Thursday, August 23, 2007


Just in case you didn't know......and I know a lot of you Do know.....but obviously some of you don't......

Metro Station has two brother Mason Musso is the lead singer.....

and Miley's brother Trace Cyrus is the when Miley and I go to their shows....we're both supporting our brothers....

Very Cool Information if you didn't already know save your money and buy the CD when it comes out in September!!



jrcarey said...

that nice of you guys hope your brothers band sell 9billion CD'S

Heidi said...

Thats so cool that your brother and miley's brother sing together!
Hope they sell alot of CD's!!

Kylee said...

Haha ill buy it...

Who didnt know that?

Thanks for telling us! :]

Kylee from Texas

jessinicole. said...

haha me and my friend knew about mileys brother being a singer, but it took me a couple days to realize your brother was also a singer. Well i feel slow now >.<

and well like i said before, im so buying the cd... ferrizzles :P

Anonymous said...

i didnt know that cool uhhh yeah thanks im so bored k i wont make you read a whole paragraph so ill stop talking or writing whatever



marykateee =) said...

Mason and Trace are also amazinggggg.
I am in love with their music,thanks for intorducing it to me!!!
I am deff. buying the CD when it comes out!
Keep up the amazing work you are doing.

Kylee said...

oh haha guess what?

I think im going to California over Spring Break! yeah that forever from now, but im VERY excited. I really hope i meet you then.

Oh and you got me saying peace out now :]

I offically have 6 of my friends IN LOVE with Metro Station, I just told them on AIM about their cd and they are very excited :]

i appreciate you posting here and taking your time to talk to us, your AWESOME.


Kylee form Texas

Anonymous said...

I hope they come to ut, so i can see them!
i love you! ~Hope

erica said...

already saved my money!

Carly said...

ahh mitchel trust me im buying the cd! lol i love MEtro Station! and im So phsycd for them to come to illiois! lol im countin down and everything 30 days!! iv got my tickets and outfit i am soo readyy! and i totally understand what u said earlier about u wanting the night about the band thats soo nice of u!!

Cant wait!!! woah hooo!

whats ur fav metro station song?? jw??

lol i love kelsey! and disco!

well better go. im gunna watch some hannah montana!!!

love ya!



Olga said...

Metro Station is really good.
You should have them on Hannah
Sometime soon.

I love that song
"Seventeen Forever" :]

Some Amazing Band right theree. [:
Ill put some songs on my ipod. :D


iLOVEshoez said...

I'm gonna buy their CD first thing in the morning!!! They are awesome!!

Luv ya' Mitchel!!

Tiffany said...

that's so fun you guys do that :] so this is a pic of me and you on your site >> and if you look alot of people have said we look cute together ;] lol. hmmm, something to think about? lol

anyways, yeah i'll probably buy the cd. i've been on their myspace, their music is really cool!

ttyl -tiffany

Anonymous said...

hey mitchel :)

im deff gonna buy it when it comes out! i cant wait to see them in concert. maybe you'll be there =] im sending you some bracelets soonn .. i hope you like them ! have a great weekend love <3

MM_luvr_4_eva said...

what is the CD called and when is it coming out? i NEED it! :D i love you...still and forever will

Tiffany said...

I already knew that
but that's really cool.
and its obviously a small world.
anyways, can't wait to see you at the signing!!
I think next time you should go in El Segundo =)
Oh and you guys really need to tell us who won the contest.
I hope I do.
Anyways, can't wait for the CD.

Leanna Marie said...

Aw. They were playing about 3,000 miles away from my access.

Good luck to them!

~Leanna Marie
P.S. I miss you on HM. They really need more epis where you rap. Because that is the greatest thing ever! Cheese Jerky! HAHA!

Abby from Texas said...

cool!!!!! i new that trace cyrus was in the band but didnt know there was any relation between miley and i feel like an idiot. yep i am really glad you name is spelt with one l. haha. i would have never thought of that!!! i will buy the metro station cd!!! if i had enough money i would buy 1841204939292312 of them!!!! =] =] =]

Abby <3

please read my blog

Hannah said...

wow....i didn't know who was in the band..... i wanna see them perform some time.

well, good luck with your music. you shud open for miley/hannah montana on tours. that would be so cool!

btw, do you have a fan email address? ally said that you don't but that was a while ago...

