Friday, October 31, 2008


Happy Pumpkin Day!!

I am in New York seeing Mason and writing some Music and taking some time to visit with kids about Clean Hands Are Cool Hands!

I hope you guys have a VERY safe Halloween! Let me know if your dressing up and what Your going as. Are you trick -or- treating? Do you have a Halloween Party to go to.?...I is Friday night...right!

I decorated the house a little bit this year. Put out our friendly ghost that travels back and forth among the trees.

Have a safe and FUN day!



Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel!
I am going to a party and trick or treating dressed up as a ghost!!!

I am so excited!

I hope ur having a great time in New York! I hope to meet u again and come to ur next concert if ur near Pennsylvania!! I would love to meet u again!

I saw u again at Miley's party! and u remembered me! from ur Wildwood, New Jersey concert on July 26th!!!



*I got the first comment!! SWEET!

Cassie said...

i am actually in the hospital... so no trick or treating. but have fun

Katlyn said...

what are you being mitchel??? im being vanessa hudgens, im 15 and going trick or treating, lmao. but yesterday i went to a party so its all good.

Anonymous said...

Have fun with Mason *__*
I'm going to an Halloween party'll be funny =)
Have a great day!!!


~*Amber*~ said...

Happy Halloween Mitchel! =]

Yup, I'm going trick or treating. I'm going as a Harajuku girl and taking my little bro out. Then hopefully going to my besties and watching scary movies with a group of friends. Love Halloween on Friday!

Have a great time in NY with Mason and promoting Clean Hands! =D Take care.

Ashlee said...

Have fun seeing Mason& everything.!

I'm actually Mason for halloween. I put like the best outift together; red skinny jeans, black&white shirt, the badge belt buckle on the left side, black shoes, sunglasses, & neon colored bead bracelets, one saying "mason". It's pretty awesomeee.

Happy Halloween!

ashleigh said...

hey mitchel

Carly said...

Hey!!yay happy halloween!

new york! sounds fun! hope u and mason and everyone has a good time!

for halloween im going to my friends party its like in 2 hours and i still dont kno what im going to be lol or how im getting there... but once i figure that stuff out i will have fun ahaha

well i better go. i got some hw. aha...yah i know on halloween crazy right!

lauren said...

Hey Mitchel!!!!...

people are going to start trick or treating in like 5 hours and I still don't know what i am going to be! Thats been like a tradition for me for the past few years...finding something to make a costume like 10 min. before everything starts!! I'll some up with something though.. 16th birthday is this wednesday(nov. 5) and a shoutout would just make my day!! actually my whole year!!


Ashlee :) said...

I am dressing up as a "cereal killer" i have cereal boxes on my shirt with knifes and spoons through them :) clever haha.

happy halloween <3

hopefully you will be with your brother on november 8th! :)

i cant wait to see the new video for 'seventeen forever' and for you to finally come back to florida :)

taaylor (: said...

aawwwwh mitchel (:

your in newyork ?
thats reallly cool !
hope your having a fun, safe time.

I'm gunna be a kandykornwitch (:
lmfao, and I'm going trickortreating with my brother, sister, and some other people.
what are you doinggggg ?

we decorated my house,
and we're gunna ride my golfcart around the neighborhood with red blinking eyes on the frontt.

hhaha, okay, wellll I hope you have a fun Halloween <3
come back to florida soon, fersure !
(: i missss you ~

SkateXRocker:) said...

mitchel :)
heyyy whats goin onn :)
im not going out for halloween this year,my friend is having this BIG party its not really a holloween party but some people are dressing up lol its going to be awesome!:) im not sure if i can say its going to be safe lmfao no adults but ehh like u said it is friday ;D,

i hope u have a great dayy

Caitlin said...

Hey Mitchel.
Well, Im in Scotland, and Halloween for me just ended. It's 9PM hehe.
I took my wee brother out trick or treating, he was a vampire. He looked so cute haha. That was pretty much it. I figured being 16 was a bit too old to dress up.. :(
And I had no parties to go to. Oh well.

Happy Halloween!

Katie.<3 said...

happy halloween mitchel!! im going to my friends party tomorrow. me and my friends are gonna be the jonas brothers. hahaha. last year i was mike stanley III. =] but this year we had trick or treating like a week ago. and i had a report to write, so i didnt get to go. =[

im glad youre having fun in ny!!

ps.. i got my metro station kissmas bash tickets today!! im thinking it would be fun if you just happened to show up. hehe. <33

anna said...

happy halloween!!
im going to my friends house tonight, were going trick-or-treating for UNICEF =]

dont forget to take time out of your busy schedule to pig out on candy, today IS the one day of the year you can get away with it, after all :D

Anonymous said...

ahhh! mason ! :) i wanna be with you right now. there concert was amazing last weekend. tell mason i love him. i love you tooo mitchel.

tubalicious_ said...

lol. =P i dressed up as a witch it was kinkayy. & im not going trick or treating cuz apparently im too old to do so in this neighborhood. wuts a 15 yo to do? *sighs* lol. no hallo party =[; i got candy anywayy :D; my ebay account got suspended for being underage lmao >.>; enjoy new york! & HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!! =D im spending my friday talking to my ex =]

Mitchelshollywoodgirl said...

awww thats awesome you should come to Tucson Arizona to see your brother perform that would be awesome because I'm going to that concert! lol I hope you have a great halloween!!!
luv ya,
Amber K.

