Wednesday, November 19, 2008

My Phone # is......

I am totally NOT joking! I wanted to surprise you guys! This is my Brand New Phone Number and it is only for my FANS!!! The number is: 323-622-8588. Call me whenever you want! Leave me a message and I want to try and answer some of your questions! Give me a call!

Ok...I haven't posted in about a year.........kidding but it has been a long time and I am so sorry. You would think I could sit down for two seconds and write.....but those who know me well, know that I can't sit still.

I have been VERY BUSY with Music! So many great new songs that I can not wait to share with you guys. It takes a long time to make an album, but you get to meet so many great people and work with so many incredibly talented people and you get to be very creative yourself. It has been a wonderful experience. You guys have been great with ALL the questions about when and where all this will take place, I promise when I know, I will tell you.

Have you guys been keeping up with Metro Station? My Mom and brother Marc went to two of their shows over the last 10 days. They flew to Florida to see them at House of Blues and then on to Texas at the House of Blues there. The guys are doing great and the Seventeen Forever video will be out in just a few days.....when you get a chance to see it, let me know if anybody else looks familiar.

I hope to be at their show in LA on the 28th.

Have you been watching the new Hannah Montana Season 3? What do you think? Do you guys like the new rap? Your a sweet Young Thing and you smell so know...the new MEAT RAP!

Hey guys Please check out TIGER BEAT for Dec. They did a great spread on Metro Station and they gave me some great stuff too.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to everyone celebrating today or this week or this month! Have the BEST BIRTHDAY EVER!

And to all my fans, You guys are the best and I look forward to seeing what you have been up to! I hope to see a bunch of you in Phoenix this weekend!!



ninchen0707 said...

The New Hannah Montana Episodes are awesome and i love your Meat Rap :)
I can't wait for the new Metro Station video, it's gonna be awesome.
i hope that you and your family has a great week.

With Love
Nina(from Germany)

Carly said...

Hahah omg it must be so exciting to make an album and that’s really cool you get to experience that. How fun! Cant wait to hear the album!

U flewto florida to see them! Awh thts so nice! Lol Im leaving for flordia tomorrow! I cant wait! But im mad metro station willnt be there around the same time…oh well. Ill just wait to see them on there next tour in Chicago. And omg the seventeen forever video is airing the 5th right?? I cant wait! Its on mtv! That’s crazy!!

Ooh u might do a show in LA ur fans will be happy u havnt in a while right? Lol. Omg YES I love the meet rap. U should do that at ur concerts now too! Its soo cool! Yes

I will get tiger beat! Is it out yet? If it is then I can read it on the plane tomorrow. Have fun In phoenix!!! And thanks for finally posting.




Camille said...

thanks for updating. you sound pretty busy with your music which is so cool. your are the best singer and your concert was the best! you are getting more and more famous! i was at our schools book fair and there was this hannah magazine and you had like a HUGE section in it! my friend brought it to me and was like camille theres your mitchel. lol! i love seaon 3 of hannah montana. what is going on with no sugar no sugar though why exaactly was that taken off??? can you tell us pleeze. oh and the meat rap is nice but its about meat and im a vegetarian lol. <3 camille

Anonymous said...

lol, hey Mitchy!
:) lol, you have trouble sitting still? :) I can sit still for a while...But when it comes to being inside the house all day, well I really want to go somewhere. :| I don't like being in the house for too long...
You saw Bolt? AWESOME!!! lol I REALLY want to see that movie :D my brother will probably take me to see it sometime in the next month or so XD lol

:) ya, i've been watching Hannah Montana season 3 :) lol, and I like your new rap, lol it's really funny :D
You like rap a lot don't you? I usually don't like rap much, but thats because a lot of times the rap songs seem to always talk about just girls and money. So I don't really listen to rap...but I like your rapping :) lol
I am slowly learning guitar! My brother taught me a tiny bit.
I have been attempting to write songs...
so you think you might come to RI soon? lol
OH, got the new Tiger Beat on Saturday!! lol...I like the picture of you making the funny face :) lol...
I have been up to a lot...I just can't remember most of it :) lol
Oh, I like the picture of you with the Valentines day balloons lol :) I haven't even thought of Valentines day yet...I redecorated my room again for Christmas :) lol
Even though a lot of times my favorite holiday is Halloween, I still really like Christmas :D
I want to make a snowman this really random...anyways, I think I would like to have a snowball fight too :) lol hopefully RI will have a lot of snow this year XD

Wish ya luck Mitchy!!

-Coral (The girl from RI)

p.s. I like drawing, it's fun to draw fairies and dragons :) or just to make a random person with wings. It all depends on what I feel like drawing. :) Do you like drawing a lot?

p.s.s. If I remember something that I forgot to say (Which will probably happen) I will try leave another comment soon :) so I can tell you! lol

EWA said...

