Tuesday, December 02, 2008


Hey guys! I know some of you are familiar with the Song "The In Crowd"! I am excited to tell you that Radio Disney is premiering the song this week. Take a listen and let us all know what you think!

Also, The much anticipated New Music Video by Metro Station......"SEVENTEEN FOREVER" is premiering on MTV on Friday night!!!! DO NOT MISS IT!

Let me know what you think about that as well!

BIG SHOUT OUT TO ALL THE DECEMBER BIRTHDAYS!!!! Happy Birthday and I hope it is your best ever!!!

Don't forget to call me! I am updating messages this week, I am also making time to call a few of you back.....so answer your phone, K?




Julie :] said...

ughh. i wish i could be home friday night to hear the song, but i have a performance that night. :'[ but ill definately youtube it or something ;]

*waits by phone for phone call*
hahaha not jkjk. but ill definately hope for a call :]

glad all is going well!
talk to you soon.


taaylor (: said...

yaaaaaaay (:
im so happy for you mitchellllllll !

seventeen forever this fridaay ?
yay, I can't wait to see itttt <3

lolllll (:

and yes, ill be callling you <3

ohyeah, come back to floridaaaa !
i miss youuuuuuu !

Charlotte said...

Haha, finally it's my birthday month!

I don't get Radio Disney but maybe they'll play it on the Disney Channel some time?

And I'm definitely going to watch FNMTV and see Seventeen Forever.

OK, I think I'll probably go call you now... See ya, Mitchie!

Nisha said...

hey u updated a lot quicker!!!! thats awesome!!!!! im leaving saturday so i guess this probably is ur last update b4 i leave. i love ur song but leavin and white striped gloves are my favs!!!


Miranda said...

Awesome! I have your planet premiere marked on my calender! Hope to hear it! Oh, my brother's birthday is this month! He's turning 9. Thanks for saying happy bday to him!

Shayla said...

mitchel!! it had to premiere that night!!!! the night that wizard of oz is showing!!!! GARRRR!!!

I'll just have to youtube it or look it up online!!! ahhhhh!!!! lol



Disa said...

I'd call you and leave a message but I don't have anything worth saying that's worth listening to.

One day I'll think of something amazing and call you.
Maybe if I hear an amazing joke or something, I'll call you up and tell it to you? :D

Anonymous said...

I am gonna be listening to your new song on Radio Disney on Friday! The In Crowd is one of my FAVORITE SONGS that you sing!!! Actually I absolutely LOVE EVERY single song that you sing!!♥♥

I called you once before but I will call you again soon!!!

I really hope you will call me back!!!

I hope you come and do a concert somewhere in Pennsylvania!
Or near New Jersey!!! I will come to the closest one to me!!!!!!!


Btw... I don't know if u saw or looked, but I sent in 2 pics of when i met u to ur ofiicial Mitchel-Musso.com site!!! Its in the gallery!!

♥♥♥ always, Breanne

Nikita Bimson said...

dude. Can't wait for all your music junx to come out. lol.

ashleeeeeee. :] said...

i love "the in crowd". :]

ahh, i can't wait for the seventeen forever video to premiere.!

woo. my birthday is on monday. =]

I haven't called your saynow, maybe i will in a day or two.?

I miss you, dude. :[

Awesomeness said...

I'm so excited to hear the song!!! And see the music video!!!! Hope all is going well!!!!

=] =] =] =] =] =]


Kerri said...

Aw im excited to hear your song! :D

~*Amber*~ said...

I love "The In Crowd". It's so cool your music is going to be out on radio for people to hear. =] I’m happy for you.

I was so pumped because I thought that Seventeen Forever was coming out Monday. I don't know why. Not much longer to wait!

Ooo...calling people back Mitchel? Now I'm going to have to call! Haha. Take care. =D

ALEX said...

ahhh im so excited :D

1) for your new music
2) for the seventeen forever music videoooo
3) uhhm mitchel, i dont know if you know this, but blink-182 might be having a reunion of some sort?!?!?
haha i dont know i think you like them too?

yeaaaaaaah lots to look forward to!
you should definately call me back ;)

Camille said...