Anonymous said...

I'm much too old to be liking hannah montana and listening to you! I'm older than your brother!But I love your song "I wonder what it's like to have it all!" when can we get it on iTunes?!

Have a great halloween dear!

Camille said...

hey mitchel! happy halloween!!! im going to my friends awsome party soon!!! i am gonna be Elizabeth Swan from pirates!!! so yea... thanks for the update and you have a very happy halloween although its like over your time! its only 2:00 something here in hawaii... love you


alana said...

Happy Halloween!

i didn't go trick or treating this year.maybe next year.

On Wednesday at a local library i helped with a hunted house for little kids.They were scared!But we gave them candy.:)

btw i saw a commercial 4 Hannah Montana and Oliver's secret.

wats his problem?!

oh well bye!

emily said...

omg my friends and i were hannah montana, miley cyrus, hannah cyrus, and miley montana! lol and this girl believed us and was like omg! i louve hannah montana!!! she was so cute and little.

wht are/were you being?


happy halloween!

can't wait to see mason again on november 8th at the HOB orlando!

Anonymous said...

Ok, I just have to say this, from reading what everone else said...your never to old to trick-or-treat or to dress up, or to have fun! LOL. I'm 18( short for 18 tho, so I look about 16) . and I was gonna go out and trick-or-treat with my friends. But My youth group is going paintballing tomorrow, So my mom said I could either do that or trick-or-treat, and since i've done TT before, I chose paintball, cause it sounds awesome! LOL. So I stayed home and watched a scary movie, called The Fog. it was good!
So, your in New York, Sweet! I hope your having fun!!
Have fun telling the kids that cleaning your hands is cool, and not just a boring thing and because your mom says so. LOL

Have an awesome weekend!!

oh, and HAPPY PUMPKIN DAY to you too!!!

-Katie R. (from Michigan)

Anonymous said...

I didn't go trick or treating, but I did work at my school's Fun Frolic its like a cool tradition :) I was dressed up in a Penguin Costume with a football jersey of my school and the penguin was wearing basketball shorts too! Everyone loved my costume, because i'm so creative or whatever, but yeah, I'm my school's mascot so I LOVED TONIGHT it was a blast, and nahh no partys tonight, i just went out for a dinner with all my friends and that was also a blast :)

-hope you have a fun halloween too-

tell mason and the rest of your family that one of many fans is wishing you all a happy halloween!!

I really think you and metro station should go on tour, a brother thing, that would be sweet!

Alrighty it's like 11PM Goodnightt!



Anonymous said...

uh well i went to this concert for joseph might've seen him on america's got talent if you watched it...he's an elvis tribute artist and it was amazing! and in 15 days metro station's gonna be here in omaha...i can't go though... :'( i wish i could...have fun in new york! oh and have a great weekend!!

♥ MeganLurvesYouuu said...

Aw, ditto Mitchel! You're so sweet!

Yupp, me and my best friend are going to a football game, cause I can't go trick-or-treating ... cause I'm scared of the dark. Haha. Not even kidding =) And then we're having a sleepover and watching movies until we fall asleep!!! SOOO much fun!! OOO, but I did dress up! I was ME! =) hehe I think I'm best at being her!

**EDIT** Okay, since I forgot to post my comment till we got home o_O haha ... how was your night? Mine was fantastic!

Have a great rest of the weekend!!!

Keep smiling!
~ MeGaN
<33 =D

Camille said...

omg mitchel so i said i was gonna b pirate but i totally changed my mind... i was YOU!!! kinda... you c i wore this hat that you signed that i bought at one of your concerts and i was gonna wear the shirt of yours that i bought on ebay!! it was a pretty cool costume... BUT then you see (this may sound really weird cause it so is BUT...) i just couldnt wear your shirt cause i didnt wanna ruin the smell. it really smells super nice and i didnt wanna have to wash it after i was done wearing it. so dont worry i wont b wearing it. but i dont no what i am gonna do with it. i kind of want to frame it but that would b weird.... so IDK
anyways HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!!

love ya

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel!!
I helped give out candy with my sister. we scared a few little kids but not on purpose lol at least i dont think so well i hope you had a great halloween and had fun w mason....ILY!!!


audrey said...

i am for sure too old for trick-or-treating :[
i went to a friend's house and we watched movies though.
hope your halloween was fun.
audrey :]

Kendall said...

Hey Mitchel! I'm thing 3 for halloween! Yes, i know there is only two, but there are three of us. I went trick or treating and got soooo much candy! Cant wait to see the new Hannah Montannah tomarrow! Luv ya!

