Saturday, February 24, 2007

Harlem Globetrotters

Hey guys! I totally forgot to tell you that I was going to be at the Harlem Globetrotters event on Monday. It was very fun! Got to meet some fans. If anybody else was there...give me a shout out! #16 and #21 were my favorites!

We had an amazing show this week on Hannah. Larry David guest starred.

I have my second class of driving tomorrow. I had a great time last Sunday.

Tomorrow night I am going to be at the Children Uniting Nations Oscar After Party. You know Monster House was nominated for an ...very cool!

This next week is a hiatus week which means we will not be filming "Hannah"....but we are still working. The cast of Hannah has photo shoots for the new season this next week and I have photo shoots with a couple of magazines. Then back to driving class on Sunday. Crazy busy week! Looking forward to every minute of it though.

Hope you guys have an amazing weekend. Thanks for all the posts....some of you are very funny and make me laugh! And I love the sweet posts too......



Abbster said...

Wow-ee! It sounds like you have an incredibly busy week! But it sounds like tons of fun!
WOO-HOO go Monster House! I love that movie. Me and my friend, Jenn, quote Monster House and Hannah Montana at school everyday. And then of course people stare at us like we are freaks, but we love it!! And we also love you!

Have a great week- and don't work too hard!


Elizabeth said...

Hi Mitchel!

Congrats on the Oscar nomination!! Glad you had fun at your first driving lesson! My brother had a good time too.

I have no idea who Larry David is. I'll ask around... Can't wait to see the new promo pictures and photoshoots! I hope you have fun this week!! I get to go to Main Event tomarrow so I'm going to try to beat Josh's score....even though I suck. Oh well....tee hee hee.

<3 Liz

Amanda said...

Hey Mitchel! I'm happy you had fun on sunday. are you any good at driving? ;] haha. Good Luck with the Oscars!!!!! Love ya!

your #1 fan,
Amanda A =]

Jacquelyn said...

Hey Mitchel!!!=D

WOW!!!!!!! U DO have a crazy week!!! But have fun!!....wait a minute.....u r Mitchel Musso....u are all about fun!!!!! =DDD

GOOD LUCK AT YOUR DRIVING CLASSES TOMORROW!!!!!=D It sounds like u enjoy it a lot!!! I can't wait to start driving!!!!!!!!!! I'm taking classes starting this summer!!! (but i still believe horses are more fun to ride!!=D) !!!!!!! But promise me one thing: avoid crashing into trees!!!!! lol!!!!!

I'm so glad u like all the posts we write...u are truly an amazing person......and i wouldn't change anything about u....u are amazing!!!! and we love u!!! =DDD

Have an AWESOME (but hectic...) week!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =DDD

Your cooliest fan,
!!!~*J*a*C*q*U*e*L*y*N*~!!! &herats;

Erin91 said...

i love the harlem globetrotters!

btw, idk if u noticed, but hannah montana was playing on the TV in the movie Bridge to Terabithia!

i cant wait til they start airing the new season of hannah montana!

Natalie said...

hey dude!!!!!!!!!!!!!

wow, i don't know HOW u keep such a busy schedule! it's crazy man! but im starting to know the "i no longer have a life cuz high school is so overwhelming and stupid" feeling, lol, ya know? :) i soooo wish i was in cali right now!!! but guess what, i will be there next Thursday, Friday, and Saturday! in L.A.!!!! do u know if u'll be in L.A. around then? i so hope i meet u! im going with a club at my school, and we're going to lots of places like rodeo drive and shopping in hollywood and all that good stuff! if u see a big group of girls all dressed up (we have too, ugh, lol) that look like they're in high school, yell my name! hehehe, jk, that might be a problem cuz then thousands of screaming fans will realize ur there and then u'll be swamped! anywho, if we meet, that would be awesomely awesome!

we WILL meet someday, :) (i hope!)


mariana said...


Rachel said...

Hey M&Ms! lolz. I like to call u M&Ms bcuz ur initials are M...& M. haha.

OMG! GUESS WAT? I'm going to move to CALI! I live in Texas right now & yeah I'm going to miss living here (like you)... but I really can't wait to move to L.A. bcuz I can finally meet you! I'll probably go to a shooting of HM! We'll probably move next year! Yayness!... I can't wait to see you. =)

I wish my dad fixed our TV already. Right now it works but we don't have Disney Channel yet. Ahhh! I'm going insane... I need to watch HM. haha. I can't wait for MY Driving Classes... it'll probably be when I'm in Cali... HEY YOU can TEACH ME! haha.

