Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Hey guys!

Just wanted to take a quick minute to let you know that there are a few tour dates coming up! I know I will be in Phoenix in November and several others but I promise to give details as soon as I know for sure.

Also, I don't want to drive you crazy.......but I just saw the NEW SEVENTEEN FOREVER MUSIC VIDEO by METRO STATION....and it will blow you away! They shot the video like the Lost Boys movie and it all takes place in an abandoned carnival in the middle of nowhere and it's just great! Be looking for it to be out in the next few weeks!

I have just come from the studio where I recorded several songs for several Disney Projects that I am very excited about....your going to find my music popping up in all sorts of places. Every day I am trying to create something new.

Have the most awesome day and week and if your celebrating a Birthday this week....Here's a GREAT BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY from me to you!



Charlotte said...

Wicked! I'm pretty stoked for the Seventeen Forever video...and to check out the new episodes & your music!

♥ MeganLurvesYouuu said...

Heyy back at cha!

OMG I can't wait to see the new music vid!! It sounds SO uh-maze-ing!!!!!

Yay! One of my most favorite things: Mitchel popping up everywhere!!! =D

And YOU BET I'm gonna catch every new episode on Disney Channel!!! You all ROCK on Hannah Montana ... it's the best show ever!

Keep smiling!
~ MeGaN
<33 =D

Anonymous said...

YAY! you updated!!
I can't wait to see the new Seventeen Forever music video!! its gonna be awesome!
Sweet, new songs, I bet we'll all love them!!
can't wait to see where you'll be headed next! I hope Michigan again!
The other day I found out that Blake from Metro Station is from Michigan, I didn't know that...I wonder what part, cause I've lived all over the place in MI. LOL

Well, I hope YOU have a great day and week too!
Miss ya!

-Katie R. (from Michigan)

shaun said...

Yo mitchel. I shook your hand at mileys sweet 16 before the concert in new Orleans square. Thanks for that. When's your album coming out!!

megan said...

mitchel =]

me and my boyfriend broke up.. it was hard because we went out for 10 months.
but on the brightside NOW I'M AVALIABLE <3
can you take a hintt??!?!?

&&i'm so syched for metro station! they need to do a music video for CONTROL <333

WHENS YOUR CD COMING?!? my birthdays in decemebr.. and i want it as present soo it needs to come out before then.

<33 yourr besttfrannd from ny who asked you to marry her and you totally turned down.

megan said...


--> sorry everyone this is a spoiler, oliver's big secret is that.. HIM AND MITCHEL ARE MADLY IN LOVE WITH ME :)

haha and a happy birthday from me to you??
what are we one barney now.
one big kiss and hug from me too youuuu lets just say we love you to
(is that how it goes?!?!?)
okay well peace.
megann <3

Amy said...

yay!! new mitchy music!! that is so OSSUM!! yes. i will permanently spell "awesome" that way thanks to your lovely little brother... ;) anyway thank goodness about the metro station video comin out soon.... ive been dyiiiin to see it man. i hope ur tour dates involve south florida. i'm feelin mitchel deprived over here! but anyway i cant wait to see the new eps of HM especially cuz u said Oliver has a band and i NEED to see this. haha i loves u mitchy.


Carly said...

ahh yay! more tour dates! i love new tour dates! lol. announce soon! i hope chicago is on the list! u havnt been here since december! remember how cold it was!?!?! lol. no but tht was fun!

omg u dont know how excited i am to see the seventeen forever video! i come home everyday and go straigt to youtube to see if it went up when i was at school! lol cant wait to see it! glad to hear u like it! im sure it will blow me away!!

omg i cant wait for the new season of hannah montana! im defently watching it! im not sure about ur secret tho. cant wait to find out.

yay ur recording new songs! cant wait to hear em if there new.. and I cant wait for ur cd to come out! im defently getting it!

wow talk about a long comment from me lol.

thanks for posting!!

announce dates as soon as u know!



taaylor (: said...

mitchelllllll (:
new dates ?
yayayay !
i think florida should be included ?

asdfghjkl; i cant wait til metro stations seventeen forever music video <3
dudeee, i know it's gunna be the bestt !

hhahaha, this is random, but i like your myspace songg (:
im listening to it right now !

yay, new songs !
can't wait to hear themmm <3
and new hannah episodes in november ?
yay again !

youu have an awesome daay too;
and macartney(my sisters) birthday was yesterdaay !
youu met her twice, like me.
duhh cause she was with me.

and come baack to florida because i miss youu like so much it's making me want to cry.
its been ONE WHOLE YEAR since i saw youu last.

wow, im stupid.
okaay, byeeeeee mitchie (:

Natalia said...