Make an's COOL.It's very hard.
Hannah Montana are awesome.! Your Meat Rap is really great.!:**
I hope you have a good week and your family too.!
-Ewa (from Poland)

Anonymous said...

yayyyy finally ! [[;

don't worry i've been busy too. senior year- portfolios, graduation crap, picking a college OMG!
and i just got a job!! =D

can't wait for the album!
anddd is metro station recording a new album any time soon ? (:



Sandiana said...

Hey Mitchel,

how are you?
The new session from Hannah Montana is so cool! And the Meat Rap, too - very funny =)
I hope you has a wonderfull week and yout family too!
I will buy your album and i know that is very hard. Good luck!

Monja (Germany)

superbre01 said...

Hey Mitchel, please please come near Pennsylvania again!! I really want to go to another one of ur concerts!!! U are Amazing!!! :D

<33 Breanne!!

P.S. I hope ur album comes out really soon! I can't wait! I hope it has all of ur songs on it!! and I am very excited to hear ur newer songs too! :D

Molly said...

Hey Mitchel,

Its totally okay that you can't sit still long enough to write. If you check out any blog I've ever tried to keep up with, you'd know that I don't even have the attention span to keep up with one. So the fact you can find time to write one is just amazing to me! LOL.

OMJ...why am I not ever told anything?? Here I am, saying MetroStation never comes to FL and they were right here, probably in Orlando! Gosh, I need to pay more attention to things. Oh well, I'll catch them next time.

If you don't post a blog before Thanksgiving, I hope you have a great Thanksgiving!!!


Did you miss my comments? LOL. JK

I'd Swim the Ocean for you♥ said...

hey mitchel

i definitly left you a message but i got nervous so i was liek OH UHM THIS IS MEG.... uh yeah. well uhm.

you shouulld calll me back though even if i do ramble:P

you are doing great at everything you do!


Nikita Bimson said...

you are a crazy kidd.

Gabriella said...

I can't wait to hear ur new album!
I have been watching Hannah Montana and the new season is AMAZING!! I love ur Meat rap! it was sooo good!
i just went to a metro station concert in Atlanta and they were amazing!! I hope i will see u at a metro station concert sometime.
man i wish u or metro station was going to be in Vegas over thanksgiving or Colorado cuz I would SOO come and see u!
I am going to call ur new number soon that is soo cool that u have a fan phone number now!
well i hope u will come back to Georgia soon!! we all miss u!!
and have fun in pheonix! and i am soo going to pick up the tiger beat magazine!

♥ MeganLurvesYouuu said...


YAAAAAAY!!! I got worried there for a minute ... organized a Missing Mitchels Unit and everything!!!

... Just kidding of course =)

*Falls off desk chair in surprise* =O xD WOWOW! That may very well be the coolest surprise in the history of the world!! I'll definitely give ya a call sometime!

The new Hannah Montana season is AWESOME so far! I haven't missed an episode yet ... and the Meat Rap was so cool! I lurved it!

That is so awesome that you're recording an album! I hope that's an experience I can have someday ... praying that goes 100% AWESOME for you, you totally deserve it!!!

CAN'T WAIT for the new Metro Station video!!! I'll watch it as soon as it comes out!

What have I been up to? Hmm ... what HAVE I been up to xD ... been kinda busy, hyper for Christmas and my 15th b-day next month (AAHHHH!! =D), blogging, of course, and taking part in National Novel Writing Month ... I'm writing a 50,000 word novel in 30 days! I've only got 24K to go ... woot woot! =D

Weeeeell have a ROCKIN week! ... Rest of the month! ... Year! ... Ten years! ... FOREVAH!

Keep smiling!
~ MeGaN
<33 =D

Rosario said...

Heyy Mitchel! First of all I love the meat rap!! (: Its amazing just likt the cheese jerky rap! (: I'll def. call you latter tonight. I saved the number onto my cell.(: I'm lovin the new Hannah Montana episodes. Yet I've missed most of them when they aired.:/

Oh and thanks for the B-day message, haha my b-day is on the 30th. (:

Yourrr awesommmee!! && Sorry I haven't commentted in a while.

--- Rosariio (Rosy)

Amanda said...

