Sunday, February 10, 2008

Denver was AMAZING!

I really had a Great time. Thank you to everyone who came out and supported my music. You guys are Great and Denver is really special. As soon as we touched ground, Marc and I had a snow ball fight. We went out to eat at a place called Fondue and it was different. If anyone has been to one, you know what I mean. It was fun though.

I enjoyed meeting everybody. The fans were AMAZING as usual. You guys made my day by screaming So loud and bringing posters and stuff. My fans are the best....I couldn't make it a day without you. I always appreciate your support.

Thanks for making "Lean on Me" # 11 this week!!!!! Rememeber when it first came out , it was # did you do that? Thanks for calling in and requesting the song and watching the YOUTUBE. I heard it's gotten over 200,000 hits. That's AMAZING too!'s almost Valentine's Day.....just saying.....

Don't forget that I will be in Portland, OR. on February 23 for a Concert at the All About Kids Expo there. I believe the show begins at 5:00PM

I am also announcing the next concert in......... Florida! I will be there on April 12 doing 2 shows. More details to follow.

Hope you guys have a Great week!



Ashleigh said...

sounds like you had a really cool time mitchel! maby i can make the florida consert!

megan said...

ugkk you should come to rochester, new york. you were supposed to come..then you didnt!! ugkk!!

there was a 36 car accident in rochester!! because of the crappy weatherr. do you feel bad? lol

just kidding but you should totally come..
pleasese i love youuu

brooke said...

that does not sound like OHIO.
what am i going to do with your present if you don't come here?

well, im glad your #11 :D.
hahah i bet you and marc had a ton of fun in the snow!
hopefully see you soon?


Nikita Bimson said...

I love snowball fights.
who won?
I've never been to Fondue.

I wish you would stop making me sit on the edge of my seat when you talk about Valentine's day.
lol. Just Joshin You.

Anonymous said...

geeze ur life must be pretty fricken awesome lol congrats with lean on me its really good hopefully this week it makes it in the top 5 how sweet would that be?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! have fun in portland and florida!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

cld u please come to nebraska?....u make it sound more amazing every time!!...u cld bring marc here too then have a snowball fight if u hurry!! :P just kiddin'....but it wld b nice if u cld come and visit nebraska....i wanted to go sorry....i cldn't.... :( mayb another time tho! :) well i need go....almost time for school here!

~*luv2laugh*~ :) :D ;)

brie said...

Glad you had fun in Denver.....but we agreed that you were gonna have a big snowball fight in CHICAGO that included ME!!!! :( I feel so forgotten.........Yeah, I'm not really big on Valentine's Day, I guess...probably because I'm still single. It seems like all of my friends have that special person....and who do I got? NO ONE!!! :( :( :( Lol. That's the only thing that suz about being single, but I guess I can say I'm a pro at it! lol. But now we have this dance coming up in a few weeks and I have NO ONE to go with.......hint hint hint.......So I had a crap-load of homework AGAIN this weekend! GRRRRR!!! But most of it was Art, so I really don't consider that work. I also made a pretty funny movie. Well, over the summer, me and my crazy friend (no suprise there) Joanna did a skit as newsreporters, and she played my co-anchor who had ADD and was amazed with this imaginary butterfly. Then she sang the Butterfly Song and started dancing......yeah, really random. So I made a movie called Joanna Does the Butterfly and I put together all the sound effects from the video of her yelling "Butterfly! Hey look there's a BUTTERFLY! BUUUUUUUUUTTTTTEEEEERRRRFFFFLLLLYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!" and combined them with some kool butterfly pix. yeah, my friends are SOOOOO random!Bill too Me By Lalentine....just remember that......luv, brie*<):o)

Anonymous said...

Hey MItchel ur the bestest ever. And even better my Birthday's Tomorrow feb 12. I'm so excited I hope I can come see you soon.


Anonymous said...


