Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Thank you so much guys!

"Lean on Me" is now officially in the top 10 at number 10 this week. I thank you for listening and I appreciate everyone calling in and asking for Radio Disney to play it and for watching the YOUTUBE which is at about 220,000 hits as of this evening.

You guys are the BEST FANS in the world and I appreciate you!



Christina said...

Oh wowwza, thanks Mitchel, we apperciate you too =]

oliviaakiddo! said...

ohh yay nicee(:

thats not singing.
thats a subliminal message :D

Nicole said...

yay you rock! you watch..it is going to be number one. i just know it.

Katarina said...

Hey Mitchel!
I wanted to say hey and tell you that I love your new version of "Lean On Me". My mom also likes! And she doesnt like anything I listen 2!haha!

Also I thought you were older than 16! WOW Im oldish feeling now!
You act way more mature! You rock! Keep up the good work!
Love Kat

Terry said...

Congrats on the top 10.
I will keep voting!

Hope to see you in Miami, Fl! ;]<3

Mariam. [: said...

how come my comments NEVER go through?


i agree with olivia on the subliminal message turf. ;D

Anonymous said...

Dude. And that's even including my video that got put out months ago. It has 17500 hits!!! Holy crap boy! That's alot of people!

4 DAY WEEKEND FOR ME THIS WEEKEND. I'm going to the Dentist!!!!! YES!!!!!!!!!!!! I always get the BEST stickers when I go!!!! And a new toothbrush, except I just got one. That SPINS! Fancy, eh? Jealous?

Breann said...

aww congratulations bay!!!

oh and btw if you didn't know bay is like baby but shortened and im probably going to call u that a lot lol....u don't mind right?



Krissy said...

Congrats on reaching Top 10! Will you be filming any more music videos in the future? What about the song for the upcoming Disney Mania 6? Will you guys be doing the Disney's Circle of Friends songs this year?

Allie said...

I watched the video of u at the Grammy's, and you were awesome! I was smiling the entire time through! You turned RED when they mentioned u and Emily. You guys have been doing a lot of stuff together lately... I'm only kidding! But you were, check it out.

I heard on that thing that your album also drops soon! I so can't wait! I've been waiting for that info for a bajillion years!


Anonymous said...

YAYAYAYAY im soooooo happy for u! that muct be awsome!!!!

leanne [= said...

asdfghjkl; it DESERVES to be number 10. i requested it like 5 times yesterday. my friend loves lean on me, whenever it comes on we text each other. we're like 'RADIO DISNEY. NOWWW!'. it's gonna get even better than 10 mitchel. [=

~Leanne [=

Carly said...

NICEE! number 10!!!

congratss!! ahaha

yah the video i have up for lean on me almost has 10,000 i mean thats not much...but still thats a lot and a lotta good comments one how ppl like it!! =]]

well congratss!


happy valentines day tomorrow...ahah


Rachel said...

aww, Mitchel, you deserve everything your getting, its an awesome rendition of the song! keep rockin. =)

Daniela said...

cool for you :)
I wush I could call but I can't :(
Daniela (from Israel)

MeganP2010 said...

AHHHHHH MITCHEL, yayyyyyyyyyyyy!!!! Wow that is soooosososo great! I knew it would happen! Youre song deserves it- you deserve it! Great job mitchel! I love youuuu!


Dakota said...

youre welcome!
cant wait till' V day!
gues what?
i made u a valentines day present 2!
cant wait 2 show it 2 u!
l8ter, hottie.

Amy said...

and it will keep gong up :

Natalia said...

Hey Mitchel!

Yay! Congrats! I was so sure it was going to be on the top 10 this week! Let's see if it can reach 1#.

Valentines Day is tomorrow! I can't wait for your surprise! =]

Have a great day!

Love Ya,


Megan x said...

Mitchel that's awesome =]
I'm so glad to see it's getting higher each week!

I have the music video on my ipod
It makes me smile =]

So it's valentines day tomorrow....
Got a new surprise for us yet?!