Hey Mitchel!!
It's SOOOOO nice hearing from you again!!
AHHHHHHHHHHH!!! I'm so happy you have a phone number for your fans! I'm gonna try and call you soon!!!
You're so funny. You always make me laugh. I can't sit still, either. It can drive my family insane.
I can't wait to hear your new music!! Your music that I've heard so far, I'm just completely in love with it.
I've been keeping up with Metro Station as much as I can. I hope your mom and Mark had fun. If you go to their show on the 28th, let us know how it went for you!
Yes, and I LOVE the new season! I also loved the meat rap. It made me smile.
Yesterday I got four of my teeth pulled, and spacers put in my teeth. My mouth is so sore. lol. And, my cousin from Iraq, is coming home on th 29th of this month. So that's exciting.
Mithcel, I just wanted to say, thank you for everything you do.
Have a great rest of the week.
Deticated to you forever, and always,
Amanda <3333

Anonymous said...

ahh, youuu posteedd a neww bloggg,
and a kindaa longg onee, I may add.
METRO STATION! sunday, dec, 14! <3
I CANNTTTT WAITT! ahh crazyyy exciting!
andddd whenn I readd my phone number isss....
I almostt flippedd ! haha
but I kneww that wouldd bee supperr crazyy of you to put your number up.
the new season of HM iss pretttyy ill. (sickk, cool, etc.)
except, to be honest I like the other
theme song thing better;
but its still good! (:
well I've been sick for past two days.
And I am going to great wolf lodge
(an indoor water park)
in about 5 days.
and I'm super excited!

Julie :] said...

so i called, and i recorded a message and everything... but i totally didnt press # when i was done... i just hung up like a regular phone call. so now idk if it went through or not... hopefully it did! x]

tubalicious_ said...

mitchel left u a voicemail! haha. =P wuts up with you mayn how u been?

Charlotte said...

Hey Mitchy! I will definitely try to give you a call tonight, though excuse me if my teeth chatter, it's wicked cold out lately.

I am looking forward to hearing your music! I loved your Meat Rap, as well as your ...erm... freestyle with Martin.

sierra said...

Hope everything is going well with the album. I'm actually watching one of the new Hannah episodes right now, lol love the meat rap!!! Can't wait 2 see the new Metro Station video. Have fun this week & over the holidays!!!

Chelseaaa said...

Well before I call and leave a message I need to think of something not lame to say, which will be difficult cause I am a terrible phone conversationist =P

Oh, and you need to come back to Mass. cause its been almost a year since I've seen you which makes me sad =(


Chelsea said...

dooood. i re-recorded that flipping message like 80 timessss =P
but i hope you get it =)


PS im sorry i sounded like an idiot =P

Anonymous said...

its been ages... u've been keepin busy i see. so much stuff goin on. the new episodes of hannah montanah r awesome. the rap was the best part in my opinion... i laughed so hard... i cant wait til ur cd comes out! u should personaly deliver it ;)(it releases the month of my bday) :) keep up the hard work.
me and the rest of ur fans eprieciate everything u do!!

emily h.

emily said...

you have to come play in florida!!!!!!!

omg i would come and see you! =]]

ive seen mason twice so far and the band was great both times!!!

the hannah montana episodes are pretty amazing! =]

emily said...

forgot to add about my last comment...

i was at the house of blues orlando!!!!!

omg it was crazy i was in the very front for cash cash and the white tie affair and then i got pushed back and then i went upstairs to meet people and we came back down to the flood and watched metro station perform. even though it was an early concert it was still amazing (of course!) =]

we went to go find them after the show but they were no where to be seen! lol

Fer said...


Aww finally! I missed your posts :D
I absolutely love the new Hannah Montana episodes, they're like a hundred times funnier and I love your raps!
I can't wait for the new Metro Station video. Seventeen Forever is my favorite song! I'm so glad you're having such a good time and I know your album's gonna turn great!! Have a great week!=)



lizzieeeee said...

yes everyone should buy the new tiger beat.

i have like 7.

~*Amber*~ said...

Mitchel! =] Long time no update. You're right, it has been years. Lol. Glad to hear your doing well though and keeping busy. Can't for your album to drop. I'm looking forward to it!

New phone number? All the celebs are getting Say Now numbers and such for the fans. It's so cool.

Loving the new Hannah season so far. I think this one is my favorite. And yes, your meat rap was pretty awesome. I enjoyed the car one too. Best of luck to Metro Station as well and I the new music vid looks soo good!

Miranda said...

Oh my goodness!!!!!! I can't believe I can actually call YOU! I am going to call you soon!

Gennine said...

awesome to hear from you Mitchel!
And yes, I'm dying to see the Seventeen Forever Music video...that premeires on MTV on 12/5!!!!!! Hope all is well with you!
love ya!
~Gennine, 15, NJ

Disa said...

It's been like, AGES since I've commented you. Bahahah.
I know you've missed me ;D

I'm still excited for yo' album.
Metro Station is coming here tomorrow but I can't see them because I never bought tickets because I'm stupid :(
I am depressed.

So the other day my friend and I were talking about Hannah Montana and how we always get excited when there's a new episode and she was like "Oliver's my favorite character" and im like "WHAT? UH NO HE'S MINE" and then we started fighting over who likes him better :D ahaha.

