Tuesday, October 14, 2008

High School Musical 3 Premiere!

I'll be there!

Happy Birthday to everyone celebrating this week!



Anonymous said...

MITCHEL I'LL BE THERE TOO. Considering it's at my school.

Taylor, Justine, Becca, Marguerite, Cat and Anna! said...


Where have you been?! We've missed you...a whole lot. Come see us soon.

your biggest fans

Charlotte said...

Awesome! I won't be there, but it should be super-fun!

Ashlee said...

that was a short blog. =/

well, I hope you're doing well.

P.S. I already miss yoou. :[

Anonymous said...

That's awesome!
Where is it going to be at Mitchel?


Dinda Jonas said...

first. ew i wish i could be there -_-

Nikita Bimson said...

That's it?
No, Hi yall?
No, What's up my homies?
Not even a,"My weeks been fine."?


WEll, I'm sure your busy, So I;m gonna let you off with a warning.

lol. I sounded like a cop. Anyways, Have fun at the premiere!

Mareen said...

Finally you wrote again.
I am checking everyday xD
Soo .. HSM 3 premiere ...
Why weren't you at the premiere
in germnay?! Huh?? Huh?? =D
I am just so annoying cause i was
there but noo ...
Gaaaah ...
Of course you couldn't come.
But I am always at the wrong place =D

Carly said...

yah a new post! lol have fun at the premiere!!

i wanted to go see the movie when it came out but thts the day of the metro station concert! so im going to that instead! lol

well g2g see ya



~taaylor.* said...

aawh, that's reallly coool (:
i wish i could go !
but i hope youu have ffun !

i miss youuu !

Leanna Marie said...

HSM3 kind of scares me. But I'll see it anyway. But I don't have time or money to go allllllll the way across the country to see it... :(


<3Leanna Marie

Elizabeth said...

Awesome Mitchy! Have fun!

Ańń :] said...

ohhh "High School Musical 3"

world premiere 2008-10-17

Poland 2008-10-24

i miss you x3

Gabriella said...

omg! I wish I could go!! But, I live on the other side of the country and I have school so I won't be able to go. But, I know u will have a great time there! come back to Georgia soon!we all miss u here!

Gina said...

HAVE FUN!!! can u please say HAPPY BIRTHDAY GINA?? its my birthday on the 20th :( xox itd mean the WORLD to me!!

Mitchellover17 said...

Well thanx for the short blos all tho you know we want more. Thats kool that you are going to be there I want to go so bad its not even funny so where is it going to be? Ok well I love you and You should make a longer blog Miss ya come back to colorado.

Mitchelshollywoodgirl said...

Thats very exciting

luv ya,
Amber K.

sarahstarshipp said...

too bad i live in washington.

KT J. said...

Awesome! Wish I could go :( I'll be your date if ya need one ;)


Beth said...

I hope you have fun Mitchykins! My b-day was last week, I turned 15!

ILoveMitchel<3 said...

hey this is random but do you have any idea when your CD is coming out? i love your music, its amazing and so are you!

please leave a blog up answering this!=]

ALEX said...

today is my brother's birthday :)

mitchellllll where are you these days?!??

Miranda said...

Mitchel that's Great! I LOVE HSM also!

Anonymous said...

awh i wish i cld go
too bad i live like 4 states away


Cassidy said...

Hey Mitch,

I really wanted one of your shirts (preferably the one from 'Joannie B. Goode') but my parents wouldn't let me. Something about an obsession. I don't know. :P I tried to convince them I just know talent when i see it, but they didn't buy it.

I don't know how good of a judge of talent I am, but it's easy to tell you are one special guy. I mean besides the acting, singing, skateboarding, and looking so darn COOL all the time! :) You leave time for your fans. You meet huge lines of people, get countless pictures taken, and, heck, you're reading THIS. I just wanted to thank you not just for sharing your awesomeness, but being so cool about it. Thanks for being you,


Anonymous said...

Awesome!! Have fun, don't forget to smile!! LOL :]
I hope you'll be able to tell us the HUGE music news soon!!
Miss ya!

-Katie R.(From Michigan)

ashley said...

make sure you come to VA and not SC like you promised :)

Anonymous said...

wow thats cool!!!I wish I could be there!!!

