Friday, August 10, 2007


You guys are the Best Fans in the World! I went on POPSTAR today to see the voting for the top 5 POPSTAR people........
This was posted on my website

Popstar! posted a new Blog on MySpace asking their friends to vote for their Top 5 Stars of the Summer. Then, once the voting is over, they'll use the Top 5 winners in some special way.

I was looking at your posts and thinking how cool it was that you guys took the time to vote for me. There are a lot of great people in the list....but I just think it's great that you enjoy Hannah and that I make you laugh and you enjoy the show enough to vote for me.

We are working on the show this week. Emily and I have scenes together on the beach. I can't tell you what it's about......but I can tell you the scenes have something to do with an interesting piece of food.....

My brother Mason has been traveling with his band all around the world ...I hope some of you have been able to see his show. Check out their band on

I am working on another new song this week......I don't know how many of you heard "Wasn't Your Girlfriend"....but that's up on YOUTUBE just by typing in "Wasn't Your Girlfriend" as well as "Let's Go" which you can hear by typing in Mitchel Musso Citywalk or you can catch both of them by going through the info. on

So....I know you guys are excited about High School Musical 2! right? That's airing next week along with a new episode of "Hannah". Just so you know.....I am not in the Jonas episode. But....I will be in Phineas and Ferb which is their surprise new Animated series that will air right after "High School". I play Jeremy....let me know if you see my character.

By the way....thanks for the MILEY WORLD comments.....I had a blast making the video's.

I hope everyone has an incredible Weekend! What movies are you going to see? Where are you going? What are you doing before school starts? Have a blast whatever you decide to do. You deserve it!



MeganP2010 said...

!!!! you're so cool! I'm really excited about all these new episodes of Hannah-- you're so funny!!

I'm hoping to stop by the metro station concert when they come to SF... I think it's in November? Either way, I really want to go, you got me hooked! I love their music! Kelsey is a really good song and it's on my myspace and everything!

School is startingg wayyyyy too soon... the 29th I think?? Well, I still have some time untill then, so I plan on hanging out with my friends and going shopping and watching movies and stuff! But I actually am excited about school, because that thursday I'm going to the Jonas Brothers concert!

Hope you're having fun! How could you not... you're an actor!


Sasha said...

Hey Mitchel,
I'm glad to vote for you. You are really awesome! I cant wait to see new "Hannah Montana" episodes. Also cant wait to hear your other new song. I'll be sure to watch Phineas and Ferb. Before school starts it my grandfathers b-day. So hopefully we have fun on that day. Then Monday is that horrible day before school. School can be fun though right?
Hope you have a great time before school starts to Mitchel!


Vicky said...

Loving the new song! From all the way in England! :) haha.

It sucks you wont be in the Jonas episode though :( it's just not the same without Oliver!

Amazing! OhYeah!!!! =] said...

i voted for you 5 times in that thing for popstar.
i deff totally and completly hope you win.
im pullin' for you =]
school starts next wednesday.
i made the volleyball team, so my summers been over for a while.
i hope your doing awesome!

Kylee said...

im happy to vote for you are amazing! i cant believe ur not gonna be in the new hannah that stinks. but yeah i cant wait for ur new song its exciting.i hope you have fun with what ur doing and i hope to meet you one day!! your awesome!! and i will being loking for ur character!
i love you!!
love kylee from texas.
peace out.

Jessica said...

Aww, Mitchel, that's so sweet that you think that! That just made my day a WHOLE lot better! I wish I could vote for you..but I don't have a MySpace, haha, but hopefully you get in the Top 5! I can't wait to see your and Emily's scenes on the beach! Hmm, food, huh? Maybe it's about SUSHI, lol!
Ok, I'm like, in LOVE with "Wasn't Your Girlfriend"! It's so ADDICTIVE!
Aww, I wish that you'd be in the Jonas episode, but I can't wait for Phineas and Ferb. Is it true that Ashley Tisdale is in it too?
Well, in 3 days, I'll be a Freshman in HIGH SCHOOL!! OH MY GOD!! I'm SO nervous, but I hope it'll be fun, too!
Well, that's all for now! I hope you have an AWESOME week!

marykateee =) said...

I voted for you for the Popstarr thing.
I hope you winnn!!!
Anyway....good luck with your upcoming song!
I can't wait to hear it!!
Keep up the great workkk,you are an amazingg personn and you just keeping surprising me more and more everytime you do something new.
p.s I tried Sushi because I know how much you likedd's pretty good!!

MeganP2010 said...

oh yeah... and did I mention I'm working now? Yeah that's been my summer!! I worked at a preschool councelor with all the little kiddies for a week, and now I'm working at a receptionist at my dad's office... hence the reason I'm on your website so early in the morning!

And I actually do like your new song... I'm usually not into that kind of music, but I really like your voice and I think your lyrics are really cool!


Meg said...


Thats sweet that u think were the best fans!! well i bet i speak for everyone when i say youree the best everything!!

Im so Excited for the next Hannah you're in!! Interesting food?? sounds funn=]

New songg!!! YAY!! I bet it's great just like your other two!! Wonder what thiss one'ss aboutt...hmmm

Im so excited about HSM2, my friend is thinkin of havin me and my other bff sleep overr or suntin

Im excited for Phineas & Ferb too!!

My weekend has been kinda boring... I was spposed to go to the mall wit my bff but she got sick and my horse back lesson got rained out=[ I think i might go see underdog though cuz it was filmed in Providence and i live near there{{warwick}}

im so nervous for high school!! i dont know anybodyy and the school is so bigg!!! ahh any advice???

Have a fabbulous weekend


MARIAM. [: said...

i love youu.

i voted for you.
about a thousand times.

whenever you post a blog or something it makes my day.

i can't wait to see phineas and ferb.
and hear your new music!
i hope you have a terrific week end.

mariam. [:

i think its


Miranda said...

I start school on Monday! I'm really nervous. Never been to a new school before. But yet I have Wednesday - Friday off so I guess I still have some vacation time left.

Last night my friend Amanda and I hung out with our good friend Monica. We haven't seen her in soo long. We were at a festival so we rode rides, and basically just talked. I might go see Becoming Jane with her next week. And I met some of her friends who are going to the same high school as me so I'm not so nervous now!

Enough about me...I hope you're one of the top five stars. You deserve it! My friends and I defiantely have a good laugh when we watch the show. (We like Cory in the House too.)

Have fun!

Anonymous said...

WTF?! Gosh, this makes me not even want to watch the HM episode this week! You deserve to be in every episode.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel,

Thank you so much for the letter and the autograph I got yesterday and I though it was the sweetest thing I got being a fan of yours.

Also this past week I have been busy at soccer camp in which us players from my team practice for four days and we did conditioning by running and getting fit for the season. My team is going to go to the Disney labor day in which I can't wait for.
I really can't wait for the new shows coming this week with I won't miss before school and I want to see the new "Phineas and Ferb" show.

I hope you have a good weekend!!

Your Fan,


Olga said...

Mitchel I voted for you
3 Times, and all 5 of those
People were you, Your going to
Be #1 Haha[:

How could you not be in the new
Episodeee? Thats not fair, Im not
a big Jonas fan, but still, You
haveeee to be in that episode. :[

I cant wait to hear your new song,
Its probably going to be really good. :D You need to make an album,
I guarantee that I would be the first one to buy it :D

I cant wait to see the other new episodes, ones that your going to be in, and I really want to see Phineas and Ferb[:

And, Im probably the least excited to see High School Musical, Im Really, really, not a big fan.

