Sunday, November 23, 2008

AMA's & Houston Thanksgiving Day Parade

Hey guys! Forgot to tell you that I would be at the AMA's tonight. I got to see Miles on the Red Carpet and I told her Happy Birthday! The show was absolutely Incredible! What a great night!

I am traveling to Houston this week to be in the Thanksgiving Day Parade! Hope to see a Bunch of you there!

I will be shooting a Music Video this week.

Lot's going on....but I am thinking about you guys.....and Thankful for you!

Don't forget to give me a call.....323-622-8588



Charlotte said...

Well, I forgot to watch the AMAs so we're even. (Though I did YouTube Miles's was amazing!) I'm glad you had fun and got a chance to say Happy Birthday to Miley. Have fun at the music video shoot, I'm excited to see the video!

Nikita Bimson said...

Dude, I hope you have a good Thanksgiving. And good luck with all the things you have going on.

Anonymous said...

:] I added your number to my cell (:

Mareen said...

Hey Mitchel!
Wow that's really cool.
Shooting a music video =P
Can't wait to see it .. in a few ...
or a bit more =D

Mareen <33

Amanda said...

Hey Mitchel,
I'm glad you had fun last night. I wasn't able to watch the AMA's, though I wanted to. I heard Miley celebrated her birthday there. How did that go?
Have fun in the Thanksgiving day parade. I hope it all goes well. Have fun while making your music video, too.
I'm Thankful for you!! I'm always thinking about you. :)
I'll try calling you soon! I can hardly wait untill I do!
Deticated to you forever and always,

Camille said...

Are you gonna sing in the parade? I watched the AMAs last night that was so cool! did you see all those celebrities? u were so lucky to be there!

Camille said...

have you called anyone back from your say now?

Hanna said...

AWESOME mitchel!! amd i won't!! o cool i am the first comment lol! that means i am your biggest fan ha-ha!! :P Do you follow any blogs? Do you follow any blogs? Follow mine!!!! :)
*HaNnA* said...

hey !! i want to watch that video .. you arr amazing mitch
i dont know if i can call you because i'm from Argentina but i would really like to talk with you or something becuase you are great !! i need a man like you in my country they are all jerks



superbre01 said...

Hey Mitchel!! I was watching the AMA's, but I didn't see you there??

I can't wait to see your finished music video you are filming this week!!!

I will definitly call your fan number... I Really hope you call back!!!!

<33 Breanne ♥

Mitchellover17 said...

Hey you are so great I am so thankful to have a star like you that cares so much about there fans.I love you so much like its not even funny. I call you everyday hopefully one day you will call me back cuz that would like make my day ok well I love you once again gotta go I will so come back later and oh yeah call you later too. Bye love you

~*Amber*~ said...

I thought you might have been there. I swore I seen your dad in the audience while I was watching. Glad you had fun last night and it looked like Miley had a great bday.

Music video?! Awesome! Hope you update us about that soon.

Have fun at the parade! =D Have a great week.

taaylor (: said...

awwwh; yeaah.
the ama's are always so coool !
glad you had a goood night (:

have fun at the parade in houston !
and happppy early thanksgivinnng <3

ooooh; music video ?
that's realllly cool.
i can't wait to see it.

awwwh, we're thinkinng of you tooo ,
and we're thankful for you (:

im missing you waaay too much <3

and i'lll definetly be givinng you a calll (:

.audrey. said...

i was watching the AMAs.

&& i didn't see you.
haha but that could very well have been because i was writing my english essay at the same time.
i hope it was fun.
music video?
that's just slightly fabulous.
keep us posted!

Miranda said...

Hey Mitchel! I'm the first one to comment! I can't wait to see your new music video! I think it's cool that you'll be in a parade! I sent you a Thanksgiving card a little while back. Hope you have a good day and week,

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitch, I just wanted to say that I'm thankful for you too! Your an AMAZING person. Not just because your so talented, But because your so down to earth, and real, Your not at all like most celebs, I don't even see you as a celeb, Just an awesome guy! Your handsome and funny, and I LOVE your smile!! : )
And you do SO much for all of us, and love to surprise us and keep us updated on what your doing....Even when your at your busiest. You never disappoint me. Which is a good thing!! So, I guess what I'm trying to say is......