Haha, you and Marc had a snowball fight first thing. Lol. Funny. =]

Im still hoping that you will come see us in Chicago and preform for us. That would be amazing!

And yes, Valentines Day is soon. <3


Mariam. [: said...

how about you just move to florida?
if sammy didnt live there,
and i didnt love her.
id be angry.

my birthday is april 14!
you should have something HERE, that day. :D
you know?
where you live?

even if you have to do it in your driveway man! me, olivia, and marc sit on the sidewalk and you can have the entire driveway.
i just need to see you! :D

and minnesota, you should go there too.

i miss you. ]:
i love you. [:


Krystle Kayla said...

im so excited to see what you have in store for us.
you really should do a live chat so you can talk to all of us =)

are you going to be at the DC games?!
ill be their =)

Disa said...

Snowball fights are amazing.
Especially if you have good aim.
So you can nail someone right in the head.
Hahah. I don't think you'd want to do that to Marc though. (:

So I met Mason again on Saturday :D
I didn't think I was going to since the place was for ages 21+ so I couldn't get in.
But I peeked my head in the door and he was RIGHT there so I was like HI MASON! and then he came outside and talked to me and I got a picture with him.
He's so sweet. And REALLY polite. I was like daaang boy. Hahah.
And he has the same cell phone as me! :D

Now you just need to come to Seattle.
Seriously duuuuude.

It sounds like you had a lot of fun in Denver though (:

Cassie (sn is Cassieluvs2talk) said...

First Comment!!! and im so happy you had a great time in denver! I hope that you will come to Pittsburgh again, that was really fun! Happy ALMOST V-day every1! ily mitchel! <333

With <333,

Michelle said...

I cant wait to see you in Portland! I hope I get to meet you because my sister and I are making/getting something for you : )

Julie :] said...

u need to come back to cleveland Mitchel =/

cant wait for Valentine's Day <3

love u!

MeganP2010 said...

askdjghskhfk mitchel, you're awesomeeeee! I'm glad u had fun in the snow =] soundsss funnnn!

I hope you'll be back in LA this weekend though, because thats where i'll be! I have the metro station concert this wednesday so i'm really excited for that, and then thursday is valeniltines day (wanna be my valentine?), and then sunday we fly into LA and we're defffrfdinately going shopping, probably at like the grove and down melrose so yaaaaa

Then monday we're going to the OC, maybe disneyland (but probably shopping) and them we go to san diego for THE CRUISE!!!! My best friend allie and i are going with our families and its gonna be sosososooo much fun!

Okayyyyy i kinda just told u my entire life story.... Keep me updated on you're life, k?

Love, Megan.

leanne [= said...

i like flipped out when i heard Lean On Me was number 11. i'm serious when i say that last night i watched the beginning of the grammys and when a commercial break came on i said, "hmm let's see if lean on me is playing..." so i turn on radio disney and it goes "radioooo disssneeeey. -beatboxing and stuff- don't you ever give up on your dreams". it's so cool how this happend to me. xD

you know, if you need a new v-day surprise, you can always take off your shirt and flex for us. ;D


heh, the boiler at my school broke so now i don't have school today and tomorrow so far. so basically, i AM having a great week. [=

~Leanne [=

nicole said...

When your in Florida are you going to do meet and greets plz let us know. I missed seing u at the orlando hannah/miley concert. :(
I'd love if u did do a meet and greet in the tampa/orlando area.
btw congrats on making #11, I always request it.
till next time

Amanda said...

Hey Mitchel,

I am SO glad to hear you had so much fun in Denver!!! I didn't have too much fun WATCHING Denver play basketball, last night! The game stunk! lol.

I'm so happy that "Lean on Me" is number 11!!!!! I practiclly screamed!!! I was like "Mitchel's number 11!" "Mitchel moved up!!"

I hope you do a concert, here in Cleveland! That'd be the best day of my life! And Valentine's day?? I can't WAIT for that!!! I wish you were my Valentine?? Will you be my Valenine???? PLEASE?!?!?

