Monday, August 13, 2007

I was just going to tell you......

that I got a hair cut on Friday before we shot before a live audience.....and then I noticed this YouTube a fan made..... You guys are SOOOOOOO funny! gotta cut and paste. It was crazy when I menioned a YouTube last week and a fan was happy I mentioned flipper.....your being mentioned cause I thought this video rocked! Just the thought that you did all that work to talk about my hair flipping....... didn't get that much of a cut...more like a trim....and if your coming to the High School Musical Premiere tomorrow....then you'll see my new cut there. Miles, Emily, and Jason are all coming too so we are really looking forward to it.

We are shooting a new Hannah this week and it is HILARIOUS!!! We have David Koechner from "Anchorman" and so many hilarious movies as a guest star this week and he is so funny! Along with Gilbert Gottfried who is hilarious as well. You guys are going to love it this episode.

Also.....thank you Ally for posting the POLLS on tell ALLY how great she is!!! She and Era and Jordan work so hard on the site! Thanks guys for voting!

So...I'll see you guys tomorrow at HSM2!



MARIAM. [: said...

you got a haircut!
i'm sure you still look gorgeous though,
so its all good. [:
that video is veryyy funny.
everyone loves the signature mitchel musso hair flip.

i hope you have fun shooting this week & i hope to see you tuesday.

the girl with the green sign.

Olga said...

Glad you didnt get a Major haircut, Everyone loves your hair.
And I love that video.

You and your ultra sexy hair flips[:
I saw a video once, it was about 3 minutes long, and It kept repeating one scene over and over again of you flipping your hair.
After 2 minutes I finally realized the whole thing just kept repeating itself[:

I Hope you guys have fun at the premiere,
Like Ive said before, I dont really like High School Musical,
But Im only going to watch it because you are[:

I always love to hear your working on New Hannahs, it lets me prepare to just start laughing, everyone is always hilarious, especially the guys[:
And Especially you. :D
The should start Airing brand new Episodes of Hannah everyday, seeing you just makes me smile everyday[:

We all love MMO, It is the best Mitchel Fansite ever.
I love it that they made it, so we could all love you, but no one can do it as much as I do. :D

I love you so much,
And Im not Lying about it.
You really need to come to Texas soon, So I could really tell you in Person. <3


P.S. Pleaseeeee Come to Texas[:
We all love you here so much.
I would come to wherever your
Going, even if I gave to go
across the state somewhere.

Anonymous said...

when i read that you had cut ur hair i was all surprised and like sad and then i read '...more like a trim' and i was like 'thank god' cuz ur hair is wonderful! haha i love you

Anonymous said...

OMG i cant wait to see ur hair cut im getting my hair cut 2marro.... wut a cawinkie dink!!! and that video is soooo cute ur hair is amazing! and hannah montana is going sooo well it cracks me up so much every single time i watch an episode no matte how many hundreds of times i have seen it already and cant wait for the new episodes!!!!!!

Sasha said...

There is alot of videos with you flipping your hair. They're pretty cool, but i like to watch interview ones. Well cant wait to the the Hilarious episode if Hannah!

See ya

Mary said...

omg that video pretty much sums up just how amazing your hair is. lol

i wish i lived in california soooo badly cause i would be there to see you at the hsm premiere in a heartbeat! i hope you have a blast!

and anchorman is one of my favorite movies! that's so cool that you're working with david!

i hope you have a good week!


Yay! First to comment!
I just watched that YouTube vid you was hilarious!
Nice hair flipping, Mitchel...;)

Waiting to see the new Hannah episodes, they always make me laugh.

Much love,


♥ Kimberly ♥

Anonymous said...

Mitchel! You almost gave me a heartattack! When you said you got a haircut! I was like AHHHHH!!!!!!
My mom was like "What's wrong??"
She was all worried and I said I "Mitchel Musso got a haircut!" and she was like OMG! She rools her eyes and walks off. But have fun at the Premire! I might go. If I go i'll see you there!
You number one fan!! YOU ROCK!

Anonymous said...

haha! that video is GREAT.
you have the best hair everrr.
<3 its amazing !

this is another hilarious video
of you & your hair. its on my
favorites and i watch it all the
time because its hilarious, lol.

<3 ally m.

Amy said...

Mitchel I love you!!! You are soo cute!!!

Emily said...

OMFG MITCHEL!! My video!!!!!!! My name's Emily i am sooooo dreaminggggggg. AHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA..

sorry spazzing momment right there. i literally spazzed for likr 1/2 hour when i saw that.

