Friday, August 17, 2007

It's Official...............................

I will only be posting on my Blogger from now on..........keep in mind that my mom is always looking at IMDB. She goes on there all the time but for so many reasons. She checks all kinds of statistics and information about films and such....but I will no longer be on. I can't say that she won't be looking around on my page.....but I'll be right here with you guys!

So.......I went on a date yesterday! There was a contest winner....NOT J14......That hasn't happened yet.....but I went on another magazine Date and I just want to give a huge shout out to Ariel and Kristen! We had an incredible afternoon of bowling and I am sure the magazine will share all the details as soon as they can. Good Times!

"Hannah Montana" is incredible this week....we shoot before a live audience this evening.....Mike Stanley III is in the HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!! brother and his band METRO STATION will be performing at the Knitting Factory in Hollywood, CA. on Monday night.....BE THERE!!! I have a photo shoot in the afternoon.....but I will be there as soon as I can look for me.....and yell for MASON!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's my dad's birthday today! If it's your birthday too.....then here's a shout out to you as well.

Have the MOST incredible weekend of your life!



Catherine said...

Aww we'll miss you on IMDb. But we understand! Love youu!


daniella said...

Happy Birthday to your DAD!!
I so happy for you :)
But I live in Israel and I can't see you :(
Daniella <3

Kad [Short Notice] said...

YAY! =DDD Mike Stanley III is BACK! =D Nice.

Aww, glad you had fun on your date! :]

Happy birthday to your dad! =]

MeganP2010 said...

aww i'm sad you won't be posting on imdb, but thats totally okay cuz i love reading your blog!

I wish could've gone on that date with you! well, who knows, maybe we will someday! I cannot wait to see you on September 16 or whenever it is!


MARIAM. [: said...

at least we still have your blog. [:

luckiest. girl. alive.

thats gonna be mee next time.

good luck with your taping in front of a live audience tonight.
i hope you have lots of fun with that. [[:

metro station!
and mitchel!
can you say, most amazing night of my life. ever. [:
i cannot wait to see you and metro station. [:

thats cutee.
i hope your daddy has an amazingg birthday! [:

(the girl with the green sign.)

KeLsEy said...

happy birthday mr.musso!!! loli cant wait for the new hannah episodes!!!!! their gunna be great! and iv seen a bunch of the new hannah episodes and im dissapointed mitchel hasnt been in a couple of them :( its not the same w.o oliver! (at least thts wht i think)


Anonymous said...

Well, hope you had an amazing time with the lucky girl.... *sobs*
Oh, by the way, you look great in a hat, not a gangsta hat, tho, just ur average, well, hat. Keep that in mind! Have a good weekend yourself! I heard you may have a cd coming out, I CAN'T WAIT! Love you no matter what, Hope

Anonymous said...


that's great, i love the "hannah" episodes with Mike Stanley. they are so FUNNY!!!! oh, happy birthday to your Dad!

good luck shooting tonite, and good luck to your brother's band!!

hope you have DA BEST WEEKEND EVA :)


Anonymous said...

iamsopissedrightnowreallyalotwtf!! No more IMDb :( That's upsetting...

Olga said...

Yay your going to stay here and talk to us, and only us now haha!

Glad you had fun on your date
Those lucky girls haha.
It could've been me up there,
In CA, with you haha.
Glad to hear your getting back
outside and dating :D

I cant wait for Hannah Montana! I loveee Mike Standley III, Glad you remembered the third, or else his name wouldnt be complete. :D

Congrats to your brother, Metro Station is really good. :D
Have fun at your photoshoot
Be sure to take some hott pictures lol :D

Tell your dad I said Happy Birthday :D

I hope you have a great weekend too. [:
[Sorry If my words were kind of messed up today, im being a little random] :]

I love you so much.
Please come to Texas soon
So I could really tell you :D


Anonymous said...

It's so nice that u take time 2 meet fans unlike some others!I'd like to meet u but i live in London so it looks doubtful but oh well!

Mindy said...

Aw! Glad your having a good time! <3

Anonymous said...

happy birthday mr. musso!