Have a GREAT week! You deserve it more that anyone!

Deticated to you forever and always,
Amanda <3333

selah said...

You're seriously coming back to Florida?
Please come to Orldando, because I would love to actually meet you. :]
It's not enough being in the same area as you (Jingle Jam Tour) or you being ten minutes down the road from you, but me not being able to come see you (Hannah concert).
I really hope I get to see you face-to-face soon. :]

Hey, I couldn't make it a day without you either, Mitchy.
It's a two way street.

Pretty exciting, huh?
Since it is eleven, did you make a wish?
Number one would be better, but hey, eleven from thirty ain't bad. :]

I'm guessing you thought up another surprise for Thursday.
It's a picture of your muscles, right?
Oh come on, you know you want to.


shireeeeeen lovessss mitchhhh! said...

congrats on lean on me!
yayyy, im glad its going up.
its an addictive songg.

+you and marc could have really great snowball fights in MICHIGAN! im gonna keep asking until you come back mitch : )

anddd that VDAY surpise is killing us.
we need to knowww!

i love you,

MeganP2010 said...

ya wait okay second comment of the day- I KNOW HOWYOU COULD MAKE UP THE VALENTINES DAY SURPRISE!!!! Ok, my opinions:

1- take a hottt myspace pic like in the mirror with ur shirt off!!!

2- set up one of those livechat things on (I think that's the website) and talk with ussssssss

3-come see me this Saturday. Or at the SF metro station concert this Wednesday


Love, Megan.

natalia said...

Hi Mitchel!

Aww, I'm glad to hear that you had that great time in Denver. I'm so jealous about the snow ball fight. I hope it snows here soon.

I'm still requesting for "Lean on me" when I can. I want it to be on the top 10, for sure it will be there next week.

Yay! It's almost Valentine's Day!! I can't wait to know what your surprise is. It's going to be fantastic. I know I'll love it.

Have an awesome week Mitchel.

Love Ya,


oliviaakiddo! said...

ooh THERE you are Mitchel.
you were totally MIA.
aww a snowball fightttttt
theres obviously no snow here, ahah.
thats really weird, like one day be in the snow, and then go back to california and it's like 80 degrees?!
the weathers really nice :D.

oh yeeees.
and my mom and i likee youre newest songn 'my best friend'

its cutee (:
i like theee synth soundiiiiiing stufff (:
my mom thinks the background music reminds her of metro station!

well yeah i wanted to comment cause i don't comment that much.
but this ones way long :/.

listen to mariam!
olivia marc mitchel mariam partyyyy!

Rachel lala said...

come to Rochester NEW YORK.
please please please!
because i need to meet you.
:] ♥

Daniela said...

ohh I happy that you had a good time :)
and I hope you will have fun :D
Daniela (from Israel)


aww! how sweet some brotherly love. awww! you 2 r aborable! haha. I wish i could come 2 florida, but i cant tear.

Beth said...

Hey Mitchel im glad your having fun.I wish I could come and support you but I really cant. Oh well keep having fun.

p.s I got the Metro Station cd and I love it. Let your brother know that. Don't worry you rock!

Boys like Girls rox said...

Hey Mitchel!!
Umm...ok so last night I couldn't get to sleep so I just kinda stared out the window and I came up wit this awesome poem

The first star I see tonight
Shining in the sky oh so bright
please make my wish come true
I wish Mitchel Musso loved me too

Apperently some guy got arested near where I live I think...interesting isn't it?

I'm glad to hear you 2 had fun in the snow i'm supposed to be getting some snow tomorow!!!

Valentines day is getting close....wait you just said that didn't you? oh well. Love you a bunch!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel!
Florida Again? I still hope you have fun. Come to Virginia Again!!!! I love when I find out you are coming near. I always scream! Sounds like you had fun in Denver! So Cool!