Mitchel!!! hey!!

wow, it's been a while since the last time i posted a comment on your blog, that's really bad.

OMG! I wanna see seventeen forever's music video so badd!! I know it's going to be awesome!

I can't wait to see "no sugar, sugar" (that's the one you were talking about, right?) I know the plot, it made me sad at first. Hope the eppy is great. And I can't wait either to see the third season of hannah!! it sounds so good!

love ya loads!

Have a great week!


Anonymous said...

♥ boi i haven't left you a comment in a while, sorry. BUT, i HAVE been reading all the latest posts in you yeahh you are driving me nuts with the music video news, me and a couple of my good friends went to the rave in milwaukee at the rave to your big brother's concert, it ROCKED! I heart Metro Station..and you of course, lol. So yes, your music is going to be popping around?? sweeet, but what about your CD???? I love your music, can't you make one????? I hate taking those crappy quality song tracks from youtube and stuff.... okay! I JUST saw an awesome commerical on disney channel you look like you have such a blast with your 2nd family on the hannah montana set with the rest of the cast :) That's coool

well take care, keep updating.

LOVE YOUR #1FAN-amyjo-♥

Nisha said...

hey that's great!!!!! i saw no sugar sugar in spanish and was like oook can't wait to watch 17 forever!!!!!!

Nisha :D

selah said...

heyyy mitch.
i saw you at the south carolina state fair.
you and jordan were awesome!
you were the only reason i drove an hour to see you.

psst...i know oliver's secret.
but i won't ruin it for others.
i'm so nice.

i heard seventeen forever on XM radio, and i freaked!
i can't wait for the video.


Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel!! :D

cool new tour dates :) lol, do you think you might come to RI? Of course it is VERY cold in RI right now...though personally I like the colder weather :) so even though its cold, I almost want to go for a walk...if it were sunny anyways (Its been a cloudy day)
Cool, can't wait to hear some more of your music :) lol
my friend decided that she will only stay at my party until 6:00 p.m. which means that I may have to have the mystery game a little early. And another friend kept telling me that she would have to ask her mom everytime I called her to see if she was coming...I invited her the first time about a month ago, she didn't ask her mom until this week, and apparently now she can't come... Well I guess thats okay, at least one of my friends may stay the whole time...
Well my brother is coming :) so that should be cool, though he keeps teasing me...but I got him to stop...well stop calling you a certain name anyways, its like my sister calling me shorty, its not really a bad name, but it does get annoying. lol the other teasing still gos on :| :) lol

How are you Mitchel? I guess your probably still very busy :)...

MY HALLOWEEN PARTY IS THIS WEEKEND :) !!!!! lol wish you could come, but its ok if you can't... :) its going to be really cool though :) so maybe I can show you some pictures of part of it after the party or something... I would probably put them on my myspace...
Talk to ya soon, or write to you actually...ANYways
Wish ya luck Mitchel!!

-Coral (The girl from RI)

p.s. my two favorite things about RI would have to be the ocean and the wildlife :)
p.s.s. right now I have to go, but I will leave you another comment soon :) lol or maybe I talk too much...I wanted to tell you my favorite halloween movies though :)
so I will tell you about my favorite halloween movies and my party soon Mitchel!! XD :D :)

Nikita Bimson said...

Hopefully Oliver's secret isn't gonna be that he is moving. I will be devestated. lol.

MITCHEL!!! My homecoming dance is this weekend. I'm gonna be looking fly in my cool dress and in my high top converses. lol.

MeganP2010 said...

aww fun! I can't wait for the new vid, it sounds SO cool! And since you're touring, I hope you come to san franciscooo....!

