Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Hey guys!!

Ok....just so you know......I did finally pick a winner for the POPSTAR Contest. I am not allowed to share the name because of course POPSTAR would like to do that since it is their contest...right? Anyway........it was the hardest thing I have ever done. I looked at all of the information over and over again.......but...could only pick one winner. You guys are all amazing!!

I am on the set of "Hannah Montana" today. We are working on a great show for you guys. I will also be working on "Phineas and Ferb" this afternoon. I believe "Phineas & Ferb" will begin airing this Spring or Summer and I play the part of Jeremy who is Candace's boyfriend. Candace is played by Ashley Tisdale.

I have several plans for the weekend.....but I may not do any of them because I really want to take my Driving Classes. The classes are all day Saturday and Sunday for the next two weekends.

I am still planning on coming to the San Fransisco area on March 10th.....more info to follow....but it will definately be an autograph signing.

Also....I have a photo shoot with J14 next week!

And...YES! Monster House was nominated for an OSCAR!!!! Very exciting! If you can....get a copy of Monster House and be sure to watch the commentary. I was only 12 when I started working on that film......I was so little!

Also.............my little brother is in a film called "The Last Mimzy". The movie comes out on March 23. My brother Marc and I plan to walk the red carpet together....so that will be cool! Come and see us. I'll let you know where as soon as I know.

Also...if you live in the Dallas area....My older brother Mason, has a show with his band METROSTATION at "The Door" downtown Dallas on March 17th....which just happens to be Mason's 18th Birthday!

Way too much information....right! You guys have the most awesome week!



Christine said...

Oh goodness!

I can see how that may have been hard!! I entered I hope I win but hey if I don't I don't.:] I am in the process of making you a bracelet:] I hope you'll like it. Well, I'd better go i have some schooling to finish. I'll be doing health soon. :-D I don't know why but I like health. Anyways, bye for now Mitchel!

Love your Truest Fan,

Katie R. said...

Hey Mitchel,
I'm glad you were able to pick a winner! I can't wait to see who the lucky girl will be!
I hope you have an AWESOME Day!!

Tootles* Katie

Ashleigh said...

Now the suspense is on. <3

Jena said...

Oh myy. Lucky person whoever you picked! aw.. how wonderful! :(
But anywho. Tomorrow is my biirthday.. wooo! :) But i didnt come here to say that. I just wanted to sign here like always. and let mitchel know that he rocks =]
and also that he chould come to New Brunswick. or Maine if he doesnt travel to canada =] Its wiicked funn=]
Hah anyways..

Kayla said...

Hey Mitchel,

That's so exciting that you picked a winner. I hope you and the person you picked will have a great time on your date!


Anonymous said...

Hey, congradulations on wining the oscar! I saw that movie not to long ago and I thought it was really good! I cant wait to hear the results, im so nervous! Hope to see u in March! Keep up the good work on Hanna Montana!!


Jenn said...

wow. lotta info there mitch.
i bet the winner you picked is great.
have fun at driving lessons. =]

Erika said...

Hi, Mitchel!!

Monster House was nominated!!!
You'll go to the awarding ceremony??

I've seen Monster House yet.

On March 23?? It's my birthday!

Please come to England!!:P

Love, Erika

tayyylor_x3 said...

hey mitchel
wow first comment !! whoo hoo
i love the show hannah montana, its so awesome. and i cant wait til Phineas and Ferb come out. but anyways good luck with Monster House. I hope it wins.

bye !!
I love Mitchel Musso

Taylor <3

Lyz said...

You're brother's going to be in The Last Mimzy????? Wow!
My best friend and I wanted to go see that soooooo bad! That's so awesome! Now I'm definitely going to see it!
Congrats on picking the winner. I'm sure it was really hard. Hope you have fun with whoever it is that won.
<3 Lyz

Anonymous said...