-Katie R. (from Michigan)

p.s. I left you a message on your Say Now. I'm the one who asked you about Fear Factor....Call me back soon!!

megan said...

woah! thats awesome. miley is amazing. shes beast. so are you.

did you look hott at the ama's? of course you did. haha

what music video? when is seventeen forever coming out?

Screw David R. said...

Aww... So nice you had fun. :) I missed the AMA's too. <_<

Makayla said...

I saw you on Saturday nightt!! And as always, it was UH-MAZE-ING! :]
And yes, Arizona IS the bombest state!!
Can't wait until you come back soon!!

I can't wait to see the music video!

Makaylaa (haha, I met you last yearr @ the Jingle Jam tourr and my birthday is on July 9th. *hehe, what a coinsidence!*)!

tubalicious_ said...

enjoy your thanxgiving dudee :]
just in case u didnt get my msg imma leave u another vmail 2morrow lol. have fun!

ALEX said...

i called you! :)
but you havent answered my questionnnnn yet.
you should though!


Anne said...

Lol *sighs* You know you're hopeless when you don't even know what the AMAs are XP XD sound fun though!! ^_^ Good luck on the music video :D

jackiepez said...

Cant wait to see the music video!!

EWA said...

That's cool.
I'm glad you had fun...!
I can't wait to see this video.!

Brie said...

you were at the AMA's! Crap, i didn't see you! oh fudge. but im sure you had a good time.

I wanna see you up there getting an award :)

Have fun at the parade...i'm sure it will be a blast!!

and of course, i am thankful for you, too :D

luv, brie

Camille said...




Hollywood-Girl 101 said...

i just saved ur fan number into my phone.
yeah. katie spent the night last night. i stayed up late be she kinda like got knocked out on my couch. lol.

i watched the ama's! it was cool! i cant wait till thanksgiving! i'm gonna eat some turkey! lol and gravy and mashed potatoes. i'd save you some but then it would taste funky by the time it arrived, lol.

can't wait to see the new video!


'MOLLY. said...

Hey Mitchel!

Hope too see this video sooon :)
looking forward to it.
I hope your doing well too :)

I really want to call you too, I wonder if it will work from England?

Take Care :)

Katty with smile said...

Hope you have a good Thanksgaving Day))
music video-cool)waiting to see it)))
And just thank you)))

Anonymous said...

Have fun =)
What Music Video?


Mitchelshollywoodgirl said...

Have funn! I'm going to your brothers concert tonight and its going to be fun i already know it!!

luv ya,
Amber K.

Anonymous said...

happy thanksgiving!
i called u too!!


Cassidy said...

Can't you come to Ontario for a...ummm...Only a Month Until Christmas Parade? :) Then you could swing by my town could come and see... our elephant statue! Or not. (We hit it with a train. Looong story.) Anywayz, have the Best Time Ever while you're there! Tell your family hey from one of your creepy fans!

Rock n roll!

jules said...

I went to your concert in anthem when you and santa lit up the tree. let me tell you the concert was amazing!! mostly the part when you touched my hand. my friends sarah and rachel got to meet you and sarah got to hug you get a pic with you and when you asked her what she wanted for christmas she said you, i thought that was funny ( i would of done the same thing). anywhoo i just love you. in my folders where i am supposed to write notes, i write i ♥ mitchel in big heart some thing with my folders. i think you are really cute and talented . please write back =P

jules said...

I cant wait to see the music video

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchy!! XD :D :) :D XD

unfortunately it looks like I wont be able to call you until January sometime... :| ...but I guess that gives me time to think of a question :) lol I really have no idea what to ask you...except what your favorite animal is... for some reason that is the only question I can think of...
Hope you have a wonderful time being in the Thanksgiving parade!! :) And hope you have a fun time shooting the music video too! XD
lol :) I am attempting to make a board game :D it is Christmas themed...Oh, we did put up the Christmas tree, but we will probably wait till later this week to put up decorations :)
ok...I have no idea what else to

I have almost no idea what the AMA's are....I don't think that I have ever seen them....hmmmm still cant think of anything, I will probably remember something just after I have finished the comment :| :)

wish ya luck Mitchy!!
also...Hope you and your family have a great Thanksgiving day!!! :D

-Coral (The girl from RI) lol

p.s. last year when I went sledding I totally
it wasn't funny at the time...but now for some reason I laugh thinking about it XD lol

rmi said...