PS its my bday on saturdayyy... the 25th, dont forget... I'm turning 16 yeeeeeyeaaa you're excited

Ashlee said...

woo. if you don't come to oregon/washington/nor cal, I mightttt go to phoenix. :]

I hope I can see yoou soon. =]

Katie.<3 said...

omg a good update!! haha. jm. but since youre coming out with so many songs, i think you should have a cd come out. lol.
and i cannot wait for the 17 forever video!! i saw metro station on sunday. its amazing how much theyve changed since i first saw them like a year ago. they dont even do meet and greets anymore... but im glad they keep getting more and more famous. =]
AND im pretty sure olivers secret is....hes in love with lilly. or it should be. lol. =]

christineeee (: said...
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christineeee (: said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Melissa said...

OMG!!!! i have a profile on Imeem, and for my page song thingy, i have seventeen forever. it's one of my fav songs. can't wait for music video. and i can't wait till ur cd comes out, which i need a date for(*hint hint*) lol....jkjk

so yeah my demi lovato cd came today and it rocks...but i bet ur will b

Anonymous said...

Mitchel! I'm meeting Mason and his band on saturday! i'm so excited, their my favorite band! anyway im so excited for you with your music. im hoping you do a cd soon! i'll deff. buy it! well i have to get going! i love you mitchel your AMAZINGx33980985293085

kayce said...

lol maybe its a good thing ;)
you better give us the 17 4ever release date as well as your CD really soonXD
COME BACK TO TEXAS!!!!!!!!! please!?!?
see ya love ya :)

Anonymous said...

"There is a special episode that will air first in November where Oliver has a secret........"

He's very secretive - unless you're talking about the diabetes one... 'cuz, dude, every avid HM fan knows about that. Unless Oliver has another secret...

But blaaaaaaaaaahhfhweoifh!!!


I CRAVE THAT SONG IN STUDIO QUALITY. I can't waaaait any longerrrrr.

And what happened to 'My Best Friend'?!?!



OOOOhhh, by the waaay. Will Miley and Oliver be having some sexy times this season (season 3)? Cause they released the promo with you kissing Miley('s cheek. FACE. Cheek. Hah.) Because, DUDE. WHY GO FOR A JOANNIE WHEN YOU CAN HAVE A MILEY!?! Seriously. Oliver is such a donut.

ravenvampy said...

oh geez. o_o i tried to stay away but i wanted to see how the seventeen forever vid is coming... gawd that sounds like a blissful vid. could you maybe post when it's like fer-sure coming out on like VH1 and MTV and stuff once you find out? I'm dying to see it because I mean who doesn't love vids with hot musicians and abondoned carnivals?! lol. but so ya as soon as you find out pleeeeaaasse post it! thanks!

oh! and don't forget to let mason dearest know that i lurve him and that he'll see me in philly in november! thankku!

brie said...

OMG mitchel! sweet deal! im really excited to see the video....its gonna be hackin sweet!

so i just saw the episode with Joanie yesterday...ik im a bit slow. high school life is tough! but anyway...i thought it was really funny!

YoU NeEd To CoMe To ChIcAgO SoOn!!!!!
im miss u :'(

luv, brie

Anonymous said...

Hey! I'd really like to watch seventeen forever video =) And I hope to see soon the new Episode


'MOLLY. said...

ahhh it sounds greeaat!
'the lost boys' is one of my favourite films ever.
season 3 of hannah montana isnt out in england yet ):
we've not even finished season 2! its killing me, i wanaa know oliver's secret, aand the episode 'no sugar sugar' hasn't even aired yet.
i cant wait any longer!

keep it up Mitchel :)

Anonymous said...

lots of music!!!!
can't wait to see what happens in the episode....i think i know what it is... XD
well ily


Gabriella said...

I can't wait to see the Seventeen Forever music video! I love all of Metro Stations songs! but, Seventeen Forever is one of my favorites by them!! Please come back 2 Georgia on ur upcoming tour!!! we all miss u sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much!!

Samantha said...

The Lost boys as in Kiefer Sutherland and Jamie Gertz? Corey Haim and Feldman? That Lost Boys movie? Edward Hermann??? Oh my gosh. I love that movie. I'm gonna love the video.

Mitchelshollywoodgirl said...

OMG I cant wait until you come to Phoenix I am sooooo going its gonna be awesome! I cant wait for Metro Stations video I'm most definately going to watch it as soon as it comes out!

luv ya,
Amber K

Anonymous said...

the music video sounds amazing! cant wait to see it.

you can def. count on me to watch the new episode of HM. i watch em all(im addicted)lol in a good way of course!

so quick question... when is ur cd comin out? any idea? date? time frame? anything?
please let us no asap!

emily h.