=P hehe


Megan xxx

megan said...

ohh you should come to hilton head this weekendd. at the marriott
im on vacation from school!
and going down to south carolina, hilton headd!

you should deff perform
love youuuuu
ohh yay and congrats

my boyfriends like you too cause you dress GHETTO && so does he!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


KelseyLovesM.T.M said...

haha i would so call in but i live in Canada so yeah....u are like so cool and funny and hot its not even like funny ur like the best person on this planet!!:)

KelseyLovesM.T.M said...

i would so call in but i live in canada so yeah...but radio disney would so hear from me if i live in the US.and i just think ur the most talented,funny,hot,adorable,amazing
person on the planet!:) no lie so u just like totaly rock!!!!!!!!!!:)

brooke said...

you like 3 6 mafia too?!
iloveyou :].
ahah sorry, i just listened to that interview and i was likee,
ahhh, are you serious?



I appreciate you too.


Brittany said...

Yayayay! Go us! haha we all love you! That song is getting to number one I know it!!!


selah said...

can't wait til it's number one. :]


~JB~ said...

my dance kids LOVE Lean on me...so i have all of them calling in and requesting ur song too...they come up to me and they're like i saw Mitchel Musso's music video....they're 5 and they're youtubing u...i love it

chitown loves u! :]

Caitti said...


OK...I just wanted to tell you (for some odd reason) that I have a necklace, and I call it my "Mitchel Musso Vain" HAHA


Molly said...

It'll be #1 soon, Mitchel! Just you watch!!



Katie R. said...

WOW! that is AMAZING!! Congrats to you! Hope your doing good!
sorry this was short...


Brit said...

ahww. thats so ah-mazingg!
:) Britt

Annie said...

Ahh, congratulations!
It will get higher though. For suree.

And I'm still stoked about the Florida concert!

Beth said...

I heard your song on the way to school but didn't get to listen to all of it cause I had to get out of the care. Ugh highschool sucks bnut that's not the point. Anyway yeah......


Julie :] said...

we love u too Mitchel :]

Anonymous said...

you rock mitchel your the best and your brother mark i met him at the kids expo in colorado and he is a sweetheart hope to c u again
anna and haleigh

Anonymous said...

Thanks Mitchel! Your the best 2 and I bet Lean on me will get to be number one!

This has another comment by,


Sasha said...

Pretty soon the song will be number one. We appreciate you too Mitchel!!!

Anonymous said...

by the way i seen the lean on me music video for the first time on disney channel and also i seen the disney 365 with u and emily today FYI!

Kaylee said...

Aw, yay for Mitcheeel!
And all us wonderful fans for being so crazy and persistent with requesting your song. :)

I love you!

Boys like Girls rox said...

Hye Mitch!!
Guess what tomorow is!!! Yup Valentines day!!! And of course I would love if I could be your valentine. Yes and hopefully my english teacher will fall out the window and Chris Brown will sing With You while we slow dance!! ahaha I said that like the day you posted about the V-day shout outs!! You should type Jessica (The girl who keeps actidentaly writing Musso as her last name on her papers for school) hehe.

OMM I have MMO whoa that was a MMM.....wow that was wierd. You probably don't wanna know but it means Oh My Musso I have Mitchel Musso Obsessivness whoa that was a Mitchel Musso Moment....don't even ask......long story.....

Well besides me being crazy I'm just gonna say that tomorow is the big year!! WOO!!! Ok I'm gonna go make cards for my friends...Jess original....as in you're all over the cards ahaha!!
I love you a bunch!!


Alana said...

yay for number ten!
soon it'll be number one!
( i am SO sure of that!)

Anonymous said...

oh u r so welcome! we all love u!!!...oh tomorrow valentine's day! yeah!!!!!!


christineLovesMitchTate said...

yooo mitchhh (:

tomorrows valentines day, its finally hereeee ahh

please be mine!

ii miss yoohh
ii lovee yooh!

Gennine said...

Hey, Mitchel, will you be my Valentine? lol. It's great to hear from you again, and I've been voting my butt off for you on Radio Disney!!!
And Phineas and Ferb is rockin' too!
Keep us posted!
~Gennine, 14, NJ

Anonymous said...

I agree!

Anonymous said...

Yeeeeah boiiii!