Anonymous said...

happy birthday mr. musso!

Olivia said...

GAH NO IMDb!!??!?!
welllll maybe you can come back sometime after everythings calmer.
i'll see you at the knitting factory i hop, i'm gonna wear a big peace necklace, so that will be me.
my birthdays august 19, the day before the concert! yay!!
happy birthday to your daddddd :D
is your whole family gonna be at the concert?
that'd be tightttt
well this is long.
and i hate long -.-
well that was wierd,
but byeeeee

Briana said...

Hey Mitchel and Happy Birthday Mr. Musso!!!! Hope your date was mad awesome, I bet it was..and good luck to Mason, his badn rocks hard... : ] Love you...♥Briana

some person said...

At least you're still posting on your blog--that's all I need. I'm sure the date was pretty fun because bowling is awesome. Oh and HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOUR DAD! Hope your dad experiences the best day ever.

Have a great weekend. (:

Anna =] said...


I can't wait to see Hannah Montana! You get me all excited about the new episodes.

Metro Station is coming to Ohio! They play in Cleveland on December 14th which is 4 days before my birthday so I'm going there with my best friend for my birthday. I'm super stoked. I'm telling you.. that's the best way to spend your birthday. (Other than meeting you)


You have an incredible weekend yourself:]
♥ Anna

Anonymous said...

Happy B-Day Mr.Musso!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I start school monday!!!!! =(
I'm kinda excited about schoo to see all my friends but not to do the work!!! lol. I'm going into 7th grade! I love ya!


Anonymous said...

aw. i miss you on imdb :/ oh well, at least youre not giving up on this! :)

man. i always miss those date contests. pshh. well your dates are verrrry lucky girls.

happy birthday mr. musso!

i love you mitchellll. :) hehe.
keep up the amazing work!

<3 ally m.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mitchel! About imdb... that's ok! I couldn't even post anyway, so it doesn't really affect me much... I'm so glad that you had fun on your date! Was that the M Magazine Win a Date contest? I'll have to check out the magazine soon and see the article. I wish I could come to the Metro Station contest, but I can't. Have fun, though! Tell your brother good luck, and tell your dad Happy Birthday! *smile*


Sara said...

Tell your dad I said happy birthday! Haha.

I'm pretty sure I can see Metro Station when they are touring with Motion City Soundtrack! I'm soo excited :). Its not until November though but whatever, I'm still excited.

My weekend should be fun. i'm going to a concert tomorrow.

Emily said...

Awww we miss you on IMDb. =[

I guess ill have to just read your blog often...

Maybe you hsould just like post a goodbye thread on it and thank all your fans for the support and that stuff. They'd appreciate that =]]]

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel!! OMG, my birthday is today too!! That is so awesome!! Tell your dad I said happy birthday!! But yah I entered for the J-14 contest and I really hope I win, I would just DIE to meet you!! Luv ya!! ♥ :)))

I'd swim the ocean for you said...


i didnt even know u posted any where else lol!! im glad ur still posting here though!!

Glad u had a fun time on ur date! even though im madd jealous im still glad u were happy!! lol ive been havin some messed up dreams about goin on dates with u... lol like on a train{{so weird}}.

can't wait for the next HM should be bombb if ur in it!! Mike Standly is hawtt=]

omg i loove metro stationn i cant wait till they put California on ituness,, thats my favorite


have a fabulous dayy!!


Karleigh said...

Happy Birthday to your Daddy!


(sorry if i already posted this my computer shut off so i dont know if it got posted??lmao)

Lets Make A Wish On The Fireworks Below said...

I can't wait to see the new Hannah after HSM2.....and I am so definately looking forward to more of Mike on Hannah!

