Saturday, February 03, 2007

Brideg to Terebithia

Hey guys! I forgot to mention that I would be at the World Premiere of "Bridge to Terebithia" today at the El Capitan. It was a blast! I was able to visit with my old friend Josh Hutcherson which was great! I met Anna Sophia Robb for the first time.......and after the movie....we all went bowling at PINZ in LA. Had a Fantastic day!! Go see BRIDGE! It is a GREAT movie!


P.S. Yes....I was going to be at my driving class today....but this came up as well as the Annie Awards next week which I will be presenting the driving classes have been post poned for two weeks!


jordan said...

oh man drivers ed... is so boring!! lol. and driving is not good because i am thee worst driver i think on this side of the earth. but oh well. when are you coming to mn!!!

Elizabeth said...

Hi Mitchel!!

I bet the movie was AMAZING!! Glad you got to see Josh again and I bet Anna Sophia was a very cool person as well. Bowling is fun to do too! Drving classes can Go have fun going to Award shows and movie premieres! Boy...that reminds me of a song....(Best of Both Worlds). What car are you planning on getting when you get older??

<3 Liz

Emily said...

Never heard of the movie *runs away* but cool! haha.. Australia is kinda lacking a lot.

Damn you being able to get your learners. I have to wait til October til I can get mine. So glad they changed the laws. Over here we can get our learners when we turn 16.

Good luck on your lesson. Don't crash or anything haha.

Take care xx

Jacquelyn said...

Mitchel!! Sounds like you had a BLAST!!!!! I wannna see that seems fun!!!!! Well, G2G, so i'll TTYL!!!

Katherine Swanson said...

glad to know that brideg to terebithia will be good! i found out today that you have your own blog...THAT IS SO COOL! I don't have a blog on this website, but on my freewebs site thing i have a blog of my own...blogs are fun to keep up with. soon, i will be able to write in my blog almost every day because i am having a forin exchange student from france come and stay with me for 2 weeks...after she stays with us, she will stay with a family in California for 2 weeks and i don't know what other states she will stay in.
it is good to know from someone who is on the set of hannah montana that some exciting new episodes will be comming up and stuff.
Katherine (15)

Anonymous said...

hey well yea thats cool you got to do that....... and well yea ive been planing to go see that movie when it comesout with my freinds but they were saying messenger and well yea ill see both lol......... well when you do go to your driving classes have fun love your biggest fan Nicole and Mithchel you rock PEACE-OUT like you always say

amber said...

thast cool that you went to see the movie! i wanna see it i can't wait! but i went to see The Messangers the other day and that was scary! but it was fun! keep up the great posts! love ya!
♥ your bigggest, gigantcnest fan,

Anonymous said...

1st comment!!! Hi Mitchel!! Hope you had fun yesterday with your friends. Who won at bowling?? lol. See ya.

Anonymous said...

It looks like such a good movie. Ill be sure to see it. Hope to meet you someday.


Samantha said...

Well glad you had an eventful saturday! I, was bored all day, stuck in a blizzard. But I'm not sad! I played video games and watched Remember the Titans! Wooo! Exciting isn't it?

I would like to see Bridge to Terebitha, and if I have some money, I just might!

Have a great week Mitch!


Anonymous said...

Hey What are the Annie Awards?

Anonymous said...

HEY MITCHEL! isnt it exciting knowing that u will b taking the driver's test soon!?! that's totally AWESOME!!! hey, when r the Annie Awards? when r they on and wut time&channel?! i want 2 watch u! o, will u b @ the Acadamy Awards, 2?! that would b sooo kool!

luv, brie

Tammy said...

Josh Hutcherson is such a cool guy! Too bad I live in Florida, otherwise I would have gone also.
I'm glad you had a great time! Have an awesome day!

Katie R. said...

Hey Mitchel,
I'm glad to hear you had a fun time with some of your friends!! What station will the awards be on?? I SO have to watch it!!!!
By the way, Thanks for the autogragh of Smokin Oken. I got it Thrusday in the mail!!! Its SO COOL! Yeah, I am going to Orlando,FL this week, So i am hoping to find you something while i'm there! Have an AWESOME week!
Tootles* Katie

Marissa said...

Sounds like you had fun! Seeing a movie AND bowling! 2 of the best things!