That is so sweet, im so happy for you and metro staton! And call me back please!!

christineeee (: said...

ahhhh im soo excitedd this week cuzz ii cannnnnt wait to hear ur songg! where are uuu dude? i miss you :]

My parents are TIVOing the music video so ii can watch it over & over again.. & youuuuu're gonnna call me rightt? Imma make sure I pick up (; ahahha

love you! <3

Anonymous said...

i'm sooo happy for you mitchel!
i've been waiting for seventeen forever for months now!! :DDDD i'm soo excited!
but hey, i'll talk later...k?


♥ MeganLurvesYouuu said...

Awesomeness!!!! I'll be sure to catch the Seventeen Forever music video, I can't wait to see it!

Thanks! My birthday is the
21st ... I'm hoping it's awesome too! =D

And ((GASP xO)) I have not had time to call yet, but I will veddy veddy soon!

Keep smiling!!!
~ MeGaN
<33 xD

Mitchelshollywoodgirl said...

I'm going to be at a school dance on Friday night so im going to record it =] I cant wait to hear your song im sure it will be AMAZING! (as always) and im am going to call you as soon as i can =]

makayla :] said...

i cannot wait to hear 'The In Crowd', like the studio versionn! :]]

and i will definetly watch the "Seventeen Forever" music videoo!

ANNDD i will definetly call youu! :]


lovess makayla.

Hollywood-Girl 101 said...

omg! in the crowd was such an awesome song. you did such an amazing job doing that song at the ionia free fair!

eghhh, i wish i had satalitte so i can watch the seventeen forever music video. oh well. next time i'm at my uncle marks house i'll youtube it or something.

if i get a cell phone i'll call ur fan phone. cause if you called my house and said "hey this is mitchel musso calling".. my dad would believe you and would probably hang up on you and i don't want that to happen.

ily soooo muchhhhhhh..
-melissa v :)

Anonymous said...

heya it's my birthday on the 15th and i can't wait i'll be 16. ncant wait to see metro station's video see ya heather from england xxx

natalia said...

Hey Mitchel!!

thanks!! hehe my bday is on the 29th! I'm really excited! finally 16!

love ya!


Random Girl, Random Moments said...

Hey Mitchel!
I LOOOOOOOOOOOVE your song 'The In Crowd'!! It's one of my favorite songs!
I'll be sure to check out the new Metro Station music video! I can hardly wait!
Thanks!! My birthday is on December 16th, and I'll be turning 16!! I'm so excited!!
I'm going to call you when I get the chance, which will be later today!!!
Have a great week, Mitchel!
Deticated to you forever and always,

Anonymous said...

Can't wait for the video *_*
I hope to call you soon =)


Anonymous said...

heyy! omgggg! Kiss Miss Bash! Im leaving tomorrow out of state to go and see it!! yay!!!

Anonymous said...

that was like a great blog.
with great info :]
to bad its going to be on Friday.
I am going to new york for school :]
so I wont be able to watch it.
But i will definitely check it out
on the internet for sure.
my phone will be with me at all times (:

Anonymous said...

Mitchel, I think it's the coolest thing for you to want to get in touch with your fans... you are a really down to earth guy and that's totally cool!!!

Can't wait to here your new song! I love all the other ones, so this one should be to my liking also. I heard about Metro Station's new video and I wouldn't miss it for the world!

Love Ya,


Carly said...

Hey mitchel! i called ya but i didnt want it to send cuz i forgot to say stuff and it sounded really bad. so maybe ill call again later :) hopefully u will call back! :]]

cant wait for ur song on friday and 17 forever!

And awh thanks! my birthday is december 28th! how nice of u to wish me happy birthday lol. ill finally be 17!! yayh! ahaha

well come to chicago or somewhere around here! WE miss u!!



Gabriella said...

omg! i love the song The In Crowd it is sooo touching!! and i cant wait to see the Seventeen forever music video!!! i know it is going to be amazing! and yes i hope my birthday is great this year to. i can't wait!! I am getting my permit this month!! in 25 days!!yeah!! i am soo going to call ur phone! so call back.k?lol
u are soo amazing and i love u!

[thatgirlfromsc] said...

i'm extremely excited about the in crowd.
you sang amazingly [if that's even a word] when you sang it at the scfair. and i'm ready for it to FINALLY be released!
and i'm definitely ready for your album to come out.

and i'm watching seventeen forever! while i do my [ew] science fair project. but i guess i should be thankful. if i didn't have that, i wouldn't be home to watch!

i still haven't been able to call you! i've been ridiculously busy. but SOON i promise.