Anna Signore said...

aw.. hey mitchel! tell your dad i said happy birthday and tell him to have a good one! aw.. i wish i went on a date with you. well i am soo glad that you had funn with those girls that one! but yah im sorry that i cant be there where you and your brother are gonna be but tell him i said hi and hope that he is doin fine! so yah i just came back from poms pictures and i hope they came out alrite and yest. i went to open house so we can find our classes... well that didnt go so well cuz that school is soo big and the stairs are either goin up or down and if you go up a down staircase you get a detention! i hate it! its soo hard! and my classes are up then down up then down and its soo hard! but i hope i get used to it. um... yah i hope your doin great and i cant wait to see the hannah montana's lol but yah have a great weekend!
i ♥ you!
♥ anna signore

Anonymous said...

Hey mitchel...didn't ur mom send in ur biography on imdb? Cause it said katharine musso...soo yea.....I can't wait till 2nite 2 see phineas and ferb! But idk if I can yet...cause I'm seeing ryan sheckler and sum other sk8ers in about 2 hrs....I should have already left but my dad isn't here! But tell ur dad ashlee says happyy BDAY! He is awesome!(even though idk him but he's awesome 2 me!) I wanna go 2 that metrostation concert! But I can't..but they r coming here in portland on nov.29 soo I'm going! 2 bad u prob won't go! But yea.....hey do u like shaun white or bucky lasek? Or any1 else? Cause if u do I am meeting them(well I met bucky already) 2day and 2mrrw.....and on sept 16 when I meet u I could give u their autographs! Omg mitchel...I serously had a dream last night and idk if its a nitemare or a just a dream...but it wasn't pretty......and it had u in it! I don't really wanna say wat it was cause then u prob would be wowowow that's werid..and stuff....but exactly 29 days till I meet u! YAY! Can't wait!
Ashlee!! PEACE-OUT Mitchel!

Sara said...

Hey Mitchel!
I'm glad you had fun on your date! ;). I haven't entered any "Win A Date With...." contests lately.
Good luck with the shooting tonight. I bet you'll do great! I can't wait for Mike Standly!!!!Tonight I'm going to have a little High School Musical party with my cousins, my sister, and some of mine and her friends. We're going to walk over to my uncle's house to watch it on his big screen. That'll be fun.
Tell your dad Happy Birthday for me!! It's not my birthday yet. About a month and a half and I then I turn 14! I can't wait.

I hope you have a FANTASTIC weekend too!!!!

becca said...

Happy Birthday Daddy Musso!!!!
Have fun at the concert; send Mason my best wishes! I can't wait til I get to see them with Motion City Soundtrack and Anberlin.
Hope you had the bestest time at the High School Musical 2 premiere. I can't wait to see it in exactly 3 hours, 39 minutes, and 45 seconds...
Can't wait for the new Hannah... I'm pretty bummed that you wont be on the one tonight.
Didja have fun on your dates? Hope so... lucky girls. :P
Well, I hope you have an absolutely AMAZING weekend!!!
Much Love ♥

Rachel said...


today I went to FRESHMAN "FISH" CAMP! yuuup i'm gonna be a fishy in high school. lol

i love bowling! sounds like u guys had fun!


u never told us wat u thought about HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL 2!!!??
how'd u like it?
I can't wait to watch it later!

well have an awesome WEEK!!!

God Bless,
<3's Rachel

Anonymous said...

Mike Stanley III is the best! I can't wait for Phineas & Ferb tonight, too!

Happy Birthday to your dad!


Heyy Mitchel tell ur dad i said happy b-day!!! wish i could go to the metro station concert but i'll be on teh east not teh west coast :***( tear tear any ways.....yea ....woah theres a girl from isreal posting on ur blog....Dude ur an internatinal star!!!! yay!!! lol ummmm yeaaaa love ya!

Peace, tooles!


micaela said...

It's mine friend's dad's birthday as well. Haha.

Can't wait to see the new episodes!


Jessica said...

Dear Mitchel,
Aww, no IMDB page?? That's succkkksss (even though I've never seen you actually really seen you on it!).