Have a Good Weekend :D
I love you so muchh


Amanda said...

Hey Mitchel!!

It's SOOOO nice to hear from you again. Hope all is doing well.

I hope you win the POPSTAR thing. It's be REALLY nice, if you won. I'll be praying, and voting all weekend. Good luck!

When I read, that you said, you're not in The Jonas episode; I started whining to my sister. (And I'm STILL whining!!) My sisters, and I really want more Oliver. I'm also excited that you're working on Hannah, this week. I also cannot wait, untill your new song! I just love your other two songs, and I just want more, and more, every time I listen to the songs.

Before school starts, what am I doing?? Ummmmm... watching more Hannah, cheering on the red team, for DC Games, going to a surprise party for my uncle, swimming, and auditioning at Jacob's feild, to sing the National anthem, at one of the games. (The last one is a BIG maybe, coming from my mom. Dang!) What are you doing before school starts?? Whatever you do, I hope you have a ton of fun!!

Have a great weekend, and stay cool!
Deticated to you forever, and always
Amanda <3333

Alyssa said...

Hey Mitchel!

I voted 10 times for you in the Popstar! Poll.

School doesn't start until September 4th, but I still have summer reading to do. Ugh. :( Maybe I'll just do it while watching Hannah Montana :)!

I SO want to see HSM2, but I have to go camping that weekend. Double Ugh. :( I'm sure they'll be lots of reruns though.

I just got back from visiting my best friend in Missouri, but I'm staying home the rest of the summer, not that there's much summer left. We watched Hannah every night I was there, as usual. :)

You should SO come to Connecticut. We have this awesome sushi place right down the road called Fuji's. It's a Japanese Steakhouse with sushi and hibachi tables and everything. You would definitely love it.

Hope you have a great weekend!!!


Makenzye said...

hey mitchel! can't wait for Phineas and Ferb! are you going to the High School Musical 2 premiere at Downtown Disney on Tuesday the 14th? hope to see you there! looking forward to your new song!

Anonymous said...

AAAAAAw, youre so nice=) I tried to vote, but I dont have Myspace. I still love you, thuogh.HOW CAN YOU NOT BE IN THE NEW EPISODE!!!!!

Luv, Review Girl

brit said...

hey mitchel,
I hate it when u r not in HM episodes. :( It makes me miss your face. But, i love the Jonas Brothers so they will get me through it.
Anyways, i start school the week after next. :/ So im just trying relax. Cuz it's been really hot here in Memphis. Like 100, 99, 98,97 degress outside. But, im glad your doing good. And i found out recently that Miley and Cyrus are coming her to Memphis. So, im going to see if i can convice my mom to le me go. That's going to take alot. Wish me Luck.

Kad. said...

Hey Mitchel!

Haha, I voted for you. Can't wait to see the new episodes, and I can't wait to hear your new song!

School starts next month for me, so I have some time left. I've been going out with my friends at the mall, and saw a poster of you in J-14, ahaha. I'll be moving to New York soon, so it'll be a big move from Paris.... :|

Have a nice weekend!

Amber said...

awww, I hate it when there is no Oliver in episodes. : ( how sad. well, school starts in about a month for me, and I'm going to Schlitterbahn next week in Galveston Tx. (BTW, you need to visit Houston and come see me ; )) I actually have to go to the movies tonight with my best friends boyfriend. I'm kinda the 'overprotective' best friend so I have to check him out before she can date him. lol. shouldn't that be the guys job?? well, obviously not, since I'm doing it. We are going to see Chuck and Larry, hopefully it's as funny as it looks. Um, another thing i have to do before school starts... get braces. pleh. But I am super excited about the new show Phineas and Ferb, especially because you are in it!! yay! I'm actually having a little party for HSM2 premiere... if it's not sad that a 13 year old is inviting five friends for a sleepover to watch a disney movie, I don't know what is. Anyways, I think this has been long enough... Can't wait for new songs!

Love Ya,
PS. Vist TEXAS!! : )

Olivia said...

hey mitchel it's me again.
well i'm going to 2 metro station concerts this month.
one in san diego
and then the one in hollywood you'll be at.
i'll definately say hey cause like i maed the vid. that was in your last post.
we misss you yes we do :]
yess i voted for you, i don't normally vote for things but this time i voted you and emily, my favorites.

this is too long so i'll ttyl.

Anonymous said...

Mitchel,u deserve people voting for u! You are the sweetest,cutest guy. And I think any1 who is sweet enough 2 write blogs about what's up with u, should be #1! I voted for you A LOT! And I can't wait for phineas and ferb. I'm sure I'm gonna luv it. Andd I'm sure you haven't got the info(or maybe u have)that miley is going on tour with the jonas brothers and I was wondering if u r maybe going 2 one? Cause I am going to I think 4. Oh btw thnx for taking ur time out for mileyworld. I almost talked 2 u but u left 1 room and the biggg room froze my computer a billion times. But I had 2 go 2 a aly and aj,corbin bleu,drake bell concert. I left 2 hours early...but I really really wanted 2 talk 2 u! So if u ever go on again I'm mitchelmusso06 well I'm gonna go cause I'm gonna go listen 2 my new cd. luv u!,

P.S. I can't wait till sept.16! I'm gonna give you a little surprise pack since you r soo awesome!

Anonymous said...

hey mitch!!!
ok about my friend with wasn't your girlfriend....she thought it was cool!....i can't wait until the high school musical 2 premire!....too bad u aren't in the jonas episode.... :(....but p/f is gonna be on!...that's what i thought anyways!....yeah school starts monday...not cool....umm i don't think i'm gonna see any movies anytime soon though....i'll be going to my friend's houses!....yeah that's about it...ok have an awesome rest of the summer...and weekend!
KEEP ROCKIN' & :) @ urself 4 being who u r!!

~*~*~*luv2laugh*~*~*~ ;)
p.s. my friend says hi!

brooke said...

hi mitchie [:
finally you blogged! lol i've been waiting for you to leave us something.
anyways, i cannot believe you aren't in "me and mr. jonas" thats so sad /: ; now theres no point of the episode. lol.
eek, i've been to metro station's myspace, recently i've gained interest in them. im in LOVE with the song kelsey. its amazing.. along with the video.
i really wanted to see them in concert. but guess what! miley is going to be performing in cincinnati the same night they are! i know, a massive bummer.
but i've been dieing to see miley in concert for SO long. i'll DEFINATLY catch them next time...
eek and the j14 win a date contest ends soon! im so excited. im hoping i win. i worked on my letter for 4 months! haha making sure it was perfect. that would mean the world to me if i won.
well, have a great weekend :). talk to you soon!


Casey [KC] said...

BUMMER!!! *SAD* =(

Jessica said...

another new song?? yer so ahamzing :DD im excited for it !

Fer said...

Hey Mitchel!
it' so cool to hear from you!
I'm excited about the new Hannah episodes but it sucks you're not in the Jonas episode it's not the same without you, you make me laugh a lot!!!
I'm excited for Phineas and Ferb too. Can't wait!
Oh and I voted for you on the Popstar thing like a thousand times I really hope you win=D
yay! new song it's gonna be awesome like the others!
You're soooo cool!have an amazing weekend!<3

Anonymous said...