<3333 you soo much for posting my video!!!

funny thing is i talk to olia the girl you posted the video of last week xD

Anonymous said...

haha i saw the flip video, and yes, that was hilarious! i like how you flipped it in the first clip. =] have fun at the HSM2 premiere!!!

love you,

Kad [Short Notice] said...

Anchorman is my FAVORITE movie! It's HILARIOUS! Haha, I can't wait to see it. :]

Yes, Ally, Era, and Jordan are the best. :] Thanks for everything!

Haha, if you shaved it all off I'd laugh... but I'd be scared.
Have fun tomorrow!

Olga said...

See Mitchel,
This is the Video I was Talking about[:

I loveeeee it :D
You know Your Hott[:
I dont understand how you do it..


Anonymous said...

No matter what you do with your hair, I'll still like you, and I hope that plenty of your fans think the same thing! I wish I could go to the premier, but I'm stuck in my boring home town waiting for school to start. Oh well. I can't wait to see the new Hannah episodes and Phineas and Ferb! At the moment, I'm trying to watch tv and type while my dog tries to make me play tug of war! *laugh* I'd better get off the computer and play tug of war or else I'll be licked to death! lol! *smile*


Kaitlin said...

Hey Mitchel!!

I love that video!! Its so cute!! Anyway, have an awesome time at the HSM2 premiere!!

Catherine said...

You wont see me...

Dang New Jersey

MeganP2010 said...

ahhh I can't wait to see the hairtrim, Mitchel!! I love your hair && the way you flip it! hahah you do flip it like dailyy... I remeber when I met you you flipped it and i was like alskdfj!!! haha luv it.

anyways, I wish I could be there at the premiere! That would be totally awesome! But i'll see you in september so.. no biggie.


Anonymous said...

what?....u got ur hair cut? was hot before!...but i'm sure it still looks awesome!....that's awesome u get to go to high school musical 2!! started today! was all right....i almost fell asleep because i'm so not used to getting up early!...oh well...i get used 2 it....hopefully!....ok well i see the vid and i will tell u what i think!
KEEP ROCKIN' & :) @ urself 4 being who u r!!

~*~*~*luv2laugh*~*~*~ ;)

Anonymous said...

KEEP ROCKIN' & :) @ urself 4 being who u r!!


iLOVEshoez said...

OMG! that video was so great!! LOL!!

I'm so glad you didnt get it that short!! I love your hair Mitchel!!

I cant wait to see that episode!! David Koechner was great in anchorman!!


luv always,
p.s. the first day of High School wasnt that bad at all.....:D

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel

I cant wait to watch HSM2 and to see your new hair cut.


Anonymous said...

that video was AWESOME!!

well, as long s it was ONLYYY a trim, maybe i'll be ok.


the ep. sounds GREAT!! i can't wait!! =]


Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel,

I hope you have a great time at the "HSM2" Premerie!!

I can't for some more good eposides of Hannah Montana and i bet there going to be Halarious.
I have school registration tomorrow and I have to get up before 8:00am.

Also I just wanted to say Thank you for keeping us updated on your blog and i did say thanks to ally,era and jordan for all the information they put on the website for us.

Your Fan,


Anonymous said...

sorry i know this is my thrid comment but i'm really question...did ya get my letter?...please i hope u got my letter! i am so jealous of every1 who can go c u 4 hsm2! day i will meet u! is now one of goals in life...i should write this down!...ok lots of love!
KEEP ROCKIN' & :) @ urself 4 being who u r!!

~*~*~*luv2laugh*~*~*~ ;)

Anonymous said...

UH! I can't watch it! Stupid phone! Ok I almost got a flight 2 go to the premiere 2mrrw but my dad said nope....its so sad...but u should take a pic of urself and set it as the pics on the front of ur blog. But I can't wait 2 see the episode! Ally,jordan, and era are awesome! But so r u! U r amazingly a hottie and a major ultra good actor! I can't wait till sept.16!!! I'm so excited! But it kinda sux cause school starts 12 days be4 and I am going into 6th grade.....scary! And it doesn't help that I don't know any1 cause I moved! Oh and do u know if I can bring u a skateboard at the meet and greet? Cause I wanna get u a sk8board and sum other things since u are such a nice person and a awesome actor!

Anonymous said...

I just got and imdb account and for some reason I can't post comments! All I can do is read comments! Oh well. How's your day been? Mine's been ok. How's your music coming along? I've been trying to write some songs, but I just keep getting stuck. I'll keep trying. In the meantime, I can always listen to music! My favorite songs would have to be Let's Go, Wasn't Your Girlfriend, and anything by Avril Lavigne, but especially Innocence and Who Knows by Avril Lavigne. Here's a youtube link:

Innocence- (Hannah Montana Montage)

Who Knows-
Live at the 2006 Olympics

Full Recording-

That's pretty much it for now. Have the most wonderful week! *smile*


Sara said...