Can't wait for Valentines Day :)

ayoo maryann! said...

you mustmustmust come to new jersey sometime soon misterr!

hahah snowball fights are fun, except my brother nailed me in the leg really hard once and i got a bruise :(

ohhh yes it is almost valentines day, did you think of something new?!
i betchuu did!

you have a great week to Mitchel! :)

Chelsie said...

I hope that one of your Florida concerts is in Tampa or somewhere close. That would be really cool. And I'm seeing Metro Station in fifteen days! I'm so excited.

Anonymous said...


1. You're going skydiving and taking one "lucky" fan
2. You've decided to take up scuba diving, because, pssh, heck yes, sharks are you're secret obsession.
3. You're making a guest appearance on SEASME STREET!
4. You've decided to take up my offer and be my CLEMINTINE! And MarcMarc is gonna be my valentine! YESSSSSSSSS!!!!!

Flordia? Nice, but how about Chicago? You can have another snowball fight with MarcMarc and you could come sledding with me on a hill next to my house. It'll be a hoot! =) OR MINNESOTA!!! But in the summer. And of course me, Meeghan, and you will go fishing and we will catch the biggest muskie and set a world record!!!!

Are you bringing MarcMarc to the Portland Concert? Cause Ashlee is gonna see if he knows who I am, haha.


samisawesome.yes? said...


Chelsee said...

are you kidding me, Mitchel?!?!?!?!?! FLORIDA?!?!?!

God, I hate New England!!!

I still love you, though.
Glad you had a good time in Denver.


Annie said...

I'm so excited! I'll be here waiting.

And congratulations on making #11! Although the song deserves higher, I'm still happy for you!

Fer said...

yayyy I'm so happy you had a good time=D

"Lean on Me" is # 11!!We'll make it #1 soon!!

yeahh it's almost Valentine's my valentine right??<3 =)

Hope you have an AMAZING week!!

love youu<3

Samantha-LUVS- said...

my 13th birthday is on valentines day!!!!!!! =)

Love Ya,

Haleigh said...

Great job!
It was so much fun!
I didnt get to meet you, but I met Marc, hes really nice.
Come back to Denver!!

Love youuu.
_Haleigh Jayy

Anonymous said...

where in florida will u be doing ur show?

marykateee =) said...

i'm glad you're having funnnn
...but you would have the most fun fun in JERSEY!!!

Molly said...

Hey Mitchel!!

Ohmigosh, you TOTALLY brightened my day with the news about the Florida concert...let's just day stunk...really bad....

But hopefully I can go to the Florida concert if its near Orlando!!

Happy Early Valentine's Day!!


Popsicle and Izze said...

Did you like our sign? It was the big green one with the blue boader. Sorry if I misspell some things, I'm not good at spelling. Your concert was awesome and I can't wait for you to come back to Denver. Also: HAPPY (almost) VALENTINES DAY!!! I hope your tour is going great and all the cities treat you like a king. Have fun!

Allie said...

I'm still very sorry about Valentines, you sounded so sad! Or are you sad you have no one to spend it with? Cuz i'm in NY, u know, if you need anyone to lean on (seriously, that has nothing to do with your song).

Fondue is the best food the hit me (besides Sashimi, Sushi and Udon Noodles). Try it with pretzels, like the thick salty ones, let it dry and it tastes AMAZING!

Snow ball fights are awesome, but because of global warming, we on Long Island get only (not even) an inch of snow, and I haven't had a real snow ball in like, 4 years.

You do have a radio voice!

Have fun at your concerts, but this time, do a stage dive or something. They'll go ga-ga for that.


Kelsey_Marie said...

sry i havent commented in a while, but thats so cool you had a snow ball fight, sounds like you had fun! I cant wait to see vid of you in oregon...i cant come. I want to SOOOO! BAD! but my mom wont let me because its over an hour away. arrg! could you try coming to capitol mall in washington?!?! then i no i could go fersher! but ya have fun in oregon and in FLO-RIDA! lol (flo rida...florida...ok nvm) lol.
do you have a valentine? for valentines day???
have a good day!! love ya man!