Anonymous said...

cool, you'll be at the high school musical premiere! :) ya I probably won't be able to go considering I'm in RI... :) but I will probably see it in theaters soon.
So whats up for you? (besides the premiere anyways)...We are still putting up Halloween decorations, :D I think it is going to be really cool. Unfortunately though, I asked my friend to invite her friends because I was short on people...they all agreed they would come, then one of them was going to have a halloween party on October 31st but then decide they would have it on the same exact date of my party...all of them decided to go to her party instead...even my friend wants to maybe leave a little early to go to her other friends party because she keeps begging her to...and i'm talking about my BFF...so i'm pretty annoyed at my friend's friends...though I guess it's my friend's choice of whether to leave my party early...personally, I don't think that they are really good friends to her...especially with all the things she's told me. apparently they guilt her into giving them stuff that she likes. It's really wierd...
but I guess she needs to stand up for herself...so theres not much I can do. I'm not sure if we will have enough people for the mystery game we were making, but i'm sure it will proabably end up really cool whether or not there are five kids or three kids. Well...anyways I think I will stop talking about that now...

hey Mitchel, if your not too busy...I was wondering if you wanted to come to my halloween party...(If your too busy that's deffinitely okay...I just thought I would invite you again) its on October 25th from 2:00-9:00 p.m.
then for those who want to stay later, we will watch a scary movie.

wish ya luck Mitchel!! XD XD :D :)

-Coral (The girl from RI)

p.s. my dad and I argue a lot about whether my eyes are green or blue...wow that sounds a lot wierder then I thought it would...

~*Amber*~ said...

Mitchel, just wanted to say thank you so much! Got my hoodie and shirt in the mail yesterday and thank you for personally signing the hoodie to me. You're awesome. =]

Have fun at the permiere! Update us again soon!

Anonymous said...

Take me as ur date!!!! jk thats great! tell me wat happens!!!!!


chels :) said...

have fun (:

Anonymous said...


Im going to a Metro Station concert this weekend! Im so excited!
Haha, my birthday is on Monday! <3


tubalicious_ said...

Hey Mitchel :)

Is everything okay?
Your post was rather short..busy times eh?
I'm just going through bad times in life right now & it's depressing. Anyways. Hows you? Hope you have fun at the HSM3 premiere! Guess what! I put the pic of you I got when I ordered ur autographed shirt + jacket (which, by the way, I'm wearing right now cuz its extremely comfy) in a picture frame. You look so adorable in that pic! :)

I hope you had/have a good week!

MEGANN. said...

14 dayss! yay

Alex said...

I wish i could go ... but where i live theres nothing around ... chicago takes 3hrs to get there ... i live in iowa nobody's ever here except you came here with corbin bleu in davenport iowa which was of course AWESOME !! that was about the biggest people who came except country singers which come to our fair ... some people do come to moline illinois where the jonas brothers & miley cyrus came there like 3 years ago but mainly everybody else comes to cedar rapids & of course chicago !! I just haven't convinced my mom to take me to a concert in chicago !!!

Soo i guess i won't be making the premire .. but i want to see the movie because it looks better then the other 2 .. hopefully its good .. and i heard there was a 4 but like nobody the same was in it soo this might be a good HSM ..

Sometime can you come back to Davenport iowa to play a concert maybe play more songs because it seemed pretty quick & corbin took forever .. not like it was bad .. he also took forever to come out of the stadium because everybody wanted his autograph .. but after your playing thingy me & my friend ran out of the stadium and got by your bus right in time to get your autograph you signed my shirt & took a picture with me while you talk to my friends friend on the phone & took a picture with her ... im soo happy i got to i guess meet you because if i were somebody who didn't get to meet you and they were standing right there i would of been sooo disapointed ... but luckly enough i pushed through the crowd to see you ... hopefully you come back someother time soon and ill be able to go to your concert !!

I know im talking forever but i haven't replyied to one of your blogs in forever soo i am right now ...

♥ alex

Miranda said...

Oh also Mitch, please come to Tennesee! please? : )

Katie.<3 said...

heyyy!! my 16th birthday was on MONDAY!!! yay!! i get my liscense in like 2 weeks. im glad you finally updated and i hope you had fun at the premiere!!

Anonymous said...

Have fun!!! =)


Camille said...

Have fun at the premier!!! Tell us all bout it!! And what is it with everyones birthdays lately omg its like EVERYONES birthday right now... except mine... mines not till january :( but happy bday everyone! I love you mitchel, have fun doing whatever your doing!



Sabrina! said...


Hope you had fun at the premiere! I can't wait to see the pictures!

And PLEASE, keep posting and wishing happy birthdays...because...mine is NEXT SUNDAY! October 26th is my birthday, and I'd LOVE it if you could wish me a happy birthday! Please?

<3 Sabrina

P.S. ...Please? It'd make my DAY! Actually, it'd make my year to get a shout-out from you!!! Haha, I sound so whiny, but seriously, it'd mean so much to me!!