'cuz "Lean on Me" rawks that hard. Hmmm perhaps you might even beat out Miley/Hannah... tough, tough. But possible, if only for one shining moment ^_^ I know your duet would reach uno somewhere (prolly mostly thanks to loliver fans... ughers) , but you could sing a duet with Jason Earles and it'll still pwn XD

Oh, and I'm going to see the Hannah 3d thang tomorrow! WOO. But I honestly wanna see one of the concerts with YOU in 'em... that woulda made the movie thing 31239047238574 times better, yo, 'cuz everything is better when its Mitchelicious B) ... and the "When I say Miley, you say Cyruuuus!" thing was just too cute =DDDDD

Oh, and I heard that some JoBro fans are spreading the hate out to y'all... first Miley then you... WHEN WILL THE HATE STOP!? =[ Well, you know you rock, so that won't be an issue, now will it ;D

Anywho, can't wait to see your v-day surprise! One more dahaaaaaaay.

Anonymous said...

Don't take this the wrong way (or even feel as if you have to add this comment--I don't expect you to), but you may want to change your blog pic. I don't know if the one you're using looks much like you anymore, if that makes sense?

It's just an opinion...

Beyond that, I think My Best Friend is a great song and so is Leavin' which I only recently listened to. Are they going to be on your CD this June/July?

Alex said...


haha i met you in december when you did a meet and greet at jordans furniture in massachusetts. i was one of the only guys... well maybe the only guy there lol :)

hm i love the song, even though im really not that into rap

btw, i met your brother at a metro station/cobra starship concert in boston. amazing

Fer said...

ohhh yeahh!!!!soo cool!!=D

ALMOST VALENTINE'S DAY!!!woot! just sayin'...

(be my valentine?)

love youuu<3


Anonymous said...

Hey mitchel...yah soo I posteedd earlierr but yahh its driving me crazy...I mean u gotta have another surprisee rightt...even if its a little one we all wanna knoww...and I wanna here this song by u and emily lol can't waitt

Sooo I sound like a loser saying this but ohh welll...is there a way u can givee a shout out to me on valentines haha if ur going to do something like tht of coarseee lol....itd be amazing to be mentioned in ur blog lol

And hey come bk to chicago soon...ddddont breakk a pinky promise lol...yah last timee it was funn! I was happy we got to talk a bit afteerr...fun timesss lol

Well yah can't wait to here if there's another surprisee tomorrroww and happy eearly valentines dayy!





Jenny said...

ossum (:

valentines days tomorrow... just saying. (:

Shannon loves Mitchel said...


Mitchel I am soo glad!
You deserve to be #10!
Your amazing!
Luv ya!

brooke said...


im giving out hannah valentine's today.
yes, im 15 and im giving out valentine's. with LOLLIPOPS.


Anonymous said...

well now there is 231,446 i just went and looked for you so it's 7:20 am here and its 4:20 where you are so i doubt ur reading this but ummmmmmmmm good luck and im proud of you ...........

leanne [= said...



selah said...

just so you know, you are the only person that i will tell happy valentine's day to today.
everyone else i say happy single awareness day.



Mariam. [: said...


love you. ! [:

Rosario said...

thats amazing!! i always request 'Lean On Me' on radio disney!!

i can;t wait till April 12!! 57 more days!! i hope your commming to Miami!!

Happy V-day!!!!

You rock!!!

Breann said...


I love you!!!!


Jasmine said...

haha how long did it take you to write all those names? youre so sweet
and youre pretty much the best
and i saw your music video
and i loved it
gosh your life must be so exciting with all the music and movies and hannah montana and everything
happy late valentines day!

smileyhopecyrus said...

Hey Mitchel!!!Sup Dude?I just saw the video for the first time today.I loved it!!!It was so cute and awesome!!Hope to see more of that out of you soon!!

Check out my blog:
Hope you like it and please leave me comments I would love that!!!
LUV YA!!!!

india said...

hi mitchel -
i'm a big fan and this is my first time writing to you. if i could meet you that would be so cool!!!!!!!!!!!. did you know that i have poster of you. i got to go but i'll be back. see you soon bye. india

Anonymous said...

hi mitchel my name is alondra and i thing u are the best u rock

Katherina said...

Hey! Mitchel I think I am the only 16 year old girl here and you know what I love u! Can i get your e-mail!

XXX Katerina