Anonymous said...

lol Happy Halloween again Mitchel! (Even though it's the day after)
I trick or was awesome XD my dog got to go trick or treating with us when we first though she didn't go up to the house to trick or treat with me, she just stayed with my mom. There wasn't as much candy this year...but thats okay :)
So how are you Mitchel? COOL!! You are in New York? Is there still snow? We almost got snow in RI, but it became rain instead...Hmmmmm
I didn't think that it usually snowed before, we did get like two pictures last night, but no one would help me to get a lot of I think I will try to get some more tonight. We decorated the whole first floor for Halloween this year :) the porch had a pirate, the living room had a mummy, the dining room had a cemetary, and the kitchen had a love Halloween...we have decorations from like years ago, so we just put them all up. Maybe next year we will have a haunted walkthrough on halloween...four years ago we had was awesome!! Except for the fact that the vampire wouldn't stay in her coffin..., this year my costume was a cat...I wore halloween pajamas and made a cat tail and stuff like, though it looks a lot cooler then it sounds...I actually was wearing my costume at the amuesment park in I wear it randomly even if I am going to the mall. Just like I have a hat of a game character, and it has wolf I will be at the mall with a hat with ears on top. Its kind of funny. lol

Wish ya luck Mitchel!!

p.s. I like making people laugh :) I sometimes act wierd just to make them smile...though not as much as I did before...but I still can get someone to laugh... sometimes...So...have I made you laugh yet? lol :D

p.s.s. so your in New York...Rhode Island is pretty close :) just kidding... :D come to RI Mitchel!! lol though its still kind of was warm yesturday...the weather was really nice.

Miranda said...

Hey Mitchel! Last night I went trick-or-treating as an ancient Greek princess!
Hope you had fun,

Amanda said...

Hey Mitchel,
Happy 'belated' Halloween. (That sounded so dumb! lol)
I hope you have fun with Mason. Tell him I said hi!
I did dress up. My sister, our two friends, and I dressed up as the nerds from the Alltel commercials!! It was so much fun!! I also went in a few homemade haunted houses. That was so much fun, too! Did you dress up as anything?
That sounds cool!! I like all the moving decorations! :D The only decortations we put up, was my younger sister's drawings of ghosts, and mummies, stuff like that.
Have a GREAT weekend! Because you deserve it!
Deticated to you, forever and always,
Amanda <3333 ♥

Elizabeth said...

Hey Mitchel!-

Dang, it's been a long time since I left a comment on your blog! But, rest assured, I'm still stopping by everyday and reading what you have to say!

My two best friends, Iris and Alan, and I went out Trick-or-Treating together (you're never too old). Alan and I wore a lo of black and put on dark make-up and Iris got dressed up nice. We didn't really know what we were supposed to be, so when people asked I said "He's a lively corpse and I'm Death." It seemed to work out!

After that, I slept over at Iris' house. We WERE going to watch Stay Alive (which is my favorite scary movie EVER) but that didn't we watched John Tucker Must Die :]. Then we stayed up for 2 hours playing Wii and playing Pokemon on the gameboy. :D

We had a fun night. I hope you did too!

<3 Liz

Alex said...

Yeah i did go trick or treating but i didn't really dress up i was just walking around in regular clothes with my hair sprayed different colors even though it was supposed to be pink and orange it just looked red ... i think im going to get more into it next year since ill be a freshman in high school and just walk eveywhere by my house to get lots of candy ... thats cool that your meeting kids and telling them about Clean Hands are Cool Hands because i know what its like to almost have mrsa i had to get tested for it about two years because i had a boil on my leg and they had to see if i had it ... but luckly i didn't which was super good since mrsa is very dangerous !!! I can't wait till tomarrow the new episode of hannah montana comes out .. i can't wait to see it ..

have fun in new york ...

♥ alex

Elizabeth said...

Hey Mitchy! I went trick-or-treating! It was so fun! My neighborhood was like a ghost town! (pun intened!) Seriously though, almost no one was or home or had candy! Luckily in a neighborhood nearby, we collected a smorgasbord! Mmm! I dressed up as Hannah Montanna! One person had a haunted house that he let us into and gave us sodas! You have a friendly ghost? :) That's cool!

Hollywood-Girl 101 said...

hey mitchel! I had an awesome halloween! I walked my around WHOLE TOWN with katie.
My costume was sweet! I dressed up as one of my teachers who gets creeped out when kids do things weird. it was funny. We had a school dance and i got tired half way through it so i didn't do to much dancing. and then katie spent the night last night but she had to go home early. so yeah.
it was pretty fun.

ttyl. ily.

jackiepez said...

Hey Mitchel, I
Im going as a baseball player. Im going trick-or-treating and to a party. My friend also has a ghost that moves on a line. Hope you had a great Halloween!!


Anonymous said...

Happy Halloween Mitchel!!! Did you dress up?? I was passing out candy dressed in a robe. lol

josiee(: said...

me and all my girlfriends dressed as playboy bunnies and my guy friend dressed as hugh hefner and we all went to see saw 5! lots of fun. what did you do? (:

Mitchelshollywoodgirl said...