Anonymous said...

SAWEET! I will totally get the cd! Heck, I will listen to it NONSTOP!

Abby from Texas!! said...

omigosh i totally forgot to tell you this!!! well this summer i went to minnesota with my best friend and her aunt is having a baby and we asked what she was naming it..and she said mitchel and we started GIGGLING SOOO HARD!! and she was like "whats so funny" adn we were like uhh nothing...she is naming him mitchel lee. but i told my friend to tell her to name him mitchel tate. =] exciting right. well i guess that isnt much compared to the girl named mitchel musso haha...but o well!!

it was exciting!!

<3 Abby

katie said...

Whats your new song called?
You are great on Hannah Montana! Sometimes i wish i was on a tee-vee series it would be so fun! I really want a record label too . but thats prob. never going to happen . hhahahah =] .
I stopped by to say hey and i love you .


macy said...

hey mitchel!
i'll be at the metro station concert in kirkland,washington this saturday!
if theres anything you want me to say to mason or trace..let me know.[if i talk to them]:]
&&i cant wait to hear the new song!
have a great weekend!
<3 macy

Emily said...

Ahhh Metro Station owns. :D Are you going to attend the show in Anaheim on December 3rd? :) I'm hopefully gonna go to that show. I was gonna go on August 20th but I had no ride. /= So hopefully in December. I am most definitely gonna buy it!

Anonymous said...

tell trace to take singing lessons in the nicest way possible. thanks

Anonymous said...

The fact that you're both really supporting your siblings makes me go 'd'awwww...'

but, seriously. no need to be an advertisment whore, babe - jkjkJK. Rest assured, I'm purchasing their CD because I like their music... not because some supa-sexy guy who happens to be the lead singer's brother advertised it. O:D

btw - why else would you and miley go see your brothers in concert other than to support them? Duuuhr. Thou art inducing the shifty eyes of rabid couply fans, dawg! Just thought I'd let you know O:D

Amanda Q said...

fo sho lol ill soo buy it thats weird there my favorite band and i didnt even know you guys were related thats Awesomelicious! xD

well omg i know who it is its Michael Steger i checked i used "Ctrl F" and typed it in and only 3 people put it yepp us kids are pretty smart =]

oh yea <1+2 you!! =]

with much love,

Amanda Q....

Anonymous said...

It's not out in the UK yet is it? I like promote Metro Station over here lol, most my friends are like addicted to "Disco"!

Anonymous said...

Hey! Ask your brother if I could be a backup dancer for their band. I know the robot :)

mel said...

hey mitchell!!

im mel.. and im 15.. and i reckon im your biggest australian fan.. hahaa!

just wanted to say you're an amazing actor &. seem like such a sweet and genuine person =]

just wanted to say hi =] & come to australiaa one dayy !!

if i lived in the usa, id deff go see the shows, sounds awesome. hopefully one day wen i go to america [ive been wanting to for agesss] ill be able to see somethingg!

anyways keep up the good work

ps. i lovee this blog thing you havee. its so good that you update heaps, awesomee much ..
pps. u guys are brilliant on hannah! im addicted to the show from all the way here !!

mel xoxo

Anonymous said...

and manson and trace r both amazing!!!!!!!! im sure they r both glad to have great siblings like u there to support them!!!!! i cant wait till there cd comes out im deffinitly gonna get it!!!!! have an amazing week!!!!!

Anonymous said...

that's way cool!...i will try 2 get that cd!...thanks 4 teelling us!!..o yeah i will give u a new quote whenever i can!'s this one..
don't say "I Can't" because then you won't even try...
like it?..g2g 4 school!

~*~*~*luv2laugh*~*~*~ :) remember bigger, happier, and has awesome hair like u!!

Anonymous said...

omg that is cool.that mileys brother and ur brother sing together. =]

<333 Leslie

jordan said...