Hey Mitchel!
lol. Those videos are always fun to watch. I've accually seen a video with the first part of the video (the one with you in the brown shirt) continuously for about 3 minutes. I told my sister about it and she said "are you kidding me???? who would watch that???" and then I said "OH PICK ME!!!" hah. good times with my sister.......

If I lived in Cali, I would come ove and see ya at the premire. However, living in Wisconsin has the disadvantages.

I bet you're going to be right about the new episode. I've loved all of the new HM so far.

Have a great week!!!!

Kimi:) said...

hey mitchel!
i saw u at the mall on saturday and i didnt really see a diffrence in youre hair. ok so i didnt go up to you, but my mom yelled out the car window to you. i dont know if you remember but she was like "mitchel, mitchel, theres someone in our car that likes you!" and my sister put down her window and i was like "uh heyy" then we left. i was soo embarrased and i thought that was really funny cause you were like on the phone! now ive got that story to tell to people! haha

Anonymous said...

Still love you, Hope

Fer said...

Dude you're AMAZING!!!
I loved that video!!it's really funny=D

We all love your hair flips!

Yeah I'm sure we're all gonna love that episode, mostly because you're in it!You're very funny and you make me laugh a lot=D

I'm sure you look gorgeous with that haircut
Have a great time tomorrow and then tell us about it!!

micaela said...

Bahaha. I love the hair flip video.

I'd love to go to the premire. DARN YOU NEW HAMPSHIRE! No one ever comes to New Hampshire. Ever. The closest enyone ever comes is Worcester, Mass. Betcha didn't know that Worcester isn't pronounced wore-ces-ter its pronounced wuh-ster, or with the accent wuh-stah. But then there's a dorchester thats pronounced Door-chest-er. There are a lot of towns like that around here. So anyway.. back on topic, under any crazy chance you go there, be careful about how you say the name. Hehe.

So, have fun filming this week and watching HSM2.

And maybe sometime you gcan give a shout out to good old out of the way New Hamphire and all the people you will probably never see? Tehehe.


Amber said...

wow... that was hilarious! ive seen one... the first flip, where it repeats for like, 3 minutes. I was a little freaked when you first said you got a haircut... good its only a trim... your hair is the only describing word i can think of... i will be better once school starts...i hope we can see pics of oyu from the premiere...hope your hair is still long enough to flip... cuz us girls, we love when you flip your hair : )...

anyways, i love you!!!!

Katie R. said...

Hey Mitchel!
Yeah That hair flipping video is pretty sweet! So you got a hair trim. I'm sure it looks great!
It always does!!
I hope you have fun at the Premiere tomorrow. Can't wait to see pictures.
Well, I just got back camping with my church group and I wanted to tell you how it went.
So I went tubing a couple times while i was there, and both where wild adventures!
Ok... First.. I went out with my Best friend Emily, and 2 other friends, and we went on this small old boat. and it was stalling a couple times....Until it just gave up and died.....Right in the middle of the lake. We all had to swim all the way back to shore. Luckily we had life jackets on. But it was still a BLAST!! But it felt like we just survived a ship wreck or something. LOL.
Ok so the second time i went out. was on a different day, and The waves where WILD! I went out around the lake a coule times on a different boat....Not to mention Newer...and a little bigger.
and I did pretty good, Until my arms just couldn't take it anymore so i toke a break and watched my friends tube. Then once i was fine i went out with Emily, and this little girl named Hannah.(LOL. Emily and Hannah!.. Do those names ring a bell?) anyways. Hannah was about 8 or 9. and the 3 of us went tubing, we where doing great. Got close to flying off. Until we hit this wave apparently. and the whole tube flipped over. We all went flying. It was kind of scary. yet kind of thrilling at the same time. it all happend so quickly i didn't know what to think. Hannah was freaking out, So i held on to her and told her she was alright. She was crying/screaming into my ear. I didn't really mind. I was just glad it wasn't an Ocean with shark in it. That would NOT be cool. I think I'd be freaking out then. But yeah, Those where my wild tubing Adventures. It was all a BLAST though. and I'd totally go tubing again. My family also had a mishap with our camper and tent the next morning, it thunderstormed, and out camp lot flooded. That was not fun to pack up in. it came up to my ankles.
But now i'm home. Got to sleep in my own bed last night, That was nice. and today i got my dog back( we bordered her while we where gone), which is even better!!
Although I am VERY sore from tubing and flying into the lake. LOL
I hope you liked reading all this! I just had to tell you about it.
Have a great week! I'm going camping again this weekend, So I'll let you know if any adventures happen. I miss you not posting on IMDB. I hope you come back on again!
Your Friend, Katie R.

iluv2act94 said...

