Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Sam Musso on IMDB

Just a note......I don't know who it is....but someone is using the name Sam Musso as an IMDB name. I just wanted to make sure that if anyone is reading their posts...they know that that is not my dad. I'm sure someone was just being creative and came up with that....but just in case little kids are wondering.....none of my family posts on IMDB. We obviously look at IMDB a lot for many reasons....but we don't post there at all.



Anonymous said...

SAMMUSSO is me and I'M A GIRL. ha I'm not Mitchel's dad, but my name is Samantha and I'm just using Mitchel's last name. If you want me to change it, then just say the word :)

Besides from that, YEEEEAH MITCHEL!

Daniela said...

ok :)
Daniela (from Israel)

DaniRefridgeratorMagnet said...


That's SAMANTHA from FLORIDA!!! aka Sammykinnzz!!! lol Sorry!!! We were talking about how people might think its your daddy!!!!! We have this youtube video out for everyone at IMDb and it has her picture and username that says, "SamMusso; NOT Mitchel's Dad! =P"

lol Funny you mention it! Nope! No poser; just Samantha!

Glad you care though, We'd probably just attack a poser anyway....mwhahahahahaha....

Meeghanherexo said...




it's really early, so i'll stop now.

Mariam. [: said...

her name is just sam...
we all know she's not sam.
but im sure she'll change it now or something.

i miss you!
anddd of course,
i love you. (:

leanne =] said...

dude the guy using Sam Musso is like... duuude. haha. =]

(the girl who had no question on Radio Disney)

Krystle Kayla said...

thanks for giving us a headup mitchel =]

Jenny said...

Alright Mitchel.
I don't really look at posts on IMDB

- adrissy said...

I didn't see it, cause I don't have an IMBD, but if I did see, probably I wouldn't believe that was you dad on it. I mean, in internet is so hard to found 'real people' :/ I mean.. I don't know.

but hey, did the person who said/says that is your dad or anything like that, say something meant to hurt you or your friends or your family? because if he/she/it did, don't worry, we (I mean, me and your fans ;) will be there for everything you want to.. like talk; you can talk about everthing you want to here, we'll ever pick you up in all ways, because we love you :)

ok, this comment was a little big but anyway, know that we are always there for you.

so much love,

Anonymous said...

wow, I've written that bibble and the truth is I just said a lot of things which are SO stupid u_____u

LOL for me :D

I read that comments before of me now and WOW XD I'm stupid and I'm so embarassed.

Sasha said...

Thanks for tell us. I don't go on IMDB much so I didn't know about it.

See ya

Tess Mus...(dang not yet) said...

Ha i am glad the wasnt me! I would hate to be known as a man for some resen.

Love you Mitchel

- Tess (the girl who almost got to see you but you left)

Jessica said...

Hey Mitchel!!
So far I've listened to 17 forever 4 times today!! WOO!!! We're havin a pig roast party thing for my brother cuz he's graduating college!! WOOT!! So you know you just gotta give him a shout out, cuz like he knows that I'm obsessed w/you..jk you don't gotta give him a shout out.


Anonymous said...


abby(: said...

HAHA yeah i was like "whoa? sam? is that you?"

but then the person started using like weird grammar n' stuff. so i was like "nah! thats not him."

thats why i dont have an IMDB.
too much drama! dont know what to believe on there!

miss you! please come to arizona, i need to see someone of the name mitchel musso or i am doing to die.


Anonymous said...

few!....glad that's solved!

~*luv2laugh*~ :) ;)


so, i decided to comment this particular blog cause it had the least amount of comments, so, hopefully that gives it a better chance of being noticed by you. it would be so cool if you mentioned me in your blog. i dont care what you say. just say my name randomly! lol, my name's devon, btw:]
i met you on march 10th of last year. wow, damnnn, i didnt realize how long ago that was. wow, ive been in love with you for a whileee. haha. well, as far in love as one can be without actually knowing the person on a personal level. lol, alright. im done.
bye mitchel!!