OMG! U PICKED THE WINNER?! YAY! i hope its me! do u know when Popstar! will contact the winner?! i just want 2 know!

i got the new Tiger Beat and M magazines! u look SOOOO AMAZING!!!!! i have your posters all over my door!

as for my Science Fair, guess wut? I GOT AND EXCELLENCE AWARD, which is really like 2nd place!!!!! yay! it wuz pretty hard. the judges asked lots of questions!

tell your brother happy early birthday! he's 18! WOW! and ur taking the DRIVER'S TEST SOON! kool! ur growing up so fast! lol! well, talk 2 ya soon!

luv, brie

p.s-i sent u a letter the other day... u should get it in a few weeks. hope ya like it!

Ashley said...

Hey Mitchel, I was wondering, when is the POPSTAR calling the girl who won? I really hope i won but to whoever did congrats!

Jacquelyn said...

Thank you ssooooooooooooo much, Mitchel!!!! =D

Yeah i bet it WAS hard to pick your lucky date...So many pretty, nice girls, and you only had to choose one!!! Next time maybe u wouldn't have to choose and you can all take us on a group date!!!! LOL!!!..Hope u picked a good one!! She will have the BEST day on the date...because she will be with YOU!! And that's because you are so incredibly and absolutely AMAZING!!!!

U are taking driver's ed??? cool!! I'm taking driving classes in the summer!!! I can't wait!!! But, sometimes i feel that i prefer horses over cars...they are more fun to ride because you get four on the floor and air conditioning!!! LOL!!!! =D

Monster house was pretty wicked awesome!! I loved it!!! And, i got it for my birthday back in November!! I didn't see it in theaters =(....But that's OK.... I want to see that movie that your little brother Marc is in!!!! Can't wait for that!! =D

Valentine's day is coming and that means.....i made a Valentine for u!! I'm gonna send it in the mail sometime this week, so be sure to check your mail!! =D

OK sorry this is a LLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNNNNGGGG comment....that was my bad....but i had a lot to say, but now i am done.....Phew!! Have fun today on Hannah Montana!!!

Your COOLEST fan,

Anna said...

Good luck with driving classes!!
&& I hope you do win that Oscar, I would be so happy for you :]

& is your brothers' band playing anywhere else??
I live around the Chicago area, so I hope he come somewhere around here!!

Anna <3

Anonymous said...

ahh im taking drivers ed soon too :)

paige said...

wow! thanks for all of the updates! you seem really busy.

that reminds me. i really need to take behind the wheel for driver's ed. i'm doing it in my school, and it is so boring.

i LOOVE metrostation!! i go to their myspace every day to listen to the songs while i do my homework! quite addicting, i must say!

well. i hope all is well with you. later!!

Meg WX3 said...

I bet whoever you picked is perfect for you!!! Is it true that your calling her on the 12th??thats the day after my birthday!!=] well i hope whoever won {even if its not me lol} has an AWESOME TIME!!

<33 Megg W.
Ur Rhode Island fans LOVE YOU!

Nicole said...

Not too much info for me!! I just can't wait to see who won!!!

Love ya!
Nicole =)

Crystal said...

OMG that's AWESOME ! i'm SOOOO happy for you and your brothers . i can tell ya'll are VERY close ! wow . the girl you picked will be VERY lucky to go out with you . she's OBViOUSLY a perfect match ! =) i'm VERY excited Monster House was nominated for an OSCAR ! i hope it wins, my JAW DROPPED when i read that part ! OMG that was such a fun movie ! i saw the bonus features and YES YOU WERE LiTTLE ! but you were ahhhdorable ! =)

~Love you ALWAYS

Anonymous said...

w00t!! first comment!! Mitchel, you're amazing!! Hope I get to meet you someday. I love you!!!!!! <33333333333333

GeoRgiA said...

hesa mitchel glad u pickd the winner hope it all goes GREAT!!!
Cant wait for ur new show to come it sounds AwSOme!!! Anyway Just thought id b the first to comment... watched hannah montana it was great it must b really fun to make ! im gona send u somthing anyway catch up latear

kk from me Georgia xo lol

Meshia said...

