Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A Few Concerts coming up........EXCITING!

I will be in Tacoma, WA on September 27, and Spokane, WA on September 28. Both Arena shows will feature our Olympic Gymnastic Champions from the Games of 2008. More details to follow.

I will perform at the South Carolina State Fair this year on October 11. & I will be in Little Rock , AR (Gymnastics Tour) on October 12.

I met with the Gymnastic Champions in Reno last week and it was awesome! They are amazing and I am so happy to be involved with this project. More dates coming very soon! Also, the show in Reno was taped for television, I will try and let you know when it airs. I believe it will air on My Network TV...but don't have a date yet.

Have you visited CLEANHANDSARECOOLHANDS.COM? When you get a chance, take a look.

Metro Station will be shooting their "17 Forever" music video soon right here in CA.....I plan to be there but don't have details yet. Marc wants to go too!

By the way, I have heard there is a new Moose Man Video just released this week and a sneak peek at Marc's new pet!

There's about 10 items closing today on ebay and 10 items closing tomorrow......just go to Ebay and type in Mitchel Musso. Part of the Proceeds go to Missions International.

Season 3 of Hannah is well underway and I believe it will be our best season yet!

Have an awesome week!



Ashlee said...

HOLY...AHH!!!!!! dude, I'm driving to WA to go to that. I'M GOING TO THE TACOMA ONE. cfdfukdbfd. ahhh. I'M OFFICIALLY HAPPY. :D PLEASEPLEASEPLEASE DO A MEET AND GREET.! I need to see yooou. :]
-ashlee :D

Anonymous said...

Metro Station <3

I really love what you're doing and I'm excited about the new season. =]
xoxo from Holland

Anonymous said...

Mitchel wow your a busy guy with all your concerts. Good job you are really living the dream! And yes ive been to clean hands are cool hands! Its a pretty cool place, i love it when your brushing your hair. lol. ok have a great day!



~*Amber*~ said...

No concerts near Jersey?? Bummer. =/ Hopefully you'll come my way again soon!

Thats neat you got to meet with the Gymnastic Champions. That must have been so cool. =]

I love the song "17 Forever"! I'm glad Metro Station is making that their next video. Its an awesome song.

Season 3 of Hannah sounds so good. I'm so curious. =]

natalia said...

Hey Mitchel!

Cool, I can't wait to see 17 forever's music video!! Sure it's gonna be awesome.

I watched the knew Moose Man video, it's really funny. Your brothers is hilarious.

I've been bidding for a couple of items on Ebay, right now I'm winning for both. One of them closes today, well it actually isn't today for me (time difference), but yeah, really soon. I'm happy I might take that one! But I won't know untill tomorrow at lunch time! Cause I won't be able to go on the internet before.

Hannah's third season sounds really cool. Can't wait!

Love Ya!

Anonymous said...

hey mitchel!
uhm, my best friend lovessss you. i mean loves you like crazy. and her birthday is september 11th [tomorrow.] and i was wondering if you would wish her a happy birthday. her name is mira and i know you've gotten a few comments already so sorry to annoy you. but yeahh she was like omg my birthday would be like amazing if mitchel wished me a happy birthday. so if you could that would be amazing. if you cant we understand :/ kay bye!<3

Purinsu said...

YAY! There's a good chance I can see you at the SC State Fair! It'll be six hour drive, but who cares! (You must totally do a meet and greet!)

Have fun!


Nisha said...

I love 17 Forever!!!!!!! Can't wait to see it!!!!! ;)


Camille said...

Sounds great!! I wish I could go to one of your conserts but there all like 1000s of miles away :( come to hawaii again please. we all love you here! and i am so lucky i got your shirt!!! and im the high bidder on another one. thanks for everything. i love you, camille

Anonymous said...

I think you should come to the HOUSTON gymastics thing=] the HOUSTON is wayyyy better haha

Disa said...


Because this is probably the only time you'll ever come to the Seattle area! Hahah.

You have no idea how much this made my day.
I was having the worst day ever but this just made me so much happier.

Omggggg. I hope I can go!
I feel like I have something planned for September 27... but I'll check my calendar :) :) :)

Brie said...