Oh! For video productions class I'm making an AMAZING short film and I'm gonna put it on youtube and it's gonna be a huge hit and I'm gonna make you watch it :D
Yep. Be prepared.

I've missed ya, pally-o :)

DaniRefrigeratorMagnet said...

I left you a message.
You'll know it's me?


ALEX said...

i called you, but then i got nervous and didnt know what to say so i hung up!! :/

haha my friend sofie and i are skipping school so we can get all cute for the concert and what not and then go down to the showbox early and wait in line for HOURS muahahaa


Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel,
OMG! I'm sorry I haven't posted anything for a really long time. I've been so busy since I last posted and it was your birthday when I lasted posted. I'm not over you it's just I had marching band and, tons of school work. I screamed when I saw your phone number :) it's makes me love more. The good news is marching season is over and now I have more spare time. I have seen 2 season 3 episodes of Hannah Montana and so far I'm loving it. For Halloween I had my homecoming game and our marching show was really funny but I didn't laugh because I have to be intense when I march. And my school won the marching competition. When I saw the video of our homecoming show I laughed I didn't know what was going on while marching but I found out when I watched the video. I was two people for Halloween this year the day before homecoming game, I was a witch so I was allowed to wear my costume to school that day and for the marching show I was a monk because it fits in with the medevil theme Yeah I hang out with the band a lot so yeah. I didn't go with anyone to the homecoming dance so I went with a group of friends to the dance. I can't wait for your CD to come out I love your songs.



taaylor (: said...

your baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack (:

ooooh, a fan number ?
now that's cool.
its one of those saynow ones, righhht ?
im definetly goingto callll it !
that was an exciting surprise <3

hahah, yessir you haven't posted in forever.
its okaay, though.
we know your a busy, busy boyyyy.

new musiccc ?
awwh, yay ~
i can't wait to hear everythhing newww.
annd when your album comes outt, im definetly gettting it (:

dude, metrostation was at the house of blues ?
i should've goneee.
i live like only 2 hours away.
oh wellll; nexxt time ill go !
and i cant wait for the seventeen forever music video <3

imissyou, imissyou, imissyou*

ohgoodness, i LOVE the new hannah episodes.
hhaha, and the meat rap was the besssst !

have a gooood rest of the week and telll your mom taylor says hiiii (:

Nina said...

Omg i've been waiting for that metro station video like forever :D
and i can't wait for your album to come out and stuff, just so amazing.
i'd also want to see you live but idk if it's ever going to happen :s you should play in europe, that would make it alot easier 8D
anyway, have a great week.
Nina (from Finland)

Brie said...

Holy jeeze mitchel.....
putting your phone numba on your blog i see.
didn't your mommy ever teach you about internet saftey??
not good..........

ha just kidding dude. but seriously, that's the shizzz! im def gonna have to call, but i'd do it with my probably be too nervous to call myself! haaaaaaaaaaa. that'll bee fun

and im anxiously awaiting your CD!!!

luv, brie

Katty with smile said...

Phone number?Haha)))Wonderful,but what are you expecting?I think fans will drop the phone,because they'll be nervous,don't you think so?
The New Hannah Montana Episodes are awesome!
Haha))I'm learning to sing...And someday i'll become famous and i'll meet you)))
I loved the meat rap. It made me smile.)))

Bye for now))

Katty from Russia

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy for your album! I really love your music *O*
I'd like to call your number *__*


Anonymous said...

heya cant wait 4 the album ill try and buy it if it's sold here in engalnd it been cold here recently not that great but oh well you should come her againnt get i didnt get to c u last time which was annoying! cant wait till metro station new vid in love em even thought they arent that well known here but im sure they will be soon miley mentioned them when she came here to be on GMTV. anyway gotta go now see ya from heather in england xx

Anonymous said...

wow a phone # just for us??? wow
i ♥ the new hannah episode...the rap was very
i hope i can see you someday and someday soon!!!


Cassidy said...

AWESOME rap Mitch! :) "I just wanna hear you sizzle, my smokin-hot ribeye!" You were, as always, amazing! :P "It's the promised land!" Can't wait for the album, and wondering how I can get my parents to let me go to Pheonix...