-kelsey marie

Rosario said...

YAY!! Florida again!! I never thought i liked living in Florida!!! But April i can't wait that long lol haha. Hopefully i could get my dad to give my friend and I a ride like he did to the meet and greets you had in Florida before. Yay i can't wait togo to your concert!!

Katie R. said...

Sounds like you had a blast in Denver!....Ok, Did you and Marc have a snowball fight or you saw a snowball fight? because I read it and toke it as you SAW a snowball fight and everyone keeps saying you HAD a snowball fight. LOL

Yes, Valentines day is coming up, A day for some yummy candy!...only I can't have any because I gave it up for lent. I'm not catholic, But i did it to see if i could, and so far its been hard. I could totally go for some Starburst right now, or some sweet tarts. Grr..
Do me a favor and go eat a pink starburst for me! it would make me feel better! LOL.

A concert in FL. I hope you have fun, but really dude, you must come here to Michigan and do a concert, I really would like to see you in action!

Have a GREAT Day!


melissa said...

i think you need to come to long island new york!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you enjoyed Denver and as much as we'd LOVE to have you come back (some of us missed it), I'm going to have to go with the crowd and suggest Chicago (or Nebraska, or MAYBE Wisconsin) as a place you should go. The first two are states I've seen posted here, but Wisconsin is because NO ONE GOES TO WISCONSIN and they deserve a bit of fun, too, don'tcha think?

But, someone suggested that you should just MOVE to Florida and I have to disagree--Denver is a hub city, planes fly from here to everywhere. It only makes sense that if you're going to do a lot of traveling, Denver is the perfect place to LIVE...

S'all I'm sayin'

KelseyLovesM.T.M said...

oh my gosh!!:)hahaha bored
i found out i love skateboarding !:) by the way i know its a werid question. but how do u get ur hair so awsome and hot:)?

oliviaakiddo! said...

but i think you still need some help!
added effect, most definately (:
i'm just that cool!

i know;
you love us :D.
nah just kiddingg.

laurennn said...

i second annie cause shes my best friend!

me alex and annie
aka ur favorite girls!

will be here waiting for you :D

ready set come to florida faster dawgg.



denver was fun
'c'mon kelly. i'm ballin'

mitchel you make me laugh

i just saw the video you recorded for 9 news.
it was amazing
and they MOCKED ME.

come back soon!

grace said...

so heeey. mitchel. this is lizzie's friend grace and i seriously know that she would love it you just gave her a lil' shout out on her birthday... it's on the 16th. just sayin'. it would be the best present.

Jenny said...

DENVERRRRRRR... hmm how bout Minnesota? come here. FLORIDA?!?!?
nope nope nope.. Minnesota.. needs a Mitchel Musso to come.

haha get it? "musso" backwards sounds like "awesome" (:

don't forget about minnesota.
yeahhhhhhhhh. you'll like it..the peeps who come see you...would be awesome... haha.

beat box for me! (:


so its almost valentines day... just saying. haha.

oh yeah a snowball fight. i like snowball fights. it would be funner to have one with you. haha.

have a nice day (:

Anonymous said...

Omigosh....when you come to Minnesota, Meeghan you, and I are going to ValleyFair and dragging you on the Steel Venom. You will.......haha....*cough* love it.....


Oh, and trade your silver pants for neon orange or green shorts!!!! FO SHIZZLE!



haha. You are Marc are awesome. My sister and I have snowball fights all the time. Glad you had fun in Denver!!! But I really think you should have a concert in Chicago....Just saying...;] lol.

I can't wait to hear your Valentine's Day surprise. Maybe like a live chat thingy.. That'd be so cool!

