Monday, February 05, 2007


Josh bowled a was AMAZING! Me....let's just say....I didn't do that good.

Annie Awards are like the Oscars for Animation. Monster is nominated for several I'm going to present the award for best Video Game. The awards are this coming weekend in Glendale, CA...........but they are not televised. Sorry about that....I wish they were.



Samantha said...

A 232? Wow. That is better than good, that is amazing! The highest score I ever got bowling was like a 86 or something. Haha. But I've only gone bowling three times, so, I need more practice.

Well congratulations on the nominations, hope Monster House wins them all, and glad you get to present the video game award! You'll do awesome.


P.S. It was cool to see you on IMDB today!

Jacquelyn said...

Thanx for the update, Mitchel!! You're the GREATEST!!! =D

It really sounds like you had a BLAST when you were bowling with Josh....It's always nice to see a friend that you haven't seen in a while!!...Glad you had fun!! Bowling.....hmm that reminds me....i haven't been bowling in a "while and i have to brush up on some of my skills. (i think the last time i bowled was about 5 or 6 years ago when i was in girls scouts!! LOL....Last year in May my best friend had a birthday party and we went to the bowling alley...but there was a big thunderstorm that day, and the power went out in the alley as soon as we walked in the door!! So i didn't get to bowl that day..but it was still fun!!! =D)....LOL!!! Seems like you need to practice, too!!! But like they say, "practice makes perfect!" ;-) LOL...

Awww man....too bad i don't live in Cali to see the Annie Awards.....I'm too...........far...........away!!!!! LOL!!! Darn Illinois is too far away from everything!! But oh well......i've never been to California before, and it's on my "places to visit" =D

Guess what?!.....we have the whole day off of school today!!! The schools closed because it is soooooooooo cold outside!!!! It's like -15 degrees Fahrenheit out there!!! So instead of getting snowed in, we got "iced" in!!! LOL!!! Well, it gives me an extra day to finish my math!!!

I gots to go!!!! TTYL!!!
Love (as always....)
~*J*a*C*q*U*e*L*y*N*~ ♥

Erin91 said...

ah omg joshs score is so good! haha im not great at bowling either. did u ever work on a movie with josh or u guys just know each other from events and stuff?

erica said...

mitchel, your amazing. hehe but i think you might hit someone when your driving, no offence. and that contest winner is lucky. wish it was me ;)

i love you.

Katie R. said...

Man, that stinks that they won't be on TV. But i'm sure you will do GREAT!........Yeah, I stink at bowling too. But hey, Atleast you had fun! I hope you and your family have a GREAT week!

Love: Katie

Katie R. said...

Oh more thing. You and Josh look like you could be brothers!! How long have you known Josh??

amber said...

That sounds fun you went bowling! And don't worry, when I go bowling, I don't do so great either! But I hope to meet you some day! ********ENERGYVIEW*******

amber PS PLEASE come back to chicago!

Kelsey said...

that's SO great!! wish i could see it :[! Oh Well!

Anonymous said...

it's ok that u didnt do so well in bowling! im not such a good bowler myself! i'd be lucky to get over 120! lol!

ooo, i 4got. i sent u something last week! by my judgement, u should get it a few days after valentine's day! i wish u could get it sooner b/c part of it has 2 do w/ valentine's day, but o well! as for what it is-well, in the words of Smokin Oken "my lips r sealed!" ha ha!

luv, brie

Molly said...

Awwww! I wish it was televised!!!

Lindy said...

i bet u could beat me in bowling i love u wish i could see the award show!!

Anonymous said...

Thats to bad they wont be on T.V. Congradulations on the nominations!! Hope to meet you someday!


Angela said...

Glendale? cool. I been to the mall there haha. it's close. 232? Gee.. I can't even get 170...

april said...

haha oh well at least you had fun right?

congrats on the many nominess for monster house!

and just remember to tell us all about it!