Keep Rock'n it. =)

God Bless,
<3's Rachel

Samantha said...

Wow, the Harlem Globtrotters. They seem cool, but the closest I have got to seeing them is when they were animated on Scooby Doo. Hey, 16 is my favorite number. Haha I was born on the 16th of a month.


So, are you a good driver, or should people make sure they have accident forgivness? Haha, just kidding. I bet you are a great driver, and if your not, I'll be praying. Haha. I wish you the best.

Monster house deserved to win! But cool anyway.

More photoshoots. Good thing the camera loves you Mitch.

I hope you have an amazing weekend too. Hope something I have said has made you laugh or smile at least once. I love making people happy. :)


olivia said...

fun fun.
i get to drive in 1 year.
turning 115 in august
i went to my schools bball game but we lost
oh well
i`ll live.

Anonymous said...

hey mitchel!! hope monster house wins!! can't wait to see your pics in the new mags!! good luck with your driving!!

Samantha said...

Wait, in my comment earlier, I said Monster House should of won. But we don't know if it has yet.The Oscars are tomorrow. Ok, let me try this again.

Monster House should win!!!!!

Ok, I blame my dream last night. It threw me off track. Haha. Ok, now that I have corrected myself, I'm going to go....

Tatianna said...

Hi Mitchel! Im so happy for ya! Im glad that you are having fun! So is driving everything you expected it to be? ;-) lol Ill Talk to ya L8R Bye! Remember You will always have your fans to support you! ITs our job to be CRAZY!

Anonymous said...

i can't wait to drive!!!!! of course, i'll be the one on the highway hitting the roadsigns and turning up the radio really loud!! have fun at your lessons!!
luv ya!

Caroline said...

Wow! You are busy! But, at least you still have time for your fans! (Yes!!!!!)



n said...

Hey Mitchel! Your blog is really cool. It's really nice that you take time for your fans. You rock!
<3 Natalee

Erika said...

Hi, Mitchel

I went to London today. It was good weather but sometimes rain.
Oh, English weather!!! Lovely:P

I hope you have a wonderful weekend too!!!

Love, Erika

Miranda said...

hey, Mitchel!

so you're driving now, huh? just promise me that you won't get into an accident or anything like that...I have two older brothers and one of them totaled his first car and the other one got a speeding ticket.

catch ya later,


Anonymous said...

haha ive seen monster house 91/2 times.
the half was when i was watching it with my friends but then i got hungry so drove to shipleys and drove there and missed the last half!! haha well im sure it'll be 101/2 soon!
have a great week! youre amazing!
xo laceyy

sabrina said...

when you may think you are all work you have to keep in mind all the girls (and a occasional boy) who tottaly ADORE you!!!!!

OH and the other "sabrina" or "Sabrina" posts are my sister making fun of me

OH and tell Josh next time you see him that a little girl named Namua Marie ADORES him

i mean she's 6 and she like kisses his posters

yeah it's creeps

OMG it is also very disterbing that you call a 12 yr old al ittle kid because I AM 13 and am still a mind............... THAT LOVES YOU

i mean who doesnt?

-(the real) sabrina

Emily said...

woah.. someones busyyyyy.

Driving sounds coooooooool, haha.

*is jealous and counts down the months until she can get her learners* blah 8 whole months haha.

Have an awesome week.

take care xx

Lexi! said...

Mitchel- your days sound so busy and incredibly fun! I wish I could spend a day in your shoes or just chill with YOU! I just bought Monster House on DVD after renting it like 15 million times my mom was like,"Wow, we should just buy it, it might cost less." ha! it was funny! You crack my up on Hannah and Monster is AMAZING! Keep up the great work! I'm gonna call you M&M! okay? ha! I like it! It has a ring to it....

Have a great time on the photoshoots! Smile big! =] and Good Luch at driving classes!

Mucho Amor-Much Love,

Lexi xD

Becky said...

