Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Hey guys! Thanks for all the great messages. a few posts................

sorry Dude...didn't expect any guys to be my valentine....sorry about that......but I'm glad that you posted! The Door March 17th- My Dad will be there....but I have to work Friday and Monday so I can't take a quick trip to Dallas even though I would love to be there for my brother's 18th Birthday.

Also....sweet niblets....hope the snake is back in the cage!

AND...........I Will be at the Roxy tomorrow night (Thursday) to see my brother play! See ya there!



Ina said...

hey mitchel, happy valentines day to you too! let me just say that you are very lucky to be somewhere with no snow..i was trapped inside all day because we are not allowed out..not that we can get out of our houses so i watched hannah montana and shoveled snow for the most part. but i hope your valentines day was better than mine. haha. and just so you know, i still love you even though you are a cowboys fan =)

<33 ina

Jackie H said...

happy valentines day to you too!! a had a great one.. but it would be better if you were my valentine!! but that probly wont happen haha anyway.. my friend evan gave me some roses and i got a teddy bear from my friend ashley! i hope you had a great one and i hope your brother has a happy birthday! i love you! =]

Jacquelyn said...

Thanx for the post, Mitchel!!! =D

Don't worry, teacher saw the snake and put it back in it's cage, safe and sound!!!!! Nobody died!! LOL!! Thanx for the concern, though!! =D

Awww man that sucks that you can't make it to the Metrostation concert in Dallas...I can't make it either...I live in Illinois....=(...too far away from Texas. I wish i could go. But anyway, tell Mason that i wish him a Happy Birthday =D!!!!!! But least you get to see him tomorrow night, right?!

Well, i'd better get going....I have to finish my homework. I have yet another boring day at school tomorrow!!! But i have a late arrival tomorrow, which means school doesn't start until 9:30 (it starts at 7:30 on regular days) and that means i get to sleep in until 7:00!!!! lol!! =D

Happy (almost over...about 3 and a half more hours..) Valentine's day!!!! ♥ =D

Have a great day tomorrow!!

Your coolest fan that doesn't freak when a snake escapes from its cage in Biology, =D
♥ ~*J*a*C*q*U*e*L*y*N*~ ♥

Emily said...

Well dayum that you get to see your brother and his band play.

If you get the chance.. poke him and say 'Go to Australia.. theres cool people there' haha. Then you can come with them and go to Brisbane where its fun =]

Have fun!

Happy Birthday to Mason!

Take care xx

summrxobsessed said...

happy valentines day!
i watched grated cheddar too, aww i'm sorry you don't have a valentine! lol but i bet a lot of girls (admittedly, including me) are happy about that... haha. but i hope you had fun with friends/family! my friends and family were awesome today, even though i was sick.

paige said...

haha... a guy asked you to be their valentine.

SWEET NIBLETS. my brother says that now. he is in 5th grade. he says it every 10 seconds. its kind of ridiculous.

metrostation=stupendous. i wish i lived closer to texas or california. because i know that they would be fricken awesome live.

ps- wish mason happy 18th. he is now legit.

alright. hope you had a pretty fly valentine's. laterrrrrrrrrrrr

GeoRgiA said...

Hey mitchel sorry bout the sort comment any way hope your valetines dae was cool mine sucked,just the whole valetine thing not ma actural dae-coz that was cool.Any way hope u have fun at the ROXY and the letter ive been talkin about its comming really soon i hope you lyk it.

Love /from GEORGIA

Jacqueline said...

You rock!

Paige said...

You're brother's band is awesome. Do they have an official website that I could check out? I hope you had a great Valentine's day!!

Briana said...

Happy Valentines Day!
Yous so lucky that you are not snowed in like we are, this is out third day where school is closed and we got at least a foot and a half of snow and ice. Congratulations to the Popstar! Winner, hope you enjoy your date.
Love and support,

Samantha said...

Ok, well, I just told you about my day yesterday, so make sure you check it out. Ok, it isn't that interesting. But check anyway!

Metro Station rocks!!!!

Oh, a little while ago, I sent a valentine for you to Popstar!. I hope you get it. If you do, it is a red card, made of construction paper, and there is a little poem in there for you! Hope you get it though. I sent it to them, because I wanted to win something for once, so I thought maybe I will win your valentine! Haha. Ok, well, gotta do some school now. Ciao!