Mkay, I'll stop pestering you now! Haha, have a great day! :D

Brittany said...

Whoo! I'm going to see it next weekend. Have fun Mitchel :)

ps. More updates!!! :D

Please :)

jackiepez said...

Hey Mitchel!
Hope you have fun!!
Let us know whenever you're on tour!


sarah said...

Hi Mitchel Musso!!! I wish I could come and met you at disney world in Florida Orlando!!!! I hope you are having fun with your fans. Thanks!!!!

Gina said...

MITCHEL PLEASE COME TO THE DISCO BALLS AND BLOW UP DOLLS TOUR ON OCTOBER 28TH!! i wanna meet u, and mason at the same time :) its in Massachusetts, u know u wanna goo!!! btws, its my bday on monday :O ;)

GiGi said...

That's so awesome Mitchel!! I hope you had lots of fun.

Sorry for not commenting for a while! I've been way busy with school and stuff.

Oh, and I got your DC Games shirt in the mail a few weeks ago!! Wow wow wow! It's so awesome! I cannot thank you and Marion enough! It was like the best birthday present EVER. And I wore it to a lock-in my youth group was having, and all these girls were basically freaking out about it when I told them it was yours, haha! And of course it's even more amazing knowing that some of the money I spent on it is going to Missions International. =]

You're AMAZING and don't ever forget it!


Allie said...

Have fun! I wanna get tickets for it, although I don't really fancy HSM, it's one of those things you HAVE to see.

Here's a quote for you...
"Have you ever been alone in a crowded room when I'm with you?" - Dark Blue, Jack's Mannequin

Heather said...

Hey cool news!!!

I was at the ARIAs last night (Australian Music Awards) and for the 3 minute countdown they played Metro Station's Shake It. It was really cool cause it was loud and blasting throughout the whole stadium and its funny cause Metro Station isn't even and Australian band.

So anyway I just thought you'd think it was cool.

Enjoy the HSM3 premiere I'm looking forward to it in December!!!


bibagulin said...

Mitchel i love you, you are a perfect actor and beautiful, I live in Brazil and I am here representing all of his fans of brasil! we love you and hope you come here! :)


Beatriz gulin-Brazil

brooke said...

oh mitchel mitchel mitchel.
long time no talk.
i realllllly wish you would come near ohio.
i miss you :/.
and i have your present.. which i've been holding onto for almost YEAR.


Hollywood-Girl 101 said...

yeah....i can't go to the premire and i can't go to the movie untill i get some money beacause i had $10 from a confirmation gift from my grandma and i used that for the new demi lovato cd which i should be getting in the mail today so yeah,

ionia misses you!

love melissa

Anonymous said...

Bwa-haha wow`s I haven`t been here in a while.Sorry. well that`s amazing,I don`t even know were the premiere is but I`m so going to see the movie,haha.good luck with all the work,your amazing and you can do this I know. Loves ya Mucho

Nicolee :]

Austin said...

Hey Mitchel thats so cool! By the way I don't know if you noticed but I'm your FAN OF THE MONTH ON MITCHEL MUSSO.COM! Isn't that so amazingly amazing! I can't belive it! I really need to meet you now seriously. 5 times I've tried. When you meet a girl named austin that says shes your October 2008 Fan of the Month you better hug her (me)! Love you!

Pop Princess said...

Short blog, but hey it's something ya know.
Hey Mitchel! haha awesome! i'm doing math and gonna practice my vocals after. It's hard to keep them consistance with the term coming to an end eh?

Felicia said...

go mitchel you are cute

Maddie Loo said...

Hey, Mitch. How was the movie? Fabulous?! I can't wait to see it. I think I'm buying them this afternoon! I wish I could've seen it with you and all the other celebs... That would be s'wicked(sweet/wicked)! I made that word up. Can't wait!

Cassidy said...

Hey Mitch! It's me again! You know the cazy obsessed fangirl who posts in proper paragraph form? :P Ya, that whole 'getting a life' thing, it's on my to-do list. Missing all of your news, and hoping everything is good on your end. Rock n roll.

Carly said...

Hey! i saw clips from season 3 (the promo thing) i cant wait!! how was the premiere?? im actually going to see hsm3 before i leave for the metro concert! cant wait!!

i heard the song shout it (i think thats the title?) thts the one ur doing with mason rigtht?!?! i really like it! cant wait to hear the duet! lol

well yah just stopped by to say hi! hope ur doing well!

come to chicago...lol

alright byee!