Mitchel you are so great! we all love you and we love seeing you on hannah. You are so cool! I am really excited about high school musical 2. and I can't wait for the new episodes of hannah. I really like your brother's band they are soo great! My school starts the 20th and I'm not so excited. Actually i'm kinda nervous because I'm starting high school, but it'll be great. tonight I am finally going to see "I now pronounce you Chuck and Larry" I hear it is so funny! so I can't wait for that. and I will be going shopping for school stuff. well I just wanted to tell you, you are soo amazing and i hope to see you in so many more movies and shows and things like that. Thanks for having the blog so we can hear about what you're up to.

You're fan-
Tonya <3

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel!! Hope your summer is going good!! I can't wait to see the new Hannah Montanas that you are working on and your new song!! Keep on rockin'!!!


Rachel said...

hey Mitchel!!!

that's another reason why I voted for u on Popstar's Top 5 Fave Stars of Summer! You totally appreciate ur fans which ROCK! haha
I bet you'll win!

I luv your 2 songs so far! I can't wait to hear more.

I also love Metro Station! I hope I get to see them perform sometime.

I can't wait for HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL 2!!! And new Hannah epi's & Phineas & Ferb!

Before school starts I'm totally gonna hang & chill with my friends again. Sluuuumber party!!! haha

God Bless,
<3's Rachel

Holly said...

Hey Mitchel sounds awesome! I am going on vacation before school starts. I cant wait to see more of you on Hannah Montana. You are so funny and the show is awesome!

Ashley said...

That is soooooo cool! I voted 4 you on POPSTAR! myspace most deffinatly. I also loved the Kelsey vid. Your brother is a real good singer, must be where you get it from!LOL! I'm looking foward to all new Hannah Episodes! I'm also going to watch Phineas & Ferb even though I don't like Cartoons if it's got you and Ashley Tisdale it's bound to be good! As for my summer I've got NO plans it's been a pretty boring summer except for watching new Hannah Episodes.TTYL!
Peace-out,and God Bless
<3 Ashley

Isidora said...

A NEW SONG!? I wait to see you in MTV xD
The new episodes of Hannah Montana, begins Friday 17. I can't wait to see you in acton *-*

Samantha said...

Aww, you are a Top 5 star! At least I think so!

And I also think its great you make me laugh. I enjoy laughing. Hahaha.

Hmmm... Interesting piece of food... What could it be.....

Metro Station Rocks!

Another new song? Sweet. You are really good you know.

Yes! Very excited! What? Oliver doesn't get to meet the Jonas Brothers? Thats no fun... But I love JB so I'll still love the episode....

My weekend is still a mystery. I have no idea what I'm doing, but thanks! You have a great weekend too!


Emily said...

MIITCHEELLL (: I may be going to the AUGUST 20TH show of Metroo Stattioonn. :D

I'm sad you won't be in the JB episode :( I really really am. PSH -__- I can't believe Oliver's not in it!

Anyways, Rush Hour 3 comes out so I'll hopefully see that next week. I'll probably go back to school shopping today :D Haircut too? On Tuesday I'll be going to the HSM2 Premiere @ Downtown Disney to see all the stars walk the red carpet! :D

Anonymous said...


i saw one of the promo pics from the Jonas episode, & i was like "omg. i dont see mitchel..!"

so now im really upset that you wont be in it.

Thanks for finally updating, i've been wondering whats going on with you! haha but i know youre busy.

well i voted for you & since i wont be seeing you on aug. 17 in HM, so ill just have to watch phineas & ferb! lol.

cant wait for the new song!
love youuuu.

<3 ally m.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel!! What's up? That's great that there is gonna be another episode of HM, but I'm sad that you're not gonna be in the Jonas Bros one, what were you doing during then? But yah my school starts in like 3 days and I don't want to go, summer went by too fast!! Luv ya much! BYE!! xoxo

Sara said...

I'm most likely going to see Metro Station Nov 11th when they tour with Motion City Soundtrack. I'm soo excited! Thanks to you when you posted their link months ago I was like "hmm i wonder if they are good" and the more I listened to them the more I got addicted. I got one of my friends into them too! Haha i love Metro Station.

I voted for you on the popstar! blog for the top 5 hottest stars. I put you as #1 on my list :). I hope you win!

I don't start school untill the 29th and I don't have to go in untill 11. Plus its a brand new school and i live across the street. Its awesome lol. Until then I'm gonna hanging out with friends and reading my summer reading book which I have to get today.

Btw Wasn't Your Girlfriend is awesome! I LOVE it. Its stuck in my head right now actually lol.

Anyway, your amazing Mitchel and I hope your having fun on the set of HM and everything.

Jesenia said...

hey! duh i have to vote for my babe! i know that your going to be in the 5!...xD...Yup!..HSM2!!..i'm so excited!...well take care!..dude! ..xDD


Erin91 said..., emily, and an intersting piece of food...can't wait!

and awe man, i hate the episodes that you're not in! it's not fair :-( for movies, i saw the simpsons movie, which was pretty good, but omg Hot Rod was freakin amazing. it was like will ferell movies+adam sandler movies+napoleon dynomite, and it's so funny. i didn't think it'd be good, but omg, i love it.

can't wait to see new hannah episodes (that you're actually in)

Anonymous said...

oooo I VOTED FOR U!!!!!! omg i cant wait for the new episode i wonder wut the food could be i could only imagine!!!!! i have been listening to metro stations music a lot they r awsome! and omg i love ur songs they r sooo amazing... just like u! i am very excited for the jonas brothers episode, phineas and ferb, and high school musical 2... so who was it u, miley, or emily who is going to appear in hsm 2??? i hope its u!!!!!!! so i just went school supply shopping.... I LOVE IT i think it is sooo much fun!

p.s never EVER smell a rotten potatoe ewwww they smell so gross!!!!!! just trust me dont!!!!! lol just thought i would let u kno


DaniRae said...

Hey, glad to know you're making a new song! Hope it's as good as your two previous songs. (:

Can't wait for the new episodes of Hannah Montana--the show keeps on getting better and better! Oh, and I'll be looking forward to your new show, too. Strange how I have a crush on a boy named Jeremy, and you're playing the role of Jeremy.

Haha, for summer I'm going to drive all the way from my home state down to San Diego, California to catch a cruise that goes to Mexico. That will be on the 22nd. What are your plans for summer?

Hope to hear from you soon,

Molly said...

Wow long blog! You got me really excited about the "interesting scene" with emily, but then I read the food part so yeah. ( I am like a HUGE loliver fan) But still excited! My weekend consist of driving.. I went driving after lunch with my sister haha funny site.. I went 10 mph the whole time.. but we just went around my neighborhood. Btu I have to get my half birthday so i can get my liscense during my birthday month so yeah. I have until november! Cant wait for all the umcoming events!


Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel-
I hope you have a great weekend and I hope it is REALLY relaxing.... you deserve to relax because it sounds like you have been really busy with filming Hannah and plus doing the new animated show!!! I am sure it will be awesome!!! I can't wait to see the new episode with the Jonas Bros.!!! It looks really good! This weekend I am just hangin out with my friends and maybe go TPing!!! We think we are going to TP a girl on my soccer team!! I t will be a lot of fun!! LOL! I am soooo sad that school is going to start up again soon it is REALLY depressing!! HAHA!! When do you start school on set?? and what grade are u going into???