You cut your gorgeous locks of flippy hair =D.. Hopefully not too much!

Your still really cute.

And I LOVE the hair flipping.

Kylee said...

awww :]
you got a hair cut!!
i cant wait to see it.
even though ur hair was gorgeous before im sure it still is

the video is great i love it.
i mean who couldnt love your
hair flips :]

have fun shooting and i cant wait to see it!

Love Kylee form TEXAS

PLEASSSSSEEE come to texas!! i would go anywhere to see you!

Elizabeth said...


Thats one hott video. Its very true.. Your hair is so flippyful.

I haven't heard of the guest stars so I'll look them up on Google later.

Have fun tomorrow (like I said...its an amazing movie)!

<3 Liz

P.S. You have an amazing week!

Sara said...

HAHAHA OMG! I LOVE that video, you have no idea lol. I saw it like a week ago and couldn't stop laughing.

I <3 when guys flip their hair. Its just like this weird obsession I have lol.


Anonymous said...

Oh my Gosh! You cut your hair, why though? Well aly and the ownder's might post pictures of you from High School Musical 2 premiere. Cant wait! Have a great time and we all luv ya

Sasha said...

Hey Mitchel
Hope you have fun at HSM2 premeire.
I know I wont have fun today. I got School. I hope to here about it though!

See ya

I'd swim the ocean for you♥ said...


lol i just died laughing. i read fast some times and i was like lol he got his hair cut in frount of an audience i wish i coulda been there...then i reread it and i was like o0o0o0oh.

WOA BABY that video was HAWTT! lol i was like practically droolingg,, you have the most amazing hair!! im glad u didnt cut alot off!!

have fun at HSM wishh i could go=[


Alyssa said...

I almost died when you said you cut your hair. But then I was relieved when you said it was only a trim. :) Everybody LOVES LOVES LOVES your hair. Although it's not really the hair that makes the person, and that's certainly not the case with you.

MMO is awesome. THANK YOU ALLY, ERA, AND JORDAN!!! They do an amazing job on the site all for us (and you!)

I can't go to the HSM2 premiere b/c again, I live in Connecicut. It sucks. You should SOOO come here! There's really good sushi!!!

Oh well.
Bye for now!

♥ Alyssa

Casey [KC] said...

i screamed when you said you got a hair cut then i read more!!!
=) oops!!!
then i figered you wouldn't do anything to drastic!!!!! =)
at least i hope not!!!
much love,

anna signore said...

aw... mitchel! you got a haircut! well i hope you like it! lol i loved that clip where your hair was flipping! i was laughing soo hard. your soo funny and thats what i love about you! lol :) well i cant wait to see yah on tv so talk to you later! byes
i ♥ you
♥ anna signore

Anonymous said...

You got your hair cut. :<
Oh well.
Your biggest fan!

Samantha said...

A trim is never a bad thing.

Bahahahahah. That was amazingly funny! Seriously, it was.

Hope you have fun at that today.

Sweet! Baha, I will always think of Gilbert Gottfried as the Evil Dentist on Fairly Odd Parents, and Iago on Alladin. Even though it was just his voice.

Yay Ally, Jordan, and Era!!!!

Have a great week Mitchel.


Anonymous said...


i'm sure you still look amazing!!! haha.... i luv when you flip your hair!!!!! hope you have fun at the high school musical 2.

i can't wait for da hannah episode!!


livvy! said...

ooh, you got a haircut. i bet it looks lovely :)

that video is awesome.
i saw one like that the other day, but it was playing the same clip over and over again, it was hilarious.

hope you had fun shooting this week.


love and hugs,
x x x

Anonymous said...

yay you got a haircut
im gonna watch that video
haha i love it when you flip your hair ! it looks so awesome ! !
have fun at HSM2 !
-xo Michele

Anonymous said...