Rock n roll,

Mitchelshollywoodgirl said...

lol i havent been able to watche Hannah because i've been so busy with school work but i will when ever it calms down were having a big test in 2 weeks nd were getting prepared so yea but I cant go see you in Phoenix this weekend because I have to do other stuff but I think you should stay in arizona and go down to tucson for your brothers concert on tuesday that would be awesome because im going to that!

luv ya,
Amber K.

chelseafromsc said...

aw, jeez mitchel.
you flew to florida, but skipped out on myrtle beach ?
but i understand :)

oh, and i had the meat rap stuck in my head for HOURS after hearing it. it's great work, mitchel, it should be on your album !

but really; i'm counting down the days till seventeen forever; and i'm so psyched about it :)

just to drop some hints...


we love you here, seriously!

chelsea :)

Hollywood-Girl 101 said...

mitchel. you almost made me have a heart attack when i saw the topic..lolz. yeah....the jonas brothers have a fan number too and katie and i called it and they commented to us...they said "i love you guys" we freaked. so ur saying is i left you a message you might do the same?!?!?! SWEET!

we don't have cable so i can't watch the season....but everytime i'm somewhere that does have cable i always force (insert whoevers house it is name here) to let me watch it so i can see you!lolz.

ily! more then alot of things.

OH YEAH! tomorrow twilight comes out and i'm and like obsessed with that series and my mom is taking me on opening day! lolz. anywayy.


Mitchellover17 said...

Hey babe
The New mepisodes are amazing they arelike perfect and you look so good in them!!!!I am so going to buy like copies of the dec. Tiger beat lol yay mitchelberry lol.And an album you are making me verry excited omg I cant wait I will totally buy it and then put it on my mp3 omg I already have all the songs that I can on here ny you and am listening to your glorious voice like aas we i mean i type.and the meat rap is sooo great oh and thanx so much for commenting and will so call you like soon lol cant wait love you so much ok bye boo boo

Austin said...

I think it's so cool you finnally got a SAY NOW! FINNALLY! So now I can express my love for you over the phone! LOL! But I really can't belvie it this is so amazing! I left a pretty seriously long sorta message! I'll be seeing you in the Thankgiving Parade in Housten! I'll be there look for me! Please please please! I'll be trying to meet you (if this fails will be third time.) But Lots of Love!
Your October 2008 Fan of the Month

megan said...

you posted.
sorry this site lost my obbsesion
but i still love you.
neopets is my new obbsession

yeah im 15 sixtten in december. i watch disney channel, play in the rain, go on neopets, and eat like theres no tommororw.

pschh im normal, ya'll are just WIERRDDD

well come to spencerport ny.
-> have fun writing your new album..

megan your the one that i want woo wooooo.
**put that song on yourr albuumm
ohh snap

tubalicious_ said...

dudee now that i read ur whole thing i just wanted to sayy nicee! and cant say i have checked out ur meat rap lmao. i loved ur cheese jerky thang though haha. mitchel u kno when u dont do ur radio voice (like in the clean hands are cool hnads behind the scenes thingy) u sound amazingggg :)

Nisha said...

Hey Mitchel!!!!! I saw the trailer of 17 Forever!!!! It looks AWESOME!!!! I'm GLAD you updated this thing cause I kept checking to see if you have!!! I will definitely buy you CD hands down!!!! I love the third season!!! It's AWESOME!!! Extremely HILARIOUS!!!! I can't wait til the movie!!!!!! That's the movie in 2009 that I really want to see so bad!!!! It's gonna be AWESOME!!!!!! I wish I could call you!!! But unfortunately I can't since it costs money and my family is all about saving money for the the future!!!! i would call you like everyday if I could!!!! Well, have an AWESOME year!!! I doubt you;ll get on because of your busy schedule and I'll be out of the country in December so Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Happy Holidays, and may you restart your new year with a GREAT resolution!!!!

Nisha =D

Tori said...

so when I get the chance Im going to leave you a message but Im too busy at the moment...
Im sorry I havent written to you very much, our school is putting on the production of High School Musical and I've been invovled doing tech stuff and pit orchestra stuff...its extremely stressful. so yeah...good luck with your music and everything else...cya :]

selah said...

i love, love, love the new season. and your raps! you all have done such a great job. this has to be the best season yet.

i am so excited for seventeen forever. eighteenth birthday is the technically, the song will no longer apply to my age. but i still love it!


p.s. thanks for the birthday wish. i'm going to see twilight right after school (and on saturday and sunday), hopefully get a new phone, and have a sleepover. and guess what i asked all my friends to get me for my b-day? everything hannah montana. i'm serious. i'm getting hannah montana stuff for my 18th birthday, cos that's how i roll.

Ashlee said...

yea, you really CAN'T sit still for too long. everytime i've seen you, you hardly ever sit. you go rock climbing or go bowling.

ahh, your dad told us about the seventeen forever video, in septemberrrr. it sounds pretty freaking rad.!
i'm seeing metro station tomorrow. :]

well, have a good week/end of the month.
-ashleeeee. =]

Anonymous said...