This is way off topic but I saw somewhere on the internet "OMG MILEY CYRUS AND MICHELLE MUSSO ARE GOING TO BE IN HSM 2" i'm pretty sure that person meant you lol! Even though you weren't in hsm2 I don't know where this person got their A) information and b) you're name!?


Maris-AAAH! :]] said...

Hello again. I only heard of Metro Station... two days ago? Yeah. Now, to search on YOUTUBE! :DD Yay.

Well, adios! :]]

Anonymous said...

my friend && I went to Best Buy the other day && we just were playign with the speakers && started blasting metro station & so many people were like wow they're amazing ! then the best buy people yelled at us ! && were just ran out hysterical laughing ! it was great !
when is your new song coming out ?

-xo Michele

Leanne xP said...

I can't wait hear their music! I'm so buying the CD. I'm like making my friends buy it too.

Katie said...

HA! i'm buy it! no dout!
Katir from Ohio

Christina said...

Ill buy it my birthday's in september!

I_love_you_like_woah7920 said...


Georgina Lily! said...

Yeah I knew, But Thanks For Letting Us Know!! =]

And Awesome, If The Cd Comes Out In England Ill Deffinatley Buy It!!

To Be Honest I Didnt Like Metro Station At First, But Now After Hearing Them A few Times More, I Really Like Them.
I Love The Song Kelsey, Its On My Mypsace Page! =]

Lv Georgina xxx

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel!!

Metro Station ROX!!! I asked my mom if she would take me to their concert in Detroit, Michigan cuz thats the closest place to me where their gonna be playing... cuz I live in Ontario, but she said no.:( Anyways I hope your bro and Miley's bro stick with their band, make more AWESOME music and sell a lot of CD's!!!! I know I'm gonna buy one! Or I could get it for my Birthday on October 19th!!! That would be the best!!!

Anyways I just have to say that you should take some time to see your fans in Canada! You should do a signing in Toronto! If you do I'll be there!!! Think about it! Or you could do a signing in Windsor, or Kitchener, or London! Just incase you don't know, which you most likley do, those city's are all in Ontario, Canada! Sorry I took up so much space to write about where you should go for a signing, but you have sooooo many fans here that want to meet you sooo badly!! I mean you don't just have fans in the States. Anyway, sorry again I used up that much space.

-Chelsea AKA Chilli.G
(the "G" stands for "Girl". my friend Kaitlyn gave me that nickname!:D)

Anonymous said...

cant wait till cd i been awaiting 4 ever!!!! do u what songs r going to be on it? there the best band ever!! no joke!! im so thankful that u got me into them!!! 4 sure going to whatch to see u on teen choice awards!!! hope u have a rocken weekend!!!:]

livvy! said...

metro station are amazinggggg.
control is definitely my favourite song, but i love kelsey aswell.
mitchel, come to england soon? please?
haha, then i can meet you (:
loves n stuff, livvy x x x

jessie said...

trace is cute

Olivia said...

mitchel the title reminds me of my video on youtube when i shout

i pre ordered the CD :]]

PLEASEEE come to the Dec. 4th one at the wiltern in LA.. pretty please??? (:

thats nice of you to let the night be about your brother :]]

wow thats sad that someone on the comments said that trace needed singing lessons.
traces voice is very like...emo like stuff, in a good way, they have no right to say that :]

i talked to mason sort kinda a little when i was on stage during "control" like everyone else practically, fun times :D


McKennah said...

Hey Mitchel.
I didn't know Miley's bro sings with your bro. That is so cool. Either way Metro Station rocks!It would be so great if they came to Montana some time. Can't wait for this weeks Hannah Montana! Good luck to Hannah Montana at the rewards! I will be watching!Hope your new song comes out soon! You did so great on the other one.Can't wait for you to suprise us all some more.


Anna =] said...

I knew Trace was a singer
and I realized that Mason sang when I saw the "Kelsey" video.
They're just simply amazing.

I am sure buying their cd. like I mentioned.

Elizabeth said...


I knew that and they are both really good singers! Did people think you and Miley went together cause they thought you were a couple?

I'm soo buying their CD. Their music is addicting!