Sweet dude. Sounds fun. But you need to come to CHI TOWN!!


And you dated Joanie who smells like week-old balogna?! ahh! why not me?!

rofl. i'm nuts

just wanted to say hey

luv, brie

Alisha said...

wow ur busy. wish ya the best of luck to watever ur doin!

im so lookin forward for the 17 forever music vid.


Mitchelshollywoodgirl said...

YAY I am soooooo going to sign up for the metro station thing and i am bidding on ebay!
luv ya,
Amber K.

Mariam. [: said...

well nice to see you;ve included us cali kids!
oh wait!

by gymnastics, do you mean U.S. olympics gymnastics.
i love jonathan horton from the u.s. men's team. he's an AMAZING gymnast.

Ronnie said...

Okay, so I live in Seattle, and I'd love to go to the Tacoma show... Is there anywhere I can find more info?

Katy said...

i bid on ebay...
got the highest bid..
and THOUGHT i won...
just to find that the reserve price was not met...


and thank God a new music video
i is seeing Metro Station for the FIFTH time in Nov. :D

Alex said...

Can you come back to Davenport, Iowa ???? it was an awesome concert and i want to see you again !!! It was soo amazing on July 28th ... and yes i still remember the date (it was my 1/2 birthday) Im like dying to see you or the jonas brothers ... not actually but i want to .. Omg you should come to iowa because if your traveling w/ the gymastics champs ... Shawn Johnson is from there sooo there is a reason to come here !!!

You should try to be in the Metro Stations music video ... it is your brother who is the main singer ...

Yes i have been there and ill go to see if there is any changes

Thanks for telling me i haven't checked out the musso man's videos

I can't wait till season 3 comes out ... i need to see the episodes i missed .. maybe ill look at them on youtube while i look at your brothers videos !!!

Well talk to you later..

Carly said...

ooh wow yah more showss!
and yes announce more shows!...Chicago please ahaha...or anywhere near. :) but it sounds like a great tour to be a part off! :)

WOW Metro Station is going to make ANOTHER VIDEO! wow! a 4th succsessful video...cant get any better! lol cant wait to see it and it hasnt even been filmed! hope u and marc get to go and u better tell us about it!!

Ebay. i love like all the stuff on there. i dont know what to bid on! its for a great cause. and wow its amazing tht ur doing it!!

YAY! MORE HANNAH MONTANA! lol sounds like fun!

alright well ill ttyl



Anonymous said...

OH MY GOD!!!!!

mitchel, you have no freaking idea how happy this makes me <33


ALEX said...

oh my god, thats like a half hour from my house. of course i will be there!!!
ahhhh mitchel that made my DAY<33


ALEX said...

woooooah buddy.
hold up, tickets are like 200$ to see the olympics people :( i dont even want to see them, just you!


come to seattle, like 3 days early, and we can just kick it alllll day and it will be superfun. haha. i wish!

okay well give us some details boyyyyyy

tuba♥'smitchel :] said...


i bought your rico's surf shop shirt and gold and black (or was it gold and white) jacket on ebay!!!

keep up the good charity work!



Anonymous said...

i keep getting out bid!
so i'm bidding again later
i'm soooooo excited for the 3rd season!
please please please come to nebraska!!!!! please???????
i might go see them november 15...okay...i'll talk to you later


Katie.<3 said...

heyy! sounds fun! but...i think you need to come to chicago. because we're super cool and we miss you! hehe.

ashley said...

you will be in WA on my birthday.
you should change it to florida =]

Anonymous said...