!Ooh my gosh! I hope your date is !!FUN!! She better be good to you. lol

Nicole said...

are you going to The Door on Mason's bday? MY FRIEND AMANDA AND MYSELF HOPE YOU DO! we're going anyway! haha.

we heart you Mitchel.

GeoRgiA said...

hea glad u pickd the date i hope it all goes well.i cant wait 4 ur new show to come out it sounds so cool. anyway im sendy u somthing hope it doesnt take to long to get there considering i live all the way in new zealand...
kk good luck with the date!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
from me Georgia xo lol

ERIKA said...

Hey Mitchel!!

So you finally chose a contest winner....is it me???

its ok if it isn't. i'm not the luckiest person in the world.
driving classes???

i'm 16 and i dont even drive! i'm kinda scared to. i almost crashed last time i tried.

yay for monster house!! thats awesome. i hope it wins.

Thats really cool for your brother! i didnt know he was in that movie! So cool.

Well...talk to u later i guess.


Abby said...

Ahh, I am super excited to see you at the Hannah Montana filimg! But the only bad thing is, I don't wanna wait 42 days!!!
Anyways, you totally ROCK MY LIFE!!! Keep up your awesomeness!!

Abby :))))

Caroline said...

Have fun with your date! It would so be me if I entered. I think you are soooooo awesome! You need to come to Sugar Land, if I saw you I would probably faint!!!!!
Have fun with Ashley Tisdale (She is my favorite actress, of course you are my favorite actor!)


Anonymous said...

good luck with the driving

Victoria said...

oooh driving lessons sound like fun... i get to take them this spring at school, i can't wait! i also can't wait until Phineas & Ferb comes out... it sounds like it'll be a good show! have muchos fun on your date! ☺


Natalie said...

hey dude!! u just made my day with this update!! i'll be in LA less than a week after the oscars so maybe i'll see ya!!!!


Shanna_Montana_x3 said...

Thank you Mitchel! I live in Cali so I really hope I can come to San Fran. I'm a huge fan. Keep all us fans out here loving you! That shouldn't be too hard [:

Anonymous said...

omg mitchel i am IN LOVE with metrostation!!!!! i think i might be going to their austin show though bc i live closer to there. its sometime in march but hopefully youll be there too!!!
im so excited about the win a date.
YOU ARE SO AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Porter said...

Wow that was alot!
hehe Thats so cool
i am excited to find out who the winner is! Gosh thanks so much for keeping us all posted this is really cool! well i have a reseasrch project i should be doing right now so im gonna go!
=) bye

xx// Porter

april said...

hope the lucky girl knows how lucky she is :]
well i wish i entered :[
but w/e have fun :]

also i cant wait till i drive either! so many of my friends already have their permits and im just jealous! lol

hah and congrats on being nominated!
yayyy excited that ur coming to san fran!!


S*rob said...

hey mitchel

have fun at ur driving lessons, lucky. have fun on ur date hope ya have fun. cant wait to see more new episodes of hannah montana.


Dani said...

Thanks so much for the update!!!

Wow!! Driving Classes!?! That's Amazing!!! I've had my permit for about 6 months now, and I'm done with all my classes and stuff. It's not that bad, it's actually easy! Common sense mostly! :D Good Luck!! Let us know when you get your permit!!!!

Congrats for you and the whole Monster House cast for being nominted for an oscar!! Awesome job!!!! I hope you guys win!

Filming the second season of Hannah Montana? Cool! I can't wait to see it! And Phineas and Ferb!

Coolbeans, you picked the winner? Awesome! Now you can stop stressing! It must have been hard!!

Think your entry was long? Look at my comment!!! lol :D

Thanks so much and have an AMAZING week!!!!!


Devann-Dianna said...

Did you throw the names in the air to choose?
Lol, I bet you didn't, but it's fun to imagine!

I wonder who won!
Oooh, anticipation!
After the winner finds out, will you be able to spill for us?
And of course, you have to tell us about the date!