Anonymous said...

OMG!! I'm sure I'm speaking for everybody when I say this, I LOVE YOU!! We all love being your fans and we all love Oliver on Hannah! I can't wait to see the new episodes! But I am sad that your not going to be in the Jonas episode, but I still love Hannah Montana! I live in Texas and school starts on the 27th so...
:( I really want to go but I really don't! Anyway,
HAGS!! Have a great summer! (the rest of it anyway! LOL)


becca said...

Awww, Mitchel, I can't wait to hear your new song. The ones that I've heard are absolutely amazing... so are you! I'm listenin to "Wasn't Your Girlfriend" right now. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that song! I am desperately wanting to find a download of that song so I can listen to it on my mp3 player all the time.
I just found out this morning that Metro Station is coming really close to where I live sometime later this year. I am so pumped, I can't wait to see them. I just watched their video for "Kelsey"... it's great, and Mason is such a good singer!
I'm gonna miss you in the Hannah episode with the Jonas Brothers; Smokin' Oken is my favorite character.
Well, I hope you are having a great week. I am; Tuesday was my birthday and tomorrow I am having a party, so that should be pretty fun. I just saw Hairspray today... that movie is absolutely hilarious. I couldn't stop laughng the entire time I was watchin it.

Well, I guess I'll be going. I can't wait for your next blog!
Much Love! <3

tiffany said...

They better pick you.

I'll slap a ho.


ugh you're so hot i hate it

i get crap from my friends for thinking a 16 year old is hot. they're all bitches.

Anonymous said...

Hello there Mitchelito!!! Thanks for your sweet comments about your fans! I know, that I appreciate a celebrity that is humble, and is grateful for what he/she gets in this world. You are def. one of those people! And, yes, I voted for you!!! I really hope you win!! And, the epi. you're currently filming sounds very interesting. Anyway, who doesn't like food!! I'll def. be tuning in to watch that. And, I love your new song. Very COOL! By the way, I AM LOOKING so forward to "HSM2!" I love those cast members, and am so pumped about watching it!! I've seen "Hairspray" twice, and I've seen "The Simpson's Movie", and " I Now Pronouce You Chuck + Larry!" All of those movies were great, and extremely funny! This summer is just floating on by. AGH! Also, I can't wait to see your new series. It should be hilarious! Love you lots!! Your #1 fan, LYNN from Chicago!!! Muchito Lovito! Hehe!

ttran said...

Hi, Mitchel!!

I totally voted for you because I think you're the BEST!! I hope you win!

A scene at the beach...interesting piece of food...umm...could it be sushi?! Haha! I guess I'll have to wait to watch it!

No freak way!! Another song from you?!! I am totally spazzing out right now! WHOOOO!! I cannot wait to hear it!

Heck yes I'm excited to watch High School Musical 2!!! I'm definitely positive it'll be even better than the first one! Now I'm spazzing out even more!!

And then, after that, you can be sure I'll be watching Phineas and Ferb and "Hannah Montana"!

My weekend was great! I was in Texas, and this time, it didn't rain!! So I had a lot of fun. Then, I came back on Tuesday, and two days later, I started school!! I was so hyper! I think I started freaking people out with all my hyperness...

I hope you have an awesome Friday!!

Anonymous said...

omg!!!! i love u mitchel!!! i cant wait 4 Phineas and Ferb!!! it sounds sooooooooo cool!!!

andrea said...

i voted for u on the popstar thing too. but i wanna ask u somthing thta im not sure how u can reply to but anyway.... do u have a matmice? if there is somway u can reply to that please do.. thanks!!!

Anonymous said...

haha ur so funny ! !
when does the metro station cd come out ? i was looking on their myspace && couldn't find it !
you're getting a 3rd song wow you're an amazing singer !
you should get your own cd ! !
are oliver & lilly gonna kiss, i read it in a magazine ! ! i was shocked, that would be soo adorable !
hope your 3rd song is as amazing as the other 2 !

-xo Michele

Anonymous said...

Thats awesome Mitchel! your soo cool!! I was wondering if you will still be filming Season 3 during the end of fall/biggining of winter?? please let me know! post it in your blog please!! haha!

oh and metro station is a great band, i had no idea that was your brother!! tell him hes awesome!

madoka said...

wow another song! i'm excited to hear it! :] aww it sucks your not gonna be in that episode, your funny. i'm excited to see phineas & ferb too! :]

i just saw hairspray yesterday, it was pretty good.

well have an awesome weekend!

a fan

Catherine said...

Ahh I luv ya!

I'm trying to keep summer up as long as I can. Well, actually, I don't know whether I want the end of August to come or not. I don't want it to end cause I love summer. But I want it to be the end cause then I'll know if I won the j-14s Win a Date with you! (which I wont)

Hope you like the rap I send in...if you ever see it rofl.


Alexandra said...

hey mitchel,
your awsome. having time to read all the comments people have left you. your amazing.

I just heard the song "Wasn't your girlfriend" it was AMAZING!!!!!! you have such a great voice.

I think it sinks that your not going to be on the new Hannah Montana episode next weekend.But, i cant wait for the preview of Phineas and Ferb!!!

I just have one week of summer vacation left. today was my last day in band camp and we did nothing there.I played games and talked and had a blast with all of my planning on going to the movies with a bunch of my friends monday but, to get eveyone there is almost

By the way, how long does it take to get a signed headshot back from you? I was just I so cant wait to hear more songs and i hope you have a great week!!!!

One of your many fans,

Alyssa said...

Hey Mitchel!!
First off, I think you are amazing! The song "Wasn't your girlfriend" is soooooo good! i posted it on my facebook.
I don't have a myspace but I told every single one of my friends that do to vote for you! What grade are you going into again?????
School, school, school. Not fun. But I'm going to be going to the beach, Wisconsin, and the movies a lot.
Have fun.
I love you!!

Anonymous said...

I love you. OMG. I love you and the new song.I will go to get the mail everyday and think of you, hoping to get the reply to my letter.....
I am going out for my first job on Monday, wish me luck!!! :)
Love forever, your number one fan, Hope

that is the best Mitchel video ever!! i love it!!

Anonymous said...

i've already started school, i started august 3, i'm a freshman, i can't wait for the jonas brothers episode, hsm2, and phineas and ferb. i voted for you. i might go see rush hour 3, hope u have a great weekend mitchel!!!!!!!!!! mwah

Anonymous said...

Hi! Sorry I didn't comment in a while; I was at a broadway dance camp this week from 8:30 to 4:30. I am so sore! While I'm apologizing, sorry I couldn't vote for you on popstar's myspace, but I don't have a myspace. I can't wait to see the new episode! I also can't wait to see Phineas and Ferb! I love your music, and I can't wait to hear more! When's the next time you'll be on Miley World? Wish me luck! I have an audition next saturday! Good luck with anything your doing! Have an AWESOME weekend! *smile*



I voted for you a LOT!! lol. I'm having a HSM2/Jonas Brothers/Phineas and Ferb party on Friday. That probably would've been the BEST episode ever if you were in it! I still can't wait to see it!
What's your new song called? Whatever it is, I'm sure it will be amazing like 'Let's Go' and 'Wasn't Your Girlfriend.'
You and Emily are probably my favorite characters on HM. Actually I love everyone, but Oliver and Lilly are so cute together! An interesting food on the beach..with Lilly and Oliver....hmmmm...I can only imagine what it is. lol. I can't wait to see it! friends are renting 'Premonition' or something tonight. And I'm starting high school in like a month and I'm mostly excited and kinda scared... but I have classes with a bunch of my friends so that will be OK.
Have and awesome rest of the week and a great time at the HSM2 premeiere!! Tell us what you think of it!!!!