lol, that's really cool :)
so you got to meet the gymnastic champions? Awesome!! lol
I think I watched some of the Olympic gymnastics this year...hmmm...
Season 3 of Hannah Montana? I am still really exited about the 1st season coming out on dvd!! lol
oh, cool, I never quite got to watch any of the Moose Man videos, but I will try to this week.
I really wanted to see you in South Carolina because I will be in North Carolina on the first weekend of October, but if I did, then I would have to stay in North Carolina for a long time and miss my own Halloween party...ya that would'nt be too good. lol
maybe you can come to Rhode Island sometime :) though it's already starting to get colder...hmmmm I hope that we get a lot of snow this year... one year my mom and I made a dragon snowman...we used food coloring to make it
lol ok I was acutally gone for a while after I said that last thing...I talked to my mom and played the keyboard, so my brother could hear one of the songs I wrote, over phone...I wrote a song...considering I only started playing keyboard only like...last year, I think it's pretty good. :)
Hannah Montana Build-A-Bear!!!!
lol, ya I only just realized that...I collect Build-A-Bears...I know that might sound kind of funny...but I do...yesturday my mom had me clean my whole now is Halloween style :D
lol...ya I decorate my room sometimes depending on the dad does not celebrate holidays...but I do...
My dad came back from Brazil on Tuesday! I'm not quite sure whether I should be sad, happy, or upset...after all he is my dad...*sigh* I don't like being confused all the's just that either way he will end up leaving me because of his religion... :| so no matter what I do, he will stop seeing me...And there is NO way I will stop following my dreams... so in a way there is no question about it...
ok, I will seriously move onto a happier note just randomly started thinking about bunnys...thats wierd...

wish ya luck Mitchy!! :) :D XD

-Coral (The girl from RI)

p.s. I'm very imaginative...I like making things a lot... :) I want to take more pictures soon...maybe...and put them on my myspace under my pictures...and maybe a few videos too... so perhaps you will see some of my room and things i've made, and maybe some of Rhode Island too depending... :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel! I saw ur bro in concert and met him and almost everyone in Metro except blake in early sept. omg they were so nice. lol they rocked, of course! i wish i could go so bad! seeing u and ur bro in the same year that'd be awesome!

Ashlee said...

I bought another item from ebay. :] the banner from your 16th birthday party. woo. =] I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE YOU ON THE 27TH. I bought VIP passes, and I'm 6th row up on the lower level. :D yayy. you neeeed to do a meet and greet. I miss you.


Anonymous said...

I can't wait for 17 forever video =)


Nikita Bimson said...

geeze. you are so busy these days.

Shanelle said...

Hey babe,
Why not Denver? I miss you and it sucks come back to me love.
Love you always and forever:
Shanelle in Colorado

Anonymous said...

omg i won was the high bidder on your taphoon lagoon shirt the checkerboard one and then the seller removed it cause it metioned the chairty. boohoo... ily <3

GiGi said...

Oh I'm so excited! My mom said she MIGHT be willing to drive to the SC fair so we can see you perform again!! You gotta love that! =DD

Oh cool!! Definitely let us know when it airs, I totally wanna see that!

Oh sweet!! Go Metro Station! Can't wait to see the vid!

Haha yeah and apparently Marc and Kevin have their own auction up! Very cool. =]

EEP! I WON THE DC GAMES SHIRT!!! Well, actually eBay closed the auction first, but Marion is letting my mom send payment without relisting it because she was the high bidder for so long and there were only 8 hours left before it got removed... SO YAY!! I am officially one of the happiest girls ever! =DDDD LOL. xD

And again, it's so sweet of you to support Missions International! You're the BEST!

Ahh, I hope it will!! I can't wait until November...that's when I've heard it's airing. Only 2 months away!! =D

Molly said...

So I am pretty excited my mom is bidding on the white dc games shirt(: I am not suppose to know that but she left her email signed in on my laptop and so I saw that(;. So I am thinking for Christmas I will get it. I think the ashlee girl like has a text sent to her everytime you update I swear, she is always the first to comment! Well I gotta go to a tennis meet and soccer game to see my friends be active!
Molly E.

<3-brianna!(: said...

mitchel!!! yayy(:
i hope i can go see one of your shows!
i totally wanna here about the new video shoot... it's about time that song got a video! it's an incredible song!!
you should totally make a cameo in it...

or even better, make another music video!(:

go marc!(: haha. i love moose man!

can't wait from hannah montana!(:

peace outtt(: ha.


Disa said...

So I think you need to give us the details on the Washington dates like nowwww. I'm going crazy ahah.

Is there going to be any way to like meet you or something without having to buy the tickets?
I looked them up and they're kinda expensive I don't have that kinda money D: hah.

