Sunday, August 12, 2007

High School Musical 2

Hey guys, I will be at the premiere on Tuesday August 14th at the AMC at Downtown Disney. I should arrive around scream loud please so I'll know your there!

Hope you guys are having a FANTASTIC weekend!



Anonymous said...

I wish I could go, but I can't. I had an awesome day yesterday (mostly because I got a fan mail reply from you) and I have an audition on Saturday, so wish me luck! So what's up with you? I hope you have an AWESOME day! *smile*


Amanda said...

Hey Mitchel!!

I really wanna be there, but I can't make it. DARN!!! Have fun, and tell us all about it when you come back!! (PLEASE!) Have a great weekend, and enjoy the rest of summer break. You deserve it!

Deticated to you, forever and always,
Amanda <3333

Anonymous said...

wish i could be there but school starts tomorrow!...but i got the teacher for homebase that i wanted!...but i will watch high school musical this true?....there's a rumor that u'll be in high school musical 2....yeah well have an awesome week!!!
KEEP ROCKIN' & :) @ urself 4 being who u r!!

~*~*~*luv2laugh*~*~*~ ;)


wish i could go but cant.....tear tear well have a great time i'll be there in support...btu not really there.....was that confusing???...i think it was..but what ev....umm so yea have a great time

(do u no any time that ur comgin to new york/NYC or new jersey?? yea cuz if u r i'm gonna be there..un less i'm down the beach)


Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel,

I hope you have fun at the "High School Musical 2" Premeire this tuesday and I hope you get to see your amazing fans out there too. I can't wait to see it soon this week because I know it is going to be a good show to watch.

I hope you are having a great weekend!!

Your Fan,


Anonymous said...

Ok mitchel,I wanna go super bad but my dad said he couldn't with sum lame reason but I know he can go. I wannna go as bad as I wanna be an actress. He might crack and go...but If I do go 2 la it might be for the premiere or the metrostation concert. Hmm....idk wat I should tell him 2 let me go......I need help with that...well can't wait til sept.16 and I realllly need 2 know what ur fav skateboard brand is! if u wanna know what I'm gonna give you then u have got 2 tell me! Plz? I have sum stuff that I'm gonnna give u cause you are so nice and you take time outta your busy schedule and tell us what you are doing....well I luv ya mitchel!

Catherine said...

I'll have to scream REALLY loudly for you to hear me, since I live alllll the way in NJ!

When are you coming back to NYC?? :(

Anyway, have fun tomorrow!

Dani said...

Hey Mitchel!

Have fun at the premiere! It will be loads of fun!

And….I wanted to let you know I finally got a chance to listen to “Wasn’t Your Girlfriend”……..And I love it!!!! It’s a great song! I actually downloaded it and it’s on my iPod so...yeah….lol. Your voice is really good. Congrats and keep up the incredible work!

Oh, also got a chance to watch part of Everybody was Best Friend Fighting. Mike Standly the 3rd rocks!

“What’s that beard thing made of arm pit hair?”
“Hahahahaha… said no one would notice!!!”

That part cracked me up!

Have a incredible week, Mitchel!

Rock On!



Hey thats the day before my bros b-day! and if its in CA, then that suuuux =(P
Hey, you should check out the jonas brothers on youtube! like this vid-
anger hahahha
you should make an account on there! id SOOO watch it and so would like a billion other girls!
love ya honey,

natalieeeeee said...

haha thanksss. wish i could be there. have an awesome weekend too. lol peaceeeeeeeeee

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel!! Oh yeah, first comment, maybe, lol. I can't wait to see the HSM2 premiere on Friday, you lucky duck you get to see it Tuesday. Anyway are you gonna go to any Hannah Montana/Jonas Bros concerts in the fall? I will, I can't wait me and my friend are gonna go all out and make t-shirts and posters and all the good stuff, lol, I can't wait to get Hannah Montana and the Jo Bros autograph and pics!!! Talk to you later, gotta feed the horses! Luv ya much Mitch!!