I forgot to tell you yesterday..... All of my friends and I dressed up I was a Rasberry girl... My friend Jessica was little miss muffet.... My friend Kim was a kitty kattt...My friend Alisha was Kandy Korn....and none of the boys we went with dressed up.....BTW Kim and Jessica are the people that I went to your concert in Tucson Arizona with....
luv ya,
Amber K, Jessica N, and Kimm N <3

lc said...

ah i love ny! i was supposed to go up thur this weekend!, but i couldnt D:

btw, i know i serrrr havent been on in like months

anyway, i went to a halloween party last night ... it was intersteing. funnnnnnnnn!!
i conviced my friend to dress up as mike stanley III it was really funny
ill send you some pics of us when i get them up
i dressed up as matt cassel. i know, LAME. but i was rushed this year

anyway your hopefully coming back to mass soon to see mehhh

brianna said...

hey, mitchel!:)

i actually dressed up as a nerd xD
i passed out candy last night, but tonight i'm trick-or-treating with two of my friends who are also going as nerds. it wasw actually sad how well my costume was. haha.


Angela said...

Yeah I know this is late...but me my sis and a two of our friends went out as a foursome. It was fun. Ttyl.

KT J. said...

lol sounds like ur halloween was good!
I dressed up as a french maid &
i was gonna go to the FCA after party at the football game, but had to take my bro out trick or treating with his friends :P oh well, it was nice to see him so happy.
what did u dress up as mitcherz?


Molly said...

Hey Mitchel!

I was a goth princess for Halloween, my friend and I went trick-or-treating and we had so much fun and got so much candy!! It was so much fun!


megan said...

halloween was so much fun!
well wednesday i went to a party and it was greatt<3
then friday i went trick or treating, obviously.. i dont understand why people don't trick or treat-its FREE candy.
this one house i went to was a haunted house and jeeze it was scary, there was a chainsaw involved. UGK!

i went as a vampire but it was a cool costume. don't take offence to this- but one my friends went as emo hannah montana, and we were all trying on the hannah montana wig. i have a picture of my guy friend wearing the wig with me in it. haha. :p they might've been making fun of it.. BUT I LOVE HERR!

YOUR IN NEW YORK?!?! LIKE CITY? cause if you are, feel freeto drive 5 hours to rochester. please! ohh && feel free to write a song about how you met and amazing girl and she asked you to marry her, but you turned her downn =[ dont worry.. i'm over it..

jeezee sorry this is so long, i'm supposed to be raking leaves but i have "homework" so i decided to write you an obbnoxiously long comment.

++my friends still make fun of me because when i met you, i asked if this was really you or not. and i was all and you were all mitchel DASH
and i was like OMG he said dash so hott. so now my friends are like the way he said dashh! haha

jeeze what else could i bore you with.. hmm..

anyways.. do you like video games? well my friend has old school playstation and its like mario party 3. and its like the best game ever eventhough i suck.. :) hah

oh if anyone is still reading this i am so impressed.. DANG
you have no life.. jk


okay soo i just read like everyones comments. and that 18 year old who went trick or treating is my idol<3

aww cassie-sorry your in the hospital!! goodluck with whats ever wrong. eventhough i have no idea who you are i love you<3

see mitchel- i read everyones stuff
just kidding you probally do too..maybe

haha my mom just came in and got mad cause this doesn't count as homework *hello englishh* she says i need a life. HAHAHAHHAH =]=]

ohh what were you for halloween?

megan said...

no sugar sugar's not airing anymore? well tommorow. why dont you just cut my heart open.
i'm kidding =]
gotta go rake.peacee :/
bet you don't have to rake you just have to.. make episodes of hm

megann <3

--> apparently had to many receses so far... should've stopped at 10

christineeee (: said...

Awww!! Your such a cutie <3
NEW YORKK? ur one luckyy boyh! sayy HI to Mason for me, okay?

ALSO, goood luck with your music. you're reallyy gooddd!!

For Halloween, i was an eskimo :D
i have a friend who looks a lot like you, so i asked him to be oliver oken for Halloween, & he was all dressed up jUST LIKE YOU, which was prettyy awesome... :] everyone taught that you were at my school ahaha <3

I MISS U duuude & I hope to see you soonn...

WHAT ABOUT YOU? What are you up too?
hope you had a good halloween.


Anonymous said...

AHHHH, I had a gggggreatttt halloweeen.
I went to a parttyyy.
it was off thee chain. haha,
im soo hooddd.
anywaysss I was a Phillies Fan with a whole group of my friends.
Because they did win the WORLD fricken SERIES :]
And I went to the parade and then PARTYY. so my halloween was just likee greattt.
-Britt (:

Sabrina! said...

Hey Mitchel!

I was going to post this on the home page of your site, under the new update, but for some reason, it wouldn't let me leave any comments (it said I'm not a registered user...I guess they inactivated my account, because I used to have one!), so I have to post this on here instead. I hope you don't mind!!!

Anyway, I was just watching Hannah Montana on Disney Channel, and I saw a commercial for the new episode that's airing tomorrow (Nov 2). Apparently, instead of showing "No Sugar Sugar", they're going to show "He Ain't A Hottie, He's My Brother" (the Lilly and Jackson episode)! Just wanted to share this info!

And Mitchel (or any admin that reads this), could you please put this in the updates section so everyone will know? I'd like credit, if possible. Thanks a lot!