But seriously. That would be aweesssoommeee if I won a date with you. (Even though I know you're not really such a big fan of shy girls, which, I admit, I am one. I'm trying not to be so shy now that I'm in high school!) But I'm glad you had a good time!
WOOT, Mike Standley! I <3 him, lmao!
Ooh, that would be pretty cool if I could go to a Metro Station concert..but I don't think my parents will let me.
If they did let me go, I'd probably be thinking about going to their show in December 'cause that's when they're in Chicago. Oh well. I'm listening to "Seventeen Forever" right now. Yesterday, I was singing "California" in my mom's car kinda loudly. It was kinda funny. :)
Aww, it's your dad's birthday today???
HAPPY BIRTHDAY MR. MUSSO!!!!! I hope he has a good birthday!
OOOOOHHH, I can't WAIT for tonight! Phienas and Ferb, oh yeah! I'm gonna watch HSM 2...too, LOL!
Yup, I'm so glad it's Friday! YAY, it's the weekend, finally, tehe.
Well, I hope you have an AWESOME weekend, Mitchel!

Sasha said...

Yay! Mike Standley is come back. Can't wait.
Glad you had fun on the date.
I heard Metro Station is playing in Arizona tonight. Wish i could go there its my fav state!
Oh and Happy birhtday to your dad!
I hope you have the most incredible weekend of your life too!


Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel!
What's up? I am so glad you had fun on your date! I wish it could have been me! LOL! I think I spoke for everybody when I said that.
Tell your dad that I said HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Mine was on JULY 30!
Anyway, I <3 U Mitchel!
XoXoXoXoX Shayla Boas XoXoXoXoX
Your number one fan!

Amber said...

well... happy birthday Mitchel's dad. : P
um.... can't wait for Mike Standley... The third... HILARIOUS!!
Glad you had fun on your date...although you would've had much more fun if you went on a date with me...
I'm excited about the new show sneak peak tonight! i wouldn't be excited if you didnt play a voice in it tho... but you do so YAY!
anyways, hopefully this weekend will be fun. : P
oh yeah, COME TO TEXAS! And tell us so I can be ready to come meet you. Seriously, most preferably come to Houston, cuz that's where I am. ; )
Well... I guess I'm out of things to say, so you have a great weekend too!!


Anonymous said...

That's good that you're still posting here though!!!! Ooh, a date! You little rascal, you! I can't wait for the new Hannah on tonight, after "HSM2!" By the way, I wish your dad a very happy happy happy b-day!!! Your #1 fan, Lynn!~ MANY SMOOCHES TO GO AROUND, AND MUCH LOVE!!!!!!!!!!

To your dad: Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday dear, Mitchel's... Dad! Happy birthday to you. And... many more!

iluv2act94 said...

Happy Birthday Mr. Musso =D

Well miss you.

One day, I hope I can go on a date with you.



Anonymous said...

KEEP ROCKIN' & :) @ urslef 4 being who u r!!

~*~*~*luv2laugh*~*~*~ ;)

Jessica (AGAIN!) said...

haha, I just realized that some of my post is messed up. It's SUPPOSED to be (Even though I've never seen you on it!)
Well, yeah, that's all I gotta say!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Mr.Musso!
Luv ur future daughter-in-law, Hope

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Mr.Musso ! !
i'm seeign metro station when they come back to new jersey ! yay =]
hope your date was fun ! i think i entered the j-14 one ! ! or my friend did for me it was weird !

Anonymous said...


1 1/2 hours till HSM2!
then phineas and ferb! And HM with JB! ahwwww., it sux so bad that you're not in it. really! :[

i'm sooo hyper right now. things were kinda gettin bad there for a while, but right now everything seems to be looking up. :]
i'm hopefully getting a job soon!
& like i said before, i'm going to disney world spring break! i'm doing a fundraiser right now... i'm actually selling stuff! wowza! haha.

have fun doing HM this week! can't wait to see it! :]

<333 [Sooo much!]

Lιѕα -- x said...

I think you should do them date competition thingys in england =]. It's kind of unfair you can only do it if you live in America.

Happy birthday too your dad =]

Love Lisa <3 x

Kayla said...

Hey Mitchel :]

No IMDB?? That sucks. But atleast you are still going to post here!
Glad you had fun on your date. Was that the M Magazine win a date contest? I'll have to check that out.Tell your dad I said Happy Birthday!
Have an incredible weekend!


Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel,


I think the Metro Station is an awsome band and I really wish I could see Mason play but I know school will be starting soon for me on Monday so it woud be hard to come to California during the school year. But I wish them luck where ever they go.

I love Mike Standley III!! Before when you said how was Mike Standley a while ago I was a little confused first but when I saw the eposide again I was like ohh that Mike Standley with was your disguise.

I wish you good luck taping tonight and I hope you have fun doing it. Also Mitchel you really inspire me each day.

I hope you have an amazing weekend!!

Your Fan,


Anonymous said...

Awww. Happy Birthday Mitchel's Dad [= Woohooo more Mike Standley YAY. And I'm glad you had fun or your dat ;]

<333 Leslie

kelsey marie said...

that sucks your not going to post im imdb anymore! i liked reading your responses on stuff but i understand so thats still way cool that your going to post on your blog! its good to hear from you! you said your moms going to look at it does that mean your not going to delete your profile?
thats awesome you went on the date yesterday! bowling rocks! howd ya do?, your score? did you beat them or did they beat you? lol jw. but ya
i cant wait to see the new hannah episode! when do you think it will air???
how is mason's tour going? i cant wait till there in washington! im plannin on going and seeing them!

since your not going to be on imdb anymore, i had posted a thing on there asking you or anyone if they knew your insparation to record... so since your not posting i guess i could ask here lol. What is your insparation to start recording songs??? was is mason and his band or maybe you being on Hannah and miley had an influence?? idk jw

i hope you have an amazing weekend! and hope you have a lot of fun! love ya man ttyl!

Anonymous said...

Yes, we'll miss you on imdb!=(
Best wishes to your dad!
Much love,

brooke said...

eeek mitch, im so glad to hear mike is back :D.
ooh and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your dad!
i wish i could go to the concert, but once again, ohio is too far away. haha.
well i hope you have a great weekend!


Georgina Lily! said...

Hey Mitchel!
I understand about not posting on imdb.. its a shame though it was nice to see messages from you on there...
At least you have your blog though thats cool! =]

Hope you had fun on your date lol.

Happy birthday to ya dad.. =]

It was my birthday the other day! =]

Byee Byee
Lv Georgina x

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel

It is so cool!!!!!!
Happy birthday to your dad!!!!


anna signore said...

hey mitchel! i just got done watching hsm2 and i loved it! and i saw miley in it too! and i watched that one show phineous and firb lol sorry dont know how to spell it lol but its soo cool! well yah talk to you later! byes
♥ anna signore

ttran said...

Hi, Mitchel!!

No more posting on IMDB? At least you'll still be with us on here!

Another episode with Mike Stanley III?!! No freak way! I can't wait to watch it! He's so awesome! That beard! And I just finshed watching the episode of "Hannah Montana" with the Jonas Brothers! Hilarious!!

You know what I realized? Metro Station won't be performing where I live!! That is super depressing!

Happy Birthday to your dad!

Hope you have an incredibly great weekend!!

MizBreeding said...

Hey I hope you actually read these things, I just came to your page to you that your song, wasn't your girlfriend, is great, I didnt even know it was you at first, well good luck with everything. Bye.

-(aMbReA)- said...

Hey Mitchel! I saw the 1st episode of Phineas and Ferb and it was SOOOO hilarious!! It was so funny when Jeremy took that poster from the grocery store and he was like "Let's just take it"! Me and my friend were laughing about it the WHOLE time, even when the show was over! Well, I can't wait for more episodes with you in it!

Karleigh said...

I was watching HSM2 earlier today and i saw Miley in the background as "Girl in Pool". I was wondering if you where in HSM2 even though i didnt see you in it. I wont be able to see Phineas and Ferb because i live in canada and we dont have Disney Channel, we only have Family Channel the other version of it.

Luv Ya Mitchel <3


marykateee =) said...

Happy Birthday Mr.Musso!!!!
I am trying SOOOO hard to go to a Metro Station concerttt.
but so far it's not possibleee.
and I'mmm maddd like you would't belive.