-Renee ♥

Emily said...

OMG that is soo cool! I'm going with my friend JoAnna! I'll see you there (hopefully)

~Emily from San Fernando Valley

Holly said...

Hey have fun! Sounds awesome!

Anonymous said...

Where is it? Because I really really want to go!! Mitchel hope you have a fantastic week too!!
Anyway can't wait for the new Hannah Montana episode! But your not in it!! AWWW!! ); tear tear

Erin91 said...

have fun!!

Anonymous said...

i wanna goooooo!!

well i'm going to disney world with the advanced chorus @ my school spring break! i'm so excited!! Mitchel you need to come hear us sing!!

i can't wait until Friday!

Anonymous said...

Heyy Mitchel

Thats Awesome.

Your So Cool Using Time To Write On Your Blog. Your a Great Person To Be a Fan Of. And i Glad i Am a Fan Of u Cos u Really Aprshiate Us Surporting u :D

Your Awesome. Keep Up The Amazing Work. i LOVE Hearing From u, It Makes My Day!!! Love

Dakota said...

Have a good time, Mitchel, I luveeeeeeee you!

Anonymous said...

I wish I could go!! But I live ib Arkansas!! I got a puppy and I named him moose!! like musso, but moose!!! my dad knew I loved u so much so why not name him after u! LOL!


Emily said...

YAY! :) I'll be there :D

Valaurie said...

I wish i could go to that but I can't! Because I live in Canada, and nothing ever happens here. But it is such a coincidence, my friend just happens to be vacationing there, and just might be there on tuesday! (But she might also come back to Canada that day, which would suck) But I promise you Mitchel if I could go I would!

Love your number 1 fan in Canada,

Megg said...


o0o0o have funn!! Wish i didnt live in rhode island and could b there!!!

soo theyre pickin the winner foorr the j-14 contest tommoroo=] or well thats waht the website said... ima have the phone nxt to me all day lol..seriously though its been my dream foreverr to meet youu!!! or even talk to you

have a fabulous weekend=]

Meg Warburrrtttoon

Anonymous said...


what a coincidence!

i'm going to disneyland that day!

i'll go to downtown disney then!

see ya there!


Karleigh said...

I was just in Disneyland so i cant go see you there, that sucks. I live in Canada so we dont get Disney Channel:(. We get this lame Family Channel. So i cant see Phineas and Ferb or any of the new episodes of Hannah Montana:( its always reruns of the episodes from 2006 not 2007.

Emily said...

haha its Emily again. I'm gonna ask you for a hug there if i see you. if some girl asks you to hug her, it would ROCK if you did!!!! haha. I'm watching Life is Ruff right now, and youre soooo cute in it! hehe.

~Emily from San Fernando Valley, CA

Anonymous said...

HEY HAVE FUN!!!! i cant wait to see hsm 2 it will be awsome!!!!!! my wekkend has been fantastic i hope urs is too!!!!!!!!!!

Makenzye said...

thanks for answering my question Mitchel! i will scream so loud for you! see you on Tuesday!

Amber said...

unfortunately, I can't go... because i live in texas... darn. but, i am sure you will have fun, and my weekend has been pretty fantastic, but i think my next week will be better. im going to a water park. fun! so like I say everytime i leave you a comment,
visit houston,tx!!!!
please : )

MARIAM. [[: said...

i might come see you!

but, if i don't i'll definately see you august 20th.

have a good week, mitchel. [:

(the girl with the green sign. [:)

Kad [Short Notice] said...

Have a nice weekend! Hope you'll have fun. :]

Audrey said...

ugh, not fair.
you go do that, while i go back to school.
it makes me mad.
have fun though!

Anna Signore said...

aw... thanks! you too! but i am soo sorry i cant come! :( so i hope you can come to chicago sometime then i will really really scream! lol but have a great week! good luck with your new songs! i ♥ you!
♥ anna signore

Natalie! said...

wow, ur so lucky u get to go to all these premiers! well, i'll just have to see hsm 2 on friday!!! oh and have a ton of fun!!