<3 Sabrina

Shayla said...

i am doing neither! because i am sick! eww!

Finally! you wrote/typed in your blog!

I'm watching the Tech/Texas game. I hope Tech wins! (sorry if you like texas...)


I'm expecting a blog post from you soon!

Shayla Boas

Gennine said...

Hey Mitchel!!!! Glad to hear you're on my side of the world, lol.
On the 24th, I had a halloween party, and I dressed up as Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love. It was a very, um...high school-like party, which was scary but cool at the same time. lol.
and on Halloween, I just hung out with my friends. No trick-or-treating. :(
oh well, maybe next year!!!
Do you know when the Seventeen Forever vid is coming out? We're all DYING to see it! lol

Hope everything's going well.
Love ya!
~Gennine, 15, NJ

Rachel said...

Hey Mitchel! Hopefully you had a fun Halloween night! I was actually at my school's homecoming game, and we won! I'm a sophomore now, but last year they didn't win the homecoming game, so I didn't know how crazy it would get. We were all very excited with the 49-0 score!
Tonight's the homecoming dance, but I'm actually home instead because I'm sick. It definitely sucks but I need to get better soon so I can get back to school and rehearsals for our school play. So exciting! :)
Have a good week!

Anonymous said...

haha i had an awesome halloween... scary movies, and i was a Banana! happy... day after halloween!
Sarah P.

Sandra said...

Dear Mitchell:
I am sooooo happy my Mom found this site.
I am 26 years old and I have Down Syndrome and have been looking all over the place to find out how I could meet you, buy a T-Shirt or poster and find out where I could see you in concert. This would be a dream come true for me. My brother is moving to Boston and he would take me to one of your concerts if we knew when you were going to be there. Also when are you going to be in Florida as thats where I live and would be thrilled to attend any event that you would be participating in.
Please post your schedule and let me know where I can purchase memorbilia so I can put it on my holiday wish list. I will pray for my wish to come true.
Love Stephani Levitt

Sascha said...

Hey Mitchel!

Whoa! I cannot believe that you are like so close to me. Your in New York and i am in New Jersey, we have a 50/50% at meeting each other.

Well Halloween was so fun i was dressed up as a french mime, it was so much fun. Since we live in the suburbs we had a huge haunted house. It was do dope! This is a Halloween that i will never forget. One of my friends were dressed up as god! I was pretty mad because i found pretty offensive. My parents are really religious. You know how these Italian people are.

have a fantastic time w/ bro.

lizzieeeee said...

i went trick or treating!
and i dressed up as alice in wonderland (:

make sure and tell us how your halloween was.

Nikita Bimson said...

Dude,I went trick or treating. ha ha. I wore red zebra striped pants and said I was a rockstar.
Saturday I went to a 'haunted' corn maze my friend's family were having. I beat the crap out of my friend for scaring me. He jumped out of a hole and I tackled him and kicked him and punched him. I warned him. HA HA HA!
I hope you had fun dude.

Anonymous said...

hey mitchel!!! i had a halloween party AND trick-or-treated!! :-P I dressed up as a honey bee and my best friend was a lady bug!! very cliche but we wanted to have sort of matchy costumes!! and i had TONS of fun!!! I hope you had a fun Halloween and a safe one too!!! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!

<3 Crystal

P.S. I can't wait for the new episode of HANNAH MONTANA TONIGHT!! AHHHHHH!!! YOU HAVE A SECRET!! AND I WANT TO KNOW IT!! :-P ttyl!!! again happy halloween!!! :-) :-D

Rosario said...

I went trick or treating with my bestiie. I dressed up as Selena gomez. hah it was fun, I went to the mall to trick or treat and I had random people chasing me . its was hilarious.

alex said...

Hi Mitchel,
I just got back from Disneyland I thought you would be there but you weren't!! :( I rode lots of rides,(My favorite is Thunder Mountain railroad) and dressed up as a softball player!!
Disneyland ROX!!!

Carly said...

hey i just watched the new ep of hannah montana! the one where "Lily and jackson like each other" ahah i liked it! great way to start the new season!

oh so halloween i was a cow girl! :) ahah

i saw u introduced metro station at one of their concerts! so cool!!

alright g2g



Molly said...

Oh wow, I am so relieved, I thought Lilly and Jackson were actually going to go out! I was gagging myself during the flirtsy scenes! I'm pro-loliver (; anti lackson and moliver! Nothing against Miley and Jason.. I was sadly nothing for Halloween, I actually pulled a wagon full of my nieces and nephews under the age of two around my neighborhood then went to a football game then a haunted house then haunted cornmaze, then had an engagement party for one of my sisters, at 10 at night, the only time we could squeeze it in! But Saturday was fun, my family had a halloween party and we had like 60 people there and yeah, we had a bunch of glow sticks at the end so my friends and I went to go see HSM3 again, while the people got mad at us for having the glow sticks.. and today I slept and slept, which was the best part of the weekend besides teaching my 2 year old neice how to say gangster. Can't wait for up coming episodes so excited!

Anonymous said...