Rosario said...

I can't wait till Friday nigh!! (:

I'll keep my phone with me 24/7. I'll even answer during school. ahah! (:

Happy holidays. (:

rosarioooo (:

Anonymous said...

Mitchel Tate,

If you call me back, I swear I will die laughing. Cause I'm weird? That's all I gotta say.



GiGi said...

Oh my gosh I am SOOOO excited for the premiere!! I have been waiting forever for a new studio release of one of your songs! I have all these low quality live versions of them that I've ripped from YouTube and put on my iPod lol. xD

And of course I can't wait for Metro Station's new vid too! So many exciting things happening tomorrow night! EEP!

Oh right, I'm so sorry I haven't called you yet! Our phone wasn't working before, but we just bought a new charger last night that actually works so now I can call you all I want, haha. You should be expecting a message from me soon for sure!


.audrey. said...

ok so the thing about callbacks is...
make sure you call when i can answer my phone, kay?
as in, not during school hours.
thanks much.
i expect a call soon :]


Mitchellover17 said...

ok hey I want to say you should come back to Denver everyone misses you so much out here. I am so happy about the new song premeire well ok new to the radio lol. I went and looked at a college and can't wait to sign up for it and oh yeah by the way I really want you to call me so I will definatley call you this week and just so you know I am looking forward to the new music video and I am sad because my friend just committed suice and your post made me smile for the first time in like 2 days ok well I love you

megan said...

WOAH this is a good week heres why!
1. Your song
2. mileys music video
3. metro stations video
4. i threw 19ft in shot put(its good, its an 8lb. ball)

so im calling you from my bestfrannns phone, so call us back, when im there lol!

Anonymous said...

Buahaha... I just called again after a week. ha. I sounded stupid, but oh well. At least there is a chanch to actually talk to u... for realz! haha anyways, be urself and do ur own thing!

luv u :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchy!!

looking forward to your song tommorow :) lol I'll try to see your brother's music video too :)
So, other then that...Whats up? lol
I get to hang out with my friend (And miss a religious event at my dads) this weekend so that should be cool :D...ya... (Things are still the same between my dad and I) he made a comment about how I would be happy because I would make god happy by going to his religious event last weekend...It was REALLY wierd...and he apparently does not understand me when I say I dont want to be in his religion.........my dad and I used to have a dog...but when we moved, he didn't want to take the dog away from my grandparents because the dog had gotten pretty close to them too...I was at my dad's religious meeting, and I was kind of in a conversation between him and someone else...he tells the person about how he hadn't told me this yet, but the dog had to be put down...he couldn't even tell me to my face...
I wasn't super close to the dog, but I was still very upset and sad about it...
*sigh* I only saw the dog two weeks ago.......Anyways...getting to a happier note, Thanksgiving was awesome, and I hope you had a cool Thanksgiving to :)
ok...you actually call us some back if we call you? ok, freaking out ten times more then before lol XD ya, like I said before, i'm not very good on the phone...but knowing me I will still call you anyways :) in January anyways...and on my mom's cellphone because I don't have a cellphone yet...still not sure what I will ask you, though my mom thought it would be a good idea to ask you how to get in Disney :)
lol, I want to be an actress too... :) and a singer :D...
so I want to get singing lessons soon :) and take more acting lessons :D...
to get into Disney, you have to move to California dont you? from Rhode Island to Califronia is a pretty long distance... XD
lol but I guess it would be pretty cool :)

like always, wish you luck Mitchel!

-Coral (The girl from RI)

p.s. Whats your favorite Christmas reindeer? I like Rudolph...but I also like the name Blitzen :) lol
I guess thats kind of a silly question.......ok...should I call you and ask you if I talk a lot? lol, no i'm just kidding...
:) hope you have a great week Mitchy! wow...super long comment :|
maybe I do talk a lot...lol

Sierra said...

hey mitchel! im so glad that your song is premiering!! congrats! i luv that song, it's one of my fav songs by you! i called you a couple weeks ago. i'll probably answer if u call me, but if i don't leave me a voicemail, hehe :)! hope ya hav a good week!!