You got a haircut? Ooh, I MUST SEE IT! I'm actually getting a haircut too... soon. We're like 2 peas in a pod. Hehe! The video was HILARIOUS!!! AND , oh so very true! I really want to hear how the premiere went. GIVE ME THE 411 once you get back!!!!!!! The NEW HM sounds so funny! I can't wait to see it!!! By the way, I wish I could come to see you at the HSM2 premiere but, I'm here in CHICAGO! There's no way, I could make it to Cali! WELL, that's all!!! Much love, and many smooches to go around!!! -LYNN, YOUR #1 FAN!


haha That videos hilarious!!! Your hair is awesome! lol. So...have fun at the HSM2 premeire!!! Have a great week!

i'd swim the ocean for you♥ said...


i forgot to thank Ally, Era, + Jordan!!!! they ROCKK lol your website is bommb Mitchel

i wish i could make a video of u...then mayb ud mention me grr i wish 1. that i knew you 2. i knew how to make videos andd 3.that i didnt live in rhode island

lol sorry i had a wish moment

kk have a fabulous week


Anonymous said...

you got a hair cut cool i bet its awsome you still look awsome and i wish i could have went but i have school tommrow were i live in california we start school tommrow yea it suckes oh well i cant wait to see that episode of hannah montana i bet its really funny i cant wait too see hsm2 but yea love cha i better run love ~nicole aka nickel*
i havent commented in a while sorry i just been kindda busy with school but i will comemtn more love cha

macy said...

hey mitchel!
im glad you didnt get a lot of hair cut off. :]
&&have fun at the Highschool Musical Premiere. I wish i could go but im stuck in washington.
My cousin is going though...i told her to scream for you! :]
I hope you have a fantastic week!
<33 macy

Anonymous said...

aww you got a haircut (well trim actually) hehe. i wonder what your hair looks like the video is soo cut and funny =] tee hee. can't wait to watch the upcoming new episodes of hannah montana =]

<333 Leslie

Sara said...

oops i realized that i meant another video involving your hair flips on my last comment lol. I didn't even click the link until after I posted a comment.

That one was HILARIOUS too though. Theres another thats just from that Jump In jup rope commercial and you flip your hair. The whole video is just that one part repeated. Its SOO funny.

aashhhleeyy (: said...

sweet. sounds like you are busy.
im still in love with your newest
song. yupp its pretty sweet.
have any updates on Metro Station?
Just wondering if you knew how their tour is going :)

haha. sweet hair flip-age =]

<3 Ashley

aashhhleeyy (: said...

speaking of hair cuts..
taht reminds me.. i definitely
need one [:

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


aashhhleeyy said...

whoa whoa.
i just discovered quite a huge problem mister.

i saw the pictures of you at the "Bratz" premiere.
uhhh..about that NY hat you were wearing..
were you wearing it because it was NEW YORK..
or because you like the Yankees..

because if its the Yankees thing..that's gonna be a huge
dislikeness thinger about you :) haaa. sorry i just really
hate the yankees. and i tend to not like yankees fans either
which would really suck if you liked them =/ but i can get over
it..eventually... but really yankees arent good haa & Cleveland Indians
are mucho betterrrr.

goodness mister.
now im not in a very happy
mood :( it sucks. why do all
the cuties have to like / wear
yankees stuff

its ok. i still adore you??

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel. My cousin posted those comments bout NOOOOO and stuff!! HAHA!! I'm sure u still look hott!!!!!!!!!!! lol!! Ur ALWAYS cute no matter what!!

luv ya!

Kimmy said...

*gasp* You cut your hair?!? NOOOO!!!!

lolz jkjk. :]] I'll still luff ya no matter what! lol and Emily i heart the do flip ur hair a lot mitch xD

anyways, can't wait for the new Hannah eppi...HM just gets funnier and funnier every day ;]

xx Kimmyyyy

Anonymous said...

I found another youtube video of Wasn't Your Girlfriend! 50 seconds in, there's a picture of you with an animal on your leg; is that a raccoon?! Is there some sort of interesting story to that? You've aroused my curiosity! lol! *smile*


Anonymous said...

I'm so stupid sometimes! I forgot the link! Here's the link: Is that a raccoon on you leg 50 seconds in? ttyl!



We are funny arent we, hmmm. lol
I'm sure i'll love the episode ur shooting, babe! I always do =)
and btw, if sum of the cmnts on ur official site that ally runs arent deleted, then u can see that im the one giving Ally the poll sites to go to. Yeah ur welcome (u know im juss playin ya bout the guilt thing ;)
but i really did post the links for ally!
And sweetie, if you were BALD, i'd love ya to death still!
Be your goofy and cute self and have fun this week!

Damiella said...