MARIAM. (: said...

ah mitch. dude.
whats goooood?
i havent left you a blog comment in like 4709874097406874097092740742497047 years.

awh. your going on tour!
thats cool.
maybe ill see you if you do something here in cali (:

well i miss you kid, i hope you had a good halloween. (:
i was little red riding hood!
trick or treatinggg and partties. (:
good stuff.


Anonymous said...

I was a hockey player yet again. [At school.] People don't seem to get it. I was gonna chill with one of my friends but he's got this lame-o job that gives him the worst hours to work, a la weekends, so I stayed home, passed out candy to kiddos, and played Guitar Hero 4: World Tour most of the night. xD



Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel, I just want you to know that I LOVE your new song "Shout it" its AMAZING!! and I love the guitar parts in it!! its so tight!
Whats the song about?....well, i mean, I know whats its about, but does it have anything to relate to you, or is it just a song everyone can relate to when they are dating?.... just wondering, thats all.
ok, well, I hope you have an amazing week!! Come back to Michigan soon!! Please!!

-Katie R. (from Michigan)

christineeee (: said...

wut were YOU for halloween? :D

Kayla Hannah Fan said...

Hey Mitchel, I went to a party and was dressed as Hannah Montana!

- j e l a i n e (: ™ said...

hey mitchel!
my parents are strict christians so no trick or treating. EVER.
It's cool knowing that you have a blog and you update it, despite your hectic scheldule(:
I wanna go USA!
I'm from Singapore, betcha never heard of it before.

Anonymous said...

Mitchel...dude... i have to say...

You and the other cast were hilarious in the first episode of the season! I mean seriously...soap operas? Thats crazy. Oh...and I loved how Oliver actually took the time to help Miley overcome her sweet :)...

anyways, luv ya! continue to follow y'alls dreams :D!!!

Allie said...

hey mitchel!
YOUR IN NEW YORK AND I'M NOT THERE WITH YOU? Ha! No, but seriously, you couldn't tell me?

Halloween was fun, had the funniest silly string fight ever, my friend got me right in the mouth, ha!

I dressed up as me, with my shudda shades and a nice cute cloud hoodie, and in school, i was FLAVA FLAVE!!!

Hope you had a great Halloween, and I love decorating the house, but around Christmas time, we get out the music, and just start singing along, and we have hot chocolate, it's a lot of fun.

Oh, did i tell you?
AND NEVERSHOUTNEVER! so excited! I wish I saw your brother and his band, they were with Cash Cash, and I flippin' love Cash Cash.

Have a fun week!

Brittany said...

Halloween was pretty cool. We ended up going trick or treating. I was an Indian/Pocahontas. My cousin got so scared at one of the houses, she ran down the street, fell over, and messed up her elbow and her knee BADLY. BUT IT WAS SO FUNNY! Haha, you just had to be there. Even though I felt bad, I couldn't help but laugh.

Anyways, hope you're having an awesome Monday! I have no school tomorrow! YAY! haha

Peace out Mitchel :)

ps. I just watched a video of you recording "How To Lose A Girl." Sounds AMAZING! Can't wait for the cd :)

<3 Brittany

Athena said...

Hey Mitchel! I dressed up as a boxer and my sister dressed up as a witch. We had fun and we even dressed up our chihuahua in a matching witch costume as my sister! I actually saw u at the disney channel games! I didnt get ur autograph but maybe at next years games!:)

Ashlee :) said...

the best video i have ever seen
mitchel musso & martin johnson
loveee <3 haha

ally said...

hey mitchel omg i heard ur cd is coming out in march!! is that truee?!?!? omg i wish it was sooner! lol.

i heard one of ur new songs! loved it! and i saw ur rap with martin from blg! it was really good!

when will u announce dates for the tour. please come back to chicago! we miss u!!

okay byee mitchel! post dates soon please!


Camille said...

my fish just died =(

ALEX said...

ayyyy boy

i dressed up as my friend kramer for halloween, it was pretttty hilarious considering he wasn't expecting.

aaaaand i did go to a halloween party, and had some broooownieeees if you know what i mean


and i know you do!

Leanna Marie said...

Hey handsome-face. I have no idea why I just said that XD

Why didn't No Sugar Sugar air? I missed the epi that did air... I was watching Extreme Makeover Home Edition because the house they did was in my area...

I've seen the No Sugar Sugar epp, but I wonder why it didn't air.... Did Disney oopsie? Or was it one of those things like Degrassi where they didn't air the one episode in the US because it was too emotional/controversial?

I was Hell's Belle for Halloween... I entered a costume contest at my college and lost... To Quail Man (from Doug... remember that? Those were the days)... Everyone was like "You shoulda won" but I just shrugged. We had a Lara Croft too, and my friend Matt was Dr. House. He had THE cane and everything.

Uh, thats all I got. Have a good one!

BTW, Election day tomorrow! I have to go vote!

~Leanna Marie

Leanna Marie said...

Oh, I forgot to say I had a party... It was kinda lame, but in a fun way... My stepmom got a LITTLE tipsy! I had to work the next morning, so I went to bed early.

~Leanna Marie

Brie said...

OMG mitchel!!!