HEy Mitch I had a Q can u text ur phone put the answer in ur next blog. thanks

Sara said...

I didn't even know the AMA's were on.

I've definitely called.
Actually, it was my friend Alisha....talking about owls and such...I apologize.

Have a good Thanksgiving :)

Nisha said...

Oh you updated!!!!!!! Happy TURKEY Day!!!!! :D

Ashlee :) said...

I cant believe i didnt see you at the AMAs , i flew all the way to florida to suprise my dad for his birthday which is the same as Miley's and was hoping to run into you, and you were there too. crazyyy haha.
it was an awesome show! i hope you had fun :)

happy thanksgiving tomorrow <3

Hanna said...

OMG MITCHELL!!!!! I added your saynow to my phone but u havent callede yet. :'C Sorry, i've been busy (IM IN A PLAY!!!) But HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!! did yu have fun at the AMA's? I forgot to watch it, i was at reherasal (IT'S EVERY OTHER DAY!!! AND STARTING MONDAY IT'S EVERY DAY EXCEPT SUNDAY FOR TWO WEEKS!!!!!) And i forgot about the AMA's Until you write about ut the day AFTER it!! haha the news said it was sucky... was miley in it? Luv U!!!!!!!!!!


P.S. i was not insulting miley,, they said she was good at the AMA's. :) LUV U!!!!

Ashleyy<3 said...

Mitchel! Did u get the pic I left 4 ya? Its the one of us on set of the Hannah Montana movie?? Hope yr doin well and listen for my messages =] hahah

Nikita Bimson said...

Happy Thanksgiving.

Anonymous said...

okay officially it is Thanksgiving so...

lol :D

-Coral (The girl from RI)

Miranda said...

Hey Mitchel! Just want to say happy Thanksgiving!

Julie :] said...

just droppin by to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving!! :]
I left a message on you Saynow phone as well ;]

hope ur having fun in Texas!!
love you!


Elizabeth said...


I watched your performance in the Houston parade on TV and I loved the song! When it was over, you didn't look to pleased though...You looked really angry. I was wondering if everything was ok. I also noticed your earpiece wasn't working that well...was that why you were mad?

Looking forward to your CD even more now!

<3 Liz

Shayla said...

Happy Thanksgiving!! I am thankful for YOU!! and everything/one in my life! Not to mention my guitar! oh wait, I don't have that yet! but I guess I'll have to be thankful gor that NEXT thanksgiving! lol. I'm really wanting one for christmas!! lol. =]


I would so get your album for christmas but that's not out. I'm getting the hannah montana music jam game for ds and hopefully I'll get a new oliver doll! And more mitchel musso posters! I'm up to 165 already! lol.

I called and left a messeage on your phone! i was seriouly screaming out of my mind when i found out that that was your #!!!!!




Marlen said...

happyy thanksgivng (:

chelsea[sc] said...

mitchel, you were on e! news a few days ago with metro station; it was definitely the highlight of my day. i'm still so excited for the video!

good luck on your music video; i want details!

happy thanksgiving mitchel!
chelsea :)

Anonymous said...

I'm thankful for your blogg. <3
hah byye -Britt (:

Anonymous said...

heyy mitchel my birthday was on the 26! i wish u were here. lmao.
wel come to chicago soon!
ttys, karolina!

Molly said...

Hey Mitchel! I have to tell you this, because I think it'll make you laugh. And it'll also ease my mind because I'll know that you'll know I'm not a stalker. LOL! Okay, so I left a message on your Say Now (I was the very first one, I find this very cool!) and it was pretty good, and everything was cool. But then I found out that unless I pressed #, it never went through....oops. So I left another one, messed up, hung up, and called again, left an amazing message, and everything was great! But then my friend texted me and was like "Yeah...all 3 messages went through..." OMG!!!!!!! So yeah, I freaked out, cause I look so stupid in the first two. If you've heard them, you know what I mean. LOL!
Well, hopefully my horrible luck has put a smile on your face, and I hope my messages didn't freak you out too much!!