*Dessa* said...


Why don't you put some concerts in Brasil in your new dates? Just an idea...

I like you a lot and I wish only good stuff for you ... I'm waiting for your music pop up in Brasil soon!!!
SECRET O__O!!*curious*

Well, my english isn't the best, so I must stop writing before I write something stupid or wrong *_*.


Katie.<3 said...

o wait...ik i said that oliver is in love with lilly but i didnt see that its the next new episode...wghoops!! hehe. that doesnt happen till later. =]

Anonymous said...

ill be seeing you in Nov;)
i just found out yesterday and im excited!

Awesomeness said...

Dude that's awesome!!!! I'm so stoked for the new vid! Ahh I can't wait t find out Oliver's secret!!!!

=] =] =] =] =] =]

tubalicious_ said...

how is abandoned carnivals and 17 forever related? =/ oh well;
looking forward to it!

Oliver has a secret? o.0
hmmm.. i wonder what.
im looking forward to being blown away by the video! :D i still prefer shake it over 17. =)

kk. my friend's bday's tomorrow.
HSM3 is tomorraw too! :) loll. im high onn cookies & milk (with too much sugar). incase u havent already noticed; cya!

Anonymous said...

omg thanks for updating! cant wait to here more of your songs cause ur amazing!!! and i could literlly listen to your voice all day! loved your concert btw! expecially hollywood girl! i saw part of the hannah episode on you tube but then the rest of it was in espanol and i really had no idea what they were saying but... i no your secret...

love you and cant wait to here your music!
love ya as always

Anonymous said...

come to chicago!

♥ Alex said...

Omg that sounds soo awesome i can't wait to see their new music video .. i also can't wait to hear all your new songs .. you should really try to get a cd out sometime you probably have enough songs .. like wasn't your girlfriend !!!

Can you try to come to Davenport, Iowa even though its kind of freezing here i love warm weather !!! i can't wait till Nov. 2 thats the day of the new hannah montana episode ... yeah im soo going to watch it !!!

Im soo wanting to figure out what your secret it because it will probably change the whole show .. maybe not .. but i finally got a poster of you .. yeah its in my room with about 10000 jonas brothers posters ...

I can't wait till all your new songs and hannah montana episodes come out ... ill be waiting & hopefully you'll have an cd soon ...

♥ alex

christineeee (: said...



Sabrina! said...


I'm so excited about your upcoming concerts - please come to Cali, okay? Seriously, this time I'm gonna go to one of your concerts! I swear. :D

And the music video sounds SO good. I saw the picture and went crazy. I can't wait!

ANDDDDDDDD...thanks for the birthday wish! I'm so excited for my birthday!!! Only 2 more days, yay!

<3 Sabrina

P.S. About that album, Mitchel? One quick question, okay? WHEN? Please, you're killing me! But at least new stuff's coming! Can't wait!

kell43funky2 said...

Mitchel, you rock! I was so surprised when I found out that you had a blog. Check out my blog!

Maddy said...


sarahstarshipp said...

heh, your dad told us about the seventeen forever music video when we met you a month ago, or somethinggg.

i miss you!

Anonymous said...

u better have a tour date in socal.
i need to see u perform live!

metro station's 17 forever?!!
i am excited for the music video!
r u gonna be at one of their shows in california btw?
i'll be going to one or two!!!

i have a guess on ur 'secret" on hannah montana.
u have diabetes?!
am i right?

Allie said...

oo, Oliver has a secret! Reminds me of The Cab's "Can You Keep a Secret?" Amazing song right there. Amazing band right there. Check them out! "Your secrets safe, and no one has to know I'm your get away, and a little bit more than you can take, I can make everything feel so damn good"...

Excited for the new season! Since there IS more of you, I might actually watch it more!

Mr. Winter is blowing in, I love the winter ora, but the annoying cold SUCKS. It's still fall and Mr. Winter's blows are taking a toll on NY, it sucks. But, WE MIGHT GET SNOW! Instead of that yucky brown slush junk, we might get actual snow! So excited!