Danielle said...

well i wish i could drive for one :)
hhahaha .
and to my motherr would be like no :]
and i live in ny :)
but i would drivee . :]
i loveee you mitchel <3

Chloeee said...

mitchhhhhhhhhhy! i'll see yo' ass at the "seventeen Forever" vid shoot. you weren't at the Control one, or the Shake It one though :'///
hahahah. see you soon, kid.

Anonymous said...

I saw Metro Station on the 9th! it was so awsome, they (like you) have such great talent. I got a shirt from them too ^^

You should have a tour in Canada, its beautiful.

I hope you have a great time preforming! i know youll do Awsome!

-- Marina

tayy bby :] said...

welll helllo there mitchel.

gymnastics champions ?
that sounds coool !
lol, I'm waiting for the daay youu say
I waant to see youu in concert SO baad !
youu have no ideaa, hhaha. :]

metro station music video for "seventeen forever"?
ohmygod, I can't wait for thaat !
i loveeeee metrostation<3

&& I can't wait for the 3rd season of hannahmontana !
i know its gunna be the bessst !

kaay, welll have ffun with your concerts mitchel !
hopefully youll be coming to fflorida soon ?
I misss youu so muchh~
:] <3

♥ MeganLurvesYouuu said...

AAHH ... South Carolina!!! Sooo close! Buuut everyone's so busy ... rawr! Eventually I will convince mah mommy that it is a necessity of mine to meet you before im twenty haha

Saweet bout Reno! That must have been so much fun! Ooo I will be sure to catch your show on air! Whee!

Double whee! I love "17 Forever"!! Can't wait for the vid!

AHHHH! I can't wait for Hannah Montana season 3! It's gonna be awesome!!

Weeell enough of me rambling lol ... Have the bestest day everr! Luv ya!

Keep smiling!
~ Megan
=D <33

Gennine said...

ah! awesome! I wish I lived near those places to see you!! You have to come back to NJ!!!
And "17 Forever" is my favorite MS song, it's got a great beat, and I think/hope it will be more successful than "Shake It"

I hope all is well, and I'm bidding on some of those shirts! fingers crossed, I hope I win one!!!

alrighty, gotta go.
love ya!
~Gennine, 15, NJ

tuba♥'smitchel :] said...

Mitchel!! come to PA again please! :) I couldn't attend any of your concerts earlier because of personal reasons..I MIGHT be able to afford you this year..MIGHT. idk. I would really love to see you! :)

Good luck performing =]

tuba♥'smitchel :] said...

Oh and by the way I LOVE your natural voice in the behind the scenes of the washing your hands thing. Just wanted to let you know that you are doing an amazing job with the cleanhandsarecoolhands campaign. I checked it out and love it! Kids will want to wash their hands more often this way haha :P

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

hey hubby Texas misses you sooooooooo much!!!

I ALWAYS SAY"If you add all hearts&souls of the JB fans across the world it would = my heart for u!!!

Anonymous said...


Samantha said...

Seventeen Forever....Thats a good song, but right now it kind of depresses me. ahaha. See Mitchel, here's the thing...In 5 days...September 16th...I won't be 17 anymore. That's my 18th birthday. I'll be a legal adult. It freaks me out! ahaha. I'm excited to vote this year, but its still weird...Time flies...


Brie said...

Hey hey dude!
It's been a while.
School sux :(

That is mah song dude! I can't wait to see it!

I can't wait for the weekend! TGIF!! I'm going to a football game tonight with mah girls, and then tomorrow is a mixer at our school! PARTAY!

hahah. ok. i'm just nuts. lol

luv, brie

Elizabeth said...


karelyyyy ! :] said...

hey Mitchel ! im like so excited im going to the Metro Station concert at Clutch Cargos ! are you gonna be there ? oh and can't wait for the new hannah montana episodes ! :)

Ashlee said...

so....I just got the shirt I bought off ebay, the white one with the cross on it...its freaking awesome. I love the "to: ashlee from oregon" part. :D

Terri said...

OMG im so going to bid and try to win!! Wish me luck Mitchel!!
~Your fan always Kerri

Elizabeth said...