WOW, it sounds like you're going to have a very busy week! I have no idea what i'm doing next week, but i do know that i have to right a script about stranger danger for a preschool that's at my high school that i work at so i'm trying to come up with stuff....not working so good!lol
But i really hope i can pull it off. if not i can always make stuff up! lol well i guess i'll go cuz your probably realllllly bored reading this. ok well have fun this week and think of me teaching preschoolers on monday about stranger danger with puppets! lol good times, good times. ok well i love you!

Ashley said...


I want to meet you so bad! I wish i could move to california. I hope that those driving classes aren't really boring! My freind took drivers ed, and she said that her hand was throbbing when she got home because she had to write so many notes. Well good luck with it! Oh, my birthday is on july 27! The same month as yours. ne wayz i gotta go! Thanks for the post!

Love alwayz Your #1 fan,

iLOVEshoez said...


Hi! good luck with your driving classes! That is so cool that Monster House is nominated! I wanted to ask you a question, do you like Secondhand Serenade? It's like, a singer person....I think...anyways...

I dont have anything else to say, so..I'll post later! Love you!

love always,

Anonymous said...

Dude ! " Crazy busy week " that is the first time I have heard that saying lol Hope the driving lessons are going well ! you probaly deserve the break lol and yes in 4 years I will be moving to L.A . Northern Ireland to L.A thats a big jump ( just had to let you know ) lol also saw a video of you at one of your shoots .. it was when you showed the cap and trainers , the watch and your mum was eating McDonalds lol anyway have a good time at your photo shoots ! Peace Curtis

P.S Tell Emily I said Hi lol tell her I sent her a wink ;) Thanks Man let me know if there is success lol

Dani said...

Globetrotters...That's a basketball tean right?!? lol I don't watch much, just play! The only sport I know a lot about is hockey; yup, and if someone makes fun of it, I just say "Don't be a hockey playa hata, ice skata!" lol That really did happen!=D ;)

Coolbeans, glad you like your class! Driving is fun, but kinda scary......Well, for my mom when I drive! =D

Have a super awesome time at the Oscar party; Monster House better win!

Not filming Hannah Montana for a week, well, its nice to have a break sometimes, even though your gonna be busy...Not much of a break then, eh? ;) Yeah, I was almost on hiatus too; from the computer! It's called almost-got-in-trouble-cause-little-sister-complains-too-much punishment!!! Hey, you got a little bro! How many times has that happened to you?!? Way too many times for me! =D <<< I laugh a lot,lol!

Have an amazing week!!!


amy said...

driving :). my friend just got her license. it was her second time taking the driving part. remember to stop at the stop signs.

Valerie said...

Hi Mitchel!
It's me Valerie! WOW you have a busy schedule(i hope i spelled that right)!! I seriously cant wait for season 2 of Hannah Montana!! AHH! Ok I'm good....well congratz on the nomination of Monster House! I love that movie! Glad you had fun driving! Cool your going to photoshoots...that means that I'm going to buy more magazines of you on the cover. I actually I have a Tiger Beat mag with me that has a quiz of you.....I TOTALLY A'CED IT!(It was T or F and all of them were true but I got one wrong......cough....) Well if you are reading this....O WELL SLAP ME AND CALL ME FLUFFY...COOL!lol Your soooo awsome!! Well I hope you enjoyed reading my post!


Porter =] said...

Hey Mitchel!!!

Glad to hear you're doing well and having fun! I just got home from rehersal(Anything goes-musical) my feet hurt from tap dancing. I am watching my Hannah DVD right now and oyu just said "Goody two-socks" haha crack me up every time! I am so excited that monster house was nominated-it was so good!You and Sam are realllllllllllly funny together! Are you going ot be at the actual oscars? Have fun!keep being righteous mitch!

Porter ***

Brittany, the guy luvr said...

Hi! my name is brittany. I KNOW you get kinda sick of all these people acting like they r ur bff's or friends, or somethin. (@ least i would) but, its like weird to say this. but i think we have a lot in common, (at least what i've read) and it'd be awsome if u read my blog thing crap. I just started so DONT MAKE FUN! lol( : anyway, hope u have fun all the time and never get down. ) ': anyway, hope u have fun doin watevr u do!


alexxx andrea said...

omg i LOVE the harlem globetrotters i used to go to there games i always had soooooo much fun except for the time this wierd guy behind me spilt his ENTIRE pepsi all over mi head haha it was very sticky but otherwise those games are amazing....and congrats on the oscar nom...Larry david is sooo funny i love his show curb your enthusiasin (sp?) way have fun with your week and driving classes........ehx ohh ehx ohh alex<33

alexx andrea said...