Olivia said...

i would go, but its too far to drive, 45 minutes of driving, no thanks,,,,see you on the 20th<3


ahh....I wish I could go. Anywho...Have a great time!!!!

Anonymous said...

OMG. i wanna go.. oh well, come to ut some day...:):) i love you! byes!
LOVE 4EVA! ~Hope

madoka said...

haha aww i wish i could go there. :/ well i hope you had a great weekend!

a fan

iLOVEshoez said...

OMG! AWESOME!! I'm going to Disney land Saturday.... :(

Have a fantastic week! Hope you have a blast at the premiere!!

Luv ya'!

Anonymous said...

i feel dumb i read in a magazine you were going to be in it ! !
i was hoping you were have fun !

-xo Michele

Kayla said...

Hey Mitchel :]]

Hope you have a bunch of fun at the High School Musical 2 premiere.
I wish I could come :[ But anyways
hope you have a wonderful week!!


becca said...

Wish I could go! Well, I hope you enjoy the movie... I can't wait until Friday so I can see it. It looks like it's gonna be sweet.
Have fun. I hope your week is amazing.
Much love ♥

Sasha said...

I can't go way to far away and I have school. Man that stinks! I wish I could go but in Indiana you can hardley go anywhere.
Hope you had an awesome weekend!


Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see that movie!
- Your biggest fan

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel

It is so cool!!!!!

Have a nice weekend!!!!!!!!

baby r said...

If it was a few weeks ago I could have come
I was @ disneyland just last week
o well
Have fun
Luv ya
baby r


I live in Arkansas so I won't be able to go. Dangit. Oh well. Peace Out

Rebekah said...

Hey Mitchel! I hope you have an amazing time at the premiere. I can't wait to see the new hannah montana episode. It's too bad you're not in it though. But, i'll keep an eye out for jeremy.

I get all 4 wisdom teeth out tomorrow. I'm pretty nervous. So I hope your week is a lot better than mine!!!

Love, Rebekah

Anonymous said...

ahh darn it. i really wanna be there but i can't =[..ahh so sorry. but i'll scream really really really loud for you to hear me all the way in NY! hehe. HAVE FUN =]

<333 Leslie

amazing. ohyeah. =]] said...

Your great.

your #1 fan of all time said...

i wish i could go but i live in new jersey!!!! but u will always be in the center of my heart where i will always think of u. by the way i love sushi to.... its my favorite food of all time!!!! i love you sooooo much. wish u the best with your career and hope u have the most amazing summer.


#1 fan ever!!!!!!!!!!! said...

hey Mitchel, AKA smokin' oakin'!!! hahaha!

im really sorry. i caint make it i am going to the shore with my family and i live in new jersey. but i wish u the best with your career and hope u have the most amazing summer. and this is from hannah montana... i copied it a little.... even though i will be on vacation finding the right i guy i will be thinking of u. reply back. i love sushi to. its the best food ever. love you always!!!!

luv your #1 fan ever kali!!!!!!!

alli said...

awee mitchel! i wanna go soo bad but of course i live in pa. [in a suburb of pittsburgh] so i can NEVER see u cuz u never plan a trip here. but i hope u have fun! come to pa!!

love ya!


ps my friend clara might be able to come if her parents let her. shes pretty close to there. pray she can!

Caitlyn said...

Dear Mitchel,

My name is Caitlyn. I do read your blog as often as I can but I haven't gotten to read it lately because I've been in the hospital. About three months ago I was diagnosed with a rare type of stomach cancer. So I've been in Pittsburgh's Children's Hospital off and on for the past few months. I'm getting treatment and I've been feeling a bit better so they let me go home for a little bit. One thing I'd love would be for you to come to Pittsburgh. I love the show "Hannah Montana" and I would LOVE to meet you. please come! And please pray for me!