Anonymous said...

well thats cool and thats ok and well wish mason a happy birthday from me to him well ok love ya your biggest fan Nicole Mitchel you Rock

Anonymous said...

Well Mitchel if thats the way you feel I could make an exception for you lol only joking dude :) anyway hope you had a good day ( even if it was without me )lol but you never no maybe someday we could go out on a double date with some lucky ladies if I make it big in the music business , I have had my voice compared to Michael Jackson which was a complete honor lol by the way is there anywhere I can listen to your Bro's Band metrostation online since I live in Northern Ireland ?

Abbster said...

Hey Mitchel!
If I could go see your brother play... but I live in Florida.
But I'm going up to Cali in March!
I'm like counting down the day!! =]
i super excited to see your awesome acting skills in real life!
oh ya, I am sending my package today, (the 15th of Febuary). Its supposed to be for Valentines, but ya know, oh well =]]
I got a bracelet in there a letter to you, and a picture on me and my friends, I really hope you like it Mitchel!

Well I gotta go,
Happy Heart Day [again]


Anonymous said...

HEY MITCH!!!! I have 2 tell u this funny story that happened yesterday:

we had a Valentine’s Day party yesterday @ acting. We had pizza and cookies and some girls even made cookies. Well, as I was about 2 take a cookie, this kid Ryan takes the entire plate of cookies and shoves all the cookies in his mouth! lol! It was HYSTERICAL!!!! he ate every cookie on their! Then, my friend Jackie took a chocolate heart and threw it @ him! He got mad and threw it back. Then, my friend Lauren started throwing them and...that led 2 a CHOCOLATE WAR!!!!!!!!!! it was sooo much fun! Then when we left, me, Ryan, and my friends Joanna and Rachel had a snowball fight: girls vs boys! We DOMINATED!!!!!!!! lol! Well, talk 2 ya soon!!!!!

luv, brie

Anonymous said...


Ashley said...

hey! whoa, a dude asked you to be his valentine? uhhh.. i guess no comment to that..haha...hmm. you certainly made my day by saying happy valentines day! =] Because, well, my own boyfriend never even told me that..lame huh?..oh well. haha..Hope you have loads of fun at your brothers concert! have a great weekend!

I heart youuu!

mickey said...

ahh i wish u were coming to dallas
i live there
and would totally come see u

Jacquelyn said...

Me again! ;)

Soo........wutzup????!!?? Hope you had a good day today!! Mason is performing at the Roxy tonight, am i right?? Well, tell him that i wish him a happy birthday (in a!! =D

...The snake tried once again to escape from its cage today....that's one smart snake!! His cage has a sliding glass door, and he slithers up it and tries to slide it...and it worked!!! It seems like he's saying, "Enough of this!! I can't stand being in a glass cage all day long!! I'm gettin outa here!! I'm moving to Australia!!" Or he just wants to be a fellow classmate and learn about Biology!!!!! =D LOL

Have an awesome weekend!!

<3 ya....
♥ ~*J*a*C*q*U*e*L*y*N*~ ♥

Anonymous said...

heyy mitchel!
i wish i could make it to metro stations concert but im in houston. but when i turn sixteen i will follow them wherever they go!! haha seriously they are my favorite band! i swear like half of the plays on their myspace are from me!! haha but anyway hope you had a great valentines dayy!!
xo laceyy

Tiffany said...

sorry i didn't wish you happy v-day yesterday!! but i love you!!!! and you are AMAZING!!! and i hope you had an AMAZING valentine's day! so yeah! you rock and keep on rocking!! <3333

Devann-Dianna said...

Hey Mitchel, I know it's friday, but Happy Valentines Day!

I couldn't do anything for V-Day seeing as there was a level 3 snow emergency here in Ohio!
We're in the middle of a Winter Storm here, and even though it went down to a level 2 snow emergency, we still had school yesturday!!

That kinda stinked, seeing as it was colder than ice in our school and I'm sick from a cold with the ackes and pains of shoveling the day before.

Hope your day was awesome though!
Don't eat all that Valentines Day chocolate right away- or you'll get sick, too!

Tell your brother I said Happy Birthday, also!
Since he's 18 does that mean he's a senoir in High school or did he graduate early?

Well, gotta go, I have to run outside in this horrible snow and wait for my bus.


