Thursday, December 11, 2008

The In Crowd

Hey guys! If you feel like hearing the song on Radio Disney, please go to:

and request it!

Thank you guys for all your support!



megan said...

ahh :0
my birthdays in 4 days! and its my bestfriends birthday tommrorow so we are going to olive garden!
WWOAH! oliveer oken!

i fjdjafk incrowdd.. (sorry i don' memorize) (;

Rosario said...

I love 'The In Crow' so does my best friend! (: We can't wait to hear new music. (:
- rosario (:

ashleeeeeee. :] said...

will do.


amy said...

i've requested it several times already cuz u know i love u.

.audrey. said...

requesting now.
and oh heyy.
do them.
call me.
i'm leaving you a message now.
i sound like such a teenie.
i'm really not, i promise.

talk to you soon.
.audrey :]

Julie :] said...

the song rocks, Mitchel :]
and i've been requesting it like every morning. ;]

can't wait for the album!! :D


Nikita Bimson said...

Dude. The in crowd was rad. I really liked the lyrics. I'm sure alot of people can relate to it.

Anonymous said...

I love your song the In Crowd and I will totally request it on Radio Disney.

All of your songs are AMAZING!! I really hope that you go on tour again soon! I would LOVE to meet you again at another one of your concerts. Please come to Pennsylvania.

It would make me SO VERY HAPPY if you have a chance to call me from your fan number!! I would LOVE to hear from You..

I am also EXTREMELY excited for The In Crowd to come out on the Radio Disney Jams 11 CD, and even more wxcited for your first album to be released!!!

You are so AMAZING
<33 Breanne H. from Pennsylvania

Hanna said...

Will do, Mittchell!!!!! SOrry i didn't leave you a comment on your last post, but i like to be one of the first comments on there. wow, that sounded selfish... srry!

Miranda said...

Mitchel! I would LOVE 2 hear the in-crowd! I missed it when it played last week! I really want 2 hear it! I'll go and request it now!

Anonymous said...

lol, I requested your song last night :)
Maybe i'll get to hear it on the way to NH or something :)
Whats up? I am going to NH I think...we are supposed to leave later today Awesome!! New episode of Hannah Montana :D lol...I hope I get to see it...don't know if we'll be on our way back to RI when its on....
Whats your favorite holiday song?
I don't think I really have a favorite...There are quite a few that I like :)
So how are you? I'm guessing your still very busy... :)
can't wait to hear more of your music Mitchel! lol
I was watching the video of my halloween there is a part in it where I am holding a white owl in my hands...and because its so looks like this guy with a white beard lol like the owl is the head, and then you can see my was pretty funny...
I have not put it on myspace yet...first I have to figure out how to put videos on myspace lol
with help from my brother probably...I'll tell you when its on my myspace Mitchy!! Maybe when you get a chance, you could see it...though for a while you can't see much on the video, later on we went back through and with a candle...and yes...when you do see it...that is my brother saying "Aren't you a little short to be a werewolf" to me in the, I'm not even really that short! its towards the end of the movie that he says that... :)

wish ya luck Mitchel!

-Coral (The girl from RI)

p.s. Thanks Mitchel! I guess you probably want to know why I am saying thanks......listening to your music made me feel better after my dad said everthing he I wanted to say Thanks... :)

hanneke-mitchelmussolover said...

i'm a big fan :)
my friends ar big fans 2
love jou mitchel musso :)

~*Amber*~ said...

Surely Mitchel. =]

KT J. said...

i love that song, especially cuz i can hear it now w/o the screaming girls :)

<3 ya mitchel!

Hollywood-Girl 101 said...

heyy mitchel.
omg. i requested "in the crowd". i love it soo much because i can relate to it in a way.

omg. this sunday ihave the BIG family christmas party to go to and my aunt said she wanted to see pictures from the concert so on sunday just think. i 'll be looking at right? lol.

well i gots to go for now.

love you much
-melissa :]

Jess Jonas Musso said...

Hey Mitchel!
long time haven't commented on your blog! wows* soo miss it!
hopefully your doing good!
and ofcourse ill request the song i so love it!
well take care :)


GiGi said...

Totally!! The song is absolutely AMAZING, Mitchel! You have blown me away once again lol!! I will definitely request. Hopefully we can get it up to #1!! =D


Shayla said...

Mitchel! I love the in crowd!!!! I'm not even kiding! But I have to sing it an octive higher!!! lol. I can get the low notes, but it's hard! lol

I like the very last verse! I don't need anything that I can't find in me... I love it!!

I can't wait for you new album!!!! I know it's going to be so totally amazing! I already know it! lol

himynameisalex said...

ohhhh yeaaaaaah!
license for love is next right?!?!?
haha :)

Hannah said...

"The In Crowd" is an absolutely amazing song. I love it! Can't wait for the album :)

Merry Christmas!!


Anonymous said...

I'm going to request The In Crowd...I really love this song *_* Can't wait for the album =)


Sierra said...

I absolutely love it Mitchel! I've requested it a couple times already, it's amazing! Keep up the good work!

Miranda said...

Mitchel! Yesterday I heard The In Crowd! I guess our requesting worked!

Austin (October Fan of the Month) said...

I love your song! Its tottally true and just I love it! lOVE IT! Wow it's my tottaly fave song! I can't wait to hear your new music!
MARCH! So many months away till I;ll be waiting inside walmart at midnight! Oh Mitchel! I wish you a merry merry christmas and a HAPpy new year! Also tell Mark that too for me! And Madison and your Mom!
Awww I love you and your family!
Your October 2008 Fan of the Month

Mitchelshollywoodgirl said...

MITCHEL!!!! I love it! I will request it every time i can!

luv ya,
Amber K.

Miranda said...

Guess what? I heard The In Crowd again! I also <3 your page on msm for Christmas!

Camille said...

i requested it!

Tanya said...

As u wish my dear....after leaving this comment i'll certainly u ....
ur fan #1

taaylor (: said...

i love this sonnnnng, mitchie <3




Anonymous said...

i love that song!
it my favorite song :]

can't wait till your album!!!
im going to get it rite when the nearest store opens that has your album. lmao :]

i miss you, come to chicago!
- Karolina <3

Anonymous said...

- karolina <3

Molly said...

Suckie, I am never in my parents car and my car doesn't have XM. It is snowing and icing like crazy where I live, eww. We've been getting let out early recently and we should have a snow day Friday, not really excited because we have finals Monday and Tuesday either way. I hope you have a great Christmas! I will my whole family is coming back, which is a lot considering my imediate family is big and then two of my kamp friends one for l.a. and one from chicago are coming in for after christmas :):). I love the new eps of Hannah Montana!


Mitchellover17 said...

Hey Baby,
I love you sooo much like I always have to fall asleep to your songs that I have recorded just for me.Anyways I remember when I kissed you and felt your hair it was the most amazing feeling ever. I call you like every night as you know and you are so amazing like when I call you I can hardly freaking breathe you are so freaking sexi!!!!Lol anyways I have requested your song the in crowd everyday.

May I say happy holidays to you babes!!!What is your favorite thing about the holidays mine is the family cheer and the holiday wishes you know what I wished for this year???? PEACE ON EARTH AND MITCHEL MUSSO!!!!!!!

I love you but I have to go will comment again later and oh yeah make a new post wanna know what you are doing and CALL ME!!!!!!!!


Ashley said...

you should post funny things in your blog and have contests like martin Johnson from boys like girls does.

Just a suggestion, lol