Mitchel I love you so much!
I never will see you because I live in Israel..
But I see the show " Hannah Montana" ans you so funny :)
And I like your songs they really good
I hope you will continue to succeed

marykateee =) said...

oh goshhh.
now like everyone is going to make videos just to see if you'll put it up.
i can't wait to see your new hair cut.
i bet it looks good. =]
p.s you should come ny very sooon

Daniella said...


Jessica said...

Dear Mitchel,
Aww, you got a haircut!. I can't wait to see it if there'll be any pictures! And even though you got a haircut, I still love you and your smexy hair, lol! I hope you have fun at the premiere, by the way! Also, I can't wait for the new Hannah episodes! They always make me laugh! And don't worry, I'll tell Ally and everyone else that they're doing a GREAT job because this is like, THE best Mitchel Musso site EVER!
tehe, my sisters are like, obsessed with when you go "freaky, freaky fresh." They're only 4 years old, but I think I got them obsessed..especially after I met you in Chicago.
Welll, anyway...O......M....G!!!!! Today was my first official day of High School! And it really wasn't that bad. I thought the seniors were gonna eat me, haha, BUT it was so embaressing because I got lost when I was trying to find my Biology class since I have it 2nd period but I only arrived, like 2 minutes late and my teacher didn't really notice..and my homeroom's pretty cool, too and my gym teacher is my homeroom teacher. I thought she would be tough 'cause she's like body builder...ish but she's actually really down to earth and cool! Yep. So, I just got back from playing frisbee golf with my friend, Kevin (And NO he is not my bf, LOL!) and I stunk! I'm really not good at frisbee golf! *sighs* So, yeah, that's basically all that happened today! So, again, I hope you have fun at the premiere and I'll talk to you later! Bye!

Lets Make A Wish On The Fireworks Below said...

that vid. was have some awesome hair!
and Im sure it still looks good....
wait I know it looks great!
but the hair isnt everything, you've got your smile and your eyes and your voice so even if you got it all cut off
I'd still love you!

Madoka said...

haha i love the video. :]

yay a new episode! my little brother loves the show & your his absolute favorite character. :]

man i hope i can meet you one day.

i hope you have an awesome week!


Megan said...

Heyyy Mitchel =)

Hope You Had An Awesome Time At The HSM2 Premier Today. Wish I Could've Been There, Unfortunately I'm All The Way In England =(.

Watched The Video Of The Hair Flips, Gota Say, I Loved It =).

Enjoy Shooting This Week.


Megan ♥

[ Just To Add Aswell, Is There Any Chance You're Visiting England Soon? ] ♥

Lexi said...

that video is really funny, your hair flip is pretty awesome. a lot of people on webisites ( on hannah montana and in the miley/oliver thread) are all saying that you and miley should have more friendship scenes. a lot of people think so, you should tell the producers/writers or whatever that. i just thought you should know that. anyway's you rock! you're an awesome actor, i bet your hair cut still looks awesome.

Disney Domain said...

Yay! i'm so happy you didnt get a lot cut off...i would be like *tear* no more awesome hair flippyness!!! ha. that video is so funny...i added it to favorites...yep. yay!! cant wait for new hannah epi's!!

Emily said...

Ahhhhh i saw the picssss

Shorter!!! BUT STIL FLIPY!!!! YAYZ!

haha hope it rocked, going to a little party thing when HSM 2 goes on disney channel!



anyways here are some pics of your hottness at HSM2 for people to worship xD

ericaca said...

i'm only about 30 mins away from downtown disney and i soo coulda gone! booo:(
maybe next tiime... :D
hope you guys had fun!

Anonymous said...

Okay your trim looks good!
- Your biggest fan

Anonymous said...

aw, i saw the hsm2 pics & i LOVE YOUR HAIRCUT. :)

<3 ally m.

Allison (alli c) said...

hehe, you got your hair cut on my birthday! well, mitchel, your haircut is nice, but I will rally look forward to seeing it longer again!
omg, I loved that youtube video, the background music was so right! ya, I am also looking forward to seeing more Mitchel hair flips in the future!

Love you and your hair (lol),

Alyssa said...

Sorry Mitchel! I accidentally said in my last comment that it was certainly not the case with you that the hair does not make the person, but what I meant to say was that we don't all like you for your hair, we like you for your personality. Yeah. I think that's it. Sorry!

I LOVE your haircut, you can see your gorgeous eyes!

♥ Alyssa

Makenzye said...

hey mitchel! i met you at the HSM 2 premiere! i was the one who made that girls "I'm A Fruit Fly" tee shirt, lol. thanks for signing autographs and taking pictures with me! i was also the girl who told you that i came on your blog everyday! can't wait for the Hannah episodes!