omg i cant believe i forgot to tell you this so mi brother JUST finished the driving classes and well hes all like oo look at me i got mi permit so i get in the car with mi dad and mi brother and he is baking out of our driveway and bam he hits the basket ball hoop (min you it is cemented into the ground) so now his car has a huge dent in the back my advice avoid basketball hoops at all cost =]


Hey mitchel!!

congrats on the oscar nomination Ü

DOUBLE yay! photoshoots? I love looking @ all the new pics from Hannah montana! I'm excited! have fun!

Good luck w/ the 2nd driving lesson!!

~ ashley <33

Anonymous said...

cooleo Mitchel well yea thats cool hope you had fun just to tell you i got the new M and your pics in there are so funny the ones your like in the air or somthing lol well there going on my wall yea lol well yea ok love ya biggest fan Nicole and Mitchel you rock and hope you have fun

Kayla said...

Hey Mitchel!!

That's really cool that Monster House was nominated for an oscar, I think Monster House should win. I thought it was a really great movie, I even have it on DVD! lol But it sounds like you are going to have a really busy week. I wish the best for you in driving classes. I can't wait to see the new promo pictures and photoshoots!!



paige marjorie said...

yay for driving classes.

i am talking them in a couple of weeks. i hope i don't kill anyone. i hope you don't either. because that's no fun.

alright. later.


Sounds like a hectic, but very fun week!

Glad you're having fun driving though. I don't know what's with me, but I'm not interested in it. haha. But, I do drive when I have a chance.

Dang, Mitchel, if only Disney would let people over 16 go to one of your tapings, that would be awesome.

Have fun with with the photoshoots!

Oh by the way, any info for San Francisco yet? Please postttt :]

Still loving the chin! haha.
<3 peace.

Jena said...

Whoa, busyy man! But is good you'r so like, dedicated and stuff, and dont like, totally bloww everythingg off!
And also, I entered a contest from umm.. i dont remember what mag. but its to win a date with youu! I hope i wiiiin!! =] thatwould be a dreamm come true after everythingg..

Lindy (Musso) said...

u r so cool i luv u i have 28 posters of u on my wall i hope that doesn't creep u out lol ;)

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel!! Like everyone else has said, ya got a CrAzY life!!!!!! Great luck on driving lessons. The most ive ever driven is on autopia in disneyland!:^)
Oh, and have fun at the oscar awards after party! Sounds like a ton of fun!!! I hope Monster House winns the awards its nominated 4!!!
P.S. Have a super-wonderful-awesome-delightful-exciting-fun-tastic week!!! :^)

Melissa said...

Hey Mitchel :)

I just finished watching Monster House so I thought I'd check out your blog.

That's awesome that you had a good driving class! Have fun tomorrow, too! Also at the party.

The Hannah Montana second season sounds so cool :) I can't wait!!

Have fun this week! You're the best! =]]

<3 Melissa

Lissa Jo said...

Good luck on the driving lessons! You guys are having alot more guest stars on the second season! It sounds way cool! Or Oober cool as me and my friends say(well sometimes...). I can't wait for the second season(redundant huh?)Well have fun at the photo shoots(while you try on fancy clothes, and we, and try not to crash into anything tomorrow!

Your fave Southern Cali girl,
Like Lissuh, or Alissa without the A in the beginning. Remember? *Hehehehe*

karina. said...

wow you do have a busy week! have fun tomorrow =)
today was a good day, i got to go to the mall. but i'm sad because the candy machine ate my nickel because i didn't have any quarters, so i tried to see if it would work =(.
true story. =)

Anonymous said...

O my gosh, you sound like you will be really busy the week. I might be comming to see an episodetaping of Hanna Montana so i hope i will se you there. Good luck will everything you will be doing this week! Cant wait to meet you!


jenn!!!! said...

Woah, talk about busy!
I'm so proud of Monster House being nominated! I love love love that movie and just like my friend abby (first to comment) said, we quote it almost all the time at skool!
And it's so exciting that you're driving! too cool! I wish i could drive!
well i cant wait for the new pictures and i hope you have a super AMAZING week! take it easy, okay?