I'm glad yoy had fun your date.
Can't wait for the new Hannah Montana episodes!!!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear you wont be posting on IMDb anymore. We'll miss you soo much! But I understand. I'll keep checking your blog though!

Happy Birthday to your dad!!

P.S Congrats on "Wasn't Your Girlfriend"! I Love it!! <3 It's friggin AWESOME!!!

Fer said...

awww Mitchel that was a great post!!!!
It made me smile=D

ok soo tell your dad HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!Hope he had an awesome day!

I'm glad that you had a great time in your date!what a lucky girl!!

oh say hi to Mason and tell him that he totally rocks!

OMG! Mike Standley III is back!that's sooo cool can't wait to see it!

Have the most amazing weekend too!
love ya!<3

Anonymous said...

haha you're so funny xDD
So people DO actually win those things on magazines o_O loll
well, hope you're having a good one.

miss.ava.musso said...


well we will miss you so much on IMDb. You always put a smile on my face whenever you posted. But I understand that your busy. And its just so great that you post on a blog to your fans!

well i hope that you come to chicago again so i can see you. =D i know you came once already but i missed it and almost cried. i would be SOO happy if you could again.

that girl who went on the date with you is so lucky! i wish i was her. =(


Tiffany said...

dude you are so cool, i can't beleive i have met you! i want to meet you again so bad!! set up some autograph signings or something. do it ;] or come to omaha, nebraska with miley on her tour and like introduce her or something. ahaha,a long way to go, but you have tons of fans here! and i really want to see you again!

well ttyl and hopefully see you again soon :]


Molly said...

Hey Mitchel!

I'm sorry you won't be posting on IMDb, but just the more reason to look at your blog more! =)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MR. MUSSO!!! Hope you have an amaxing birthday!!

Can't wait to see that new episode!


Jessica said...

Those are some lucky grrrls :]

happy birthday mr.musso xD

becca said...

Well, I must say that Phineas and Ferb was hilarious... and I usually don't even like Disney Channel cartoons. Did you like High School Musical 2? I loved it. But, I missed you in that Hannah Montana... but it was still hilarious.
I can't wait for the new episodes because Mike Standley (the third) is back! Chyeah!
Well, until next time, keep it freaky freaky fresh... and have a wonderful weekend!
Much Love ♥

Anonymous said...

i watched p/f last night!....i was laughing so hard because of perry! mom din't laugh at all...o well i kept bothering her w/ that!!....finally a break from school! i am so tired of school already...the week went by fast but not fast enough!...well g2g!
KEEP ROCKIN' & :) @ urslef 4 being who u r!!

~*~*~*luv2laugh*~*~*~ ;)

Allison (alli c) said...

Happy birthday Mr. Musso!

love you Mitchel!


Chelsee said...

Aww, Mitchel, we're gonna miss you so much over there on IMDB! Eh but you're on your blog so we can still talk to you here. Anyways, have a great weekend and Happy Birtday, Mr. Musso!


Lιѕα -- x said...

And good luck for your brother and his band! =D

Love Lisa <3 x




Can't wait to see more of Mike Standley...The Third!

Much luv, Mitchel!


livvy! said...

ah that's cool, as long as we still have you here. i love reading your blog (:

mike standley! he's awesome, love him.

i wish i could see metro station (and you ofcourse) they're awesome. i was listening to them non-stop yesterday.

oh & happy birthday mitchel's daddy. hope he had a nice day (:

love, livvy x x x

Andi said...

Happy Birthday to your dad!
I can't wait for the new episode coming out!!



Happy Birthday to your dad!!! It's my sister's birthday today! So my HSM2 party was amazing! We had so much junk food. We taped it, too so we watched it 4 times!!!!! We ate mini burgers and double chocolate brownies. lol Glad you had fun on your date!
Have a great weekend!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey there Mitchel! We love you sooo much! I'm UBER excited about Mike Stanley III. Best of luck to Mason and the band, and happy birthday to your dad! I can't wait to see what all you have done! It's always so awesome. Luv ya bunches

Samantha said...