Melissa said...

Hey Mitchel.
You're amazing.
I love ur new song Wasn't Your Girlfriend. I can't wait to hear the new song that you're recording. Well, sometime next week im going to KNotts and Six Flags so thats goin to be super fun! Hope you're having a good summer.

Im hoping to see u at the HSM2 premiere cause i'll be there.
I hope to see you at the MetroStation concert in La on the 20th cause i'll be there.
And I hope to see you at the Teen Choice Awards cause I'll be there.. haha i get around.

Well Keep Up The Great Work!!!
Hope to see you again.


P.S:: why did u stop posting on the IMDB board ? I loved hearing from you .. hopefully you come back.


how have you been? thats cool that your helping let people know about MetroSation i mean i heard of them from you and now im HoOKeD! And i am planning on seeing them when they come to washington!

I cant wait to hear your knew long! can you tell us what its called yet? Wasnt your girlfriend and lets go were amazing! is your knew song rap or you singing??? i like it when you rap it seems way more you! idk it just seemed like you were way more comfirable with it! But ya cant wait to hear the song! whens your cd comin out???

I am going to go see hairspray this weekend! im going with the cast of the musical i was in we did The Music Man if youve heard of it?!?!?! but ya im exited havent seen them since may when it ended. I hope you have an amazing weekend!

I hope that your scenes with emily goes well! i bet the peice of food is gunna be funny lookin lol! but ya hope your doing well!!! blog again soon...omg lol! k BUBYE!!!!


Wow boy, u had lots 2 say huh? hehe jk
I wish i could have myspace- id sooo vote for ya! u know iiit hehe
I kinda cheated- miley thinks u and lilly are dating but ur not =)P oops?
Ur bro is an awesome rockerrr and i cant WAIT to hear ur new song babe!
HSM2 is gonna be suh-weet, but Phineas n Ferb is gunna be suh-weeeeterrrr!!
I think im gonna go see the simpsons movie again and my school's already started, grrrr-ness.
Well me and melanie on ur fan site love you to death and we're tryin to see if ally or jordan (maybe even u) could start something new and have 2 fotm's! (maybe mel and me *cough cough* *hint hint*
Have a great time being you!
Luuuuuv Katy ;)

Anna Signore said...

aw... Mitchel.. Thanks! your soo sweet! yah um... i wish you were in the jona's episodes but thats alrite lol but yah hope your brother is doin fine and i hope you are too! your the GREATEST! :) i cant wait to hear your next song! your such a great singer i love your voice! lol and i also like your other two songs. so yah i saw a lot of movies... um... i dont wanna bore you so yah just naming a few... um.. hairspray, the chuck and larry one lol funny, um.. the number 23! omg great movie! and really weird my # was ALWAYS #23 in school lol um... the new harry potter movie and a whole bunch more! um.. before school starts.. i am gonna be just trying to enjoy the rest of my summer and i cant wait cuz i just found out i made my freshman football poms team! so yah i cant wait for that lol and yah just chillin with my friends and watching Hannah Montana! i cant wait to see yah in the episodes and Phineas and Ferb. so yah good luck with everything! i hope i meet you one day! :) i ♥ you!
♥ anna signore

Anonymous said...

You know how everyone started loving Mtchel when Hannah Montana came out? Well, it was different for me! When I first saw the movie "Life Is Ruff" I SO FELL IN LOVE WITH MITCHEL!!! He was young but hot, and he has been my number one hottie since then! Me and my friends Laura and Brittany loved mitchel so much, that one day i brought a poster of himin for the class but, it was to distracting cause we couldn't stop stareing!!! LOL! So if Mitchel is reading, I LOVE YOU!!! Your the bestest ever! Oh and me and my friends had a hottest guy ever quiz that we put on myspace, and you came first! You actually came before Zac Efron!

Erin <3


AWESOME!!!y rnt u in the jonas bros episode i thought my 2 fave-est ppl were gonna be in it (u &&Nick) not fair....any metro station comign to NJ??? if so i'll be there!!!...i just came back home from aussie liek a week ago...u should have came to teh la airport to say hi!!! well in 2/3 weeks u wont here from me i'll be at the beach if i'm lucky i will be able to look and comment from the beach

mmb said...

AAAAAAAWWWW!!! thatk YOU SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Much with out you I would have NOTHING to do on all of my boreenig days stuck at home! You have no idea how much fun it is to watch you be HILARIous on hannah!!! So to answer all of your ?s I am leaving for the beach tomorow at ooooh 5:30 in the moring soooo that sould be interesting. But what is that like 1:30 in the moring for you! WOW! Anyways say a quik prayer for me to travel safely! Oh my gosh! You are sooo amzing! by having so many "awesome fans" it onlys shows you how much you really are AMAZING at what you do! It is sooo cool to have such an Amazing person to look up[ to and be like I wanna be like that person and not have a big head even though you are so VERY famous now! LOL!!! Also the fact that your are a christrain is Probably the greatest thing ever! The only thing (right now) that sucks is that your aren't gonna be in the Joans Brothers episode! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the jonas brothers and I am soooo bummed. You should be like, THE star of the show! LOL!!! I was looking forward to it though! Now only 3 of my fav people are gonns be in it! GRRRR! I can't wait for the episode with you and Emily and....... "a kind of food" (i would do a perplexed face now but IDK how). Nayway! You are truely AMAZING! (wow I have said that a lot now) and We all love you sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! MUCH

Love you

In Him,

Anonymous said...

i have no idea what i'm going to do! I hope something fun i don't want to back to school!!!!!!

Natalie said...

Hey Mitchel! wow it's been a while since i last commented on here! i've just been so busy this summer! i went to all kinds of places including London, Paris, Rome, California, New York, Utah and others!! but the other day i spent about an hour catching up on all the updates and your blog. omg i was so excited to see your videos! it was a total shocker, cuz i've been away from here for so long, and then i come back and you're singing! it was awesome!!! and i told my friend about you! i can't wait for Phineas and Ferb and any new Hannahs! good luck with everything u do and just know that no matter what u always put a smile on my face! thanks for everything! love ya lots,


p.s. i entered the J-14 contest to meet you! i hope you have tons of fun choosing! and im really glad u enjoyed the last contest!

Natalie said...

oh and happy late 16th!!!



Anonymous said...

I haven't been on here for a while...I am really in to Harry Potter, and just got the seventh book to read about a week ago, so I've basically been reading with all the free time I had! I finished it about an hour ago, and it was great! A major tear-jerker, but still...I'm glad I finally got to read it!
Anyways, YOU. ARE. SO. SWEET!! I've heard both of your new songs, and I love them both! You are amazing! I can't wait to see the new Hannah episode, the Phineas & Ferb premiere, or HSM2! They sound great! But I'll miss you on Hannah! LOL. Oh, and, by the way...You were awesome on the YouTube videos! So sweet to Abby, and so awesome at Miley World! LOL. Okay, well enough catching up...I'll talk to you later!