So I know its a little early, and you've probably had a bunch of people already ask you this but... <33Will you be my Valentine?? <33
lol. I feel like I'm in first grade asking that. But it's fun. =]

Alana said...

yay Florida! i live there!:)
but i doubt i could go.. :(
sooooo sad
ah o well
have fun!

Anonymous said...

On second thought, forget my Wisconsin suggestion--it was just a whim, really. I've also been told that you've been to Chicago THREE times already (and how many times to Denver???) I think Chicago needs to share the love AND the Mitchel and let the rest of the country have a shot.

So, I Googled "things to do in Minnesota" and apparently their SPAM museum is about the BEST thing they have going. (Yes, a museum devoted to SPAM--not the junk mail or short, annoying posts spam, but the so-called food product SPAM). Have you ever eaten SPAM? It's REPULSIVE, I tell you, utterly REPULSIVE.

You really should go to Minnesota. While the rest of us want you to come, they NEED you. Desperately.

(Denver = hub city)

KitKat said...

Hey, I LOVE the song Lean On Me. I love all your songs. LOL.

I can't wait till Valentines day! It's gonna be my birthday!

Plus i agree with Megan you should come to Rochester NY...or Buffalo NY cuz thats even closer, but i traveled all the way to Rochester for the HM tour so i could go there for you too...i hope. Plz come to either Rochester or Buffalo!


KAY-SEA said...

what is it like to have thousands of people know who you are? i always thought it would be kind of creepy. because you dont know any of them. and they all know everything (well not everything but a whole lot) about you. its like haveing thousands of stalkers. you must have no privacy?

i mean, im sure you dont know a lot of these people commenting you. and the majority of them are all telling you that they love you. i would find that very creepy/stalkerish.

well, just a question that was on my mind. sorry for wasteing your time.

Terry said...

I hope your Fl show is in Miami! :D

I will keep voting your song so you can reach number one! ;]

Anonymous said...

Hope you come to Miami! =)

christineLovesMitchTate said...

omg dude its valentines dayy on thursday. be mine? (;

anyways, lean on me iss my ringtone. everytime it goes on, ii swear, my heart skips a beat..

"my best friend" < II LOVE ITT!

ii miss commenting yooh. ii dont comment a lot cause schools getting tough, but when ii have time, ii make my comments reallyy long (:

okiie well happy early valentines day!

ii love yooh
ii miss yooh


Anonymous said...

Heyy Mitchel!
I'm DYING to see you in concert!
But unfortunately,my mom won't drive far..
Do you think you could come to Tennessee?
It would be AMAZING!
And it'd make my year.:']
If you can,please post it one of your blogs or something..
I'd really like you to come.
And if you do,know that me and my best friend,Jordan will be the first to buy tickets.(:

kiza said...

Hola Mit!
dat sounds cool!
its really cool to have snowfight xD its an awesome way to spend days when it snow! =D
mm i dont know if i know wat u mean wit the restaurant but i know about "unique" places so i kinda think i know wat u mean xD
anyways gotta go i havent finish my science homework ((>< i hate homework~ & dis sucks but i have to do it or else my mom would get mad xD)) anyways u'll see dat lean on me will get on the top 5 =D cuz its a awesome song ((i cant take it outta my head xD))
well take care
see ya


n1nab3ar said...

Psh Please
Don't listen to these fools,
North Carolina is where all the pimps are, we'll hook you up.

It must be great being able to travel around, not go to public school, and be able to preform doing what you love to do.

Best wishes.

Anonymous said...

Please come to Miami smokin oakin! ;]

ttran said...

Hey, Mitchel!!

Ooh! Sounds like someone had loads of fun!


My friend and I's not "Valentine's Day" but "Single Awareness Day."


Hope you have the most amazing week ever!!

Anonymous said...

I bet denver was awesome! To bad i couldnt be there!You need to do some stuff in LA.Can't wait to hear the new V-day surprise

This has been another wierd comment by


Maria said...