We'll miss ya, but you're still here, and thats cool.

Ooh, sounds like fun!!!!

Woo! Mike Stanley the third! Woo!!!

Oh! Metro Station is coming near me in October! But I don't think I can go... Its a wednesday. My mom would kill me if I missed church.

Happy Late Birthday to Mr. Musso!!!! It was my aunt's birthday too!



Phineas n Ferb- It wuz awesome, but I couldn't catch ur voice! hmmm...
oh wellz
I heart you mucho!

Erin91 said...

ok number one, your haircut is freakin sexy. number two, happy birthday mr. musso!

i really can't wait for new HM episodes. i love mike stanley/standley whatever it is, he's amazing.

Meeghan said...

aww, mitch.
you heartbreaker you,
but wait, the J-14 contest winner hasn't been picked yet, right?

Anonymous said...

Hi Mitchel! I pretty much went to bed after last night's Hannah Montana episode, so I didn't get the chance to post about Phineas and Ferb! The first episode was sooo funny! I wish that I could have seen your character, but hopefully the time will pass by and I can see you character in the next episode of Phineas and Ferb! (whenever that is...) How is it working with Caroline Rhea? She was so funny on Sabrina the Teenage Witch, and before that she was a stand up comic, so I can imagine just how hilarious it must have been off set! lol! ttyl! *smile*


Jen & Maria said...

Haha you said "but I will be there as soon as I can look for me.....and yell for MASON!"
Mason? If we see you, shout for mason? Haha. Oh Happy birthday to your dad. =]

Audrey said...

glad you had fun on your date.
let us know when you can who won the J14 one!

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel!

I never went on IMDB, so no big deal here, as long as we all have you on the Blog! LOL. I'm glad your date went well...which magazine was that for? I thought that it was for J14, so I was thinking...OH NO! I didn't win! :( But, hopefully, I will win the J14 one?! We'll see...I think the deadline is around August 30th, right? Good Luck choosing! There's so many eligible girls...ahem...CRAZY-MITCHEL-LOVING-SUPER-FANATICS that are hoping to win that date...I'm proud to call myself one of those CMLSFs! Hehe, sorry, had to shorten that up just a little bit! :D

I can't wait for the new Hannah Montana with Mike Standley |||! Soo exciting! Good luck to Metro Station at the Knitting Factory...I don't live anywhere around there, unfortunately, or I'd be there in a millisecond...I'm on the other side of the country...LOL. What is that, only, like, 3000 some miles away?! (If not more...*sigh*...) But you know as well as I do that I definitely wouldn't just be there for the band...LOL. You are a definite plus in the situation! :) Also, good luck to you with your photo shoot! Can't wait to see all those awesome pics! They'll be great, as always!

Happy Belated B-day to your Dad, too! I kinda missed it yesterday...I was gone all night, but I'm back now, right? Hehe.
Ummmmmmm....that's about it! Hope everything's going well...Maybe there's a chance I'll win the date?! Well every single one of us has an equal chance, soooo....there's hope! LOL. Anyways, I'll check back later!

Love always,

*dα n Y E L L ' said...

Ouu bowling, sounds fun. :) I entered to win a date with you for the August edition of J-14…but I don’t think it got there in time, since I live in Toronto. Oh well… there will be other chances, in the future.:D

Anyways, I’m totally in love with Metro Station right now…the lyrics to ‘Kelsey’ & the beat to ‘Disco’ is just phenomenal!! I LOVE IT!! In fact almost every song off their album “The Questions we Ask at Night” is on my iPod already.:):):) Metro Station should consider coming to Toronto, I already got a bunch of my friends into them & they too think they’re fantastic!!

I hope your dad had an AWESOME birthday, even though I’m a bit late in wishing him a Happy Birthday!! :)

Love Always,

Elizabeth said...


Thank you for not leaving us completely! :]] I never really understood IMDB things. I just go on there the same reason as your mom does. My last serch on there was yesterday for the movie 'Little Miss Sunshine". Amazing movie.