I love you.

brooke said...

when are you ever going to make your way to the ohio area?
you need to come soon.
i miss you <3.
i haven't seen you since LAST december.
not cool.


Elizabeth said...

Hey Mitchy! I wrote you a song. Earlier today,a poser of you accepted my friend request on youtube. I know it was a poser,yet my heart was soaring. My imagination was going wild,because I have a good imagination. Then I thought,"If Mitchy had a youtube..." :). So I wrote this parody of "If We Were a Movie".

If you had a YouTube,
I'd be your best friend!
And we'd love eachother
Till the very end!

lol. :) Hope you like it! And never forget,I love you!

Anonymous said...

im auditioning for DC's new show..wish me luck!

Chelsea, Katie, and Tori said...


we'll see you at the south carolina fair!
we'll be wearing veryy bright clothes, and trust me, we won't blend in!
so look for us!

muchos <3
chelsea,katie, and tori (:

Miranda said...

Cool Mitch! You're awesome!

Anonymous said...


~*Amber*~ said...

I won your red striped hoodie on ebay today. =]

ALEX said...

oh ca-rap of my life.

i have a volleyball tournament that day in wenatchee :(

which is like 3 and a half hours from spokane, so maybe i could drive there to see you sunday?


i will see you on one of these dates mitchel.

Fionaku5566 said...

why no Taiwen i soo wnn see u la~

Anonymous said...

so i entered tht contest for the 17 forever thing!! i hope i win i would love to meet metro station.

MITCHEL GO ON UR MYSPACEE! u havnt been on forevverr!

and are u going to put anything on ebay?? cuz everything is gone :(

and add more datess!! i want to meet u soo bad!

Terri said...

Hey Mitchel I bought the whats up sign that you signed on ebay!!! Cool huh :)
Your fan always~Kerri

Julie said...


Best one yet. I can't wait for all the new episodes coming! I also can't wait until you go out on tour again, which totally should be ASAP.
You were so much fun to see and meet. You made my sisters birthday, AMAZING.

And Metrostation is amazing too. Your family is just so talented, and yet your all so extremely generous.

Much support<33

Krystal <3 said...

Hey Mitchel (:
Well, i would ask you to come out here to the Houston area,
but Hurricane Ike really messed us up.
Well, i can't wait to see the 3rd season of hannah montana (my fav. show!!), and Metro Station's new video!

Anonymous said...

coool beanss jelly bean.
but dudeeeeee the eagles are versing the cowboys tonightt.
and sorrrrry but im gonna have to go with the eagles :/
but cowboys would be my second choice.
hahahhahah. <3

Jennifer said...

mithel you rock come do some concerts in orlando, florida. you can also go to disney.So PLEASE PLEASE come vist us here in florida.
Your gal in florida

megan said...

ahh i love 17 forever. its like my favorite..well and disco! oh and control. haha.
so when are you coming back to new york? mr.dude? and can come to spencerport high school =]

no offence.. but people always say "blah blah will be our best season yet" its so over rated.

anyways.. so i had to go to the hospital today :-[
because i fractured my finger while playing basketball! LAME
and now i cant play guitar. and i was finally getting good. wahh

do you play guitar? do you like electric, i dont like fenders that much, and i like accoustics way better. because of the sound. but i like electric because you can play really loud. lmao.

answer your guitar thing pleasee.. kthanksbye.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel -
I was jus wondering if youre gonna be at mileys bday bash at disneyland on oct 5 . i hope so cause i'm going, too , and hope to see you =)

ALEX said...

MITCHYYYY i need some details! I'm tryna see you in Spokompton (spokane) since i'll be in wenatchee for volleyball on the 27th :( but i need to know all the details so i can get ticketssss!

ℓαnα , said...