I'll deffinatly go see Mark in his movie!
That's 3 days after my birthday!

Maybe Metro Station can come to Ohio and play a few concerts!
I want to see them live so bad!!

Anyways, YOU should come to Ohio sometime, too, and visit your fans here!

We have;
Cedar Point
The Columbus Zoo
Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame
Wyndot Lake
Lake Eriee--

wait, scratch that... No Lake Erie-- it puts me to sleep! Especially on a boat-- you have NO idea how many fish have got away with their lives due to my snoozing ontop of the cabin!!



NO WAY! youre coming on march 10th to california? i'll be at a girl scouts meeting from 10am-2pm... :( maybe you'll be coming around a different time. LOL!

congrats on the monster house nomination! the movie was awesome and you sounded really little too!

ashley <33

Rachel said...

Ahh! I can't wait to find out who won... which was me! KEEDING! haha. Oooh driving classes! I can't wait to take mine. You're pretty busy now. See ya. =)

God Bless,
<3's Rachel

HeatheR said...

i remember watching the lil behind the scene-ish stuff for monster house!! u were so cute!! ur like hott now! lol...wow driving :D have fun!!

Anonymous said...

i totally forgot to tell yothat i love metro station and well yea hope they come back to california well yea ok peace outlike you always say love your biggest fan nicole oh and i listen to it all the time im doing my hw oh and i love the song california tell your brother thats

Anonymous said...

Hey mithel i cant belive your maybe coming to San Fran!!!!! I maybe can c u!!!! Tell us if your really going to come here then ill go visit you 2 get an autograph !!!!!!!! i am so glad that you are getting driving lessons!!!

Samantha said...

Glad you finally picked a winner, I hope you have an amazing time on your date with whoever it may be.

Driving lessons, I need those...

Oooh, cool! Another photoshoot, which means more posters, which means I lose more money... Haha, I just can't resist your smile Mitch! Or your hair. Its amazing you know?

Monster House was hilarious, but I only got to rent it. Sadly, I don't have too much money. Just enough to buy magazines! Lol

Oooh, Marc is sooo adorable and funny. I will definately try and check out that movie, as well as Phineas and Ferb.

Wow, Metrostation is awesome. Wish I could go to one of their shows. Wow, gets to do a show on his birthday. Lucky little Mason.

No, not to much info for us, but sounds like you got alot on your plate.

Sorry if this is long. Have a great week!

Love ya Mitchel.


summrxobsessed said...

great blog mitchel! i'm soo psyched you're coming to SF march 10, that's the same week as my 16th birthday! but still don't know if i'm gonan go, one of my friend's sweet 16 is that day :/ but yeah, i'm dying to know who won now. and congrats on all the success!

emzii said...

im glad yo u picked winner. must have been a hard choice. i hope you do well in your driving! GOOD LUCK =]
bye for now
Love em

Emily said...

sounds pretty awesome to me!

Keep up the blogging.. they get rid of boredom haha.

ps. come to aussieland? ;]

take care xx

Anonymous said...

Tell your bro happy birthday for me :]

Ally said...

haha, my birthday is on saint patty's day too! thats pretty cool, but im turning 15, not 18...

but anywyay, i hope you have fun on the date!

<3, Ally

Jacquelyn said...

Me again....;-)
Just wanna say....after u visit San Fransisco, would you like to come to Illinois???? We have:
-Brookfield Zoo (I know u already visited that, but it wouldn't hurt to come back, right?? =D)
-Navy Pier
-Lake Michigan
-Springfield (i go there almost every year for horse fairs in the spring!!! =D)
-Field Museum
-American Flags

Your fans here in Illinois miss u!!!! =D LOL!!!!

Well, i g2g.....i have to read 50 pages of my book for Literature class tomorrow!! But that's OK because the book i chose to read is about a horse!!!! =DDD

Yours always,
♥ Love you SSSOOOOOOOOO much!!! ♥

Jacquelyn said...