Love always,


Mitchel! Great to hear from you again!

Yeah, I still have to add Popstar as a friend on MySpace--you KNOW I'll vote for you!

I can't wait to see the new Hannah Montana episode--you and Emily with an interesting piece of food....ya'll goin' to make me hungry aren't you?

It's good to know that Metro Station is doing so well--luv the song "Kelsey".

I'm mad at you! jks.
You just HAD to make such an AWESOME song!
"Wasn't Your Girlfriend" has been stuck in my head for this WHOLE WEEK!!
I could just be walkin' down the street and then, "Why you trippin' on me, I, was only givin' her what she needs..." just pops into my head!! Thank you, Mitchel! Thank you! jks.

Ok, since you asked, I'll tell you what's goin' on with me...lemme summer was "aiight". Started some shoppin' for school--okay, okay it was really a spree on clothes...and was buy one get one half-off, ok?! Whatever--pencils can wait. I go back to school on Sept.4th *rolls eyes* Gonna be a sophomore!!

Anywayz, hope you have a fun weekend!


Mucho luv for tha Musso!
(don't ask me where that came from...)


Anonymous said...

i cant wait to see the scenne on the beach with you and emily...or pheneas and ferb.

Anonymous said...

heyy mitchel. :]

what?? no oliver on the new episode?? nooo :[ anywho...hmm an interesting food huh??..hmm maybe its..sushi..hehe i think sushi is interesting :P hehe.

I might not go to the movies anytime soon because were going to NYC yayy. Anywho. Ahh I can't wait til friday because of HSM2. :] hehe

Yeah I am soo excited to go back to school. Ahhh I miss my school cafeteria lol. I can' wait to see my friends again, although they live next to me. lol

Oh and I voted for you for the POPSTAR! thingy..I really want you to win because you're a really cool actor/singer ;]

<333, Leslie

julia said...

U ROCK!!!!!I voted for you, oooooh oooooh let mee guess the 'interesting food' thing...I Bet It's SUSHI!!!! or octopus....i'm not big on the 8-legged.....THING people eat but....i like sushi....
i'm kinda excited about school...
sept. 10th....
and we're all looking forward to the 17th...and i'm gonna see a lot of movies...and this summer was the best ever! I HOPE YOURS WAS AS MUCH FUN!
have fun while summer lasts!
luv ya!

Melissa said...

hey mitchel. im sure you will be winning the top 5 for popstar! I'll be sure to tell my friends to vote for you too. I can't wait to see what other projects your gonna be working on. Well tis sunday I will be out in vegas with family. and of course I'll be shopping. lol I wanted to ask you a question. are you going to be at the Teen Choice Awards because im planning on going. and if you go I'll be there for sure. lol

melissa <3

Anonymous said...

Where are you going?AUG.5-10 I was in Orlando,FL at UNIVERSAL STUDIOS!!(i JUST got back!) What are you doing before school starts? nothing.... Have a blast whatever you decide to do. OK!! lolz


luv ya!, Samantha

Dani said...

I would vote for you but I don't have a myspace.....sorry! But I'm happy your getting tons of votes!

So as you know, I've been in minnesota on Vacation.......I told you I'd mail you a fish if it was over 3 feet, right? Well...... you would have been expecting a big package......except....grrr...I was out bass fishing when I hooked a ginormous northern pike....I was on this weenie paddle boat and I got the northern on the started flopping ang rocking the boat until it finallt bit through the line and got away! I was so mad! That fish got off the hook this time(haha) but next it won't be so lucky!

I still haven't gotten a chance to listen your new song yet, but I probably will tomorrow...I'll let you know what I think!

My friend and I are going to be seeing I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry! I love Adam Sandler! He's hilarious!

Let me take a stab at what food you'll be playing with on HM...
*Liver and onions...yum yum.....
*Pig's feet
Probably not anywhere don't remind me..... I start in 2 weeks....I'm gonna be a junior! Yes! Upperclassmen! I already know what I want to do for my senior prank.....mwahaha!

Have a superfantasical week!


Anonymous said...

What am i doing before school starts? well, let's see... I start school Monday, so that leaves me time to do just about nothing. Though, I am probaly going shopping tomorrow, because my sister just got a $50 gift card to the mall since her birthdays also on Monday. I feel really sorry for her, she turns sixteen on the first day of school.
i'm also staying up all night long Saturday night. It's a tradition I started last year where I stay up all night on the last night i have that I don't have to wake up early. Of course I've been waking up early the last few days to baby-sit, but anyway I'm for this weekend to end, I can't wait to get back to school, I'm sick of sitting around with nothing to do!


hey babe.
congrats on all your votes =)
we all just love you and im sure you can see that by now.

I`m going to see the movie Hot Rod this weekend.
it looks hilarious. =)

have a good weekend.
later daysss.
<3 Ashley

Tiffany said...

mitchel you are so awesome. like seriously, wow! you are so nice and kinda and EVERYTHING!! lol but it's true! wow your sweet. well school starts for me this coming week. but i have alot of fun stuff planned and just found that i made my audition to be in the opening number in the macy's thanksgiving day parade!!! so i'm super pumped for that!and jb and miley are coming on tour to me city in octber, which i'm also pumped for, lol. well hope you are having fun filming the show! hope to see you somewhere soon!!!



WOW. im really sad you arent
in the Jonas ep. i love those
boys. arent they just great guys?
ahhh seriously. =) but im sad.
i wish you were in there. ahh.
well i think there should be more
Oliver. seriously. oliver is such
a funny guy. & you are lucky to
be playing that part...
am i going to have to write to
the hannah set or whatever and
start demanding more Oliver? haha.

<3 Ashley

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel,
I love the new song :) Is the new episode this Friday the first "Hannah" episode you weren't in?

I saw "Hairspray" yesterday and I loved it so much that I'm going to see it again tomorrow lol. I usually don't see movies twice in the theatres, but... yeah.

Anyway, have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

Ay mitch( if i can call you that) this is my first time on this website and i think its great. I really thought you were hot i mean great well lets face it we all know your hot but anyway you probably wont read this anyway cuz u have so many people responding to you. i love that song you wrote wasnt your girlfriend it reminds me of one of my past relationships. I sing in a band with another one of my friends but i couldnt think of anything nearly as good as that. Anyway its 12:58 and i have to wake up early tommorow and mums gonna yell at me. SHALOM( bye in hebrew)- Rachel F.

Sarrahhz28 said...

Oomg. I cannot Beleive your in that Episode. Im so Sad I love hannah montana, But I love watching it more when Your in it :(

Esther said...

Mitchel! wow that was a long post! haha. i would go to downtown disney on tuesday, but i have band camp. haha. band camp starts monday until august 30th every week day from 12-9. so try not to do anything on weekdays so i can go see you on weekends! haha. thanks for keeping your fans up to date!!!

iLOVEshoez said...