Rachel said...

haha. That's alright Mitchel...I love bowling too but sometimes I'm not that good. lolz.

Katherine Swanson said...

Try to get a video from a digital camera or something! lol...that would be so cool!!!
Katherine (15) Tuscon, AZ

Anonymous said...

hey well thats awsome well thats ok if yo didnt win lol im actually good at bowling wink wink lol with bumpers .....oh and well thats ok we all wish it was on tv but hope you do good anyways lol ..... well yea Love your Biggest Fan NICOLE well PEACE OUT like you always say lol and MITCHEL YOU ROCK ...... sorry for putting lol so much thats just me lol i laught alote and im really funny well have a great week

GeoRgiA said...

hey Mitchel still havent sent that letter which i said i was going to send in ma other comments im waiting till i finish the bracelet.u shud get it soon though...i hope! lol any way sounds lyk u had a cool time bowling but 232 wow thats good i hope the awards go all well you'll do awsom anywae


Ashley said...

hey sweetie!
you are a better bowler than me! haha! I`m horrible at bowling!! hmm the nominations & have fun presenting! ahh i wish they were on tv! darn it. hmm. ohh well! I look forward to meeting you!...eventually..haha!

oh i forgot! school was cancelled for the last 2 days due to the cold weather! I`m happy about that..but bad thing is..we only get like 5 calamity days..which is when you miss 5 days of school due to weather you have to make it up on spring break..and we already used 3 days! ahh. dang.

well i g2g! ashley tisdale is on good morning america! and i must watch her!

Later Handsome. ;]
Love, Ashley

Abbster said...

Hey Mitchel! I'm so excited for Monster House! I wish the awards could be televised... oh well!

Elizabeth said...

Hi Mitchel!

Well....I'm not too good at bowling. Josh did a really good job!!

NOOOO!! They NEED to be televised!!!! You must tell us if Monster House wins anything!!

<3 Liz


i was reading your comments, and that reminded me, it would be fun to have an "energyview" with you sometime :) hehe, you're way to cool mitchel. love ya lots :)

Anonymous said...

Come on what did u get I like lose the contest when it comes to cowling

Crystal said...

cool ! 232 ???? i've never been bowling so i wouldn't know ! =( anyway what kind of awards aren't televised ?!?!?! LoL . i hop Monster house wins A LOT of awards ! =D


P.S. signing up for the win a date thing with you for M !

Heather said...

tickets for those awards are like 100$
i love u hunny but
im brokeee
hopefully i'll get tix for hannah sooon.

Anonymous said...

hey Mitchel thats ok if you didnt bowl loli can wink wink with bumpers lol well yea i hope you had fun andilive in like closetola im gonna see what pins look like well PEACE-OUT like you always say love your BIGGEST FAN NICOLE

Nicole said...

NO! they have to be on TV! i wanna see you be all professional!!!!

And dont worry Mitchel.. I suck at bowling too :)

-- Nicole

heather said...

i WISH it would go on tvie!! hope u hav fun!!! "peace out!"

Emily said...

ohhhh snap! 232.. your friend is awesome at bowling!

Have fun presenting!

take care xx

Dani said...

Pssh... Bowling?!? EASY!!! I 've bowled a 300 before... Ok maybe it was a 30... Haha, JK!!!!! lol!! Yeah I could bowl a 300; with the bumpers!!! I'm ok, but not the best! I usually average 100 every game. That's ok though cause with air hockey, I dominate!!!! Me and me sis play alot, and I kick her can!!! lol!

I wish the Annie awards were televised! Not fair! Hey, at least Hannah Montana's on tonight!!!


Len said...

WOW! 232, wow..I didn't know someone could bowl that big of a number xP Was he using bumpers? just kidding. I bet you did fine, my highest score was 93. So I'm not that good haha.