Marie said...

hey mitchel! i was watching a grated cheddar interview, and you said you were looking for a valentine. who wouldn't want to be you're valentine? well, i know i would :) hope you had a fun day anyway! <3

sammi_luvs_mitchel said...

hey mitchel
i am a big fan i love u happy late v-day you rox my sox mitchel please comment me back u rox i love uuuuuuuuu

sammi_luvs_mitchel said...


valerie said...

Hi Mitchel!!!!
Happy be-lated Valentines day!or is it de-lated..anyway i saw your mini interview at The Bridge to Terabitheia with Grated Cheddar! I loved your hair! I didnt have a valentine also!:( But deep deep inside your my valentine! even though there are thousands of other girls out there that also think you're their valentine also!lol well you cant blame them or me because your the greatest! tell your brother happy birthday!!! :)

Melissa said...

i hope your valentine's day was totally awesome!!!

only the best,


Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel......I know it's a little late to be posting a comment about Valentines Day but i hope you hade a great one!I can't wait to see what that new flims gonna be!!! It's so exciting!!! Well, i love you forever and always Mitchel and I hope you found (or wil find) that special someone!!!




Hope you had fun at the roxy last night, I couldnt make it but my friends did.
They saw you there.
&& miley too.


are you still going to be in san fran on the 10th?
because me and my friend brittany are going to be there that weekend, if your still going?
lemme knoww.
hopefully ill see you there!

Rachel said...

Hey Mitchel!

HAPPY VDAY to you too! aww you can't make it to Dallas. Btw, I'm a Dallas Cowboys fan too! I heard you were one. Ugh... guess what?

My Valentines kinda sucked bcuz my Valentine didn't come to our date! Can you believe it? That was SO MEAN! oh well... if YOU were my Valentine I'm sure you wouldn't do that to me... right? lolz.

God Bless,
<3's Rachel

Dani said...

Dude, snake?!? Woah!!!! That's pretty scary, but we've had a trantula escape in our school; actually someone set it free....Long story!

Well, hope you had a Happy Valentines Day! Have an AMAZING week!!! Thanks for keeping us updated!


Kayla said...

Hey Mitchel!!

Happy (late) Valentine's Day...
I hope you had a really good Valentine's Day. Have a GREAT weekend!!


Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel,

Its Leslie..Yay!!!
WEll I heard on your grated cheddarinterview that u needed a valentine( i kno v-day is ovr but...ill b ur hope ur day is gud and im planning to send u letter wit a bunch of cool stuff included wit it...

well, have a great ,wonder ful,everlasting day!!!

Much LOve,


georgina said...

hey mitchel... hope you got my message on your official site...
cant wait for your next blog entry...
by the way i have a question...
when i send you fanmail.
ive spent weeks on my letter so will you write a personal one back to me, i mean like not a pre print,.. please let me know in your next blog entry...
lv georgina lilly xxxxxxxxx

Elizabeth said...

Hi Mitchel-

New movies coming up!? Can you tell us ANYTHING? Purty Pewse? Good luck with all your up-coming "things" (like, stuff that your doing. lol).

<3 Liz

Abbster said...

Hey Mitchel!
I just got back from this carwash which was fun.
But it was like 30 degrees and I was like freezing my butt off!!!
It was fun though.
Hope you have an awesome day!

Jacquelyn said...

Hey Mitchel!!

Hope everything is well for you!! =D Hey i was talking to my friends on Mitchel Musso Online (love it by the way....) and there is this girl named Shelly who has this friend that seems to be depressed and is thinking of committing suicide....we were thinking that you can help her out a write the girl a letter....I hope Shelly or someone posts another comment on here to give u more info.....but that is all i know right now........and if you can't write her a letter, just pray for her......thanx for everything!! U are amazing!! ;-)


Anonymous said...

heyy hope your having a great presidents weekend. Just thoghut id share this wierd story well so i was reading BOP magazine and it had a page on spending a day with mitchel and like it said what you do on a typical day. and the i went to bed and i had a dream that you and i went to the movies and ate pancakes there and then we went to a ping pong tournament hahah it was way talk to you later... ehx ohh ehx ohh alexxxxxxxx

Isabelle Rose said...

Hey Mitchel!

Its Isabelle Rose from BTT :)

Nice blogs and Happy Valentines day... for three days ago im a bit late but that's okay l0l

Did you have a valentine?
I didn't so it was a presentless one but that's okay i'll live l0l

Lots of love,
Isabelle Rose x