OMG! you finally write! lol
I have checked your blog ever single day! and I was like OMG Mitchel needs to write in this thing!! lol

The rap was amazing! Right as I was reading that, it came on tv and I was just like WOAH! lol

I have been at rehearsals for Wizard of OZ for almost 3 months!! I have been so busy!


Talk to you later!


Shayla Boas

Amy said...

so im totally gonna call u. dont think u're getting away with leaving ur phone #... ;) i wanna think of something good. or just ask u to do something u promised u'd do for me. not sure yet. haha.

buuuuut. not only do i love ur meat rap, it's currently my ringtone. and i laugh everytime my phone rings. and when i pick it up i continue the rap. i love the way ur eyes bulge out of ur head at the steak lmao. mitchy. u are the HIGHLIGHT of HM this season dude. i love when u talk in a high pitched voice. i love ur rap about Miley driving. I love ur meat rap. i love when u rap with Martin from Boys Like Girls. i love when u sing "wherever we are wherever we are".

i DONT love that ur mom and marc were in Orlando. cuz i was in Ft Lauderdale the night before. i missed em by one day and that sucks. lol but i met mason on complete accident so its ok haha.

oh by the way mitchel. mason and trace already said that u, miley and billy ray are in the video in a few interviews. lol and miley interrupts trace's "moment" on the bumper cars or something. billy ray is a carnie. and mason didnt say what u did. the lady said to him "and ur little brother is in the video too right?" and all he did was nod.

im dyinnnnnnn to hear ur new songs. im sick of listening to people screaming throughout them on youtube so im anxious to hear the nice recorded versions.

i think i've rambled long enough. have a great night mitchyyyy. i'll be programming. woohoo. haha the life of a kollege stoodent. joy.


Jenny said...

if i see anyone familiar?
yeah yeah i know its you.
and billy ray.
and miley.
haven't seen it yet?
don't remember what day it comes out.
but i'll watch it when it does.

Anonymous said...


oh my god! I love that meat rap on Hannah Montana!!!! it is stuck in my head, and i try singing a different song but that song is just to good to get out of my head! lol. so anyways..... I love METRO STATION!!!! and i am going to KISS MISS BASH! YAY!!! (or however you spell it) but anyways.... yea, i absloutly love your meat rap, and i still love the cheese jerky one too! I can't wait till the new Hannah Montana is on! I am like counting down the days, hours, and seconds. lol :) well i will comment back soon!

xoxo Nikki <3

Anna said...

I'm so glad that you updated. :D Thanks for the phone number. (: I can't wait for your album, I'm SOO excited. :D Season Three is having an amazing started. You're so funny and cute with your raps and the first episode about your soap operas. :D I also can't wait for the 'Seventeen Forever' music video. (: Hope you and your family are all well. :D And I'll be sure to call your new number soon. [:

Anonymous said...

the new hannah montana episodes are great. you're my favorite part about the show. and i went to a metro station concert and i met the band, masons such a sweetheart like you :D you guys are my fav !

christineeee (: said...

tehehe i called you (:

Hollywood-Girl 101 said...

so i did see twilight and i loved it! :)


ALEX said...

and met him for the fourth time :D hahaha
and i also got one of his guitar picks from one of their roadies! it was amazing :)

i asked him about your duet and he was like yeah we are working on that and i was like BOMBB lookin forward to it;) haha

oh, also, they played commin around last night! i was so surprised cause that songs not on the album and no one was singing along except me cause i totally knew ALL the words!

I'm boutta leave you a message tomorrow or something, once i get my head back. i had oral surgery today and im a little out of it still but ask soon as i'm back i'll leave you a message with a GREAT question! haha


Samantha said...

Oh thats so cool! I don't have a cell....but I don't think my parents will mind me using the land maybe I'll give you a call. If I do, feel incredibly special, because I don't like calling people. ahah.

For real man! Its been forever! But I understand. You're restless and you're busy!

OOh! I look forward to hearing it!

Nah...I haven't....I haven't been keeping up with anyone! Seriously! The past few days I haven't even kept up with my friends.

I hope you get to go to the show! That'd be so cool for you and Mason.

Again, I haven't...I saw the first episode of the season... Haha, but I haven't seen the rest...I've been busy. I've been prepping for the SAT's, because like the little genius I am, i put it off...and they're in two weeks. Hahaha. So now the cram is on! And on monday I was a movie extra! It was so much fun, and the lead actor, who I had seen on tv before, Kyle Gallner, GORGEOUS! ahaha. And then twilight came out today! OMG! Go see it. You might like it... haha,Ok, I'm done now. Have a good week Mitchel.


GiGi said...

Oh that's SO cool! You'll definitely be getting a message from me sometime! =D

Aw, don't worry about it! I know that I for one have been extremely busy with school work...but Thanksgiving break started yesterday so I am extremely happy! I celebrated by going to see Bolt lol. Miley did an awesome job with her character! I was very impressed! What can't that girl do? Haha you two are awesome!