J to the E to the double N!!

Nicole said...

haha, at 1st i thought you said AND I LOVE SWEET POTATOS!

anyways, good luck with driving mitchel!

MONSTER HOUSE ROCKS! i knew it would be nominated for an oscar, and that it would win ;]

well i g2g, but ill keep intouch !!!

-- Nicole

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel, congrats on the Monster House nomination i hope it wins! i actually just watched that movie last night with my siblings lol. i hope you have fun with your driving lessons. when i took mine they were awesome my teacher was always cracking jokes even though they were bad they were still hillarious and i couldnt stop laughing. i seriously hope your better than i am i keep going into people yards when i do my hand over hand turns then my whole class laughs at me including my instructor lol =)but yeah just wanted to say hi sundays are super boring well have fun with your photoshoots and your driving class!


Amanda Y said...

Hi, Mitchel. I'm sooooo glad you had fun on sunday. I bet you are a great driver. Have fun at the Oscars. Enjoy your Hannah Montana photo shoot!
Amanda Y.
Your biggest fan in the WORLD!
(Take that Amanda A)
P.S.- I hope Monster House wins an Oscar!

Megan said...

Hi Mitchel!
OMG, I luv you!
I think you are so hot!
Have fun at the Oscar party!
I hope you like driving!
Stay Sweet,
Megan B

Ashleigh said...

I'm dying to see all the new pictures from the photo shoots!!!

I hope Monster House wins the Oscar; crossing my fingers!

Larry David freaking rocks!!! He hasn't acted in too much, but I lurrve him!

Well, have fun with your ultra-busy week.

jordan said...

Mitchel, Question. DO you watch the Office?! That show is soo funny!!

Shweta said...

Sounds like a really busy week. Good luck with your second driver's test. Hope you pass!

Abby said...

Heyy Mitchel

Seems like your gonna have a busy week! Hope you don't work too hard though!

Also, Congrats on the nomination! I bet it feels great to be nominated.

I hope yer photo shoots go well. I'll most likely be buying the magazines that they're in =)

Well have a great week!


McKenna said...

i wish that i could take my driving classes now...i have to wait till septmeber. kinda stinks but it is def. worth the wait. lol =]

Katie R. said...

Well i'm glad we make you laugh....BUT if you want a BIG laugh you should read the comments on the update pages!! We talk about the CRAZIEST things!! its hilarious!!
Well i hope you have a GREAT week!! and have fun at those MANY photoshoots!! Tootles* Katie

By the way. I know that you like Starbursts and I was wondering..... What kind do you like?? because there are SO many kinds, Like Sour,Origanal,Tropical ect..... I LOVE the sour kind. I have a bag full in my room. their GREAT!!! LOL!!

melinda said...

omg i make you laugh!!!
im soo glad that i bring a smile to your face!

well you said that you like sweet posts too soo i'll leave you a good one!

soooooo ummmmm.......

sorry but i got nuttin!
haha sorry im in a really good mood!
and i guess you realized that when i keep laughing out loud!
see there it is again......
well i hope your driving classes go well......

Jacquelyn said...

Hey there, Mitchel!!!!

Congratulations on the Oscar nomination!!!!!!!! =DD WOO HOO!!!!!!!!!....but it turns out that Monster House didn't win........ =(((((!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was watching it and i was soooooo angry that it didn't win!!!!!!! (*Turns into the Hulk and throws the computer on the wall and rips out hair!!!!!!*) But then again, it's not the end of the world.......have fun at the after party!!!!!! =DD

Hope u had fun at your driving class today!!!!!! I'm glad u r enjoying them!!!! It's better than not enjoying them, right?! lol!! =D

Have a great time at your photo shoots!!! It's a very good thing that u are friends with the camera....!!! lol!! I'm not very good friends with school pictures......they always come out bad!!!! lol!!!!

I had a great weekend, thanks!! I was at my friend's b-day party and we stayed at a hotel!! It was pretty cool....they had a water park there...and a huge tv that would always play Disney Channel (for the little kids! But i liked it too!!)!!! The whole thing reminded me of Hannah Montana.....i mean it almost looked like the beach on the HM had a place to buy food which reminded me of Rico's!!!!!! It was pretty sweet!! We stayed at the Sheraton Hotel, which is right near a racetrack (horse racing racetrack to be exact!!) And i found out that the track opens on my horse's b-day....May 4th!!! LOL!!!! I was there for the Breeder's Cup 4 years ago.....I heard that Ben Afleck was there....but i didn't meet him because he was in the Grand Stand...oh well!!