Molly said...

Hey Mitchel!!

I'm SO looking foward to hearing your song and seeing Metro Station's new video...I'm sure that'll help my week become better, since my week has SUCKED. Yeah, falling out of your wheelchair and breaking both legs isn't fun! But you've broken your arm, you know what I'm going through!! Haha.

Well, have fun calling people back from your Saynow! I hope no one screams your ear off! haha


Julie said...


Austin said...

I hope you'll call me! I'm going to go leave another message now! I thinks! LOL!

I'm keeping my phone with me 24 -7! You can call fans at 2 am Mitchel they won't get mad!
I saw you a week ago today! Miss you already!

I have a theater performance that night but I'm going to hear and see it soon!
Love you!
Your October Fan of the Month!

Disa said...

So Mitchel,
Here's the short film I told you about that I directed, edited, wrote the script for and had a part in:

:D :D :D
I think you should watch ittt!

Disney Princess said...

Hey Mitchel!
I def just found out that you have your own blog. :) I think it is awesome that you take time out of your busy life to keep everyone updated. You seem very down to earth.

I'll def see the new video Tonight. :) I believe Miley's Fly on the Wall vid is premiering tonight also.

What a rocking night it shall be.

Oh & I def need your fan phone #. Off to go find it.

~Disney Princess

Leanna Marie said...

WOOt! I'll be 20 on the nineteenth! YAY! I'm waiting to see Seventeen Forever. I'm excited!

<3Leanna Marie

Sabrina said...


Your song ROCKS! Love it and can't wait for more!!!

<3 Sabrina

Brittany said...

WHOO! I just saw the video! It was awesome! I loved it! Your brother looks cute (And I know that must be very awkard for you haha). And you and Miley were in it! That was a nice bonus :D

I wish I could have gone to the parade but my friend went! Actually, she was in it! She's one of my good friends and she's a dancer and part of one of my school's dance teams and they got to go. The name of the school is Miami Killian Senior High. I wonder if you saw them..

Anyways, can't wait to hear your new song! Unless it came on already. If so, I'll go check now haha

Oh and I WILL be calling :)

<3 Brittany

Kelsey said...

Mitchel i heard your song! its great theres videos out already!


loved it!

and i just saw the seventeen forever video it was awsoume!!

i saw you!

Melissa said...

Honestly, this song surprised me, totally not what I expected to hear from you, but I really liked it and I can't wait to hear more of your new stuff.

Michelle said...

Hey Mitchel! It's Michelle and Sarah, the twins from Portland, OR that you mentioned in your blog : ) Our birthday was Dec. 2, the day you wrote this(!) so thanks for the bday wishes : )

Gabriella said...

OMG!! I loved the Seventeen Forever music video!! It was amazing! and I loved how u and miley were in it in the bumper cars!! it was the best music video ever!!

Jessica ^-^ said...

dude, your like really awesome. i mean how many famous people you know put out a number for their FANS!coolness!i will deffintly call ^-^ love your music and you. of course. i just found out you had a blog! i am so slow.:)

Hey I like saw your brother when they came to New orleans at Blue Bayou. they are really good. and can't wait to see the vid. and i met Mason.your brother is seriously cool and chill.

wish you the best of luck with WHATEVER your doing. always here for ya.

love you!!

Kerry said...

my best friend turned seventeen on december 2nd, and now she's totally seventeen forever, so thanks for wishing her a happy birthday!
she and i met you in october when you were in SC.

i thought it was so awesome that metro station premiered their video so close to her birthday.
i just watched it, and i loved it.
you were especially awesome in it, but i was sad that mason wasn't using his red firebird, which is pretty much the best guitar ever.

Anonymous said...

nice video cameo... haha

Sabrina said...

Hey Mitchel!

I commented like a ton of hours ago but I just wanted to tell you that I listened to your song AGAIN and I was totally blown over by it...AGAIN! It's such an amazing song and it really isn't the same as every other song out there. And it has such a good message--Who needs to be part of the "in crowd" as long as you have good friends?

<3 Sabrina

Anonymous said...