<3 Liz

ally m said...

haha, so the first time i ever heard about metro station was from you, and then like the next day at my friends we were watching tv & this music video comes on and in the corner it said "metro station - seventeen forever"

haha i was like OMG! now i have lots of their music on my mp3. :]

& none of my friends really know about them, but im getting them all into them :D and this girl who goes to a different school then mine, her profile on AIM said "metro station = amazingggg"

haha i thought that was cool.

<3 ally m.


I'm sooo buying the CD the day it comes out!!! I am also going to the show in Milwaukee in November! I can't wait!!!!
When are you gonna let us hear your new song? Could you tell us what it's called? :)

becca said...

haha... i've known that for a while. i have been a fan of theirs for a loooong time... i love metro station! i can't wait for their cd... sept 18!!!!

Deanna said...

Hey Mitchel, I went to Metro Station's show last night. Two and a half hours of driving and we finally get to there find out that they cancelled. So yeah, it kinda really sucked. I was really upset.

So we ended up driving 5 hours last night and I didn't even get to see my favorite band! And the place was so cool, too. It would've been an awesome show.

I hope I get to meet you though, will you still be at the Santa Clara Convention Center on September 16th? I know I've asked a few times but I haven't seen an answer anywhere, what time will you be there? Any other info? Please? Thanks Mitchel.

Marcy said...

Metro Station is really good, I've heard their songs.
I have a question though.. how did Mason and Trace end up singing together? Or did they meet by you and Miley being friends and started a band or whatever?
I'll buy a CD! And if I don't I'll download they're songs onto my iPod.

Chelsie said...

Yeah I knew. I kinda made the connection and figured that he was Miley's brother lol and I had it confirmed by some of their fans and stuff.

I really like them. And no, I'm not just saying that lol I'm serious. I really like their music and both Mason and Trace's voice. Plus the lyrics are amazing! I love how Mason has this little accent-ish thingy to his voice and Trace does that whisper-breahing voice. But yeah anyway, I can't wait to see them, that'll be fun. And I can't wait for the album. I love Kelsey and Now That We're Done the most. But wow I'm really excited to see what the whole album is going to sound like!

Okay, I'll stop going on and on now. But you should make a blog about what your favorite bands/artists, songs and stuff like that are. I'm sure everyone would be as interested as I am to know.



Rebekah said...

Hey Mitchel!

Wow it's been a while since i've been able to comment. I felt so out of the loop, hah. I'll definitely buy their cd, because they rock! Hopefully I can make it to one of their shows!!

I was watching disney channel and I saw a disney 365 episode from the HSM 2 premiere and you were in it! You made me laugh with the Ryan thing.

Have an AMAZING weekend! =]

Love, Rebekah

Disa said...

Hii Mitchel!

I've been a fan of Metro Station since around September and they are finally coming to Washington (:
I'm going to their show tomorrow night and I'm so excited :D

A little while ago Trace posted a bulletin on Myspace saying how they needed places to stay the nights after their shows. So I told Trace they could all stay at my house and he said they might take me up on that offer. Hahaha.

And I'm definitely going to buy their CD (:

Maris-AAAH! :]] said...

Hai again. I listened to Metro Station, and I'm completely in love with them! <33 I really wish I lived in California, so I could go to their concerts. :[[ I guess I'll settle for the CD.

Marisa. <33

Anonymous said...

Alright, this was only guessed twice, but is it Cooper? I wasn't able to go to the concert, but even so, I still understand why you would try to stay low key. After all, it is your brother's night, and you just didn't want it to turn into a show for Hannah Montana fans. I'll have to buy their CD! I can't wait to here your new song too! *smile*


Ashley said...

i will totally buy the cd....i love mitchell musso...he is only 2 years older than me...i love his style and personality so much...i hope that someday i will get to meet him in person because im not gonna ever get to go to disney world for any permires and if u think im rich cause i have internet it is not true this is my grandmas computer so if there is any contest to meet u let me me ashley

Meg said...

Hey Mitchel

im so excited for the cd!! They are bam-a-licious!!