Halloween was awesome!!! And I did go TOTING....that's trick-or-treating if you didn't catch that. Ha, I make up my own words all the time.

But yeah,I dressed up as an 80's chick! I had an off-the-shoulder shirt and then some other funky patters on my skirt and leg warmers. Me and two of my best friend went, and people were like "aren't you too old to go trick-or-treating?" and i was like "You're NEVER too old!!!" ha. Did u go this year?? What were you?! Details, details!!!

we went to a few haunted houses that night....there was a guy chasing us with a chain saw! we also got a picture with Mike Myers, and then there was another dude with a weird mask that was stalking me! I was like "AHHH! GO AWAY!" lol, but it was a lot of fun.

Sorry i haven't written in a while...ive been loaded with schoolwork and piano and clubs and stuff like that. i actually had a recital on Sunday, and I got to play intermission! I was playing Green Day, Linkin Park, Coldplay, and Bon Jovi....u would've loved it!

Talk to ya soon, Mitch. Stay amazin' :)

luv, brie

Carly said...

hey mitchel :D
how was your halloween?
i was a nerd :]

i went trick or treating with four of my friends
then we went to a party after with a bunch of people
fun stuff right there :]

hope your doing good

ily <3 :D

Sherri said...

its a lil late to be posting but oh well lol. i went trick or treating and i was a PIMP! haha. hope you had fun in New York!

p.s. i heard your CD is coming out in March..maybe it will come out on my b-day!

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchell....
Halloween's my favorite holiday, so of course I dressed up!!!

I was Elizabeth Swan from Pirates of the Carribean
Trick or Treating was very fun too!

Hope your Halloween was just as rockin as mine was!!

Mitchellover17 said...

Heyt I went to like 7 partys and I was a wanna be girlfriend of Mitchel musso lol and hope you had fun

Kate said...

Happy election day! who did u vote for? or i mean who WOULD you vote for? lol. well i hope your halloween was fun. keep us updated on your tour please.


ttran said...

Hey, Mitchel!!

For Halloween, our Thespian Society collected canned goods for Trick-or Treats so Kids Can Eat food drive.


I'm glad to hear that you had fun.
I hope everyone else did, too.

LiiLMiiSSKENDRA said...

i went trick-or-treating; i was a pretty pink bumble bee! :)


loveyou-- kendra :)

OH and P.S!! --> when is youre cd coming out?!!?

ravenvampy said...

i threw my yearly halloween bash (this year we had it themed as dracula's 111th birthday & watched a bunch of dracula movies). i was a character from a book so i wore a corset & a black vinyl skirt and combat boots for trick-or-treating... anyways tell mason that if he saw a girl at the concert in philledelphia on nov.2 wearing a black corset, ripped jeans, combat boots, and holding a sign that said "I <3 MASON" (with a drawing of a real heart instead of the cute little ones that look like the one above, that that was me! ya um... so thanks i guess... oh and tell him that the concert was really cool and a lot of fun for my friends and me! they were so awesome (and my friend practically died when trace came out for the encore with no shirt on)! so now i'm done ranting! thanks! hope you had a fun halloween!

Leanna Marie said...

Okay, I'm sooooooooooooooooo MAD right now!

I just read why they cut No Sugar Sugar and I think it is the stupidest thing I ever heard!

They cut it because the people from wrote and called for a year fighting the episode.

It's been taken down for reconsideration. Which I think is totally lame. Having seen the episode, and having a best friend with diabetes and I myself am a hypoglycemic, we don't think the episode is offensive at all. In fact, its my favorite episode. Its also been ripped from YouTube!

And on top of all this, the people fighting the episode are having a party on their website saying things like "Woo! We beat Disney!" SO childish for adults.

Mitchel, I support you and the episode 100%!

And I'm going to start a petition! I'll call it "Yes, Sugar Sugar!"

Okay, I'm done venting now! <3

Ashlee :) said...

you should come to the Metro Station show on Saturday in Orlando with your brother :) <3

Makayla (Girl with same birthday from AZ) said...

Heyy Mitcheell!!
I will be there to see you in AZ!!! :]
I met you in December 9, 2007!
And I can't wait to see you agaainnn!!

chelsea! said...

i met your brother tuesday.
i wish you would have come to the concert! they did amazing, of course!

and i handed out candy for halloween, as lola (:
my best friend decided to be hannah montana. it was extremely interesting.

just checking in though;; hope life's going well :D

chelsea (sc)

sarah said...

Hi Mitchel Musso!!!!!! You are so cute!!!! How is your day so far?

marlen said...

i just wanted to say hi :)
and i miss you a lot
and i want you to come to chicago again
its been 2 years since ive seen you :(:(
come back mitch pleasee! like a concert and meet andd greet and this time ill take a picture with you for sure! haha
i love you mitchellllllll. <3

Paige said...

I had to go to a football game for my school we lost and it was really cold but I still had fun! Have fun in NY!

Hannah said...

Man Mitchel that whole No Sugar Sugar Thing is getting like all over the web! i think thats soo stupid! i really wanted to see it!! grrr! but yah hope ur having fun!! and update us with those tour dates!