I listended to radio disney last night, and I absolutely loved the song! :) And Miley stole your idea? lol...
my friends is coming over soon so that should be cool :)
We are going to Build-A-Bear...lol
I don't care what some people think, Build-A-Bear is still awesome :) I collect them, well the ones I like anyways.
:) I faced my fear of the phone and was calling Radio Disney last night! lol, though most of the reason for that was cause my mom dialed the number then kept handing the phone to me...lol

wish ya luck, like always, Mitchy!!

-Coral (The girl from RI)

Meg and Kate said...

I SAW THE VIDEO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

it was sick man!you looked very hot of course! *giggles*

but yeah the vid rocked but i thought it sounded kind of wierd like the synth was over mason's voice...i don't know.BUT it was awesome anyway!and like stated befor i saw you!You made it sound like u were hiding or something!lol...

*Sends luv from boring ol' New Hampshire*


Natalia said...

Hey Mitchel!

I loved seventeen forever's music video! amazing. and you were in it! that's even better!

I listened to "the in crowd". it's incredible! so touchy. you've got an amazing voice! can't wait till your album comes out. I wanna go one of your concerts so bad!

Love ya!


marlen said...

i saw you in the seventeen forever video :D it made me smile!

dianna said...

i just wanted to let u know that the seventeen forever music video was amazing! probably my favorite ever! i also wanted to let ya know that im a HUGE fan of yours! much love from tennessee!

sierra said...

mitchel!!! oh my gosh, i listened to the premiere of your song and its amazing! congrats! oh and i also saw u in the seventeen forever music video, kool stuff haha! well have a good week!!

meghan phelps said...

i wish i could have heard the song, but unfortunately, i do not get radio disney where i live for some reason.

i saw metro station's new music video on friday. IT WAS AWESOME!!! =D i think it was great how you, miley, billy ray, etc. were in the music video too.

i'm kinda a new fan of yours...so yeah....hi!

Leanna Marie said...


and I can't wait to buy it off iTunes! And Miley's Fly on the Wall vid is cool, too. Very thriller-esque. But the fact that Seventeen Forever is like Lost Boys... That definitly made my LIFE. And you're in it! Lookin' adorable in the bumper cars with Miley. Tell Mason his hair was gorgeousssss for me. Make sure it has the 5 S's. So I don't actually get Radio Disney out here... The closest to my area is Syracuse, NY and I'm in Rochester, which is 2 hours away, and when I try listening to it on the computer, it freezes my interweb... I'll have to find another way to listen to your song (iTunes, mebbie? XD Or Youtube, of course!)... ANYwho, have a good Chrismahanakwanzaa! And a good New Yearsss. Gonna be in Times Square? If not, you should be!

Love ya!
<3Leanna Marie

Sami said...

do u have a gmail??? i love phineas and ferb, and every movie and tv show u do. I am a Loliver fan!!!!!!!!! (lily and oliver)love ur music!!!!! and blog!!!!! :)

Kim said...

Your new song is amazing!
So is the metro station video.

Kim [from the Netherlands]

Anonymous said...

i ♥ ur new pic!
it's adorable!! :]

p.s. i absolutely LOVED the seventeen forever music video. i missed it the night of the premire but i went and found it. once it started & showed you i screamed! :] tehe!!

~*Amber*~ said...

I can't stop listening to "The In Crowd"! I love it. I tried calling Radio Disney Friday and never got through. My brother and I called your Say Now and left you message instead. Lol. =]

Oh, and the Seventeen Forever music video was awesome!

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel!!!!!!!!!

Omg, I havn't Commented on one of your blog entries in a really really really long long time! I miss commenting! I havn't had much time though, because I've been in a Jonas/Twilight obsession phase... ok, I realize thats a really bad exscuse, I guess I really just kind of never really got around to it. You probably don't remember me from passed posts anyway. I'll tell you who I am anyway, I'm Chelsea A.A.A Chillie, The one who tends to always use the word "anyway" in my comments! Lol!

Anyway, don't think I forgot about you or anything, because I could never forget you in a million years! You're to amazing, and completly, and totally unforgetabale! And not just cuz you're on my tv screen on Hannah Montana every day! Lol! BTW, I LOVE the third season!!! It's amazing, mostly cuz you're in it! Lol!