EEP I'm so excited! I can't WAIT for your CD!! I heard it's coming out in March 2009? MAN that's a long time! But I can't wait and I will totally be the first to preorder it! =D

Woo Metro Station! I saw the trailer for the new music video on their YouTube. Exciting!!

I LOVE the new season of HM!! And lol I thought the meat rap was to JOANNIE at first! I'm glad it wasn't though! Although I'm a vegetarian too, I did think it was funny. But hey, I love all your raps, so yeah. =]

About Joannie though - she's cool I guess, but everyone knows Oliver and MILEY should be together. Haha, just thought I'd throw that in there...

Tiger Beat rocks for that! I seriously lol'd when I saw Penny with a Tiger Beat mag in Bolt. x]

Thanks for posting Mitchel!! You're awesome for that! Have an amazing weekend and an amazing Thanksgiving!!


Hanna said...

LOL I like the meat rap.. :P Do ur older bro and mileys older bro hang a lot?! That would be AWESOME!! :P
Check out my blog PPPLLLLLZZZZ!!!!!
BTW i love tiger beat- They hav great posters!! :P

ashleeeeeee. :] said...

mason is pretty freaking rad.
i met him last night, for the 3rd time, & he was extremely amazing.
he gave me the longest bear hug ever.
oh, and he stole your shoes. xD
i love him.

amy said...

lol i see u mitchy!

sierra said...

just wanted 2 say i called and left a message for yur say now #. srry ive already commented, i dont wanna sound like lamr for anything, but just wanted u 2 know. cant wait 4 more hannah episodes and yur album!!!!

Heather said...

The new Hannah Montana season is AWESOME its cool that is finally out. And your rapping is really awesome too!!!

I missed reading your blog for such a long time but when your album comes out I'm deffinately gonna buy it (legally) haha.

Keep having fun! Heather

Anne said...

Hiya!! ^_^
Interesting... you have a blog XD Hope you're doing well and having fun :D

My birthday was on the 20th - thank you XD Have a great.. day? :D ^_^

~En XD

Ahh, I just scrolled through the comments :P demoralization Lol XD everyone wrote so much - I feel a tad bad :P I'll cover with the excuse that I'm not a regular ;) Hope to become one though!! :D See you soon! ^_^

... I sound creepy XD muahaha >:D Life goal: Accomplished XD *ramble, ramble* :D And now, a final adieu :D ^_^

Makayla said...

Okayy, I went to see you at Arizona last night!
And it was UH-MAZ-ING! :]
And I loved that *secret*!
Come backk to Arizonaa soonn! That'll be awesomee! And I would definetly be there!

I CANNOT wait until your albumm comess outt!
I will definetly buy itt!

Bie Bie Mitcheell!

With love,
MAKAYLA (hehe, i met you last year at the Jingle Jam tour/concert in "the bombest state"! andd i also have the same b-dayy as youu!)

audrey said...

woo you got a saynow :]
that's pretty much fantastic.
and it made me happy.
it's my birthday.
17. yayy.
it's miley's birthday too, right?
yeah... lots of fun.
the new season is awesome.
keep up the hard work.
&& i'm super excited for the new Metro Station music video.
should be amazing.
&& your album needs to hurry up and be finished.
so that we can hear it.
so yeah.
this was really long and slightly pointless.
thanks for the update.
keep it up :]

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchy!! lol
:) cool :)
ya...I REALLY get nervous talking to people on the phone though :|...I usually end up saying things wrong or forgetting what I was going to say... lol
but maybe I will call you today :)
Yesturday I was with my cousins on my dad's side of the family are moving to Pennsylvania, so we helped them pack a little :)... :| My uncle made a really wierd comment though...He randomly started talking to me and commented that I would be able to drive in two years...eventually he asked if I was exited to drive my dad's car, and I was like, eh I guess, I kind of want to get a Nissan 350z though (After all, its my favorite car). He didn't know what that was so I told him it was a sports car...then he made a wierd comment about how people who get sports cars speed and that he would'nt let me drive (His car anyways)...then he walked off really after that I was like, okaaaaaaay...ya...that was a bit dad was pretty fun this weekend too (Not really)...we were watching something on wolves...and because I said the wolf looked so cute (Which I always say that), he was like, you don't know anything about wolves. I know lots about wolves! *sigh* ah well, I guess it doesn't matter anyways...
sorry...I guess i'm still havng a pretty hard time with my dad...
I guess for years because of my dad's religion I could never be myself around him...most of the stuff that I like and believe in, is totally against his religion...of course most of the stuff that he believes in, are against my beliefs...he knows I don't want to be in his religion...
I had a party in may, I invited him to it...and just because my friends are not in his religion, he told me that for certain reasons he could not go to my party and meet my friend...and yet he has friends outside his religion...soon after that is when he told me that he would have to leave me because I didn't want to be in his religion, like I told you before...he said other hurtful things that time too, but I didn't tell you about those...I guess I probably should stop talking about my sorry, I'm still pretty upset at my dad...