Have fun this week, and wear a coat! :D

abby (arizona) said...

yay! phoenix! :) finally.

and the music video sounds legit. cant wait to see it! and see you.

oh! and i know what the secret is..i think. haha. i was there to see the episode. :P

-abbbby ! <3

Miranda said...

Awesome Mitchel! That's kind of what I do! :) I love recording cds and everyday almost I play with music on my piano to fing a tune for a new song! Hope you have a great week,

ALEX said...

why are you so cool??
the lost boys is single handedly my favorite movie! like, no joke. I can't wait to see it!!

come back to seattle so i can actually see you this time :(

Kendall said...

Hae Mitchel!
That sounds so cool over here in
New Zealand 2 of Metro Station's songs are on the top charts!! Shake It and Kelsey. There so cool. I cant wait until the nxt song. I also cant wait until Hannah Montana!!!
My birthday on the 31st YAY!!!!
Have an awesome week
Kendall xox

sAwAh-sAma said...


I'm so excited for Seventeen Forver <3

Please please come to Florida on your tour, we all love you here!


(PS: Have you gotten my paper clip chain yet? ^.^)

Austin (Fan of the Month October 2008) said...

Hey Mitchel it's Austin your current (October 2008) Fan of the Month! Please tell me your comming to FLORDIA! Please please please pleasE! We need to meet!

I can't wait for the new music video! I can't belive metro station is comming so close to me but i can't see them because I'm out of town! UGG!

Kinda like our relationship. Ahh the Musso Brothers. Well that isn't true since I've met Max and your Mom. But Whatever!

Love you forever!
October Fan of the Month 2008

Loliver Fan said...

I hope Olivers secret is that he is madly in love with Lilly and she feels the same!

Anonymous said...

mitchel! i just met mason! he gives really good hugs. hes a cutie pie! :) i still wanna meet you like now but thats alright! :)

Hannah said...

Hey mitchel
so u know how ur announcing dates next month. i think u should go to florida some time around thanksgiving. cuz i will be down there then go to chicago in decemer like last year!!! so i can see u two timeess! lol. but yah just a thought :)

doing anything for halloween.

Anonymous said...

thats sounds sooo cool!! i haven't been able to write in a while but im here again!! lol! the music video sounds awesome!!!
and I CANT WAIT FOR THE NEW EPISODE!!!!! ahhhhh!!!!!! so i look foward to seeing you in the next hannah montana!! lol! bye!!
OH and have a great week and dont get stressed always try and relax!!! :-P :-) :-D ;-)

~*Amber*~ said...

Oooo, I hope somewhere near the Jersey area is one of the new tour dates? =]

The video sounds so cool. I'm exited to see it. "Shake It" was played at my homecoming this weekended and our bonfire. My friends and I were dancing like crazy.

I can't wait for the new season of Hannah. It sounds so good. And I'm pumped to hear more music from you!

Anonymous said...

hi! come to chicago! but not during thanksgiving. come in like december or something...because we miss you!! lol. =]

chelsea; said...

that's great.
i'm super excited about the video, i loved lost boys !

and of course, to hear your voice in new places. i'm definitely going to watch the new episodes! and i get to see your brother in about a week in myrtle beach!

come back to south carolina asap! we absolutely adore you.


RaChEl LoVeS MiTcHeL x33 said...

dear mitchel,
hi ummm YOUR AMAZING haha
i met u at clifton park center in ny in january anddddd WOW haha i love youu so much (and ur hair)and ill be at ur next show here!!! p.s. please marry me and other stuff that i cant say right now...
rachhh <333

Katlyn said...

pittsburgh please mitchy mitch<333

t-tran said...

Hey, Mitchel!

I haven't been on in FOREVERR to check up on how you've been doing!!
I just joined the school band (and it's amazing :D), but it keeps me supa supa busy.

But now that I have time to read, I guess you've been supa supa busy also.

And AHHHHHHHHHH!! More new songs?!!
When will you stop dazzling us?!

Well, it's great to know that you're doing great and having uber fun!

You rock!

Anonymous said...