Cngrats on the nomination, I hope Monster House wins =D


Anonymous said...

hey well Mitchel i just like got in the mail today a pic from you and i just wanted to tell you THANKS its going on my wall with all my other posters of you well THANKS LOVE YOUR BIGGEST FAN NICOLE and PEACE-OUT like you always say lol well ily lol peace


232. That's amazing. The highest score I have EVER gotten was like 107 or something.
And that's when my step-sister bowled for me a couple times.

That's pretty kick BOOTAY the Monster House wan nominated. It was a snazzirific ((my own word. cool eh?)) movie. Hope all goes well.


Anonymous said...

Hey cool thats alot of points
and i wanna say congrads too
also good luck on ur driving lessons

Jenn said...

woah. thats soo cool. too bad it iSNT televised. oh well, i'll b prayin 4 u! Monster HOuse is totally awesome, i just watched it last nite!

with love,
J to the E to the double N!!

Devann-Dianna said...

I love Bowling!
Me and my friends are leaving the Winter Formal dance halfway through to go bowling until midnight!
It's going to be a blast-- I can garentee that your score is going to be higher than mine though- stink at it! Lol.

I hope Monster House got some good awards! Be sure to fill us in on those!

Have a good week!
P.S. Happy Valentines Day!

izzie said...

awww i wish i could watch it but oh well!! i wish you the best of luck!! im SURE monster hosue will win all 7!!!!=] have a greatt week and a wonderful valentines dayy!!!=]


laceybabyy said...

hahaha its ok i got like a 87? or something last time i went. ahaha well youre awesome! and the girl who won the win a date is soo lucky! you look so sweet and youre really cute!! haha well happy valentines day i hope its a good onee<3


Anonymous said...

hey im soo bad at bowling maybe you can teach me sometime!
well hope you had fun!
i love bowling.....too bad im no good!
well bye
<3 melinda

meagan said...

232 is awesome! well, good luck with the awards if you haven't done it already you will do great!

Anonymous said...

hey, mitchel! i'm watchin g u in "life is ruff" rite now! u looked soo CUTE! lol!

i 4ogt 2 tell u: last week, i started my acting class! i started late, so they gave me small part, but that's ok!the play im in is called "characters." i play a snob girl named rachel and an obnoxious audience member who keeps interfiring with the show. it's pretty funny! well, g2g. c ya l8r, s8r!

luv, brie

Anonymous said...

hi Mitchel...I'm from Poland and in my country we don't have Hannah Montana etc. But when I was on holiday on FL I watched all the episodes. And I think you're really good actor! And you're just awesome! sorry about my english but it isn't so well...
Love Ya!

Paige said...

A 232??!! Ack, I could never be that good. I'm jealous. I'm sure you really didn't do as bad as you said you did. You're awesome in every way possible. Best wishes to you and your family.

Caroline said...

I cant wait till we get to know the winner!!!!! im totally excited.

it will be tight,


Emily said...

Did you bowl a 26 like me? i did that once, but ungh. That's fine. You probably did better than me.

Anyway, I'm sure you'll have fun on that date thing of yours. I wish I entered, but nooo. :/ I would have beat them all out because I'm pretty awesome, but whatever ;] Have fun.

Anonymous said...

by the sounds of it 232 is a good score!! i wouldt know..never been bowling... MONSTER HOUSE ALL THE WAYY! congrats && good luck!
luv emz =]

Amanda said...

Happy Valentines Day Mitchel!!!!!!!

Love you!! ♥ - Amanda. =]


hey whats up!

i remember in one hm episode, your character was all "i bowled a 280." hahaha! i dont remember my last bowling score... the last time i went bowling was for my birthday party two years ago!

Porter =] said...

Josh Bowled a 232?
I couldnt get that
with bumpers.
(my high is like 70(3games combined) dont feel bad, beucase i am sure you did better than that.)

Monster House was Rad.

SABRINA said...

so WOW ok you can tell josh this (please do)


WELL MY FREIND WOULD HAVE SAID "Jackpot!!!!!" NO KIDDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HEY by the way,