Hannah said...

Hey Mitchel! I saw you at the Houston parade, you did a great job! Too bad the mics didn't work, though; the same thing happened to me during a party...But still, I was absolutely starstruck after seeing you perform. I didn't find out that you were gonna be there until I saw the parade program (although, the program didn't convince me enough, I had to see you xD). Well, overall, you did an awesome job at the parade, and I hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

By the way, what's the name of the song that you performed? I really liked it. :D

Rosario said...

Happy Thanksgiving Mitchel!! (:
I hope you had funn!! (:

Alex :) said...

Happy Thanksgiving! :)
Must be fun to shoot a music video.
I'd love to do that.
Never had the technology.

Natalia said...

Hey Mitchel!

wow! music video! that is really cool! hope they release it soooon. it's been a while since the last time I heard new music from you!

Love Ya!


Camille said...

I called you like 5 times!! Im so excited that you have a say now!

Anonymous said...

hiiii mitchel!!
i have a question for you.
is your number free to call?
if not i am going to be in BIG trouble!
because i called it liikee 12983198
times. haaa!
uhmmm so just let me know!


oh and have tons and tons of fun making your music video!


-lexy s. =)

Austin said...

I was there! At the parade! I was there just for you my family drove 20 hours to Housten Texas! Not just to see you but that was my major reason! OMG I loved the song you were singing! I was on the first turn on the side you were singing on! I loved it! Your star float was so cool! And I couldn't take my eyes off you! It was amazing! I hadn't seen you since the DC Games and it was so great to see you again! I was clapping so hard! I can't wait to see you again! I'll call your saynow number agin for like th 500th time! Call me Back soon! I love you!

ALEX said...

monster house was just on cartoon network :D

hahahaha you sound like such a little boy in it! compared to now anyways :)

ALEX said...

oh yeah, and alsooooo when do we get to hear license for love all the way through? i've heard like 30 seconds of it but i want too hear the whole thingggggg!

Alex said...

What music video are you shooting ... is it one of your new songs that we don't know of yet .. i can't wait to see it and hear the song it will probably be awesome ... have fun shooting your music video ...

<< alex >>

Anonymous said...

dude :) you're so awesome. just thought i'd let you know haha
-love rhea!

Miranda said...

Mitchel! Check out! My name is mentioned for sending in your planet premiere link!

Carly said...

Hey mitchel i hope u had fun at the thanksgiving parade! im sure u did. and i bet the AMAS was a lotta fun too! and well cant wait to hear more about this music video!

i hope u come to chicago sooN! are any where around here! we miss u!!

i got the jan. issue of popstar! there was a lot of you and metro station in theree!! tht was pretty cool! alright i was just stopping by to say hi!

ill ttyl



Leanna Marie said...

Okay... Houston is too far for me to travel on a college student's salary, so I settled for Macy's... and let me just say...

Macy's Parade=Epic win.

The whole country gets Rick Roll'd on national television. Yes, I am convinced that if you look up 'epic win' in the dictionary, the definition is Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, 2008.

I wish I could have seen you though. Our thanksgiving was hilarious... Because Mom said "let's dig up a Christmas tree so we can replant it..." so her and her boyfriend go outback and find a nice pine tree (it's a Charlie Brown tree, I might add) and then Boyfriend's digging it up while I'm taking pictures of wildlife... So I go to put my camera away, and mom goes "you might want to keep it out" and I go "I might want to record this" and she told me not to because it takes up too much memory.. Then sure enough, Boyfriend breaks the shovel. BWAHAHAHAHA. It was funny.

Thats my funny Thanksgiving/Christmas story. Have a good one!

<3Leanna Marie

Hannah said...

Hey you!
sounds like youve been busy.
how are things? I jus added you on myspace. lol

anyway,sounds like youve been busy, but sounds fun.
Take Care!
<3 hannah

Anonymous said...

You are like the coolest star in the world!!!!! No one has the guts to leave their phone # on the internet!!!! I am america's future rockstar, and you are my #1 boy idol.

Anonymous said...