVE to hear your British accent!! Haha!

Arrgh! What is this SURPRISE!!!! I'm going insane in the membrane here!

I'm glad you're still having fun, and I hope you have loads of fun in New Orleans, too!

Tomorrow, I'm leaving to go to Drama convention!!!!! Woot woot right there! We're performing on Friday, and I can't wait to play on the GRAND PIANO!!!!! I've never even seen one before! I'm more excited to play on the piano than actually doing the dancing and singing....Is that weird? Haha. Oh, and we're opening for the second part of the convention!!!


Have a happy happy happy happy happy week and weekend!

Anonymous said...

The girl who sung cheese
jerky with you (KATIE)
misses you very much.

Nikita Bimson said...

Are u gonna cut your hair?
Please dont, I'd cry.

Are u writing a new song?
Going to Africa (just kidding)?
Are u sending me a valentines day card? That would be a great surprise. XD
Are you doing a new movie?
Dyeing your hair?

I quit this game. lol. Please tell us.

callmexbrit said...

omg. i am so friggen excited to find out what the suprise is:]

and unfortuantely I didnt wasnt able to get the Jam 10 yet:[ but no worries I'll be getting it soon!

so0o0o about the suprise im
guesing its that you are going to let a special fan.. ME.. hang out with you for a whole day. ohh myy gosh you dont even know how great that would be!

much lovee<3 exx ohh exx ohh

Anonymous said...

Mitchel!!! I am out of guesses!
Im glad you are enjoying our misery. Lol.

marykateee =) said...

i'm glad you're having fun in Europe!!!!
You're so luckyyyyy.
and guesss what?!?!?!?
in my indoor field hockey leauge place
there are posters ALLLL over for phineas and ferb!!!!
i was so happpy when i saw them!
Have fun during your last day in Europe!
Keep being amazing<3

Disa said...

"so even though I know it's driving you crazy....I am enjoying it very much!"

Enjoying seeing us suffer?
You are a cruel & evil kid, Mitchel ):

Just kidding.

I'm gonna try to buy the CD soon.

Katie said...

Hopefully the surprise is wining a date with you on valentines day! That would be amazinggg!

Kelsey_Marie said...

I have not had a chance to get the cd, but i so will soon!!!
what is the surprise??? are you going on a bigger tour??? r u coming to washington??? lol
or are you going to be have one of you songs on the hannah montana movie??? idk just throwin that out there. lol. well love ya man! -later-

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel-
Thanks for the blog post. I always get super excited when there is a new one. I am kinda sad that Radio Disney Jams 10 is not on iTunes yet, I was really looking forward to the release. Anyway I really want to know what is happening on Friday!!! I cannot wait till Valentines Day!
I am so glad you are having fun watching us suffer from not knowing what your surprise is. LOL

Wish you were here!

jackie said...

hey mitchhh,
another supriseee?!
well at least we dont have to wait
soo long to hear this one, haha.
but hmm. my guess is that on friday,
you'll be doing a live video chat
or somethinggg like that? and the
valentines day suprise, im stumped.
perhaps a movie? or a contest to meet
you? ahh, there are soo many posibilties. but im exciteddd to hear
more about themm! have fun in london,
and a save trip homee<3.

Mariam. [: said...


im so happy for her. (:

im thinking.
you're filming a movie.
idk why.
but thats what i want. :D

have a safe trip home.

lots of love,
mariammmmm! (:

Anonymous said...

"Lean on me" is about what girl? i gotta know, luv!

Anonymous said...

my mom sais she wld buy it 4 me!!....yeah i am excited!...i have to make sure that u r on it tho!...i hope u r!...i am still star struck from when i got ur letter yesterday!...thank u so much!!! :D....i <3 u so much for taking the ime to think of all of us fans going goo goo ga ga over!....oh PLEASE PLEASE TELL US!....i have no clue...wait is the girl for ur new song jessica alba???...urg mitchel brain hurts!!!...r u starting like a clothin line, shoe line, something!...that's it something!! :)

~*luv2laugh*~ :) :D ;)

abbyfromAZ said...

oh okay my guess is will be performing a concert as a music video, and everyone who is in the audience will be in it?
hahaa, i know, creative mind.
but that would be a good idea, right?

and know thats even better? you could perform it in arizona! mhmm yes.

okay, another guess is and mason will be having a concert on valentines day? you're killing me here mitchel. ;)

alrightyy hope your having fun in London! miss you dearly!


Anonymous said...

omg mitchel! kelly just told us she won! haha isnt that exciting someone from imdb won that contest!!

Melissa said...

Ahhhhh mitchel i need to know that SURPRISE

Tyler Michelle said...

i hope you're having fun in london :]

i've had "control" stuck in my head all day.
and i, i guess you could say, expanded my friend's music horizons, and made them listen to metro station.
they loved them!
so, i think you should mention to the boys that they should go a little farther down south to san antonio, texas.
and maybe you could tag along too?
it would be killer to meet you!

i hope you have a safe trip home to the states!

<3 Tyler Michelle

Sara said...

I need to know the surprise!!! *taps fingers impatiently* I guess I can wait till Valentines Day because I have no other choice.

Have a safe trip home!

Love ya


Melissa =D said...

Mitchel what is The suprise

I REALLY need to know its
KILLING me 0_o

love ya

-Melissa, =]

Amandakque said...

Mitchel could you give us a hint PLEASE ^_^ ha

ok well my guess is that phineas and ferb is coming out but we already know that so i think thats wrong.. umm maybe your going to come back to city walk and performing =O cause if you are i wanna come soo badly orr maybe your gunna go on tour OR your gunna open for metro station if thats not the suprise you should do it anyways haha


Amanda Q

Marcy said...

Michelllllll, we're all DYING to know what the suprise is. I'm not good at guessing stuff like that, so i'm not even going to TRY to guess what it is. hahah. I hope you had a wonderful time in Europe! I've always wanted to go there, you're sooo lucky! I do have one question though, you don't have to anser it though, in the episodes that you're not in, do they still let you watch them film it?

Molly said...

Hey Mitchel!

I hope you're having a great time in London!

Are you going on tour??? Is that the BIG SURPRISE? That would be definitely something everyone would love. Maybe...your own show?? [[These are random I have no idea if I'm right]]



KayceM. said...

Gosh Mitchel you are driving us up the wall! I was hoping for Cd info, but i think what ever it is ur hiding from us is gonna be better ;)! I hope your gonna be in a movie...and since you keep capitalizing suprise i keep thinking its sumthing us fans would never even thought about, like starring in the new twilight movie...I doubt it but hey i gave it a shot! good luck on ur trip back! remeber we love you!!

Melissa =] said...

ohmygosh im trying soo hard to guess that surprise are you gonna go on tour or your making a new movie??? im out of guesses..
Please tell us mitchel....

-Melissa, =]

Anonymous said...

I think that its the song wasn't your girl friend or mabe leavin if it's a brekup song.I hope you had fun evey where you whent oh my frind wants to guess she thanks it a new show or the song license for love p.s love you so much and am glad you made #19 love you amber

Jessiica Reneee' =) said...

i hope you had a a good flight back home, i was prayin for you
& haha i love when i tell my friends to guess stuff and i wont tell them about it too lol
anyways, im gonna call tommorow radiodisney, to see if i cna talk to you lol.. but everytime i call there its alwyas busy lol.
im glad you had fun in london!

&& i hope you had a good week
i know i didnt i was sick for 4 days =(

Jessiica Benedetto =)

oh yah. funny how u mentioned the j-14 winner, 2 days ago my dad asked me who won haha.