Tiffany said...

well the video says it best, you are just too sexy. ahahaaha ;]

i saw the haircut i like it! it looks great :]]

hope u had fun at the HSM2 premiere :]


Anonymous said...

We all love your hair the way it is, but we love it no matter what you do to it! I actually just watched the rocked! LOL. Yeah, you DO tend to flip your hair a lot, don't you?! Hehe! I can't wait for the premiere of HSM2! (On DC, that is!) Can't wait!

Love always,

Anonymous said...

Hi Mitchel! I just figured I'd say hi. Have the most amazing week! I can't wait to see the premier of Phineas and Ferb! *smile*


ttran said...

Hi, Mitchel!!

Yes, that video was HILARIOUS!! I said that you're a professional hair flipper! No one can flip like that!! LoLz! All's so cool! I can't wait to see your haircut!

Oh, my gosh, it's almost High School Musical 2 time!! My friends and I are actually having a party, and we're going to watch it together!

"Hannah Montana" is getting funnier and funnier after each episode!! I cannot wait to watch them!!

Have an incredible Wednesday!!

brooke said...

aww mitchie. i saw pictures of your hair. it isn't bad [:
your hair is still gorgeous, as usual.
eeek & i am so excited for phineas and ferb! i cannot wait. i already saw the new hannah montana, haha i couldn't resist. it was pretty good, even though i wish you were in it /:
well, have a great week/ weekend!


Anonymous said...

Glad that it's just a trim. Every body loves your hair. That video is awesomeee!!

I know that this is totally off subject but i entered that win a date with mitchel musso contest that I saw in the j-14 magazine and i'm dying to know if i won! ugh, i wish august 30th would hurry up and come. :D

lol. can't wait to see the new episode and your new haircut. :D

Anonymous said...

Mitchel your haircut is awsome! At first I really didn't notice and then I was like "Something's diffrent. Oh he got a haircut duh!"
Also heres a video that I was like OMG!

That should be Oken,Oliver Oken,Shayla! not Lily! LOL!
Anyway your rocking the haircut!
Lots Of Love!
XoXoXoXoX Shayla Boas XoXoXoXoX
Your number one fan!


on myspace, ally posted a bulletin saying "I challenge every one of you to head over to Mitchel's Blog, read his latest entry and leave a comment." and, you know, i cant resist a challenge! haha. well, you're amazing. your hair is amazing. your hair flips are amazing.

i met you once:] in san bruno at tanforan. and i plan on meeting you again in santa clara. woooooo. i love it when you come to places near me. you rock! you're freakyfreakyfresh.

Anonymous said...

YAY! I finally watched the video! Omg that is so funny! I luv the song! It totally explains u! Hahaha.......I wanted 2 go yesterday soooo bad cause u were going and a lot more but nope couldn't go...I'm watching vacancy rite now...its boring....and just talking 2 ally on aim...well have a good weekend! Oh and u like buckey lasek,scotty cranmer or rob lorifice? Cause I just met then about 3 hours ago....they were soo nice! And rob and buckey gave me a hug and a awesome pose for a pic! 2 bad my camera only got 1 good pic! I can't wait till sept16! Exactly a month away! I'm soooooo excited!

Luv ashlee!
Ur biggest fan in the world...or maybe just oregon! As u say...PEACE-OUT!

Anonymous said...

Hey you still look hawt/cute even though you got a haircut. Dosent look bad at all. You look so nice. Luv the trim. Like that old episode where you and sarah had to do that baby project then you called your self Big Daddy Oken. I laughed so hard.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel! Got to start commenting more on here now. Cant comment on events, or pictures anymore. To many people swearing and cursing. well ill start talking to you on here. Luv ya

lauren said...

ha ha I saw the hair cut, it rocks! barely anything was cut off

Anonymous said...

ok, so i sent you a link for my favorite hairflip video of you EVER. cus its so funny.

but i didnt make it a link,
so i dont know if youll see it.

but here:

Olivia said...

i made another video of you :]]

its long...but its good.

just watch it.
it'll make you smile? ahaha/
see youuu on the 20th !!

Anonymous said...

ok well i have 2 stories 4 u....i'll tell u the one i think is funny and one that may bring u down a little and everyone else who likes u....

well last night i was standing in my living room and i forgot that i had 2 when i took a step i tripped over my own foot!...then hit my arm on a lamp...i learned how to laugh it off!!!

ok time for the one that may bring u down...ok well there's this kid in my chorus class and he likes to make fun of people...he was singing "Life's What You Make It" but with different words...singing the hannah montana lead him 2 u...he said "Have u guys ever heard of Mitchel Musso?" well not to me but some other peeps...everyone was like "Micheal Musso?"..."No Mitchel Musso"..."He's American but his last name is...."..that's all i me i almost punched him...but thank my friend...she heard it first...but just don't listen 2 him...we all still love ya!..ok well i need 2 go!...LOT'S OF LOVE!
KEEP ROCKIN' & :) @ urself 4 being who u r!!