Weellll, i gots to go.....i have school tomorrow.....grr......but i have Friday off!!! Yay!!!!



I love the Harlem Globetrotters ! Oh, and you're absolutely amazingly amazing. Marry me Mitchel ? :] hahah. Then, you could drive me around when you get your license.

ily !
- Ashley !

iLOVEshoez said...

AWW! Mitchel, Monster House didnt win...I REALLY wanted it to is a GREAT movie!!

best wishes and love always,

Anonymous said...

heya Mitchel sorry to here about Monster House not winning an Oscar but congratulations for you and the cast on making such a great movie ( I stayed up to 5:30 am to watch the oscars lol ) Curtis

Anonymous said...

Thats SO cool!! Hope eveything goes AMAZING!!

Anonymous said...

That's so cool! The Harlem Globtrotters were just in Connecticut on Friday and Saturday! I didn't go, but what I saw on the commercial looked cool! Good luck with your driving lessons! I can't wait to see Hannah Montana season two! Are you going to be in the disney channel games again this year? I hope so!

Jena. said...

Whoaa. Everythingg in my liife is bombing right now! =[ Kinda stinkss. But at leastiknow Three Dyas from now, I'll be on Vacataion in LONDON!! I Cat waiit. Also, I would like to let you know Mitchel, that you are one thing that savs me each day from the terrible stuff thats going onin my liife right now.. and i ove you sooo much!!
Much Love;;

sabrina5856 said...

oh mitch im so SORRY about the monster house loss but i STILL adore u

Alex said...

Oh! I went to one of those Harlem Globetrotter games, not the one you did though. It was really fun!! Congrats on the nomination, sucks about the outcome. Happy Feet wasn't all that good anyways. Good Luck on driving and Hannah!

<3 Alex


hey mitchel...

did you see your new dressup on!!! here's the link:

that is soo cool! Ü congrats!

- ashley <33

Anonymous said...

Mitchel, you are amazing! I don't know how you keep up with all the work you are doing, I can barely go to school and play 3 sports at the same time! It's crazy! But I know you love it thats what counts.

Have a good week... hope to hear back from you soon!!

Elizabeth said...

Hiya Mitchel!

I went bowling yesterday and remember when I said I'm gonna try to beat Josh's score? I was soooo close. I scored a.......57. Please hold your appaluse.

Please settle this rumor!! All around the Imdb boards on High School Musical 2, people are saying you are going to play Theodore Fostore in the film. It has been comformed that Jason Dolley will be playing the role. Whats going on and how do you think that rumor got started?? Or is it true? Please help!

<3 Liz

Chelsea said...

Hope you have an awsome week! Take a break, you deserve it! Anyway watched the oscars the other night....I was so excited to find out that Monster House was a nomination. Congrats! Thats really big =) but its a bummer that it didn't win. Oh well, Im sure we will be seeing you up there in a few years or so for best actor. =)

Can't wait for the next season of HM. good luck with driving.

<3 Chelsea

ANGELA! said...

Haha. I love how you count your fans when you meet them. Are you a good driver?! Beats me I can't drive for another year because I was born in october and i'd be a junior then so yeah I guess a good 2 years? I think i'd make a bad driver because when the turning light goes green I think you're suppose to go. HA. I think my glasses should come to use when I do get a car. (:

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel! =) I've has a crazy week here too.I just started's pretty fun.I love how like almost all my friends are doing it.Sometimes I can't really concentrate friends and I are always laughing.I know people say they are always laughing but I really do laugh at anything In fact,I am laughing right now for no reason at Well anyway I have gone to see the Harlem Globetrotters before.They are amazing and funny.When I went to see them they took this ladies purse and made her get up and go get it.Plus they are HUGELY TALL!!,considering I am only 5'2".=)So you're 5'7"...I find that hard to believe.I mean because you seem my height on TV.BTW I love your character Smokin' Oken.HE ROCKS!!

P.S.Good luck on your driving,just please promise me you won't like crash into something.I would never want Sweet Mitchel to get hurt.=)

Love ya...!~Meagan~!