Anonymous said...

Happy Halloween!


I would marry that song if it was a person!

Release it soon plz? :]

chowie said...

Hi Mitchel,

I'm a fan and I just want you to know that I am confused as to when No Sugar, Sugar is going to air. I hope they do! You're are way overdue for a storyline this year!

Good luck with everything!

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel, I CAN'T WAIT until you're album comes outt.
because i have been waiting for everr.
[forgot my passwordd!!]

Miranda said...

Mitchel! I have to tell you this. I recently saw a video of Lean on Me and it had comments. One of them had the name Miranda with a heart beside it. It said you were no good. I PROMISE that wasn't me. Actually, Lean on Me is one of my favorite songs and I think you were awesome :)

Ally said...

Kay can u at least tell us when u will tell us about these tour dates there driving me crazy and im sure everyone else wants to knoww.

or at least tell us about ur halloweenn that was like more then a week ago! lol


Anonymous said...

Heeyy Mitchel!!!
I went out as Minnie Mouse! And I went to go see my baby cousin. And then hung out with a bunch of friends! I hope you had fun on Halloween!! xox

Mitchellover17 said...

Hey baby!!!!!
You need to blog again lol I love you

Anonymous said...

Hey mitchel! whats up!? ahah i was just wondering u know how u said u have a few concerts? does that include any in florida around thanksgiving??? im taking trip down there and i was wondering if u will be there?

well just wondering. i better go. post soon please!

Anonymous said...

In Singapore, we don't celebrate Halloween. Though it is so cool to see all those masks in the toy stores. Haha. Hope you enjoyed your Halloween. Haha. This is so late bt Selamat Halloween. meaning... Happy Halloween. Lol.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel! I'm Miranda's younger brother Levi, and I'm a fan of you too! I went as a pirate, and I heard you had a pirate one too!

anna said...

hey mitch! just letting you know, if you haven't seen it already, metro station is in the new issue of tiger beat =]

Katie.<3 said...

hey! i got my drivers license today! just thought id share some of my good news to you. =]

chicago misses you very much. please come back!

Maya said...

Hi I'm Maya and I'm Miranda'a younger SISTER and I went as a cat.

Anonymous said...

OMG Please announce ur dates! lol.!

Carly said...

Hey mitchel im sure u already knew this but i thought it was kinda cool. i was watching the insider today and at this certain part hollywood girl came on in the background! and i was like ahh its mitchel. and my mom said that hollywood girl always plays at this certain part. i thought tht was cool. lol i love that song!!

brooke said...

you haven't posted a new blog in over two weeks!
what is up with that?!
i'm assuming your super busy, which is good :).
i can't believe your cd is finally going to come out in march! i'm going to buy 912831 copies. lol.
please post some dates soon!


Anonymous said...

um, mitchel, POST SOON! =D

i miss youuu

Anonymous said...

i just watched the new hannah montana. i loved your rap about meat! i like that way better then cheese jerkey now. lol but cheese jerkey is still good! :]

update soon!

Anonymous said...

you must be incredibly busy with hannah and your cd, but dont forget about your fans!! of course your not cause your going around the universe doing clean hands are cool hands (which is pretty cool btw) but please update i wanna no whats going on with you!! miss you

Ewa said...

Hey Mitchel...! I haven't got yhe internet.!I was carried.!But now I can writting and riding.;)
I hope you have great time in New York...!I want to see this place.
In Poland Halloween is popular.
I hope you have fun.!;**

taaylor (: said...

mitchelmitchelmitchel (:

im commenting on this blog again,
because you haven't posted anything new in weeks.
you must be a busy, busy boy.
hope everythhings going good !
and comeback to floridaaaa <3
its been a year since I've seen you,
and I miss youuuuuuu !
but, ill be patientttt and wait for you to post a new blog, lol.


Tara said...

Hey Mitchel!
This is the first time I've posted on here because I didn't know you had a hello :)
I hope all is well and you had a fabulous Halloween. I'm loving the new Hannah Montana episodes. You're a great actor!
You need to come to Nashville :)
I wanted to ask you about a rumor about one of your co-stars on the show, Jason Earles. I've been on some web-sites and some of them are saying he's 30 years old. Is that true? I've been VERY curious about that. Please get back to me! I'll be looking for you update :)

Love, Tara

silly shelly said...

hey mitchel or a.k.a hottie!!!
when is your cd coming out?
and what is the title of it??

love ya mitchel musso!!


Anonymous said...

k mitchel heres the deal, i love you and ur show hannah montana. and i was watching it today the tooth episode and you were a vegetarian (i am a vegetarian btw) and it was funny yea BUT it was mean to vegetarians. we can go 2 min with out eating meat and its not a big deal. it is good to be a vegetarian ok? it saves the animals and is good for the environment. thanks for listening. oh and i loved the part with you rapping at the end even though u were singing to meat...

emmy lynn said...

i know this comment is a little late, buy just over a month..:)
it sounds kinda sad,
but i went as mason. it was a sad attempt, but having no ideas on Halloween, and having the same hair color as him, i had no other options,
it was fun.
ily♥ -emily