~*~*~*luv2laugh*~*~*~ ;)

Tiffany said...

I wanted to go to the premeire, but my mom wouldn't let me.
Oh and by the way, your hair looks great! It always does. I love watching Hannah Montana. You guys are doing a great job.

Anonymous said...

you do have great hair
ps you should come to canada
we love you here. well i
sure do x00x

Dani said...


Your haircut looks great. Glad you like it.

Hope you had fun at the premiere.

Love the movie Anchorman...any movie with Will Ferrell is great! Love his Saturday Night Live Skits....if you haven't seen them you HAVE to!! We need more cowbell!!!!!!!

Gilbert Gottfired cracks me up!!! I love him as Iago on Aladdin!!!!

I just remembered about that J14 date contest....are you excited for it? You have to pick from the finalists soon, right? Kinda like the Popstar one...Have fun picking!

Hope you are having an awesome week!!! Almost the weekend!! But...oh...gross, I gotta go back to school next week...SAVE ME!!!!! If I survive the first week of junior year, I'll comment....


Anonymous said...

when you first said hair cut not gunna lie almost had a minnor heart attack but its all good you still lokk tre hott

Anonymous said...

Mitchel, now hear this:



Keep that hair growing long and luscious!

Flip it every day to keep it in shape!

Do you cry when you have to get it cut? If I were you I would.

You should do a blog post on your hair and how you keep it looking so cool, like what shampoo and combs you use. I will buy whatever shampoo you use!

Anonymous said...

KEEP ROCKIN' & :) @ urself 4 being who u r!!

~*~*~*luv2laugh*~*~*~ ;)

Chloe! said...

I love your haircut! It's so cute. :) I saw the pictures.
So, I thought that video was soo great(lol).
Have tons ol' fun shooting Hannah Montana this week.


Lauren said...

Heyy Mitchel i bet ur hair still looks amazing it always does haha. Omg that video was soo funny no one can forgot Mitchels Hair flip hehe. Have a great time shooting Hannah Montana. Oh and i for got to tell you i loved your disguise! haha it was soo fun and cute well i'll write ya later

Your #1 fan,
♥LaUrEn♥ ♥WiLcOx♥ hha =]]

nextbigthingx said...

i love you!
I think your hilarious!

your hair rocks XD
That video made me laugh alot :]

i was just wondering how you got discovered? cos your really familiar i just cant place where I've seen you before...

You guys should do live shows or something, that way you all could come to ireland =D


have fun shooting and i hope you had a great time at the premiere, i saw some clips of the movie and it looked amazing


i just watched your cheese jerky rap XD


Lets Go is amazing btw i was watching a video of it and i cant really hear you that well, only girls screaming and going crazy haha

♡cant wait for the movie, i hope its in theaters, cause i dont have the disney channel and I'll have to watch it online =/

♡ i hope your having fun filming && i cant wait to see the new episode!♡

lots of love, Grace <3

Joslyn said...

haha i love the hair flips! you should come to Massachusetts, since no celebrities come here. I hate this state a lot. Hope you had fun at the HSM2 premier!

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel.... My name is Michelle Musso.... How freaky is that? Maybe we are related. You are verrry funny in Hannah Montana!!! In That case if were not related then i can say you are verry cute!!! If we are related then i never typed that!! LOL Thnx Michelle Musso!

Anonymous said...

I hope you have fun at the hsm2 premiere. And I hope you have fun shooting the new episodes of Hannah Montana. :) btw u r a great actor.

Jessica said...

Hey I can't wait to see the new Hannah Montana Episode. I wanted to know, say i came to the set, would you meet me?! Eh? Cause my friends and i were playing this celebrity game.

Anonymous said...

awww. you got a haircut!
that kinda sucks. but i'm sure you still look awesome! =]

its still "freakey freakey freakey fresh!" lol.:]

i think you and Zac Efron are like the masters of the "Hair Flip" no doubt!


livymac97 said...

hey!!! i met you at the clifton park mall on 1/5/08!!! watch my video on youtube of me and my friend meeting you ...... retarted i kno!!! <3

Anonymous said...

lol that song really fits in the video! lol it was going slow motion when u where flipping ur hair!