Wish ya luck Mitchel! :)
also...Never stop following your dreams Mitchel!! :D

-Coral (The girl from RI who is kinda mad at her dad right now)

p.s. even though today is not Thanksgiving...have a Happy Thanksgiving Mitchel :), long comment :|

nicole! said...

omgg me and my two friends allllways watch the new season!
we like to pretend that im lily my friend is lily and the other is you, well oliver!
hah and we are 13! ahah lame but stilllll

haha will you start doing the new rap at concerts?
omg omg omg omg i really cant wait for the metro station video, i have it set on my calendar on my phone! haha
have a great thanksgvingg!
dont forget to tell yourfamily (especially mason) that the fans say hi!

crystal said...

hey mitchel the new hannah epsiodes are awesome. and i luved the meat rap. me and my brither have been singing it like crazy lol! yea the new eps are so amazing cant wait for more. thats so cool you were at the ama's . i bet miley was happy 2 see you. i cant believe she is 16 now. yea and im gonna call ur new number . ur so great and really cute an dim looking forward to the new metro station vid. they are so awesome. well mitchel i will write later and i hope you have a safe week. u rock!

Anonymous said...

hey mitch! i love the new hannah montana shows! you are soo funny! oh and you and emily/lilly MUST get together. please lol.

God Bless!!

Natalia said...

Hey Mitchel!

I've been watching the season 3 episodes and I love them! I think this one deff is going to be a great season. And I loved the Meat rap!! maybe me and my friends will have to make another video just like we did with the Jmac, Rico and Ollie one!!

I can't wait till metro station's music video to come out. i used to like metro station but now I'm obsessed! It's one of my fave bands, not kiddin.

Your album is going to be amazing! I guess I'll have to buy online cause I won't be able to wait till it comes out in Spain.

About the number, do you now if you can call from outside the USA? I think that I can but i have to change number, or add something before the number,... I don't know, I'll try to figure it out to leave you a message =D

Love Ya!


Brittany said...

Ahhhh! Oh my gosh I'm gonna call right now. Okay, maybe not, but later I will lol

It's almost 9:30 here. Just felt like saying that.

Today I went to Hot Topic and they had Metro Station shirts but they didn't have any in my size :( Next time then..

I wish I could have seen them in Florida but I didn't know. Gah, next time..Again lol

Yes, I have been watching the new season! It's awesome! I mostly look forward to the scenes with you and Emily haha

I am SO BORED right now. I wish you would come down here to FL and do a show!

Anyways, I'll be checking back for updates mister.

I'm so glad you're having fun!!! You deserve it :)

I miss you and love you a lot.

Be safe and be happy.

<3 Brittany

Alex said...

Yeah i seen that episode that your talking about & i noticed it was like the same rythem as your other rap i just have to learn this new one. soo far all of the episodes have been good except i missed a couple. That awesome that sometime there will be an album ill be waiting ... i have to see what metro station is doing i haven't in forever ... i will try to get the magazine when ever it comes out plus others sooo i can have more posters in my room ...

<< alex >>

Felicia said...

Hi Mitch.
I've seen season 3 of hannah and it's really great! Your meat rap is great ;)

I'd like to come to one of your shows, but sadly I'm stuck here in freezing Sweden. But hopefully I come to the US this autumn. *crossing fingers*
So when are you coming to Sweden and do a show? I would be there :P

Felicia, Sweden.

emmy lynn said...

Of course i've been keeping up with metro station!
i absolutely love them.
i actually went to their concert in Pontiac, MI on 10/25. it was amazing! we had meet & greets, and i caught your brother's water bottle. It was an awesome night. check out the pictures on my myspace please? my default is a picture of me and mason, and blake's glasses.
and your meat rap is amazing!

Elizabeth said...

I left a message! <3

Anonymous said...

Mitchel... ahh your truely an amazing guy no matter who some people think you are and I will so leave you a messege <3 your amazing I love you

Love Nicole.. from California babey.. I live soo close and I still haven`t met you or came to see your perform what kind of fan am I

p.s you guys looked great in metro stations band I so miss listening to them, i washed my ipod but but I get another one in a few days... yay me for being kind of rich, well my parents ily bye bye

Awesomenessssss said...

mitchel I love you!

Meghan Phelps said...

hey mitchel! i'm a new fan of yours and i have a question about the phone number. can we send you text messages?