Hey, Mitchel! :)
The halloween party was pretty cool, my friend was sort of in a bad mood or something though...she decided she wanted to go outside when we were watching a halloween movie...then she totally got all sad and didn't participate in the mystery game. My other friend and some kid I really didn't know kind of took over the mystery before I could even read the clues, they were off to the next clue again. I wouldn't be surprised if they wouldn't of noticed if I I guess that was a bit annoying, though in the end, I just sort of went off and tried to solve it on my own because even though I knew where the next clue was, they were sort of running off on their own. Though I did find the mummy at the end! :) lol, I guess i'm still a bit upset about a few things, like the fact almost everyone walked off while I was playing keyboard for them, though my friend did stay and listen...for the first song anyways. I think I finished a song, and have a few parts of a couple of other songs that I can't quite finish yet...Oh, we didn't take pictures because of all the confusion, but I will try to get someone to take some on Halloween!
:) The party was still pretty fun!! And I kept makeing funny faces at my brother :)
So how are you Mitchel? I hope you have a great Halloween :D and... Wish ya luck!! oh, thats right, almost forgot about the subject of halloween movies... XD lol

ok, I like the movies:
1. "The Haunting"
2. "The Fog" (Newer version)
3. "Monster House"
4. "Corpse Bride"
5. "Sleepy Hollow"
and many others that i don't really remember right now. Oh, just so you know, they are not in the order of which ones I like best.

-Coral (The girl from RI who sometimes, most of the time, talks a lot) lol

p.s. what are your favorite Halloween mvoies?

Ally said...

hey so i heard ur in the seventeen forever video! very cool!

Samantha said...

my birthdays this week
how exciting huh?
haha imma be 17!
You need to come to Chicago i think

Gina said...

oo im so excited for the music videoo
BTWWWWW im going to a metro station concert todayy!! and im meeting them, im sooo stoked. holy shittt!! so yeah, i think u should come to Boston todayy so i can meet you AND mason, trace, anthony, and blake =] well... ive already met you, but id love to meet you againn!! XOX gina

christineeee (: said...

miiie birthdayyy's todayyyy!! <3

Mitchellover17 said...

You finally blogged I have missed your updates.Anyways guess wat I know the secret that oliver has cuz you told me when I met you yay me You should come see me in Colorado ok baby I love you lots want you to record a song with me for christmas lol I wish
Love you
Your Future Wife!!!!!

Gina said...

ah man!! yesterday at foxborough, MA ur brother did fucking amazing!! i loved them. and i newly love cash cash and white tie affair :) xox

Anonymous said...

waitt, is the one where oliver has a secret about the diabetes? If so, I thought that already aired?

But anywho, I'm going to see metrostation at the Jingle Ball in Decemberrr. I am soo excitedddd. Ahhh. mkayy byee.


christineeee (: said...

thank youuu <3

Lidzie Damia said...

I'm a new fan :p
Goodluck for your career! :D
You're cool.
Can't wait for the HM episodes.
I'm from the other side of the world. Wa-ha.

Lidzie Damia said...

You're cool :D
Goodluck for your career.

thanh said...

oh xcant wait i love metrostation thanks to you mitchel :D AND OFC I LOVE YOUUUUUUUUUUUUU

Elizabeth said...


Carly said...

Hey mitchel Happy Halloween!! lol

Anonymous said...

XD lol XD

Happy Halloween Mitchel!!

-Coral (The girl from RI)

Katie.<3 said...

heyy guess what! i just got vip tickets for the kissmas bash in december with metro station!!!! whooo!! and they just happened to come on the radio right as a started typing.. haha. im SUPER excited!!

come back to chicago. we miss you.

Anonymous said...

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! Are you by any chance going tricker treating? or are you to cool for that? just wondering... i bet ur gonna be at a big celebrity party!!!!

hope ur halloween is the best!!!!


sarah said...

Hi Mitchel Musso!!!! How are you today? I wish you could come and have a concert in Minneopolls in Minnesota. That would be so cool!!!! I would love to come to your concerts. Thanks!!! And I am a big fan of you!!!

Haley said...

OMG! I am soooooooo excited for ur appearance in Pheonix Mitchel! I have a special suprise for u! So be sure to look out for ur biggest fan in the UNIVERSE to be there!

♥ Haley

Katty with smile said... many comments...but i don't know what to say...mmmm...
i hope someday you'll visit Russia...
Arrrrrrrrrrrrrr...I love your charming smile...Keep smiling)))
Love Metro Station...Real music...

Anonymous said...

I really hope Oliver dumps Joannie soon!.Oliver is better off with Miley !!!! :D <3