God Bless You!


Fer said...

aww I can't make it...but after you go you can tell us about it =D
hope you're having a FANTASTIC weekend as well!
love ya<3

Lindsay. said...

hey :)
hm..welll have fun tuesday!

& Mike Standly is prettty tight..ahahah..i liked when Hannah said, "if you say freaky freaky fun.." then whatever she said i forgot, lol and Mike Standly said..Oh sorry i didnt get the rule book..haha.

okayy well have fun.

xox Lindsay. =]

danniielleeeee said...

haha, I wish I could come, but unfortunately I live in Toronto. :(
I hope you have fun @ the premiere though; i'll be there in spirit. ; )

-Lots of love, daniielleeeeeeeeeee ♥


Aww....I WISH that I could go!
I would if I could, but I can't. :(
Cuz I'm in Canada!
If I lived in that area, I would most definitely go see you.
I would also be the loudest--and cutest girl there. Haha.

Anyway, I hope you have fun at the HSM2 premiere.

I love, Love, LOVE you Mitchel!

♥ Kimberly ♥

Anonymous said...

Have a great time Mitchel! Cant go though cause I live all the way back in Winnipeg,Manitoba,Canada. Too far away for me! Hope you have fun tho. Luved all the new Hannah Montana Episodes! So many characters for you: Oliver Oken/Smoken Oken/Big Daddy Oken/Ollie Trollie/Mike Standley/Count Dorkula. Luv the episode where you said you checked out your moms chick Magazines. "My season is Autuam, Capri's are best for my body shape, and something about your love life" anyway's luv ya have a great time bye

Tiffany said...

ugh i start school tuesday the 14th. but meily's best of both worlds tour presale starts that day, so it's all good. lol. haha me and my friend are going, and we are in 10th grade. lol. we are s so cool, and wanna see the jonas brothers too :] have fun at the hsm 2 premiere! hope to talk to you soon

Anonymous said...

heeey dudeee

did you read the new harry potter?!


Kimmy said...

Hey Mitchel :]

Awh too bad I can't be at your premiere...I've been sooo busy lately! xP You have fun though, I'll be watching it on my TV! ;] You rock and your SUCH a talented actor/singer...I luff you :]]]

xx Kimmy xx

kristina said...

I hope you have a good time at the high school musical 2 premiere mitchel

brooke said...

aww mitch i wish i could be there /:
i hate living in ohio.
please go back to chicago soon! [:
well have fun at the premiere, and have a great week!


Anonymous said...

I just randomly decided to come on and say hi and that I hope you have the most awesome day ever! *smile*


some person said...

Have fun at the premiere. (:

Silvia said...

Mitchel!!! Hello from SPAIN! how are you? I like you very much! :)

Anonymous said...

man, i wish i lived in california so i could see you at premieres & stuff.


<3 ally m.

Jessica said...

awe i wish i could be there :[

ttran said...

I would totally scream if I saw you, but most likely, I won't even be there, so I guess I'll just do it now...


Hahaha! I hope you have a blast!!

Have a grrrreat week!!!

Elizabeth said...


You will love the movie! I watched it OnDemand. Its just as good as the first one. Miley was pretty funny looking at the end of it though....haha!

Have fun!

<3 Liz

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel!!

If I haven't said it before I;m saying it now..... YOU ROCK!!! LOL... I wish I could go but I live in Ontario which is obvulosly in Canada. Anyway have fun!

-Chelsea AKA Chilli.G

I'd Jump Infront of a Bullet for You said...

Hey Mitchel!! I saw HSM2 yesterday, and I loved it!! So much better than the first one, and I cried like 3 times, when Gabriella broke up with Troy, when Chad and Troy were fighting, and when Gab and Troy got back together. I can't wait to watch it again throughout the HSM2 premiere weekend!! I love you so much and I hope I win the J-14 contest!! I would kill to meet you, lol. ♥