Mitchel: When i said 'American Flags' i meant 'six flags great america'!!!!!! Sorry!!!!!! I am out of it today!!!!!! =DDDD
Your (weird and wacky.....but awesomest....!!!) fan,

Len said...

Hey Mitchel! I bet it was hard picking that one, I bet that fan will be VERY happy, I know I would be :D

Ooh, I hope you do well during driving lessons. Have fun!

Well I have to go. Bye Mitchel!
Oh yeah, maybe you can come to Chicago again ;) It was a lot of fun.

Love <3.

amber said...

Hey mitchel! I haven't been on here in a while! I can't wait to see who the winner is!!! But I would really like to go to see your brother play in his band, but sadly its in Dallas not Chicago! But tell him I wish him luck! ♥ ya! PS Come back to Chicago!!!!


Ashley said...

unfortunatly, i did not win:-( but there will be other times! Congrats! to whoever did win.

Anonymous said...

hey are you going to be at the door in dallas with your brother? hope so anyway love u mitch byee!

Anonymous said...

i am going to see your brothers band metrostation! but are u gonna be there too? bye

ABBY! said...


Rachel said...

well.....wasn't me!:( oh well it was worth a try....your worth it, oh well you made someone happy and thats good...


Rachel W

Meshia said...

tell your bro i said HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! love ya

p.s. will you ever be coming to Brandon Mississippi?

Dani said...

As Jackie said, come back to Illinois! I know really you kinda have to go where "the people" tell you, but put it in the suggestion box! lol!!!

Oh yeah, we also have the Shedd Aquarium!!!!! They have a amazing Shark Exhibit!!!! : D


Jonas+MitchelFan=Me said...

Wow your gonna be busy! whoever won that comp is one LUCKY little chump isn't she? lol well when u have like spare time PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE come to Australia! We all love uu and want u to come visit...particularly Victoria haha...just suggesting...=]] good luck with the driving!! U BRIGHTEN MY DAY WITH UR SMILE!!!

lovinnk uu always...xx

Abbster said...

tell your brother i said HAPPY BIRTHDAY! and that the musso family ROCKS MY LIFE! i cant wait to see the last mimzy, i saw a preview for it, and it looks good! i also cant wait for phineas and ferb.
and i also cant wait until the hannah montana taping in march!
well have an awesome week!!!

Kaila said...

Heyy Mitchel,
so glade you picked a winner! hope you guys have fun on your date. And i hope Monster House wins an Oscar!!


Joanna said...

It's soo exciting you picked a winner! I can't wait to find out who that lucky girl is! That's too bad you'll be in the San Francisco area on the 10th, I'll be there the 11th... Have a great weekend-


so i heard your borther's band, metro station the other day. they are really good! i love their music! tell mason happy birthday! and i've met your brother marc before. he's such a cute and sweet kid:) can't wait to see him in his movie! :) and have an awesome day!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Mitchel! My name is Jennifer and I am a huge fan of yours! Youre absolutely awesome and if I knew about the "Win a Date with Mitchel" contest, I sooo would have entered! I was so mad when I found out about it, and didnt even get to enter! :( oh well theres always other times, right? Well thanks for being such a great actor! Youre really really hott! Youre an inspiration to me! :) Youre amazing!

Your fan,

JENN!!! said...

oh man mitchel u ROCK MY LIFE, as said numerous times by my best bud abby!!!! U are the coolest thing that happened to the world since instant hot cocoa (and belive me, thats the coolest ANYONE can ever get, cuz that stuff is COOL[well, in gramatical terms its hot, like u too!])I forever wish u luck and i want u to know that i love u!

oh, and i sent u fan mail too! its got a hemp bracelet in it! I hope u read it soon!

OOXXox (hug hug kiss kiss, little hug, little kiss!),
J to the E to the double N!

Porter =] said...

Hey Mitchel!

I made you a video Message
A Teeshirt and a bracelet =]
You should get them soon.

ahhh BTW Metrostation is amazing.
=] In my top fave righteous bands