Hey Mitchel!! I havent been on in forever!! OMG I voted for you! You are the best!!
I cant wait to hear your new song!! I bet I'll love it just like I loved the other ones!!
OMG! I thought it was gonna be Phineas and Ferb!! It sux that you're not gonna be in the new episode of Hannah!! :(

Well, I start HIGH SCHOOL on Monday the 13th!!! I'm excited and nervous....but at least the first day is a half day....I'm just scared I'm gonna get lost!! The school is so big!! LOL...
I went to see Hairspray yesterday with my friend Teona...It was good! I honestly didnt think I would like it....but I loved it!!
And we were going to go to Disneyland but we are going next Saturday.....
That was SUPER long!!! Sowi...LOL
Thats all I have to say....I hope you're having a GREAT time!!!
Luv always,

Cheyenne said...

Hey Mitchel,
I am so ready for the HSM2 premiere its gonna be I can't wait to see the new HM episodes too!!
&& about the school thing well, I am HOME SCHOOLED whoo-hoo!! so I get to start whenever I want!!
also METRO STATION they are like the best band ever I LOVE THEM! Kelsey is an AMAZING song!!
Oh && I asked this question already, but chunky or creamy peanut butter?????....ttyl

Alice said...

Dude, you're waay cool. I can't wait for HSM 2 or your new song. Your new show sounds like the bomb as well. I'll totally vote for you, man.

Soooo my life is okay. Not quite ready for sophomore year yet. But it's alright.

Anyways, you're amazingly talented and keep up the good work.

Amanda Quimpo said...

oh my mitchel you are soo awesome im a HUGE fan. no joke! this summer im going to my First concert! guess what concert im going to! METRO STATION! gyeaaaa my favorite band! haha yupp yupp and im going August 20th the one in Hollywood i think your going yeaa you said that i remember reading it somewhere lol yuppp cant wait!

monica said...

to answer your questions
A) i want to see a bunch of movies, i'm kind of a movie buff. I've seen over 60 movies this year, i have a list so i know.
B) i am hoping to go watch the meteorshower, which is this sunday with is also my birthday :D
oh, btw i'm turing 16.
C) i can't do anything before school starts because school started this monday and it was really hectic just trying to get everything in place. Since it's been 5 days my classes have been all worked out and i'm a bit happy/excited for school now. i wasn't in the beginning though because i was really enjoying the summer.

and what metro station added more tour dates?! jfk;as;f i'll be able to drive by the time it's here so hopefully i'll get to see them with MAE :]

Alli C. (Allison) said...

thats great! I love "Wasn't Your Girlfriend". You are such a good singer! Ya, my Birthday was yesterday.....I am having the party 2day. Oh ya! I go back to school on the 28th! ya me! (that was sarcasim,it sucks!)

Love you so muchhhhhhhh!

Georgina Lily! said...

Hey Mitchel!!
Awww thanks Mitchel, You Rock!
I put your name down on the popstar thing =]
You totally deserve to to get chosen. =]

Cool, cant wait to see that episode, sounds cool =]

Wow another new song! lol.. i cant wait to hear it, your other ones are great, my favourite is wasnt your girlfriend. your have an amazing voice!

Its my birthday today (11th)..
yay!! im having a disney themed party, i think i told you but ill tell you again lol. =]
its gona be sooo fun, well im gona go get ready for my party..

p.s can you say happy birthday to me (Georgina) and my best friend Becki please, in your next post, that would be soo cool!

love Georgina x

Anonymous said...

I acn't wait o see the new Hannah! even though you aren't in it. Oliver is the best!!:)

i am soooooo excited i am going to south Texas in like 2 weeks!!!!!!

Remember keep it freaky freaky fresh

boppinblastinblondie said...

hey mitchel! im a really new user so i hope im doing this right. anyways im a huge fan of hannah montana and ur doing a great job! do you really sit here and read through hundreds of comments from your fans? wow. i wish i lived in california not ohio or id be at all your premieres. im just gonna say this to everyone who read these comments and to you mitchel get a quizilla account! its one of the best sites ever. my username on there is PanicAtTheDiscoLvr is your every on!

athenas said...

Pretty cool :D I'm going to the Metro Station concert in LA!! Hope I get to see you there. Sucks though youre not coming out in the hannah Montana episode with the Jones Brothers you were the reason I was looking forward to seeing that episode. Hehe. Well either way I'll watch Phineas and Ferb! I wouldn't miss an episode or show in which you come out :D Well take care you're a really awesome guy!! ♥

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

hey mitchel,
yea you do deserve it and i hope you win. I love your song wasnt your girfriend because its very edgy but gets you in the mood to dance haha.

oh no not school! hehe


wow! mitchel, i am seriously in love with "wasn't your girlfriend"
that song is really amazing. i love it.

"she deserves more than you gave her.
she was always looking for somebody to save her"

that's my favorite part =)

boy you get you me mitchel haha.


Anonymous said...

My friend and I
are going to try
and have Metro
Station come to
our winter party!
(= I'm excited.
My friend wants
to ask if you can
come too. Ahaha.
They are coming to
Cleveland on the
14th of December,
so we are going to
try and have them
come the 15th and
then they go to
Chicago on the 16th.
Whoa, busy. (=
Anyways, my friend
is like REALLY hoping
you can make it. (=
Ahaha, BYEEE!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel!

Its so said you won't be on the JB episode. Even though I haven't seen that many episodes since my summers been soooooo busy!

I start school on the 27th :( I had my first softball practice for this season last night. I'm goin to the beach and playin golf with my dad and uncle. Then sometime I'm soppose to take a whole day off and play golf with my dad! I just hope it isn't like sculching that day!!!

At least when I start shcool I won't be as busy......but......I'll be more tired :(

Kate said...

Hey. Well I am wondering if you are going to get a record deal? You jsut haven't said anything. I've asked WAY too many times. Anywho my school starts like the 5th of September and until then I'm going on vacation in the islands. I LOVE THE ISLANDS and going to do beach things. Well yeah the last movie I saw was Transformers nothing else has come that would be an okay movie

alli said...

well since u asked... my birthday was august ninth and u know what i want more than anything in the entire world??? FOR YOU TO COME TO PITTSBURGH!!!!! please please please!!! i wanna meet you sooo freakin badly! im serious. u need to come. lol but i cant wait to see ur new show. and disney is mean not having you in the jonas brothers one. that is sooo unfair. i signed a petition online for you to be in all the episodes. lol yeahh... haha well cant wait for the new show and new episode and HSM2! yey



kristen said...

thanks so much fro the autograph and the letter in the mail Mitchel ! and i saw your brother on myspace he really nice and sweet and i love his band music its great! i wish i can see him in concert ! dunno were hes palyin though have a great day and good luck with new episodes and mail me back in the mail bye!

Audrey said...

Mitchel -
i'm sad you wont be in the Jonas brothers episode, you're half the reason i watch the show!
i'll probably watch Phineas and Ferb and i'll tell you what i think.
have you seen Hairspray? best movie ever. i definitely recommend it.
school starts on the 14th. i know, my school is crazy.
hope you're having a great time over summer!

Anonymous said...

I wonder what that intresting food is going to be?

what am I going to do before school starts? well i am in florida right now on vacation i am having so much fun but i only have 1 more day so that kind of stinks. but when i get back i already have plans! me and all my friends are going to see a movie were not sure which one probley "chuck in larry" that looks funny. Um i also have a pool/back to school party to go to. but other than that i am just going to hang out with friends!