Anyway, I'm calling your fan number tomorrow, and I expect you to call me back!!! Lol, jk! I know you probably won't because you're really busy with your career, and so many people probably call, and we all know that you can't get back to every one, although we know you try to get back to as many people as you can, and all us fans really respect you for that.

Anyway, your song The In Crowd is AMAZING, I'm listening to it right now, I love it!!! I'm SUPER-DE-DUPER excited for your cd to come out in 2009!!! I will go to the store at midnight to get it! And yeah, thats right, I just said SUPER-DE-DUPER! Lol!

Anyway I'm gonna go watch a movie now! Can't wait to see whats to come in the future for you!!! Thanks for always being there for your fans!!! WE LOVE YOU MORE THAN YOU KNOW!!!

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
~Chelsea A.K.A Chillie~

P.S. Hoping for that phone call! Lol, jk!

Carly said...

Hey mitchel loved the in crowd song! and the seventeen forever video!

and i just read on mitchel-musso.com o read about the disney jam! soo exciting!! congrats!

come to chicago!


Anonymous said...

okay...this is like the third comment i've made...lol
just wanted to say that I saw the "Seventeen Forever" video, it was really cool XD lol
so whats up? I had a really good weekend :)...I had lots of fun with my friend at Build-A-Bear! lol
this weekend we are going on a vacation somewhere...not sure exactly where...but it is somewhere with snow :) lol
THERE IS SNOW!!! lol but not enough to go sledding or to make a snowman...but it is enough to hit my brother with a snowball... XD
lol after all, winter wouldn't be the same without throwing a snowball at my brother, :) lol just kidding...though I will probably throw a snowball at someone :)

wish ya luck!

-Coral (The girl from RI)

Sabrina said...

Mitchel, first of all: THE "SEVENTEEN FOREVER" MUSIC VIDEO WAS AMAZING!!! (It helped you were in it!)

But just a quick question: The latest rumor is that YOU are singing back-up vocals in "It's All Right Here", the new Hannah Montana song by Miley. And it DEFINITELY sounds like you. Maybe I'm the last to catch on, but can we get a little verification over here? If it's true - that's SO COOL! It's a great song, either way.

<3 Sabrina

Anonymous said...

omg. if mitchel called me back id b like... not able to speak. but in a good way ;] i wonder if he hears every single message... probably not. thats why i left 3!

Miranda said...

Hey, Mitchel! Your podcast is now @ Radio Disney.com! I sent the tip to your site, (Mitchel-Musso.com) and my name is on there again! I also sent your celeberty take but it changed to someone else. :( Glad about the podcast, though. SAW A DUST DEVIL TODAY! Scared me a little but it didn't really look like a tornado, so one that looked like one would've scared me worse. (It was very small and didn't last long.) I love weather, so it was cool. I'm going to write about it on my blog alivingwaterscholar-miranda.blogspot.com!

Leanna Marie said...

Sorry... I've been posting a lot lately :)

Just wanted to say I just bought the Seventeen Forever video off iTunes. YAY!

<3Leanna Marie

Brie said...

holy jeeze dude.
i just saw the video...it's so hackin sweet, yo!!

rofl. im just a lamo like that :)

But i'm so excited to hear your new music...i just know its gonna be amazing!

So.....im sure i know your answer......but what the heck. ill just ask.

Date dance....my school........go with me?!!?!!

luv, brie

Anne said...

Great job!!! Congrats on the song! XD

Gabriella said...

Hey Mitchy!!
u are soo amazing! u are also such a talented singer and actor. i love hannah montana. mainly because u are in it but it is such a great show to. lol. I am soo going to call u a bunch now! i hope u will call me back one day :]. well i also loved the Seventeen Forever music video. Metrostation is sooo talented! i love all their songs. ur family is soo talented! i wish mine was that talented :]. well i have to go because i have volleyball tonight. so i need to do my boring homework. lol.
p.s. come to Georgia sometime soon. I miss u. :]and i am sure all ur other fans here do to.

_ said...

Oh my.
New music<3
You are simply awesome Mitchel.

I will phone you, but I dunno what to say. Hehe. Expect a call from Scotland soon.

Elizabeth said...

Sweet! If I don't answer, I have VoiceMail, so could a leave a message? But I'll be home most of the time for a while. Oh, and my mom's b-day is December 23rd!

kitten_101 said...

i like that song it is like omg