You go one so many dates with contest winners! It must be so much fun ging out with fans and learning about them. And bowling sounds like too much fun!! And I hope Mike Standly III was a hit!

One of my best friends saw Metro Station while they were in Dallas and she had so much fun! She said that she usually didnt talk about the concerts she goes to but she had to brag about this one!

Wish your dad a late happy birthday from me! And I did have an incredible weekend! I saw 'Little Miss Sunshine' for the first time, had a huge sleepover with my two best friends, went shopping at the Northpark mall for back-to-school clothes, and got to watch a model search happen right there! It was really cool seeing all of these tall, blonde people modeling. I even knew some of them from school! It was really weird.

Well...I might be a day late, but you have an incredible weekend too!

<3 Liz

Disney Domain said...

Hey Mitchel!!!

I cant wait for the new episodes of Hannah Montana! So glad Mike Standley the III is back!! Tell your dad happy birthday and have fun at your brothers concert!!

p.s i just heard emily osments new song from the haunting hour, i dont think about it. I HAD NO IDEA SHE HAD SUCH A GREAT VOICE! tell her i said i love it!! =]

eagle said...

Happy Birthday to your Dad:D

Dani said...


Well...that sucks...can't say I'm not dissappointed but I totally understand!!! Things were know...crazy over there....Anyway, you were still awesome to go in there when you did, so thanks, and even without that, you still do more than any celebrity, and we all appreciate it and it makes you so down to earth. Thanks again!

Did you pick the winner yet for J14? Congrats to Ariel and Kristen!!!!!!!

Mike Standly....the 3rd! That seriously cracked me up!

Have fun at the Metro Station concert and the photoshoot!

Happy Birthday to your dad!!!! Haha, my little sister's birthdy is next week so I'll let her know oyu said happy birthday for her! =P =D

See you later Mitch.


Anonymous said...

you're really cool and hot!

kristina said...


Ari said...

aww i'm so bummed! i cant make it to the knitting factory because i start school that day and work that night. But i like that place...its a cool bro's band played there a few times! =]]i wish i could go. well, maybe your bro will play there again sometime. =]]]

lots of love,

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel!!

Since it's not Friday anymore tell your dad that all your fans that posted a comment after Friday say HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!!!

Also because it's after Friday good luck with future live audience tapings!

I can't wait for more new episodes of Hannah Montana! They should all have Oliver and Mike Standley! I've said before that I don't have Disney Channel, I have Family so I have to wait sooo long for the newest episodes. I missed it lst Friday. Anyways that girl that won a date with you is the luckiest girl in the world!!!!! Wish it was me!!

Remember.....YOU ROCK MITCHEL!!!!
-Chelsea AKA Chilli.G

Tiffany said...

Happy Birthday to your dad.
And I hope you have fun at the concert.
I wish I was on the date, but I entered in for J 14. I hope I win.
If not, hopefully I'll be able to go to your signing, but it;s going to be hard since I live next to LAX.
Anyways, have a good weekend!!

Anonymous said...

its my grandma's bday 2

Ariel said...

Mitchel a.k.a: turkithia, (I dont know how you spelled it) I had an awsome time bowling with you!!!! Thanks again for coming!!!! Oh and thanks for teaching me how to bowl even though your the reason we totally creamed the adults!!!
-Ariel a.k.a: striqesha (again I dont know how you spelled it)
P.S. my best friend, Hayley, says thanks for the autograph.

Jessica Rene'e =) said...

hey So happy mike standley the 3rd is back lol. Almost 4got happy late birthday to your dad! =)
I cant wait to hear who wins the date with you for j-14 Just wanted to say have a good week and have funn before school starts!!!

Jessica Bennett/Benedetto =)

Anonymous said...


glad you had fun on the date.

i entered the j-14 contest, i'm dying to know if i won! :]


OMG!!! i just remembered who mike stanly da 3rd is!! lol wwell yea... gonna c da jonas brothers tomarrow WOOT!!! to bad u rnt gonna b der :**( (That would be awesome if u are goign...btu its in nj :/)..well yea



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