I'm glad you had fun in Denver. Snowball fights are always fun, except right now it's been like below zero weather here, and it sucks.

almost Valentine's day.. are you thinking up a surprise? Oh yeah, you should be my Valentine. hahahah :)

Mariam is right, you definitely need to come to Minnesota. You were just in Florida with Miley! TWO shows.. in April. I'm seeing METRO STATION in April! hopefully. (:

Have a great week too! Don't forget to post a blog on Valentine's day ;) <3333

peace & love.

Taylor said...

mitchellll :)
im soo glad u had funnn.
and omg???!!!
did u sayy florida again???
ill sooo bee there this tyme.
supporting u..
and your wonderful singing voice...
and music :)
c ya april 12th???
btw... do i need 2 buy a ticket??
i srsly have noo clue!!

<3 Taylorr

Anonymous said...



alli said...

haha i've been to a fondue place in california. it was.. interesting. haha.

anyway, you should seriously come to pittsburgh. cuz i made you this scrapbook and i dont know where to send it cuz who knows if you actually check ur fan mail address.

ohh and me & my friends totally think u and miley are into each other. i mean you talk soo highly of her and everything. and we saw this pic:

now you tell me what that looks like! it looks like shes about to kiss youu. awee.

and i totally think you guys would make the cutest couple in hollywood.

well besides me & youu! hahah.
mmk well lovee you lotss.
stay awesomee.


Anonymous said...

hey mitchel ia m one of ur bigest fans my hole room is you i love you i am fifteen i have been to every concert thing that u have performd i hope we meet one day and get to know each other ok well love ya bye <3

Anonymous said...

hey is
ur b-day on july 9 if it is mine is on july 8 i am not kididng ok well ttyl love ya so much <3

Anonymous said...

omg did u realize the day u have ur concert in florida 2 days later it would be exactly a year since u went to the i know u came in december here to chicago but they ymca was a lot better...less people lol but yah i know a lotta us chicago ppl were hoping ud come bk for kids day or healthy kids day whatever it was lol

aww u and marc had a snowball fight! lol cuteee

best friend from what i heard is amazing! like all the other songss!

and sounds like u had fun in denverr!!

and yes haha valentines day is coming soon... 2 days...not evenn!

Jessiica Reneee' =) said...

im so happy that lean on me was #11!
im in love with that song & so is my dad lol.
haha i live in ohio so it snows alot . we actually had a snowday today!
so my brother had to shovel my very long driveway outside lol and i went out there to get the mail, and him and his friends started attacking me with snowballs haha, it was 1 against 10 haha. & their 17 or 18, so it wasnt a pretty site seeing me get like beat up by snow haha. dont you feel bad? lol.

valentines day is 2 days away!
so i hope you have a good v-day !


Jessica Benedetto =)

Allie said...


So you know how I told you it never snows on Long Island? WELL IT IS RIGHT NOW! And it's sticking! Just thought I'd tell you that.

Dakota said...

i still cant beleive i missed that....
but as cheesy as it sounds, i was there in spirit!
im sorry for yelling at you the other day about the loliver thing...i was kinda stressed that day.
no hard feelings, right?
btw, if youre thinking of using the fact that you are slated to voice or play a caveman,idk, dont, cuz thats been on for a while now...
luv you, and I CANT BELIEVE I MISSED IT!!!!!

vish said...

i was just wondering if you wrote or co-wrote any of your songs and what made you want to perform as an artist rather than an actor.

Caitti said...

I am BEGGING you to come to Long Island, New York. Also, this is kind of weird but I have a necklace that I NEVER take off (except for gym in school - I have to) and me and my friends (because I am so upsessed over you) call it my "Mitchel Musso Loving Organ"!! HAHA

Britt said...

your number 11, thats my lucky numberr!!! awesome. I'm so proudd:]

I just wish you were coming to philladelphia. :[

Love you lotss.

Brittany said...

Whoop!!! FLORIDA!! Come to Miami! Or is it gonna be the DC Games? Gahh you must love Florida lol I mean, who doesn't?!?!