Good luck at your drivers test. Mine was a piece of Chocolate cake!

Anyways. Have fun at the awards show and everything!

And yeah..when are you coming to MN? Cant wait!!

Rachel said...

ooh...maybe I'll see the movie. be careful on your driving. I can't wait ti'll I drive! so close! good luck too! =)

God Bless,
<3's Rachel

Abbster said...

Thats really cool Mitchel! I cant wait to see Bridge to Terebithia! It looks like an awesome movie!!!
i also totally LOVE bowling!!
i looovee ur blog and mmo!!!!
it totally rocks my life!

ashley! said...

ah drivers ed is such a kill
i just finished two days ago
well good luck with that

i really wanted to go see mason's band tonight at echo park but i didnt have a ride there. i was hoping maybe if you went i could FINALLY meet you, but it doesnt look like thats going to happen.

well i hope i can see you at the next one.

oh and your "Will Work for Hugs" poster is hanging over my bed. ah i love it.

k have a good weeek =]

Crystal said...

OMG DEFiNATELY watching annie awards ! (i have NO clue what that is , but YOU'LL be on it !) LoL . you ROCK like maddd . if you say to watch that movie i will ! =) LoL . i guess i should give it a chance =)

~Luv u =)

Anonymous said...

Well dude whats happinin ? Glad to here the movie was good it is not out in Northern Ireland yet but I will be up to date with all the movies when I move to L.A in a few years to pursue a career in acting and find a girl ( Emily Osment ) lol just a joke anyway its good to see you having a good time and good luck with the driving tests by the way this is Curtis

Emily said...

HIYA MITCHEL!!!! :)(oh it was on caps lock....i guess i'm just bein the silly ol me...tehehe)
uhh u spelled bridge wrong! lol! well ur not the only 1 who does that! man, ur sooo lucky!! u get to DRIVE!!! i still got 3 yrs. that stinks. but have a fun time! wats the "Annie Awards"? just wonderin. well, BYE ;)

<3 ya,
Emily (u still RoCk My SoCkS)

angela said...

hey mitchel!

hope you do well on ur drivers test! lol! i have like a year til i drive! yea!lol!

<333 angela!

Anonymous said...

OMG im so freaking sorry because i wrote a blog and im like MITHCHEL you rock and well im sorry i typed your name wrong i ment MITCHEL you ROCK love your BIGGEST FAN Nicole SMILES = ) SORRY

P.S i had to do this comment because i didnt want you to think that i didnt no how to spell your name lol but i do its MITCHEL MUSSO LOL SMILES = )

Kaila_x3 said...

Glad to hear its a good movie. lol i'm taking drivers ed i'm such a bad driver i almost ran into a student! but hey.. good luck with it!


Amanda said...

Hey Mitchel,
I heard the movie was excellent. I am dying to see it. Hope you do well in drivers ed... even though I bet you really would just rather catch a couple z's. Good Luck with that though!
Peace Out
Amanda :-) <3

Christina Vourcos said...

I took drivers ed last summer. I think it's a bit better that way, but it's great that you found time to take lessons. When I saw the preview of that movie and the movie "Music and Lyrics", it really makes me want to drive to the movie theater to see both of them. I love bowling as along as those bumpers are on...I really need to learn how to bowl without them. I mostly wanted to post a comment to thank you for sending me your autograph. I did send you a comment before about it which I didn't know you already had sent it. You and Meg Cabot are the only ones that has send me their autographs. Thanks!

Jocelyne said...

mitchel you goofball! It's bridge not brideg I still wov you
your fan,

Anonymous said...

HEY, don't call him a goofball. EVERYONE makes spelling mistakes!
Anyways good luck on your driving thing, i'm way too young to drive yet but my sis's is the same age. But she has to wait until she's 16 I think.........:/


Hope you have a fun year!

izzie said...

good luck in drivers ed! ill start it next year which will hopefully be funnn...? well i wish you the best!!! have tons of fun at the award shows! ill be watching hannah montana tonight! its a new episode!=]


coffeeheart said...

Hey, about this movie, thats "based on the award winning book", were the creatures protrayed as real? Like, it wasnt just their imagination? Or was it just showing their imagination and none of the monsters were real?