I think it's so sweet how you support your brother!! He has an amazing voice and so do you!

i just wanted to let you know that i think everything you do is ahmazing and you're so inspiring to me and i looove you!!

lol now im kinda embarresed

love meg

brooke said...

eeek i love metro station :D.
& i hope to go to one of their concertss!
mitchie. i want to see you so bad /: PLEASE GO BACK TO CHICAGO!


brooke said...

i love you.


brooke said...

oh yeah and trace and mason are the best! i love them.
.. i like mason a bit more, just cause his hair is rad and his voice is amazzzzing (:
have a good weekend!


Daniella said...

But I live in Israel :(
How I can buy it?

brooke said...

ohh btw,




I knew datt =)P
And I already have like 20 bucks aside for that cd, dont worry sweetie.
Wuv u mucho mista Musso!

brooke said...

did i mention i love you?

cause i do.


ttran said...

Hi, Mitchel!

Really? My sister told me that Miley's brother was in Metro Station, but I got thought she was confused with your brother. Well, it's really cool that you two are so supportive!

I was sick yesterday, so I had to make my speech today...made an A! Whoo-hoo!!

Have an awesome weekend!

Jessica said...

Hello, Mitchel!
OMG, I haven't written in the last couple of days with school and homework and all that.
There's a girl named Mitchell Musso??!!!
That's really cool!
Wow, staying up until 2 in the morning to finish a song? That must be tough, but I'm sure it'll be awesome!
I really would like to go to a Metro Station concert. That'd be fun.
*squee* YAY, Hannah Montana's up for the Teen Choice Awards! Good luck to you all 'cause y'all deserve it!
So, yeah, these past few days have been good and bad for me. I feel really sucky now though 'cause my legs are so sore from gym that I can't walk that good and I think I might have a cold. :(
But yeah. High school seems really interesting so far. I'm slowly starting to get used to it, lmao! :P
Welllllll, I hope you have an AWESOME weekend!

*dα n Y E L L ' said...

I can't wait for the exact release date of the CD. I'll buy it for sure...even though I have most of the songs downloaded already:))))).
I hope Metro Station descides to tour in Canada this upcoming year!! I CAN'T WAIT!

Love Always,

ally m said...

eeek! i just found out that they are coming to my city [grand rapids, mi] in october ! :]


i love you mitchel. cant wait for the new song !

<3 ally m.

Dani said...

Quick question, how many peeps are actually in the band? I knew about Trace and Mason, but I thought I saw another dude. Who is it?

Have an incredibly amazing rockin' weekend! Have fun at the awards!

I survived the first week of school! Only 175 more days left.. Wooh...


Jessica (AGAIN!) said...

Sorry....ahem...I mean....
I just read over my post and I saw that I forgot to put my hearts! *Smacks hand on forehead*
Well, here they are:

I do hope that's enough.............LOL!

Fer said...

I'm definitely buying it!
I love them!<3

brendasally said...

some people are like getting angry that
you didn't really be social.
like honestly everyone needs to get over it.

so many people just went for you.
and i think that was lame.

i mean its good that you
have all this support and stuff
and i think your amazing
at all the htings you do.

but seriously guys.
go because you like metro station.
not just to go meet mitchel.

sorry i just had to say that.

i mean im a huge fan of yours but yah.
i also loove metro station.
i've been a huge fan of theirs
since the beginning.

and im not saying dont go.
i think its great your supporting your
brother. why wouldn't you?

and still put their name
out there for everyone to see.
but i just hope the fans realize
how amazing metro is.

i really dont know
how to word all that.
but i hope you understood it.

i loove you soo much.
and i think you have such
a talented family !!


ps. go red team :D

Rachel said...

oooh! I can't wait to buy their CD! I love Metro Station's songs!

God Bless,
<3's Rachel

Michalena said...

hah awhh i wish you flew out to ONE of your brothers shows in PA september 5th. lol even tho thats really far. lol

Sara said...

I'm definetly buying. I was already planning on it lol. I LOVE Metro Station. They're amazing. End of story lol.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait for their CD !!!!
And I'm going to the concert in September so I shall pre-order it !

Sara said...

Im going to see them again next week!
Im reallyy exxcited!
Im gonna take pictures with them this time though cuz last time I was too afraid. :P
Im gonna pre-order their cd at the concert too.
Im reallyy excited!!! lol.