Well, I'll keep voting! Congrats o making #11!!

Can't wait for April 12th (?) lol

Anonymous said...

I love you. It's that simple. - Lynn from Chicago:)

Brittany said...

By the way...If your gonna come to Florida on April 12th...go to the Youth Fair in Miami!! It's AMAZING!!! They have the coolest rides there! My family goes every year lol

It's in Miami though sooo...I don't know if your coming here but if you are, go to the Youth Fair! It's super fun :)

Emily said...

ive lived in california all my life so ive never got to have a snowball fight :( lol

come back here and see all your lovely california fans again!

so youre hinting about valentines you now have an even cooler surprise than the last one?? if it is or if it isnt, i still can't wait ;)


Alex said...

Thats only like three hours from my house!
My cousin and I are definately coming to see you. It's not Seattle, but it's close enough not to miss!
Maaaaan your brother cancelled on me on Feb. 9th, so I don't get to see him again until March 28th =/
Buuuuut I'm super excited to be screaming at you from the front row from some place in Oregon!

Jeeze I wish you were MY Valentine!


Fer said...

guess what??

Just got the new Simple Plan cd today!!!&& it's AMAZING!!! I don't really know if you like them..but I LOVE them so just wanted to tell you about it n.n

hope you're having an awesome week =D

..2 days till Valentine's Day!!!=)



Anonymous said...

I'm so sad.
My favorite person died.
Actor Roys Schieder...
Who played Chief Brody.....
in the movie Jaws....
He had cancer and was only 75...I wanted to meet him so bad too! He's a legend....=(
Just thought I'd share.


Anonymous said...

when ur in Florida on April 12th, that is two days after my birthday! only if u were in Connecticut!! you have got to come here some time!<333

we have a 90m delay today(2/13) its awsome!

COOL YOUR SONG GOT #11. well we're just going to have to keep voting for it and make it #1!!!

plzz come to Connecticut when you can!

luv ya as always<3


Anonymous said...

hey mitchel its shelby umm where is ur concert in florida and wen are tickets going on sale

momrox1106 said...

Hey we were at your Denver concert and it was awesome! All your songs were great and it was fun to be up close. So happy we got to meet you!

Alex said...

dude.... come back to boston. kthnx =D

hannah said...

hi mitchel
hope you had the best time in denver ever!

Sierra Jones said...

hey mitchel its sierra weeeeeee im comin to ur concert!!!

Anonymous said...

my bff's erin claire karson and me, julia, were the girls who gave you the scrapbook, so hope you liked it!

Erin said...

Me and my BFF'S Julia, Karson, Claire, and me, Erin, were the ones in Denver that gave you the scrapbook. All of the things in there are true! WE LOVE YOU MORE THAN YOU WILL EVER KNOW. All of our dreams came true when we met you! Thank you for giving us this oppurtunity! WE LOVE YOU

Laura said...

You were in Denver? Darn, I wish I could have come.

Amy said...

I screamed so loud that day!!! My friend and I lost our vocies, but it was so worth it!!! LOL that is awsome that you and your bro had a snowball fight. But you should totaly come back!!!! I can't wait to see you again!!!! I just got to say that your music was amazing!!!! I wish I could have met you and got a photo with you!!! Well again loved the concert!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Your concert in Denver was amazing I really enjoyed being there. I wish I could have got a picture with you, but oh well. I think you have a really good smile! And your mom was super nice. My friend and I talked to her for a while before your show. If you can you should come back! Thanks!

HaleighJayy said...

You should come backkk!!!!!
And maybe this time I won't stand next to a girl who yells at me everytime I screamed...I mean, who wouldn't, its you, and your well, amazing.
Oh well, some people.
So on this tour your going on, just remember how much fun you had hereeee....and we miss youu....and we want you to come backkkkk!!!!!

Love youuu
~Haleigh Jayy~