Ohhh myyy GOODNESS!! MITCH how've you been?? It's been a while :) ! When was the last time I commented .. a month ago ? I never get on the computer anymore, I'm either working or in school :S Gonna have to changee that !
Grade 11 is WOAHH ! my history teacher is crazy, and chemistry leaves my brain a bit cloudy most of the timee .
Look at you .. busy boy with your amazing concerts! :) And EBAY auctions! Mitch it is sooooo sweet of you to support Missions International! Every one of those people will be so thankful..words can't even describe how much they'll appriciate it! :) So caring Mitch, definately 1 in a million!
17 Forever, such a good song ! Can't wait to see the video for it :)! OMG, btw .. Simple Plan performed at Halifax Metro Centre (10 minute drive from where I live)
and I didn't go because I'm not a big fan of Simple Plan.. Anyway it was like, a week after they left Halifax when I asked my friend if she had fun at the concert. and she says 'it was awesome, you would have loved it lana, metro station opened for them.' So I was there looking at her for mintute, then I snapped out of it with, 'AND YOU DIDN'T TELL ME??'
So yeah, I missed them :( but I know they did an awesome job, they always do :)
Marc is adoreable, and HE SOUNDS EXACTLY LIKE YOU!!
Anyways, I have a chemistry test to study for.. FUNNN.
Keep being your awesome,handsome self and have a great week Mitchel :)

Ashlee said...

:] I got the banner from your birthday, tonight. It's freaking HUGE! It's pretty awesomeee. =]

Disa said...

Washington details pleeeease?
Meet and greet, yeah?

Sarah said...

um, meet and greet in washington.

Shefali said...

cool dat u hav new concerts coming up.........itz really cool
i want ur tickets 2 da concerts....

Anonymous said...

mitchel, i have a question.

your website is blocked here so i wanted to know (if by any chance it was on the website) how to buy your concert tickets. i know im not the only one with the dilemma! plase write a new blog post regarding that :)

Hollywood-Girl 101 said...

i hope you have another concert near me because my mom said if you do come close enough to us again she'd buy me tickets b/c the ionia one was fun.

so in my school when your in 8th grade you get to go to mackinaw island, and i'm n 8th grade this year!!!!so i get to go with all my friends and we get to go on a 2 hour bike ride around the island!!!! but what sucks is that we leave n the day of my brother's graduation so i won't be able to see him graduate.

any ways...if you or metro station come near ionia or need to post it on here so i can go...

luv ya

Anonymous said...

Mitchel come to chicago soon! we miss yew!

ALEX said...

crap mitch did you hear about travis barker? i almost started crying!!

ok, im thinking i might skip my volleyball tournament just to see you. but i need details. ya digggg?

Brittany said...

Ok, I already commented but I've got some good news!

So I'm watching the Emmy's pre show and they played Shake It! So, naturally, I got up and started shaking it haha

Anyways, that was completely random but whatever.


PS. Pleaaseee come back to Florida. Mainly Miami :)

gemma said...

hi mitchell i just wanted to say i am ur hugest fan eva!i luv u!i think u ar so amazing!but i dont need to explain y cuz every1 already knows =]
plz tell me if u hav an official myspace this is mine
keep rokin
lots of luv

Anonymous said...

hi, mitchel!!!!

i'm Paula, your biggest fan from spain!!!

i don't speak english very well, sorry for my english...

lot of love and kisses from Spain


Shanelle said...

hey babe right sumthin new cuz I miss hearuing bout you and yeah lol. So I am having a hard time and wish you would write so I could talk to you bout it anyways also wanted to say that you should come to colorado ok? I miss you and want to hear from you ok well love ya lots well more than anyone else.

~taaylor.* said...

im watching hannahmontana right now.
youre such a cutiee, mitchiee :]


haahah, this is a raandom commentt.
how's everythingg going though ?

Leanna Marie said...

I feel the need to tell you I just saw you. On the Disney Channel... You were singing. For Suite Life on Deck.

I want to go to one of your concerts! ::cries::

<3Leanna Marie

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel, old mom here! i took my daughter to watch the Gymnastics Superstars in Anaheim on the 20th and we recognized you! so here i am checking your website to make sure we were not going crazy. i checked our TV schedule and the show is going to aired on 26th on Channel 13 for anyone in Orange County.
Loved your energy on stage, hope you go a long way!
Darcy and Alice

Anonymous said...

I wish I could go to some of your concerts but you do not come to where I live..hardly any star(disney channel) comes to my state!