I cant wait to see high school musical 2. i wish you were going to be in the new hannah montana but i still like the show and ill still watch it (no ofense) i also cant wait to see phineas and ferb.
well gtg to the beach!

sarah <3

Alicia said...

skools ganna start on the 27th NOOOO! im so sad i dont wanna go ughh!im in the middle of watchin simon says DC GAMES! I WANNA WATCH HSM2! this FRIDAY! cant wait well mitchel u gatta come to houston texas plzplzplz have an awsome week!
WITH LOVE alicia!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

you're not in the jonas episode?
NO!!! that's NOT COOL!
i'm very sad now.
oh well.
still love you <333

i started school last week :[
but it's pretty coo. woo!

and this weekend i went to indianapolis for my cousins' wedding. it was awesome because i hadn't seen him in 3 years! :O
i had so much fun!! :]


Jessica said...

Hey Mitchel,
It's me...again, lol! I just watched the Disney Channel games! YAY THE RED TEAM WON!!!!! I was dissappointed that you got out, but I'm so glad that Jason won!!
So, that's all I have to say! Bye!

Meshia said...

hey mitchel. i just started school friday, august 10th. it was so cool. i made some new friends. everybody was so nice and funny. even my teachers! i'm in high school now and it is mega better than middle school. I signed up for theatre and choir. i'm really sad that you aren't in the jonas episode, but i'll survive jk! lolz!! but i did see you in the simon says disney games. you did an amazing job. i wouldn't last one minute in that game. i'm horrible at simon says!!! I love you're brother's music. It's so cool!
We'll g2g


Anonymous said...

ughhh you wont be in the new Hannah episode? =[ i wont like it as much now knowing that! but i will definatly watch phineas and ferb to hear you! i LOVED 'want your girlfriend'! it been playing in my head all week. so...are you gonna put out a cd? i hope you do! you are so talented in so many ways! i was in cali like i've been saying in my comments, and didnt see you!:[. i was on lookout =]. so before school starts [sept.4] i'll be checking out your webiste and blog, hanging out w. friends, and watching hannah montana :]. have fun at the HSM2 premiere and rest of the week!

love youuuuu,

mechi said...

hi mitchel, i just wanted to say , that Oliver makes me laugh a lot on hannah, but mainly the reason why i voted you for the popstar top 5 was YOU, i watched the video of the miley world winner i guess she was abby, and you met her, you were SO LOVELY TO HER!

What i'm doing so far, here in Argentina right now i go to school all the week, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm A LOT OF TIMEE!! Then after school wendsday and friday i have singing lessons, and the other day roght now i'm (i dont know how to explain it in English) but i'm recording a cd (hope i say that right) this October im turning 15, and its like your sweet 16 with a big party but in Argentina all that cool stuff we do it in our 15 birthday except for the car :S! so as a souvenir i'll give the cd, with my songs I'M REALLY EXCITED ABOUT THAT i hope everything goes the way i plan!

I guess i'll have to wait a little more for high school musical 2, maybe december 2007 (summer for argentina) but today it came out bridge to terabithia here, I LOVE IT, josh its so cutee!!
another thing its that i cannot watch season 2 of hannah i'll have to wait more :s!

i better leave my computer alone, becouse for tomorrow i have to read a book for school and i havent started!

Hope you continue having fun!

¿whos your celebrity crush (without saying jessica alba) someone your age?

Suzzy said...

Hey Mitch!

That`s so cool ur bro is traveling the world! It`s so sad that ur not in the epi.I was looking at the pics of the jonas bro epi and even my mom said "Oh ur guy isn`t in the picture"lol

I just got back from a camping trip w/ my friends.We went to Devilslake and we went to Noah`s Ark.Have you ever went there? It`s where the black Anacanda is,the "longest waterroller coaster in America"or something like that.It`s in Wisconsin.I also had a vaca where me and my mom went to Macinaw Island,no cars there,so just bikes and horses.So basicly the whole island smells like horse poop..haha..
Have an awesome rest of the weekend!

Lo said...

Hey Mitchel! I just want to say thanks for always keeping in touch with all of us! I swear your blogs always make me smile! You're a great person who deserves every blessing you get! I can't wait to see your new animation!

Oh and I think you did great on the "Simon Says" game tonight! Anyway take care, and congratulations! God bless! :D

Sydney said...

Oh wow. I cant believe that im actually like making contact with you. you might not read this and you might but im still very excited.

you are like one of the biggest persons in my life right now cause i love you so much.

your new song is great! i didnt know you could sing like that! haha. just made me love you more!

i cant wait to start school.
i live in orlando florida. & i hope that you come there soon to do a show or a meet and greet. i will surely be there!

well I LOVE YOU! like a wowwwww ammount haha.
hope you get this and i hope i will be able to meet you! love you bye<3333333

Amy said...

I hate when you're not in the Hannah episodes. They're just not the same..

~~Lauren~~ said...

Thanks for updating us on all thats gong on in your life. I'm so bummed that you won't be in the Jonas brothers episode!!

You and Emily on the beach? That should be interesting. I can't wait for Phineas and Ferb!!!!

My friends came over this weekend and we all went swimming and we had a blast!! We talked abouut Hannah Montana and HSM2.

School starts on Monday for me and I am kind of excited to be with all my friends again, but I will definatley miss Summer.

This may be thinking a little to far into the future, but are you going to have a cd? Your music is pretty good and I am usually not into that kind of music!

Disney Domain said...

Hey Mitchel!!

I cant wait to see the new episodes of Hannah Montana you are working on! I'm soo excited! I voted for you on Popstar! I'll look for you character on phineas and ferb...i heard alyson stoner is in it also. I love your new music and always cant wait to see the new Hannah episodes!!

You always make me laugh! =]

KeLsEy* said...

hey im reallly sad ur not gunna be on the jonas episode thts gunna be kinda weird my all time favorite is the wish gone a miss cuz i memorized the entire rap and evrywhere i go, camp,friends house or anywhere ppl are like do the mitchel and jesse rap its kinda funnybut its cool to see wht they think of it lol

Anonymous said...

I saw Metro Station in FL on August 10.
OMG they wer absolutely amazing!

Your brothers soooo nice!
He came up to our car when we got there and he talked to us and stuff and he was just amazing.

Im going to see them again the next 2 times their down here! :D


Katie said...

MAN! u and ur bro r like both hotties!

Anonymous said...

Hannah Montana? Scenes? Beach? With Emily? Please don't tell me Lilly and Oliver hook up. I'll be so POed. Not because I love you, but, because I'd rather see Miles end up with Ollie. And dont tell me your character's in a subplot again?!? gah. Where are all the Miley/Oliver friendship episodes? Gawd. They totally chucked that whole friendship dynamic out the window... we want more 'O Say Can You remember the words' episodes. Sheesh.

Much love,

... me

Haley G said... friends and I watched HSM2 and then watched the Jonas Brothers episode of Hannah Montana and then were disappointed because YOU weren't in it!! Ah..well it was a pretty good one anyways..:) But the show isn't the same without you. I love the episode where you are dressed up as a vampire..I couldn't stop laughing!! You were a very cute vampire...

Love You!!

Anonymous said...

an interesting piece of food wit you and emily YEY hope there is some lilly and oliver moments :) LOliVEr rocks!! lol